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FAQ/Walkthrough by marshmallow

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/09/99

Some great artwork from my second-hand man, Adam Cooley 

      __  __    __    ____  ____  _____    ____  ____   ___ 
     (  \/  )  /__\  (  _ \(_  _)(  _  )  (  _ \(  _ \ / __)
      )    (  /(__)\  )   / _)(_  )(_)(    )   / )___/( (_-.
     (_/\/\_)(__)(__)(_)\_)(____)(_____)  (_)\_)(__)   \___/

                    LEGEND OF THE SEVEN STARS

                            Author: marshmallow
                       E-mail Address: m_mallow@hotmail.com
                             Version 1.0
              *Voted Funniest Walkthrough Ever Written By Me*

   I know this game is old, I know no one on the planet will need or use 
this FAQ in terms of helping them beat the game, I know no one will even 
read this, I know this is absolutely pointless, I know I've said the 
words `I know' too many times, I know I have used more commas than I 
should be...what was I talking about? Oh yeah -- the reason why I wrote 
this. Actually, I have no idea. Blame it on boredom, or maybe because 
it's an RPG...it's funny...and <GASP> it has Mario characters! I think 
it's the first reason myself, but oh well.

Don't worry, for the enemies, I will not present boring, boring charts 
that no one uses (even when the game was brand new), and I won't show 
you all the stats of armor and things like that, just a normal, down to 
earth walkthrough/FAQ. Think you can handle that? Good.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
Version 1.0

Revision History:

May 9th, 1999 - Do you know why this is version 1.0? Because it's 
complete! Because it has everything! 

And because I said so, of course.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - 
1)  Disclaimer
2)  Characters
3)  Walkthrough
4)  Psychopath List
5)  Secret Treasure Chest List
6)  Yoshi Cookie Transformations
4) Credits
5) Legal Mumbo Jumbo
6) Final Notes/Farewell

1) Disclaimer

When people do FAQs for RPGS, things get horribly ugly. They make charts 
on things that people just don't care about. Honestly, who cares what 
armor X can do when accessory y is attached, and you add a watermelon, 
divided by the square root of 9?

OK, so I stretched the truth a little there. Anyways, I'm afraid to say 
I won't be doing any charts on accessories/armor/weapons and things like 

For any information on Secret Chests, Psychopath readings, Dr. Topper's 
answers, etc., see any other FAQ. 

2) Characters

Note: Any rumors you hear on any secret characters (Bush, Luigi, Yoshi 
etc.) are entirely false, the only characters you can find in the entire 
game are: Mario (no, really?), Mallow, Geno, Princess Toadstool, and 
Bowser. And Pamela Lee, who has a wide variety of skills...er...sorry, 
my (offensive) attempt at humor.

If you don't know at what level you need to get the specials, check the 
"special" area under the pause menu, as well for the timed-hits, which 
everyone should know (since Toad teaches you!). 

                           - - - MARIO - - -

You know, *super* (pronounced "super-aaa" as in Mario 64) Mario! 
Everyone's favorite, plump plumber returns yet again to deal some 
bruises to the baddies (...I don't believe I just said that, I sounded 
like a Nintendo Power writer). Overall, he's the best character you will 
have in the game, especially in the offensive area. He will ALWAYS be in 
your party, you can not `put him on the bench', sort to speak.

Magic Attacks: 

Jump (FP: 3) - Mario's patented jump does minimal damage, even when   
               timed, but is useful at the start of the game. 

Fire Orb (FP: 5) - This time around you don't need a fire flower, but 
                   you will need five flower points. Mario will spray a  
                   baddy with flames, leaving them charred and burnt. I       
                   like it well-done myself...

Super Jump (FP: 7) - When timed, Mario will jump over and over, causing  
                     major damage to the unlucky victim. However, the  
                     longer you do this the more difficult it gets to do  
                     again. My highest total is 57 and, according to  
                     Nintendo, "you can jump for an infinite amount of  
                     time." After saying that, the Nintendo  
                     representative slipped off into the nearby exit  
                     before any questions could be asked.

Super Flame (FP: 9) - This will leave any would-be enemies burnt to a  
                      crisp. Mmm...pass the ketchup! 

Ultra Jump (FP: 11) - If you ask me, this is just a waste of cartridge  
                      space (however little it may be). Basically, Mario  
                      randomly jumps on any creatures and...that's it,  

Ultra Flame (FP: 14) - What, you're surprised? The same as the Ultra  
                       Jump, except it's fire...<yawn>

                          - - - MALLOW - - -

No, no, my name has nothing to do with this odd character. And for those 
of you asking if my personality is like his -- you are correct. 
Everytime I am depressed, rain falls from the sky, and when I do magical 
attacks I jump out of my pants and flash the enemies (am I the only one 
to catch that?). Anyways, that last paragraph was entirely sarcastic, 
for those of you wondering.

Mmmm...when I see Mallow, I get hungry for some reason...

Magic Attacks:

Thunderbolt (FP: 2) - Until Bowser comes along, this is the only way to  
                      attack multiple foes at once. Powerful, especially  
                      when timed. Like noted above, look at his  
                      animation, he jumps out of his pants (where are  
                      his legs?). Sickening! (for most people, at least)

HP Rain (FP: 2) - HP Rain will heal one opponent, and is useful at first  
                  because it heals more than a regular Mushroom. The  
                  amount of HP replenished depends on the Magic Defense  
                  your character has.

Psychopath (FP: 1) - Interesting choice of name, don't you think?  
                     Anyways, this spell (which costs diddily squat)  
                     will show you the amount of HP the selected enemy  
                     has left. And, as a cool, cool bonus, if you time  
                     it, you can read the enemy's mind...

Shocker (FP: 8) - Harming a single foe, a giant thunderbolt will come  
                  down from the sky and shock them. Devastating when   
                  used against creatures who are weak against  

Snowy (FP: 12) - A rather long spell, Snowy affects all creatures on the  
                 screen. After a blizzard, a giant snowman will fall on  
                 the battlefield, then explode in a snowy mess. Use  
                 against fiery opponents for MAJOR HP lose!

Star Rain (FP: 14) - A titanic, cute star will fall and crush all  
                     opponents. If you can get a timed hit, it will  
                     bounce over and over, but it's a lot more difficult  
                     to pull off than Mario's Super Jump. The most I've  
                     ever been able to get has been around a dozen...

                          - - - GENO - - -

In my opinion, this is the best character in the game. I always keep him 
in my party, except in certain situations in which a weaker character is 
needed (you'll see soon...possibly). Geno has very powerful offensive 
moves, but he will have weak defense when you first acquire him.

Magic Attacks:

Geno Beam (FP: 3) - Like all aliens, Geno packs his own laser gun. A  
                    blue flash, that looks quite good considering this  
                    game is three years old, will strike an  
                    opponent. Good when you first get him, but becomes  
                    useless as you earn more powerful main attacks.

Geno Boots (FP: 4) - Raises a characters offensive power by 50%, for a  
                     limited amount of time of course. When timed, it  
                     raises BOTH defense and offense. Pretty good deal,  

Geno Whirl (FP: 8) - Slice an enemy with an energy knife! When timed, it  
                     will cause 9,999 HP of damage. Yes, you read that  
                     correctly, 9,999 points of damage. Of course, major  
                     baddies and bosses are immune to it.

Geno Blast (FP: 12) - A lasershow! Whoohoo! Attacks all enemies on the  
                      screen. Pretty powerful, and useful...

Geno Flash (FP: 16) - It's official, all of the magic attacks belonging  
                      to this character begins with his name. This is  
                      one of the most impressive, and powerful, attacks  
                      in the game. It attacks all foes and will leave  
                      them dead, or very close to it. 

                      - - - BOWSER - - -  

Bowser, King of the Koopas, keeper of evil, and as it turns out, your 
ally! Yes, it seems odd, but in this game, Bowser is strangely 
sarcastic, witty, funny, and even a bit idiotic (which is why he's 
hilarious). As a fighter, he's OK, but I think Geno is better. The 
majority of people seem to think he's better...but if you want to use 
Bowser, go ahead, I'm not going to stop you. Even though you'll be stuck 
with horrible magic attacks...haha!

Magic Attacks:

Terrorize (FP: 6) - A giant Boo Buddie will come out frighten the  
                    enemies. Very, very weak...

Poison Gas (FP: 10) - Basically, a green gas cloud comes out and poisons  
                      all enemies. It won't do much damage at first, but  
                      as the battle wears on they will cough up more and  
                      more HP per hit.

Crusher (FP: 12) - A huge slab of rock comes from under an enemy; causes   
                   adequate damage.

Bowser Crush (FP: 16) - A gigantic, green Meca-Koopa comes out of no  
                        where and stomps all creatures. Again, it does  
                        very little damage, unless you power up his  
                        magic-attacks a ton.

                   - - - PRINCESS TOADSTOOL - - - 

Peach, Toadstool -- same thing right? Well, it better be! Anyways, 
Toadstool is a very welcome addition to your party because of her 
amazing magic. Although her physical attacks wreak little damage (until 
later in the game), her healing powers are amazing. Equip her with 
accessories and armor that max out her defense capabilities and you will 
be nearly unstoppable, especially if you use her with Mario and Geno.

Magic Attacks:

Note: Unlike other characters, Princess Toadstool will start with two 
magic attacks (Therapy and Group Hug).

Therapy (FP: 2) - Will heal a single character and cure any ailments.  
                  The amount of HP restored depends on your Magic  

Group Hug (FP: 4) - Hell, forget everything else, this is where it's at!  
                    Group Hug will heal ALL allies on the battlefield  
                    and cure any bad magic that may have been put on  
                    them (which includes the Princess herself). Again,  
                    the amount restored depends on your Magic Defense.  

Sleepy Time (FP: 4) - A sheep will fall on the enemy's head and put them  
                      to bed, if you get my drift. Sleeping enemies will  
                      not attack, but will awake when you hit them, and  
                      the effect will eventually wear off.

Come Back (FP: 2) - Wow, only 2FP?! A beautiful cinema will show a star  
                    fall into someone's dead body and bring them back to  
                    life with half life. However, if you make a timed  
                    hit (before the star hits the body, it seems the  
                    game kinda skipped that...) the character will come  
                    back with FULL health. Although this will make your  
                    party nearly unbeatable, you should always keep a  
                    few Pick-me Ups just in-case the Princess herself   
                    gets bopped.

Mute (FP: 3) - Will mute an enemy, physical attacks only, no magic.  
               Wears off after a bit.

Psyche Bomb (FP: 15) - For the amount of Flower Points, you would think  
                       that this attack would be extremely powerful,  
                       right? Wrong! Unless her magic capabilities are   
                       way up there, don't expect to get off that much  

3) Walkthrough

Note: This is the way I usually do things, and points out all of the 
secrets (The "Oddball Section" is just odd things that will not help you 
beat the game, or get coins, etc.). Also note that I will point out 
Flower Points, but not from secret chests...I will also give tips on 
what your levels should be. Really, I don't think anyone will use this 
to beat the game, but still, I have to put this notice. I also put Boss 
stragedies here, because it's easier for me. 

Also, watch out, as I might actually go into detail. Some other FAQs 
I've seen sum up an entire star in about five paragraphs...sad. Another 
note, this is probably the funniest Walkthrough I've ever written!

And, on with the show!

                         FIRST STAR OF WISHES

             F I R S T    S T A R    O F    W I S H E S 

Ah, Princess Peach was visiting Mario. She was having fun in the garden 
when <gasp>...Bowser kidnapped her. "What an original idea to start off 
an RPG with Mario characters" says I. Don't worry, it gets more 
interesting :)

                      - - - BOWSER'S KEEP - - -

No Pause:
In this level, you can not pause or view your stats, so don't even try.

Idiotic Turtles:
In the second room, ignore the Terrapins as you will receive no Exp. or 
items. However, you will be forced to fight a group because they will 
spot you. Doesn't matter, though, because each hit from them will only 
cause one point of damage and you can kill one with a single hit (even 
if it's not timed).

Falling Bridge:
In the third room, as you are about to exit, the bridge will fall, 
destroying your only exit. However, the next room will see you fight 
Bowser on a chandelier! Not only that, but Princess Toadstool is hanging 
over the cliff on a thin wire!

BOSS: King Bowser                                   HP: 300
      Kinklink                                          80

Bowser will throw jibes almost everytime you attack, but don't let him 
hurt your feelings, he's a nice guy. Er, anyways, you can attack Bowser 
but he will eventually stop taking any damage at all. Instead, attack 
Kinklink, the chain chomp holding his chandelier above the pit. 

Exp: 0              Items: None                     Coins: 0

After an interesting cinema, a giant Sword will fall from the sky and 
slam into Bowser's Keep, sending our three characters into all kinds of 

                       - - - MARIO'S PAD - - - 

Oddly, in a twisted kind of way, Mario landed in his house after being 
tossed from Bower's Keep. Well, here comes Toad (or, as I like to call 
him, The Annoying One) to explain every damn thing in the entire game. 

Talk to Toad:
Found outside, Toad will tell you to go to Bowser's Keep...and you 
should! If you don't talk to Toad, you won't be able to go anywhere on 
the Overworld Map. Of course, if you want to, you can walk around in 
circles for hours at a time. But, if you want to, talk to Toad and then 
go to Bowser's Keep.

What is it now, Toad?:
If you attempt to leave, Toad will point out that you should save by 
jumping on the Save Block and will explain how to do it. You can also 
talk to him about sleeping and gaining HP...if you want to. Anyways, you 
can leave now, but only for a bit.

                           - - - BOWSER'S KEEP - - - 

This Will Make Clinton Jealous:
As you walk up the bridge, a cinema will occur, showing a titanic sword 
wedged deeply into the castle. Booming to all, he claims that he is part 
of the Smithy Clan, and vows to rule the world!! He then makes an 
earthquake that shatters the bridge, cutting off any access to Bowser's 
Keep...so you return to your pad. <girly voice> Like, totally, man. 
<different voice> You go girl!!

Note to self: Take pills as prescribed by doctor

Note to self: Do not make notes or people will get pissed

Note to self: Scratch that last one

                           - - - MARIO'S PAD - - -  

Toad Go Bye Bye:
Apparently, Toad likes to stay inside than in the beautiful sun 
(explains his name, doesn't it?). So, go inside your house and talk to 
Toad. You will get your first example of Mario's, um, "acting." Funny 
stuff! He runs off and tells you to meet him in the Mushroom Kingdom.

1HP of Damage? That's Pathetic:
As you are about to leave, Toad will come back and "oops! I've bumped 
your head, causing 1HP of damage!" He will give you a Mushroom, then ask 
you if you want instructions on how to use it. If you say yes then you 
will waste it, but if you say no you will be allowed to keep it (ok, so 
it's never a "yes" or "no" answer, but close enough)

When Toad attempts to think, a Goomba bumps you. He then asks you about 
timed hits, or more accurately, if you know what they are. Say no and 
you will fight as he explains, but no exp. or items will be gained. Say 
you do, and well, nothing happens. Except Toad threatens the Goomba! Bad 
Toad, bad!

Note to self: Shut up

More `Shrooms:
After all of this, Toad will give you three Mushrooms "just for luck." 
He also tells you to go see the Chancellor of the Mushroom Kingdom.

                           - - - MUSHROOM WAY - - -

To Save or to Sit Back and Laugh?:
Heh, it seems that poor Toad is being held captive by some Goombas. Bust 
their faces and Toad will reward you with a Honey Syrup.

Treasure Chests:
Hit these chests for some coins. Duh!

Flowers Go Boom:
Err...something. Stand on the flowers and jump to reach the tall rocks.

Of Rocks and Mocks:
One of the rocks has a treasure chest with a Flower Tab, the second rock 
has a Goomba, and the third rock has poor Toad being killed by a Koopa. 
Save him for a Flower Tab.
Infinite Annoyances:
In the third screen, if you time it right, the Lakitu will put down 
infinite Spikeys for you to fight.

A Battle of Patience:
This is why I am not a real gigantic fan of RPGs like some people, you 
have to fight battles over and over and over...But, when I think about 
it, it really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm playing this, 
it's usually very patient, so I could spend HOURS fighting, gaining Exp. 
Well, anyways, if I were you, I would clear out all of the enemies in 
the first two sections until you're about to level 4, then start to 
fight the Spinies in the third section. Don't worry, doing this takes 
about eight clearings, and only takes about a half-an-hour (though it 
seems longer). When you're about six points away from level 6... 

BOSS: Hammer Brother x2                                  HP: 50

You really shouldn't have that much trouble...Their only attack is 
"Hammer Time", which might cause around 4HP of damage if you're at Level 
4 or so (or little to none if you're at 5, like I usually am, then get 
leveled up to 6 after this fight). Anyways, after one is killed, the 
other will "valor up", which increases his defense by about half. Still, 
shouldn't be too hard.

Exp: 6                 Items: Flower Jar, Hammer              Coins: 20

Toad will hand over the Hammer (equip it to be more powerful...duh) and 
then scamper to the Mushroom Kingdom. Well, follow him!

                   - - - THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - - - 

Talk to People:
Naturally, talk to everyone in the town. Why? `Cuz...it's interesting. 
You should do this whenever you enter a new town.

Might Wanna Save:
If you wish to get the first Secret Chest of the game (see the section), 
you might want to save before attempting because you only get ONE chance 
at it, so if you mess up you can reset and try again.

Into the Castle:
The Castle is infront of where you enter, so you might want 
to...um...enter it. Toad will escort you to the Chancellor's Room, where 
you will discuss everything. He'll also give you the Map, which allows 
you to view the entire world...of course, it's practically useless. 
He'll also give you permission to go into the vault.

The Magical Vault:
Inside the vault, the vault-keeper will give you three chests (10 Coins, 
1 Flower Tab, and Green Mushroom -- restores FP and HP). 

Princess's Secret Stash of Porno:
In the Princess's room, inspect the blue chair (A button) and the maid 
will come over and tell you to "leave everything alone", and give you a 
Mushroom as long as you won't "spy into other people's rooms." Hmmm...

The Victim is Always Idiotic:
one of the guys in this town has lost his wallet, this will be of 
importance in a little while.

Stereotyping Goes Bad:
As you exit the castle, a big puff of marshmallow will be chasing a 
purple Croc who talks like a mobster, and it's all whacky. The little 
puffball starts to cry when he can't catch him. When you talk to him, he 
introduces himself as Mallow, and tells you how Croco stole his Green 
Frog Coin he would use to buy something for his Grandpa. <gasp> He joins 
your party as long as you promise to help (Hehe, say no over and over 
again for something funny). Also, you need to jump when the guy says 
"how are you going to take care of Bowser?"

The Customer is Always Wrong:
After getting Mallow, head to the shop. He will give you a free Pick-Me 
Up. Sell all of your Mushrooms except a few (you should have a ton, like 
around 15 or 16 from all of those battles). Buy an Antidote Pin for 
Mallow (because he has lousy defense) and a few Able Juices...that 
should be enough. Don't forget the armor, too.

What's Sleep Again?:
In the Inn, you can pay money to have all of your HP and FP replenished 
(i.e. sleeping). As you progress in your adventure, the prices at Inns 
will get higher and higher, but you can always return to Mario's Pad to 
get a free snooze (if you're that desperate). And, there's always a Save 
Block inside each Inn.

After visiting the shop, talk to the guard who is hopping up and down to 
view a cinema of Croco running really fast. Follow him!

                     - - - BANDIT'S WAY - - -

Mobster Wannabe:
Croco, who looks odd with no hands, will constantly run away from you 
(not after throwing an insult at you, of course). 

Stop to Smell the Roses: 
In the area where he stands on the platform and says "Now's not the 
time", use them to get the Invincibility Star and get some easy exp. 
Then, use the platforms to get the Flower Tab in the floating chest.

Enee, meeni, min-e mo, Pick A Booger from a Tiger's Toe?:
I'm...sorry, I'm completely illiterate. Anyways, you have to "catch" 
Croco three times in the very last area. If you can't do this, just stop 
playing the game right now so you won't suffer later in the game.

BOSS: Croco                                                HP: 320

First things first, use Mario's Fire Orb, this will stun Croco. Then use 
Mallow's Thunderbolt, it will put Croco into a "tail fire", whatever 
that may be. So, basically, Mario gets a free turn. Mario's Fire Orb 
should be doing a lot of damage, so just use Mallow to replenish your FP 
with some Honey Syrups. Also, you might have Mario's Super Jump (gained 
at level 6 - most FAQs I see say you should only be at Level 2 or 3 
right now, but I like to start early :)) to get 30 or 100 jumps. When 
Croco is almost dead, he will use a "Weird Mushroom" to add 60HP 
(explains above). Just watch Mallow, he is weak, and Croco can cause 
some major damage to him if you don't watch out.

Exp: 8     Items: Flower Tab, Wallet, SpecialFrogCoin         Coins: 10

A springboard will come down, so jump on it. VOILA! You're back at the 
start, so back to...

                     - - - THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - - - 

I Didn't Do It! You Can't Prove It! You Don't Have Anything On Me!:
Don't worry, I'll try not to make the titles that long anymore. So, it 
appears that a dark cloud has covered this peaceful city, and Shypers 
are everywhere, terrorizing helpless citizens. Yeah, baby!

Sweet, Sweet Exp:
Most of the Shypers here will lead to a fight with two of them, which if 
you win gives you 3 Exp. In the castle, however, most of them lead to a 
fight with three, which gives you 5 Exp (!), so you might want to check 
that out and maybe level up Mallow's magic attack...

Gimme Gimme!:
You can get all sorts of things here...By saving the guard, you will get 
10 coins. Save the nearby blue headed man and talk to him, he will ask 
you for his Wallet back, and if you say yes, he will reward you with a 
Flower Tab. Next, save the house by killing all the Shypers inside (all 
three of them) and the family will give you another Tab...Of the Flower 
variety, of course. 

Last Stop:
Before going into the castle, you may want to buy a few things at the 
shop, and maybe sleep at the Inn (do it even if you don't have to, it's 

Save the Weasel:
As soon as you enter the castle, you will see Toad being chased by some 
Shypers -- save him and then follow him. Save him two more times and you 
will be in the Princess' room. If you say everything will be OK, you'll 
get a Flower Tab from the Princess' Secret Stash of Porno. 

Nice Nurse:
The maid in here, when talked to, will heal all of your FP and HP. You 
can also save at the Save Box!

More Weasels:
Return to the main hall and go into the other passage, save the Maid 
(you'll get tons of Exp from the Shypers). Since the Vault Guard is 
away, you can raid the treasure vault again. Go into the guest room and 
you'll find the Vault Guard, talk to him and you'll get the Wake Up Pin, 
give it to Mario. Hehe, speak to him again. :)

Battles, Battles, and More Battles:
Make your way to the main chamber (where the Chancellor is), fighting 
the Shypers for easy Exp. In the main chamber, view the odd cinema 

BOSS: Mack                                                     HP: 480
      Bodyguard x4                                                 30

If you're powered up, this fight will be simple! Mack will be stunned 
the first time you use Thunderbolt, and he coughs up tons of HP when you 
use Mario's Super Jump (or Fire Orb, if you don't have Super Jump). Have 
Mallow heal when needed, and keep fighting. You should be able to take 
care of the entire fleet of Bodyguard's with a single Thunderbolt, 
that's how powerful you should be. Be careful, though, because the 
Bodyguards will come back after a few turns. 

Exp: 12              Item: First Star (Lightblue)              Coins: 20

After his defeat, you get your first Star (Lightblue)...which you will 
learn more about, but that's later, after you get the SECOND Star. 

Of Coins and Pies:
Return to the shop and trade your RareFrogCoin for the Cricket Pie, 
you'll need this to get Mallow's first weapon. Now, Mallow suggests you 
seek his grandpa for help, but you need to pass an area to get there. 

                       SECOND STAR OF WISHES

             S E C O N D   S T A R   O F   W I S H E S 

                        - - - KERO SEWERS - - - 

Pipes? In a Mario Game? Pssh!:
Yes, this place is filled with pipes. I won't give you specific 
directions on how to beat the level because 1) It's easy and 2) It's 
more fun to explore, but I will point as things you can find, just so 
you don't forget anything.

Stars of a Different Kind:
In this room, the second Super Star of the game awaits, and you will be 
able to knock out a few enemies before it wears out.

Pandorite? Pandora? Ohoho, That's a Good One!:
Well, it is. In this chest, you will fight Pandorite, the first in a 
long line of "box monsters." If you're good at the Super Jump, it's 
possible to kill him in ONE turn. Don't even try fire, he's immune to 
it. When destroyed, you're receive the Trueform Pin -- give this to 

A Penny Earned is a Penny Saved, and You Can't Buy Squat With a Penny:
After killing the Pandorite, exit and then come back, it will be a 
normal chest filled with tons of coins.

Nice Chest:
When going up the mice-infested corridors, look for this chest, it has a 
Flower Tab inside.

Water Go Up, Water Go Down, Water go Up, Water Go Down...:
There is a switch which will lower the water, it's near a bunch of Boo 
Buddies, when you jump on it the water will fall, allowing you to go to 
a previously unreachable area.

Fight `Till Ya Drop:
Clear out this entire area about twice, it will give you a lot of 
valuable Exp. 

At the end of this place is a Save Box and a chest with a Green 
Mushroom. Also...

BOSS: Belome                                                     HP: 500

These first few bosses are pretty weak, huh? Well, unless you haven't 
been building your levels, then they're nearly impossible. Anyways, 
Belome is a four eyed dog with a huge tongue, and like all dogs with 
four eyes, he is extremely vulnerable to thunder! He also doesn't like 
Mario's Super Jump, either. After a bit, he will swallow Mallow, then 
use "S'crow Funk" on Mario, which will change him into a Scarecrow 
(unless you equipped him with a Trueform Pin like I told you to!). Keep 
fighting and Mallow will come back up, and Belome will be gone.

Exp: 15                 Item: None                            Coins: 40

View the somewhat funny cinema, as our heroes will be swept along with 
the water and end up at...

                         - - - MIDAS FALLS - - - 

This is in the mini-game section, so go look there. Let me just tell you 
now, you can get two Flower Tabs and a few Frog Coins here. 

Thank You Mister:
When done with the game, the guy here will give you a special discount - 
60 coins for one Frog Coin! Then he will hand over the Nok Nok Shell, 
"just for luck." This is Mario's new weapon, it is a lot more powerful 
than the Hammer. Save at the Save Block and exit...

                         - - - TADPOLE POND - - - 

Very Long Cinema...ZZZ:
Walk forward to view a very long cinema, which is kinda boring if you've 
seen it before <yawn>. In a nutshell, Smithy is an alien, the Stars you 
find are vital to your quest, and Mallow is <GASP>...not a Tadpole. Who 
would've thought?! 

Note: That's called sarcasm, of course, everyone knew he wasn't a 

For God's Sake...How Do You Make It STOP!?:
To end this sappy "sad" music, give Frogfucius the Cricket Pie from the 
Mushroom Kingdom (you did get that, right? If not, go back and talk to 
the shop owner). He'll be so happy, he'll fork over the Froggie Stick, 
Mallow's first weapon (about time!). The idiotic music will stop, as 

Stop Staring at My Wallet:
Two shop-owners will explain many things, including Frog Coins. What's 
the deal with Frog Coins? Well, they're shiny, they're green, and of 
course, they have a frog on them. But besides that, you can use them to 
buy extremely rare (and helpful) items, and one of these stores only 
accepts them. The other, the Juice Bar, will sell you items that heal 
the entire party, which is quite useful since you won't get Princess 
Toadstool for awhile. As you get Music Cards (see below), the prices 
become lower and the items better.

Yes, cards. In the area where Toadofsky (try to say that three times 
fast) lives is a swimming pool, with lines forming a staff. By playing a 
song hidden in the game, you get cards to use at the Juice Bar (see 
above). You can play a song right away, it's Frogfucius' Suite # 18. 
It's learned from the tadpole outside of the pool, or by inspecting the 
piece of paper behind Frogfucius. Since 90% of all people (including me) 
are music illiterates, I will graph it out (like everyone before me 


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - (4) - - - -  (6)- - - - - - - - (8) - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -(5)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- (1) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

As you travel the world, you will learn two more songs and get two more 
cards. At the moment, if you just did this song correctly, you just 
received the Alto Card! You might want to get a few items at the Juice 
Bar before heading to...The Alto Card, BTW, allows you to buy Elixers.

                              - - - ROSE WAY - - - 

What does that stand for? Well, PC techies will probably know. "Read the 
F***ing Sign." Ok, in PC it's usually "book" not sign, but "sign" works 
better in this situation. Anyhoo, read the sign, because I don't want to 
explain how to use the yellow/blue platforms.

Platform Delights:
Using the platforms, you can find a Flower Tab and a Green Mushroom. 

Easy Frog Coin:
By going in the north west area, you will find two platforms and a 
treasure chest overhead, and a Shy Guy sits on one of the platforms. 
Time your jumps well, and, read the title.

Bandits = Exp:
In the second section are two Bandits, they are very easy to kill and 
give TONS of Exp (five a pop, and sometimes you find two in the same 
battle, plus the other creatures). If they run away, quit the battle and 
then come back in to see if they stay.

Fighting Tips:
Hit the Shy Guy with the Nok Nok Shell, this will leave him with about 
10 points left. Use Mallow's Thunderbolt and both creatures will be 

Fishing for `Shrooms:
In the next area is a Lakitu with a fishing pole, and at the end is an 
enemy. Fight them, and another one will come down. After four of these, 
the Lakitu will toss down a Green Mushroom. Nothing much but the Exp!

Coins, Exp, and Prostitutes:
Err, the subject matter in this FAQ is rather subtle, no? :) Anyways, in 
the last area are: Tons of chests, which will lead to a fight with a Shy 
Guy, coins, Green Mushrooms, and even a few Bandits! If you ever need 
some fast cash, come back here, the chests will be back. Just go off 
screen and return. Voila!

This Ain't Something You See Everyday!:
Poor Bowser, it seems he was kicked out of his castle by Smithy, and 
he's ordering his troops to go kick some. Pathetic...

                           - - - ROSE TOWN - - -   

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood It's Not:
As soon as you enter, you see an arrow fall from the sky and strike 
someone in the head, you also hear the music that played when Mack was 
ruling the Mushroom Kingdom. Gathering all the info, it seems that a 
Star has fallen into the forest, and ever since, arrows have been 
raining on Rose Town. When you are hit, a strange toxin will freeze you 
in place! 

Hidden Pipe:
By the store is a stack of crates, go up them and use the chimney as a 
pipe. You will land on a bookcase in the store and be able to open a 
chest that wasn't reachable before, inside is a Flower Tab.      

Speaking of Stores...:
Inside the store, buy new armor for Mallow and Mario, a few Able Juices 
(you'll need them for the forest), and a Fearless Pin. I know it's 
expensive, but you'll need it soon (well, not NEED, but it will come in 
handy), plus you should have tons of money. AND you can sell the Pure 
Water from the Kero Sewers for more money than you can count on your 

Dennis the Menace:
Talking to a worried Dad, it appears that his son has been playing with 
the switch that controls the stairs to his house, and now he is trapped! 
Hop on his head and into the house. Get the two Flower Tabs from the 
chests, then go upstairs and hit the switch (and see the brat himself) 
and then go back outside.

I Didn't Do It:
When the dad asks you if you stole his flowers, it doesn't matter which 
one you say, because he will be so happy he's back in his house anyways. 
However, if you don't get the chests beforehand, they will turn to coins 
instead (try talking to the kid now. Hehe). Also, the dad will tell you 
some directions to use in the forest. What could they be for? You'll see 
when we get there...

What, You Mean Nintendo Watches Child's Play? COOL!:
Going into the Inn, you will view a very long cinema. Gaz is playing 
with his Mario Dolls, then Mario comes in, then Mario plays (against his 
own will, of course) and then he "accidentally" (wink, wink) gets hit in 
the head with a shot from the Geno Doll. He goes to bed upstairs. Mario 
dreams a strange dream where a star from above breathes life in the Geno 
doll, which proceeds to walk out the door. When you wake up, Gaz says 
that he saw Geno walk into the woods (What his mother says is hilarious. 
"You mean the same Geno that broke my lamp the other day?").

Me Grammar Go Bye Bye:
Exit and return to the Inn and go to sleep again, when you awake Toad 
will be there to deliver a Flower Tab. 

Now the woods becomes available...

                     - - - FOREST MAZE - - -

Pick the Mushrooms...No funny:
If you see a mushroom on a bush, go up to it, you'll receive a free 
Mushroom. But watch out! Some of them are really enemies in disguise 
(they'll transform at the last second).

Wigglers Go Wiggly!:
I don't know what that means, so you shouldn't either. If you jump on a 
Wiggler (outside of battle) 10 times, you will receive a Frog Coin, 
along with a lot of coins. Everyone knows that multi-segmented creatures 
have secrets, right?

Able Juice Is...:
Useful! As is a Trueform and Antidote Pin. A lot of the monsters around 
here have attacks that can change you into a mushroom or poison you. Of 
course, since you can't have two accessories at once, you will get 
affected by something, so a few Able Juices will come in handy.

Wakey Wakey!:
In the area with a lot of stumps and a dead-end, go to the farthest one. 
Inside is a sleepy Wiggler, if you jump on him, he'll get PO'ed and make 
a new passage for you.

POV = Money:
If you say that outloud, it rhymes (stress the end of money. POV = 
MonEE). The man in Rose Town gave you directions if you saved him, but a 
lot of people don't realize you're suppose to follow them from MARIO's 
perspective and not YOURS. So, in the maze area, go: left, left, 
straight, and right. When done correctly, you will find a secret 
treasure room with Flower Tabs, Mushrooms, and lots O' cash.

Haha, get it? Yeah, that was pretty corny. In the maze, follow Geno to 
find the right path. However, in one screen, you will not be able to see 
him, so go right (from Mario's perspective, not yours). Follow him and 
you will get to the boss...which is...

BOSS: Bowyer                                                     HP: 720

With his googly eyes, odd Yoda accent and strange "dance", Bowyer makes 
a perfect Mario character. Since he doesn't think three against one if 
fair, he will disable a button after a few turns, and you can't use that 
button until he disables another. Since you have Geno, use his beam, it 
does 60HP damage. Mario's main attack is good enough, and Mallow can 
just heal, or maybe attack with his Froggie Stick if everyone is well. 
Watch Geno's HP because his defense is really weak right now! You might 
need a Froggie Drink, because his flash attack (forgot name) damages all 
characters for about 20 each (or 30 for Geno). He can also put a 
character to sleep, that's why a few Able Juices come in handy...after 
awhile, though, Bowyer will be toast. If you're powered up, you should 
at least be able to get off around 100HP of damage per round (might be 
hard if he disables magic, though).

Exp: 20          Items: Flower Box, Second Star (Green)        Coins: 50

After this, you will get your Second Star (Green)! And Geno will reveal 
all...He is from the Star Road, a place in Outerspace where wishes are 
granted. However, due to the fact that the giant Sword smashed through 
the star road (remember the cinema?), no one's wishes will ever come 
true again! Oh no, that's terrible! Er, well, you have two stars, only 
five more to go. Wait, actually, that's quite a lot...

                         THIRD STAR OF WISHES

                  T H I R D   S T A R   O F   W I S H E S 

                        - - - ROSE TOWN - - -

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood:
Now that "evil" music is gone, and you can listen to that snazzy Rose 
Town jive. 

Waste Some Cash or Get a Freebie -- You Decide:
You COULD waste 50 Coins on buying Geno's first weapon...OR you could go 
back and see Gaz to get it for free! Equip it, as well as the Fearless 
Pin, it will make his defense a bit higher.

A Link to Link:
Sleep in the Inn, and you will see Link, the star if the Zelda series, 
sleeping in bed. If you inspect him, you'll get the sound from the Zelda 
games the signals a secret.

                        - - - PIPE VAULT - - - 

This area is entirely optional, you do not have to go through here if 
you want to beat the game. However, as it's name implies, there are many 
useful things down here.

Mario Music!:
Oh my God, Mario music! Great, now it's burned into my brain for the 
next month.

Darn Thwomp:
If you hit a Thwomp, or it hits you, you will be sent back quite a bit. 
Jump up the stairs when he goes down, then sneak under on his way up.

Pathetic, Putrid, Prissy Chompweeds!!:
Chompweeds will zap you of two coins, and you can't get them back, so be 

Piranha Plants: 
Although it takes awhile to defeat, try battling these guys, they leave 
lots O' experience.

The GOOD Stuff:
`Bout time! In the area with many pipes, one will lead to an area with a 
row of coins going to a Frog Coin in a small aclove. First off, jump in 
mid-air to make an invisible path, up there are some Invisible Chests as 
well as some regular ones (Mmmm...Flower Tabs). Also, to get the Frog 
Coin, run at it and then press down on the control pad at the last 
possible second.

Bust the Goomba's Butt:
You can also find the Goomba Thumpin' Game, run by your friendly Mole 
frieeeend. I'll say it now, you can get a many Flower items to increase 
your FP!

                          - - - YO'STER ISLE - - - 

Beat Boshi. HAHA!!! No one is really reading this, so I can say that...

                           - - - MOLEVILLE - - - 

I Ain't No Yokel, Duh Huh Huh:
This town is for Rednecks, or Yokels, or Hicks, whatever you'd like to 
call them. If you didn't already know that, it's because you're one too!

New Weapons And Armor:
Buy Work Pants for everyone instead of their special armor, it will add 
attack and defense and is, overall, a better armor. Also buy the new 
weapons for Mallow and Mario!

Sell all of your Mushrooms and Honey Syrups and buy the Mid-Mushrooms 
and Maple Syrups, they restore more HP and FP than their cousins.

Bowser Boo-Boos:
Bowser used to be the leader of a powerful party, it has no been reduced 
to a sad group of weak troops, the others have either been defeated or 
turned yellow and ran off. 

Dyna and Mite? Oh, I GET IT! HAHA!:
Dyna, the older sister, and Mite, the younger brother, went in the Coal 
Mines to play. Suddenly, a huge Star crashed into the mines and created 
a big cave-in, and now they're trapped! Even worse, their father went in 
looking for them, and now he's trapped as well!

                          - - - COAL MINES - - - 

Battle the Brutes: 
Clear out the entire mine, which is mainly a circle with a single tunnel 
going off to Pa Mole (see below), and you will probably level up. You 
should be at about Level 12 or 13 after clearing it out a few 
times...maybe three or four times. Really, the fights don't last even 30 
seconds. The rocks can be killed with Mallow's Thunderbolt, as can the 
Purple Star things. BTW, two Purple Stars, two rocks, and a Bob-omb are 
worth 11 Exp. points!! At least make sure Geno gets some defense, then 
you're all set!

Need Some Stuzz:
Pa Mole, who is found in a nearby tunnel, is pondering the mysteries of 
a caved-in passageway. He said he checked the explosive chamber, but all 
the dynamite was stolen? Steal? Why does that remind me of someone?...

Used Car Salesman?:
A man in blue is in here looking for old things no one has used in 
years, he plans to find them and sell them for a big profit! He'll be 
useful near the end of the game, though.

Spring to Heaven:
What does this spring do? Hmmm...maybe if you jump on it. Oops! You hit 
the ceiling, fading fast...as you wake up, you find Croco, and he's 
stealing your coins! So you have to chase him. At one point, one of his 
cronies will hand him a bomb, and Croco will use it to clear the path, 
showing you that you must defeat him to get some explosives. 

Muchos Objetos:
Don't catch up to Croco, just kinda keep yourself behind. Sooner or 
later, you should spot THREE of his cronies in three different locations 
(behind a crate, behind the trampoline, in front of a crate). When you 
battle them, use Mallow's Thunderbolt to kill them all at once. Besides 
10 Exp and mucho coins, you'll get a Flower Tab. And since there are 
three of these such situations...well, you do the math.

Finally, catch up to Croco and...

BOSS: Croco                                                      HP: 750

This is almost TOO EASY! You should have Geno Boost, so use it on Mario. 
Then have Mario use his Super Flame to cause 300-350HP of damage. What, 
you don't have these powers? Well, you're supposed to! If not, just deal 
it out with regular attacks, it's still easy. When Croco is almost dead, 
he'll steal ALL of your items, so if you're low on magic, or a character 
is about to be killed, tough luck. Don't worry, though, when you win he 
gives everything back, as well as all the coins he stole from you. Oh, 
if you have Mallow's Shocker, use that too, he's "allergic" to thunder 

Exp: 10               Item: Bambino Bomb                       Coins: 50

With the Bambino Bomb, go talk to Pa Mole and he will clear out the 
passage. He says he's going back to the village...and he leave the job 
to you. 

A Nice Surprise: 
Instead of going up, go down the lower passage with the tracks. What's 
on the other side? Turns out you won't be able to see, because a trolley 
will come in, pushing you aside. When you return to where you started, 
the Shy Guy will run away, but he dropped a Frog Coin!

Supaaa Dupaa:
Use this Super Star to clear out the Bob-ombs...and don't forget about 
the 120-coin chest!

Far-out Chest:
After the Green Mushroom Chest and Save Block is a chest in mid-air, but 
there doesn't seem to be anyway to get there...wrong! Climb on the 
nearby stack of crates and take a mighty leap, and a Flower Tab is 

This purple guy is really the main boss, but if you try to walk up to 
him he'll push you away. Either jump on him or walk into his back and...

BOSS: Punchinello                                             HP: 1,200
      Micro-bomb x4                                               30
      Bob-omb x4                                                 90
      Mezzo Bomb x4                                               150

This guy seems insane enough to me, especially by his odd...er...design. 
Anyways, at first he will send out waves of Micro-bombs to hurt you. 
Really, don't even bother with them, they cause little to no damage. 
Punchinello will do the little "scrape" move, which can do about 20HP of 
damage, so watch out. After about 300HP of damage, Punchinello will send 
out some Bob-ombs. Again, these aren't that much of a threat, so 
concentrate on Punchinello (physical attacks are the best, especially if 
you use Geno Boost on Mario, or even himself). Use Mallow to heal if 
need be. When Punchy has about 500 left, he will send out Mezzo Bombs, 
which are gigantic bombs larger than you! These you need to worry about, 
since they can cause a good amount of damage (30-40 if you're not 
leveled up defensively). Also, Punchy will bust out with a sweet move, 
the Sandstorm, which will strike all allies for 40 points, AND cause 
fear, which splits offense and defense in half. I hope you have some 
Froggie Juice, or an Elixir (Juice Bar -- Tadpole Pond). Or, if you have 
a few Fearless Pins...Finally, after all of this, he will cause his 
biggest bomb ever to kill you...and it crushes him instead (That was 

Exp: 0              Item: Third Star (Orange)                  Coins: 0

The Aftermath:       
The gigantic bomb explodes. Somehow, you don't die, but the Third Star 
(Orange) is now yours!! Only four more!! Whoohoo! In the next chamber, 
you will find Dyna and Mite. Get them out on the trolley.

                       THE FOURTH STAR OF WISHES

            T H E   F O U R T H   S T A R    O F   W I S H E S 

                       - - - MOLEVILLE - - -

New Thingies:
As you exit the Mole's homes, some Snifits will come out and mention 
everything about the next area...You'll also see that Molveville has 
changed a lot, so I'll outline everything new!

Exhaustive Trading Sequence...Sorta:
Go into the house near the mine and buy the Fireworks from the Mole. 
Costs 100 Coins, though...

Trade the Fireworks to the kid running the "Pur-tend" store (heh) for 
the Shiny Stone.

In the store, in the corner is a child, give her the Shiny Stone for a 
Carbo Cookie.

Outside, in a bucket, is a mole child on a bucket. Give her the Carbo 
Cookie and she'll get off. Jumping in the bucket will put you at the 
start of Midas River, when you collect the coins you get to keep them. 
Do this sequence again and the kid in the bucket will give you a Frog 
Coin...a single Frog Coin for 1000 coins!! Jeez! Oh, and you might want 
to keep a Shiny Stone for later.

Special Shop?:
No, they don't sell anything, at least, your coins won't get anything. 
You give the mole there items for POINTS. For example, a Kerokero Cola 
is 40 points...When you get 100 points, you get to pick an item of your 
choice: Ice Bomb, Fire Bomb, or Fright Bomb.

Here's a Shop of Special:
In the regular shop, that man in blue is selling an item he found in the 
mines! Return after getting the Fifth Star to get another item, and 
after the Sixth star to get the last item...

I HATE Country Music:
Inside the mine, where Pa Mole used to be, you will find a choir of 
moles, singing happily. Copy the notes and go to...

                           - - - TADPOLE POND - - - 

Ok, ok, I'm illiterate at music and you are too...so here ya go.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - (5) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      (2)              (4)                              (8)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -(7)- - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - -(3) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Toadofsky will have over the Tenor Card, which will allow you to buy 
Megalixers, and everything else is cheaper.

                           - - - BOOSTER PASS - - - 

Hovering around the first area, Lakitu drops Spikesters (baby Spikeys, 
which are, strangely, more powerful than their adult form). This is the 
only place in the game where you can fight Lakitu in a normal area, so 
now is your chance (jump off the cliff and land on them).

Spikesters = Exp:
Fight the Spikesters awhile and you'll get a lot of Exp!

Secret Frog Coin:
In the first area, examine the first bush from behind and you will find 
a Frog Coin!

Secret Enemy:
Some of the bushes around here are actually enemies! They're er...odd in 

What, No Puzzle?
Oddly, in the second area, there is a Flower sitting right out in the 
open...it's a Flower Tab, of course.

I Want to Push the Button! Oh! I Push the Button!:
Near the Flower Tab is a small crack in the wall, in there is a switch 
that will destroy all of the Spikesters in this area. That's a lot of 

                     - - - BOOSTER'S TOWER - - - 

Don't Question It, Just Accept It:
Well, I won't spoil this hilarious cinema for you, but I will say that 
Princess Toadstool is at the top and Bowser is at the bottom, crying 
over the loss of his troops and castle, and gets a bit flustered when 
you come in, then leaves. Try to open the door (use A), and as you 
leave, he comes back. Somehow, someway, you "join" the Koopa Troop. 

Hello There:
In the first floor of the very long stretch to the tower's balcony, 
where Princess Toadstool is being held prisoner, you can chat to the 
first Snifit (There are only four "real" Snifits -- they all serve 
Booster) and fight him for some easy items. Also, nearby, fight the 
Spookum (Snifit, except blue) and defeat one, then the other will get 
"scared" and run off into the corner and start shaking.

Meet the Man Himself...Or Not:
Here you will meet Booster, the psychotic owner of this tower, on his 
beautiful toy train. As he leaves, follow him into the hole for a fight 
with Snifit # 2. Also, there's another hole on the other side of the 
room, there's a Flower Tab in that one.

Yay! New Weapon!:
In this hall are two exits, take the first one. Jump off the tan square 
and you will hit a teeter-totter with a Bob-omb, and it will soar up and 
then come back down, causing you to go up flying, hitting a chest and 
collecting the...Masher! This powerful hammer belongs to Mario...

Booster Switch:
In the next room is a switch, stepping on it will open up a secret area 
in Booster Pass. You don't have to go there now, but I'm going to point 
out what's inside right now so I don't forget...

                         - - - BOOSTER PASS - - -  

Secret Salvo:
Inside this hole is a Snifit in training, if he beats you he will become 
a Snifit! But, it's pretty hard to even be hurt by this loser...Beyond 
him are four chests, containing Kerokero Cola, Flowers, and Frog Coins. 
Jump off to return to the beginning...

                       - - - BOOSTER'S TOWER - - - 

The Retro Look is IN!:
In this room, walk behind the pillar and you will transform into the 8-
bit Mario from the original! Of course, you can only stay this way in 
this room...and you can only do it once.

<Enter Funny Comment Here>:
Talk to Snifit # 3 if you wish to talk to him. Of course, the bullets he 
spits out represent more Exp...but oh well. The next room contains a 
Save Block!

Which Booster is the Ugliest?:
No, not really. The note says to examine the pictures of Booster in such 
a way that you will view them from youngest to oldest...If you guess 
incorrectly, you have to fight, and they are all reset. You can get 
these by looking at the paintings in the first room. The correct order 

                         4 5 3 6  2 1

(Explanation for idiots: The first one you should check, with is noted 
as number 1, is on the far right. Then # 2, which is the next one, is 
right beside it. Ok, ok, get it now?)

The Elder Key will drop down, collect it and open the door. Inside, 
check the chomp and Bowser will do something to it (you won't be able to 
see), but it will be Bowser's first weapon! 

Have They Ever Heard of Stairs?:
In this room, go up, collect the Green Mushroom, and hop on the teeter-
totter so the Thwomp makes you go straight up. Here, where the Spookum 
is pacing back and fourth, there is a Frog Coin in the crevice.

Zoom, Boom, Zoom, Zoom, BOOM!:
In this room, there are four Frog Coins and about nine Coins positioned 
in various areas. It looks like open space, but if you attempt to step 
on a square a fireball will come out and fight you. So, stay on the 
right blocks, collecting items. There is a locked door in here...collect 
the key, which is in the corner, and open it up. Inside is a chest with 
a shiny pair of Zoom Shoes.

Booster Bob-ombs:
After a few chomps, you will encounter Booster, and witness more of his 
(hilarious) stupidity. He will then toss many Bob-ombs down...you can 
either: a) Run to the next room, b) Fight all of the enemies for Exp., 
c) wait for them to explode out in the open or d) Hide in the little 
aclove in the back of the room. Each choice will have a different, 
funny, outcome, so be sure to try them all.

Perilous Princess:
Finally, our climb is finished, we have reached the balcony where the 
Princess is being held captive and...the door is locked. As Mario thinks 
of what to do, he hears Booster come in and Mario hides behind the 
curtains. See Mini-game section for this...There are two outcomes: a) 
Booster doesn't catch you, but only because he spots his Mario Doll at 
the last second. In this case, knock it down for him and he'll reward 
you with the Amulet, then open the door. Or b) You'll get caught and 
have to fight Booster and his four Snifits in a boss battle (see 
optional bosses). Although you won't get the Amulet for defeating them, 
you WILL get a lot of Exp. and a Flower Box. In either case, you will go 
out to the balcony...

BOSS: Knife Guy                                            HP: 700
      Grate Guy                                                900

A lot of FAQs say that this fight will take forever. Thank GOD I have 
the official Mario RPG guide (they have a sweet Monster chart that shows 
all weaknesses. But besides that, I haven't used it to my advantage 
because I beat it long before I ever got the mag). Anyways, Knife Guy is 
allergic to fire, while Grate Guy doesn't enjoy lightening all that 
well. So, go in with Mario, Mallow, and Geno (all equipped with Wake-Up 
Pins, because these guys have tons of silence attacks). Have Mario 
attack Knife Guy with Super Flame, and Mallow attack Grate Guy with 
Shocker. And Geno can use Geno Boost on Mario or Mallow...either way, 
each attacker should be doing about 300-400HP of damage on their target 
(One time, somehow, I scored 500 damage on Knife Guy with Mario!). After 
that Geno can attack with physical attacks, and when Mario/Mallow is 
done with their target, focus on the other!

Exp: 30                  Item: Flower Jar                    Coins: 25

The Princess is no where to be found, so Mario jumps off the balcony 
(and somehow lives) and bolts off to...

                     - - - BOOSTER HILL - - -

Basically, you chase Princess Toadstool up a hill with a lot of 
distractions. Everytime you touch her you receive one Flower Tab, and 
you can receive a total of 9 points...don't worry, though, you can come 
back later and pick them up anytime. See Mini-game section!

                          - - - MARRYMORE - - - 

You Know the Drill:
Stop by the shop to pick up armor and weapons (except for Mario, he has 
the Masher, and Bowser, he has the Chomp).

Booster Busts In:
It seems that Booster has kicked everyone out of the church (including 
the old love-birds from the Mushroom Kingdom, Raz and Raini) and plans 
to marry the Princess! Of course, Mario won't stand for that. It seems, 
though, that Booster is smarter than he looks, as he has locked the main 

Just Like at the Theatre!:
Inspecting the front door, the Snifit replies "...and don't even think 
about using the back-entrance, it's shut as well! At least, I THINK it 
is..." Does it get more obvious? Since the camera is fixed, you might 
have trouble finding it for the first time, but it's near the camera 

Cake or Termite Hill -- You Decide:
In the basement, you will find Chef Torte and his assistant feverishly 
working to complete their masterpiece: a giant, pink frosting covered 
cake with two eyes and a mouth. Hehe, try standing on it, they won't be 
so happy.

Don't Worry, I'll Call the Nice Men with Jackets:
In here, you will find the Snifit that talked to you earlier. At first 
he scoffs at your "Mario costume" and tells you go away. Jump, however, 
and he will realize you're the real deal! He'll try to go into the next 
room, but forget it's locked. So THEN you have to help HIM open it. What 
the? That makes no sense! Anyways, just time it right and...

Bowser, Everything Will be OK:
In this room, save at the Save Block, then inspect the locked door. 
After hearing what Booster says, Bowser will appear and tell you to 
"help him" bust down the door, since you "don't bring much to the party 
anyways." Well, ignore that and help him. 

I Won't Even Touch This One:
As you burst in, the Princess is sent flying and all of her jewels are 
lost! She breaks down and cries, just as Booster and his Snifits realize 
what is happening. This is a golden moment when Booster tastes the 
Princess' tears and says, "What's this? It's so...corrosive. It tastes 
like the sea!" Well, something to that effect, I can't remember 
entirely. Anyways, at the end you have to talk to the Snifits to get the 
gear back...See Mini-game section.

After all of this, Torte, the German stereotype ("Vat are you doing?!"), 
will reel in his masterpiece...a moldy cake. After finding out that no 
wedding will occur, he goes on a rampage and...

BOSS: Bundt                                               HP: N/A       
      Raspberry                                               600

You know you're playing a unique RPG when one of the bosses is a six 
foot tall cake with eyes and a mouth...Anyways, ignore Torte and his 
assistant and attack the cake. After a bit, it will move, causing 
Torte's assistant to tell Torte about the moving cake. Of course, he 
won't listen ("Get vack to verk!") and battle resumes. After a few more 
hits, though, Torte notices as well, and runs off, scared. Now the 
battle has REALLY started...Bundt rolls out some pretty nasty spells, 
including Drain and Sandstorm. Bundt really doesn't have any HP, you 
have to put out the candles on his head. Each candle can be put out with 
a single timed-hit, but after a few turns it will relight. The longer 
the battle goes on, the harder. You HAVE to focus your attacks on him, 
and you risk dying because of all the damage you take. But, if you stop 
to heal, they'll relight. Just keep grinding it out and he'll blow up, 
revealing Raspberry, which is mainly just the lower part. Same deal, 
except he has HP. After all of this, Booster and his Snifits will 
perform an hilarious scene where the cake is consumed (How do you boil a 
cake?). Feel free to use any items that heal the entire party, the 
Princess is now yours...for awhile, at least.

Exp: 25                Item: Nothing                    Coins: 0

Princess Toadstool joins your party! Now there's tons of new people to 
talk to...and...

Suite Sweets:
Yeah, I stole that from the Nintendo Power guide...SO SUE ME! Stay in 
the Suite, which is at the gigantic hotel, for 200 coins. When you get 
to your room, be sure to tip the bellhop. When you wake up the next 
morning, tell him you had a good night sleep and you'll receive an item 
(usually useless things, but sometimes a Max Mushroom). Also, depending 
on how many times you stay at the suite, you get different items. 

One time = Flower Tab
Three times = Flower Jar
Five times = Frog Coin
Anymore times = Frog Coin

Remember, though, that each stay costs 200 coins.

Fighty Mighty:
If you try to leave town from the northern exit, an ally will appear and 
tell you to return the Princess to the Mushroom Kingdom. Keep doing this 
and saying no, it gets funny. But, you will eventually need to exit, and 
you will automatically go to...

                        - - - THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - - -  

Talk to the man who you gave the wallet to, he said he found this in his 
wallet. What is it? A Frog Coin!

They Keep Going and Going and Going and Going and <explosion>:
Once you enter the castle and return the Princess, everyone will explain 
what they do and where they come from. <yawn> Afterall of this, it seems 
the Princess won't be able to join you...

Er...Scratch That:
As you exit the castle, the Princess will come down using an umbrella 
and join you. Since no one seems to know where the next Star could 
possibly be, Mallow suggests a visit to his grandpa. Before leaving, 
though, check out Toadstool's room. You'll see her grandmother in 
disguise. Also check out her porno stash, Toadstool will get awfully 

                        - - - TADPOLE POND - - -

Ok, Ok, Old Man:
Talk to the old guy and a new area will open up on the map...

                            - - - STAR HILL - - -

Flowerly Flowers:
Each area has a star door, you must talk to all of the star flowers in 
order to open the door.

Don't know why I'm mentioning this, but if you want to see the hilarious 
animation when you use a Muku Cookie, come here and use a Yoshi Cookie 
on a Muku!

Star Light, Star Bright, Who Really Cares Tonight?:
Scattered along the ground are stars, some of them have smiley faces on 
them. If you inspect them, you can read the wishes of various characters 
in the game. Two of them will even spark Mallow to make a comment or 

At the end of the level, you will find the fourth Star (Purple). 
Um...HOORAY!! Only three more left!

                        FIFTH STAR OF WISHES

                F I F T H   S T A R   O F   W I S H E S 

                      - - - SEASIDE TOWN - - - 

Just Because I'm Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not After Me:
All of the villagers seem a bit...odd. Visit each house, and check out 
the Inn, you'll see what I mean.

Shopping List:
Check out the shop, you can buy some rare items like Ice and Fire Bombs, 
and Muku Cookies. Buy what you can now, it will disappear once you get 
the next Star. Why? You'll see soon. 

Johnny What?:
In the Elder's house, the old man will talk about a pirate named Johnny. 
he ORDERS you to go get the Star that fell into the sea...Hmm? Also, you 
might want to check upstairs, there is a Frog who has some very useful 
items for you. If I were you, I'd buy the Exp. Ring because it can 
double the amount of Exp. the wearer wins (although, it costs 20 Frog 
Coins to buy).

                            - - - SEA - - - 

I Don't See the Sea:
Although it's called Sea, this area is really just a bunch of damp 

Hidden Ally:
You will meet a hooded man, which is one of my favorite characters in 
the game, in this room. He'll appear in about 50 other situations, so 
get used to him. Here, he will sell you armor and supplies. Get the 
sailor armor!

Kill the Stars with a Star:
Here, get the Invincibility Star and wipe all of those Zeostars 
(Starfish) off the pavement. This is a rather nice area to use the Star 
Trick (See Odd Section). Actually, it is a VERY good idea to do 
that...equip the Princess with the Exp. Ring and level her up, she is 
very weak when you first pick her up.

Secret Aclove:
After the Star area is a fork, take the upper passage for some Frog 
Coins, Flowers, and a Save Block.

Vortex Vapors:
Take the lower passage and you will enter a large room with an upraised 
area. In the water is a vortex...enter it and you will be sucked to the 
seafloor. It's hard to see, but there is an entrance to another area 
down there. You will float up and be in the upraised area...and you will 
also find a chest with a Max Mushroom inside!

Nest Pipes:
After exiting the cave, you will find the beach! Ah, smell that salty 
air as the waves hit the sand...and look at the creaky ship covered in 
seaweed! Swim over there and use the crow's nest like you would a pipe. 

                          - - - SUNKEN SHIP - - - 

If this ship in SUNKEN, then how come only a select few areas are 
flooded? Hmmm...Turn to your right at the start to find a Save Block.

Well, At Least I Won't Have to Explain:
Around the first areas of the ship you can find the journal entries of 
the doomed crew...read them for a full explanation of this level.

Mouse + Box = Something Funny:
In the area where mice are running around, there is a stack of boxes in 
a corner. Fall down there to find a Flower! There's also a coin chest 
down there...

Pesky Pointy-heads:
Mario should be around Level 15, and Geno should have Geno Blast, which 
can take out almost an entire fleet of the ghostly creatures around 
here. Also, Pure Water is rather useful...  

My Brain Hurts:
The door to the Giant Squid is shut tight with a secret password. Not 
all is lost, though, because there are six clues in the areas before it! 
Of course, you will have to solve a painful puzzle, then put all the 
tips together to get the password...Of course, you don't HAVE to solve 
the puzzles to enter the code, but I would, because you also get a 
helpful item (Two Flowers!).

Puzzle #1:
A switch is floating in mid-air, there is a post with a cannonball on 
it, and a Troopa is flying above. Just jump around a lot and the Troopa 
will push the ball onto the switch. I think it's a bit random myself...

Puzzle # 2:
You have to hit the blocks to stop the sliding springboards. When they 
are all stopped, a cannonball will bounce across. If you position them 
correctly, the cannonball will bounce across the springs and hit the 
switch on the other side.

Puzzle # 3:
Er...this is too hard. You have to navigate a maze, but what makes it so 
difficult is the fact that you can't see yourself! Press X to give 
up...My advice is to just jump around a lot, search everywhere!

You will pass this room to get to the lower set of puzzles...there you 
will find the hooded man with some items, and a chest with tons of 
Coins...but you'll need to fight a pesky enemy group.

Puzzle # 4:
This is pretty easy, but looks complicated. You have to follow the 
wandering coin and collect the coins it leaves behind...however, if you 
touch the lead coin you fail, and if you don't collect the trailing 
coins quickly enough you fail (a la Super Mario World). There are some 
tough jumps near the end, though...

Puzzle # 5:
Talk about complicated! Here, hit the block and a cannon above will fire 
a cannonball...stand under it and jump, this will cause the ball to hit 
the next switch, which will make another cannon fire a ball at another 
switch...keep doing this until you get the clue.

Puzzle # 6:
Thankfully, there is a Save Block in this room. There are two switches, 
one will stay down when you step on it, but the other one won't. There's 
also a stack of barrels nearby, and one looks awfully strange...hit it 
and it will fall out of the stack. Jump on it (you move the opposite 
direction you jump) and make it go to the first switch, this will make 
it stay down. Jump on the last switch and the last clue is yours!

Put It All Together and Whadd'ya Got?:

First Clue - "There is an `s' in the word."
Second Clue - "It is found on the bed of the ocean."
Third Clue - "It has two vowels." 
Fourth Clue - "It has four consonants."
Fifth Clue - "At least...two consonants are side by side."
Sixth Clue - "The `r' comes before the `l'."

Drumroll please....the password IS...

Oh, I Forgot to Mention:
When you put in the code in the blocks, it goes in a `U' shape, going 
from the top of the left prong and then down.

E L 
A R  

BOSS: King Calamari                                            HP: 800
      Left Tentacle x5                                             200
      Right Tentacle x3                                            260

Prepare to face over 1000HP of tentacle terror, as this cephalopod is a 
bit flustered that you've entered it's domain...The first enemy you see 
is not the squid itself, but three of it's tentacles. Use Geno Blast to 
take off nearly 200 off of each, then use normal attacks to clean them 
up (Note: Mario's Super Flame is also very good, but might waste too 
much FP here). Also, you should have Princess Toadstool here, and the 
entire game, unless I say so of course. After two screens of this you 
will face the squid itself...He has some mean attacks like Drain and Ink 
Blast, but that's OK, you have Mario! Simply use Geno Boost on Mario, 
then use his Super Flame on King Calamari -- it can do about 300-400 
damage!! It should all be over for this squishy entity very soon...

Exp: 34                    Item: None                       Coins: 100
Cannon Claims:
take the upper passage way, here some mice are on six canons, and they 
occasionally fire a bullet bill. If it hits you, you will drop to the 
lower area. However, you can easily get past by either 1) Waiting for 
the firing to stop and run by 2) Kill all the mice and run over the 
cannons OR 3) When you are hit down, jump and hit the bullet from below, 
they will stop firing.

Mucho Dinero:
In here are two chests on a large platform, but you can't jump up there. 
So, get on the barrels against the wall, climb on and take a mighty 
leap! There's about 200 coins...

Cloning Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong:
A clone of Mario patrols this hallway, and he will mirror your every 
move. However, he is only useful in getting a secret chest...Or you can 
examine him to fight a battle. 

Frog Coin:
Pretty original, eh? Anyways, when in the room with a lot of Dry Bones, 
there is a secret door behind the stacks of boxes. Inside is a chest 
with a...if you don't know, you're an idiot.

Hidon? Oh, I GET IT!! HAHAHA!:
Oops, I've already used that...oh well. In here you can fight Hidon, 
another treasure box enemy. Besides tons of Exp and coins, you will 
receive the Safety Badge from defeating him. Also, leave the room and 
return, the box will be a normal coin chest. Be sure to save at the Save 
Block and get the Green Mushroom...

Frog Coin Orgy:
Not literally, you sickos. In here, jump in the vortex and then walk to 
the first room and collect the many Frog Coins, then return to the next 
room and go through the door. 

Another Secret...:
In the room with the Bloopers, there is a large stack of barrels 
underwater. Look behind there to find a secret door. Inside is another 
very useful accessory, the Safety Ring.

Accessory Tips:
I say you give the Safety Badge to the Princess, and the Safety Ring to 

Another Coin of Frog:
When you surface, go back on the surface to find a Frog Coin on a 

Pirates in Training:
Here you will find some pirate goons...When fighting them, simply use 
Geno Blast to take them out in a single turn. That's a lot of coins! You 
will be forced to fight some more. After that, take the Green Mushroom 
and then head into the main door...

BOSS: Jonathan Jones                                          HP: 820
      Bandana Blue x4                                             150

Use Geno Blast to take care of Jones' flunkies, then beat him to death. 
After a bit, he will "get tough" (same as Valor Up) and then challenge 
Mario to a one-on-one fight. Just keep pounding him and he won't have a 
chance! Use a Mid-Mushroom or Energizer if necessary...if you still have 
trouble, then try putting the Amulet on Mario. But, there is a pretty 
cool trick to avoid this. When you start out, if you never kill his 
goons then he will never challenge Mario! 

Exp: 44                  Item: Fifth Star (Deep Blue)         Coins: 50

Now he will hand over his favorite possession, the Fifth Star (Deep 
Blue)! He will also become your lifetime friend...that will be proven 
later, just you wait. Hey, didn't that guy in Seaside Town want the 
Star? let's go see!

                          - - - SEASIDE TOWN - - - 

Shoot Me, Shoot Me Now!!:
It turns out that the townspeople are really part of Smithy's Gang, and 
they have locked the REAL townsfolk in a shed. it also seems that, 
unless you hand over the Star piece, they will torture the real Elder 
with...<gasp> a feather! Just hand it over, no questions asked, you'll 
get rewarded for it later.

Wave to the Save:
Save in the Inn, because if you die fighting the next boss you will 
appear back at the Sunken Ship!

On the Nudist Beach:
The fakers are awaiting their ride, but it's not coming anytime soon. 
When they are about to make a swim for it, Johnny and his crew of 
henchmen appear to block their exit. After a bit of talking, the fakers 
transform into their true self...

Boss: Yaridovich                                              HP: 1,500

Who would have known that it would be a metallic metalhead? Anyways, go 
in with Mario with the Amulet, Princess with the Safety Badge, and Geno 
or Mallow with the Safety Ring. I say Mallow because Yaridovich is very 
allergic to lightening, so a few Shockers here and there could do some 
real damage. Yarido will use powerful attacks that effect the entire 
party like Water Blast (100 HP damage each person), so be sure to use 
Toadstool's healing abilities to counter-act that. When Yard's HP gets 
down to about 600 he will begin his Mirage move, in which he splits into 
two images. One is real, the other is fake. If you attack the fake one 
then the real Yard will not take any damage, so it's important to attack 
the right one...how do you find out? Either 1) Use Mallow's Psychopath, 
the fake one will say "I'm not the real McCoy!" or 2) Which ever one 
takes the least damage is the real one. In other words, if you use 
Toadstool's' slap attack and it does 400 damage, you know it''s fake :) 

Exp: 40                 Item: Fifth Star (Deep Blue)          Coins: 50

You now have the Fifth Star (Deep Blue)...uh...again! After getting the 
Star back, get the Shed Key and read the note left by your friend, 
Johnny. Unlock the shed and all of the villagers will come out and thank 
you. Also, the Elder will hand over a Flower Jar if he was not tortured. 
However, if he was tortured JUST ONCE then you will not get diddily 

                     - - - MOLEVILLE - - -

Another ****ing Item: 
In the special shop, the man in blue is selling another item. Is it 
useful? No...

Note: Savor this moment, as it will take about three decades to get the 
next Star...

                          SIXTH STAR OF WISHES

                S I X T H   S T A R   O F   W I S H E S 

More Changed Than Diapers:
Don't ask me what that means...but several things have changed since you 
have rescued all of the villagefolk!

Armor/Weapons Shop:
Buy the Troopa Shell for Mario, Double Punch for Geno, and Parasol for 

Beetles for Dough:
Where the Bomb shop used to be is now the Beetle Catching Store! See 
Mini-games Section.

There is now Accessory and Health Food Stores, where you can buy very 
specific items.

That's a Nice Mushroom, Mushroom Boy:
Basically, you give him normal Mushrooms (not Mid or Max) and he will 
taste them, if they are special then he will give you items. It's really 
all random...Note that you can go to the Forest maze and really stock up 
on Mushrooms, then come back.

Berry Mushroom = Maple Syrup
Rippin' Mushroom = Rock Candy
Flower Mushroom = Flower Tab

Mouse? Stars? Are You Senile? Oh! I'm Playing a Game!:
Talk to the Elder and he will mention a mouse that came to town a few 
days ago, bragging about this star they had in Monsto Town. He doesn't 
know where Monstro Town is EXACTLY, but he does know that it's somewhere 
at the end of Land's End, and lucky for you, he knows where that is.

                        - - - LAND'S END - - - 

Secondary Smoke Is Bad:
Sometimes, around the area and Belome's Temple, you will see a little 
puff of white/blue smoke floating around. If you want to fight an 
optional boss, jump in! You can do this as many times as you want.

Cannon Trauma:
Get in these cannons and wait, then press B to go rocketing off in the 
direction it's pointing at. With these, you'll be in the grassy plains 
in any second.

Gecko Ghetto:
These darn Geckos are using the cannons for their <gasp>...own pleasure! 
To get past them easily, wait for them to hop off the pillar, then hop 
across as quickly as you can.

This Ain't None of Your Beezwax:
These bees sure have a stingy attitude, but you can use them to 
pollinate your Exp. status. Also, instead of using the flowers to rocket 
to the rocks, go to the far-right and into the secret path, you will end 
up under the bridge.

Hopefully, Nothing So Corny:
Take the path from above and you will find a gaping hole in the far 
rock. When a small, blue cloud comes out, quickly jump in! Follow this 
secret underground passageway, collecting Flower Tabs and Frog Coins 
along the way. You will eventually find a pipe that leads to...Kero 
Sewers? Oh! Remember that treasure chest you couldn't get to right 
before Belome? Well, you can now! Inside is some Cricket Jam...give it 
to poor, old Frogfucius and he will reward you with 10 Frog Coins!!

Like, Totally Gnarly:
Go up the rocks using the Flowers and you will find a hooded man (or 
Shaman) tending to his bridge. See the Mini-Game! You can either make a 
killing or simply run across...

Desert Mouse?:
Whoa, now everything is a desert. There's a rat, he says he lives in 
Monstro Town and gives you directions.

Oh No...More Vortexes:
In the sand are vortexes, and one has an enemy ant inside. If you touch 
it, the ant will fight you. When fighting it, use Geno Blast to kill 
them all in a single turn. Then, go down the exact same vortex they were 
in...you will transport you to the next area. Keep doing this until you 
get to the underground temple.

Froggy, Baby, Froggy:
If you jump on the ants outside of battle, you will get Frog Coins for 
every three or four hops!

Ooh...High Wall:
The last screen before the underground temple has a side path, it leads 
to a very high wall. The mouse is there, and will talk about it then run 

Welcome to the Temple!:
Save at the Save Block, and then get the Star from the chest. WAIT!! Be 
SURE to use the Star Trick here to level up to about Level 29...yeah, it 
can take up to an hour, but it is so much worth your time! 

Shaman Maman:
Pay this guy behind the boxes a cool 400 coins and he'll give you 
another Star, making the Star Trick even MORE useful. Exit the room and 
talk to him again, he'll ask you if you want another one. Agree and 
he'll say he'll be back with it later...

`Nother Shaman, Man:
On this springpad is another Shaman, for 100 coins he will move and 
allow you to use it to get above ground again. Just a shortcut...

Look Into My Balls:
This Shaman here will take 50 coins to have your fortune told. Simply 
hit the statue heads from the bottom in different orders and a brick 
will come down with a message. Now, in the next area the rooms and 
situations will change depending on what combination of faces you 
entered. Here...

Right, Center, Left - 100 coin chest.

Right, Left, Center - Odds are you'll get 200 coins, but 1/3 times you 
get a Frog Coin.

Center, Right, Left - You'll fight three Chows and a Shy Away.

Center, Left, Right - You'll fight three Chows

Left, Right, Center - A chest with a Yoshi Cookie

Left, Center, Right - You should get Yoshi Cookie, but 1/3 times you'll 
get a Green Mushroom.

The Test of Truth:
Here is one statue head. According to the Shaman (told you they would be 
common!) it will change the next room. 

"Mmmm...I'm so hungry, I wish I had something to eat!" - You will fight 
Belome, then go to Monstro Town.

"Sorry, I am not allowed to have visitors after bedtime."  - You will go 
to the treasure vault -- the key is required to enter, though.

If you do not get the desired message, simply exit and come back, then 
hit it again. Do this until the right one appears!

If you fight Belome, then...

BOSS: Belome                                             HP: 1,200
      Bowser Clone                                             300
      Mario Clone                                              200
      Toadstool Clone                                          120
      Mallow Clone                                             150
      Geno Clone                                               250

This old dog has learned many new tricks! Now he can inhale one of your 
characters, spit them out, then create a clone of that character. 
However, he can only have two clones at once. He also has many, many 
sleeping attacks, so be sure to equip Toadstool with something to 
protect against that (Safety Ring is my choice), then she can cure 
everyone else with a Group Hug. Go in with Toadstool and Geno, as their 
clones have the weakest attacks. However, when doing the star trick, go 
in with Bowser and Mallow, as they have very powerful attacks. Just keep 
attacking and they'll all go down...

Exp: 34                 Item: None                          Coins: 20

Mommy, Daddy, Are We There Yet?!:
Step on the switch to open the gate, then talk to the mouse to learn 
that, yes, that pipe is the entrance to Monstro Town.

                        - - - MONSTRO TOWN - - -

Jinx is Jinxed:
In the dojo on the other side of the town is Jinx, the master of martial 
arts. Fight him and win three times to win the Jinx Belt, which is a 
powerful accessory, give it to Geno, and give the Safety Ring to 

Goomba Goomba!:
The shop is run by a friendly Goomba, one that ran away from Bowser, but 
Bowser shows some heart when he meets his triplets. However, don't buy 
any of their Mushrooms, when used in battle it will change YOU into a 
mushroom! It's OK outside of battle, but why take a chance?

Three Musty Fears? That Makes My Titles Look Crap:
In this room is a bed...and in the bed is...no one, actually. However, 
turn off the lamp and the Three musty Fears will appear and play hide 
the flag with you! When they all return you may go looking. 

# 1 - "I hid mine under a green bed." - Look under Mario's bed in his 

# 2 - "I hid mine behind a wooden flower." - Inspect behind the wooden 
flower that greets your entrance to Rose Town

# 3 - "I hide mine between the letters `O' and `A'." - On Yo'ster Isle, 
the finish like says "GOAL." Inspect between the letters `O' and `A'...

When you have all three flags, return and sleep again, they will 
automatically put the Ghost Medal on Mario. However, I'd take it off and 
sell it, it's not very useful, but sells for 800 coins!!

Chow Chow Give Acce-Sorry:
In this room, the Chow challenges you to jump on a creature 30 times in 
battle. In other words, you have to jump on and off an enemy 30 times 
using the spell ONCE. If you can accomplish this (easy if you know the 
timing) then he will award you the Attack Scarf, which increases each 
area by 30 points. However, if you are a freak of nature and somehow 
manage to jump 100 times, you get the Super Jacket, which is even more 
powerful. Either way, immediately equip them because they are the most 
powerful accessories for Mario (only he can wear them).

Outside of the door is a key on a high ledge, but you can't reach it. 
Inside is a Thwomp, everytime you talk to him he shakes the ground. Talk 
to him about ten times and the key will fall to the ground. This is the 
vault key, and allows you to open the vault in Belome's Temple. 

Rather Odd, but True:
Inside this locked door lies a powerful foe that is even more powerful 
than Smithy himself, but the door can be unlocked by having a Shiny 
Stone. you get a Shiny Stone from Moleville, remember? I'll elaborate 

The Mama of Monsters!:
Monstermama is the lady that makes sure none of the monsters turn into 
their old loveable selves, so she should know a lot. Talk to her and she 
will tell you that the Star is upstairs. Unfortunately for you, it's 
just a friendly Zeostar with a tune in it's heart. Also in here is the 
chest that tells how many secret chests you have left, and that mouse 
you saw so much. Go back downstairs and talk to Monstermama again, she 
will call her Sky Troopas, this will allow you to scale the wall to get 
to Bean Valley, where the entrance to the sky is located. See, I told 
you we had a long way to go! :) Also, the fan in this room is a friendly 
fan, later in the game there are evil fans. If the fan in here is on 
slow, the enemy fans go slow, but if it's on fast, well, I don't have to 
tell you.

                            - - - TADPOLE POND - - - 

Remember that Zeostar with a step in it's dance? Well, it happened to be 
dancing to the new song, the Monstro Town Melody. Here it is, the last 
song in the game:


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - (4) - - - - - - - - - (7) - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - 
            (3)                 (6)
- - - (2) - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - -  (5) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

With this, Toadofsky will ask you to compose the last part of the 
masterpiece, and then a grand score will begin, mixing all of the songs 
into one. Don't worry if you're not a music genius, though, it will 
still sound good, and you can change the last part anytime you want. 
Toadofsky will be so happy, his Soprano Card will become your very own! 
Now, not only is everything else cheaper, but you can BUY Kerokero Cola 
for 200 coins!

                              - - - ROSE TOWN - - - 

Go Potty:
That mouse guy said to check out the old man in Rose Town. he's in the 
very back...he has a pot of dirt and says that he seeks the legendary 
Seed and Fertilizer, so he could mix them together and see what happens. 
Maybe you'll be able to do this for him?

                           - - - LAND'S END - - - 

Vandalize the Vault:
With the Vault Key from Monstro Town, you can open the vault in Belome's 
Temple. Inside are Five Flower Tabs, Eight Frog Coins, Royal Syrup, Fire 
Bomb, and a Max Mushroom. Pretty good! :)

Another Star:
Remember telling that guy to get a better star? Well, he has no, but it 
costs a whopping 800 coins!! It is really worth it? In a word -- no, but 
if you want to do EVERYTHING...

Where's My Mountain Gear When I Need It?:
To climb this wall...just do it :) 

                    - - - THE MUSHROOM KINGDOM - - - 

Metroid Mania!:
In the castle, you can see Samus Aran, the star of the Metroid Series.

Gimme `Da Gun!:
In the Inn, badger the kid a lot and buy his game for 500 coins. It's 
Beetle-Mania, an extremely fun shoot-em-up! Wait, I already said all of 

                        - - - BEAN VALLEY - - - 

Lovely Pipe:
in the third area, go down the lower pipe to get a Flower Tab in a 

Many Pipes Means Many Things...:
In this area, there are five pipes and a plant in each. Wait for the Shy 
Away to come and water them, then fight them. when you do, you will 
often get a: Krifid, two Geckits, and two Chewies. To kill them easily 
and get a lot of Exp, have Mario/Toadstool hit the Krifid, then have 
Geno use his Geno Flash. In each pipe there are many goodies! 

Save at the Save Block, then go to the next area. Shy Away will sprinkle 
some water on this special plant and...

BOSS: Mega Smilax                                              HP: 1,000
      Smilax x8                                                    200

The plant blossoms into a Smilax, which is really just a small Piranha 
Plant. Kill it, then Shy Away comes and turns it into two Smilaxes. Kill 
those and then here comes Shy Away with that water canister, it grows 
into three Smilaxes. When fighting multiple Smilaxes, simply use Geno 
Flash to kill them all in a single turn. Then Shy Away puts some extra 
juice into it and here comes two Smilaxes and a gigantic, Mega Smilax! 
Make sure Toadstool is wearing a Trueform Pin. Why you ask? Because it 
can turn all of your party members into Mushrooms! If you Princess is 
safe, she can use Group Hug to return everyone to normal. These guys are 
allergic to ice, so you can use a few Ice Bombs (what else are you going 
to use them for?) to make the battle go faster. 

Exp: 40                   Item: None                           Coins: 0

Shy Away mentions something about the sky, and then quickly flies away, 
then a piece of paper floats down. If you read it and say "yes", you 
will receive the Seed! This is one of the items the gardener in Rose 
Town was looking for, so take it. Go into the next area and hit the 
brick block, a giant vine will grow out! Climb it up and...

                     - - - GATEWAY TO THE SKY - - - 

Ok, Ok, I Admit It:
This really is part of Bean Valley, but I made it a new area because 
it's so different.

Climb `Da Vines:
To advance upwards, you have to climb the multi-colored vines. Be 
careful of the odd enemies that patrol these parts, though, and be sure 
to get all the coins!

That's Sick and Disgusting. I Like It:
There are two ways to get to the next level, left and right. You're 
going to want to take the left path everytime, as you will get some 
sweet items. To keep going left, you'll have to jump to get secret 
platforms so you can make the long jumps. At the top, you'll get Flower 
Tabs and a Rare Scarf, which is an OK accessory, but I just sell it.

                         - - - NIMBUS LAND - - - 

Royalty? I'm Royal! A Royal Pain in the Ass, That Is:
These two guards won't let you into the next area because you're not 
royalty, something about a King and Queen, yada yada...

There Goes Nintendo's `Family Morals' Out the Window:
As you enter this city, a woman with a rather large pair of...er...(how 
do I put this with out insulting anyone)...melons and declares that the 
king and queen are sick. Then, Mallow, the lost prince, comes out and 
asks her hand in marriage. So now she's a queen. Haha, isn't it funny 
that the lost prince looks like a giant black bird and has the name 
Mallow? Ha ha...

Drop Your Pants!:
In the shop, be sure to buy the (very expensive) weapons and armor for 

Mario Doesn't Dream of Naked Women?:
Hey, since no one will read this, I can say anything I WANT!! Well, I 
guess we'll see...Anyways, the Inn has a special cushion, the Dream 
Cushion, it will allow you to have dreams...for double the price of a 
regular room, of course.

Into the Palace...Oh, the Guards:
The entrance to the pink palace is blocked by a pair of grumpy guards, 
so you'll nee to find another way in...OK, I'll tell you, but you might 
not be so lucky next time! Go to Garro's house, which is to the left of 
the palace, and go inside. Inspect the statue that looks like Mallow, 
and Garro will say that it is a sculpture of the king when he was 
little, but he looks like Mallow. <gasp>...It appears that Mallow is the 
lost prince and the king and queen are his parents! To sneak you into 
the castle, Garro will cover Mario in gold, making him look like a 
splendid sculpture. He hauls it inside, and Valentine sets it up in her 
statue room.

Dodo Likes Peckers:
I've...stepped beyond the line of good-taste. Dodo will come in and try 
to peck you off, because he's so PO'ed at Valentine. If you mess up, you 
will frighten him (do it at least once, it's funny) and be forced to 
fight him. I won't even bother to tell you how to beat him, it's so 
easy. If you don't beat get pecked, he will leave and you can find a 
Feather on the ground, which is an accessory that increases your speed 
(not THAT kind of speed...). When you exit, It's even funnier, because 
the two guards will...just watch it. :)

Be sure to save at the Block!

Windy Whirlybirds:
These fans fly all over the place, but their speed depends on the 
velocity the fan at Monstermama's house is at. For a walk-in-the-park, 
set it to the lowest setting.

Hall of Doors:
This hall has three doors, but the middle one is locked. The key to it 
is through the left-hand door. Inside, battle your way through into a 
room of misanthropes. One will hand over a Flower Jar, and another was a 
guard here, but was fired for no apparent reason. He has the key you 
need, so talk to him. Say no, then talk to him again, it's funny...or I 
am amused easily. Or both. 

I Beg for an Egg:
This room has a giant, pink, pock-a-dotted egg in the center of a nest. 
Also, it seems that Shy Away is trapped, he lost the key! If you talk to 
the Egg (press A near the little hole in the nest) and it will ask you 
if you want to play. Say yes!

BOSS: Birdo                                                 HP: 777
      Eggy                                                      800
      Eggbert                                                    10

First you have to crack the egg, then you get to take on Birdo herself, 
which appeared many times in Super Mario Bros. If you defend yourself, 
the eggs will bounce off! Attack the egg (called "Eggbert"), and Birdo 
will be damaged by 80, but your regular attacks probably do more 
damage...easy, easy fight.

Exp: 20                   Item:  Castle Key 2                  Coins: 30

And So On...:
With the key, open the door and make your way through the next area 
(watch out for the fan!). 

Bowser Boo Boo's:
Bowser attempts to help, but ends up being tripped by Mallow. Hehe!

Valentina Valentines:
What does that have to do with anything? Who knows. Anyways, you will 
chase Valentina through the hallways...don't forget to grab the Super 
Star so you can clean up on the Exp!

It's That Time of the Month <cough>:
Valentina sure does get mad! She ends up fighting you in the middle of 
the town!

BOSS: Valentina                                                HP: 2,000
      Dodo                                                         1,000
Dodo will fly your middle character away to fight alone...make sure to 
put someone strong there (i.e. Geno). If this person dies, the game is 
over! When you defeat Dodo, the fight will shift back to Valentina and 
the two characters. After a bit, Dodo will return to help. Just keep 
pounding, and watch out for Valentina's multiple attacks. Also, you 
don't have to defeat Dodo the second time, but I usually do anyways...

Exp: 54                   Item: Key                          Coins: 200

Parental Pities:
After Valentina is whisked away by Dodo, a key falls down and smacks 
Mallow in the head. After a long cinema introducing Mallow's parents, it 
seems that a large Star has fallen into the nearby Barrel Volcano. It 
would be an easy task to retrieve it, but there's this "Czar Dragon" to 
worry about. Hmmm...

Fickle Flowers:
Go to where the king was originally bedridden (shortly before the main 
chamber with the king and queen), the guard who gave you the key will be 
there, and he will hand over a Flower Jar!

Secret Thingies:
Go to the house next to the pink palace, inside Croco is raiding it! 
Talk to him and he'll run, but drop a Signal Ring. With this, any secret 
treasure chests will make the ring...er...ring.

The Puzzle is Complete:
On the right hand side of the cloud that holds up all the houses, walk 
against it and you will be floating in mid-air! You'll find Shy Away 
flying around, and he'll give you the Fertilizer for his freedom. So...

                             - - - ROSE TOWN - - -

It's Not Rhyme Time:
Go to the gardener (check the back) and hand over the Seed and 
Fertilizer. With a crack, a giant vine will grow from the pot. Climb it 
up to find two chests, one containing the Lazy Armor and the Lazy Shell. 
The Lazy Shell is Mario's most powerful weapon in the entire game, while 
Lazy Armor is the strangest armor in the entire game. It makes you 
nearly invincible, but it reduces almost all of the other categories by 
50 points!

                           - - - MUSHROOM KINGDOM - - - 

In the castle, you can find Samus Aran from the beloved Metroid Series, 
sleeping in bed! No, she's not out of her armor, you horny pervert :)

game Boy Game:
In the Inn, talk to the kid playing Gameboy many times and you can buy 
his game for 500 coins! VERY FUN!

                          - - - NIMBUS LAND - - -

Now I'm Royal!:
Go to the guards, since Mallow is now the true prince, you can go back 
to the hot springs.

That's a Hottie!:
In the hot springs, you can revive all of your HP and FP. Just don't 
stay in, you may singe your shorts!

Don't Bend Over...:
Ignore the warning sign and jump over the cliff to land safely inside 
the scorching...

                            - - - BARREL VOLCANO - - - 

Go, Baby, Go!:
This level is pretty straightforward...there are many chests containing 
coins, flowers, and even Super Stars! 

Get Your *** Burnt:
To get the Frog Coin on the rock above, exit, then come back in and jump 
in the lava. You'll be rocketed above to it!

Something About Corks...Me No Understand:
When fighting the Corkpedites, go for the body first, since it will kill 
itself without any Exp, and the head will kill itself, but you WILL get 
Exp. Confused? Good!

Hinopio? Is His Cousin Wooden, By Any Chance?:
At the Hino Mart, buy fire clothes for your members, rest up, and buy 
any items you need. 

The Dreaded...Thing:
Cross the donut bridge, carefully avoiding the fireballs (remember, jump 
a lot to keep the donuts floating), to get to the Czar Dragon!

BOSS: Czar Dragon                                             HP: 1,400
      Zombone                                                     1,800 

Well, this cool looking Dragon has basic fire attacks, shouldn't be too 
hard. After he's destroyed, his body will fall into the molten lava and 
out comes...Zombone! This guy is even worse, as he has the magic attack 
"Boulder", which does about 60 damage to everyone. Just keep 
attacking...oh, and obviously, he's allergic to water!

Exp: 50                  Item: Sixth Star (Red)                Coins: 0

As Mario is about to touch the sacred Star Piece, some punk in red comes 
and takes it away! Ahah! Finally, someone has made fun of the Power 
Rangers! Well, chase them out of the volcano. Then, we get to meet 
"Blade"...a titanic ship that looks like a flying axe!

BOSS: Axem Rangers                                          HP: 999
      Axem Red                                                  800
      Axem Black                                                550
      Axem Yellow                                               600
      Axem Green                                                450
      Axem Pink                                                 400

None of the Axem's attacks are particularly powerful, but when you add 
them all together, they can do some damage! There's no real order you 
should go in taking them out, but I do suggest attacking Axem Pink first 
because she can heal the others...After they are all defeated, Axem Red 
will back up into a large device, which is simply called Axem Rangers, 
and will shoot you with the most horrifying special in the game, Breaker 
beam, which does 100+ damage to all party members! Don't worry, though, 
he only fires it every once and awhile, since it has to recharge. use 
Toadstool to heal, and this will be an easy win! Too bad you get diddily 
squat for beating them...

Exp: 17                 Item: Sixth Star Piece (Red)           Coins: 0

The Sixth Star (Red) lands into your hands...there is only one more Star 
left, and it appears to be in Bowser's Keep. Who knows what Smithy has 
done to it since you last saw it?!

                        FINAL STAR OF WISHES

                F I N A L   S T A R   O F   W I S H E S 

                        - - - MOLEVILLE - - - 

The Car Salesman Pulls Through:
Remember that guy in blue? Well, he has found the Metal Plate! If you 
buy it, you will discover that it is REALLY the Frying Pan, Toadstool's 
most powerful weapon in the game! But it costs 300 coins...

                         - - - NIMBUS LAND - - - 

Me Go On Bus:
Go see Mallow's parents, they will tell you to go on the bus. "Where's 
the bus?" you say...well, it's to the left of the pink palace! It will 
deliver you to the final area...

                         - - - BOWSER'S KEEP - - - 

Bowser Go Boom!:
All of the baddies in this castle will be afraid and run away if you put 
Bowser in your party...but you won't get any Exp.

Powerful Pumpkins:
Almost all of the enemies you saw at the start of the game are 
here...except they're 100 times as powerful...Gu 
Goombas...Malakoopa...Terra Cottas...etc.

Beyond the Bowser Room:
In this room, you will be able to go through the door, which will land 
you in a dark tunnel. If you take the left passage, you can get a Green 
Mushroom! On the right hand side are a few Gu Goombas...watch their 
movements carefully and you can get past easily. One even jumps off into 
the pit!

In the room with the Save Block, you will meet up with your old fiend, 
Croco. But...it seems that he is here to HELP YOU! Yes, it seems that 
the days of crime are over, but of course, for a new life, you need 
money! Speaking of money, there is a hidden path in the upper part of 
the room, inside is a money chest and a Green Mushroom.

There are Six Doors...:
To go on, you must complete four of the six doors in this room. Two are 
action courses, two are battle runs, and the last two are puzzlers...I 
will present stragedies for them all, but I suggest taking the two 
action and two fighting, they reap the best items (including some 
powerful weapons for Bowser, Mallow, and Geno!)

But, you can not specifically choose which one you want...it is random 
each time. The only way to know what is on the other side is to go 
through, and once you go inside, there's no turning back (unless you 

                  ////// Action Course # 1 \\\\\\\

Room 1:
Several Terrapins will jump up and down, showing you that there is an 
invisible floor that allows you to cross the lava. If you jump you can 
see it too! In this room are several chests, they contain: Fright Bomb, 
Royal Syrup, Ice Bomb, and Rock Candy.

Room 2:  
Climb on the floating platforms and carefully make your way to the other 
side...in the chests (which are very difficult to get to) are: Flower 
Tab, Fire Bomb, Max Mushroom, and RED ESSENCE. I suggest you take the 
Red Essence one...(left as you enter). A little tip for getting to the 
chests...when you jump, keep in mind that all of the platforms come to a 
dead-stop. Use this to your advantage!

Room 3:
This is basically Donkey Kong (the original) in 3D...jump over the 
barrels and keep in mind that at the end of each wave, one will come 
down very quickly. Kill the Gorilla at the top to get your prize for 
this course...the Super Slap! It's a weapon for Toadstool, but it is not 
as powerful as the Frying Pan.

                /////// Action Course # 2 \\\\\\\ 

Room 1:
Jump on the platforms...at the end, jump in the opposite direction of 
the exit to find a path to a chest, inside is a shiny glass of Kerokero 

Room 2:
Use the cannonball to move about and get the chests, but be careful of 
the pair of Bob-ombs patrolling these parts...they will knock you off! 
In the chests are: Pick-Me Up, Flower Tab, Max Mushroom, Rock Candy, and 
yet another Flower Tab (you really should be maxed out at 99FP by 

Room 3:
Here is the most dangerous and difficult platform jumping in the entire 
game! You have to make your way across a sea of fire using rotating 
platforms...there are, of course, chests floating out there...inside 
are: Flower Tab, Flower Tab, Royal Syrup, Fire Bomb, Pick-Me Up, and 
finally, a Kerokero Cola!

For all of this you get the Sonic Cymbals, Mallow's most powerful 
                /////// Battle Course # 1 \\\\\\\

You're going to have to battle `till you bleed...

Room 1:
Fight Gu Goombas, Malakoopas, Big Boos w/Orbisons, then Sling Shys.

Room 2:
Fight Chewies w/Shy Aways, Mr. Kipper w/Muckles, Orbison w/Amanitas, and 
Greapers w/Glum Reaper.

Room 3:
Fight Pyrospheres, Lakitus, Zeostars w/Shamans, and finally a large 
group of Shamans.

Your prize for all of this is Geno's most powerful weapon...the Star 
Gun! Wooooohoooo!

              /////// Battle Course # 2 \\\\\\\ 

I heavily suggest using Geno Flash...

Room 1:
Fight Terracottas, Oerlikons w/Star Cruster, Big Berthas w/Sackit, and 
Chows w/Forky.

Room 2:
Battle Armored Ants w/Alley Rat, Bloobers w/Star Cruster, Stingers, and 
then some magically enchanting Geckits w/Chained Kong.

Room 3:
Destroy Big Berthas w/Rob-omb, Vomers, Magmuses w/Pulsars, and finally, 
Chestwer w/Bahamutt.

After all of this Exp, you receive from a chest...Drill Claw, Bowser's 
most powerful weapon!

               /////// Puzzle Course # 1 \\\\\\\

Room 1:
Dr. Topper, the green Hammer Brother, is here to test your skill...and 
in this room, he's going to play the old 21 game. There's a chest, and 
it has 21 coins in it. You can take up to 4 coins per turn, and you can 
take less, but you have to take at least one. Whoever takes the 21st 
coin loses!

Room 2:
I won't even waste my time drawing artwork for this, it's so EASY!! When 
you depress the switch, notice how all of the others form a "T"...well? 
If you can't solve this, you're an idiot. OK, OK, maybe not an idiot, 
but not good at puzzles :)

Room 3:
Cannonball Solitaire! C'mon, we've all played a game like this before, 

After all of this, you are rewarded with a Rock Candy.

               ///////Puzzle Course # 2 \\\\\\\

Room 1:
Here's Dr. Topper again...this time he's going to ask you questions 
about the game, and if you get them right under the time limit, you go 
up! Get a wrong answer, however, and move down. Reach him to win! 

Room 2:
Now he's here to test your counting ability...just use your 
multiplication tables, or guess :)

Room 3:
A test of reasoning, there are three enemies who took place in certain 
events, you have to say who got when and where...

Position            What They Say
1st Place          I outrode (name) on my bike...
2nd Place          I fell into 4th place...
3rd Place          I placed the same in the swimming...
4th Place          I came in 3rd for swimming...

You are awarded a Rock Candy for completing this course!

And So On, And So On...:
After the doors, you will happen upon a Save Block...I suggest you use 
it! Also, you will have to fight...

BOSS: Magickoopa                                              HP: 1,600
      King Bomb                                                   500
      Jinx Clone                                                  320
      Bahamutt                                                    1,200

Er...this guy is pretty easy. Occasionally, he will create an egg which 
will block him, so you'll need to kill the creature in front. But, if 
you're really powerful, you should be able to kill him before that 

Exp: 10                     Item: none                        Coins: 100

Yeah, Sure, "Brainwashed" <Wink, Wink>:
Magic Koopa comes back to his senses and helps you by making a Golden 
Treasure Chest, which has an infinite amount of coins inside. Also, he 
will help you even more by healing you.

Buy! No Sell! No Buy!:
In the left door, Croco is there for the last time to sell you some 
items. You really should buy the Hero armor for everybody, since it's 
the most powerful armor (except for Lazy Armor, but that subtracts from 
other categories).

The Road to Swordsville:
Keep going, past the many Thwomps, and you will find a room much like 
the one Bowser was in...<gasp>! Another boss! 

BOSS: Boomer                                                   HP: 2,000

No, you can't attack the chain...this should be a piece of cake...When 
you knock off about 1,000 off, he'll change blue, which makes his 
attacks stronger, but his defense lowers dramatically! Kill `em!

Exp: 19                Item: none                              Coins: 9

Chandelier Ho (what kind of name is that?) will take you up to the 
castle's keep, where you will do battle with...yes...another BOSS!!

BOSS: Exor                                                   HP: 1,800
      Left Eye                                                     300
      Right Eye                                                    500
      Neosquid                                                     800

Exor, the hilt of the sword, is the main target, and all of the other 
enemies guard it. You have to knock out at least one of them to make 
Exor open to any attacks, but the knocked-out part will come back soon, 
so hurry! Also, their attacks are devastating if you haven't leveled up 
a lot, so make sure to carry some Crystalline if that's the case! Oh, 
and there's a sweet trick to make this fight last a lot shorter...first, 
knock out all of the creatures, so Exor is WIDE OPEN, then use Geno 
Whirl. If you time it, for some odd reason, Exor will take 9,999 damage 
like a regular enemy...

Exp: 34                 Item: none                           Coins: 0

The mouth will gape open and suck you inside...but you don't die, you 
fall through a strange portal and end up in an odd world suspended 
between earth and space. This is it, Smithy Factory, so be sure to 
complete ANY SECRETS OR SIDEQUESTS that you can possibly think of. Also, 
right now would be a good time to take care of Culex...

                      - - - MONSTRO TOWN - - - 

Who, OR WHAT, is Culex you ask? Get the Shiny Stone from the Monstro 
Town Trading Sequence and then use it on the door that is locked, it 
will open, revealing Culex, a Final Fantasy cameo! Fight him and...

BOSS: Culex                                              HP: 4,098
      Fire Crystal                                           2,500
      Water Crystal                                          1,800
      Earth Crystal                                          3,200
      Wind Crystal                                           800

Each crystal has devastating magical attacks which can do 100+ damage to 
each character, and that's just ONE CRYSTAL! THERE ARE FOUR! Use Rock 
Candy and any Bombs you may have, then use up all your RED ESSENCES to 
protect yourself. Make sure Toadstool is wearing the Lazy Shell armor 
(making her invincible). Then, use the crystals weaknesses to take them 
down. Wind should die very quickly, so that leaves the others. Earth is 
allergic to lightening, for Water it's fire (try Mario's Fire) and for 
Fire it's ice (try Mallow's Snowy)...or you could just concentrate on 
Culex, but you might die because of all the attacks. Culex has 
miscellaneous attacks such as Star Rain, Shredder, and a regular 
"scrape" attack.

Exp: 600               Item: Quartz Gem                         Coins: 0

                         - - - BOOSTER'S TOWER - - - 
Why Are We Here?:
Keep climbing the stairs and you will eventually find Knife Guy, talk to 
him and play his game. It can be very frustrating, but if you win 15 
times (each loss is subtracted from the total), you get the Bright Card, 
which allows you into Grate Guy's Casino. You can also sell this to the 
man in the Marrymore Inn for 10 Frog Coins. But, where is this casino?

                        - - - BEAN VALLEY - - - 

We're Going to See the Wizard, the Amazing Wizard of Oz...:
In the area with five pipes, one will lead to a Golden Chomp. Kill him, 
then jump up and down three times (you will hear a sound each time), the 
third time will yield a secret platform and an exit (the only way to 
know about this besides reading a guide would have been to inspect the 
guy who is sleeping in the Nimbusland Inn).

                      - - - GRATE GUY'S CASINO - - - 

Hey, Bub:
You need the Bright Card to get past the men in black...

Grate Guy!:
There many games to play, but the one with a good reward is from Grate 
Guy. Win his game an amazing 100 times (don't worry, your losses do not 
subtract from the total of wins) you get the Star Egg, an infinite ammo 
type of weapon which will cause 100HP Damage to all enemies. The 
animation is weird...the Star Egg is really not worth the time it takes 
to get it, but I'm just saying you can get it, because I have to.

                      - - - SMITHY FACTORY - - - 

The Best Party?:
Personally, I think the best party is as follows...

Weapon: Lazy Shell
Armor: Hero Shirt
Accessory: Attack Scarf (or Super Jacket if you could get it...)

Princess Toadstool
Weapon: Frying Pan
Armor: Hero Dress (Or Lazy Shell, if you suck bad)
Accessory: Safety Ring

Weapon: Star Gun
Armor: Hero Cape
Accessory: Quartz Gem (although it doesn't show it on the screen, this 
will raise offense and defense by 50 points!)

Me? Screwy? Pshaw!:
To cross the gaps, you will have to jump over and over on the screws. 
Just like in Super Mario Bros. 3...remember?

Ultra Hammer My Rump:
In this chest is the Ultra Hammer, but it is not Mario's best 
weapon...the Lazy Shell is, you dope!

Push `Da Green:
Push this switch to continue on...

BOSS: Countdown                                                HP: 2,400
      Ding-A-Ling x2                                               1,200

Countdown, the face of the clock, has some serious magic attacks which 
can really screw you up, but if you have everything set up right then it 
will be OK. First off, make sure Toadstool has the Safety Ring (like she 
should have had since it was available!). This way, if everyone else is 
turned into mushrooms/scarecrows/silenced/poisoned (she will be immune 
to it), she can heal everyone! Ding-A-Ling, the two bells, also have a 
few attacks up their sleeves...Oh, by the way, they are pretty allergic 
to Mario's jump. You might be wondering what's up with the coin thingy 
below. Well, if you save Countdown for last, you get many coins. 
However, if you kill him at the start you don't get anything! 

Exp: 20                Item: none                           Coins: 0/100

Too Many...Chests:
There are about three-million chests around here, so don't expect me to 
tell you how to get them all! Let's just say that what's inside is 

Makin' Machines:
You'll start to see the Machine Made versions of the bosses...they're a 
great way to earn Exp (50 points a pop, and takes very little effort to 
kill). Heck, with the Exp. Ring, you could really clean up!

Kill that guy falling on the block and the block will explode, revealing 
a large hole in the floor. Hmmm, I wonder what you do now?

BOSS: Cloaker                                                  HP: 1,200
      Domino                                                         900
      Earthlink                                                    1,400

Cloaker has powerful physical attacks while Domino has great magic 
spells...concentrate on Domino, you'll see why soon. When he's dead, 
Cloaker will back up into a giant, mechanized snake called Earthlink! 
Now it's three against two...if you kill Cloaker, Domino will be able to 
hurt you more with his magic! Just let Toadstool heal...blah blah...

Exp: 40                   Item: none                           Coins: 0

The Final Stretch:
The final road to Smithy will be a short one, but it will be rather 
crowded. You will fight three strong enemies (Clerk, Manager, Director) 
before finally getting to Gunyolk. Toad will also come here, give you a 
free Rock Candy, then allow you buy all sorts of items including...get 
this...Max Mushrooms! Well, anyways, continue. I won't give a boss 
stragedy to Gun Yolk because he is so pathetically easy. Save at the 
last Save Block and hit the last switch to go to...you know........

BOSS: Smithy                                              HP: 2,000
      Smelter                                                 1,500
      Shyster                                                   400

Smithy looks more like Santa Claus than an evil being...but, push that 
aside, because this is just a warm-up fight. Smelter, the golden fish 
head at the side of the arena, will give Smithy a red-jello type liquid 
which will then turn into a Shyster thanks to Smithy's large hammer. 
Shyster can use Sword Rain, which does 80 damage to all members, so 
watch out. Use Rock Candy from Toad and attack Smelter until he's dead, 
then concentrate on Smithy. He has a variety of spells, but nothing to 
worry about...

Exp: 0                    Item: none                       Coins: 0

Smithy's powerful attacks knock the screws right out of the floor, which 
gives away, plunging our heroes into a dark, red, hellish place with 
horrific masks and gears. Smithy is seriously PO'ed as, after a sweet 
looking cinema, transforms into his TRUE self....

BOSS: Smithy                                                  HP: 8,000
              Body                                                        1,000              

You can disable Smithy's body, but it won't do much...Smithy has the 
unique ability to change the shape of his head, and depending on the 
head, you should use different stragedies (why doesn't that sound 

Tank Head - The tank has very strong physical attacks, including a 
Golden Bullet which will take your HP down to 1! He's allergic to 
lightening, but it really doesn't matter that much, he'll soon shift 
into another form.

Treasure Chest Head - After a few turns it will open up to a reveal a 
nasty character that will cause all of your party members some kind of 
evil ailment. But, if Toadstool has the Safety Ring, then she can just 
heal everyone else. Easy, easy!

Shielded Head - His defense is way up there, and to prevent you from 
using any offensive powerups, he knows Shredder! Just keep attacking and 
don't worry about his attacks, they are very weak.

Toaster Head - Fighting when Smithy's head is a toaster is rare, you 
usually only see it this way when he first transforms. Either way, be 
sure to take care of him any way you can.

Sorceress Head - Ohh! This guy is pure evil! His magic attacks (which 
affect all party members) are killers...from Boulder, Arrow Rain, to 
Spear Rain and Meteor Rain (which can cause 150 to all)...However, his 
defense is ****! You can do 700HP of damage with Geno! There's not a 
better time to use RED ESSENCE...

General Notes - Smithy can also shoot machine gun bullets from his 
hands, so be careful. And that Hammer is also rather powerful...Don't be 
a pansy, use everything in your inventory if you have to! Crystalline, 
Energizer, RED ESSCENCE...whatever it takes, this is the last battle of 
the game!

Exp: 0            Item: Seventh Star (Golden), Ending           Coins: 0 


                 You have beaten the game!

4) Psychopath List

This was stolen, I mean, uh, taken from: 
So there!!

Monster                 HP          Thoughts
-----------------       -----       ------------------------------------
1.   GOOMBA             16          "Goomba gumba... phew!"
2.   SKY TROOPA         10          "What a gorgeous day!"
3.   SPIKEY             20          "Just try and jump on me!"
4.   FROGOG             80          "This bright sunlight better not fry
5.   K-9                30          "May I take a BITE?"
6.   CROCO (1st batl.)  320         "Gosh, I'm good!"
7.   SHYSTER            30          "Boing, boing, boing."
8.   BODYGUARD          30          "Boing, boing, boing."
9.   MACK               480         "Boing, boing, boing."
10.  GOBY               40          "Blub blub blub..."
11.  RAT FUNK           32          "Squeek, squeek..."
12.  HOBGOBLIN          50          "Havin' a blast today!"
13.  SHADOW             85          "You're a model, right?"
14.  PANDORITE          300         "I'm trying to sleep, OK?"
15.  THE BIG BOO        43          "Stop staring at me!"
16.  BELOME (1st batl.) 500         "I just... wanna sleep."
17.  STARSLAP           62          "They think I'm goofy..."
18.  ARACHNE            82          "[musical note] Day-o..."
19.  SHY GUY            78          "Hold still, okay?!"
20.  SNAPDRAGON         90          "I did a lot in my youth."
21.  CROOK              30          "You can't run away! Ha!"
22.  WIGGLER            120         "I'm just a helpless wiggler..."
23.  BUZZER             43          "Buzzzzz..."
24.  GUERRILLA          135         "Don't confuse me with someone
25.  AMANITA            52          "Gotta work on my tan!"
26.  BOWYER             720         "What's with these folks?"
27.  MAGMITE            26          "Got a thorn in my foot."
28.  CLUSTER            60          "I'll psyche you out!"
29.  SPARKY             120         "Fire EVERYWHERE!"
30.  BOB-OMB            90          "Ouch, HEY!  Watch it!"
31.  CROCO (2nd batl.)  750         "Ooh! I'm good!"
32.  PUNCHINELLO        1200        "Yeeha! I see we're already famous!"
33.  MICROBOMB          30          "Small is as small does."
34.  MEZZO BOMB         150         "Look out!"
35.  CARROBOSCIS        90          "I ALWAYS eat my vegetables!"
36.  SPIKESTER          50          "Why, you're AFRAID of me!"
37.  ARTICHOKER         200         "Relax a little, okay?"
38.  SNIFIT             200         "Minimum wage for THIS?!"
39.  SPOOKUM            98          "Que pasa?"
40.  ORB USER           8           "I hate Kinklinks!"
41.  REMO CON           88          "The world is history."
42.  JESTER             151         "I've failed my King..."
43.  ROB-OMB            42          "Disappear?  Maybe later!"
44.  BLASTER            120         "Wanna join me?"
45.  FIREBALL           10          "Blurb blurb blurb..."
46.  CHOMP              100         "Workin' on a chain gang."
47.  KNIFE GUY          700         "Happiness is hip!"
48.  GRATE GUY          900         "Peace is just a dream."
49.  TORTE              100         "Cake! Vatch zee CAKE."
50.  BUNDT              800?        "Congratulations."
51.  RASPBERRY          500         "Congratulations!"
52.  GECKO              92          "Red? What about Green?"
53.  MASTADOOM          180         "Phew, I'm FREEZING..."
54.  PULSAR             69          "I'm a mini-pulsar."
55.  MUKUMUKU           108         "Ya trying to bug me?!"
56.  SACKIT             152         "This is just how I am."
57.  ZEOSTAR            90          "Oh, I can't stand him!"
58.  BLOOBER            130         "I love floating around."
59.  GREAPER            148         "Any reaping to be done?"
60.  STRAW HEAD         131         "Gotta press this shirt!"
61.  REACHER            184         "Hope you'll stay close."
62.  DRY BONES          0           "I'm sick of gettin' hit!"
63.  GORGON             140         "I just wanna go home."
64.  ALLEY RAT          105         "Don't pity me, Mario!"
65.  TENTACLES          200         "You wouldn't... EAT me?!"
66.  KING CALAMARI      800         "The ship's MINE!  SCRAM!"
67.  HIDON              600         "You wanna run, huh?!"
68.  GOOMBETTE          100         "Me speak soft, BIG STICK!"
69.  MR*KIPPER          133         "I'm a fresh little fish."
70.  CRUSTY             80          "Look at THIS!"
71.  BANDANA RED        120         "I love the color RED!"
72.  BANDANA BLUE       150         "Color me Blue, mates!!"
73.  JOHNNY             820         "Whoa! It's all over."
74.  LEUKO              220         "Floating's a bad habit."
75.  YARIDOVICH         1500        "My promotion's at stake!"
76.  YARIDOVICH(mirage) Eq.to abv's "I'm not the real McCoy!"
77.  SHOGUN             150         "Do as you like."
78.  OCTOVADER          250         "I'm a part-time typist!"
79.  CHOW               80          "Hey, I fought you already!"
80.  SPINTHRA           230         "Oh! I'm gonna poison ya!"
81.  GECKIT             100         "Geck... Geck... GOCK?"
82.  CHEWY              90          "I'm just a fresh flower."
83.  SHY AWAY           140         "La Dee Dah~ Ha Ha."
84.  STINGER            65          "Strike the pose!"
85.  KRIFFID            320         "Aloe~ there!"
86.  FORMLESS           10          "I have a secret!"
87.  MOKURA             620         "Mwa ha ha..."
88.  FINK FLOWER        200         "Gimme your best shot!"
89.  RIBBITE            250         "My dad says, "Hello.""
90.  BELOME (2nd batl.) 1200        "Gotta yummy in my tummy!"
91.  BOWSER CLONE       300?        "Grr... my castle..."
92.  MALLOW CLONE       150         "Ma? Pa? Where are ya?"
93.  MARIO CLONE        200         "......"
94.  GENO CLONE         250         "Star Pieces... Star..."
95.  TOADSTOOL 2        120         "It's tough to be pretty!"
96.  JAGGER             600         "Oh! I'm so excited!"
97.  JINX (1st batl.)   600         "You're just a beginner!"
98.  JINX (2nd batl.)   800         "Sympathy!? Not from me!"
99.  BOX BOY            900         "Been waitin' 100 years!"
100. FAUTSO             420         "Thanks to you I'm free!"
101. CHOMP CHOMP        150         "Hey, let's PLAY!"
102. SMILAX             200         "Turn your eyes!"
103. MEGASMILAX         1000        "I was a water baby!"
104. BIRDY              150         "I HATE Valentina."
105. HEAVY TROOPA       250         "I'll make ya beautiful!"
106. PINWHEEL           99          "What a day it's been..."
107. SLING GUY          120         "Hear my song."
108. ORBISON            30          "Don't jump on me!"
109. MUCKLE             320         "Gotta know your limits."
110. SHAMAN             150         "I'm losing this fight!"
111. JAWFUL             278         "Huh?"
112. SHELLY             500         "Slow down!"
113. BIRDO              777         "I just love life!"
114. BLUEBIRD           200         "You are...magnificent"
115. DODO (1st batl.)   800         "I'm STARVED!"
116. DODO (2nd batl.)   1000        "I'm starved...later!"
117. DODO (batl.w/Vlnt) HP varies   "I'm starved...later!"
118. VALENTINA          2000        "I tell ya, he's NOTHING!"
119. OERLIKON           85          "I live to eat."
120. MAGMUS             50          "Clobber me for good life!"
121. PYROSPHERE         167         "Vroom, VROOM!!"
122. CHAINED KONG       355         "A tad warm, isn't it?!"
123. CORKPEDITE         200         "Off!  FORGET IT!"
124. BODY               300         "......"
125. VOMER              0           "Nobody, NOBODY likes me."
126. ARMORED ANT        230         "Do one good turn a day!"
127. STUMPET            500         "Express yourself!"
128. CZAR DRAGON        1400        "Flamin' hot, right at ya!"
129. HELIO              10          "I'm burnin' up inside!"
130. ZOMBONE            1800        "Hey!  We're not done yet!"
131. AXEM PINK          400         "Red, WRONG POSITION!"
132. AXEM BLACK         550         "You're timing stinks!"
133. AXEM RED           800         "I'm all thumbs today!"
134. AXEM YELLOW        600         "We're lookin' GOOD!"
135. AXEM GREEN         450         "Are we done here?"
136. AXEM RANGERS       999         "It's a melee!"
137. TERRA COTTA        180         "Oh, Mr.Bowser~~"
138. FORKIES            350         "Shikashikashika~~!"
139. GU GOOMBA          132         "Hey, maybe I CAN win!"
140. STAR CRUSTER       72          "I'M NOT A CRAB!!"
141. MALAKOOPA          95          "Just call me "General!""
142. BIG BERTHA         350         "Adabing, ADABANG!"
143. CHESTER            1200        "I love my job![heart]"
144. BAHAMUTT           500         "Give me a chance, here."
145. GLUM REAPER        180         "Comin' through..."
146. LAKITU             124         "Why do people hate me?"
147. MAGIKOOPA          1600        "That's... my child?"
148. KING BOMB          500         "I LIVE to explode!"
149. JINX CLONE         320         "I'm the REAL thing!"
150. BOOMER             2000        "It's all over now..."
151. EXOR               1800        "Gotta mow the lawn soon."
152. RIGHT EYE          500         "I've got an astigmatism!"
153. LEFT EYE           300         "I can't see a thing!"
154. NEOSQUID           800         "I'm so utterly alone..."
155. CULEX              4096        "A little off, eh?"
156. WIND CRYSTAL       800         "Whhhhhhooooo..."
157. EARTH CRYSTAL      3200        "I hate being awakened!"
158. WATER CRYSTAL      1800        "Get me back underground!"
159. FIRE CRYSTAL       2500        "I gotta vacuum tonight!"
160. AMEBOID            220         "Get outta my face."
161. DING-A-LING        1200        "Wake up sleepy heads!"
162. COUNTDOWN          2400        "We're into overtime!"
163. MACHINE MADE (Axem Pink)  100    "Oh! My makeup!"
164. MACHINE MADE (Axem Green) 80     "Whew! Vertigo!"
165. MACHINE MADE (Axem Red)   180    "Gotta fight for evil!"
166. MACHINE MADE (Axem Black) 120    "Will I make the team?"
167. MACHINE MADE (Axem Yellow)200    "I'm STARVED!"
168. JABIT                     150    "This is the pits!"
169. SPRINGER                  122    "What's going on here?"
170. PUPPOX                    300    "What does it all MEAN?"
171. MACHINE MADE (Bodyguard)  100    "Boing, boing, boing."
172. MACHINE MADE (Mack)       300    "Mario! I'm BAAAAAAAACK!"
173. HIPPOPO                   400    "This is a drag..."
174. LI'L BOO                  66     "Beep pa doodle dee![music note]"
175. DOPPEL                    333    "This has been a bad year!"
176. MACHINE MADE (Bowyer)     1000   "Nya! I'll SNUFF ya! NYA!"
177. NINJA                     235    "Wooo HOOO! I'm a FOO!"
178. MACHINE MADE (Yaridovich) 800    "My promotion's at stake!"
179. MACHINE MADE (Multiplier) 180    "Look out, LOSERS!"
180. CLOAKER                   1200   "I love cold hard steel!"
181. DOMINO                    900    "MAGIC! DEAL with it!"
182. MAD ADDER                 1500   "I'm alive and kicking."
183. DOMINO (w/Mad Adder)      varies "Sh... sho... shocked!"
184. MAD MALLET                200    "Work, work, work..."
185. CLERK                     500    "10 years I've been here!"
186. POUNDER                   180    "Wham bam SLAM!"
187. MANAGER                   800    "25 years of working, sigh."
188. POUNDETTE                 150    "Love conquers ALL."
189. DIRECTOR                  1000   "I just lost EVERYTHING."
190. GUNYOLK                   1500   "If we're beaten, the boss is
191. FACTORY CHIEF             1000   "Who DARES to fight ME?!"
192. JINX (3rd battle)         1000   "Ooh! I'm gonna hurt ya!"
193. SMELTER                   1500   "I brush after each meal!"
194. SMITHY                    2000   "Eh?! Not bad!"
195. SHYPER                    400    "Ooh! This'll be fun!"
196. SMITHY (body)             1000   "What a heavy head!"
197. SMITHY (toaster head)     8000   "This isn't good at all!"
198. SMITHY (tank head)        8000   "Don't shock me!  DON'T!"
199. SMITHY (wizard head)      8000   "Good magic, bad defense."
200. SMITHY (furnace head)     8000   "Nothin' can hurt me!"
200. SMITHY (treasurebox head) 8000   "What's hidden inside?!"

5) Secret Treasure Box List

Remember, these are invisible, so jump everywhere!


#x - Location (Item found inside)
Words explain how to find it go HERE

# 1 - Mushroom Kingdom (Frog Coin)
When you first enter the castle, jump on Toad's head as he runs off. 
Before he exits the hall, jump above to land on the doorframe. Jump 
again to get it! If you mess up, reset, because this is the only time 
you can get it!


# 2 - Mushroom Kingdom (Flower Tab)
Go to the shop and then down the stairs to the basement, you will find a 
man there. Follow his orders and you will automatically get it!


# 3 - Mushroom Kingdom (Flower Tab)
After talking to the above man, hop on his head and let him carry you to 
the right hand side of the room (the corner directly in front of the 
stairs). When he's near there, leap up to get the chest.


# 4 - Bandit's Way (Kerokero Cola)
In the section where you use a flower to go over a rock face, on the 
right-hand side is another flower. Try to land on the nearby blue 
flower, and you will get the chest.


# 5 - Rose Town (Frog Coin)
In the Item Shop, hop on the shelves behind the cashiers and jump a lot.


# 6 - Rose Town (Frog Coin)
Go to the house where the kid shut down the stairs, and go upstairs and 
start jumping on the bed. VOILA!


# 7 - Forest Maze (Kerokero Cola) 
In the first screen, to the left of the exit to the next screen.


# 8 - Forest Maze (Frog Coin)
After exiting the very first underground section, go to the left and up 
and jump in the corner.


# 9 - Forest Maze (Nothing)
I don't think anyone on the planet could possibly explain exactly which 
stump to go down to get this one...just use the Signal Ring. Remember, 
the area with all the stumps? In one of those, near the lower area at 
least. When you find it, the little caption will say "...you missed!" 


# 10 - Forest Maze (Flower Tab)
In one of the many stumps...


# 11 - Forest Maze (Kerokero Cola)
In the stump where the Wiggler you awoke to make a path originally was, 
jump near where he used to be (exactly).


# 12 - Forest Maze (RED ESSENCE)
After the Save Block, near the entrance to the maze area (the place with 
four different choices), jump! It's to the right.


# 13 - Pipe Vault (Flower Tab)
In the area where you need to duck to get a Frog Coin, jump up to find 
an invisible platform to the upper area, and jump like crazy.


# 14 - Pipe Vault (Frog Coin)
Same as above, it's just a bit more to the left.


# 15 - Yo'ster Isle (Frog Coin)
On the screen with the Save Block, go behind it and jump!


# 16 - Booster Pass (Flower Tab)
On the screen coming from Moleville, go to the bush above the hole that 
appears when you hit the special switch in Booster's Tower. Jump!


# 17 - Booster Pass (Rock Candy)
On the same screen as above, go to the exit to the next screen, slightly 
to the left, and jump.


# 18 - Booster's Tower (Frog Coin)
In the area where infinite Spookums come from, go to the source and jump 
around there.


# 19 - Booster's Tower (Frog Coin)
After the Thwomp on the teeter-totter boosts you up to the next area, go 
left, then up, and jump on the little fork.


# 20 - Booster's Tower (Green Mushroom)
In the room right before the room where you play the curtain game, jump 
on the opposite side of the room that the Save Block is on.


# 21 - Booster's Tower (Goodie Bag)
In the same room as above, jump on the yellow blocks. Instead of getting 
the regular chest, jump ON TOP of it, then jump again. Just sell the Bag 
for 500 Coins...


# 22 - Marrymore (Frog Coin)
Go into the Inn, the regular room, and jump on the shelves...ahoy!


# 23 - Sunken Ship (Kerokero Cola)
In the room with a Mario Clone, jump over and over near the center of 
the lower wall that goes diagonally up...it will hit a block which will 
REVEAL the chest. To open it, you must time it right so you jump on your 
mirrored friend's head, then jump again.


# 24 - Land's End (RED ESSENCE)
In the first screen, coming from Seaside Town, get on the yellow 
platform. When it is at its highest point, hit up on the control pad and 
B to jump...may take a few tries.


# 25 - Land's End (Kerokero Cola) 
In the second screen, get inside the hole so all of the Chows come out, 
then kill them all so they won't bother you. Stand directly in front of 
the hole, in front of the cannon, and jump, an invisible yellow platform 
will appear. Now, get back in the cannon and fire to the platform, it 
will act like a flying carpet and whisk you to the nearby platform. If 
the platform doesn't move, you're using the wrong invisible platform 
(yes, there are two). Besides a normal chest on the uprising, jump for 
another one.


# 26 - Land's End (Frog Coin)
In the area with the many bees, you will find two blue flowers, jump 
from one to the other...


# 27 - Land's End (Frog Coin)
On the road to the Cricket Jam, you will find a Chow above a flight of 
stairs. Jump where the Chow is, I say!


# 28 - Belome's Temple (Frog Coin)
After the fortune, you will find an area with two visible chests. Climb 
on the bricks and jump on the leftmost visible one, then jump again.


# 29 - Belome's Temple (Frog Coin)
In the same screen as above, there's another in the little "corner" that 
is in the middle of the room.


# 30 - Monsto Town (Frog Coin...AGAIN)
When exiting, jump between the small bush and the wall. You know, it has 
a note giving you a good-bye message.


# 31 - Bean Valley (Frog Coin...)
In the first screen, coming from Land's End, go down the pipe, then go 
to the left hand side and JUMP! HUMP! Is anyone reading this? 


# 32 - Bean Valley (RED ESSENCE)
In the area with pipes, go down the pipe where you get to fight 
Chestboy...or whatever it may be called. From where you come in, go left 
and diagonally up...jump-a!


# 33 - Bean Valley (Frog Coin)
It's in another of the pipes, with the random-thingy.


# 34 - Nimbus Land (Frog Coin)
In the item shop, get on the shelf behind the cashier and make it so the 
camera shifts, then jump towards the salesman. Ta----daaa!


# 35 - Nimbus Land (Flower Tab)
In the area with three doors (center leads to the egg room), jump in the 
upper-left hand corner of the room.


# 36 - Nimbus Land (Frog Coin)
In the hall before the room where you got the first castle key, jump 
near the entrance to the room where you got Mr. Key.


# 37 - Nimbus Land (Frog Coin)
In the same area as before, except walk into the black part, then go up 
and jump, you'll be in "Outerspace"!


# 38 - Nimbus Land (Frog Coin)
After the egg room, there will be a visible chest on a lower area. Jump 
down to it, then jump while standing on top of it.


# 39 - Smithy Factory (Green Mushroom)
Work your way to the second Save Block, then jump near it. TA DA! The 
last treasure chest in the game is yours! Strangely, the Pandorite in 
Monstro Town ONLY says "Good job, you found them all!"...that's IT?!?!

6) Yoshi Cookie Transformations


This list was taken from 
http://icybrian.simplenet.com/yoshitransform.html, and yes, I asked for 
their permission. I'm no thief!

Alley Rat: Able Juice
Amanita: Bad Mushroom
Ameboid: Max Mushroom
Apprentice: No transformation
Arachne: Energizer
Armored Ant: No transformation
Bahamutt: No transformation
Big Bertha: Pick Me Up
The Big Boo: No transformation
Bloober: Elixir
Body: Mushroom
Buzzer: Mushroom
Carroboscis: Honey Syrup
Chained Kong: Pick Me Up
Chester: No transformation
Chewy: Bad Mushroom
Chomp: Bracer
Chomp Chomp: Mushroom
Chow: Fright Bomb
Corkpedite: No transformation
Crook: Mid Mushroom
Crusty: Bracer
Dry Bones: Mushroom
Fink Flower: Max Mushroom
Fireball: No transformation
Forkies: Royal Syrup
Formless: No transformation
Frogog: Able Juice
Geckit: Energizer
Gecko: Froggie Drink
Glum Reaper: Pure Water
Goby: Mushroom
Goomba: Mushroom
Gorgon: Maple Syrup
Greaper: Honey Syrup
Guerrilla: Able Juice
Gu Goomba: Froggie Drink
Hippopo: No transformation
Hobgoblin: Pure Water
Jabit: Bracer
Jester: Honey Syrup
Kriffid: No transformation
Lakitu: Maple Syrup
Leuko: No transformation
Li'l Boo: Freshen Up
Machine Made (Axem Black): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Green): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Pink): No tranformation
Machine Made (Axem Red): No transformation
Machine Made (Axem Yellow): No transformation
Machine Made (Bowyer): No transformation
Machine Made (Mack): No transformation
Machine Made (Shyper): Mushroom
Machine Made (Yaridovich): No transformation
Mad Mallet: Energizer
Magmus: Bracer
Malakoopa: Maple Syrup
Mr. Kipper: Mushroom
Mokura: No transformation
Muckle: No transformation
Mukumuku: Muku Cookie
Ninja: Power Blast
Octolot: Honey Syrup
Octovader: Froggie Drink
Oerlikon: Energizer
Orbison: Royal Syrup
Orb User: Maple Syrup
Piranha Plant: No tranformation
Pounder: Energizer
Poundette: Energizer
Pulsar: Pick Me Up
Puppox: No transformation
Pyrosphere: No transformation
Rat Funk: Mushroom
Reacher: Pick Me Up
Remo Con: Pick Me Up
Rob-omb: Pick Me Up
Sackit: Max Mushroom
Shadow: Honey Syrup
Shaman: Royal Syrup
Shogun: Royal Syrup
Shy Away: Maple Syrup
Shy Guy: Honey Syrup
Sky Troopa: No transformation
Sling Shy: Maple Syrup
Smelter: No transformation
Smithy: No transformation
Snapdragon: Sleepy Bomb
Sparky: No transformation
Spikester: No tranformation
Spikey: No transformation
Spinthra: No transformation
Spookum: No transformation
Springer: Elixir
Star Cruster: No transformation
Starslap: Mushroom
Stinger: Able Juice
Stumpet: Royal Syrup
Terra Cotta: Mid Mushroom
Tub-O-Troopa: Elixir
Vomer: Pure Water
Wiggler: Able Juice
Zeostar: No transformation

7) Credit

I'm coming down with a lazy spell, so I'm going to make the rest of this 
short. I give credit to Nintendo, Square, and MetroidMoo (noticed how I 
used his Boss Battle layout).

Remember, for any other information, check some other FAQ.

8) Legal Mumbo Jumbo

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 

1) The version you are taking is from gamefaqs.com
2)  You give me credit
3)  It is shown in it's full version
4)  This fine print is included
5)  It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6)  You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, 
I'm too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow - All Rights Reserved  

9) Final Notes/Farewell

No one will e-mail me and...well...that's pretty much it, actually.

                          - marshmallow - 

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