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Welcome to the world's most popular sport with the kind of detail and realism that only Jaleco can deliver. In Super Goal! 2 you'll be able to control a whole soccer team - from selecting a stadium and formation, right down to making a spectacular bicycle kick with 10 seconds on the clock.
Choose a team that you can take all the way to the finish and you'll win the Super Cup - the international soccer championships. But along the way you'll come to know your team inside out. Know where to put your players, know which formations to use against which opponentsm and, most of all, get comfortable with all of a soccer player's moves: headers, steals, checks, sliding tackles, and more.
So be sure to check out a few of these awesome features:
- Amazing 3-D perspective recreates all the high-speed action of real soccer!
- Teams are modeled after actual contenders in international soccer.
- 2 players can compete simultaneously, or work the ball together against the computer.
- Different stadiums, rules, and balls let you customize any game to your taste!
- Super-realistic referee "sees" a foul only if he's close to it - players can rough it up behind his back!
- Throw-ins, corner kicks, penalty kicks, goal kicks, and more - all exactly like real soccer!

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