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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/11/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         "It's like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!"
                                                - Captain Murphy, Sealab 2021
         O  O        ___________________________________________
        /¯¯¯¯\       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
        \____/       S U P E R   J A M E S   P O N D
      /¯|¯¯¯¯|¯\     ___________________________________________
      | ||--|| |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
      \o|____|o/     F A Q / W A L K T H R O U G H    v 1 . 0
         |¯¯|        ___________________________________________
         |  |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |  |        W R I T T E N   B Y   S n o w   D r a g o n
         |  |        ___________________________________________
         |  |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |  |        A L L   R I G H T S   R E S E R V E D .
         |  |        ___________________________________________
         |  |        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |  |        Contact me at [eubanks1084@hotmail.com] for
         |  |        permission to use this guide on your site.
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       __/¯¯\__      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       = | =================
       = | =================
       1  Introduction
       2  Controls
       3  Items
         3a  Useful Items
         3b  Collectibles
       4  Walkthrough
         4a  Sports Gear World
         4b  Stuffed Animal World
         4c  BOSS BATTLE - Giant Teddy Bear
         4d  Candy Land
         4e  Car World
         4f  BOSS BATTLE - Evil Car
         4g  Bath, Bath, & Beyond
         4h  Gambler's Paradise
         4i  BOSS BATTLE - Queen of Hearts
         4j  Toyland (No Babes, Sorry)
         4k  Music World
         4l  BOSS BATTLE - The Fat Ballerina in the Mirror
         4m  Circus World
         4n  BOSS BATTLE - Giant Snowman
       5  Credits & Copyrights
       = | ============
       = | ============
    Hello, and welcome to my 36th FAQ, for Super James Pond, a quirky platformer
    released for the Super Nintendo in 1993. James Pond is a fishy secret agent
    whose apparent mission is to save Christmas from a kooky-looking pink-skinned
    mad scientist. Although SJP contains a lot of the clichés that action platform
    games are condemned for, I rather enjoyed the game and had fun making a
    document out of it.
    Anyway, if you want to use this guide on your website, or have a question,
    correction, request, or suggestion related to it, you can get ahold of me at
    [eubanks1084@hotmail.com], though I can't guarantee any more that I will reply
    in a timely manner. E-mail my FAQ/review account with anything you have, but
    make sure of a few things:
    > that the question you're asking isn't already answered in the FAQ
    > that you put the name of the game or something I can easily recognize in
      the subject line
    > that you don't sound like a total idiot when you e-mail me
    Also, one thing of note about the actual walkthrough itself: the worlds within
    the castle's doors are comprised of several levels. These levels are not named
    in any distinguishing way, so I have separated the individual stages with three
    centered asterisks. Hopefully this won't cause any confusion.
    Other than that, have fun playing Super James Pond!
       = | ========
       2 | CONTROLS
       = | ========
    Like most fish, James Pond is not a complicated organism. Unlike most fish, you
    actually get to control his movements so that he doesn't end up being ground up
    into fish paste or flushed down a little kid's toilet. Here's a quick rundown
    of what each button does.
     _| |_
    |_   _|
      |_|   The D-pad
    >> Move James Pond left and right.
    >> Hold up when he is stretched up and touching a ceiling to attach to it.
    >> Use all directional buttons to control the flight paths of the airplane
       and bathtub.
     _   _   _   _
    (_) (_) (_) (_) A, B, X, and Y
    >> Press either A or Y to stretch your body's length beyond all physically
       possible boundaries. There are no limits to how much you can stretch your
       body out, aside from reaching the obvious top of the level.
    >> Press B to jump. As you will see, Mr. Pond can get some pretty good
       distance out of his jumps.
    >> B is also used to increase the altitude of flying vehicles, like the plane
       and the bathtub.
    >> Press A or Y to get out of vehicles.
    >> X has no use.
     ___   ___
    (___) (___) Start and Select
    >> Press Start to begin the game and pause it.
    >> Select has no use.
       = | =====
       3 | ITEMS
       = | =====
       -- | ------------
       3a | Useful Items
       -- | ------------
    Few items in the game have real relevance or aid you in any way, but a few of
    them do. While none of them are firearms or anything (Mr. Pond likes to rely on
    his ability to jump on opponents' heads and stretch his body like a madman),
    they'll still help you out here and there.
    Since these items also give you points, nearly all of them are listed in the
    Collectibles subsection below.
    No matter what color a star is, it will give you one bar of energy. James Pond
    can have six energy bars at a time, as seen in his left hand in the lower left
    corner of the screen.
    These items look just like James Pond's face and give him not only an extra
    life, but 25,000 points as well! However, you can only have a maximum of four
    lives at a time .... stupid four-fingered fish....
    When James Pond picks up a pair of wings, he'll gain the ability to fly for the
    rest of the level. This is useful for swerving around enemies and finding
    secrets as well.
    Deployed automatically whenever he falls, Mr. Pond will use this item if he has
    collected it at some prior point in the level. This is most often used to get
    scattered power-ups, because Pond can withstand plummeting of any length.
    In his travels, Pond will find vehicles that he can cruise around in, keeping
    him from getting hurt and allowing him to move much faster. These can range
    from a sports car to an airplane to a ..... bathtub?!!??!? Believe it - this is
    one trippy game.
       -- | ------------
       3b | Collectibles
       -- | ------------
    About a jillion little insignificant trifles of items in Super James Pond have
    no use other than to net you points, and are scattered all about the game's
    many levels. All of these items are listed here alphabetically, along with
    their corresponding point values:
    Item                                           Point Value
    ¯¯¯¯                                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    Aluminum can                                   400
    Armor breastplate (temporary invincibility)    5,000
    Bell                                           25,000
    Bike wheel                                     800
    Blue ornament                                  3,000
    Brown tennis ball                              400
    Brown treasure chest filled w/ gold            9,000
    Candle                                         6,000
    Candy, letter "S" on wrapper                   1,000
    Cheese block                                   500
    Cherries                                       800
    Chick                                          3,000
    Chocolate bar w/ torn foil wrapper             1,000
    Clock                                          3,000
    Club (card suit)                               4,000
    Coat hanger                                    200
    Computer                                       800
    Corkscrew                                      400
    Cowboy boot                                    1,000
    Crown                                          100,000
    Diamond (card suit)                            4,000
    Dice                                           2,000
    Extra life (James Pond's face)                 25,000
    Faucet                                         800
    Fedora                                         500
    Floppy disk                                    300
    Fried egg                                      1,000
    Glass "O"-shaped object                        200
    Glazed cake with cherry on top                 400
    Globe                                          10,000
    Goblet                                         25,000
    Gold coin                                      10,000
    Grapes                                         900
    Green apple                                    500
    Green boot                                     100
    Green hand                                     600
    Green ornament                                 1,000
    Green treasure chest filled w/ gold            5,000
    Green "U"-shaped fruit (pear?)                 400
    Hamburger                                      1,000
    Hammer                                         300
    Heart                                          4,000
    High heel boot w/ buckles                      500
    Hot dog                                        1,000
    Ice cream cone                                 1,000
    Ink bottle                                     900
    Lips                                           500
    Mirror                                         500
    Orange                                         500
    Orange jar, white lid                          500
    Orange Jell-O mold                             800
    Penguin toy                                    1,000
    Percolator                                     600
    Pound cake                                     400
    Present - brown paper, yellow ribbon           1,000
    Purple ornament                                2,000
    Rainbow coming out of pot of gold              75,000
    Rainbow, not accompanied by pot of gold        10,000
    Ring w/ green stone                            10,000
    Silver dreidl (?)                              100
    Slice of toast (?)                             300
    Snare drum w/ sticks                           7,000
    Snowman                                        2,000
    Spade (card suit)                              4,000
    Strawberry, glazed and topped w/ green stuff   500
    Teacup                                         500
    Teeth                                          200
    Telephone                                      3,000
    Trash can                                      100
    T-shirt, man's face                            3,000
    T-shirt, Ninja Turtle's face                   2,000
    Television screen                              100
    Umbrella                                       300
    Vacuum cleaner                                 900
    Vase w/ flowers                                10,000
    Vinyl record                                   400
    Violin                                         8,000
    Watermelon slice                               600
    White oil lamp                                 600
    Wings (useful, but you still get points)       10,000
    Wristwatch                                     1,000
    Yellow man                                     2,000
       = | ===========
       4 | WALKTHROUGH
       = | ===========
    Super James Pond is consisted of one humongous building with several doors,
    each of which leads to a fair-sized unique world. More doors will unlock as you
    conquer some other levels, and certain levels have to be beaten before you can
    go to others. I'll go through the doors in the order that I played through
    them, giving the worlds inside generic but functional names so as to tip you
    off to where I'm at.
    When you have conquered a door, Mr. Pond's head will appear over the door and
    he will hop around happily in front of it for a few seconds.
    Before going in the first door, find the sign that says "Arctic Toys" and
    stretch James Pond's body up by pressing either A or Y. You will find some
    trinkets that serve no other purpose than to give you points:
    >>a faucet
    >>a glazed cake
    >>a globe
    >>an apple
    Use the small ledge on the castle wall to jump up to the pole and get the
    Now go ahead and go in the first door, which has a mirror on the left half.
       -- | -----------------
       4a | Sports Gear World
       -- | -----------------
    This world has an extremely easy cop-out which allows you to beat it
    immediately; just head to the left in that first level for a yellow star (this
    will put your energy up by one bar) and touch the pole. You won't get any
    Mystery points or anything, but it's an easy way to clear that first world. If
    you want to go on ahead though, read further.
    If you choose not to take the easy way out, you'll first find a pit of spikes
    to jump over. James Pond has amazing jumping ability though, so it's easy to
    clear, and on the other side are a penguin collectible and a wheel above it.
    Grab the percolator past the shoe pile and the globe and the mirror above it.
    The next bed of spikes cannot be so easily jumped over, so you'll have to climb
    along the ceiling above it. Stretch up, and then when you're at the ceiling,
    hold Up to attach to the ceiling. Press Right to make your way across (you
    don't have to hold anything else).
    On the other side of the spikes, grab the various power-ups and ride the moving
    platform across the next bed of thorns. You'll notice some blocks with
    exclamation points on them that bear more than a slight resemblance to a
    certain question block found in a certain series starring a certain plumber
    .... hmmm .... Reveal the objects inside by bumping them from under, but DON'T
    get the jar with the skull on it, as it will take away one unit of your energy.
    Ignore it and go across to the three burgers.
    Soon after you'll see some large blocks with question marks all over them.
    Unless you're itching for a fight, don't hit these; enemies always pop out.
    Flanking the barbershop pole exit on both sides is a pair of penguins. Grab
    them both to make the pole light up, then touch it to go on to the next part.
                                        * * *
    You're now in an area full of tennis balls. Head left and grab the little
    vacuum cleaner collectible, then turn around and start going the other way. The
    exclamation blocks are filled with 3000-point telephones and yellow stars to
    boost your energy. Avoid the two that contain jars with skulls on them and hop
    on the small platforms that move in circles. If you look at the very top of the
    screen, you'll see some bells that are worth quite a few points. Grab both for
    a total of 50,000 points.
    Take the high road through a melange of ping-pong paddles to avoid the bouncing
    compact bus below. You'll soon find a small collectible that is inaccessible
    under normal conditions, but if you jump to the large button, it will lower the
    blocks that will allow you to stretch up and grab that little computer. To the
    right is the exit, which you again need the aid of the penguins to activate.
    One is too high up for you to get, though. To fix that, grab the wings that are
    hidden in the exclamation block and press the jump button repeatedly to make
    your fishy secret agent take flight. The power of flight will let you get that
    second penguin and go on to the next part of Sports Gear World.
                                        * * *
    Head immediately to the right in this new area with birds who have playing
    cards for wings. When you get there, take the biggest jump you can to just
    barely get up to the ledge. There's a block covered in question marks, but
    there's no enemy hiding inside this time, oh, no sir! This time you'll meet an
    airplane who'll give you a ride if you jump into him. Fly over the wall to the
    left, then move along the ground to find the two penguins that will set off the
    goal. Once you have them, cruise around in the air to find a sort-of-secret
    situated as high up as possible. This will lead you to a bonus level full of
    neat collectibles (the other goal in the level will clear the world for you -
    it's over on the far left side of the level).
    Grab everything in the bonus level, where you'll see ledges made of golf clubs
    and golf balls, then exit stage left to clear the sports world.
    Now that the sports world is conquered, head to the right to play through a
    world littered with stuffed animals.
       -- | --------------------
       4b | Stuffed Animal World
       -- | --------------------
    Aaaugh! All these teddy bears! I feel like I'm standing in a parking lot
    surrounded by people wearing Grateful Dead T-shirts! Move up the stairs to the
    right, and at the top, hop over to a ledge that will move up when you stand on
    it. The various other ledges you encounter will move in various patterns; jump
    to each successive platform until you get to a column at the far left edge of
    the level with a yellow star and a ring on it. Stretch up and hold Up on the
    D-pad to cling to the ledge that houses a pair of bunches of grapes.
    Now that you're at the top of the level, move to the right. Move all the way
    over to the far right edge of the level, collecting any small items for points
    and energy stars you see along the way. Fall down the hole to the right for
    some items, then stretch your way back up and go left down the other hole,
    which branches off into a fairly straightforward path to the exit.
                                        * * *
    In the new area, keep looking up until you find a hole in the ceiling. Stretch
    up and grab onto the ceiling; to the right, you should see a goblet worth
    mega-big points, and a yellow star for energy on the left. Continue to the
    right until you find another hole; when you stretch up, there should be a
    treasure chest on top of the ledge you attach to the bottom of.
    You can't reach it, but don't fret. Head all the way to the left and wait for a
    bird with playing card wings to come nearby. Jump on it and hold B to propel
    yourself to the ledge. To the left is a trampoline. As you bounce on it, you'll
    go progressively higher. If you go left, you'll get some valuable point-items
    and an extra life. To the right is a pair of wings, which you need to access
    other valuables. Grab them and fly high through the level to the right until
    you find a barbershop exit pole.
                                        * * *
    Before going on to the next level, you'll get to partake in a short bonus if
    you take the exit described above. Jump through the pillars to get to a cannon
    which will launch you really far up (even more so if you hold B when it shoots
    you). Watch out for the second cannon, it will shoot you right up into some
    sharp spikes. The pillar right next to those spikes can be jumped through to
    find some gold coins (10,000 points each) and a 1-up. Touch the exit pole to go
    on to the next stage.
                                        * * *
    Head right and jump up through the fuzzy ledge, then drop down and jump up
    through the thin divided area, which should lead to a 25,000-point goblet. Jump
    up and go right. There's a purple star tucked away in the upper right corner
    above the zigzagging pit, which should replenish all your energy. Go down and
    be careful to avoid the M-cannons that shoot Bullet Bill ripoffs.
    At the bottom, jump up and get the T-shirt with the man's face on it, above
    which is a T-shirt with a Ninja Turtle's face on it. (Copyright infringement
    all over the place!) From here, the remainder of the level is easy with no
    surprise paths. There at the end is the final barbershop pole in this world.
    Once you conquer the stuffed animal world, you have a boss to deal with before
    you can go anywhere else.
       -- | ----------------
       4c | BOSS BATTLE
          | Giant Teddy Bear
       -- | ----------------
    From the doors leading to the enormous toybox world, go up the stairs and left
    to the door adorned with question marks. These types of doors indicate an
    impending boss battle. Inside this one is the mother of all teddy bears, whose
    angry look suggests discomfort with the row of spikes on its butt. This boss is
    frustrating because of the weird hit detection, so make doubly sure you're
    bouncing on its head. If it's right above you when it looms from the sky, move
    out of the way and use its downtime to hit it on the head. Ten hits will
    destroy the bear and allow you to move on up to the world of candy.
       -- | ----------
       4d | Candy Land
      -- | ----------
    Grab the card suits sitting atop the spoon high above (either stretch yourself
    or jump to it) and then head right. On top of one of the cakes is a spoon that
    plays host to a number of cool trinkets; grab each of those and move ahead.
    Nothing of note comes into play until you reach a long row of plates, which you
    should move along instead of taking the low road. Near the end of the line is a
    set of wings; get the two penguins and take the high goal. Run through the
    subsequent bonus level to get to the next.
                                        * * *
    Move through the piles of icing until you see a hole when looking up. There are
    a few trinkets in this alcove along with a breastplate of armor that gives you
    a good stint of invincibility. Run forward until you see a tub of icing and
    jump in it. You'll be taken to a short underwater segment full of ornament
    collectibles. Grab them all and then touch the pole to return to icing paradise.
    As soon as you get out of the tub of icing, stretch up and look for another
    alcove. In this one, the purple wall to the right is phony. Walk through it and
    walk along the highest peppermint stick to avoid the wrath of the gingerbread
    men. All the way to the right is the stage's exit, although there is an extra
    life to be found below and to the left if you're willing to brave a massive
    gingerbread/playing-card-bird assault.
                                        * * *
    In this new cavern made entirely of yellow Swiss cheese, apparently, head right
    until the cheese cliffs take a steep dropoff (there is a rotating chocolate bar
    ledge to the right). The ledge to the right is pointed and offers two paths,
    the lower of which yields energy replenishment, a 1-up, and the breastplate of
    invincibility hidden in the loaf of Penguin Brand™ bread to the right. Grab all
    the necessary accoutrements and take the upper path.
    The hills of golden Swiss to the right take a dangerous slope - one that will
    lead immediately to the crappy exit if you aren't careful. Above the exit pole
    is a green triangle. When you slide down the second slope, jump to avoid
    touching the exit and ride the green pyramid up. When it stops, jump up to find
    an invisible one that will take you up further, leading eventually to an extra
    life and a 25000-point chalice.
    The path continues in one direction for quite a while, but when it offers you
    the opportunity to go either up or left, go up. Head right first for another
    valuable goblet and another even more valuable 1-up, then take the path to the
    left and drop down when it takes a steep decline. Walk across the nicely
    wrapped loaves of bread (I can never get twisty ties to do it that neat) and
    then make a series of graceful fish jumps across the chocolate bars until you
    get to the exclamation blocks, which contain two stars and a 1-up. Go up and
    back to the right - you'll hop across spoons that have scooped up a fabulous
    array of generic umbrellas. You'll soon return to the fork in the path that led
    you here; go left this time, grabbing the extra life right in front of the
    barbershop pole exit. (Man, those things are everywhere!)
                                        * * *
    This level is about fourteen thousand times easier if you go all the way to the
    right, to the last fruitcake with icing on top, and look inside the secret
    compartment on the right. You'll find a pair of wings which will last you
    through the level; just go up and left until you reach a sign with Pond's face
    on it. This is a checkpoint in case you get slaughtered by the wave of playing
    card birds above.
    Fly over the giant fruitcake to the right of the sign to get some energy and
    stuff, then spend the rest of the level going up and finding the top. Grab the
    four penguins on the very top peppermint stick and head on to the next level.
                                        * * *
    The Penguin Brand™ bread maze is a little bit tricky, because the three exits
    in sight take you nowhere but back to the beginning. If you don't want to spend
    your entire life looking at loaves of Penguin Brand™ bread, go to the
    barbershop pole to the far right and jump OVER it and into the small space to
    the right that looks like a Bottomless Chasm of Ultimate Death™. You will
    instead touch an invisible exit that takes you out of the maze of bready
    madness and to the next level, which is nothing but hopping across a mass of
    generic wrapped sweet treats to the end of Candy Land. Yaaaay!!!!
       -- | ---------
       4e | Car World
       -- | ---------
    Use the momentum from jumping on the renegade locomotive to get the blue stars
    from the high-up exclamation blocks. The trains take six hits to kill with a
    plain jump, so don't worry about not being able to get the stars. Stretch up
    once you've hit the blocks and grab some energy, then move ahead. The next
    several pits require the utmost of your jumping ability, so hold Right and B
    when you jump to ensure that you make it.
    When you reach the level's checkpoint and get the first goal-activating
    penguin, then go right until you see some chicks atop a steel beam. Use the
    locomotive for momentum once again and get up there, collecting the points
    yielded by the baby chickens. There are two more penguins along the ground
    after that steel beam, and just past them, the goal. Get the teacup and
    wristwatches above for more points if you wish.
                                        * * *
    As soon as you move forward on the train, the level turns into an automatic
    side-scrolling affair - and yes, that means the actual introduction of some
    semblance of challenge!!! You'll be confronted by rogue jet planes most of the
    way who will come screaming at you with no warning. To kill them without taking
    the brunt of the damage, jump and press Down. James Pond will retreat to his
    armor, which renders him somewhat invincible to the charging of the jets. (This
    is also a more powerful way of pouncing on your foes, in case you haven't
    figured it out by now.)
    The most difficult part of the level comes after the jet onslaught, in which
    you must jump over the two tall smokestack-like columns. Don't bother with any
    of the trinkets scattered along the ground, just take your best leap and hurdle
    them. When you clear them, you'll be at the end of the stage.
                                        * * *
    Jump up onto the steel girder to the right, then attach to the ceiling. This
    will keep you safe for a good portion of the level - at least until you find
    the girder holding the gold coin and the potted rainbow. At this point, come
    down from the roof and jump carefully to each ledge, using the
    ducking-in-midair-as-a-form-of-shielding technique to get past enemies in tight
    When you get to past the rising and descending girders and come to a
    staircase-like arrangement, take the highest path to avoid the little pink men
    in T-shirts. Be sure to avoid the teal girder that's different from the other
    blue ones, because it will rise up and crush you in the ceiling if you stand on
    it. Jump past the large blockoids that rise from the spikes and touch the
    At this point it's safe to ootch along the ceiling again. Come down when you
    see the long thin steel poles (silver) and take a ride along the teal girders.
    Don't worry, these types won't crush you - they just move back and forth
    horizontally. Ride the high path to the blue girder, which has several crushing
    teal girder next to it. The exit is on a high ledge, so ride the teal beam over
    to the far right up until you can reach it.
                                        * * *
    The path in this mostly dark maze is straightforward with a few trinkets for
    points until you come to a fork leading left and right. Go right.
    The four-segment blocks stacked on top of each other actually serve as a
    transport system through this funky little maze. Go right and let it take you
    up, then walk through the fake wall to the right. This will lead you up in a
    zigzag pattern through a line of playing card birds. When you get the chicks
    and yellow energy star at the top, go down and fall through the floor, heading
    left until you return to the fork. This time, go left.
    Fall down the hole and you will land on a small ledge that takes you back up.
    Go past the first tunnel, which is a dead end, and go in the second one. There
    is one penguin in here out of a few more that sets off the exit. Get it and
    return to the long hole, where you'll find the platform regenerated. Go up and
    go into each tunnel until you have all the penguins necessary to get to the
    exit. When you have all the penguins, ride up and go back to where the path
    forks, heading right this time.
    Hold Right to break through the elevator (there's a jar on the other side with
    a triangle pointing right). Get the two umbrellas and fall down the pit next to
    them. They will activate themselves and act as parachutes, allowing you to
    collect a number of items on the way down. You'll touch down on a trampoline.
    Get on the very right edge of it and start bouncing up as high as you can.
    You'll see the exit, but it's not activated yet. Now that you know where it is,
    go left from where you got the umbrellas and go up through the elevator.
    Go back to where you got the penguins, and fall down to that ledge that moves
    up. What you're trying to do now is get to the path below that ledge before it
    regenerates. Walk into the first dead-end path, then make a sharp U-turn and
    fall down. If you get down before the platform re-appears, then congratulations
    on a job well done! Walk through the long corridor to reach the last penguin in
    the level. If you can, run through the elevator and get the three extra lives
    in the exclamation blocks if you can. If not, backtrack to the exit, which is
    now open.
                                        * * *
    Go down the hill and jump up in the invisible alcove (marked by two different
    blocks lining the ceiling). You'll be taken to a small treasure trove of
    percolators and gold coins. Exit when you have them all and continue right
    until you reach the next of these, which is full of wristwatches and a single
    highly valuable ring. The next three alcoves contain nothing except for some
    energy in the last one. The path then opens up into a much larger room where
    the exit lies. You don't want it yet though. Go past it.
    Take a hit on the spikes and hold B to give yourself the leaping power to get
    up into the hallway beyond the exit. Stretch up to get to the top. The hallway
    reveals several items for points, as well as two uber-valuable crowns (worth
    100,000 each) hidden in the alcove at the end. When you have all this stuff,
    THEN you can return to the exit.
                                        * * *
    When the path opens up into a large expanse, stretch up to the ceiling and move
    left. There will be a large block covered with exclamation blocks that looks
    like it yields an enemy, but in fact provides you with a sleek sports car.
    Speed ahead until the path forks, then take the lower of the two paths to get
    the penguins that activate the exit and a button that raises a block you may
    have seen a while back. Return to the block and fall in the hole to get a
    number of bells and junk. Jump out of the car and abandon it so that you can
    escape this treasure trove, then return to the fork to the right and take the
    higher path to reach the exit.
       -- | -----------
       4f | BOSS BATTLE
          | Evil Car
       -- | -----------
    This battle is embarrassingly easy, and if you can't beat it, I pity your
    gaming skills. This car doesn't even do anything remotely threatening, unless
    you count jumping around in a stilted manner and baring its teeth as something
    threatening. Jump on it ten times while avoiding the smaller car whizzing along
    the ground.
    When the battle is over, go left up the stairs and jump to the right to enter a
    world containing more than its share of "bathroom" humor. Ha ha!
       -- | --------------------
       4g | Bath, Bath, & Beyond
       -- | --------------------
    Hit the block covered in question marks to reveal a bathtub. Hop in and head
    right, and get ready for another drugged-up side-scrolling adventure. Press B
    to raise the bathtub's altitude (yet another sentence I never thought I would
    type), and press Down to bring it down. This initial bathtub level is mostly
    good for stocking up on extra lives and energy and points, and doesn't really
    have much purpose other than to freak people out.
                                        * * *
    Upon entering the next level, take a hit from one of the playing card birds to
    relieve yourself of the bathtub (not IN the bathtub - naughty fish!). Go right,
    but don't jump along the drain plugs. Take the bottom path and jump through the
    fake wall. There's a bonus stage hidden behind the soap. Grab the telephones
    and leave. Go back to the left, and this time, take the drain plug path.
    Grab the coat hanger and go ahead to the pink guys in shirts, whom you should
    kill. Get a running start from the hill and you can break through the sponge
    elevator and get tons of points and a few extra lives to boot. Take the sponge
    lift and go all the way to the right, where you'll find a globe and a red star.
    Go down the slope and to the right at the first chance. Jump on top of the
    gigantic bathtub and fall in.
    The journey into the bathtub is necessary - it's where the level's exit is!
    There are about fifteen thousand little point trinkets in here, along with as
    many swimming baddies. Keep going to the right to find the penguins, located
    conveniently in the order in which you need to get them. The exit is located at
    the end of way past a bunch of submarines and rock passages, and there's a 1-up
    past it if you're willing (you should be, it's sitting right there).
                                        * * *
    This next level puts you in front of an anchor, and provides you with a bunch
    of cheap trinkets to collect. What really matters here is the hidden area
    filled with the penguins you need to collect to make that barbershop pole light
    up. Swim over the cliff with the shipwreck on top of it, then swim down against
    the side of the cliff. There should be a triangle pointing right at a
    shipwreck. Swim in the ship to enter a crowded new area.
    The penguins are located all over the place, just swim around and find them
    all. The exit is in the upper left hand corner.
                                        * * *
    You're now outside the bathtub, confronted by ledges made of bars of soap that
    move up and down. Since you can't jump on them, you'll have to run past them
    (they crush you). The last two orange soap bars will break off into a moving
    platform. Once you get to the other side, find an umbrella and jump straight up
    - DON'T MOVE! You'll be taken up by an invisible platform to an invisible bonus
    level. Ride around in the bathtub and get the fedoras and single gold coin,
    then leave and continue right.
    There's an extra life on a ledge, but be VERY careful, as the ledge will shoot
    up and crush you into fish paste if you don't run through and get it. Ride the
    next orange soap bar platform along to the right, grab the watermelons all in a
    group (there's nothing above them), and ride the final soap bar, which moves
    very fast. Jump to the top and you'll be able to ride up to a plethora of gold
    coins. Drop back down and touch the exit.
                                        * * *
    As soon as you start collecting the hammers, this final level of bathtub doom
    will commence scrolling. Things don't get interesting until the path forks,
    when you can take the upper path and get an airplane out of a block. The
    airplane isn't necessary to beating the level though, especially since you can
    get a breastplate of invincibility once the purple spongy ground takes a steep
    drop. From here, you can cruise 'n' bruise your way to the end of the level.
       -- | ------------------
       4h | Gambler's Paradise
       -- | ------------------
    The first level is an easy platforming exercise filled mostly with the pink
    dudes in heart shirts and renegade cars that speed after you. There's nothing
    remarkable about it until the very end, when you notice that there is not one
    exit, not two exits, not even three exits, but FOUR possible exits you can
    take! The only one that will take you forward is the bottom one, though - the
    other three will boot you to the beginning of the stage. To reach the bottom
    barbershop pole, walk up the bottom hill near the end with a flat top, then
    walk through the wall to the left on the second row.
                                        * * *
    The next two stages are bonus levels of sorts with whizzing backgrounds (people
    with vertigo or epilepsy might want to take a breather here). They can be
    helpful or harmful, though, depending on which direction you decide to go in.
    In the first one, go left for energy and 1-ups, then head up the hill and take
    either exit. In the second of the two levels, go right for the rewards, then go
    up the hill, grab the ball collectibles, and again, take whichever exit you
                                        * * *
    In the domino level, stretch up through the holes in the initial corridor and
    grab the penguins. Make sure not to let the flying playing card creatures hit
    you so you can grab the ceiling. After three of these, you'll have to ootch
    along the ceiling to get over a bed of thorns, and then you'll be on ground
    made out of playing cards. Jump over the ones with the backside facing you, as
    they're actually pits that will injure you.
    Ride across the packs of cards lying on their sides to a mountain of cards.
    Fall through the ones with the red backs and you'll discover a safer path
    through a brigade of birds. Keep moving through the stage (you'll find a cowboy
    boot, a trinket until now unseen) until you return to the domino portion of the
    level, where you'll find one more penguin before the exit.
                                        * * *
    The chess motif should be fairly obvious as soon as you enter the level, and
    there's nothing special or confusing until you have to stretch way up to reach
    the ceiling. Go up and inch to the left, then press Down when the playing card
    bird is next to you. You should hit him and kill him, allowing you access to
    the energy and trinkets to the left. Now fall down and hang to the left to
    reach the main corridor you need to go down.
    Run through the hallway and then stretch up to reach the ceiling. Walk through
    the white pawns instead of on top of them, and continue to do this so that the
    birds don't hit you. When you get to the top right corner of the level and have
    to make the huge drop, hug the left wall to get a number of things for points.
    When you get to the exit at the bottom, there's an extra life to the left if
    you're willing to brave an enemy or two.
                                        * * *
    This level, which adopts a cornball snake theme, is humiliatingly easy, with
    only one path through the level. There are no secrets or toys to get here, so
    just shoot up through the ladder-like transports to the top of the level. Don't
    touch the snake heads, as they are indestructible, and watch out for snakes
    which will fall from above.
                                        * * *
    Go left from the beginning and stretch up for energy, then move forward. You'll
    see a few familiar foes in this level, such as the jets from the moving train
    level. If they come right at you, press Down in mid-air to turn the damage
    around on them. The hardest thing about this level are the snowmen, who will
    jump when they get near you and make life miserable. Jump before they do and
    use the reliable method of retreating into your armor to make yourself
    Once you figure out the enemies' patterns, the level is easy. Just prior to the
    exit is a button that will bring the ledge above down on you, killing you
    instantly. Jump over the exit you can see and go past to find an invisible one
    that will lead you to a bonus level full of neat stuff. Whatever you decide to
    do, you've just conquered another mega-easy world.
       -- | ---------------
       4i | BOSS BATTLE
          | Queen of Hearts
       -- | ---------------
    The Queen of Hearts has a predictable attack pattern just like those who came
    before her. Hers consists of moving in horizontal lines down through the stage,
    dropping playing cards on you (needless to say, they have hearts on them). Jump
    up the ledges along the sides and just keep jumping on her until her reign of
    tyranny is over.
       -- | -------------------------
       4j | Toyland (No Babes, Sorry)
       -- | -------------------------
    Jump up to the Lego ledge when the soldier is farthest to the right. They'll
    come after you once you're on their level, so wait until they're as far to the
    right as possible so you have time to jump up and hurt them. Jump across Lego
    columns and then drop after the second one, then go right to find a penguin
    (remember about waiting until the toy soliders are to the right to jump).
    Go outside the small chamber and stretch up after getting the penguin and move
    along the ceiling until you find some energy. Keep moving along and getting
    more penguins until you get to the long slope. Make your way slowly down it,
    then hang a left and crawl along the ceiling for energy and an extra life. At
    the end of the level, attach to the ceiling to find the exit. Don't go in that
    one though; inch past it and take a long drop to find another one that leads to
    a short bonus level.
    In the bonus level, you have a choice of three modes of transportation: the
    car, the bathtub, and the airplane. I recommend the airplane.
                                        * * *
    You might not keep whatever vehicle you got in the bonus stage for long, but
    you don't need to get up the beanstalk. When it curves left and goes up, detour
    to the right just before the beanstalk starts passing up through the clouds for
    some blue energy stars. At the top of the clouds where the exit is located,
    drop straight down to the far left. The Lego below will act as a trampoline,
    netting you a crown and a 1-up. Leave the stage after getting these hidden
                                        * * *
    This new castle level is easy if you know where to go and how to get there. To
    start, go to the left and stretch up. This will take you immediately to the top
    of the level, thus avoiding any castle-related affairs, and you'll nab an extra
    James Pond to boot. Continue right until you're on the roof of the castle where
    the flagpoles with shocked faces are.
    Drop straight down from that tower and pounce the gingerbread runner. Go right
    and then along the ground until you see a castle door flanked by stone lizard
    heads. Kill the flowerpots that jump at you, then stand on the one on the right
    and stretch your body up. You'll go right through a block that would normally
    be solid, but isn't. This is the level's rather easy-to-find "secret" exit;
    take it to go to another bonus stage.
    In this one, go around getting the trinkets, but don't exit the stage. You'll
    notice a block with question marks all over it which contains an airplane. The
    pumping device to the left releases trains, which you can jump on to gain
    momentum for the block. Get the airplane and take the exit on the right; if you
    take the left exit, you'll play a slightly more evil version of this same level.
                                        * * *
    With the airplane, the two rounds after the bonus stage are the easiest levels
    in the game yet. In the first one, just fly up the left side of the level until
    you reach the top, and touch the exit. In the second, fly over the entire level
    and then go down once you're at the far right to find it.
    SIDE NOTE: After beating this world, go down to the far right corner of the map
    to find that the statues that were there have been moved. Jump on them to move
    them down, then stand on the exclamation blocks to make them rise. Drop in the
    hole that is there for seven crowns, worth a total of 700,000 points.
    We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast action game.
       -- | -----------
       4k | Music World
       -- | -----------
    Go right until you see moving platforms, then jump on them, moving up through
    them until one of them takes you left to some that move in a huge circle
    pattern. Head left to a ledge with several records (a new collectible) and a
    pair of wings. With the wings, fly over the level all the way to the right, and
    then make your way slowly down. There are two ledges with various points items
    on them on the way to the exit.
                                        * * *
    Can someone tell me what we're walking on here? Sand? Melted cheese? Squeeze
    bottle-variety butter? What?
    Anyway, go right until you find a platform comprised of four blocks that will
    take you up. Ignore this ledge and pass through the wall to the right. Use the
    retreating-to-your-armor trick to kill the lot of birds in this tiny space,
    then continue forward through another fake wall to collect some trinkets, a TON
    of energy, and an extra life before you reach the secret exit.
    This short bonus level is an easy interlude. Obviously you don't want to take
    the exit right in front of you, because it's too easy to pass it and get the
    treats located in front of the other one.
                                        * * *
    Now you're on a blank white page full of music. James Pond has broken into the
    world of song! The most foolproof plan is to stay along the staff below the top
    one for as long as possible, then hop to the top when the path ends. There are
    fruits up here for you to collect before you move on to the tricky part of the
    level that requires you to jump along a series of tied eighth notes.
    As per the usual in this game, the high road is the safest, as it will lead you
    back to the safety of the musical staves. The notes begin to group together the
    next time you have to jump from one to the next, making it easier to switch
    paths. Stay along the high one still, and when you get out of the tangled mess
    of tied eighth notes, a windfall of grapes shall be your reward just before you
    make it to the exit.
                                        * * *
    Move forward through this paper-and-pen level, collecting stars and gold coins
    and avoiding the bad skull jars, until you get to an arc of paper. Near the
    bottom of the steps is a fake tile that will allow you inside to get the stuff
    that's bunched up together. Leave the way you came and go to the right,
    collecting the penguins as you head up the steps to the barbershop pole.
                                        * * *
    Go left through the wall, drop straight down, and head left again. Go up the
    steps made of squeegee paint tubes and stretch up to the ceiling, where you can
    go left for an extra life and right for one of the penguins that will lead you
    to the exit. After grabbing the penguin, drop straight down and head right
    through the phony wall. Follow the path to the second of four Antarctic birds
    and then return to the beginning of the level.
    From there, stretch up and hang a right when you're grabbing the ceiling.
    You'll pass through yet another ghost wall. Head up and to the right, where a
    steep incline will lead you down to the third penguin. Jump to the left from
    the blue smiling pencils to pass through the final wall. Now make a blind run
    for the exit - you'll collect the last penguin on the way.
                                        * * *
    As soon as you move forward, this stage will begin scrolling. Stay near the
    middle and collect items along the way until you see a line of yellow man
    trinkets with an extra life between them, at which point you should get as far
    right as possible. When you see the exit, jump as soon as there's an opening.
    If you reach the exit, you'll be rewarded with a bonus stage. This is not the
    only exit in the level, but it is the fastest one to get to and therefore my
                                        * * *
    After the bonus stage, you'll find yourself standing on top of these piano
    keys. Between the two triangles to the right is a hole you can't see. A light
    jump will get you out; don't go full-out or you'll hit those treacherous
    spikes. The level continues semi-normally until you find that piano keys start
    rising when you stand on them. Move past them as quickly as possible, and
    you'll soon pass through the brass piping of some funny-shaped trumpets.
    Take the high road to hitch a ride on a smiling blue guitar pick, all of which
    move horizontally. Ride over to a yellow one that moves up. The yellow pick
    will elevate you to the exit. Run across the piano keys to the exit without
    stopping; if you hesitate, they will rise up and crush you between the spikes.
                                        * * *
    In this mess of trumpets, horns, and valves, jump up and to the left and stand
    in the bell of the trumpet to go to an unseen bonus stage. After grabbing all
    the items and energy in the bonus world, go right and stretch up. To the right
    is a vast expanse. Cross it by standing on the bottom pipe, which will detach
    from the rest of the level and move right.
    Ride the guitar picks to the top blue one, and get ready for the slowest,
    single most frustrating experience of the entire game to this point: making the
    blue pick move to the left. You have to scoot left to make it move left, but it
    will only move over a little bit at a time. Jump to the right of the pick when
    you're about to fall off and inch left again, repeating the entire process
    until you're in a position to cross through the uppermost tunnel of the level.
    And get this! If you fall off, YOU HAVE TO START OVER!
    Sucks, huh?
    When you actually do get to that point, head left and fall in the first hole,
    then stretch up and continue left to the last drop-off.
       -- | -------------------------------
       4l | BOSS BATTLE
          | The Fat Ballerina in the Mirror
       -- | -------------------------------
    This battle actually contains a large dosage of challenge because of the fact
    that there is a mirror effect going on here. Whatever move you make, your
    doppelganger will make the exact opposite move. The trick, then, is to focus
    only on one James Pond and one fat ballerina. To aid you in your purpose, only
    one of the ballerinas is real; the other is a mirage that you can't hurt and it
    can't hurt you. Keep your eyes on the real one at all times and only focus on
    one of yourself and the battle will be easy.
    Now, after beating this stage, drop down to the far right and head left. The
    Santa Claus door will finally open up.
       -- | ------------
       4m | Circus World
       -- | ------------
    Jump from the question-covered block to the circus tent, and make your longest
    jump from the big top to the small cloud to the left. Jump up through the cloud
    above to pick up a pair of wings, and then proceed to cruise over the whole
    level until you reach a button that makes platforms move to the right. At that
    point, fly down to find the exit.
                                        * * *
    Jump in the cannon and hold B to get a bigger blast out of it. Veer to the left
    while in the air, but not the far left. You should find a ledge with two
    umbrellas on it. Make your way to it, then drop straight off to float down
    gently for points. Repeat for the right half of the stage, then shoot straight
    up and nudge yourself either left or right, moving the opposite way when you
    shoot up to the exit.
                                        * * *
    You'll start the next stage in front of a door leading into the big top. Go in
    the door to the left, where you'll see an airplane roaming aimlessly around.
    Fly to the top of the level until you see a hole leading farther up. Grab the
    energy and go in each separate compartment, where you'll find one of the
    level's penguins. Once you have them all, fly to the bottom of the far right
    part of the stage and fly through the discolored steps to find the exit.
    This is the end of the Circus World. After leaving, return to the lower
    right-hand corner of the outside area where you got all those crowns and repeat
    the process to getting down to them (stand on the statues, then stand on the
    exclamation blocks). There are more rewards down there this time. Now head to
    the boss door above Circus World.
       -- | -------------
       4n | BOSS BATTLE
          | Giant Snowman
       -- | -------------
    Perhaps the toughest boss in the game, this one has an actual weakness to
    figure out! That weakness comes when his head is detached from his body. You'll
    likely get hurt if you try to hit the complete snowman, but when his head and
    body are apart, ahh! That's the time to strike! Bounce off the head to get to
    the platform that the snowman is on and attack as much as you can while the
    head is severed. When it reappears, return to the bottom and wait for the next
    When you defeat the giant snowman, the game will handle the rest, foiling his
    escape plan and hooking James Pond up with Santa Claus. Congratulations on
    saving Christmas!
    And beating the game!
       = | ======================
       = | ======================
    Thanks to the people who make this FAQ possible:
    >> My friend Austin Page, who introduced me to this game when we were still
       but wee lads in middle school.
    >> ZSNES, the perfect emulator for aiding in the writing of SNES FAQs.
    >> CJayC and the folks at IGN who host all my FAQs.
    >> Anyone else to whom I give permission to use this on their personal site.
    >> Bagel Bites and Pepsi, the food and drink of choice for sustaining me
       through the writing of this FAQ.
    >> Brian P Sulpher and Andrew Schultz, my inspirations for continuing to be a
       FAQ-writing madman. I'm FAQing the night away!
    >> My parents, who gave me the necessary skills of being able to read and
       write early on in my short life.
    >> Anyone else who has aided in and witnessed the blossoming of said talents.
    This version of this FAQ (1.0) is (C) November 10, 2003 by Snow Dragon, all
    rights reserved. If you wish to gain permission to use this FAQ on your
    website, I only ask that you send me a short e-mail asking for consent. Also,
    because of recent events, I WILL NOT RESPOND TO FORM LETTERS. Personalized is
    the only way to go with me. If you use my FAQ without permission, I have ways
    of finding out.
    When you get this FAQ up on your website, do not alter the text in any fashion
    unless it is a cosmetic change (changing the font, working the text around
    screen shots, etc.). I worked hard on this document, and every word is finely
    tuned to my preferences, and I don't want someone going and messing with it. Do
    not sell this FAQ for money to people either. There's been a rash of thieves
    who have been selling guides on eBay for money lately. PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!
    Give the FAQs freely to those who need it, as I have done by posting it on
    [insert appropriate website here].
    Above all, don't plagiarize. This FAQ is protected under U.S. federal copyright
    laws. Meaning plagiarism is illegal, so don't do it! It's dumb anyway. I can
    find you out with one quick Google string search.
    The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs and IGN, and you
    can bank on that.
    Have fun playing Super James Pond, and......
    (= (= (= (= (= (= (=   H A V E   A   N I C E   D A Y !   =) =) =) =) =) =) =)

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