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Reviewed: 03/12/00 | Updated: 08/14/02

Great its Fun and has good modes!

Well it’s a bowling game and it’s pretty fun. It’s very easy and the game is fun to play with friends. You’re in control of-control position, aim, spinning, and power. You can choose the hand you bowl with or the weight of your ball. Each character has their own stats and nicknames. The characters are- “Pins” Peterson, “Red” Randell, “Spinner” Spincer, and “Muscles” Maxwell.

It feels responsive and active. The movement of the character and the power and speed and all that stuff is responsive. The buttons are great feeling and every thing is simple. The other movements of the character and other stuff to do with bowling all feel great and are responsive.

There is not much music in this game but the sound affects are pretty good. The music that is there sounds great although it may get boring pretty fast. It could use some more sound maybe like a Turkey call after your third strike which won’t be very hard to do.

For the SNES they look pretty good not the best though. The characters are well designed and the bowling alley looks great. The graphics could be a little sharper but for the SNES that may have been a little hard.

This game has three excellent modes and are well done. Up to four players can play a 10 frame Turkey Bowl, Golf Bowling, or you can Practice to become a pro. Brutal pin settings challenge you in Golf Bowling a “9 hole” course you must complete with the fewest shots. In practice you pick your pins to set up and go practice trying to hit the selected pins. In Turkey Bowling you try for a high score.

If you’re looking for a good bowling game this might be for you. Although you should always rent it first it might be different here. Overall TECHNOS did a good job on bringing bowling to the Super Nintendo.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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