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FAQ/Driving Guide by wayalla

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/02/03


BY Wayalla (AARON BAKER) EMAIL Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au



      A - Drive
      B - Use Item
      C - Brake
      D - View
      E - Hopping
      A - Donkey Kong Jr
      B - Bowser
      C - Toad
      D - Mario
      E - Yoshi
      F - Luigi
      G - Koopa
      H - Princess 
      A - Banana
      B - Red Shell
      C - Green Shell
      D - Feather
      E - Star
      F - Mushroom
      G - Ghost
      H - Lightning
      A - Mario Circuit 
      B - Donut Plains
      C - Ghost Valley
      D - Bowser Castle
      E - Mario Circuit 2
      F - Chocco Island
      G - Ghost Valley 2
      H - Donut Plains 2
      I - Bowser Castle 2
      J - Mario Circuit 3
      K - Koopa Beach
      L - Chocco Island 2
      A - Basic Cornering
      B - Tackling a Sharp Corner
      C - Advanced Cornering
      D - Winning
      E - Knowing the Track
      F - Computer Attacks and 
          how to overcome them
      G - The Best Character
      H - Strategic Spots
      I - Boost Start
      J - Extra Life
      A - What does 50cc, 100cc and 150cc mean?
      B - What is the best character in the game?
      C - Are there any cheat codes?
      D - Can I use this FAQ on my site?
      A - Copyright
      B - Email Policy
      C - About me
      D - Whats to Come
      E - Version History
      F - Credits

Back about 4 or 3 years ago, I plaed this game to the fullest on my 
Super Nintendo. It was my favourite game of all time on my super 
nintendo, and I absolutely loved the game. Of course, then, all i had 
was my Super Nintendo. 4 years on, I am now playing this game again. 
Suprisingly, I still remember all of the characters, all of the levels, 
and even some places where you put the banana's ands they hit someone 
nearly all the time.

So, I will now write a game guide for Super Mario Kart. Hopefully, i 
will get around to actually finishing the guide and get it submitted to 
GameFAQs, so lets just see. When I did have this as my super nintendo 
game, I did not even have a computer, let alone the internet, let alone 
know about GameFAQs, so there was no way I could write a guide at that 
time for it, so I am going to write one now.


B Button                 Drive
A Button                 Use Item
Y Button                 Brake
X Button                 Look Back
R                        Bounce
L                        Bounce


DONKEY KONG JR       I hate this guy, In fact I just hate all of these 
                     fat guys. Most of them have nothing to give me in
                     terms of speed, so I just steer way clear of them.
                     this guy goes really slow, and as you should know,
                     speed in the main key in the game. How are you 
                     going to win if you are weighing down the Kart
                     going 1 kilometer per hour. Defenetly not on my
                     liking list.

BOWSER               Once again, I do not like this guy. But, I have
                     the choice of only between Donkey Kong Jr and
                     Bowser, i would choose this guy. Sure Bowser can 
                     handle well, but just like DKJR he is very slow.
                     So, once again, he isn't really on my liking list,
                     although I like picking on him in races.

TOAD                 Defenetly my favourite character in the game to
                     use. He has absolutely excellent speed, and is one 
                     of the best characters for handling his kart in
                     the game. My choice always is this guy, although
                     sometimes is Koopa. I don't usually pick anyone 
                     but this guy in all of the races.

MARIO                Really, the main star of the game, but I really
                     don't like using this guy. He still has very good
                     speed, and can handle real well, but there are
                     better people out there than this guy, even if he
                     is the main star of the game. I guess you could
                     say that he is a middle class player, and does the
                     same really as Luigi.

YOSHI                Yeah, this guy is alright too. The main thing he
                     is good at is getting his top speed up. His speed 
                     is very powerful when he gets going, but only when
                     he gets going. The main thing he lacks is that he
                     handles like crap. A little mix up and he will be
                     off the road in a spin.  

LUIGI                This guy is basically the same as Mario. He has 
                     relatively good speed, and can handle OK, notice
                     the OK bit. He doesn't handle like the best of
                     them, but Isn't like Yoshi. Well, once again, he 
                     is somewhere lost in the middle where no one will 
                     use him.

KOOPA                This guy, is right up there with my favourite
                     character in the game. Toad and Koopa Troopa are
                     basically the same. The both have a great top
                     speed, and can handle excellent, better than
                     anyone else playing this game. He is always my
                     second choice if my borther picks Toad, so yeah,
                     this guy is quite good.

PRINCESS             Once again, I hate her. I'm not sure why, I think
                     it is because she always seems to pick on me when
                     I'm toad racing. She has alright top speed and 
                     acceleration and is extremely good at handling her
                     kart. Defenetly a good choice if you are a girl.


In Mario Kart, it isn't just speed and good handling that is going to 
get you through the game and make you win all the time. You need some 
help from some items, these include: Banana's, Mushrooms, Shells, and 
all the other stuff you can find.

BANANA               Yeah I like this little thing. As with all the
                     cartoons and stuff in real life, when someone goes
                     over a banana peel, they slip over. Same goes with
                     this game, place the banana peel and just hope 
                     that it hits someone, then look to see them
                     spinning around. You can also throw the banana by
                     pressing A + Up. because the banana is really
                     small, you will need to lay it in a perfect
                     location, as most, if not all, riders follow the
                     same course. Just, don't hit it yourself.

RED SHELL            Ohh baby, this is what you want to have. This is
                     the best weapon in the entire game. What makes it 
                     so special you ask? It is like a homing missile.
                     You fire this thing, and it will immediately go 
                     for the closest person to you, which is usually 
                     the person in front, unless you are first, then it
                     will go for 2nd or last placed. If this hits 
                     anything on it's way, it will die, so use it in an 
                     open area if possible, but most of the time it
                     will usually hit it's target.

GREEN SHEEL          This weapon can be useful, as it can be fired
                     forward, or backwards. But, if you do get this, I
                     suggest throwing it out straight away before the
                     next boxes of weapons, since this isn't one of the
                     best items you can have in th game. This is very 
                     innacurate, as it doesn't lock on, so you can just
                     fire it and it will go directly forward (or 
                     backward). The good thing about it is that it can 
                     bounce off of walls, and will last a very long
                     time, or until it hits someone. The shell is just
                     a green tortise shell.

FEATHER              In the words of CVX, Whee! This items makes you
                     jump and spin in the air. Really, when you think
                     about it, this has alot of uses. It can be used to
                     jump over barricades that are in your way, take a
                     little shortcut, or jump spaces, or just to avoid
                     an attack, you can use this to jump a red shell or
                     something. Can be very useful at times, but isn't
                     used for attacking.

STAR                 Oh Boy, is this good or what? I usually find this
                     item when I am in somehwere like last place, never
                     while I am in 2nd, or the top 4. Anyway, use this
                     and you can go on a little rampage. First off, 
                     this makes you speed up alot, bypassing alot of
                     cars. But when you have the star on, anyone you
                     hit will spin out, leaving them way back. Very
                     useful indeed, a great item.

MUSHROOM             Meh, an Okay weapon, only if you want to get some
                     serious air, or want to overtake a person who is
                     pretty close to you. This mushroom gives you a big
                     speed boost, just like one of those special ones
                     on the ground in Bowser castle, but they aint
                     mushrooms. Just use it, and you will get a massive
                     speed boost. Try using this and then go over one
                     of the speed boosts set on the ground. 

GHOST                This can be used for two things. The first thing
                     is to become invisible, meaning that the other
                     player cannot see you at all, but, they player can
                     just look at your screen to find where you are,
                     and you are not immune from any attack, so a Red
                     Shell can still hit you and make you spin out. But
                     still good for being tricky. The second thing this
                     can be used for is stealing someones weapon. If
                     you use the ghost when the opponent has something
                     in his slot, then you can steal his weapon.

LIGHTNING            Best. Item. EVAR! Yeah! This is the best Item you
                     can find in the game, but the only time I can ever
                     get lightning is when I am nearly coming last, or 
                     I am in last position. What the lightning does is
                     makes all of your competiters small. It's fun to
                     watch them race around the course when they are
                     very tiny. How does this benefit you?, well there
                     are two things. 1) When they are small, they are
                     slower and you go way faster than them. 2) When
                     you hit someone with your kart, because you are so
                     big, you basically squash them. They take afew
                     seconds to be put back on the track. I think this
                     item is better than any other because it effects
                     everyone on the track.


MARIO CIRCUIT 1      Okay, this is the basics of all tracks. It is
                     really, really easy, and you should have no
                     trouble getting around this track at all. The
                     Items for this track are found around the second
                     corner of the track. Watch out for the barricade
                     things there, they can prove a big pain in the ass
                     if you do not know how to steer properly. There is
                     one shortcut, but it really isn't worth taking
                     because it slows your speed right down. The
                     shortcut is just after the third turn, there will
                     be a big dirt pacth on your right, go across here
                     to the course you can see on the other side. But,
                     as I said, speed will let you down at the end. 
                     Corners should be easy to take, if you are new to 
                     the game, then you can take corners very wide. If 
                     you want to get a really good time, try going on
                     the inside of the corners.

DONUT PLAINS         No, there is no food here to eat, Yoshi would be
                     sad about that. Anyway, once again, this course is
                     pretty simple to get around and to come first on
                     also. The Items for this course are located just
                     after the start line, so just up ahead from the
                     start so you can use the weapons really quickly,
                     and hopefully to your advantage. There is a bridge
                     in this level, but it's pretty hard to fall off
                     into the water because of alot of things stopping
                     you. There is one shortcut, but it will bring your
                     speed down. There is a barrier while a hole in the
                     middle, you can go through there if you want, but
                     I never do. there isn't really any other 
                     challenge, just when you get to that U - Turn bit,
                     take the corner pretty wide. 

GHOST VALLEY         Another pretty easy level, this is my favourtie
                     level to compete on, because I am so good at this
                     level. The Items are once again located just up
                     from the start, so you can nearly use them 
                     staright away. The main problem people will be
                     having on this course is that they will go off the
                     edge alot. The first chicane section around the
                     first corner can be a pain, so try to use a
                     straioght line to get through both of the turns
                     and then go wide around the next corner. There are
                     barricades surrounding the outside on MOST of the
                     track, but not all of it. You can hit this
                     barricade once, and then the piece will dissapear.
                     If you happen to hit that same spot again, you
                     will go off the edge. Try not to bang into the
                     wall at all. You can make the opponents stack that
                     little jump if you place a banana before it, so
                     they fall down the hole. There is one shortcut,
                     and you can get onto it 2 ways. The first way is
                     with the feather. Go over the bridge near the end,
                     and then you will see a little hole and a piece of
                     track sticking out. Use the feather to jump across
                     the hole and land on the other side. The next way
                     you can get onto it is by using the mushroom. Try
                     and get yourself lined up from when you come
                     around the corner onto the jump, and when you are
                     about to go over the jump, use the mushroom and
                     then you will fly over onto it. This shortcut can
                     take of about 2 - 3 seconds of your total time.
                     Also, there are some bonus items around the corner
                     from the chicane, you will need to jump over the
                     little jumps to get them, unless you are a king at

BOWSERS CASTLE       This track is really easy too, but some new
                     challenges face you while doing this track. You
                     come from a track set in no where to a track set
                     in a castle with Lava around it. The Items for
                     this track are set just around the corner on this 
                     track, ready for a quick kill if someone decides
                     to pass you straight away. If you do pick up a red
                     shell, then wait until you are in this next area
                     around the corner to use it, because there is alot
                     of space and you will also gain on them because of
                     the boosts on the floor of the track. If you
                     picked up a mushroom, then you can use this before
                     those speed boosts and you will go flying and take
                     over nearly everyone, since the computer players
                     are too stupid to even realise that the speed
                     boosts are even there. Whichever way, use the 
                     speed boosts. The new obsticle you will face is
                     those rock things that can sometimes crunch you
                     and it takes ages to be re-put. Well, my advice
                     here is not to get hit by them, it's that simple.
                     Try not to actually go under one of the rocks
                     unless there is no over way (eg, a banana is in 
                     the way or something). If the rock has come down, 
                     and then just started to go back up, then you can
                     go under it because you know it wont be back down
                     for afew seconds more. Just notice the patterns
                     that happen while you are doing the laps around
                     the course, and these shouldbe no problem to
                     handle. When you get to the jumps, do not hop or
                     you will most likely stack the jump, and end up

MARIO CIRCUIT 2      I love racing on this track, it is so funny to do
                     afew things on here. But all in all, this track is
                     really easy to come first on, especially with the
                     help of the banana and the mushroom. The Items for
                     this level can be found just around the corner
                     from the start, near the big dirt patch. By the
                     time you get to them, you should be first. Just
                     keep racing like you normally around the next few
                     corners, and then the fun starts to begin. You
                     will see a track going right to left of you around
                     the next few corners, this is a jump. Turn the
                     next corner, and then skid around the next U -
                     Turn bend. Here, you will find a jump with the
                     turbo boosts just by them. If you want the
                     comupter to be even farther behind you (I'm 
                     talking about 8 seconds or so here) then place a
                     banana somewhere on the left side of the track. If
                     placed in the right position, then a computer
                     player (usually second place) will hit the banana,
                     and if place on the turbo parts, they have no
                     speed to get over the jump, and will stack it and
                     therefore have to do that part of the track again.
                     Usually this will result in the person who was
                     just in second place to now be in something like
                     last place, although they can catch up really
                     quickly. Keep doing this with the bananas and the
                     new second place will then become somewhere like
                     6th, because the leads should have broken away by
                     now. They do catch up, but usually not fast enough
                     to get back to the position that they were usually
                     in on the first race. I once had the person who
                     usually gets 8th position in all of the races
                     actually get something like 1 point in this race,
                     meaning he beat 4 other people, and usually when 1
                     guy gets last in a race, then he stays in the 
                     position. You can use the mushroom over the jump
                     to do a super jump. Use the mushroom when you are
                     about to go over the turbo boosts, and you will
                     get super speed. 

CHOCCO ISLAND        This is just another basic level, just with a 
                     totally different settings to all of the other
                     race levels that are out there. This time, we get
                     to race around (and in) choclate. Yay for use. As
                     I said, the first course of Chocco island is
                     really simple. This is just a basic track, only
                     with afew jumps in it. The Items for this level
                     are just ahead of the start, which seems to be the
                     same for most of the other levels now. You will
                     encounter afew obsticles during this race though,
                     here are afew: The choclate in the middle of the
                     road. This can be very annoying, becauseing it
                     slows you down alot. Try top go to the side of it
                     when possible, but if you can't do that, then try
                     to hop through it so it wont slow you down really
                     that much. The next obstacle is those jumps, they
                     aren't really an obstacle, but oh well. They can
                     do you good, and you have to go over them. They
                     really don't cause any speed slow down or anything
                     like that, so you don't need to worry about that. 
                     Oh, try not to hit those flowers on the side of
                     the road, if you do, then you will spin out, lose
                     some coins and everyone will pass you.

GHOST VALLEY 2       We are back into the same levels that you have
                     previously played basically. We return to the
                     valley with ghosts, but this time the track is 
                     much different, it is filled with new obstacles to
                     face, some that you haven't faced before. Are you
                     up for the challenge? Okay. The start of the
                     course is pretty easy, and then skid around the
                     next corner. The Items to the track can be found
                     just around this corner, run over one of them and
                     get an item. There will be a big corner up ahead
                     that you will see, use the famous slide tactic and
                     then skid around it. Since you have alot of room,
                     you should be able to come back in pretty close to
                     the wall and can speed off quickly. If you want,
                     you can use the wall on the other side as a 
                     barrier, as most people can't get back on their
                     feet quick enough, and need to use the wall as a
                     barrier. Using the wall helps you keep your speed
                     and you don't really crash out. Once you pass
                     around the next corner, you find another obstacle:
                     A hole in the road. How to get around this, you
                     say? Avoid it. It's that easy. The hole is on the
                     side of the track, and you shouldn't be going all
                     the way out there anyway, so you can just leave it
                     alone and not worry about the hole. Rmember what I
                     said in the first Ghost Valley track, you can hit
                     a piece of the side track once, but a hole will be
                     left in it's place. If you hit the smae place
                     again, then you will fall off and will have to be
                     put back on for the rpice of coins. There is one
                     last jump near the end of the track, just before
                     the end. Try using a mushroom over it and go
                     flying, or you can hop over the jump and get the
                     item that is there.

DONUT PLAINS 2       Back to the seocnd level layout. once again, this
                     level contains alot of challenges, including some
                     new ones that can slow your progress down alot.
                     This time, the items for the level are located
                     just after the start line. There is the main 
                     track, and then there is the grass section. Do not 
                     go on the grass section, it will slow you down 
                     tremendously. So, what am I trying to say here?
                     Stay on the track. Most of the corners in this 
                     level are pretty sharp ones, so try to go out wide
                     and then come back in to the corners by skidding,
                     it works pretty well, but you can sometimes go 
                     off, on one occasion, I was sliding too much that
                     my character just stayed there spinning around.
                     Now, here is the new challenge you will face 
                     during this level: Those stupid moles. They are
                     around the course and pop up from there holes and
                     grab onto your kart, so the character can't see 
                     (but you still can) and they slow you down alot, 
                     which is of course bad. Now, heres how to get rid
                     of them if they attack your face: Hop, use the L
                     and the R buttons on the top of the controller,
                     and just keep pressing one of them rapidly. The 
                     Mole will eventually be gotten rid of. Try to
                     steer clear of the mole holes. The ones behind the
                     start lines can easily be avoided by going out
                     wide and then swerving back into the corner,
                     missing the mole holes altogether, which is quite
                     good if you ask me.

BOWSERS CASTLE 2     Ahh, good old Bowsers castle. Once again, in this
                     level, you face some new challneges, and some old
                     challenges. This level is pretty trick for most
                     people, including me. The items in the level are
                     just around the corner from the starting line, so
                     grab them around there. In Bowsers castle, there
                     is once again alot of sharp turns that you have to
                     face, and they are a pure nuiscene, as you always
                     seem to crash into the corners and it can hard to
                     get out. Try to slow down when coming into the 
                     sqaure sections with the hole in the middle, 
                     because this can cause problems. Here, either go
                     to the left straight away, or go up and then to
                     the left. My choice it o go up and then to the 
                     left because I hate doing the sharp turn there. If
                     you did it my way, then get back onto the other 
                     side and take the road around, don't worry about
                     the shortcut because you will probably crash 
                     trying to get in there. Now, we come to those rock
                     things that come down and crush you and waste some
                     of your prcious time. Just a note that they do not
                     come down on the first lap of the level, because 
                     that lap is just for you to get a feel of the 
                     course and what it is like. Try not to go directly
                     under the rocks. You can tell where the rocks are
                     going to come down on because you can see their 
                     shadow on the ground, so go between the shadows to
                     avoid them. If the rocks are down and you ram into
                     one, just wait until it goes back up, or try to go 
                     around it. When you get around to the jumps, try
                     laying a banana onto one of them, and hopefully
                     one of the computer players will hit it, and will
                     fall into the lava. When you are on the jumps, try
                     not to hop, because you can miss the jumps and
                     fall into the lava, and that takes alot of
                     precious time away from you.

MARIO CIRCUIT 3      Good old Mario Circuit. All of the Mario Circuit
                     layouts are just roads. There is really no new
                     challenges in this level, the only hard thing to
                     do is that big U - Turn corner in the middle of
                     the track, to get around this without crashing can
                     be very hard for alot of people, but for me, I 
                     have mastered it and can get around it very easily 
                     now. Before I get onto the way to get past that
                     successfully, I will just inform you of a 
                     shortcut. You will see a map down the bottom of
                     the screen if you are on one player mode. The
                     track closest to the bottom has a little shortcut,
                     but for it to actually benefit you in the end, it
                     will require a mushroom from the items section on 
                     the course. There will be a hole in the barrier,
                     use the mushroom to fly across the dirt section.
                     Thats the shorcut, it doesn;t cut really that
                     much time off, since the mushroom could of been
                     used for something better. Now, back to the corner
                     that alot of people have trouble with it. Approach        
                     the corner from the road, and then go to the left
                     side, so you are pretty close to the barrier in
                     the middle of the corner. Start to slow down, and
                     keep on going foward and when the barrier ends, do 
                     a quick little U - Turn past the barrier,
                     hopefully missing it and then get back onto the
                     road. Try not to hit the barrier, or you will be
                     stuck, which you don't want. Also, try not to lay
                     a banana around that corner, because if it misses
                     everyone, you will likely hit it, and the computer
                     usually follows the same course.

KOOPA BEACH          Yay, we are onto a hole new setting now, it's
                     Koopa Beach. This level is in fact quite easy to 
                     do, especially as it is in this league. You should
                     have no trouble winning this race, it is very
                     simple. There are 3 parts of this level, they are:
                     The sand. Try to stay on this stuff, while on 
                     here, you can build up all of your speed and get
                     your high score. Hopefully you will be racing on 
                     this most of the race. The next setting is the
                     first type of water. You have to pass over this
                     alot of times, but only between sand bars you go
                     over this. Lastly, there is the second type of
                     water. Try to avoid this fully, if you do fall in
                     this, then you will be taken back up and lose some
                     coins, unless you get back up by yourself quick
                     enough, then you don't lose coins. The first type
                     of water that occurs during the sand bars will
                     slow you down abit, and here is how to make it so
                     it doesn't: Try to hop over the water and onto the
                     next snad bar, thus missing the water, which will
                     slow you down if you go into the water. Of course,
                     sometimes you have to go through the water, which 
                     there is nothing you can do about. So, try to hop
                     to keep your speed up high. The items for this
                     level can be found around on the biggest sand bar,
                     with that stuff that makes you slip in the middle.
                     Go to the right side of the island as soon as you
                     come onto the sand bar and go this side for the
                     items. Try to avoid the middle section, otherwise
                     you will once again, lose speed and just think,
                     this could cost you first spot. There is one
                     shortcut that I know of, well, this one is the
                     only one that really benefits you, there are other
                     little shortcuts, but it is beter going on the
                     sand. Anyway, if playing one player, at the bottom
                     screen, look to the top. You will see one big sand
                     bar and another little one below it. Hop to this
                     little sand bar and you can then use the water to
                     take a shortcut through to the next sand bar. Oh,
                     one last thing: There are some pirana things that 
                     bounce up and down throughout the level, Do not
                     hit these, otherwise you will spin out of control,
                     which is bad.
CHOCCO ISLAND 2      Back to the land of chocolate. This level can
                     prove quite difficult, even for me, but I like
                     this level. Once again, there are three types of
                     terrain in this level: There is the track, try to
                     stay on this as much as possible so you can get
                     speed and race. Next, there is the big chocolate
                     pacthes all around the level. The main one is just
                     around the second corner of the track, it is huge.
                     Lastly, there is the outline chocolate, which is
                     the stuff that will slow you down tremendously if
                     you go onto it, so don't. Them items in the level
                     are just around the corner near the start, in the
                     narrow section of the level. When you pass the 
                     next corner, you will then come to the good old 
                     big patch of chocolate. Unfortunately you can't
                     eat it to get rid of it, in fact, you can't get
                     rid of it anywhow. The big pacth of chocolate will
                     just slow you down. But, if you want to keep some 
                     of your speed, then hop over it. To hop over it,
                     just keep on rapidly pressing the L button or the 
                     R button at the top of the controller. You will
                     lose some speed, but not as much as you did if you 
                     didn't fo it this way. Remember that the computer
                     players also have to go through the choclate, so
                     they slow down as well. Also, afew nmore last
                     things: There is a shortcut, but it reall does no
                     good as you lose all speed and you could save the
                     item you are going to use for it somewhere else. 
                     As you start, you can go straight through the
                     broken section of the barrier, but, you will need
                     a mushroom, and it is a waste of it really,
                     because the mushroom should be used to get through
                     the choclate patch section, since you lose alot of
                     speed there. Another thing is that you should try
                     not to hit those flower things on the side of the 
                     track, if you do, you will spin out of control, 
                     which can prove costly.


Another importent thing, this section will give you various tips and 
tricks to win over your opponent. 

BASIC CORNERING      The best way I have found to tackle a basic corner
                     is to just use the accelerate button, and navigate
                     around the corner using the directional buttons.
                     This will usualy work, depending on the character
                     you are using. Usually, the kart will do it's
                     little auto braking system, but will not skid.

TACLKING A HAIRPIN   A Hairpan is just like a shrap corner, but I
                     couln't put sharp corner in the title to the left,
                     because it would overlap the start. Anyway, this
                     is the best way I tackle a little harpin or "Sharp
                     Turn". An example of one of these is the one in
                     Mario Circuit 3. Head up to the corner, and then
                     get close to the barrier, and try to turn the 
                     corner really close to it, like this diagram. Make
                     sure you try to go around it slow. You can also go
                     out wide if you are having alot of trouble, but
                     that wastes time, but you can still come back into
                     the corner.
                        /             \
                       /   <<<<<       \
                      /    V /\ ^       \
                     |     V || ^       |
                     |     V || ^       |
                     |     V || ^       |

ADVANCED CORNERING   This is the second way to tackle a corner, I
                     always use this way when I am using someone like 
                     Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Knog JR or just about
                     anyone else aoart from Toad and Koopa. What you
                     can do is hop into a skid. To hop, press L or R on
                     the top of the control, and then move the
                     directional button the way of the corner. This can
                     be very effective.

WINNING              To get points, you must win the races. The main
                     thing you need to win the race is to get speed.
                     This means try not to crash. If you hit an
                     obstacle, remember it's location, so next lap, you
                     can know where it is, and this time, hopefully
                     miss it. With practise on a circuit, you can
                     conquer it and know the best lines and how to take
                     all the corners. But remember, speed is the key.

KNOWING THE TRACK    As I said in the last track, try the courses over
                     and over again. This is how you get used to the
                     course. I bet the first time you played Super
                     Mario Kart, you really didn't know how to complete
                     the best level really easily, in a really quick
                     time. Learn the route of the course, the shortcuts
                     for better times, and how to complete them all
                     effeciently. Leanr the routes and all that sort of
                     stuff to the track, and you will be an ace at it.

COMPUTER ATTACKS     Each player has there own special attacks that
                     they do. Here are a list of the attacks, and how
                     to overcome them.

           MARIO                   They use that annoying star thingy,
                                   if it hits you, you will spin out,
                                   and the bad thing is that all they 
                                   have to do is touch you the littlest
                                   bit and you will spin out. Try to
                                   just back off abit when they are
                                   using it, if he continue to use
                                   it, try going around them in an open
                                   area part.

           DONKEY KONG             The Banana, you too can actually use
                                   the banana, but you are better at
                                   using them than this guy. The either
                                   throws it, or lays them. If you are
                                   first, then he will throw them. If 
                                   you are seocnd, then he will lay it.
                                   If thrown, the camera will go
                                   behind. They will usually throw them
                                   in the middle of the track, so try
                                   to go off to the side, whichever way
                                   the  behind view shows. If laid,
                                   well, you can tell before hand that
                                   he's are going to lay it, so you can
                                   avoid in then.

           PRINCESS AND TOAD       Both of these people use the same
                                   tactic, so I don't have to really
                                   say two thigs about them. This item
                                   is also layed, or thrown, depending
                                   on what position you are in. It is a
                                   little mushrrom. What this does is 
                                   shrink you. Avoid it at all costs, 
                                   use the same technique for the
                                   banana peels, try to go off to the
                                   side of the track, or just avoid the
                                   layed ones. If you do get small,
                                   then you will have to wait, unless
                                   you find those rocks and get crushed
                                   or someone runs you over. If anyone
                                   of the two happens, you will be 
                                   restored to normal. 

           KOOPA TROOPA            Most of the time his attacks are
                                   just the green sheel, but It has
                                   happened once that I am sure it was
                                   a red shell, so maybe he does a
                                   mixture sometimes. If it is a green
                                   shell, then just swerve off abit if
                                   he fires it forward. If it is layed,
                                   you can actually tell is he is going
                                   to lay it about 3 seconds before,
                                   because you see the weapon out the
                                   back of the kart, so you can steer
                                   past it. If it is red, you can lay a
                                   banana peel so it hits that. You can
                                   also find a barrier so it hits that.

           LUIGI                   They use that annoying star thingy,
                                   if it hits you, you will spin out,
                                   and the bad thing is that all they 
                                   have to do is touch you the littlest
                                   bit and you will spin out. Try to
                                   just back off abit when they are
                                   using it, if he continue to use
                                   it, try going around them in an open
                                   area part.

           YOSHI                   Yoshi uses an egg, he either throws
                                   it, or lays them. If you are first,
                                   then he will throw them. If you are
                                   seocnd, then he will lay it. If
                                   thrown, the camera will go behind.
                                   They will usually throw the in the
                                   middle of the track, so try to go
                                   off to the side, whichever way the
                                   behind view shows. If laid, well,
                                   you can tell before hand that he's
                                   are going to lay it, so you can
                                   avoid it then.

           BOWSER                  Bowser uses a fire ball, he either
                                   throws it, or lays them. If you are
                                   first, then he will throw them. If
                                   you are seocnd, then he will lay it.
                                   If thrown, the camera will go
                                   behind. They will usually throw the
                                   in the middle of the track, so try
                                   to go off to the side, whichever way
                                   the behind view shows. If laid,
                                   well, you can tell before hand that
                                   he's are going to lay it, so you can
                                   avoid it then.         

THE BEST CHARACTER   Of course, also, if you want to win a race, then
                     you have to choose the best character in the game.
                     There are two characters that stand out from the
                     rest, they are both good in the speed section and
                     the handling section. Those two people are Toad
                     and Koopa. Try to choose either one of these two 
                     characters if you want to win, otherwise, feel
                     free to experiment with waht you think is good for

STRATEGIC SPOTS      There are many good places in a level where you
                     can place things like bananas and they will do 
                     alot of harm. Like, for example, the bridge on
                     Mario Circuit 2, lay a banana here, and when
                     someone hits it, they will stack the jump proving
                     costly. Look for some straitegic positioned to put
                     the computer players back alot of places. Most of
                     the strategic places are things like jumps, so 
                     they fall into Lava or whatever.

BOOST START          Ever wanted to get out of the blocks first? Well,
                     there is a way you can get a really good start
                     straight away, using turbo. This can be really 
                     hard to do. What you have to do is hold down
                     accelerate just before the second light flashes,
                     and you should get the boost start. If you skid
                     out, then you know you are holding it for too 
                     long. If nothing happens, then you know you didn't
                     hold it for long enough. Practise the exact

EXTRA LIFE           If you come in first spot about 3 times in a row
                     in the Grand POrix Mode, then you can gain an
                     extra life. 


Want a specific question ansered? Then this section might help. It 
covers some Frequently Asked Questions about the game.

QUESTION: What does the 50cc, 100cc and the 150cc mean?

ANSWER:   These are the different classes. The higher the class, the
          faster the kart goes.
QUESTION: What is the best character in the game to use?

ANSWER:   There are two good characters. The first one is Toad, and the
          second is Koopa. Both are about the same in skill.
QUESTION: Are there any cheat codes for this gane?

ANSWER:   There are afew, click on the link from GameFAQs to find them.
QUESTION: Can I use this FAQ/Guide on my Gaming Site?

ANSWER:   Email me first, and until you get written persmission, you
          will have to wait.



If your saying, "You didn't pay for the copyright, that means that you 
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If I get time to work on this FAQ, then here are afew things I would 
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. Battle Mode Section
. Better Track Descriptions


. VERSION 1.0 | 4/1/03
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--( NINTENDO )--
For making this awesome game, whcih is probably my favourite game on the 
Super Nintendo. Great job.

The GameFAQs board, where I like to go. They have helped me along the 
way to make good FAQs.

--( CJAYC )--
In case you don't know, CJayC owns and operates GameFAQs himself, well 
done on maintaining the best gaming site on the next, and for posting my 

Devin runs the Most prolific page at http://www.accentral.com/list.php, 
here, there is a list with the top prolific writers (Which I am in) and 
he keeps total of all the new KB Totals daily, so with this guide, it 
will make him have to update.

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Sorry abuddy abot the GTA3 guide that didn't work out.


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