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FAQ/Walkthrough by shark404

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/02/01

__  ___/___  ______________________
_____ \_  / / /__  __ \  _ \_  ___/
____/ // /_/ /__  /_/ /  __/  /    
/____/ \____/ _  ____/\___//_/     
________                 ______                                       
___  ___)____________ ______  /____________________ _________ _______ 
__  __  |  __ \_  __ `__ \_  __ \  _ \_  ___/_  __ `__ \  __ `/_  __ \
_  /_/ // /_/ /  / / / / /  /_/ /  __/  /   _  / / / / / /_/ /_  / / /
/_____/ \____//_/ /_/ /_//_____/\___//_/    /_/ /_/ /_/\____/ /_/ /_/ 
__|__ \
____/ /
_  __/ 

By: shark404 (shark404_2000@yahoo.com)
Version 2.0 Date: 7/2/01
Copyright shark404 2000-2001


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mail me immediately



Table of Contents

1.	Reversion History
2.	Intro
3.	Guide
4.	Battle Mode
5.	Secrets/Codes
6.	Contacting Author
7.	Disclaimer
8.	Credits
9.	Outro

1.	Reversion History

Version: 2.0
Date: 7/2/01
-	Sorry about the complete lack of updates. Im gonna 
hopefully start writing FAQs again (Crowds: YayyyY!!!! 
-	Added level 2 and 3 to the Battle Mode section
-	Changed copyright 2000 to Copyright 2000-20001 :P

Version 1.9
Date: 8/5/00
-	Gameadvice.com may now have this FAQ.
-	I didn't add anything else because am so tired. I will 
continue updating this FAQ on Monday, hopefully.

Version 1.8
Date: 8/3/00
-	Added level 2 to the Battle Mode section

Version 1.7
Date: 8/3/00
-	Added level 2-2. I think it'll be a while until I add 
another map for the levels.
-	Battle mode started, it will become a whole lot larger in 
the next couple of days.

Version 1.6
Date: 8/2/00
-	I got back from the rainy vacation and added level 2-1

Version 1.5
Date: 7/30/00
-	I really have to stop lying. This IS the last update. I am 
leaving in 1 hour. Its 10:30 AM right now.
-	Added level 1-7. Almost done with World 1, just need a few 
more maps.
-	Updates will continue, as I stated three times, on 8/200

Version 1.4
Date: 7/30/00
-	I lied because I said I wasn't going to make a map for 
level 1-3 and add level 1-6 and I did...
-	Added level 1-6 
-	Added map for level 1-3
-	This _is_ the last update before I go on vacation so the 
next update probably won't be until 8/2/00. 

Version 1.3
Date: 7/29/00
-	Made a map for 1-4 because it's easier than the map for 1-
3. I will make a map for level 1-3 and add level 1-6 when I 
get back from my vacation. I'll be back 8/2/00.

Version 1.2
Date: 7/28/00
-	Made a map for level 1-2
-	Added level 1-5

Version 1.1
Date: 7/27/00
-	Made a map for level 1-1. It's a lot harder to make a map 
than you think! I'm planning to make a map for every level.
-	Added level 1-4

Version 1.0
Date: 7/26/00
-	Initial release


2.	Intro

   Hello, it's me again; here to give you help on this great game, 
Super Bomberman 2. I recently got a SNES and got a couple games. This 
is one of my favorites. Its takes great strategy and skill to get 
through this game. Here is some game info.

Platform: Super Nintendo
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Genre: Strategy
Number of Players: 4

Here is a list of all the Bomberman games. You can thank gamefaqs for 
this list.

Arcade: Neo Bomberman
DOS/Windows: Atomic Bomberman
Gameboy: Bomberman BG, Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!
Gameboy Color: Bomberman Max Blue: Champion, Bomberman Max Red: 
Challenger, Bomberman Max: Dark Soldier, Bomberman Max: Hero of  
Light, Bomberman Max: Hikari no Yuusha, Bomberman Max: Yami no
Senshi, Bomberman Quest, Pocket Bomberman
Genesis: Mega Bomberman
Neo-Geo: Neo Bomberman
NES: Bomberman, Bomberman 2
Nintendo 64: Baku Bomberman, Baku Bomberman 2, Bomberman 64, 
Bomberman 62: The Second Attack, Bomberman Hero
Playstation: Bomberman, Bomberman Fantasy Race, Bomberman Wars,
Bomberman World
Saturn: Bomberman Wars, Saturn Bomberman, Saturn Bomberman Fight!!
Super Nintendo: Super Bomberman, Super Bomberman 2, Super Bomberman 3,
Super Bomberman 4, Super Bomberman 5
Turbo Graphx 16: Bomberman, Bomberman '93, Bomberman '94 


3.	Guide

World 1

Level 1-1 Time: 4 min.

 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __| |   | |__ 
|C |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |  | |DD | |S |
|   __ E  __ __ __   |C |  |_|___|_|C | 
|  |X |  |X |C |X |  |X |          |C |
|__|C |__ __ __ __ __|C |__ __ __ __ _|
   |X |==|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |==|X |
   |__   |C |C |C |  |C |C |C |   __|  
   |X |  |X |C |X |  |X |C |X |  |X |
   |__ E  __|C |__ S  __|C |__ E  __|
 __|X |M |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |M |X |
|C |C |C |__ __ __ __ __ __|C |C |C |  

|Legend                 |
|                       |
|C - Chest              |
|X - Impassable ground  |
|D - Dynamite           |
|DD - Door              | 
|S in a box - Square    |
|S out of a box - Start |
|R - Red circle         |
|E - Enemy              |
|M - Magnet             |
|== - Stairs            |

First off, take two steps north and plant a bomb. Run away to let it 
explode. Now, blow up the two chests on the right of where your first 
bomb was. Now kill the enemy by cornering him with a bomb. Next, go up 
the stairs and blow up the two chest farthest northeast. After blowing 
up the two chests, plant a bomb next to the square that was 
inaccessible when the two chests were there. You can't put a bomb 
directly on the square; you need to put it next to the square. After 
the bomb goes off, the square should turn into a bright light. Next, 
try and kill the enemy on the higher level. He's in a very small maze 
and he will follow you. It will be hard to corner him because he 
follows you; you need to corner him in the farthest west part of the 
maze. After that enemy is dead, go down the stairs, kill the last enemy 
and simply go through the door!

Level 1-2 Time: 4 min.
 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __     _____   __ __ __ __ _ _
|S  __   |C |C |__   |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |__| |   | ||R |  |C |C | |S|
|  |X |  |X |X |X |__ __|D |C |D |C |__|X |S | |DD | ||  |
|__ __ __|X |S |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |__|_|___|_||E |
|X |==|X |X |C |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |C |X |  |X |  |__ __ __ _ _
|C |__ E |D |C |__|C |__ __ __ __ __ __|C |__|C |__ __|R |  |C |C | |S|
|  |X |X |X |C |                    |E |X |C |X |C |X |  |
|  |X |X |X |__|                    |__ __|D |C |R |M |E |
|__|X |X |X |C |                    |C |X |C |X |C |X |  |
|S |__ __ __|S |                    |__|C |__|C |R |M |R |

|Legend                 |
|                       |
|C - Chest              |
|X - Impassable ground  |
|D - Dynamite           |
|DD - Door              | 
|S in a box - Square    |
|S out of a box - Start |
|R - Red circle         |
|E - Enemy              |
|M - Magnet             |
|== - Stairs            |

First off, quickly kill the enemy. As you might have noticed, in some 
places, instead of chests, there are the box type things that are red 
and white. I think they are supposed to be dynamite so I will call it 
dynamite throughout the FAQ. Put a bomb next to the dynamite and run up 
the stairs quickly. As you found out, the dynamite blows up all 
surrounding chests. If you were lucky, the dynamite blew up the enemy 
east of the dynamite. The dynamite should have activated two squares. 
Go activate the square southwest of the dynamite. Go east of the blown 
up dynamite, and you will see more dynamite, some enemies, another 
square, the door, and these unfamiliar red circles with a yellow and 
black outlines. These red circles can be very handy and very dangerous. 
If you plant a bomb on one of them, you better run for cover because it 
makes the bomb's power greatly enhance. Ok, don't blow up the dynamite, 
blow up the two chests needed to get to the square and then kill the 
enemies by cornering them or putting a bomb on the red circle on the 
path thing that they walk on. Don't put a bomb to close to the door! If 
the explosion hits the door, all the enemies will come back. Finally, 
blow up the chests needed to get to the two last squares, activate the 
squares, and go through the door!

Level 1-3 Time: 4 min.

   ____   __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
| |   | ||S |__ __ __ __|C |  |C |S |
| |DD | ||C |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |C |
|_|___|_||  |R |M |R |__|C |D |C |__|
|X |  |X |  |X |R |X |C |X |  |X |C |
|__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __|
|X |==|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |==|X |
|S |   __ __|C |C |C |__ __ E  __|S |
   |  |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |  |
   |__|C |__|R |M |R |__|C |__|
   |C |X |C |X |R |X |C |X |C |
 __|__|C |D |C |__|C |D |C |__|
|X |C |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |C |__ __
|S |C |C |   __   |C |__|C |C |C |SE|
         |  |X |__|
         |  |C |M |         
         |  |X |R |
         |  |C |  |
         |  |X |  |
         |  |C |  |
         |  |X |  |__ __ __ __ __ __
         |  |C |__|C |__|C |__|C |S |
         |  |X |C |X |C |X |C |X |C |
         |  |C |__|C |D |C |D |C |__|
 __ __ __|  |X |C |X |  |X |C |X |C |
|S |__ __ __ __ __ __ __|C |__|C |S |

|Legend                 |
|                       |
|C - Chest              |
|X - Impassable ground  |
|D - Dynamite           |
|DD - Door              | 
|S in a box - Square    |
|S out of a box - Start |
|R - Red circle         |
|E - Enemy              |
|M - Magnet             |
|== - Stairs            |

First, go east; blow up the chest two blocks west, one block south from 
the first dynamite. Then blow up the chest above the one you just blew 
up. Let me warn you, this enemy can pull you toward himself, so be 
careful. Quickly corner and kill him. After that, go activate the two 
squares east of where you started. After that, go north and kill the 
rock enemy behind the chests and activate the square the enemy was 
standing on. Next, go west and activate the other square. Make a path 
to get through the area and activate a square. Kill the enemy here and 
go activate the other square. Go up the steps if you didn't, make a 
path to get the two last squares, activate them and go through the 

Level 1-4 Time: 6 min.
 __ __         | |    | |         __ __
|__|S |        | | DD | |        |S |__| 
|X |__|__ __ __|_|____|_|__ __ __|__|X |
|M |R |__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|__|R |M | 
|X |X |X |X |X |X |==|X |X |X |X |X |X |
   |X |C |X |C |X |  |X |C |X |C |X |
   |E  __ __ __ __    __ __ __ __ E |
   |X |C |X |C |X |S |X |C |X |C |X |
   |__|D |C |D |__|R |__|D |C |D |__|
 __|X |C |X |C |X |  |X |C |X |C |X |__
|C |__ __|C |__|C |E |C |__|C |__ __|C |

|Legend                 |
|                       |
|C - Chest              |
|X - Impassable ground  |
|D - Dynamite           |
|DD - Door              | 
|S in a box - Square    |
|S out of a box - Start |
|R - Red circle         |
|E - Enemy              |
|M - Magnet             |
|== - Stairs            |

This is the easiest level ever. Right when it starts, take one step 
down, drop a bomb on the red circle and then run up the stairs. Once 
the bomb goes off, all the enemies should be dead, if not, do it again.
After the enemies are dead, go activate the squares and go through the 
door! I told you that level was easy.

Level 1-5 Time: 6 min.

This level is simple is you know do it right. Go put a bomb on a red 
circle near an enemy and it will die if it hits the explosion. Do this 
until all three enemies are dead. Head west, blow up the chests to get 
farther. Blow up the chest that blocks the enemy from getting out of 
his little trap. Corner and kill the enemy. Go up the stairs, plant a 
bomb next to the dynamite and run down the stairs, blow up the other 
dynamite and activate the squares. Go through the doors and go to the 
next level!

Level 1-6 Time: 6 min.

First, go down and kill the enemy. Activate the two squares and then 
blow up the dynamite (it doesn't matter which dynamite you blow up). 
After the dynamite blows up, you have two paths you can take, take the 
right one first. Put a bomb on the red circle on the right path, that 
should take care of the enemy over there. Next, go over to the left 
path and put a bomb on the red circle there. If that didn't kill the 
enemy, go up the path and kill it. Continue going up the path and go up 
the stairs. Blow up the dynamite and kill the rock enemy. After that 
enemy is dead, activate the last two squares east of the door. Finally 
go through the door.

Level 1-7 Time: Unlimited

First, lay a bomb and run. The easiest way to kill him is the most 
obvious way. Here it is: when he lays a bomb, you are like a magnet to 
it. The bomb will follow you. You this technique to get him trapped or 
killed. Or you could just plainly blow him up. After you (or he) hit 
him three times, he goes through the doors. Go through the doors too. 
You beat him! Or so you think... Now you must beat him in his robot. This 
is really simple. Put a bomb where he stops. Be careful, a lot of the 
times he'll stop, then move, not punch. All you have to do is dodge the 
arms and keep bombing him and you beat the first world! 

World 2 

Level 2-1 Time: 4 min.

First off, go right and kill the enemy. As you might have noticed, 
there are these little rectangle boxes with a box next to it and then a 
square. The rectangle boxes that are lighter are moveable. To make the 
darker one moveable, put a bomb next to the red square. Once the bomb 
blows up, the red square will turn orange and the darker rectangle will 
become moveable. Why do you want the rectangles to be moveable? You 
ask. Here it is: when you put a bomb next to a moveable rectangle, the 
rectangle will move into the box next to it, they both will disappear 
and then the square will be accessible. Ok, so activate the rectangles 
then put them in the boxes and activate the squares. Kill the remaining 
enemies. Before you go through the door, I want to tell you about the 
little house thing. If you put a bomb in front of the door on the 
little house, the bomb will go inside, and the wick that attached to 
the house will become set on fire. Then in another couple seconds, the 
screen will flash red and the wick will ignite again. This will keep 
repeating until you beat the level. This is very useful, so don't hold 
back using it if your in a sticky position. Ok, you can go through the 
door now.

Level 2-2 Times: 4 min.

The rectangle is already activated, so go put it in the box. Before you 
activate the square, you have to blow up the fireball thing. NOTE: The 
fireballs grow back quickly so you have to be fast. Activate the square 
and blow up the fireball east of where you started. After you blow up 
that fireball, quickly corner and kill the enemy there. Activate the 
square and then kill the enemy to the right of you. Activate the square 
there and then kill the next two enemies. Put the rectangle in the box 
and then activate the square. Head east and activate the red square, 
put the rectangle in the box over there, activate the square and 
finally go through the door.


4.	Battle mode

Here are the maps for the battle levels and tips for the levels:

The positions of the ground that can be blown up IS NOT ALWAYS THE 
SAME, but they are always close.

Level 1
 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |
|X |S  __ __|B |__|B |__|B |B |B |__ __ S |X |
|X |  |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |  |X |
|X |__|B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |__|B |B |__|X |
|X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X | 
|X |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |  |B |B |B |X |
|X |__|X |B |X |__|X |B |X |B |X |B |X |__|X | 
|X |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |__|B |__|B |B |B |X | 
|X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X | 
|X |  |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |__|B |  |X |
|X |  |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |  |X | 
|X |S  __ __|B |B |__|B |__|B |B |__ __ S |X |
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |

S - Start
X - Impassible ground
B - Ground that can be blown up by a bomb. In this level it is the 
blocks of bricks.

Tip: Cornering is the key to winning in this level.

Level 2

 __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |
|X |S  __   |B |B |__|B |B |B |B |__ __ S |X |
|X |  |X |__|X |__|X |__|X |B |X |B |X |  |X |
|X |  |B |W |B |B |B |W |B |B |B |W |B |__|X |
|X |  |X |P |X |B |X |P |X |B |X |P |X |B |X |
|X |__|B |B |B |P |P |B |P |B |P |P |B |__|X |
|X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |
|X |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |B |X |
|X |  |X |P |X |B |X |P |X |__|X |P |X |B |X |
|X |  |B |W |B |B |B |W |B |B |B |W |B |  |X |
|X |  |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |B |X |  |X |
|X |S  __ __|B |B |B |B |B |B |B |__ __ S |X |
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |

S - Start
X - Impassible ground
B - Ground that can be blown up by a bomb. In this level it is the 
W - Warp
P - Ground where snowballs can be pushed. A lot of it I covered by the 

Tip: Use the warps when in a sticky situation.

Tip: Push the snowballs around so it can make a place where you can 
easily corner people.

Level 3

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |
|X |S  __    __ __ __    __ __ __    __ S |X |
|X |  |X |  |X |X |X |  |X |X |X |  |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |   __ __ __ __ __ __ __   |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |  |X |B |X |X |X |B |X |  |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |__|X |B |B |B |B |B |X |__|X |  |X |
|X |  |X |B |B |B |X |X |X |B |B |B |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |  |X |B |B |B |B |B |X |  |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |  |X |B |X |X |X |B |X |  |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |   __ __ __    __ __ __   |X |  |X |
|X |  |X |  |X |X |X |  |X |X |X |  |X |  |X |
|X |S  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ S |X |
|X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |X |

S - Start
X - Impassible ground
B - Ground that can be blown up by a bomb. In this level it is the 


5. Secrets/Codes

You can thank gamesages for these codes and the people who submitted 
Battle Mode Tips  
Here are some helpful tips for battle mode. 
1. Train Zone (level 8) Always get control of the conveyor belt, plant 
bombs on the belt so you can make them go anywhere! 
2. Nuclear Plant Zone (level 4) always head up into the upper right-
hand corner and keep laying bombs on the trench. You can also do a 
trick move, lay one bomb near the trench (or on the trench) and lays 
another one far from it, so that when the first bomb blows the second 
one will blow right after it surprising the other bombermen! 
3. Gold Bomberman, You want to get him! 
4. Snowball Zone (level 2) lay bombs near the tunnels and then get out 
of there! So when another bombermen comes through it'll blow him out of 
the match. 
5. Once you get a glove, press not only A, but on the directional pad 
press the direction that you're throwing the bomb and you should throw 
it further. Guaranteed. 
6. If you are in a level that has teleports, always set bombs near 
Submitted by Max the Code Fox (luv38@gte.net) 
Change Colors  
At the Player Select screen, each player can scroll through several 
color choices by pressing <BSELECT< b>.  
Submitted by Zane Price 
Easier Game  
At the title screen, select "Password" and enter 1111. This password 
gives you six bombs with a blast radius of six and gives you a 
detonator. If you're blown up, the only item you'll lose is the 
Flame Chain  
If you get a heart you can start a chain flame. Stand on the bomb or 
next to it and press the B button continuously until it automatically 
stops. This trick works extremely well against Bosses.  
Submitted by bomberman64@hotmail.com 
Full Power-Ups In Every Level  
These passwords give you nearly full firepower, nearly full bombs, and 
a glove. 
Stage 1 - 1111
Stage 2 - 5462
Stage 3 - 6763
Stage 4 - 8784
Stage 5 - 6925
Submitted by Luke Shoemaker (dapython@bellatlantic.net) 
Level Password
2-1    4361
3-1    6442
4-1    3903
5-1    9564
6-1    7735
Submitted by Catherine Preble (camp@segasages.com) 
Sudden Death Mode  
Enter the password 5656 and start a multi-player game. When the timer 
runs out and the screen starts closing in it won't stop. It will 
continue to shrink until nothing is left of the playing area.  
Submitted by perchguy@aol.com 

6. Contacting Author

You can e-mail me, shark404, at dymekz@aol.com. E-mail about my FAQ, 
saying it rocks and stuff. Don't e-mail me chain letters and stupid 
stuff like that. You MAY e-mail me with information about stuff that I 
need. I WILL give you full credit.


7. Disclaimer

This is Copyright by law 2000, shark404. This document may be posted at 
gamefaqs.com. If you want to post this faq on your site you _MUST_ e-
mail me first at shark404_2000@yahoo.com, then, if I say you may post 
this on your website, you may. If you want to sell this, YOU MUST 
CONTACT ME FIRST!!!!!!! You may NOT edit it. You MAY print it out.


8. Credits

Me - For writing this FAQ
Gamefaqs.com - For letting me put this on their site
My brother - Its his game
Gamesages - For the codes


9. Outro

Another FAQ comes to an end. See you in the next!


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