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A bigger, prettier (and admittedly easier) Castlevania. 07/23/12 Bkstunt_31
I can't think of a tagline 02/25/02 BrakZero
Best 1st-generation SNES game, possibly 09/04/07 ClessAlvein05
If own a Super NES don't be without this one. 10/06/04 DarkSaiyan20
A game dripping with that classic game feel... 09/03/02 Dogg
The best of the old-school Castlevania games that stands the test of time. 03/16/12 dtm666
....why doesn't Drac ever change his fighting strategy?! 08/17/01 Emptyeye
The best of the classic Castlevania games 01/04/10 GameSultan3
Evolved masterpiece to some, hideous freak to others. 04/30/02 hangedman
This is Castlevania at its best! 11/01/99 Jack
You just had to be there. 06/27/18 Kashell Triumph
This was my first experience with Castlevania...and to this day it remains my best 07/18/01 matt91486
Super Castlevania 4 Review 08/03/16 NextLevelGamerz
Wondering if this is worth a download? 02/06/07 nmlynch2004
One of the best for the SNES 12/16/00 OkieRam
Boom Goes the Dynamite! 06/17/06 PickHut
You'll finish this short game while the night is still young 04/21/06 plasmabeam
A Masterpiece, that must be played. 01/19/10 rareidea
The "Belmont" Tolls For Thee... 09/25/08 so_hai
Super Castlevania IV proves that the Belmonts have irritable bowels. 05/07/01 The Ragnarok
Textbook Upgrade From 8-bit to 16-bit 01/26/18 TKDBoy1889
Three Point Zero One 08/30/07 Unleashed Vortex
An exceptional game for an exceptional system. 11/01/99 Vegita
Easily one of the top 3 Castlevania Games... 01/01/03 YourBunghole

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Tremendous SNES action adventuring 11/20/18 2001mark
The Castlevania series once again returns with plenty to offer! 08/02/00 AmanDK64
Get Castlevania, get Simon's Quest, get Dracula's Curse, get Bloodlines, get Dracula X, get SOTN, get the 64 version, but by all means DON'T GET THIS! 04/28/00 Brak
Konami's classic vampire hunting series makes the leap from 8 bit to 16 bit in style. 09/29/01 chrono trigger fan
CV4: "the real review" :) 02/22/00 CKeppler
Vampire Slaying (without the Buffy) 02/04/02 Die Hard Guy
Super Castlevania IV 08/25/10 Drew1557
Castlevania continues to age, but it does so gracefully. 02/20/00 fduboo
And the verdict for another classic Castlevania is...? Not bad! 11/15/07 Fin_Obelius
Four cheers for Konami! 03/29/07 ice beam
Don't waste your time 05/29/01 Jiriki
Greatest Castlevania Ever? Nowhere Close 06/01/09 JRedmond3
Some games just don't die easily! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
A bit on the hard side, but still worth a purchase. Or Simon could just whip you, if you like that sort of thing? 01/01/07 Megaman1981
Put it this way, Great music, Great graphics = Great game. 03/12/00 MooN_WeeD
The best Castlevania before SOTN, without a doubt 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Fun, yet unacceptably easy. 10/21/11 RageBot
A hidden gem of a game, that is still good today! 02/19/02 Ratking
My favorite VC game yet. 01/29/07 sarevokmb
Almost Better than CastleVania 3..... 04/11/01 shigman
The SNES sequel that is one of the most visually stunning games ever. 02/23/00 Spektre
Time to kick some vampire ass. 02/04/16 videogamer1030

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Super Castlevania 4 (IV) Review (SNES) - Awesome Video Game Memories
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