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Super Conflict is war enough for anybody whether you're a video gamer, a board game fan, or a soldier.

Super Conflict presents a Middle East theater of operations over varied terrain.

Super Conflict places the strategic control of ground, naval, and air forces squarely in the player's hands. The scope of Super Conflict is awesome. There are 16 thrilling scenarios in 2-player mode and a breath-taking 55 scenarios in 1-player mode. The 1-player mode also challenges you to 5 different levels of difficulty.

Super Conflict delivers not only a realistic military challenge, but also an explosive action sequence during each strategic turn. Super Conflict even allows you to handicap competitors in 2-player mode and save up to five "campaigns" to memory in 1-player mode.

And besides all these features, Super Conflict has style, too. It has mode-7 hex maps, stereo/mono sound switching, color cycling, and brilliant graphics.

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