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Reviewed: 02/16/01 | Updated: 02/16/01

He's more amazing than Mario, more suave than Sonic, and crazier than Crash. He's the one and only, Bonk!

Every system has its mascot. Mario = Nintendo : Sonic = Sega : Crash = PSX. Turbo Grafx 16 was fortunate enough to get a mascot that could compare to the big names. He goes by the name of Bonk, a little caveman that goes up against the evil forces of King Drool. Bonk is waaay tougher than he appears. His cranium is the hardest object since the Stone Age. He can land on his head from a 90 ft drop onto some concrete and shatter the sidewalk not to mention get back up and keep on walking! Bonk also has the amazing ability to climb up canyon walls...with his teeth. He's also got many more tricks up his sleeve that you'll have to see for yourself. Turbo Grafx however was short lived with the arrival of SNES and the Sega Genesis. But luckily, Bonk, King Drool & crew agreed to do a game for the former system. In my estimation, it turned out to be his BIGGEST adventure ever as well as one of the greatest platformers ever released.

Onto the review!

Story- 9
King Drool is back and nastier than ever! His hordes of evil forces are not only taking over the Earth, but the moon as well. It's up to Bonk to stop them and put an end to King Drool's power siege.

Graphics- 10
This is where the game really shines. The graphics are exceptionally well done. Characters and objects are big and easily recognizable. The backgrounds are remarkably constructed and colors are marvelous addind so much to the feel of the game. You'll love'em I promise you.

Sound and Music- 8
The sound effects are a cinch to hear and there are so many of them too. All are crafted very well and each one is unique in its own action. The music is composed very nicely. Although some tunes are recycled in later stages, you don't lose the feel of the stage. The bonus stage music with the shooting crab is one of the coolest tunes I've heard in years.

Gameplay- 9.5
Playing with Bonk on this game is a very pleasant experience. He comes in three sizes; Little Bonk, Normal Bonk and BIG Bonk. Not only does his size vary but the transformations he takes on are numerous too. Giant crabs and huge ostriches are just two of them. The forms Bonk takes on give the game more variety. The stages give Bonk the chance to swim in giant heart arteries, float in lunar pyramids and fly through the solar system. There are stages that require some thinking, so not everything is handed to you. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Everything is in tip-top shape and the variety of every aspect is great.

This game is long, real loooong. Give it a few days after beating it. You'll play again.

Rent or buy?
Buy but this game is very rare. If you got an SNES and happen to see it, give it a try you'll like it. This one great game!

(cheers and applause)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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