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FAQ/Walkthrough by StarCreator

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 09/01/98

The Mynock's Guide To
    /--\|\  |----\
   / /\/||/|| -- |    |---\       /\    /\    /--\
   \ \  ||||| \/ |---/| |\|      /  \  /  \  /    \
    \ \ |||||    /--/ | \/|      |   \ |   \/      \
     \ \||||| |\/|\--/|   /      | /\ \|    \      /
   /-/ /|\//| |  |--/ | \ \      | || || |\ | /\  /
  \   / \-/ | |  |\   | |\ \     | |/ || || | | \/
   \-/      |-|  | --/|-| \/     | /  || \- | |
                 |--/            |    ||    / |   /---|
                                 |    /|   /| |  /    |
 /-\  /-\   /-\  |---\ |-|       |   / |  / | | /    -|
 |  \/   \ /   \ |    \| |/-\    |   \ | /  | \/     |
 |        \ /\  \| |\ || |   \   |    \| |  \        |
 | \  /\  | \/   \ |/ || | /\ \  | \   | |   \       |
 | |\/  \ |       \   /| | \/ /  | |\  | \    \  /\  |
 | |   // |----\  /|\ \| |\  /   |-| \/|--\    \/  \-|
 | |  /-| |     \/-| \/|-| \/
 |-|    \-|

Version 1.11                                        9/98

        What's New?
        Experience Chart
        Battle Specials
        Secret Advisors
        Boss Strategies
        Monstro Town Strategies
        Menu Commands
        Special Items
        Trivia Questions
        Miscellaneous Tips
        Other Stuff

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< W H A T ' S   N E W >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Since the Mynock seems to be missing, I, The StarCreator, have
decided to update this guide.  Surprisingly, he missed a lot of
things in the first version (awfully uncharacteristic of him),
so I have added all that I know.  Contact me with updates; my
email address is at the end.

New in version 1.11:
   (silly name)
 - Added some ATTACK SCARF info - incomplete
 - Added information on Strider's Monster Chart at the end

New in version 1.10:
 - Added HP values and thoughts for the bosses
 - Changed some of the boss strategies
 - Added a lot of secrets that The Mynock missed
 - Removed THE BAD GUYS section (if this is completed, it will
    be released in a separate file)
 - Added SECRET ADVISORS section
 - Added SHOWDOWN IN MONSTRO TOWN section (strategies for fighting
    Jagger, Jinx, and Culex)
 - Added BUGS section
 - Found a few new trivia questions
 - Found another cameo appearance (from Metroid)
 - Added/changed some timed attacks
 - Cleaned up a LOT of grammar and spelling mistakes (he really must
    have been in a hurry!)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< C H A R A C T E R S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mario     - the plump little plumber that everyone knows.  As usual
        he is sent to save the princess from the clutches of King

     SPECIALS:          FPS Used:       Description:
        Jump               3             Jump on the head of an enemy;
                                          Press "Y" when Mario lands on
                                          the head for more damage
        Fire Orb           5             Press "Y" rapidly to shoot fire
        Super Jump         7             Jump on the head of an enemy;
                                          Press "Y" when Mario lands on the
                                          head to jump again (timing is
        Super Flame        9             Like Fire Orb only more powerful
        Ultra Jump         11            Like Super Jump except Mario will
                                          randomly jump on other enemy's
                                          heads, too, and it is stronger.
        Ultra Flame        14            Like the Super Flame except the
                                          fireballs will randomly hit
                                          other enemies and it is stronger.

Mallow    - a marshmallow guy who thinks he is a tadpole.  He turns out
        to be the prince of Nimbus Land.

     SPECIALS:          FPS Used:       Description:
        Thunderbolt        2             Lightning hit enemies; press "Y"
                                          right at the end of the blast
                                          for a little more damage
        HP Rain            2             Heal an ally; hit "Y" just before
                                          it stops raining for added heal
        Psychopath         1             Tells enemy's remaining HPS;
                                          pressing "Y" at the right time
                                          can let you read their mind.
        Shocker            8             Like Thunderbolt except more
                                          powerful and hits one enemy.
        Snowy              12            Drop a snowman on the enemies;
                                          rotate control pad for more
        Star Rain          14            Drop stars on enemies; press "Y"
                                          just before it hits for more

Geno      - a guardian of the Star Road.  He has possessed the body of
        a doll so that he could help Mario find the seven stars.

     SPECIALS:          FPS Used:       Description:
        Geno Beam          3             Burst of energy hits enemy;
                                          hold "Y" and release when there
                                          are 3 stars showing
        Geno Boost         4             Raise Attack power for an ally;
                                          press "Y" at the end of the 
                                          spell to raise defense, too.
        Geno Whirl         8             Blast of energy hit enemy; press
                                          "Y" just before it hits for
                                          more damage.
        Geno Blast         12            Like the Geno Beam except more
                                          powerful and hits all enemies.
        Geno Flash         16            Like Geno Blast only more powerful

Bowser    - the King of the Koopas.  He's actually helping Mario, instead
        of trying to stop him.  Although if you ask him, Mario has joined
        him (not the other way around).

     SPECIALS:          FPS Used:       Description:
        Terrorize          6             Hurts and possibly scares 
                                          enemies; rotate pad for more
        Poison Gas         10            Hurts and possibly poisons
                                          enemies; rotate pad for more
        Crusher            12            Damages enemy with giant spike;
                                          press "Y" just before contact
                                          for more damage
        Bowser Crush       16            A giant Mecha-koopa crushes all
                                          enemies; press "Y" rapidly for
                                          more damage

Toadstool - princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.  Although not a great 
        fighter, her healing abilities make her a good ally. (Besides,
        it's better to keep her with you so that Mario won't have to
        go rescue her, yet again :)

     SPECIALS:          FPS Used:       Description:
        Therapy            2             Heal a member and cures status;
                                          press "Y" at the end of the spell
                                          for more heal
        Group Hug          4             Heal all members and cures status;
                                          press "Y" at the end of the spell
                                          for more heal
        Sleepy Time        4             Put an enemy to sleep; rotate pad
                                          to increase success
        Come Back          2             Bring a member back to life with
                                          half their HPS; press "Y"
                                          somewhere near the end of the
                                          spell for full HPS
        Mute               3             Silence an enemy; rotate pad to
                                          increase success
        Psych Bomb         15            Blow away the enemies with bombs;
                                          rapidly press "Y" for more

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< W A L K T H R O U G H >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    -Surprise, surprise... Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool...
     again.  As usual, it's up to Mario to fight Bowser and save the
    -In the 2nd room of the Keep, you'll find several Terrapins.  Since
     you don't get any experience or gold for fighting them, you might
     as well try to avoid them as much as possible.
    -Two rooms later, you'll find the Princess and Bowser.  After defeating
     Bowser, a giant sword drops through the Star Road and crashes into
     the Keep.  Mario is sent flying.  Luckily he lands in his house.

    -Mario can take a nap at any time by going over to the mushroom light
     on the desk and turning it off.  This will restore HPS and FPS for
     free.  Go outside and talk to Toad.  Exit the area and go back to
     Bowser's Keep.

    -The giant sword will destroy the bridge leading to the keep and Mario
     will be forced to retreat to Vista Hill.  Back to Mario's Pad.

  Items : Mushroom x4
    -Inside the house you'll find Toad.  Talk to him again.  Follow him
     out of the house and then start to exit the area.  Toad will come
     back and bump into Mario, causing his HPS to drop by 1.  Toad will
     give you a MUSHROOM and ask if you know how to use it.  If you say
     you don't, Toad will show you (which makes you use the Mushroom).
    -A Goomba will then enter and Toad will ask if you know about Timed
     Hits.  Tell him "No" if you want to be a show, say "Yes" and you won't
     have to fight the Goomba.  (You don't get experience or anything for
     saying "No".)
    -Finally, Toad will give you 3 more MUSHROOMS and tell you to go to the
     Mushroom Kingdom.  Exit the area and go to the Mushroom Way.

  Items : Honey Syrup, Flower Tab, Hammer
  Boss  : Hammer Bros.
  Chests: Coin Block x2, Flower, Recovery Mushroom
    -In the first section, battle your way over to save Toad from the
     Goomba.  He'll give you a HONEY SYRUP for you trouble.  Now go to the
     next section.
    -Take out the Sky Troopa holding Toad hostage to get a FLOWER TAB.
     Its now off to the next section.
    -In this section, Toad has gotten himself captured by the Hammer Bros.
     Don't fight them until you've leveled up one or two levels, you don't
     stand a chance at level 1.  If you aren't at level 2 or 3 yet, just
     fight more monsters until you do.  Defeating them will get you a
     HAMMER.  Equip it, then exit the area and go to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  Command: Map
  Character: Mallow joins
  Items : Mushroom, Pick Me Up
  Chests: Large Coin (worth 10 coins), Flower, Recovery Mushroom
  Hidden Chests: #1 - Frog Coin
                 #2 - Flower
                 #3 - Flower
    -Before entering the castle, try walking behind the house that is on
     your left when you enter.  You'll find the first secret advisor here.
    -Go straight ahead and enter the castle (although it may be a good
     idea to save first).  As you enter, jump on Toad's head.  He'll start
     running towards the door.  When he's almost there, jump and try to get
     above the door.  Jump around up there to find the 1st of 39 hidden
     chests.  If you miss, you can either reset and try again, or forget
     about the chest.  Now follow Toad to the Chancellor.  The Chancellor
     will give you the MAP to the world and ask you to save the Princess.
     He will also offer Toad's assistance in Equiping weapons if you haven't
     equipped the Hammer yet.
    -Go back 2 rooms and take the path on the upper left.  This will
     lead to Toadstool's room.  Examine the area around the chair to find
     Toadstool's ???.  You'll get a MUSHROOM in exchange for it (whatever
     it may be).
    -Go back to the main hall and cross to the other side.  In the next
     room talk to the vault guard and he'll allow you into the treasure
     room.  Get the chests, then go out and exit the castle.  You'll
     find Mallow chasing Croco, who stole Mallow's Frog coin.
    -Talk to Mallow and he'll join your party.  Enter the Item Shop and
     talk to the shopkeeper.  He'll give you a PICK ME UP.  Try to jump
     on top of the shelves behind the shopkeeper :)  Next, go down-
     stairs.  Talk to the guy and do what he says to find the 2nd hidden
     chest.  Now jump on the guys head and jump when he gets to the
     corner near the stairs to find the 3rd hidden chest.
    -Outside the guard near the exit will have something to report.  After
     Croco runs by, exit the area and go to Bandit's Way.

  Boss  : Croco
  Items : Wallet
  Special Items: RareFrogCoin
  Chests: Recovery Mushroom x2, Invincibility Star, Flower
  Hidden Chests: #4 - KerokeroCola
    -Follow Croco to the 2nd section.
    -In this section, use the platforms to get coins.  Once on the other
     side of the area, hop on the red revolving flower and jump towards
     the blue flower to reveal a hidden chest with a KEROKEROCOLA in it.
     Then go to the next section.
    -Follow Croco a few times making sure to stray from his path to fight
     a K-9 and get the chest he's guarding.  It's then on to the next
    -Get the chest that Croco didn't get, to get an Invincibility Star.
     Take out as many K-9s as you can to gain some quick and easy
     experience.  Now use the platforms to reach the second chest, then
     to on to the final section.
    -In this last section you need to sneak up on Croco a few times.
     You'll then have to fight him.  After defeating Croco, you'll get
     the RAREFROGCOIN and a WALLET.  A warp spring will also appear.
     Jump on it to be warped to the beginning of the Bandit's Way.  Now
     exit and return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  Command: Star Pieces
  Items : 10 Coins, Flower Tab x3, Wake Up Pin
  Special Items: Cricket Pie
  Boss: Mack
  Star Piece #1  <----
    -The whole place is being overrun with Shysters.  Defeat the Shyster
     chasing the guard by the Item Shop to get 10 coins.  Another guy
     will ask for his wallet back when you defeat the Shyster chasing him.
     Do it to get a FLOWER TAB.  Get another FLOWER TAB by defeating all
     the Shysters in the house to the far left (the one with two floors).
     If you need to buy some things, go into the item shop to do that.
     When you're ready, enter the castle.
    -In the first room, defeat the Shyster that is chasing the Mushroom
     Retainer to find out that everyone is in the princess' room.  Head
     left to get to her room.
    -In the next room, defeat the Shyster on the stairs so the Mushroom
     Retainer can get by, then follow him.  In the next room, you'll
     need to kill a couple more Shysters to let the retainer get through
     the door.  Finally, you'll reach the princess' room.
    -You'll get a FLOWER TAB here.  The lady by the bed will restore your
     HPS and FPS, but she won't let you sleep in the princess' bed (darn :)
     Go back to the main hall and cross to the path on the other side.
    -In this room is another retainer trapped by Shysters.  Defeat them
     if you want, then go up to the next room.  Talk to the guy in the
     corner to get a WAKE UP PIN.  Now go to the vault and re-take the
     chests inside.
    -Now go to the throne room where you'll have to fight Mack and his
     Bodyguards.  After defeating them, you'll get the 1st Star Piece.
     Go out of the castle and then to the Item Shop.  The shopkeeper
     will give you a CRICKET PIE in exchange for the RareFrogCoin.  Now
     exit the Mushroom Kingdom and go to the Kero Sewers.

  Items : Trueform Pin
  Boss  : Belome
  Chests: Flower, Invincibility Star, Recovery Mushroom, Coin Block (after
          defeating Pandorite)
    -Go down the pipe to enter the sewers.  In the first room, enter the
     water and go down the pipe on the other side.
    -In the 2nd room, go left and down the pipe you come to.
    -In the 3rd room, go left again to yet another pipe.
    -In the 4th room, go all the way around, along the bottom of the room,
     to get a chest.  The chest is really a monster though.  Defeat the
     Pandorite (he's pretty tough, so you may want to wait until later in
     the game to come back and fight him) and you'll get a TRUEFORM PIN.
     Now go into a pipe then re-enter this room.  The chest that had the
     Pandorite inside is now a coin block.)  Now climb to the top of the
     room and enter the pipe.
    -In the next room, grab the star from the chest and take out the Rat
     Funks in the center of the room.  Go down the pipe in the far left
    -Stay out of the water in this room and go down the pipe on the left
    -You'll end up back in room 4.  Go down the pipe to the right.
    -In this room you should go up and jump on the green switch.  This
     will drain the water in the sewers.  The warp spring will take you
     out of the sewers just in case you're low on anything.  Go back down
     the pipe to room 4.
    -Jump in where the water used to be and go to the bottom corner of the
     room.  Enter the pipe.
    -Get the one chest you can reach (you won't be able to get to the other
     one for a while), use the save block if you want, then go down the
     other pipe, which will bring you to Belome.
    -After defeating Belome, a flood will sweep you down the Midas River.

  Items : NokNok Shell, Flower Tab x2, Frog Coin x5
    -Try collecting as many coins as you can as you're being swept down the
     river.  The best way to gain coins in this section is to skip the caves
     and just come back for them later.  Here is a rudimentary diagram of the
     first section of the river:

            c - regular coin      f = frog coin    #s = caves

                      |           |
                      | c         |
                      |  c        |
                      |        f  |
                      | c         |
                      | c         |
                      | c   1 c   |    -This cave leads to nothing.
                      /  c        \
                     / c        c  \
                    / c     /\   c  \
                   / f     /  \      \
                  /    c  /    \      \
                 /  c     |    | 3     \ -This cave leads to coin stealer
                /    2 c  |    \        \ -This cave leads to a FLOWER TAB
               /    c     |     \        \
               |       c  /      \        \
               /  c      /        \        \
              /      c  /          \        \
             /   f     /            \        \
            /       c  |             |       \
           /     5     |             |       \ -This cave leads to a FROG
          /      c     |             |        \                      COIN
         /         c   \             |         \
        /       c       \            |         \
       /     c           \           |          \
       |                 c\          |          \
       |     c  /---\      \  /-\    |           \
       /   c   /     \   f  \/   \   |            \
      /        |     |          c \  |    /--\     \
     /         |     |     c      /  |   /    \    |
     \         \     /   c       /   /   \    |    |
      \         \---/  c        /---/     \   / 4  | -This cave leads to a
       \                                c \--/     |        FLOWER TAB

    -In the second of the course you can follow a simple pattern to get
     the most possible coins.  Bump into the first barrel, at the 2nd 
     barrel you should jump, jump again at the 3rd barrel, bump into the
     next two, jump 2, bump 2, and so forth (so the pattern is Bump, Jump,
     Jump, Bump, Bump, Jump, Jump, etc.).
    -At the end of the course you'll be able to trade in the coins you
     collected on the river for Frog Coins.  As a first time bonus you
     can trade 60 of the coins for 1 Frog Coin.  You'll also get a
     NOKNOK SHELL.  For 30 regular coins you can use the spring to try
     the Midas River again.  After the 1st time, it'll cost you so many
     coins depending on how many you were able to get on the way down the
           Get 100 coins  = 50 for 1 Frog Coin
                90 coins  = 60
                80 coins  = 70
                70 coins  = 75
          below 70 coins  = 80 for 1 Frog Coin
    -When you're ready to go on, exit the area and go on to the next.

  Items : Froggie Stick
  Special Items: Alto Card
    -Go straight ahead and step on the grey rock.  Use the tadpoles to get
     across the water and talk to Frogfucius.  After he's finished talking,
     talk to him again.  He'll give you a FROGGIE STICK for the Cricket Pie
     you got in the Mushroom Kingdom.  (If you didn't get it just go back
     to get it now.)
    -Cross the tadpole bridge again to get back to the other side.  To the
     left you'll find 2 tadpoles.  One is the "Frog Coin" Emporium, where
     you can trade Frog Coins for stuff.  The other is The Juice Bar,
     where you can also buy stuff, buy you need a membership card to get
     anything besides FroggieDrinks.
    -For now it'd probably be a good idea to save your Frog Coins for
     later when you can buy better stuff.  To the right is a tadpole
     that'll give you hints about the songs that Toadofsky likes.  From
     there go down to Melody Bay.
    -Step on the grey rock and then jump on the tadpoles to stop them in
     the appropriate spot.  The first song you need to play is "Frogfucius'
     Suite #18":

                               O       O


      You'll get the ALTO CARD from Toadofsky for helping him with the
      tune.  Now, if you return to the Juice Bar, you get a better choice
      of items to buy.  When you're ready, exit Tadpole Pond and go to
      Rose Way.

  Items : Recovery Mushroom x2, Flower
  Chests: Frog Coin, Coin Block x4, Recovery Mushroom
    -Hop on the yellow block as you enter (you can read the note first if
     you'd like).  When it stops, jump over to the 2nd block.  This will
     take you to a RECOVERY MUSHROOM, then on to a 3rd block.  Hop on
     the 3rd block and ride it until you reach a FLOWER.  Grab it, then
     ride back and jump on the 4th block.  When it stops the first time,
     jump off and go to the next section.
    -Battle the Shy Guys to get them off the blocks.  Then jump on the
     1st block and carefully time your jump to land on the 2nd block.  Now
     you can get the chest by jumping from the 2nd block.  Now return to
     the first section.
    -Jump on the block and ride it to the other side of the pond
     (collecting a coin along the way), then go to the 3rd section.
    -Here you'll find a fishing Lakitu with Shy Guys as bait.  Take the
     bait and fight the Shy Guy.  Lakitu will send down another.  Fight
     the Shy Guy 4 times and Lakitu will reward you with a RECOVERY
     MUSHROOM, then he'll fly off.  Continue along the path and you'll
     end up going back to the 1st section (just in a different spot).
    -Hop on the block and stay on it until it stops the 2nd time.  Jump up
     to collect the coin, then jump on the other clock which will allow
     you to collect 2 more coins (actually 20 more coins because each one
     is worth 10).  Now jump back on the first block and stay on it
     until you get back to the block you passed up.  Jump on it.  When it
     stops, get off to get the coins, then get back on and let it take
     you to the entrance to the next section.
    -In this section you'll find 5 chests with Shy Guys on top.  Four of
     the chests are coin blocks, the 5th is a RECOVERY MUSHROOM.  Collect
     the coins out of each chest, then, if you want more easy money, exit
     the section and then re-enter.  The chests have reset.  You can keep
     getting them over and over as many times as you want.  This is a good
     spot to return to if you're ever in the need of some quick cash.
     When you're ready go to the next section.
    -Here you'll find Bowser and his troops of Goombas, Koopa Troopas,
     and Magikoopas.  Mario and Mallow hide until the Koopa Troop leaves.
     Following them will bring you back to the world map.  It's time to
     go to Rose Town.

  Items : Flower Tab
  Chests: Flower x3 (or Flower, Coin Block x2)
  Hidden Chests: #5 - Frog Coin
                 #6 - Frog Coin
    -In the Inn you'll find a little kid playing with Mario, Bowser, and
     Toadstool dolls.  He asks Mario to play with him.  Gaz (the little
     kid) will bring out a new doll (Geno) and he'll end up knocking
     Mario out with it.  While Mario is sleeping, a star will enter the
     room and bring the Geno doll to life.  Geno will then leave.
    -When Mario wakes up, go down stairs where you'll learn that Geno
     walked into the forest.  Exit the Inn and then re-enter.  Talk to
     the Innkeeper and she'll let you stay for free.  When you wake up,
     Toad will be there.  Talk to him and he'll give you a FLOWER TAB.
     Talk to the people outside the Inn and work your way over to the
     Item Shop.  Instead of entering through the door, climb up the
     crates and use the chimney (enter it just like you would enter a
     pipe.  Get the chest then go over to the other corner of the same
     wall.  Jump to reveal a hidden chest (#5).  Now do your shopping
     (the shopkeeper with the blue hat sells items, and the one in pink
     sells armor and accessories).
    -In the top corner of the town there is a house you can't jump to
     without jumping on the red capped guy.  Do so, and enter the house.
     Get the 2 chests for a couple FLOWERS (if you wait until later
     they'll only be coin blocks).  Go upstairs and jump on the bed to
     reveal and get the 6th hidden chest.  Now hop on the switch and go
     back outside.  Stairs have appeared allowing the guy to get to his
     house.  He tells you a secret that you can use later if you tell
     him the truth about his treasures (keep talking to him if you give
     the wrong response).  Go behind the guy's house and examine it while
     walking downwards to find the second secret advisor (which isn't
     really as helpful as the first).  Go behind the house to the right of
     the stairs and you'll find someone who tells you about two kinds of
     mushrooms (this isn't really a secret advisor because she sometimes
     leaves her cover behind the house and gets hit by an arrow).  Now
     exit the town and go to the Forest Maze.

  Items : Mushrooms galore
  Chests: Frog Coin, Recovery Mushroom x3, Flower (may vary)
  Hidden Chests: #7 - KerokeroCola
                 #8 - Frog Coin
                 #9 - Flower
                 #10- empty
                 #11- KerokeroCola
                 #12- Red Essence
  Character: Geno Joins
  Boss  : Bowyer
  Star Piece #2  <----
    -MUSHROOMS (the kind that goes in your item list, not the recovery
     kind) are scattered all over the forest, just touch them to pick
     them up (but be careful because some are really monsters).  You'll
     also find Wigglers in this forest.  Hop on their backs to get a
     coin.  Do it 10 times in a row to get a FROG COIN.
    -Before moving to the 2nd section, go to the left side of the 1st
     section and jump to reveal a hidden chest (#7).  Then go to the
     2nd section.
    -You'll meet your first Wiggler here.  Use the tree stump like a pipe
     when you're ready.
    -In the underground section the stump takes you to, all you have to
     do is reach the other end and jump on the spring.
    -Slightly to the left and up a tad from the tree stump, you'll find
     a hidden chest (#8) if you jump.  Then go on to the next section.
    -All but 2 of the stumps will take you to basically the same
     underground section (i.e. nothing but monsters).  Enter the stump
     on the far right.
    -In this section there is a hidden chest (#9).  It is in the center of
     the biggest light spot (just jump up to reveal it).  Then use the
     spring to get back out.
    -You're now back in the area with 7 stumps.  Go down the left stump
     in the 2nd row from the bottom.
    -To reveal hidden chest #10, go up from the spring and then to the
     left a little (jump around until you find it).  Unfortunately, the
     chest is empty.  Return to the area with 7 stumps and enter the
     leftmost one.
    -Here you'll find a sleeping Wiggler.  Jump up right behind the Wiggler
     to reveal hidden chest #11.  Then hop on the Wiggler's back.  You'll
     end up back in the section with 7 stumps, but you can now go on to
     the next section through the newly opened path.
    -Hop into the stump.  The sleeping Wiggler is here now and he's
     sleeping like a baby (and won't wake up for anything).  Go to the
     end of the path and go on to the next section.
    -In this section of the underground all you need to do is get to the
     spring and launch yourself to the surface.
    -Here you'll find a save block and the path to the actual maze portion
     of the Forest Maze.  Before going into the maze, go below the exit
     of this section and jump to reveal the 12th hidden chest.
    -Now that you're in the maze you can use the secret that the guy in
     Rose Town told you about.  The directions you take are meant for
     the way Mario is facing when he enters each section.  First, go to
     Mario's left (top left exit).  Now go to Mario's left again (bottom
     left exit).  Go straight (bottom left exit).  And finally, go to
     Mario's right (top left exit).
    -Hop down the stump you reach and collect the contents of the 5 chests
     inside.  Three of the chests contain RECOVERY MUSHROOMS, and the
     other 2 have a FROG COIN and a FLOWER.  (These contents may be
     different depending on what order you collect the chests.)  Now return
     to the maze and use the bottom left exit to return to the spot where
     the save block is.
    -Return to the maze and follow Geno to get through it (if you get
     lost the correct way through the maze is to use the exits in the
     following order: bottom right, top right, top right, bottom right,
     top right, top left).  Geno will lead you to Bowyer (who you'll
     have to fight, but you'll have Geno on your team by then).  After
     defeating Bowyer, Geno will explain about the Star Road.  You'll
     then get the 2nd Star Piece.  Now use the exit on the left side to
     get back to the world map.  Return to Rose Town.

  Items : Finger Shot
    -Go to the Inn and talk to Gaz.  He'll give you the FINGER SHOT for
     Geno.  Exit the Inn, then re-enter.  Talk to the Innkeeper and
     stay the night.  When you wake up, look who's in the other bed.
     It's Link from the Zelda games!  He won't say anything or do anything,
     but if you try to talk to him it'll play a tune from the original
     Zelda (the one that plays when you find something secret).  Outside,
     the one who told you about the mushrooms is to the right of the
     wooden "Welcome" sign in the shape of a flower.  Check with the secret
     advisor and he'll tell you how to get to Yo'ster Isle.  Now exit the
     town and go to the Pipe Vault.

  Items : Flower
  Chests: Flower x2, Coin Block
  Hidden Chests: #13- Frog Coin
                 #14- Frog Coin
    -You can skip this if you want but you won't be able to get to Yo'ster
     Isle if you do (no big deal, you'll just miss out on a few items
     now and later).
    -After going down the pipe you'll be in the 1st section of the vault.
     You just have to jump from stone to stone to get to the other side.
     If you hit the fireballs you'll have to fight Sparky.  Fall in the
     lava and you'll end up at the beginning and will have to jump the
     stones again.
    -In the 2nd section fight (or jump over) the Goombas, run past the
     Thwomp trap, and enter the 2nd pipe.
    -You'll end up in a room with 6 pipes.  The 1st will take you back
     the way you came.  The 2nd and 4th will take you to a treasure room
     of sorts.  The 5th will take you to the Goomba thumping game.  And
     the 6th pipe will take you to next section.  Take the 2nd pipe first.
    -Grab the 5 coins.  Then back up so that you're in front of the ledge.
     Jump to reveal a hidden block.  Use it to get on top of the ledge.
     The top is divided into squares.  Jump at the 4th square to reveal
     hidden chest #13, then jump again at square 8 to reveal hidden chest
     #14.  Now get the visible chest for a FLOWER.  Back up until you're
     on the lower floor.  Get a running start towards the FROG COIN.  When
     you're about to hit the wall, press down to duck under the wall and
     get the coin.  Use the spring to get back up to the room with 6 pipes 
     (you'll come out of pipe #4).
    -Enter the 5th pipe (the one to your right) and talk to the mole.  For
     10 coins you can play the Goomba thumping game.  Stomp as many Goombas
     as you can in 30 seconds.  The first time you'll get a FLOWER TAB if
     you stomp 20 or more Goombas.  The easiest way I've found is to stand
     on one pipe and jump if a Goomba appears (either stand still or jump
     to a different pipe if a Spikey appears).  Talk to the mole to
     receive your prize (if you stomped enough) and again if you want to
     play again.  Every time you beat the required number, the new
     required number will be 2 more than the amount you stomped that game.
     Win the second time for a FLOWER JAR.  Every win after that will get
     you a FROG COIN.
    -When you're ready, use the spring to launch yourself back to the room
     with 6 pipes.  Enter the final pipe.
    -In this section just work yourself over to the green pipe and go
     down it.
    -This section is short, but avoid the Chompweed (the white flowers)
     because they'll take away coins if you hit them.
    -In the final section of the Pipe Vault you just have to get to the
     other side and go down the pipe.  Make sure to get the 2 chests on
     your way.  Once you've gone down the pipe you'll be at Yo'ster Isle.

  Items  : Yoshi Cookie x3
  Hidden Chest: #15- Frog Coin
    -The first thing you'll probably want to do is save your game.  Then
     jump in the little space next to the save block to reveal a hidden
     chest (#15).
    -In the next section, find Yoshi (you can't talk to the others without
     him).  Talk to one of the pink Yoshis and you'll get cookies to race
     with.  Talk to Boshi now (the blue Yoshi with shades).
    -Toad will come out and tell you how to race. If you lose the race talk
     to the pink Yoshi to get more cookies, then talk to Boshi again to
     start the race.
    -Beat Boshi and Yoshi will give you 3 YOSHI COOKIES.  If you can't
     carry all the cookies, the pink Yoshi that is standing still will
     hold any cookies you can't carry (that includes any cookies you win
     by racing again later).
    -To race again just talk to Boshi.  You can either control Yoshi or
     let Yoshi race by himself.  You then bet your cookies (up to the
     number you're carrying or 10 if you have more than 10).  Win the race
     and you'll get your bet times whatever the odds against you were.  If
     at any time you have no more cookies in your inventory (and none are
     in storage), just talk to the other Yoshis; one of the pink ones
     (The one nearest the one that stores cookies for you) will give you 3
    -When you're ready go back to the world map (by exiting through the
     left path) and go to Moleville (it's west of the Pipe Vault).

  Items  : Flower Tab x3, Lucky Jewel, Fireworks, Shiny Stone, Carbo Cookie
  Special Item: Bambino Bomb
  Boss   : Croco, Punchinello
  Chests : Invincibility Star, Coin Block, Recovery Mushroom, Flower
  Star Piece #3  <----
    -The town is pretty empty because most of the citizens are in the
     mines trying to rescue Dyna and Mite.  You will, however, see Bowser
     and his (dwindling) troops.  When you're ready enter the mines.
    -After the moles quit blabbin', use them as steps to get to the door
     to the next section, which you just have to go through to the other
     side and on to the next section.
    -In this section you'll find a guy who talks about a rare treasure. 
     Later, he'll be in the item shop of Moleville and he'll sell you
     rare items as he finds them.  On to the next section.
    -Jump on the spring.  You'll hit the ceiling and get knocked out.
     While you're unconscious, Croco will steal all your coins.  When you
     come to, follow Croco.
    -In the next section Croco will use a bomb to get through the wall.
     Continue to follow him.  Keep following him from section to section
     until you reach a spot where Croco keeps running but there is a
     Crook hiding behind a crate.  Defeat the Crook and you'll get a
     FLOWER TAB.  Go to the next section and you'll find another Crook
     behind the knock-out spring.  He also gives a FLOWER TAB.  The next
     section has the third and last Crook hiding behind a few crates.  Get
     yet another FLOWER TAB when you beat him.  You can then either
     continue to chase Croco, stay in one spot and let Croco come to you,
     or go in the opposite direction and try to head Croco off.  When you
     finally catch him, you'll have to fight him.  When you beat Croco
     you'll get all your stuff back plus you'll get a BAMBINO BOMB.
    -Now from where ever you caught Croco, go through the upper left exit
     if possible (generally keep going left) and you should eventually
     find a mole miner who needs a bomb.  He'll blow a hole in the wall
     with the bomb you found.  Enter at will.
    -In this section there are two exits (a top one and a bottom one) on
     the same wall.  Enter the bottom one first.  A Shy Guy in a mine
     cart will plow you down, but he'll drop a FROG COIN for you.  Now
     use the top exit to get a chest with an Invincibility Star in it,
     then continue, wiping out enemies along the way.
    -Continue through a few sections and you'll reach a chest.  Beyond
     that you'll find a save block and another couple chests.
    -In the next room you'll see the boss.  Approach him from behind
     (otherwise you'll be thrown backwards).  You now get to fight
     Punchinello.  After defeating him you'll get the 3rd star piece.
     Now continue along the tracks.
    -In the next room you'll find Dyna and Mite.  You'll then get to ride
     the mine cart.  The best way to do it is to press the breaks on
     sharp turns and save the mushrooms for the sideview portions and
     long straight tracks.  Make sure to jump to collect the mushrooms.
     At the end of the track you'll go sailing into the roof of a house
     in Moleville (coincidentally, the one where Dyna and Mite live).
    -When you exit the house you'll see Snifits chasing a beetle.  After
     they leave, explore the town again.  In one house you can trade
     mushrooms and syrups for points.  For 100 points you can get a
     Fright Bomb, a Fire Bomb or an Ice Bomb.  Here is the number of
     points you get for certain items:
         Mushroom     2      Mid Mushroom   10     Energizer     20
         Honey Syrup  4      Maple Syrup    12     Yoshi-Ade     40
         Red Essence  50     Pick Me Up     2      KerokeroCola  40
         Max Mushroom 30
    -The shopkeeper in the Item Shop will sell you the same stuff as before,
     but talk to the guy with the blue hat.  For 100 coins he'll sell you
     a LUCKY JEWEL.  He'll have other stuff to sell you later.
    -If you go to the Inn, the innkeeper will tell you that someone named
     Toad something or other was looking for you.  (She means Toadofsky.)
     Rest if you need to (you probably don't).
    -Next, go to the house just above the item shop.  A mole inside will
     sell you FIREWORKS for 500 coins.  To the right of this house you'll
     see a child mole with a pink ribbon.  She'll give you a SHINY STONE
     for the Fireworks you just bought.
    -Take the Shiny Stone to the Item Ship and talk to the little girl
     there.  Give her the stone for a CARBO COOKIE.  Before doing anything
     with the cookie go to the top of the mountain (above the mine
     entrance).  Here you'll find a hold that leads directly to the mine
     cart ride.  Talk to the mole next to it if you want to ride again.
     It's only 10 coins to ride, but if you wager 30 coins and beat your
     previous time, you'll win 50 coins. (The trick here is to go really
     slow the first time and then just barely beat your time anytime you
     ride after that, you'll not only get the extra 20 coins for beating
     your time but also the coins you pick up on the ride).
    -When you're ready, take the Carbo Cookie and talk to the little girl
     sitting on the bucket in the far left corner of the town.  Give
     her the cookie then hop in the bucket (like a pipe).  You'll end up
     at the Midas River.

    -Nothing new here.  Just ride the river like you did before.  The
     guy that's normally at the end of the ride isn't there so you get
     to keep all the coins you pick up.  Now go to the Tadpole Pond.

  Special Items: Tenor Card
    -Once here go to the Melody Bay to play the next tune.  Here is the
     song to play:  Moleville Miner's Song

                   O       O               O


    -After playing this song, Toadofsky will give you the TENOR CARD.
     The Juice Bar will now sell you Megalixirs for 90 coins, plus you'll
     get discounts on the other items there.  If you have 500 more coins
     you can get a Frog Coin by returning to Moleville.  Otherwise go
     to Booster Pass.

  Items  : Fireworks, Shiny Stone, Carbo Cookie, Frog Coin
    -Go to the guy who sells FIREWORKS and buy some for 500 coins.  Trade
     the Fireworks for a SHINY STONE like you did before.  Then trade the
     stone for a CARBO COOKIE in the item shop.  Give the cookie to the
     girl on the bucket (like before) and she'll give you a FROG COIN.
     (If you don't have 500 coins now you can always come back later for
     the Frog Coin or you can not worry about it at all [it is a pretty
     expensive Frog Coin after all]).  Go to Booster Pass next.

  Items  : Flower
  Hidden Chests: #16- Flower
                 #17- Rock Candy
    -First thing to do is go over to the top left corner of the section.
     Get on top of the plant then jump straight up to reveal a hidden
     chest (#16).  The exit to the next section is in the top right
     corner.  Before going through it though, go to the left of the exit
     and jump to reveal hidden chest #17.
    -Go over to the right once you've gone to the next section.  In the
     corner you'll find a FLOWER.  Enter the little groove in the wall
     and jump diagonally up and left.  You'll land on a switch that will
     kill all the Spikesters in the area.  Now go up and use the exit.
     You'll be back at the world map.  Go to Booster Tower.

  Items  : Flower Tab, Chomp, Frog Coin x4, Amulet
  Special Items: Elder Key, Room Key
  Character: Bowser joins
  Command: Switch
  Boss   : Booster (optional), Knife Guy, Grate Guy, Frog Coin
  Chests : Masher, Recovery Mushroom, Zoom Shoes
  Hidden Chest: #18- Frog Coin
                #19- Frog Coin
                #20- Goodie Bag
                #21- Recovery Mushroom
    -Here you'll find Bowser.  After a bit of talking he'll leave.
     Examine the door and then start to leave.  Bowser will return, bash
     through the door, then join your party.  If you want to switch
     characters, use the Switch command that is now on your command list.
     Enter the newly opened door.
    -You can talk to the Snifit on the first floor.  He'll say something,
     then he'll attack.  When you're ready, enter the door on the top floor.
    -Right in the center of the top level of this room you'll find hidden
     chest #18 if you jump.  After going through the exit in the room of
     room of Spookums (they look like blue Snifits) you'll meet Booster.
     If you go into the groove where Booster's train came from, Snifit 2
     will push you out and attack you.  On the other side of the room is
     another groove.  Inside is a FLOWER TAB.  Go on to the next section.
    -When you reach the top floor you'll find 2 exits.  Take the rightmost
     one (the one you reach first).  Here you'll find a chest floating
     over nothing.  Go to the bottom-left of the platform and jump.  You're
     trying to land two squares down and left from the bottom-left of the
     platform.  If you're lined up right you'll land on a teeter-totter.
     The Rob-omb on the other end will go up into the air, then come back
     down to launch you way up to the chest.  Inside is the MASHER.  Exit
     the room and you'll be back in the first section.
    -Go back up the way you went before and take the 2nd of the two exits
     that you found before.  Here you'll find a switch.  Jumping on it will
     open up a secret path in Booster Pass which you can go back for later.
    -In the next room walk behind the curtains on one side and come out
     the other.  Mario will change to what he looked like in the original
     Super Mario Bros. and the music will change too.  Try to exit the room
     and you'll see and hear some more stuff from SMB.  Now you can really
     exit to the next room.
    -In this room you'll find Snifit 3.  Talk to him to fight him, then go
     on to the next room.
    -After a room with a few Rob-ombs you'll find a room with a save block
     in it.
    -In the next room you need to examine the pictures of Booster's
     ancestors in order to get the key to the door.  The correct order
     can be determined by looking at the pictures in the first room, or
     you can just read a little further :)   From left to right I'm
     going to number them:   1   2   3   4   5   6
     You should examine #6 first (that would be the last one on the right
     side).  Next you should look at #5.  The last four should be looked
     at in the following order:  #3,  #1,  #2,  #4.  Your reward for
     looking at them in the right order is the ELDER KEY.  Now examine
     the locked door to open it.
    -Through the door you'll find a CHOMP.  Jump towards it and Bowser will
     end up keeping it as a weapon.  now go out and use the other exit in
     the room with the portraits.
    -At the top of this room you'll find a chest and a teeter-totter.
     Jump on the vacant end and the Thwomp will launch you up to the
     next section.
    -When you land go to the left corner and jump to get a hidden chest
     (#19).  When you get up to the same level as the Spookum that is
     walking back and forth, go into the groove in the wall to get a
     FROG COIN.  Then continue up to the exit.
    -In this room you'll find 9 Coins, 4 Frog Coins, and the ROOM KEY.
     You have to jump from coin to coin as they are all on safe spots
     (if you land on an unsafe spot you'll have to fight a Fireball).
     After getting everything go examine the locked door.  Through the
     door you'll find a chest.  Now go out and use the other exit.
    -Go though a room full of Chomps to get to a room where you'll meet
     Booster again.   When he starts throwing Rob-ombs hide in the space
     underneath him (you'll be able to see Mario through the little
     window) stay away from the bombs, or just leave the room.  When they
     blow up (or when you leave), Booster will leave.  Go on to the next
     room (if you haven't already).
    -Climb to the top of the room and go on to the next.  Here you'll find
     a save block and a visible chest.  Get the visible chest then jump
     on top of it.  Jump up to reveal a hidden chest (#20).  Now go
     down to the bottom corner and jump to reveal another hidden chest
     (#21), then go on to the next room.
    -Go through the exit and you'll find the princess, but the door is
     locked.  Booster and his Snifits will come in and Mario will hide
     behind the curtains.  In an attempt to find the Mario doll, the
     Snifits will look behind the curtains.  First, Snifit 1 will look,
     then #1 and 2 will look.  Finally, all 3 will look.  If you can
     dodge them without getting caught 3 times Booster will look too,
     leaving you no place to hide.  When Booster starts crying jump up
     and knock the Mario doll down.  Booster will be so happy he'll give
     you an AMULET.  He'll then go out to the balcony where the princess
     is.  (If you get caught by the Snifits during their search 3 times
     you'll have to battle Booster and the Snifits.  After defeating them
     they'll go out to the balcony as said above but you won't get the
    -Follow them out to the balcony.  Here you'll have to fight Knife Guy
     and Grate Guy.  After defeating them you'll go to Booster Hill.

    -Jump on the barrels and Snifits to catch up to Booster and collect
     Flowers from the princess.  At the end of the race you'll be at

  Items  : Flower Tab, Flower Jar, Frog Coin, (Possibly more from Bellhop)
  Character: Toadstool joins
  Boss   : Bundt, Raspberry
  Hidden Chest: #22- Frog Coin
    -Talk to everyone then go to the Inn/Item Shop.  Stay in the Suite
     and you'll get a FLOWER TAB.  The bellhop will wait for a tip.  Talk
     to him and you can give him a tip of 10 coins.  Once in the suite
     you can ring the bell to get the bellhop to sell you stuff (he'll
     then wait for a tip), examine the mushroom light to go to bed, and
     enter the door on the back wall to take a shower (you can't fight
     Smithy without feeling clean and fresh :).  For another 100 coins
     you can stay longer (just examine the mushroom light again after
     you wake up).  If you stay more times than you have money for
     you'll have to work as a bellhop to pay the rest.
    -If you stay in the Inn 3 times (at 200 coins a pop) you'll be given
     a FLOWER JAR.  Five stays in the Suite will get you a FROG COIN.  Ten
     stays in the Suite will get you 2 more FROG COINS.  (And perhaps more
     at 15 and/or 20 stays?  Note that you don't have to do all the stays
     right now).
    -To get a gift from the Bellhop (it could be a Pick Me Up, a Mid
     Mushroom, a Max Mushroom, etc.) make sure you tip him every time he
     waits around for one.  Then make sure to tell him you slept well as
     you are leaving the Inn.
    -When you're ready to continue go downstairs and enter the door to the
     regular room.  Stand on the bookshelf and jump to reveal the 22nd
     hidden chest.  Now continue downstairs.
    -Do your duties as a bellhop if you stayed longer than you could
     afford.  Now go to the church.  Talk to the people in front of the
     church.  You can't enter the front door but you can get in by going
     around to the side and using the hidden entrance there.
    -When you get to the kitchen you can hop on the cake to make Chef Torte
     and his apprentice mad.  In the next room, help Snifit 1 get through
     the door by running and hitting it at the same time he does.
    -In the next room you'll find a save spot.  Examine the door and then
     run with Bowser into the door to break it down.  You'll end up
     knocking the princess over, scattering her accessories around the room.
     Talk to all 3 Snifits to get 3 of the 4 items, then grab the crown
     from Booster's head and talk to him.  As you run around collecting
     the items the candles will start to light.  The number of candles
     lit will determine who kisses Mario when you get all 4 accessories.
     He'll get kissed by the princess (2 candles or less), by Bowser, or
     by Bowser and Booster.  The kiss from the princess is the best
     (Bowser and Booster end up kissing each other :)
    -The chefs will then bring in the cake.  They'll get mad and you'll
     have to fight them (and the cake which turns out to be the actual
     boss, Bundt and Raspberry).  Booster will eat what's left of the
     cake when you've defeated it.  The princess will also join your party.
    -Now talk to everyone again (it's not necessary but some of the stuff
     people say or do is pretty cool).  Outside the church you can get
     you picture taken by standing in the empty spot in the group of
     people getting their wedding photo done.
    -Try going out the exit near the church and answer "no" to all the
     questions :)  Then go out the bottom exit.  You'll automatically
     go to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  Item  : Frog Coin
    -Talk to the person you returned the wallet to and he'll give you a
    -Enter the castle and Toad will take you to the Chancellor (just
     follow him straight ahead).  Toadstool will temporarily leave the
     party.  Exit the castle and she'll drift down with an umbrella.
     Talk to her and she'll rejoin your party.
    -If you go back into the castle and go to Toadstool's room, you'll
     see how she was able to get away without worrying about being missed.
     Examine the spot where you found Toadstool's ??? and she'll have
     a fit.  Now go to Tadpole Pond.

    -Talk to Frogfucius, the exit and go to Yo'ster Isle.

    -Hop on Yoshi, then go talk to the newly hatched Yoshi.  You'll have
     a chance to feed it Yoshi Cookies (if you have some that is).  Feed
     him, leave the area, and return.  If you fed him enough he'll have
     grown and can now talk.  Feed him more.  Feed him enough (10 or more
     at one sitting) and he'll lay an egg with an item in it.  You can
     get:       Red Essence             Frog Coin
                Energizer               Yoshi-Ade
                Bracer                  (possibly more)
     When you're ready, exit the isle and go to Booster Pass.

  Chests: Flower, Frog Coin, KerokeroCola
    -Go to where you found hidden chest #16 (left side of the first
     section).  A cave has appeared here.  Go inside.
    -Jump across from rock to rock and you'll run into a Spookum, who'll
     attack you.  Defeat the Apprentice (which is what the Spookum is
     called) and continue to the left where  you'll find 3 chests.
    -After getting the chest, exit the area (either by going back to the
     beginning or jumping off the ledge :) and go to Star Hill.

  Items : Muku Cookie
  Star Piece #4   <----
    -This area is pretty easy.  In the first section go over to the left
     Star Flower and examine it to turn it on.  This will open the door to
     the next section.
    -From here on all you need to do is light all the Star Flowers to open
     the door onwards.  You can also talk to the star with faces to hear
     peoples' wishes.  There are two wishes that will cause Mallow to react.
     If you run into a Mukumuku and have a Yoshi Cookie, use the cookie on
     the gopher-like creature to get a MUKU COOKIE.
    -There are 5 Star Flowers in the 2nd section and 6 in the 3rd section.
     In the 4th section you'll find the Star Piece.  Light the 6 Star
     Flowers and the door to the world map will open (if you try to go
     without the Star Piece, Geno will have a fit).  Go to Seaside Town.

    -Talk to everyone as usual.  You'll find a frog from Tadpole Pond in
     the upstairs of the Elder's house who'll sell you stuff for Frog
     Coins.  You'll also find an Item Shop, and a free Inn.  When you're
     ready, exit town and go to the Sea.

  Chests: Invincibility Star, Recovery Mushroom, Flower, Frog Coin,
          Max Mushroom
    -In the second room you'll find a guy who'll sell you stuff.  Go
     through the exit to the left of him to get to a save spot.  Return
     and use the lower exit to continue to the next room.
    -The next room is full of Zeostars.  You'll also find a chest.  Avoid
     all the Zeostars and get the invincibility star from the chest.  Plow
     through the Zeostars for some free experience.  Now go on to the next
    -Another room with Zeostars in it.  Use the exit in the top right
     corner and get the 3 chests you find inside.  Then return and use
     the other exit.
    -In this room you'll find a bunch of water.  Jump in the water and use
     the whirlpool to get to the bottom.  Enter the cave in the top corner
     and step into the bubbles to go up.  Now hop out of the water and get
     the chest.  On to the next room.
    -Here you need to go down one of the whirlpools and then jump up on
     top of the shipwreck.  Enter it like you would a pipe.

  Items : Flower x2, Recovery Mushroom, Royal Syrup, Safety Badge,
          Frog Coin x5
  Chests: Coin Block x5 (one after defeating Hidon), Frog Coin,
          Recovery Mushroom x2, Safety Ring
  Bosses: King Calamari, Johnny
  Hidden Chest: #23- KerokeroCola
  Star Piece #5   <----
    -First go through the door on the right. Here you'll find a save
     block.  Now go back and use the left door.
    -Go through the room with the Greapers in it.  In the next room you'll
     find some bones.  If you examine them they'll talk and you'll have
     to fight Dry Bones.  On to the next room.
    -Fall down into the corner (where there are blocks surrounding on
     three sides) to get a FLOWER.  Then go down and collect the coins
     from the chest.  Finally, go on to the next room.
    -As you enter you'll see a door guarded by a Greaper.  There are 5
     other doors like that in this room.  There is a clue for discovering
     the password through each door.  Might as well go through them in
     the order you reach them.  If you mess up a puzzle, exit the room and
     re-enter to reset it.
    -After defeating the Greaper, enter the 1st door (it is possible to
     get through the door without touching the Greaper if you don't want
     to mess with it).  To get the first clue just jump around and the
     Koopa should knock the ball onto the switch.  When it does the clue
     and a RECOVERY MUSHROOM will appear.
                1st clue: There is an "s" in the word.
    -To get the 2nd clue in the 2nd room you need to hit the floating
     blocks so that when you've hit all three, the ball that falls will
     bounce from spring to spring and onto the switch (it may take a few
     tries to get this one right).  Your reward is a FLOWER and the 2nd
                2nd clue:  It is found on the bed of the ocean.
    -In the 3rd room you need to navigate a maze.  This is probably the
     hardest of the puzzles since you can't see yourself most of the time.
     Pressing "X" will show you where you are in the maze and asks if
     you want to give up.  Pressing the jump button a lot will help you
     get up to the switch.  Jumping on the switch will get you a
     ROYAL SYRUP and clue #3.
                3rd clue:  It has two vowels.
     To get to the last 3 puzzle rooms you'll have to go left to another
    -Get the coins from the chest then talk to the guy.  He'll sell you
     stuff.  Now go through the lower door.
    -Enter the first door you come to for the 4th puzzle room.  Here you
     have to collect all the coins the lead coin leaves behind.  (You get
     to keep the coins the first time you do this.)  When you do it you'll
     get the 4th clue.
                4th clue:  It has four consonants.
    -Now go to the 5th puzzle room.  Here you have to hit the leftmost
     floating block.  This will cause the left cannon to shoot.  Stand
     underneath the next floating block (use the shadows) and jump to
     hit the cannonball up into the block, which causes the next cannon
     to shoot.  Do this all the way down, and you'll get a MUSHROOM and
     the next clue.
                5th clue:  At least...two consonants are side by side.
    -It's now on to the 6th and final puzzle room.  Inside you'll find
     a save block and 2 switches.  Jump up onto the barrels, and then
     jump onto the odd looking one to kick it on to the floor.  Jump
     onto it again and it'll move a little.  Face away from the switch and
     jump up and down until the barrel is on the switch.  Now jump on the
     other switch to get a RECOVERY MUSHROOM and the final clue.
                6th clue:  The "r" comes before the "l".
     Next, go through the door to next room.
    -When you stand under one of the clocks, letters will appear with
     a bracket around one of them.  Jump and hit the block until the
     brackets are around the correct letter to make the password,
     which is "PEARLS".  In other words, jump so the following letters
     are bracketed for each key #:
                Key letter 1 = p
                Key letter 2 = e
                Key letter 3 = a
                Key letter 4 = r
                Key letter 5 = l
                Key letter 6 = s
     Now go to the tube opening (next to the note) and examine it to
     say the password.  The door will open allowing you to go on to the
     next room.
    -You'll automatically have to fight 3 Tentacles as soon as you go
     through the door.  Take out the first 3 and you'll have to fight 3
     more.  Defeat them and you'll have to fight King Calamari and 2 more
    -After defeating King Calamari you'll drop down into a room with a
     spring and a door.  Go through the door to the next room.
    -Here you'll have a choice of two doors.  Use the top one.
    -If you get hit by any of the Bullet Bills, you'll get knocked
     down to the lower section.  From the lower section you can stop the
     cannons from shooting by hitting the Bullet Bills from underneath.
     When you make it past them all, go on to the next room.
    -Go past the room with the running Alley Rats.  In the next room get
     on the barrels in the upper corner and jump over the 2 chests, then
     enter the door next to those barrels.  In this room you'll find a
     Mario clone who mirrors your movements.  Go to the middle of the
     room then diagonal jump down and right.  Jump to hit a block that
     reveals a hidden chest.  Use the clone (by jumping on his head and
     using him as a step) to get the 23rd hidden chest, then exit the
     room.  Now use the exit on the left side of the room to go on.
    -There is a hidden exit on the upper left wall that you can't see
     because of the blocks.  Go through that door, grab the chest, then
     come back and go down the stairs.
    -The stairs lead to 2 chests and a save block.  Get the first chest,
     then it would be a good idea to save before going for the 2nd chest.
     The 2nd chest is really Hidon.  Take out Hidon for the SAFETY BADGE,
     then go through the door to the next room.  (Also re-enter the room
     for a coin block.)
    -Keep going right on to the next room.  Enter the water and use the
     whirlpool to go under.  Now go back to the previous room (using
     the underwater path) and collect the 4 FROG COINS.  Return to the
     room you just came from and use the door on the right to go on.
    -After a room with Zeostars and Mr. Kippers, you'll come to a large
     room with a Bloober swimming around.  First go over to the barrels
     in the top corner.  Go between the wall and the barrels to get to
     a hidden door.  Get the chest then come back through the door.
     Climb the barrels on the right side until you're out of the water,
     then go over to the left corner where you'll find a FROG COIN.  Now
     go through the door on the right side.
    -Here you'll find 4 Bandana Reds, who you'll have to fight.  Take
     'em out, get the chest, then go up the stairs.  Once up the stairs
     you'll have to fight more Bandana Reds.  After defeating them, go
     through the door that they open.
    -Now you have to fight Johnny and his Bandana Blues.  Defeat Johnny to
     get the 5th Star Piece.  Examine the table to see what Johnny likes
     to drink (it may come up later), then go through the door and jump
     on the spring to return to the world map.  (If for some reason you
     decide to come back to the Sunken Ship you can examine the tube
     that Johnny is standing next to, to see other parts of the ship).
     Now go to Seaside Town.

  Items : Flower Box
  Special Items: Shed Key, Beetle Box
  Boss  : Yaridovich
    -The "Elder" will meet you as you enter.  You'll be forced to give him
     the Star Piece you just got.  The town is completely deserted except
     for the Frog in the Elder's house who sells stuff for Frog Coins.
     Use the exit on the upper left side when you're ready.
    -You'll now have to fight Yaridovich.  Defeat him to get the Star
     Piece back.  The SHED KEY will also be left behind.  Read the note
     on the tree.  It's from Johnny.  Go back to town and use the key to
     unlock the door to the shed.  The real citizens will return to their
     homes (and shops) and the real Elder will give you a FLOWER BOX.
    -The frog and the Elder are in the Elder's house (talk to the Elder
     if you expect to continue to the next area).  The Inn is functional
     (but it costs 15 coins now).  There are now many stores and specialty
     places to go to.  I'll go over them from left to right.
    -First, there's Beetles Are Us.  For a one time fee of 100 coins, plus
     50 coins for a BEETLE BOX you can try you luck at catching beetles
     on Booster Hill.  (Jump when he asks for ID.)  If you have the money
     go ahead and buy a Beetle Box.  I'll explain more about the beetle
     chase after I'm finished with the other shops.
    -The 2nd and 3rd doors lead to the Weapon and Armor Shop.  The one
     with the pink hat sells weapons and the one in blue sells armor.
    -The next shop is the Health Food store.  You can buy regular items
     like Mushrooms and Pick Me Ups here.
    -The next door leads to the Mushroom Boy's Shop.  The boy will eat
     any regular mushrooms you'll let him have.  If it's a special
     Mushroom you'll get an item in return.  Only the Mushrooms found in
     the Forest Maze and ones left by enemies can be special (you can
     go Mushroom gathering in the Forest Maze any time and return here
     to see what you get).  Here are the names of the Special Mushrooms
     and what you'll get for them:

        Berry Mushroom          -       Maple Syrup
        Rippin Mushroom         -       Rock Candy
        Flower Mushroom         -       Flower Tab
                (there may be more that I don't know about)

    -The final door leads to the Accessory Shop.  Here you can buy
     Accessories (go figure :)
    -Your next stop should be Booster Hill (even if you didn't buy a
     Beetle Box you can still pick up some Flowers there).

  Items : Up to 8 Flowers
    -If you bought a Beetle Box in Seaside Town, collect as many beetles
     as you can by jumping on barrels and on the Snifits heads.  When you
     read the top go back to Beetles Are Us in Seaside Town.  You'll get
     1 coin for every female beetle you catch (the small ones), 50 coins
     for every male beetle (the big ones), and 1 Frog Coin for the gold
     beetles (the gold ones :)  There's only one gold beetle per race.
     You can buy another Beetle Box and try again if you want.
    -Even if you don't have a Beetle Box you can run up the hill anyways.
     When you're not chasing beetles, FLOWERs sometimes sprout at the end
     of the hill (there are 8 Flowers in all on the hill).
    -Your next stop should be Moleville.

  Items : Mystery Egg
    -Talk to the blue capped guy in the item shop.  He has a MYSTERY EGG
     for sale for 200 coins.  Buy it if you want, then go to Land's End.

  Chests: Frog Coin x2, Recovery Mushroom
  Hidden Chests: #24- Red Essence
                 #25- KerokeroCola
                 #26- Frog Coin
                 #27- Frog Coin
  Boss  : Mokuka (optional)
    -Occasionally in this area you will see a little puff of blue smoke
     floating around.  If you're ready for a little boss fight go ahead
     and catch it to fight Mokuka.  You can do this as many times as you
     want for some experience.
    -Stand on the cannons to get launched out in the direction it is
     facing.  Pressing in that direction will make you go farther.
    -When you get on the yellow platform, stand on the upper corner.
     When it reaches its highest point jump towards the top of the
     screen to get hidden chest #24.  Then go on to the next section.
    -Go past the cannon and jump around in the valley between the two
     walls.  You should find a yellow platform, but this isn't the one
     you're looking for (it just helps a little if you're trying to reach
     the other side).  The yellow block you're looking for is just in
     front of the hole (there is a switch in the hole that causes 3 Chows
     to appear).  Make the block appear, then use the cannon to land on
     it.  It'll take you up to the chest.  Jump off onto the high ledge
     and go over to the left corner of it.  Jump to reveal hidden chest
     #25.  Then it's on to the next section.
    -In this section all you need to do is jump from block to block and go
     to the next section.  If you fall, use the left-most cannon to get
     back up and try again.
    -You'll find a save block at the beginning of the next section.  Go
     over to the right corner of the area.  Stand on one of the blue
     flowers to the left of the exit and jump over to the other one to
     get hidden chest #26.  Now use the exit on the right.
    -Go up to the top of the area and jump into the black hole in the side
     of the cliff (keep jumping if you can't get in, since it seems you
     can only get in when the hole smokes).
    -You'll end up in a cave.  Get the chest, when you reach it, by
     jumping off the crates.  When you get to the upper corner, jump
     around to find the 27th hidden chest.  Then go on to the next
    -Before using the spring, get the chest.  When you jump on the spring
     you'll end up in the Kero Sewers.

  Chests: Cricket Jam
    -Jump across to the ledge on the same level as you.  Then jump over
     to the chest.  Now jump down and use the pipe on the right side of 
     the room or just go back down the pipe you came in from to go back
     to Land's End.  (If you go back to Land's End remember to return to
     Tadpole Pond at some point.)  Going down the pipe near the save
     block will take you to the Midas River.

    -Nothing new here.  When you reach the bottom, go to Tadpole Pond.

  Items : Frog Coins x10
    -Talk to Frogfucius.  Give him the Cricket Jam and he'll give you
     10 FROG COINS.  Now return to Land's End.

  Chests: Invincibility Star, Coin Block x2, Frog Coin
  Hidden Chests: #28- Frog Coin
                 #29- Frog Coin
  Boss  : Belome, Mokuka (optional)
    -Remember, Mokuka's the puff of smoke you might see floating around.
    -Go directly to the 4th section (the one with the save block right
     at the beginning).
    -Use the red flower to get up to the next level.  There you'll find
     another red flower.  Keep going up and you'll find the exit you
     should use.
    -Talk to the guy that you appear next to.  For 5 coins you can try
     your skills on the bridge (and since you have to go across anyways
     you might as well get something for it :)  You have to pick the
     course you want.  Make it over the Normal course and you get your
     5 coins back.  On the Special course, the blocks of the bridge will
     fall if you stand still too long, but you get 8 coins for getting
     across.  The Expert course is, of course, the hardest, but you get a
     FROG COIN for making it.  If you fall just talk to the guy and he'll
     take you back up so you can try again (you'll have to pay again
    -When you get across talk to the guy.  If you want to try again you
     can double your winnings.  If not, he'll pay you what you won. (Going
     through the Expert course over and over can be a good way to get Frog
     Coins [up to 4 per try] if you're good at jumping over the bridge).
     You can double your winnings twice, then he'll automatically pay
     you (you can jump off the cliff, jump on the guy to get raised up,
     then talk to the guy to do it over again though).  When you're ready
     go to the next section.
    -Obviously, the save block is good to see.  Talk to the mouse and
     he'll tell you how to get to Monstro Town.  Go through either exit.
     When the Shogun pops out of the whirlpool, try to jump on it's head.
     You'll get coins just as you would bouncing off a Wiggler (except that
     you get 10 coins at a time).  Jump on it three times without landing to
     get a frog coin.  When you are ready to go into the whirlpool, go get
     the Shogun.  You'll have to fight it.  Then enter the whirlpool the
     Shogun was in to go to the next section.
    -Do the same thing with the Shogun here.  Defeat it and enter the
     whirlpool it was in.  When you appear do the same thing in that
     section.  When you appear again go through the exit in the upper
    -Talk to the mouse again.  You can't climb the cliff right now so
     go back and fight the Shogun, then enter its whirlpool.
    -You'll end up in a cave with a save block.  If you have an Exp.
     Booster, equip it to someone.  Get the Invincibility Star from the
     chest.  Plow through the enemies in this room then hurry to the
     next.  If you're fast enough you can kill all the enemies in this
     room, too, then go on to the next room and kill a few more.  Jump
     in the hole labeled IN when you reach it.
    -Go over behind the crates.  A guy there will sell you a Invincibility
     Star for 400 coins.  If you have enough, buy it and clear the room
     of enemies.  Exit the room, then re-enter and talk to the guy again.
     Tell him you want a better star and he'll tell you to come back
     later.  Now go through the exit on the right.
    -You'll end up in Belome Temple.  For 100 coins the guy here will let
     you use his spring to the surface.  If you really need to get to
     the world map then go ahead, otherwise go on to the next room.
    -Get the chest, then talk to the guy.  For 50 coins you can get
     your fortune told.  And since it's the only way to continue you
     might as well do it.  (Plus the chest gave you the coins to do it
     with.)  The order in which you hit the heads will determine what
     treasure (or lack of) you'll get later:

           ORDER                TREASURE (OR NOT)
        1    2    3     Yoshi Cookie or Mushroom (50-50 chance)
        1    3    2     Yoshi Cookie
        2    1    3     Battle with 3 Chows
        2    3    1     Battle with 3 Chows or 1 Shy Away
        3    1    2     100 coins (2/3 chance) or Frog Coin (1/3 chance)
        3    2    1     100 coins

    After getting your fortune go on to the next room.
   -Go down the pipe in this room to get to your fortune.  Get the chest
    or fight the monsters, then you have a choice: Use the spring and go
    back for a different fortune (or the same fortune again), or go
    through the giant door to the next room.
   -In the next room you'll immediately find a chest.  Get the coins from
    it, then get on top of it.  Once on top, jump to get hidden chest #28.
    Now go down the stairs and stand in the corner where the 2 walls meet.
    Jump to get another hidden chest (#29).  Now get the visible chest and
    go on to the next room.
   -Hit the head to get a fortune.  If it says "Mmm, I'm so hungry! Wish
    I had something to eat!", then go over and jump on the yellow block.
    If it says something else, exit, re-enter, and try again until it says
    the above.
   -The yellow block will take you down to the exit.  Go through the exit
    then go down the pipe.  Approach Belome to fight him (you may want to
    put Toadstool and Mallow in your party first).  When you defeat Belome
    jump on the switch and go through the door.
   -Talk to the mouse.  Then follow him to Monstro Town.

  Items : Attack (or is it Jump) Scarf, Super Jacket, Jinx Belt
  Special Item: Temple Key
  Hidden Chest: #30- Frog Coin
   -Enter the first door you reach.  Here you'll find a fan (which you
    can adjust the speed of) and Monstermama.  Talk to Monstermama and
    she'll tell you that their star is upstairs.  Go upstairs and talk
    to the star, which unfortunately isn't the one you're looking for.
    Also upstairs is the chest, which tells you how many hidden chests
    are left to be found.  Go downstairs and talk to Monstermama again.
    She'll call the Sky Troopas to help you up that cliff you saw
    earlier but couldn't climb.  The fan in this room can be adjusted
    in speed.  The speed you set it will determine the wind speed of
    the Pinwheel monsters you fight later.  Set it to "Breeze" now so
    you don't have to worry about having to take detours later.
   -The next door you reach leads to a room with a Chow, a Thwomp, and a
    Piranha Plant in it.  The Chow will tell you your record for the
    number of jumps you can do in a row using the Super Jump or Ultra
    Jump skill.  If you can jump 30 times in one attack you'll get a
    JUMP (OR ATTACK?) SCARF from the Chow.  Jump 100 times in one attack
    and you'll get a SUPER JACKET. 
    Talk to the Thwomp 7 times then go out of the room.  You'll find that
    the TEMPLE KEY that was up on the ledge has fallen so you can get it.
   -The next door is sealed and since the monster is quite strong (probably
    stronger than Smithy himself), I'll wait until later to explain how to
    get in.
   -The 4th door is the Item Shop.  The triplets will sell you Mushrooms
    (the kind that turns you into a Mushroom if they're used in battle).
    The Goomba will sell a weapon and armor for Bowser and well as some
    other items.
   -Through the next door you'll find a bed.  Turn off the mushroom light
    to take a nap.  While you're sleeping Greaper, the Big Boo, and Dry
    Bones will appear and tell you they've hidden 3 flags somewhere in
    the world.  They'll also each give you a hint:

        Greaper's flag    : behind a wooden flower,
        Dry Bone's flag   : under a green bed,
        The Big Boo's flag: between "O" and "A".

   -Before going up the stairs to the next door, go over to the right
    where you should see a hold in the ground.  Drop into the hole if 
    you want to save your game.  Now go up the stairs and into the door.
   -Here you'll find Jinx's Dojo.  Accept the challenge from Jagger.
    After defeating him, Jinx will come out and ask you to fight him.
    If you defeat him he'll ask you if you'll fight him again (don't
    worry about dying, you won't really die, but be careful what items
    you use because you are really using them).  Defeat Jinx 3 times total
    (you can go and do whatever in between battles, they don't have to
    be one right after another) and he'll give you the JINX BELT and
    you'll be made sensei of the Dojo (and they'll start hopping
    endlessly :).
   -Finally, enter the last door.  Go in between the bush and the left
    corner, then jump to reveal hidden chest #30.  Now use the door to go
    to the world map.  Go to Tadpole Pond.

  Special Item: Soprano Card
    -Go directly to Melody Bay and play the Monstro Town Melody:

                       O           O


     Toadofsky will give you the SOPRANO CARD for the tune.  He'll then
     ask you to complete his song.  You can now play whatever you want for
     the last 8 notes of the song.  You'll then get to hear the whole song
     with your last 8 notes at the end.  Talk to Toadofsky again if you
     want to here the song again.  To rewrite the last 8 notes, just jump
     on the tadpoles.  (You don't need to ask Toadofsky first.)
    -The Soprano Card you just go will allow you to buy KerokeroColas at
     the Juice Bar and get the other items previously offered there for
     1/2 their original price.  Your next stop should be Rose Town.

  Special Item: Greaper Flag
   -As you enter, walk behind the welcome sign and press 'A' to examine.
    You should find the GREAPER FLAG.  Now go behind the item shop where
    you'll find a new exit.  The gardener in the house is looking for
    a Seed and Fertilizer to grow a plant, but you won't find them for
    a while.  Now go to Yo'ster Isle.

  Special Items: Big Boo Flag
    -Stand between the "O" and the "A" in the word GOAL at the end of the
     race track.  Examine that spot to find the BIG BOO FLAG.  Now go
     to Mario's Pad, way back at the beginning of the map.

  Special Item: Dry Bones Flag
    -Enter the house and stand next to the side of the bed facing the
     end.  Examine to get the DRY BONES FLAG.  Next stop is the Mushroom

  Command: Game
    -Go to the inn and talk to the kid inside playing a Game Boy.  After
     talking to him a couple times he'll offer to sell you the game for
     500 coins.  If you have the money to spare, go ahead and get it.
     Once you've bought the game you can play it by choosing the Game
     option on your command list.  It's a decent little shooter, kinda
     like Galaga on steroids :)
    -Go into the castle and head to the guest room (the room across the
     hall from the Vault).  There should be a rather odd guest inside.
     From what he/she/it says, I guess he/she/it is from a Metroid game.
    -Now go to Booster Tower.

  Items : Wilt Shroom, Mushroom, Rotten Mush, Moldy Mush, Mid Mushroom,
          Bright Card, Red Essence
    -Climb until you find a guy juggling.  It's Knife Guy.  Play his
     little game.  Pick the correct hand and you'll get a WILT SHROOM,
     12 times (without leaving the room) and you'll get a BRIGHT CARD.
     Win the game 100 times (wrong answers are deducted from your total)
     and you'll get a Red Essence.
    -Now go back to Monstro Town.

  Item : Ghost Medal
    -Go to the room with the bed you can sleep in (the one to the right
     of the item shop).  Take a nap like you did before.  The 3 Musty
     Fears will see that you've collected all 3 of the flags and they'll
     equip Mario with the GHOST MEDAL.  Now go to the left and use
     the spring to return to Belome's Temple in Land's End.

  Items : Max Mushroom, Royal Syrup, Fire Bomb, Frog Coin x8, Flower x4,
          Troopa Pin
  Boss  : Mokuka (optional)
    -Even in the temple, Mokuka's there for you to trash :)
    -You'll come up a pipe at the end of Belome's Temple.  Go left to
     the next room and use the spring to go up.
    -When you come out of the pipe, use the exit then jump on the yellow
     block to go up.  Hit the head to get a fortune.  Keep hitting the
     head, reading your fortune, exiting, and re-entering until the
     fortune reads "Sorry, I'm not accepting visitors past my bedtime."
     When it says that, use the yellow block to go back down.  Then use
     the exit.
    -Here you'll find Belome blocking your way.  Talk to him and give him
     the Temple Key you got in Monstro Town.  Belome will eat it then
     disappear allowing you to get all the stuff in the room.  Now go
     back to the head that tell your fortune, then go left (using springs
     when necessary) until you reach the room full of Geckits.  Avoid the
     Geckits and go over to the left corner.  Behind the crates is the
     guy who sold you the invincibility star before.  He has another one
     now that he'll sell you for 800 coins.  If you have the cash, buy the
     star and wipe out the Geckits in the room for some easy experience
     (if you don't have the money right now you can always come back later
     when you do).  Next, use he spring to go up, then go left until
     you reach a room with a save block.  Use the spring here to go up
    -You'll end up in the desert.  Use the path in the upper corner and
     you'll be at the cliff.
    -You can now climb the cliff by jumping from Koopa to Koopa.  Once
     you reach the top, Sergeant Flutter will tell you how long it took
     you (if you fall he'll reset the time).  If you get up in less than
     14 seconds you have a 1-in-3 chance of getting a FROG COIN as a
     reward.  Get up in less than 12 seconds and you'll receive a TROOPA
     PIN.  Make it in 11.49 second or less and you'll definitely get a
     FROG COIN.  Beat 11 seconds and you'll get 5 FROG COINS.  Just
     drop to the bottom of the cliff to try again.
    -When you've reached the top and you're ready to continue just exit
     to the right.  You'll be back at the world map and can now go to
     Bean Valley.

  Item  : Frog Coin
  Chests: Flower, Frog Coin, Coin Block (after defeating Box Boy)
  Hidden Chests: #31- Frog Coin
                 #32- Red Essence
                 #33- KerokeroCola
    -First, enter the pipe on the right.  When you reappear walk over to
     the left (as far as you can and jump around to reveal hidden chest
     #31.  Now go down the other pipe that is in this same general area.
     You'll appear right next to the exit to the next area.  Before going
     through it, however, you should go down and use the pipe you find.
     It'll take you to a chest.  Get the chest then use the pipe to
     return to where you were.  Now use the exit to go to the next
    -A Shy Away is flying around watering the plants to make them grow.
     Fight each plant and go down the pipe it was growing in.  The pipes
     are laid out as follows:

                        4               1
                            3      2

    -Pipe #1 leads to a chest that is really Box Boy.  Defeat Box Boy and
     his pal Fautso, and you'll receive absolutely nothing, except for
     the experience and coins (which is a good enough reason to fight
     them).  Now climb up and use the spring up there to reach a chest.
     Get the chest, then go back down to the bottom spring.  Go diagonally
     up and right along the right wall, jumping as you go.  You should
     find a hidden chest (#32).  Go as far upwards on the lower level as
     you can and jump to get a hidden FROG COIN.
    -Pipe #2 leads to a room with a chest in it.  Hit the chest to get
     a slot machine type thing.  Jump and hit the chest to stop each of
     the 3 tumblers.  Here are the prizes you can get:

        2 mushrooms          = Recovery Mushroom
        2 flowers            = Flower
        2 stars              = Rock Candy
        3 of the same things = Frog Coin
        3 different things   = fight with Box Boy

     Go down and left.  Jump when you get about a space away from edge to
     reveal hidden chest #33.
    -Pipe #3 also leads to a slot machine chest.
    -Pipe #4 leads to a slot machine chest, too.
    -Pipe #5 leads to a room with 3 Geckits and a Chomp Chomp.  Defeat
     the Chomp Chomp.  Then if you go the Bright Card from Knife Guy
     in Booster Tower (and haven't sold it), stand in the corner near
     the wall (above where the Chomp Chomp was).  Jump 3 times to reveal
     a yellow block.  Jump onto the yellow block to get to the newly
     opened exit.  You'll end up back at the world map with access to
     Grate Guy's Casino.

  Item : Star Egg
    -Talk to the blue capped guy next to the chest to play the slots.
     It costs 10 coins per play.  Once you've paid you need to hit the
     chest once to start the slots going.  Then hit it again once per
     picture (to stop them).  Match 3 pictures to win a FROG COIN, all
     other combinations get nothing.
    -Talk to the blue capped guy at the table (from the other side of the
     table) to play blackjack.  If you win you get a FROG COIN but if you
     lose you'll have to give him a Frog Coin.  I suggest saving first
     if you're going to play, that way if you lose you can reset so you
     don't lose any Frog Coins.
    -Talk to Grate Guy over and over until he offers to play "Look the
     Other Way".  In this game you won't lose anything.  To win you just
     have to get lucky enough to look in the opposite direction of what
     he points.  Most of the time your prize for winning will be trash
     like a ROTTEN MUSH, a WILT SHROOM, or a MOLDY MUSH.  Once in a while
     you can get a decent prize though like maybe a ROYAL SYRUP, a
     KEROKEROCOLA, or ROCK CANDY, but more likely a MUSHROOM.  Win 100
     times to get the big prize: the STAR EGG.
    -When you're ready to go on with the game go back to Bean Valley.
     NOTE:  If you get rid of your Bright Card you'll still be able to
      get to the Casino, but the Doormen won't let you in, and you can't
      get another Card.  However, since the odds of winning anything good
      are rather slim and the Bright Card is worth 777 coins at every shop
      (or if you go and talk to a guy in the Inn in Marrymore and refuse
      his offer of 100 coins, then his offer of 5 Frog Coins, you can get
      10 Frog Coins for it).

  Items : Seed, Frog Coins x3
  Chests: Flower x3, Frog Coin, Rare Scarf
  Boss  : MegaSmilax
    -Use the pipes to quickly get back to the section with 5 pipes.
     From there use the exit up by the save block to go on to the
     next section.
    -Here you'll find a pipe.  The Shy Away will make the plant grow.
     It'd be a really good idea to add Toadstool to your party if
     she's not already there, then equip her with a Trueform Pin
     (you'll see why when MegaSmilax tries changing your party into
     mushrooms).  Fight the Smilax.  Defeat it and Shy Away will
     water it again, making it have 2 heads.  Defeat them and Shy
     Away will water it yet again, this time making 3 Smilaxes.
     Defeat them and Shy Away will water it one last time to make
     MegaSmilax and 2 Smilaxes.  Defeat MegaSmilax and Shy Away will
     run away, leaving a note behind.  Examine the note to get a
     SEED.  Take it, then go down the pipe.
    -When you come out, hit the brick to make a vine grow.  Hit the
     block again to climb it.
    -Now that you're in the clouds, climb the vine with the note
     attached to it.  Jump from vine to vine, collecting the coins
     and Frog Coin as you do.  After the Frog Coin you'll end up
     climbing to the next section.
    -Here you have the choice of 2 vines.  Climb the red one first
     to reach a chest.  Now climb the yellow vine.  If you defeat
     the Birdy it'll change into a yellow brick.  Once on top of
     the blue vine, jump over to the other yellow one.  Climb it
     to the next section.
    -Climb the blue vine and jump over to the red one.  Get the
     coins (3 regular and one Frog Coin), then get on top of the
     yellow vine and jump to reveal a yellow block.  Get on top of
     the red vine and jump to the block.  From there you can jump
     over to the green vine, which you can climb to the next section
     (getting the Frog Coin on the way up).
    -Get the 2 chests.  The drop down the hole closest to the chests
     to find 2 more chests.  Drop down the hole here to get to the
     area outside the hot springs (which you can't enter yet).
     Jump on the spring.
    -You'll end up in a spot with a warp spring (which takes you to
     the world map) and a spring that leads to Nimbus Land.  Drop
     through the hole on the left if you want to get a few coins
     that you would have gotten had you gone a different way earlier
     (the coins are the only thing you missed out on, but you gained
     the 4 chests by going the way you did).  Now go up and use the
     spring leading to Nimbus Land.

  Items : Red Essence x2, Feather, Flower Jar x2, Signal Ring
  Special Items: Castle Key 1, Castle Key 2
  Chests: Recovery Mushroom, Flower x3, Invincibility Star
  Hidden Chests: #34- Frog Coin
                 #35- Frog Coin
                 #36- Frog Coin
                 #37- Frog Coin
                 #38- Frog Coin
  Bosses: Shelly/Birdo, Valentina, Dodo 
    -As you enter you'll find out there is someone name Valentina
     who is ruling Nimbus Land while the king is "sick" with
     "Prince Mallow" (a.k.a. Dodo) at her side.
    -Explore the town leaving the house in the upper corner for last.
    -You can use the Inn like normal, but for an additional 30 coins
     you can use the Dream Cushion.  Using the cushion will let you
     see a dream sequence.  Nothing special most of the time, but
     once in a while you'll dream that Toad is really a monster and
     when you wake up the real Toad will be there to give you
    -In the Item Shop, stand on the boxes directly behind the
     shopkeeper.  Now jump towards the shopkeeper to reveal hidden
     chest #34.
    -Once you've talked to everyone and done everything, go to
     Garro's house (in the top corner).  Go over and look at the
     sculpture that looks like Mallow.  Garro will realize that Mallow
     is the real prince and he'll come up with a plan to sneak you
     into the castle.
    -Once in the castle you'll be placed in a room with a few other
     statues.  Go left a room and you'll find a save block.  Now try
     going through the door.  Valentina will be there and you'll quickly
     run back to your pedestal.
    -Dodo will come in and start pecking the statues.  Every time he
     tries to peck you jump just in time to avoid his beak.  If you
     get pecked or jump too early, Dodo will run to Valentina (do this
     twice and you'll have to fight Dodo).
     If you manage to avoid all his peaks go to the room with the save
     block and you'll find a FEATHER.  (If you had to fight Dodo you
     won't find anything).  Now you can go through the door.
    -If you didn't have to fight Dodo then 2 Birdys will come in and
     remove your disguise, then they'll run away.  Obviously, if you
     did fight Dodo this won't happen because your disguise is already
     gone.  If you want to get out of the castle now for any reason,
     use the lower left exit here and in the next room.  If you're
     ready to move on, go through the closed door in this room.
    -Go through the next room to get to a room with a chest in it.  Now
     go up through the door to the next room.
    -In this room you'll find a chest in the top corner.  Before going
     through any of the doors go through the exit on the top left side.
    -Drop down and get the chest.  Now, since you can't get back up, go
     through the only exit you can get to.  Go through the next room then
     go to the right and through the doors.  Go through the upper left
     exit in this room and you'll be back in the room where you were
     before.  Now use the right exit and you'll be in the room with 3
     sets of doors.
    -Use the leftmost door first.  Go through the next room and you'll be
     in a room with stairs in it.  Walk off the path into empty space
     right about where the Jawful is stabbing.  At the end of the
     invisible path, jump to reveal hidden chest #35.  Now get back on
     the main path and go straight to the wall.  From there take one step
     towards the exit.  Jump to reveal another hidden chest (#36).  Now
     go to the next room.
    -Here you'll find a save block and a few people.  Talk to all of them.
     One of the will give you a FLOWER JAR and another one will give you
     CASTLE KEY 1.  Now return to the room with 3 doors.
    -Enter the rightmost door now (the one at the bottom) and go until
     you can get a chest.  Now return to the room with 3 doors one more
    -Defeat the Heavy Troopa and go through the door it was guarding (you
     need to examine it to use the Castle Key).  Once through the door
     you'll find a huge egg.  Talk to the egg and tell it you'll play with
     it.  This will start a fight against Shelly.  Cracking Shelly will
     hatch Birdo.  Defeat Birdo to get CASTLE KEY 2.  Use the key on the
     door and go through it.
    -In this room, jump on top of the chest (which you already got
     earlier).  Once on top, jump to reveal hidden chest #37.  Then go on
     to the next room.
    -Read the note.  When Shy Away goes through, follow him to the next
    -Defeat the Heavy Troopa and go through the door it's guarding.  Here
     you'll find Valentina, Dodo, and Shy Away.  Follow them when they
     run away.
    -Save you game in the next room, then go on to the next room.  Jump
     underneath the chest to make a yellow block appear.  Use the block
     to get the Invincibility Star from the chest.  As soon as you get
     it start running towards the right (into the next room).  The star
     only lasts a couple seconds, but if you run really quick you can
     kill Dodo without having to fight him (if you miss just reset and
     try again, that's why I said save your game :)  Now continue
     through the door to the right.  You'll walk out into empty space
     and end up falling way down to the entrance to the hot springs
     (which you still can't enter).
    -Use the spring to leave the area with the guards.  If you need to
     rest, buy items, or save, just use the warp spring to go back to the
     world map and go to another town to do it.  When you're ready, go
     back to the main area of Nimbus Land.
    -You'll catch up with Valentina.  You'll start a fight with Valentina
     and Dodo (this happens automatically and you don't get to save, rest
     or anything, that's why I said to go to another town to do that).
     Defeat her and she'll drop a key.  Mallow will grab it and free his
     parents.  You'll then be taken to the throne room to talk to his
    -When you're finished talking, go out through the bottom door and
     then through the bottom door in the next room.  In this room go
     through the left door and talk to the 3 people inside.  One of them
     will give you a FLOWER JAR.  Exit the room and continue going left.
    -Keep going until you reach the room with the 3 doors in it.  Go over
     to the upper corner and jump to reveal another hidden chest (#38).
    -Now go through the castle until you get out.  Talk to the lady near
     the entrance.  She'll say that Croco is here.  Go to the house in
     the right corner.  Here you'll find Croco.  As he runs away he'll
     drop the SIGNAL RING.  Exit the house and go straight to the edge.
     Push against the edge while you walk down and you'll end up walking
     on an invisible path.  At the end of the path you'll find Shy Away.
     He'll give you FERTILIZER.
    -Talk to the lady near the entrance again, then exit Nimbus Land and
     go way back to Rose Town.

  Items : Lazy Shell (Weapon), Lazy Shell (Armor)
    -Go to the back and use the exit to get to the gardener's house.
     Talk to him and give him the Seed, then give him the Fertilizer.
     He'll plant and the seed and use the fertilizer to make a vine
     grow.  Climb the vine.  It'll take you to a couple chests in the
     clouds.  Now go back to the world map and head back to Nimbus Land.

  Chest : Flower
     -Enter the castle and go to the throne room (pretty much go straight
      until you reach the room with 3 doors, enter the middle door,
      the go straight some more).  Once there, enter the door in the back
      of the room.  Keep going until you reach a room with a chest.
      Hit the invisible yellow block directly under the chest like you
      did before, then get the chest.  Continue along the hall until
      you reach the end of the road.
     -Jump off the edge and you'll land outside the hot springs.  This
      time you can get through.  You can hop in the hot spring if you
      need healing.  Use the exit on the right side and you'll fall into
      the volcano.

  Items : Frog Coin x4
  Chests: Flower x4, Coin Block x2, Invincibility Star, Frog Coin
  Bosses: Czar Dragon, Zombone, Axem Rangers
  Star Piece #6  <----
    -Start by using the stepping stones to reach the exit on the right
     side.  Through the exit you'll find 2 chests.  After getting the
     chests go back and use the exit in the top corner.
    -Go through the next room and you'll reach a room with another 2
     chests.  Get them, then continue.  In the next room you'll find
     another chest.  Grab the Invincibility Star and start running.
     You should be able to wipe out the monsters in the next room before
     the power runs out.  Keep following the path until you reach a room
     with a Frog Coin to the side.
    -Although the FROG COIN is over the lava and is rather far away, you
     can reach it if you jump from the correct spot (don't worry about
     landing in the lava, it doesn't hurt you).  After getting the Frog
     Coin, go on to the next room.
    -Here you have to jump from solid ground to solid ground.  When
     you reach the exit you'll notice there is a FROG COIN above it.
     To get it go through the exit, then come right back in.  Now jump
     into the lava.  Tada!!
    -The next room contains 2 FROG COINS.  The first you can get just by
     jumping up the Donut blocks.  The second one can be reached by
     jumping from the Donut block below it.
    -In the next room you'll find a Stumpet.  Jump up to start a fight
     with it now, or you can wait until later when you get to its level.
     Either way you'll need to go to the next room.
    -Here you find 2 chests and a save block.  Do your thing then go to
     the next room using the top exit (which leads to the top floor of
     the previous room where the Stumpet was).  Defeat the Stumpet if
     you haven't already, or go around it, then go to the next room.
    -Climb to the top of this room and go on to the next.  Fight the
     Corkpedite blocking the door, then go through the door.
    -Get past the Stumpet in this room, then continue.  At the top of
     the next room you'll find a chest, and Hinopio.  Hinopio will lead
     you to his shop in the next room.
    -Step up to any of the 3 counters in Hino Mart.  The left counter
     is the Item Shop, the middle counter is the Inn, and the right
     counter is the Armor Shop.  Use the bottom exit when you're ready.
     You'll come out to a room with a save block in it.
    -In this room you just have to jump from block to block to reach the
     other side.  If a block falls and you can't jump to the next because
     the gap is too big, exit and re-enter to reset the blocks, then
     try again.
    -The next room will bring you face-to-face with the Czar Dragon.
     Defeat it and it'll change to Zombone.  After defeating Zombone, go
     back a couple rooms to use the save block, then go back to where
     you fought Zombone and continue to the right.
    -In the next room you'll find the next Star Piece, but just when you
     are about to get it, it's grabbed away by Axem Red, leader of the
     Axem Rangers.  The other mighty morphin' misfits will appear next:
     Axem Green, Axem Yellow, Axem Pink, and Axem Black.  They'll then
     take the star piece and run.
    -In the next room they'll appear again. When they disappear, follow
     them along the path.  Eventually you'll reach the mouth of the
     volcano where the rangers will jump onto their ship, Blade (the "huge
     AX" Johnny was talking about in his note) and Mario will follow.
     You'll now have to battle the Axem Rangers.  After defeating them
     you'll get the 6th Star Piece, and you'll be back at the world map.
    -You're almost ready to make your journey to fight Smithy, but first
     there are a couple more things to do.  The first thing is in

  Items : Frying pan, Fireworks, Shiny Stone
    -Talk to the blue capped guy in the Item Shop.  He'll sell you a
     "Metal Plate" for 300 coins.  Buy it.  It turns out to be the
     FRYING PAN weapon for Princess Toadstool.
    -While you're here go and buy FIREWORKS from the inventor in the
     house above the shop.  Then go out and trade them from a SHINY
     STONE at the pur-tend store.
    -If you want to see what happened to Valentina, climb to the top of
     Booster Tower, otherwise go to Monstro Town.

  Item  : Quartz Charm
    -Save your game in the hole in front of the door as you enter.  Go
     to the sealed door (to the left of the Item Shop) and examine it.
     The Shiny Stone will open it for you.
    -Inside you'll find Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda, who has crossed into
     this dimension (from Final Fantasy 2's dimension - if you don't
     know what I mean listen to the battle music, the victory music, and
     the background music after the battle).  If you're ready, accept
     his challenge to fight him.
    -Defeat Culex and he'll give you a QUARTZ CHARM.  Now the Shiny Stone
     you have is pretty much useless, so you can either throw it away,
     sell it for 2 measly coins, or take it back to MOLEVILLE and do
     the trading thing again (which I recommend).

    -Trade the Shiny Stone for a Carbo Cookie in the Item Shop.  Then 
     give the Carbo Cookie to the girl on the bucket in the left corner
     of town.  How many cookies you've given her so far will determine
     what happens next.  Either she'll go away and you can enter the
     bucket and ride down Midas River, or she'll give you a Frog Coin.
    -Either way, go to Nimbus Land next.

    -Go to the throne room of the castle and talk to the king and queen.
     They'll tell you to use the Royal Bus to get to Bowser's Keep.
    -Exit the castle and go up the stairs in the upper corner.  Talk to
     they guy here and you'll be on your way.

  Chests: Recovery Mushroom x2, Star Gun, Rock Candy x4, Fright Bomb,
          Royal Syrup x2, Ice Bomb, Fire Bomb x2, Max Mushroom x2, 
          Flower x5, Red Essence, Super Slap, KerokeroCola x2, 
          Pick Me Up x2, Sonic Cymbal, Drill Claw, Coin Block
  Bosses: MagiKoopa, Boomer, Exor
    You might want Bowser in your party while in the Keep.  Some of the
    weaker monsters will run away because he's there.  If he isn't in
    the party his influence will still be felt: some enemies will be
    -Go to the 2nd room.  Get past the Terra Cottas (by fighting or
     just avoiding) and go on to the 3rd room.  Then from there go
     on to the 4th room.
    -In this room the Gu Goombas will close in from the sides and chase
     you.  No big deal.  Go on to the next room when you reach the exit.
    -This room is dark except for a circle of light around you.  Follow
     the path until you reach a spot where you have a choice of 2
     directions.  Go up to get a chest then go down and over to the door.
    -First, go to the corner to your left.  There's a doorway here (pretty
     cleverly concealed).  You'll find 150 coins and a RECOVERY MUSHROOM.
    -Leave the secret room.  Back in the other room you'll find Croco and
     a save block.  Croco will sell you stuff.  Go though the door when
     you're ready.
    -There are 6 doors in this room.  Two lead to puzzle courses, two to
     action courses, and two to fighting courses.  You won't know which
     door leads to which until you pick one (every time you enter the Keep
     it changes).  You have to make it through 4 of the 6 courses to
     Although they probably won't appear in the same door as they are
     numbered, here are the basics of the 6 courses:

        1. Fight through bunches of enemies in this order:
          ROOM 1: Gu Goomba group, Malakoopa group, The Big Boo group,
                                Sling Shy group
          ROOM 2: Chewy group, Mr. Kipper group, Amanita group,
                                Glum Reaper group
          ROOM 3: Pyrosphere group, Lakitu group, Zeostar group,
                                Shaman group
           Get the STAR GUN in the chest for completing this course.

        2. Fight through bunches of enemies in this order:
          ROOM 1: Terra Cotta group, Oerlikon group, Sackit group,
                                        Chow group
          ROOM 2: Alley Rat group, Bloober group, Stinger group,
                                        Geckit group
          ROOM 3: Rob-omb group, Vomer group, Magmus group, Chester
           Get the DRILL CLAW in the chest for completing this course.

        3. Puzzle course
          ROOM 1: Make Dr. T get the 21st coin from the coin block.
                  Don't end your turn on the 16th coin or lower.  Try
                  ending it on the 20th coin.
          ROOM 2: Magic buttons
                  To easily turn off all the buttons hit 2, 6, 11, and 15
                  assuming the buttons are numbered like this:

                                 2     3
                             4      5      6
                         7      8      9      10
                            11     12     13
                               14      15

          ROOM 3: Ball Solitaire - kick the balls over each other
                  until only one ball remains.  Assume the balls are
                  numbered as the buttons were above.
                  Ball 6 is removed by Dr. T.

                  The solution is below (6-12 means to kick ball 6
                  so that it would land in ball 12 [taking out ball
                  9 on the way]).

                  To solve the puzzle kick the balls in this

                     1-6, 10-3, 12-6, 2-9, 13-5, 4-12, 14-9, 6-12,
                     3-8, 7-14, 16-11, 11-5, 15-8, 8-3

           Get a ROCK CANDY in the chest for completing this course.

        4. Puzzle course
          ROOM 1: Answer trivia questions about the game.
                  (Instead of cluttering up the walkthrough with a list
                  of possible questions, I'll put the questions in a
                  separate section of the guide - TRIVIA QUESTIONS.)
          ROOM 2: Count the barrels.
                  Just remember, there are barrels you can't see.
          ROOM 3: Who took what place in the triathlon:
                  PLACE           WHAT THEY SAY
                    1st             I outrode <someone> on my bike...
                    2nd             I fell into 4th place...
                    3rd             I placed the same in the swimming...
                    4th             I came in 3rd for swimming...
           Get a ROCK CANDY in the chest for completing this course.
        5. Action course - 10 tries to make it through without landing
                  in the lava or getting hit
          ROOM 1: Jump from platform to platform.  Ride the last platform
                  up and go back to the left for a chest.
          ROOM 2: Avoid the bombs and get to the other end of the room
                  on the ball.  To get the coins and the 5 chests, hop
                  on the ball and use opposite directions to move.
          ROOM 3: Move from platform to platform to collect 6 chests
                  (optional of course) and reach the other side.
           Get the SONIC CYMBAL in the chest for completing this course.

        6. Action course - 10 tries to make it through the 3 rooms
                  without falling into the lava or getting hit.
          ROOM 1: walk on the invisible paths to reach the other side
                  (paths become visible briefly when you or terrapins jump).
                  The coins can be gotten by jumping over lava areas.
                  There are 4 chests in this area.
          ROOM 2: Jump from platform to platform. 4 more chests are in
                  this room.
          ROOM 3: Donkey Kong 3-D :)  Jump over the barrels and climb to
                  the top.
           Get the SUPER SLAP in the chest for completing this course.

    -After getting through 4 of the 6 doors you'll come to a save spot,
     and a door to the next room.
    -In this room you'll have to fight Magikoopa.  After defeating him
     (which is a cinch) he'll make a coin block chest for you that never
     runs out of coins (unfortunately, it has small coins and not the large
     ones that are worth 10).  He'll also heal you any time you talk to him.
     Go through the upper door to find Croco.  He's selling some new stuff
     now.  And since you have as much coins as you'll ever need (you just
     need to jump a lot to get it), make sure to buy all the armor he
     has for sale (the best in the game).  Then go out and use the lower
    -Here you'll find a whole lotta Thwomps.  Run through the room,
     jumping over or fighting any bullets you see.  It's possible to jump
     on top of a Thwomp and get lifted to the top though there is no real
     reason to do this other than to avoid the bullets (when they are all
     on the ground).  Go through the door at the other end.
    -Another chandelier room like the one you fought Bowser in way back
     at the beginning of the game.  This time you get to fight Boomer
     on the chandeliers.  Defeat him and the Chandeli-ho that's holding
     you up will take you to the top of the Keep...
    -...right to the battle with Exor, the sword that crashed into the Keep
     at the beginning.  Once you've defeated Exor, you'll be transported
     to Smithy's factory.  But before going anywhere, use the warp spring
     to return to the world map.
     Go to the town of your choice and get resupplied (if you need to)
     then return to Bowser's Keep.
     Take a look at the treasures you'd get if you completed the 2 doors
     (in that room with 6) you didn't complete.  If you think they're
     worth getting, go back to the room with 6 doors.
    -The doors have reset and the courses aren't in the same spots, so
     pick a door.  If it leads to a course you've done before, fail the
     task so you'll end up back at the 6 doors.  Keep doing this until
     you've found the courses you're looking for.
    -Once you're all set, finish off the Keep and go to the Gate.

  Items : Rock Candy
  Chests: Ultra Hammer, Recovery Mushroom x3, Flower x2, Royal Syrup,
          Max Mushroom
  Hidden Chests: #39- Recovery Mushroom
  Bosses: Count Down, Machine Made (various bosses from times past),
          Domino, Cloaker, Earth Link, Mad Adder, Factory Chief,
          Gunyolk, Smithy
  Star Piece #7   <----
    -In the 2nd room jump onto the screw bridge.  Jump to move it a
     little.  Keep jumping and you'll reach the other side.  Don't
     worry about falling, you'll end up springing back to the beginning
     of the bridge.  Next, you'll come to a save spot and the exit to
     the next room.
    -In this room, use the screw bridge (as before) and work your way
     over to the right corner where you'll find the exit to the next
    -This is a good room to gain experience.  Each Ameboid can be killed
     in one hit and are worth 17 experience a piece.  With an Exp. Booster
     equipped you should be able to go up quickly.  And if you kill all of
     them, just go on to the next room and come back.
     When you're ready step on the switch and follow the path that
     appears.  This will lead to a room with a save block.  In the corner
     to the left of the save block is the final hidden chest (#39).
    -In the next room grab the chest, then use the spring to get to the
     screw bridge.  Get across the bridge (as before) and jump on the
     spring which launches you down to Count Down, the first boss
     of the Factory.  When you defeat Count Down as save block and a
     spring will be the only thing left in the room.
    -After using the spring to go down, use the exit to the next room.
     Here you'll meet some of the Machine Made bosses.  Fighting these
     bosses is an even better way to gain experience and coins than
     fighting Ameboid.  You'll also find a chest above the 2nd conveyor.
     Then you'll come to a platform floating above open space.  Jump over
     the platform so that you fall down a floor.  Go left to get 2 chests,
     then go back to the spring.  Use it to get back up to the room you
     were at before.  Now jump on the platform.  About halfway across
     you'll need to switch platforms.  Once on the other side of the gap
     go on to the next room.
    -The first 2 conveyors are sending out Jabits and Springers.  The
     3rd is sending out a Machine Made version of Mack.  Past the 3rd
     conveyer you'll find the exit to the next room.
    -Here you just have to run around (over conveyers that threaten to
     drop you into the pit, which you don't have to worry about since
     there is a spring down below that launches you back up).  You'll
     find 2 chests in this room, also.
    -In the next room you'll have to climb up a stairway made of conveyers
     while Machine Made versions of Bowyer are coming at you.  After that
     you'll find Machine Made versions of the Axem Rangers.  And then
     more Machine Made Bowyers, before reaching the exit.
    -After going through a small room with a save block in it, you'll
     reach a large room with Machine Made Yaridoviches dropping in the
     middle.  Go over to the top corner and use the exit.  Grab the
     chests then return.  Jump on the block that the Yaridoviches keep
     landing on.  Then drop in the hole that is made (you might want to
     save first).  You'll drop into a battle with Domino and Cloaker.
     Once they're defeated, us the exit on the upper left side.
    -After a battle with some Mad Mallets you'll have to fight Clerk.
     Defeat Clerk and Mallow will press a switch that makes a crane grab
     him.  Mario will get him out.  Now, start to go to the next room.
     Toad will stop you.  He'll sell stuff to you for the price you
     would sell the same stuff for.
     After shopping he'll give you ROCK CANDY, so save room for it.  If
     you need anything between now and the end of the game you can return
     to this room and talk to Toad.  For now go on to the next room.
    -Defeat Manager and his Pounders in this room, then go on to the next.
    -Here you have to fight Director and 4 Poundettes.  A little further
     on you'll find the final save block.  Save if you want then go
     on to the next room.
    -You'll have to fight Factory Chief and his Gunyolk here.  After
     defeating them you may want to return to the save block to save
     you game before stepping on the switch.  Stepping on the switch
     causes a crane to pick you up and take you to Smithy.
    -After defeating Smithy's first form he'll get really mad.  He'll
     end up sending everyone plummeting into an inferno where you'll
     have to fight his real form (a really ugly one).
    -Defeat Smithy and you'll get the final Star Piece and beat the

    -While the credits roll you'll get to watch a parade.  After the
     parade fireworks will be launched.  How spectacular the show is
     and what shape the final firework is in will depend on the number
     of fireworks you bought from the inventor in Moleville during the
         # BOUGHT        SHAPE
         0 - 2           Mushroom
         3 - 4           Flower
         5 or more       Star
    -If you wait a little while after the words "The End" appear on the
     screen, you are treated to a peaceful version of the Super Mario
     Brothers level music.

    THE END :) 

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< E X P E R I E N C E   C H A R T >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Like most RPGs, you need to defeat enemies to gain experience.
Get enough experience and your character will advance levels
and become stronger.  Here is a chart that tells how much total
experience a character needs to advance to a level.  It also
tells which characters will learn a special attack at each level.

     2                16                     ---
     3                48                     Mario,Mallow
     4                84                     ---
     5               130                     ---
     6               200                     Mario,Mallow
     7               290                     ---
     8               402                     Geno
     9               538                     ---
    10               690                     Mario,Mallow
    11               890                     Geno,Toadstool
    12              1110                     Bowser
    13              1360                     Toadstool
    14              1640                     Mallow,Geno
    15              1950                     Mario,Bowser,Toadstool
    16              2290                     ---
    17              2660                     Geno
    18              3060                     Mario,Mallow,Bowser,Toadstool
    19              3490                     ---
    20              3950                     ---
    21              4440                     ---
    22              4960                     ---
    23              5510                     ---
    24              6088                     ---
    25              6692                     ---
    26              7320                     ---
    27              7968                     ---
    28              8634                     ---
    29              9325                     ---
    30              9999                     ---

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< B A T T L E   S P E C I A L S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sometimes when an enemy is defeated, the character that served the
final blow might receive a bonus.  There are 5 different bonuses
that could be gotten:

        HP MAX      - restores character's HPS to max.
        ATTACK UP   - 1.5 times normal attack power
        DEFENSE UP  - 2 times normal defense power
        ONCE AGAIN  - immediately take another turn without wait
        LUCKY       - play the Find-Yoshi game after the battle

The ATTACK UP and DEFENSE UP bonuses can be removed by the
"Shredder" spell, so beware.

Another thing you might get during battle is a Freebie.  This will
occur sometimes when you use an item.  What it does is when you use
an item, you'll get another one of that same item (effectively letting
you use the item once for free).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< S E C R E T    A D V I S O R S >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Occasionally you will find an unknown person (or thing) that gives you
advice.  I call them "Secret Advisors" because you never see what they
look like, and they usually hide themselves pretty well.  I've only
found two of them, but there might be more.

- The first secret advisor is in Mushroom Kingdom, behind the large
  house to the left.

- The second secret advisor is in Rose Town, behind the house with the
  controllable stairs.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< B O S S    S T R A T E G I E S >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Bowser             HP: about 300
Kinklink           HP: about 60
        Forget about attacking Bowser and just go for the chain (Bowser
        stops taking damage after 6 turns).  It shouldn't take too long
        to force the chain to let go.

Hammer Bros.       HP: about 50
        Use a Jump attack on one, then a regular attack.  When one dies
        the other will Valor Up (increase his defense).  Finish the
        other one with a few Jump attacks.  Use Mushrooms to restore
        your HPS if they get below 10, because the Hammer Bros.'
        Hammer Time attack does around 8 damage.

Croco              HP: 320             "Gosh, I'm good!"
        Blast him with Mario's Fire Orb attack (Croco skips a turn the
        first time he gets hit with Fire Orb).  Use Mallow to heal and
        use Honey Syrups when your FPS get low.

Mack               HP: 480             "Boing, boing, boing."
Bodyguard          HP: 30              "Boing, boing, boing."
        Have Mario Jump on Mack while Mallow takes out the Bodyguards
        with Thunderbolt (Mack skips a turn the first time he gets hit
        with Thunderbolt).  Once the Bodyguards are gone, Mallow should
        heal and stuff when needed.  Occasionally the Bodyguards will
        come back, so blast them with Thunderbolt again.

Belome             HP: 500             "I just...wanna sleep."
        Use Mario's Jump attack and use Mallow's Thunderbolt when he
        isn't healing, restoring FPS, or eaten :)

Bowyer             HP: 720             "What's with these folks?"
        Use regular attacks unless Bowyer shuts off the 'A' button.
        If that happens have Geno use Geno beam, have Mario use
        Super Jump, and have Mallow either heal, use a Syrup to restore
        FPS, or Defend.

Croco              HP: 750             "Ooh! I'm good!"
        Have Geno use regular attacks, have Mario use his Super Jump
        attack, and have Mallow use regular attacks when he isn't 
        healing the others.  In the middle of the fight he'll steal all
        your items, so be prepared.

Punchinello        HP: 1200            "Yeeha! I see we're already famous!"
        Use Geno's regular attack, Mario's Super Jump, and use Mallow as
        your miscellaneous attacker.  Mallow should use Thunderbolt if 
        there are any bombs showing, otherwise he should use regular 
        attacks or heal.

Snifit             HP: 200             "Minimum wage for THIS?!"
Booster            HP: 800             "This is like realizing
                                        you're outside without
                                        your clothes on!"
        First defeat the Snifits (it's not like you have a choice).
        After the Snifits are toasted, Mario should use his Super Jump
        and the others should use regular attacks.  Watch out for Spritz
        Bomb and Loco Express, they do MASSIVE damage (to everyone except

Knife Guy          HP: 700             "Happiness is hip!"
Grate Guy          HP: 900             "Peace is just a dream."
        Mario should use Fire Orb (or Super Flame if he has it) on
        Knife Guy.  If you have Mallow, he should use Thunderstorm on
        Grate Guy.  Bowser and Geno should just use normal attack,
        both concentrating on one of the guys until he dies, then
        moving to the other guy.

Bundt              HP: 900             "Congratulations."
Raspberry          HP: 600             "Congratulations!"
Torte              HP: 100             "Cake! Vatch zee CAKE."
        You can't damage the Tortes so concentrate on Bundt using
        regular attacks (except Mario, who should use Super Jump).
        After defeating the top layer (Bundt), you'll have to fight
        Raspberry, the bottom layer.  Fight it the same way.

King Calamari      HP: 800             "The ship's MINE! SCRAM!"
Tentacles (left)   HP: 200             "You wouldn't...EAT me?!"
Tentacles (right)  HP: 260             "Keep me in cool!"
        First take out the Tentacles and then go for Calamari.  Mario
        should use Super Jump on the Tentacles and Super Flame on
        King Calamari.  And everyone else should use normal attacks.
        Toadstool should use Group Hug, if she's in your party, to heal
        when needed.

Johnny             HP: 820             "Whoa! It's all over."
Bandana Blue       HP: 150             "Color me Blue, mates!"
        Have Mario use Super Jump on Johnny.  The others should use
        regular attacks, mainly concentrating on Johnny.  If you don't
        take out the Bandana Blues you can defeat Johnny without a
        hitch.  If all the Bandana Blues are wiped out, Mario will have
        to fight Johnny alone when Johnny's HPS get down so far.

Yaridovich         HP: 1500            "My promotion's at stake!"
(mirage)           HP: 500             "I'm not the real McCoy!"
        Mario should use Super Jump (or Ultra Jump if he has it).  If
        Bowser or Geno are in you party, they should use regular attacks.
        Mallow should use Shocker and Toadstool should us Group Hug
        (probably almost every round).  If Yaridovich splits, attack
        the mirage (the one that suffers the most damage).

Formless           HP: 10              "I have a secret!"
Mokuka             HP: 620             "Mwa ha ha..."
        Attack Formless with your weakest magic attack (Jump or Thunderbolt
        will do) to reveal Mokuka.  Then just bash him with regular attacks
        until he dies.

Belome             HP: 1200            "Gotta yummy in my tummy!"
Mario Clone        HP: 200             "......"
Mallow Clone       HP: 150             "Ma? Pa? Where are ya?"
Geno Clone         HP: 250             "Star Pieces...Star..."
Bowser Clone       HP: 300             "Grrr...my castle..."
Toadstool 2        HP: 120             "It's tough to be pretty!"
        Belome can make clones of your party members so it may be wise
        to include Mallow and Toadstool in your party, since their
        clones have the least amount of HPS.  Belome just clones the
        person who most recently attacked him, so if a person doesn't
        attack Belome, Belome won't clone that person.  Mallow's Thunder
        attacks work well, and Toadstool is good to have for her Group
        Hug.  Mario should use Super Jump (or Ultra Jump).  Take out
        Belome, then worry about any clones that are left behind.

Smilax             HP: 200             "Turn your eyes!"
Megasmilax         HP: 1000            "I was a water baby!"
        If Megasmilax changes your character into mushrooms, your should
        have Toadstool use Group Hug (that is assuming she's in your
        party and wearing a Trueform Pin).  Mario should use Ultra Jump,
        if he has it, until the Smilaxes are dead, then he should just
        use Super Jump.  All the others should use regular attacks on
        MegaSmilax, except maybe Mallow, who may want to use Snowy.

Dodo               HP: 800             "I'm STARVED!"
        Just bash him with regular attacks until he goes away.  You only
        need to face this version of Dodo if you lose in the pecking
        sequence or fight him during the chase in the castle.

Shelly             HP: 500             "Slow down!"
Birdo              HP: 777             "I just love life!"
Eggbert            HP: 10              "What a glorious day!"
        Shelly doesn't attack you or anything.  Just keep hitting it
        until it hatches and Birdo pops out.  Everyone should use regular
        attacks against Birdo.  Or you can try it by having one person
        attack and the other 2 defend.  When Birdo shoots a single egg,
        it'll bounce off anyone who is defending.  The bounced egg will
        become Eggbert.  Defeat it and it'll blow up doing damage to
        Birdo.  Another strategy is to have everyone defend until there
        are several Eggberts on the screen (you can have up to 4), then
        use a multi-enemy attack to blow them all up, getting multiple
        hits on Birdo.

Valentina          HP: 2000            "I tell ya, he's NOTHING!"
Dodo               HP: 1000            "I'm starved...later!"
        The battle will start with Dodo taking your center character
        to fight a one-on-one battle with him.  When Dodo loses 200 HPS
        he'll run away.
        It'll then switch to your remaining 2 characters versus Valentina.
        Battle her for a few rounds using regular attacks, and both Dodo
        and your character will return.  Use multiple-enemy attacks (like
        Mario's Ultra Jump, Toadstools's Psych Bomb, etc.) or use regular
        attacks on Valentina.  You don't have to kill Dodo if you don't
        want to, he runs away when Valentina runs away.

Czar Dragon        HP: 1400            "Flamin' hot, right at ya!"
Helio              HP: 10              "I'm burnin' up inside!"
Zombone            HP: 1800            "Hey! We're not done yet!"
        Use regular attacks to defeat Czar Dragon, using the occasional
        multi-enemy attack if Czar Dragon calls on some Helios.  When
        Czar Dragon changes into Zombone, Mario and Bowser should
        continue to use regular attacks.  If Geno is in your party, have
        him use Geno Beam.  Have Mallow use Snowy if he's in your party.
        Toadstool should heal when necessary and attack when able.  If
        you have Pure Water, use it on Zombone and it will attack itself
        (strange but it works).

Axem Pink          HP: 400             "Red, WRONG POSITION!"
Axem Black         HP: 550             "You're timing stinks!"
Axem Red           HP: 800             "I'm all thumbs today!"
Axem Yellow        HP: 600             "We're lookin' GOOD!"
Axem Green         HP: 450             "Are we done here?"
Axem Rangers       HP: 999             "It's a melee!"
        First you fight them as 5 separate enemies.  Take out Axem Pink
        first, because she can heal her comrades.  Axem Green should
        be your next target since he uses attacks that hit your whole
        party.  Next, go for Axem Yellow and then Axem Black.  That
        leaves Axem Red as your final target.  Regular attacks should
        be enough to take each of them out.  Once they're beaten they'll
        combine their powers and you'll have to defeat the Axem Rangers
        (only one target this time).  Regular attacks will do this time,
        too, but be sure to heal, and have everyone defend when they say
        "Recharging!" as this means the Breaker Beam will fire on their
        next turn.  (They fire every two turns.)

Magikoopa          HP: 1600            "That's...my child?"
Bahamutt           HP: 500             "Give me a chance, here."
Jinx Clone         HP: 320             "I'm the REAL thing!"
King Bomb          HP: 500             "I LIVE to explode!"
        Just bash him with regular attacks.  When he summons someone,
        you won't be able to hit him so kill it (with regular
        attacks) and then whack away at Magikoopa some more.
        (How you can hide behind a Jinx Clone, we will never know... :)

Boomer             HP: 2000            "It's all over now..."
        Stick to regular attacks and he'll go down in no time.  Note that
        he is weak to magic attacks while red and weak to regular attacks
        when blue.

Exor               HP: 1800            "Gotta mow the lawn soon."
Neosquid           HP: 800             "I'm so utterly alone..."
Left Eye           HP: 300             "I can't see a thing!"
Right Eye          HP: 500             "I've got an astigmatism!"
        First take out the eyes (one at a time) with regular attacks.
        Then go for Neosquid (the mouth), again using regular attacks.
        When Neosquid is gone, go for Exor.  Every once in a while
        you'll have to rekill the eyes, since they come back.  Neosquid
        will come back, too, but not as quick (you can still concentrate
        on Exor).

Count Down         HP: 2400            "We're into overtime!"
Ding-a-ling        HP: 1200            "Wake up sleepy heads!"
        First, hit Count Down with regular attacks.  When Count Down
        is gone, take out the Ding-a-lings using whatever (Mario's
        jumps work pretty good).

Machine Made
(Mack)             HP: 300             "Mario! I'm BAAAAAAAACK!"
   (Bodyguard)     HP: 100             "Boing, boing, boing."
(Bowyer)           HP: 1000            "Nya! I'll SNUFF ya! NYA!"
(Axem Pink)        HP: 100             "Oh! My makeup!"
(Axem Black)       HP: 120             "Will I make the team?"
(Axem Red)         HP: 180             "Gotta fight for evil!"
(Axem Yellow)      HP: 200             "I'm STARVED!"
(Axem Green)       HP: 80              "Whew! Vertigo!"
(Yaridovich)       HP: 800             "My promotion's at stake!"
        Use the same strategies for the Machine Made replicas as you did
        with the real bosses.  Most have lower HP so they shouldn't be
        too hard.  You can also run away if you don't want to fight them.

Cloaker            HP: 1200            "I love cold hard steel!"
                   (with Earth Link)   "I can't think straight!"
Domino             HP: 900             "MAGIC! DEAL with it!"
                   (with Mad Adder)    "Sh...sho...shocked!"
Earth Link         HP: 2500            "What a royal pain!"
Mad Adder          HP: 1500            "I'm alive and kicking."
        Attack Domino first using regular attacks.  After taking out
        Domino, Cloaker will run and enlist the help of Earth Link.
        (If you kill Cloaker first, Domino will run and enlist Mad Adder
        for additional support).  Focus your attacks on Earth Link
        (Mario should use Super Jump while the others use regular attacks).
        Defeat Earth Link (or Mad Adder) and Cloaker (or Domino) will
        go, too.

Factory Chief      HP: 1000            "Who DARES to fight ME?!"
Gunyolk            HP: 1500            "If we're beaten, the boss is alone!"
        Using regular attacks, take out the Factory Chief.  Then
        go for Gunyolk (regular attacks are good enough here, too).

Final Battle, part 1
Smithy             HP: 2000            "Eh?! Not bad!"
Smelter            HP: 1500            "I brush after every meal!"
Shyper             HP: 400             "Ooh! This'll be fun!"
        Start by attacking Smelter.  If Smelter makes any Shypers,
        take them out.  Once everything is gone you can concentrate
        one Smithy, using regular attacks.

Final Battle, part 2
(Head)             HP: 8000            "This isn't good at all!"
   (Tank form)                         "Don't shock me! DON'T!"
   (Wizard form)                       "Good magic, bad defense."
   (Chest form)                        "What's hidden inside?!"
   (Shielded form)                     "Nothin' can hurt me!"
(Body)             HP: 1000            "What a heavy head!"
        Have one character (probably your strongest) hit Smithy's head
        while the other 2 pound his body.  Use regular attacks on the body.
        The head does different things depending on its current form.  So
        should you.
           Tank form:     Use magic attacks, especially Shocker.  He has
                          powerful moves, including a sudden death attack.
                          He usually stays in this form for 3 turns.
           Wizard form:   Use regular attacks.  Incredible magic power here,
                          get ready for a pummeling.  He usually stays in
                          this form for 3 turns.
           Chest form:    Use regular attacks.  The entire party will get a
                          randomly-picked status ailment.  He will stay in
                          this form for 1 turn.
           Shielded form: Attack the body or heal.  He will cast Shredder
                          and/or heal.  (He can't attack in this form.)  He
                          usually stays in this form for 2 turns.
        If you can't attack his body send everyone after the head until
        the body becomes attackable again.

<<<<<<< M O N S T R O   T O W N   S T R A T E G I E S >>>>>>>

Jagger             HP: 600             "Oh! I'm so excited!"
        Just hit him with regular attacks until he is defeated.

Jinx, part 1       HP: 600             "You're just a beginner!"
        Regular attacks will probably do here too (except for Mario, who
        should use his best Jump attack).

Jinx, part 2       HP: 800             "Sympathy!? Not from me!"
        Jinx gets increasingly difficult with each part so beware.  Have
        Mario use his best Jump attack, Bowser attack, Geno use Geno Boost
        on everyone, then attack, and Mallow and Toadstool heal or defend.
        He has a sudden death attack this time so be careful.

Jinx, part 3       HP: 1000            "Ooh! I'm gonna hurt ya!"
        Only a few seconds into the battle, Jinx will use Bombs Away which
        will more than likely kill one of your characters right away if
        not blocked (hit the attack button just as the fireball hits you).
        Use your best magic attacks and heal regularly.  The princess may
        be very useful for her healing abilities.  Watch out when he uses
        Vigor Up because after that all his attacks are unbelievably
        powerful, so get ready to heal!

Culex              HP: 4096            "A little off, eh?"
Fire Crystal       HP: 2500            "I gotta vacuum tonight!"
Water Crystal      HP: 1800            "Get me back underground!"
Earth Crystal      HP: 3200            "I hate being awakened!"
Wind Crystal       HP: 800             "Whhhhhhooooo..."
        Start by using up all your Rock Candy.  Then if you have the
        Star Egg (gotten from the Grate Guy Casino by winning "Look
        the Other Way" 100 times) use it to get 100 damage on Culex and
        the crystals.  Mainly use multiple-enemy attacks until the
        crystals are gone, then concentrate on Culex.  If multi-enemy
        attacks aren't doing much damage then take out the crystals
        one by one.  For best results, use Jump attacks on the Wind
        Crystal, Fire attacks on the Water Crystal, Ice attacks on
        the Fire Crystal, and Thunder attacks on the Earth Crystal.
        Culex occasionally casts Shredder which removes any attack
        and defense bonuses you have, so beware.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< B U G S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

   Statue Bug - If you go to Garro's house in Nimbus Land
        over and over again after beating Valentina, the statue
        that looks like Mallow will occasionally be in the wrong
        pose (angry, fallen over, etc.)

   Magikoopa Bug - If Magikoopa calls on King Bomb and it uses
        Big Bang to self-destruct, Magikoopa will be attackable
        but he will not attack you.  I guess he thinks he's still
        hiding and can't attack...

   Forest Spring Bug - Sometimes in the Forest Maze, when you spring
        out of an underground area, you will come out in the wrong
        area.  I have no idea what causes this error or if it is
        just the cartridge I use that does this (I rent the game,
        I don't actually own it).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< M E N U   C O M M A N D S>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Item - View, use, or throw away any of your 29 items.

Status - Check out each characters stats, and how much they need to
        advance a level.  For each stat there are 2 numbers.  The
        top number is the characters base statistic, and the bottom
        number is the base plus any additions acquired from weapons,
        armors, and accessories.

Special - View each characters special skills along with how many
        FPS each uses.  Some skills can be used out of battle, but
        only a couple.

Equip - View and equip your weapons, armors, and accessories.  You 
        can hold up to 30 weapons, armors, and/or accessories at any
        one time.

Special Item - View special event items that you have collected.

Map - View a map of the entire world (must get MAP from Chancellor first).

Star Pieces - View the Star Pieces you've collected so far (must get
        a Star Piece first).

Switch - Pick which two characters will fight in battles with Mario
        (must have more than 3 characters first).

Game - Play a simple (in design anyways) shooter (must buy the game
        from the boy in the Mushroom Kingdom Inn for 500 coins).
        By the way, my high score is 49458833 (the game lasted for over
        an hour).  Does anyone out there have a higher one?

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< I T E M S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You can carry up to 29 items at a time.  The following is a list of 
the possible items, how much you can get them for (c = regular coins,
f = frog coins), how much you can sell them for, and what they do
(directly from the game, complete with typos).

Able Juice    Buy : 4c (2c from Toad)
              Sell: 2
              Info: Heals status problems during battle

Bad Mushroom  Buy : 30c
              Sell: 15
              Info: Poisons an enemy

Bracer        Buy : 2f
              Sell: 1
              Info: Raises ally's def. in battle

Bright Card   Buy : --
              Sell: 777
              Info: A member's card for the casino

Carbo Cookie  Buy : Shiny Stone
              Sell: 1
              Info: Kid's love 'em

Crystalline   Buy : 5f
              Sell: 2
              Info: Raises party's Defense in battle

EarlierTimes  Buy : 15f
              Sell: 7
              Info: Use it to start a battle over

Elixir        Buy : 42c w/ Alto Card, 36c w/ Tenor Card, 24c w/ Soprano Card
              Sell: 24
              Info: Party recovers 80 HP

Energizer     Buy : 2f
              Sell: 1
              Info: Raises ally's battle power during battle

Fertilizer    Buy : --
              Sell: 100c
              Info: Nutrients!

Fire Bomb     Buy : 200c
              Sell: 100
              Info: Hit all enemies w/ fire
              Note: Does 100 damage to all enemies

Fireworks     Buy : 500c
              Sell: 250
              Info: A gorgeous firework

Flower Box    Buy : --
              Sell: 500
              Info: Raises Flower Pts. by 5

Flower Jar    Buy : --
              Sell: 300
              Info: Raises Flower Pts. by 3

Flower Tab    Buy : --
              Sell: 100
              Info: Raises Flower Pts. by 1

Freshen Up    Buy : 50c (25c from Toad)
              Sell: 25
              Info: Party is refreshed during battle

Fright Bomb   Buy : 100c
              Sell: 50
              Info: Fear attack on all enemies

FroggieDrink  Buy : 16c w/ no card, 14c w/ Alto Card, 12c w/ Tenor Card,
                    8c w/ Soprano Card
              Sell: 8
              Info: Party recovers 30 HP

Goodie Bag    Buy : --
              Sell: 555
              Info: It's packed full of coins
              Note: You get 1 coin for each time you use it in battle
                    (infinite uses); probably better off selling

Honey Syrup   Buy : 10c
              Sell: 5
              Info: Recover 10 Flower Pts.

Ice Bomb      Buy : 250c
              Sell: 125
              Info: Hit all enemies w/ ice
              Note: Does 125 damage to all enemies

KerokeroCola  Buy : 200 w/ Soprano Card, 150c w/ Marrymore Inn Room Service
              Sell: 200
              Info: All members recover fully
              Note: This also restores FP

Lamb's Lure   Buy : --
              Sell: 1
              Info: Baa, baa...
              Note: Can turn an enemy into a lamb and scare it away;
                    When the flock is full (after 48 uses) this item
                    turns into the Sheep Attack

Lucky Jewel   Buy : 100c
              Sell: 50
              Info: Summons Luck at will
              Note: Play the bonus game after a battle when used

Maple Syrup   Buy : 30c, 15c from Toad
              Sell: 15
              Info: Recovers 40 Flower Pts.

Max Mushroom  Buy : 39c
              Sell: 39
              Info: Recovers all HP

Megalixir     Buy : 90c w/ Tenor Card, 60c w/ Soprano Card
              Sell: 60 
              Info: Party recovers 150 HP

Mid Mushroom  Buy : 20c, 10c from Toad
              Sell: 10
              Info: Recovers 80 HP

Moldy Mush    Buy : --
              Sell: 1
              Info: Gross! There's mold growing on it.

Muku Cookie   Buy : 69c
              Sell: 34
              Info: Muku! Muku-muku! Muka?

Mushroom      Buy : 4c
              Sell: 2
              Info: Recovers 30 HP

Mushroom      Buy : 4c
              Sell: 2
              Info: Recoers 30 HP, but...
              Note: When used in battle, turns user to mushroom;
                    the typo in the INFO is from the game :)

Mystery Egg   Buy : 200c
              Sell: 100
              Info: A product of pure love...
              Note: Equip B'Tub Ring to Toadstool and have her use this
                    10 times.  It'll change to Lamb's Lure

Pick Me Up    Buy : 5c, 10c from Marrymore Inn Room Service, 3c from Toad
              Sell: 2
              Info: Revives downed ally

Power Blast   Buy : 5f
              Sell: 2
              Info: Raises party's Attack Power in battle

Pure Water    Buy : --
              Sell: 75
              Info: Defeats ghosts in a wink

Red Essence   Buy : --
              Sell: 200
              Info: You won't be attacked for 3 turns during battle

Rock Candy    Buy : --
              Sell: 200
              Info: Attack all enemies
              Note: Does 200 damage to all enemies

Rotten Mush   Buy : --
              Sell: 2
              Info: Eeew, it's rotten!

Royal Syrup   Buy : --
              Sell: 50
              Info: Recovers all Flower Pts.

Seed          Buy : --
              Sell: 150
              Info: A fast-growing seed

See Ya        Buy : 10f
              Sell: 5
              Info: Allows you to run away from battles

Sheep Attack  Buy : --
              Sell: 1
              Info: Baah, baah...
              Note: Can turn all the enemies into sheep and scare them away

Shiny Stone   Buy : Fireworks
              Sell: 2
              Info: A pretty stone!

Sleepy Bomb   Buy : 1f
              Sell: 0
              Info: Puts enemies to sleep

Star Egg      Buy : --
              Sell: 1
              Info: Reusable battle item
              Note: Does 100 damage on all enemies; infinite uses; and it
                    dances faster for Toadstool :)

Wallet        Buy : --
              Sell: 123
              Info: A fat wallet

Wilt Shroom   Buy : --
              Sell: 4
              Info: It's wilted...

Yoshi-Ade     Buy : --
              Sell: 100
              Info: Power raised during battle

Yoshi Candy   Buy : --
              Sell: 70
              Info: Recovers 100 HP

Yoshi Cookie  Buy : --
              Sell: 1
              Info: Summons Yoshi during battle

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< S P E C I A L   I T E M S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There are some special items in the game that are used in special
events, or to carry the story along.

Alto Card       A membership card for the Juice Bar
Bambino Bomb    Handle with care!
Beetle Box      It's an insect cage
Big Boo Flag    It's a Big Boo Flag
Castle Key 1    It's a Castle Key
Castle Key 2    It's a Castle Key
Cricket Jam     Delicious jam!
Cricket Pie     A tasty looking pie
DryBonesFlag    It's a Dry Bones' Flag
Elder Key       The key to the Ancestor Hall
Greaper Flag    It's a Greaper Flag
RareFrogCoin    It's a Frog Coin from Frogfucius!
Room Key        The key to the mine room!
Shed Key        The key to the shed in Seaside Town
Soprano Card    A membership card for the Juice Bar
Temple Key      It's a Temple Key
Tenor Card      A membership card for the Juice Bar

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A C C E S S O R I E S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

All accessories will be sold for regular coins.  However, not all
the accessories can be bought for regular coins.  Those that can
are marked with a 'c' after the price.  Accessories that have to
be bought with Frog Coins are marked with a 'f' after the price.
Those that can't be bought are marked with '--'.

Amulet          Buy  : --       Sell : 100      Speed: -5
                Att  : +7       Def  : +7       M.Att: +7
                M.Def: +7       Who  : All
        Description: Great item, bad smell!

Antidote Pin    Buy  : 28c      Sell : 14       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : +2       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +2       Who  : All
        Description: Prevents poison damage

Attack Scarf    Buy  : --       Sell :          Speed:
                Att  : +30      Def  : +30      M.Att: +25
                M.Def: +25      Who  : Mario

B'Tub Ring      Buy  : 145c     Sell : 72       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : Toadstool
        Description: You'll win her heart with this!
        Note: Equip this and have Toadstool use the Mystery Egg 10 times.
              The egg will change into Lamb's Lure.  (After that the ring
              is pretty much useless.)

Coin Trick      Buy  : 36f      Sell : 18       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : Mario
        Description: Doubles the coins you win in battle

Exp. Booster    Buy  : 22f      Sell : 11       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Doubles Exp. when equipped
        Note: You don't have to have the person in your active party for
              this to work...

Fearless Pin    Buy  : 130c     Sell : 65       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : +5       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +5       Who  : All
        Description: Prevents Fear attacks

Feather         Buy  : --       Sell : 333      Speed: +20
                Att  : 0        Def  : +5       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +5       Who  : All
        Description: Speed up by 20

Ghost Medal     Buy  : --       Sell : 800      Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Raises defense while attacking

Jinx Belt       Buy  : --       Sell : 999      Speed: +12
                Att  : +27      Def  : +27      M.Att: 0 
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Jinx's emblem of power!

Jump Shoes      Buy  : 30c      Sell : 15       Speed: +2
                Att  : 0        Def  : +1       M.Att: +5
                M.Def: +1       Who  : Mario
        Description: Use jump attacks against any foe

Quartz Charm    Buy  : --       Sell : 3        Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Shining source of power!

Rare Scarf      Buy  : --       Sell : 75       Speed: 0
                Att  : +15      Def  : 0        M.Att: +15
                M.Def: +15      Who  : All
        Description: Raises defense power!

Safety Badge    Buy  : --       Sell : 250      Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : +5       M.Att: 0 
                M.Def: +5       Who  : All 
        Description: Prevents Mute & Poison attacks

Safety Ring     Buy  : --       Sell : 400      Speed: +5
                Att  : 0        Def  : +5       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +5       Who  : All
        Description: Guards against mortal blows.
        Note: This protects against all status ailments and MANY magic

Scrooge Ring    Buy  : 50f      Sell : 25       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Cuts FP use in half during battle

Signal Ring     Buy  : --       Sell : 300      Speed: +10
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Noise indicates a hidden chest.
        Note: Must be equipped to a member of your active party (the 3
              characters that will be in battles) in order to work.

Troopa Pin      Buy  : --       Sell : 500      Speed: +20
                Att  : 0        Def  : 0        M.Att: 0
                M.Def: 0        Who  : All
        Description: Grants "Troopa" confidence

Trueform Pin    Buy  : 60c      Sell : 30       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : +4       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +4       Who  : All
        Description: You won't be turned into Mushrooms & Scarecrows!

Wake Up Pin     Buy  : 42c      Sell : 21       Speed: 0
                Att  : 0        Def  : +3       M.Att: 0 
                M.Def: +3       Who  : All
        Description: Prevents Mute & Sleep attacks

Zoom Shoes      Buy  : 100c     Sell : 50       Speed: +10
                Att  : 0        Def  : +5       M.Att: 0
                M.Def: +5       Who  : All
        Description: Speed up by 10!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< W E A P O N S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Each character has their own weapons that only they can use.  The
following lists contain each character along with the weapons they
can use.  For each weapon the buying and selling prices are given
('--' for Buy if the weapon is found, not bought), how much the
characters attack power will go up if the weapon is equipped, 
the description (directly from the game), and when to push the
button in order to get a the Timed Attack to work.

  Hammer              Buy : 123     Sell: 61    Attack Up: +0
        Description : A lucky hammer!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the hammer
                      hits its target.  You'll not only get more
                      damage (although it still isn't much), but you'll
                      also get the LUCKY battle special.
  Hammer              Buy : --      Sell: 35    Attack Up: +10
        Description : Pounds enemies
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the hammer
                      hits its target.
  Lazy Shell          Buy : --      Sell: 100   Attack Up: +90
        Description : Toss a shell at an enemy!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mario kicks.
  Masher              Buy : --      Sell: 80    Attack Up: +50
        Description : Makes monster mash!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the hammer
                      hits its target.
  Mega Glove          Buy : 102     Sell: 51    Attack Up: +60
        Description : Packs a mega wallop!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mario punches.
  NokNok Shell        Buy : 20      Sell: 10    Attack Up: +20
        Description : Kick to attack
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mario kicks.
  Punch Glove         Buy : 36      Sell: 18    Attack Up: +30
        Description : Knock out power!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mario punches.
  Super Hammer        Buy : 70      Sell: 35    Attack Up: +40
        Description : The standard for hammers!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the hammer
                      hits its target.
  Troopa Shell        Buy : 90      Sell: 45    Attack Up: +50
        Description : Kick with it!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mario kicks.
  Ultra Hammer        Buy : --      Sell: 57    Attack Up: +70
        Description : The ultimate hammer!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the hammer
                      hits its target.

  Cymbals             Buy : 42      Sell: 21    Attack Up: +30
        Description : Scare enemies with clash
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mallow crashes
                      the cymbals.
  FroggieStick        Buy : --      Sell: 90    Attack Up: +20
        Description : Frogfucius made it
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the stick
                      hits its target.
  Ribbit Stick        Buy : 86      Sell: 43    Attack Up: +50
        Description : It'll come in handy
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the stick
                      hits its target.
  Sonic Cymbal        Buy : --      Sell: 54    Attack Up: +70
        Description : Puts noise to work for you!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mallow crashes
                      the cymbals. 
  Sticky Glove        Buy : 98      Sell: 49    Attack Up: +60
        Description : Launches a punch attack
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before the stick
                      hits its target.
  Whomp Glove         Buy : 72      Sell: 36    Attack Up: +40
        Description : The old double whammie!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Mallow hits.

  Double Shot         Buy : 88      Sell: 44    Attack Up: +35
        Description : A handy double rocket punch
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Geno fires.
  Finger Shot         Buy : 50      Sell: 25    Attack Up: +12
        Description : Fingers shoot bullets
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Geno fires.
  Hand Cannon         Buy : 105     Sell: 52    Attack Up: +45
        Description : Shoots bullets from elbow!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Geno fires.
  Hand Gun            Buy : 75      Sell: 37    Attack Up: +24
        Description : It packs a kick
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Geno fires.
  Star Gun            Buy : --      Sell: 60    Attack Up: +57
        Description : Try shooting stars!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Geno fires.

  Chomp               Buy : --      Sell: 70    Attack Up: +10
        Description : Just spin me at an enemy!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before impact.
  Chomp Shell         Buy : 60      Sell: 30    Attack Up: +9
        Description : It's a Kinklink shell
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before impact.
  Drill Claw          Buy : --      Sell: 59    Attack Up: +40
        Description : A drilling claw!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Bowser attacks.
  Hurly Gloves        Buy : 92      Sell: 46    Attack Up: +20
        Description : A classic Mario-toss attack
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before impact.
  Spiked Link         Buy : 94      Sell: 47    Attack Up: +30
        Description : A studded ball and chain!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before impact.

  Frying Pan          Buy : 300     Sell: 150   Attack Up: +90
        Description : Enough iron to be dangerous!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Toadstool swings.
  Parasol             Buy : 84      Sell: 42    Attack Up: +50
        Description : Inflicts serious pain!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Toadstool swings.
  Slap Glove          Buy : 100     Sell: 50    Attack Up: +40
        Description : It slaps 'em silly
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Toadstool slaps.
  Super Slap          Buy : --      Sell: 55    Attack Up: +70
        Description : The Princess' mega-slap!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Toadstool slaps.
  War Fan             Buy : 100     Sell: 50    Attack Up: +60
        Description : A mysterious battle fan!
        Timed attack: Press the attack button just before Toadstool swings.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A R M O R S >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Like weapons, each character has a type of armor that only they can
use.  In addition, there are 3 armors that anyone can use.

  Fire Shirt    Buy   : 90     Sell: 45    Def Up: +42    Mg.Def: +21
                Description: Determined person's shirt
  Fuzzy Shirt   Buy   : 70     Sell: 35    Def Up: +36    Mg.Def: +18           
                Description: A fuzzy shirt    
  Happy Shirt   Buy   : 38     Sell: 19    Def Up: +24    Mg.Def: +12           
                Description: A lucky shirt    
  Hero Shirt    Buy   : 100    Sell: 50    Def Up: +48    Mg.Def: +24
                Description: A legendary shirt.
  Mega Shirt    Buy   : 22     Sell: 11    Def Up: +18    Mg.Def: +10           
                Description: Durable stay-pressed shirt  
  Sailor Shirt  Buy   : 50     Sell: 25    Def Up: +30    Mg.Def: +15           
                Description: A sailor's suit
  Shirt         Buy   : 7      Sell: 3     Def Up: +6     Mg.Def: +6            
                Description: It's a shirt!
  Thick Shirt   Buy   : 14     Sell: 7     Def Up: +12    Mg.Def: +8            
                Description: A padded shirt

  Fire Pants    Buy   : 90     Sell: 45    Def Up: +42    Mg.Def: +21
                Description: Determined person's pants
  Fuzzy Pants   Buy   : 70     Sell: 35    Def Up: +36    Mg.Def: +18           
                Description: Fuzzy pants
  Happy Pants   Buy   : 38     Sell: 19    Def Up: +24    Mg.Def: +12           
                Description: A lucky pair of pants
  Mega Pants    Buy   : 22     Sell: 11    Def Up: +18    Mg.Def: +9            
                Description: Durable work pants
  Pants         Buy   : 7      Sell: 3     Def Up: +6     Mg.Def: +3            
                Description: It's a pair of pants!
  Prince Pants  Buy   : 100    Sell: 50    Def Up: +48    Mg.Def: +24
                Description: Legendary pants!
  Sailor Pants  Buy   : 50     Sell: 25    Def Up: +30    Mg.Def: +15           
                Description: A sailor's pants
  Thick Pants   Buy   : 14     Sell: 7     Def Up: +12    Mg.Def: +6            
                Description: Padded pants

GENO'S ARMOR---------
  Fire Cape     Buy   : 90     Sell: 45    Def Up: +30    Mg.Def: +15
                Description: Determined person's cape
  Fuzzy Cape    Buy   : 70     Sell: 35    Def Up: +24    Mg.Def: +12
                Description: A fuzzy cape
  Happy Cape    Buy   : 38     Sell: 19    Def Up: +12    Mg.Def: +6            
                Description: A lucky cape
  Mega Cape     Buy   : 22     Sell: 11    Def Up: +6     Mg.Def: +3            
                Description: Durable pressed cape
  Sailor Cape   Buy   : 50     Sell: 25    Def Up: +18    Mg.Def: +9            
                Description: A sailor's cape
  Star Cape     Buy   : 100    Sell: 50    Def Up: +36    Mg.Def: +18
                Description: A legendary cape.

  CourageShell  Buy   : 60     Sell: 30    Def Up: +12    Mg.Def: +6            
                Description: A stout shell
  Fire Shell    Buy   : 90     Sell: 45    Def Up: +18    Mg.Def: +9
                Description: Determined person's shell
  Happy Shell   Buy   : 38     Sell: 19    Def Up: +6     Mg.Def: +3            
                Description: A lucky shell
  Heal Shell    Buy   : 100    Sell: 50    Def Up: +24    Mg.Def: +12
                Description: A legendary shell.

  Fire Dress    Buy   : 90     Sell: 45    Def Up: +42    Mg.Def: +21
                Description: Determined woman's dress
  Fuzzy Dress   Buy   : 70     Sell: 35    Def Up: +36    Mg.Def: +18           
                Description: A fuzzy dress
  NauticaDress  Buy   : 50     Sell: 25    Def Up: +30    Mg.Def: +15           
                Description: A female sailor's dress
  Polka Dress   Buy   : --     Sell: 80    Def Up: +24    Mg.Def: +12           
                Description: A flashy dress
  Royal Dress   Buy   : 100    Sell: 50    Def Up: +48    Mg.Def: +24
                Description: A legendary dress!

  Lazy Shell    Buy   : --     Sell: 111   Def Up: +127   Mg.Def: +127
                Description: A stout and durable shell.
                Additional Effects: Speed -50, Attack -50, Mg.Attack -50
  Work Pants    Buy   : 22     Sell: 11    Def Up: +15    Mg.Def: +5            
                Description: Sweaty work pants!
                Additional Effects: Speed +5, Attack +10, Mg. Attack +10
  Super Jacket  Buy   : --     Sell:       Def Up:        Mg.Def:
                Additional Effects:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< T R I V I A   Q U E S T I O N S >>>>>>>>>>>>>

These are some (if not all) of the questions (and the answers) that
you may see during one of the puzzle rooms of Bowser's Keep.

1. The boy getting his picture taken at Marrymore can't wait 'til
   which season?
        A: Skiing
2. What technique does Bowser learn at Level 15?
        A: Crusher
3. What is the name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
        A: Johnny
4. What is Hinopio in charge of at the middle counter?
        A: The inn
5. Who helped you up the cliff at Land's End?
        A: Sky Troopas
6. What does the Red Essence do?
        A: Gives you strength
7. What does Belome really like to turn people into?
        A: Scarecrows
8. What is the 4th selection on the Menu screen?
        A: Equip
9. What did Carroboscis turn into?
        A: A carrot
10. Who is the leader of the Axem Rangers?
        A: Red
11. Which monster does not appear in Booster Tower?
        A: Terrapin
12. What color are the curtains in Mario's house?
        A: Blue
13. Johnny loves WHICH beverage?...
        A: Currant juice
14. What's the full name of the boss at the Sunken Ship?
        A: Jonathan Jones
15. What's the password in the Sunken Ship?
        A: Pearls
16. What was Toadstool doing when she was kidnapped by Bowser?
        A: She was looking at flowers
17. What's the first monster you see in the Pipe Vault?
        A: Sparky
18. How many legs does Wiggler have?
        A: 6
19. Where was the 1st Star Piece found?
        A: Mushroom Kingdom
20. The man getting his picture taken at Marrymore hates what?
        A: Getting his picture taken
21. In the Moleville blues, it's said that moles are covered in what?
        A: Soil
22. Who is the ultimate enemy in this adventure?
        A: Smithy
23. Who is the famous sculptor in Nimbus Land?
        A: Garro
24. Booster is what generation?
        A: 7th
25. Where was the 3rd Star Piece found?
        A: Moleville
26. How long have the couple inside the chapel been waiting for their
        A: 30 minutes
27. What words does Shy Away use when he sings?
        A: La dee dah~
28. What color is the end of Dodo's beak?
        A: Red
29. The boy at the inn in Mushroom Kingdom was playing with ... What?
        A: Game Boy
30. Who is the famous composer at Tadpole Pond?
        A: Toadofsky
31. What's the chef's name at Marrymore?
        A: Torte
32. What does Birdo come out of?
        A: An eggshell
33. How much...does a female beetle cost?
        A: 1 coin
34. How many underlings does Croco have?
        A: 3
35. What's the name of Jagger's "sensei"?
        A: Jinx
36. What was Mallow asked to get for Frogfucius?
        A: Cricket Pie
37. Mite is Dyna's...WHAT?
        A: Little brother
38. Yaridovich is what?
        A: A boss
39. What do Culex, Goomba, and Jinx all have in common?
       A: They live in Monstro Town
40. What is Hinopio in charge of at the middle counter?
       A: The inn

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< M I S C E L L A N E O U S   T I P S >>>>>>>>>>

  The best way to win multiple times is to only get the number of Goombas
  required (no more, no less).  When you get the needed number, stop
  and let the time run out.  This will keep the number needed to win
  the next time to a minimum.

  The way to get points in the one million range is... not to shoot!  Go to
  the left edge (where you can go halfway off screen) and wait until you get
  hit by a shell, and recover.  Try not to shoot at all.  If you do, just
  wait.  The trick is to create a chain reaction among the shells.  You can
  get up to 9999 points PER SHELL.  If a heart comes onscreen, you should
  try to get it, it makes recovering a little easier (I think).  As said
  before, my high score is 49458833.  I'm very proud of it.

- TO GET 30 OR 100 SUPER JUMPS (According to Nintendo)
  "You have to practice the timing. The timing does
  change at certain points, so you need to pay close
  attention to Mario's feet. Usually, the timing changes
  around the 16th through 17th jump and again around
  the 22nd through 23rd jump. This is very, very difficult
  to do. Keep trying!"

- In a tough boss fight, it's good to have Geno around since he can
  boost your characters.  Make sure you boost again when the character
  dies and when Shredder is cast on your party.

- Dry Bones (and similar enemies like Vomer) can only be killed by a
  magic attack.  Your weakest one (like Jump or Thunderbolt) will do.
  You could also use Pure Water, but... you can sell the Pure Water for
  some quick cash.

- Remember to go back to wherever you fight a monster in a chest (like
  Hidon, Box Boy, etc.) since the chest later turns into a real chest
  with coins or other items for you.

- When standing on Donut blocks, you can just jump all the time to keep
  the blocks from falling.  If you keep jumping, the block will never fall.

- You can get KerokeroColas from the Marrymore Inn's room service in the
  suite for only 150 coins, but it's better to buy them at Tadpole Pond
  for the normal price because of the Inn's 200 entrance charge (and the
  10 coin tip each time you call the bellhop).

- One way to quickly level up is to save before entering a situation where
  you get a lot of experience, get the experience, die without saving, then
  repeating the procedure.  (This works since when you die you keep any
  experience you collected before you died.)  A VERY good place to do this
  is when you go to the underground section of Land's End for the first time
  (when you haven't reached Monstro Town yet).  Save just after the whirlpool
  thing, get the chest with the star, kill everyone, buy another star for 400
  coins, kill everyone, let Belome kill you, and do the whole thing over
  (and over) again!  You can also repeat boss fights with this method!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< O T H E R   S T U F F >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Originally, I was planning on making a separate file that contained a list
of all the monsters and their stats.  Well... that may not happen now.  It
seems that one has already been created.  I have read Strider's Monster
Chart and it seems to be complete (maybe).  Because of this, I may not try
to make my own list.  I refer you to this chart - the file name is

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