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FAQ by goldbman

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/30/01

Welcome to the Super Bomberman 2 FAQ!!!

Updated 7/30/01
Version 2.0
1.1-Minor Changes
2.0-Everything updated/changed

Table of contents

2.Battle Mode!
5.Legal Garbage

	Bomberman is a famous little guy who was once very
popular in Japan (He probably still is). The first
time I ever saw him was on Super Bomberman 1. Then I
got Super Bomberman 2 which had a more in-depth story
mode but lacked the Battle Mode which SB1 had. I’ve
made a little mini walkthrough to get you out of any
“jams” which might come up on Bomberman’s adventure. 

Battle Mode!

	This Mode right here is why many people play
Bomberman. It boosts Bomberman games’ replayability
from about a two to a 10. Here are a few tips I found
on my own, actually I made them up and some are from
the book. There are also a couple of codes thrown in
there to make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

Tip: In battle when you have the roulette, try to get
the hand. If you do, use this in the next battle to
throw bombs over the walls and onto the adjacent
sides. Congratulations, you’ve easily (and cheaply)
killed off two of the opponents.

Tip: If you happen to get the clog just turn off the
G-Bomber option and have a one round battle. To speed
the battle up just have two opponents and kill
yourself. Then turn G-Bomber back on.

Battle Mode Codes

	Here are a few codes for you to use.

1.(This requires a 2-5 player adapter) Plug in the
controller into port number five. Set up the battle
with the fifth controller the whole time. Then you
will be able to jump at every place but the Packman
like level. (I have listed made up course names which
are in next section).

2. Are you getting tired of being white or black
colored Bombermen? Well when you set up the players as
“Man” “Com” or “Off” press select. You can be a lot of
colors except gold.  This also changes the color of
you’re bombs. :)

3. There is one code everyone should know. It is even
in the book. But if you don’t have the book then enter
password 5656 and you will have on sudden death. This
just makes sure that there is no draw for a time up
(about 99% guarunteed).

Level Names (If you come up with something better,
please e-mail me).

1. Normal Zone- This is normal and there are no traps
here, pretty boring.
2. Ice Zone- This place is slick. You can use the
holes as teleport things and the blocks can move, but
only one at a time.
3. Pac Man- I call it this because it reminds me of
Pac Man with the warps to the other side on top and
bottom of level.
4. Trench Zone- This place has a big trench in it. If
a flame hits it the whole trench is on fire!
5. Flower Zone- This place has the annoying roof on
it. It will cover and close. It is called flower place
because the blocks look like flowers.
6. Wonka’s Factory- This place has two sets of warps.
The red and blue. Blue goes to blue and red to red.
This place has chocolate all around and looks like the
weirdo’s factory.
7. Race track- Looks like a race track. Has one tire
that never goes away and gives good stuff. Don’t step
on the yellow thing, it pauses you and you may get
trapped The numbers on the side make you go faster or
slower 1 is slowest and 5 is fastest.
8. Conveyor Zone- This place has a conveyor belt.
There are two switches, one that reverses the
direction of the track and one that either speeds up
or slows down the conveyor belt.
9. Arrow Zone- If you kick a bomb on an arrow the bomb
changes and goes in that direction.
10. Jumping stage-Use Y to jump. If you have the code
from above you can jump at any place, and this one
gets boring.


This section is dedicated to help you get through any
parts of the game that are either annoying or a bit
difficult. I don’t think you’ll need this guide until
you get to the last level. Come on, the first four
levels aren’t that hard. :)

Level 1

This place is easy if you go slow and hard if you go
fast. You have to be careful or you end up stuck by a
bomb somehow. There is not to much to say here except
watch for the Magnet guys, especially in small areas.
Try not to put the bombs on the chargers to much also.
Here are a few tips that I add at the end of every

Tip: In the level with three bombs and a lot of
blocks, just put a bomb on the charger really fast and
run up the stairs. If you’re fast enough you’ll have
the level practically beat!

Tip: On the first part of the battle, the one with the
Magnet Bomber himself, try not to get trapped in the
corner. It is quite easy to get stuck and it’s very

Level 2

	This is my least favorite level. Those firewalls are
really annoying and it is pretty easy to die here. You
have to keep blowing them up in order to get around
and sometimes they come back and your stuck. Just take
your time and you should easily beat this place. Oh
and watch out for the insane fireball enemies.

Tip: On the Final Boss, let him kill himself. Those
fireballs will kill him and you!

Level 3

	I wonder why the programmers put this as the third
level. It’s so easy. The only thing to watch out for
is the water jumping. One mistake and you drown. If it
is a long jump, hold the button the whole time you are
jumping. If it is a short one, press the button once
and let go. There isn’t much danger here. On the boss
just keep hitting her. Also you might start collecting
hearts because it is practically impossible to beat
the last level without any hearts.

Tip: This Level is home to one of the two wall passes
in the whole game! Just hop into one of the submarines
in level 3-4 (unsure about this, but there is only one
level with submarines anyway).

Tip: There are a lot of great items that are easy to
find in this level. So make sure you destroy every

Level 4

	This level is probably my favorite level in the
entire game. It has many useful items and lots of
valuable hearts. I think there are about six hearts in
this level. They will come in handy for the next level
so try not to lose any of them.

Tip: Don’t fall off the edge, some guys will push you
off, and as the book says, you lose a turn. :)

Tip: Watch out for the last boss’s bombs in this
level. They’re just like setting off the dynamite

Level 5

WARNING: On some Emulators these places might be pitch
black at first. I had one person e-mail me and tell me
it was pitch black dark and he couldn’t continue!

	This level is quite a challenge compared to the rest
of the game. It seems like they went from a one on the
challenge scale to about a five. Luckily you should
have enough hearts from the previous four levels
(which were terribly easy) to be able to make a couple
of mistakes. There are tons of traps and enemies in
this level to keep you alert.

Tip: The first thing you should do in every place here
is find the light! Watch out though, a couple of
enemies change their speed when the light is either
turned on or off.

Tip: Those weird looking things in some places are
land mines. Obviously you don’t want to hit them.
However you need to watch for invisible landmines. I
think the first time you see them is in 5-3. You can
only see them when you are right next to them, so walk


Magnet Bomber:

	This guy is pretty tough for a first boss. His
annoying bombs can easily trap you in the corner if
you’re not careful. Also watch out for the two sides.
The blocks are placed so that you can easily get
trapped. Try to stay in the middle of the area until
you blow up most of the soft blocks.

Armor Suit:

	I think the armor suit is easier than the Magnet
Bomber was. All you have to do is blast him while
dodging the slow punching arms.

Golem Bomber:

	I think the Golem Bomber won’t give you any trouble.
He’s pretty slow. Just watch out for the bomb’s blast.

Fireball Launcher:

	This guy will kill himself for you. Those fireballs
leave big blasts so watch out. Occasionally lay a bomb
near him, but it’s easier to let him do the work.

Pretty Bomber:

	Her bombs seem to move around a bit. This can get a
bit annoying at time. The only resort is to hide
behind the walls and hope you don’t get hit.

Rising Sun:

	This thing reminds me of the clown boss in world two
of Super Bomberman 1. All you have to do is lay a bomb
and run. This thing has some sort of tear attack that
seems to serves no real purpose. If you blow it up,
the thing gets mad. It also shoots spikes out which
can kill you.
Brain Bomber:

	Well you finally get a break on the bosses. This guy
is pathetic. He’s suppose to have Remote bombs, but
the fire range is about the size of what Bomberman
starts out with in the beginning. Well, time to start
laying bombs.

Giant Bomberman: 

This is another easy boss. Watch out when he lays a
bomb, and don’t get stepped on. Other than that’s
there’s nothing to worry about.

Plasma Bomber:

	You shouldn’t have to much trouble. This guy’s a bit
fast but you should be able to beat him if you’re
powered up enough.	

Skeleton Boss:
This guy is hard to explain. Bomb the crap out of him
and he’ll eventually lose his arms. While you’re doing
that watch for those ghosts. They are a pain! Also
watch for when he gets too close. I think he even
comes up at you. Last you should watch for the
charges. After a while he comes off his machine and it
looks as if he’s saying “good fight,” but then he gets
killed. Now you have the machine. It’s not a problem.
After the machine is destroyed, you have that stupid
flying eye. This part is pretty much like the last
boss in SB1. Use your glove (You should have one from
5-7) to kill him by throwing bombs. Then he dies after
5 hits or so and you win a dumb ending. Bomberman
games really need to work on the endings. 


	Here are the passwords. The first set will just get
you to the level with minimum power and the second set
gives you full power. I recommend beating the game
before using the second set of passwords.

	These first passwords are just plain simple ones.

6442: Level 2
3903: Level 3
9564: Level 4
7735: Level 5

	With these next codes you start with six bombs, level
six fire power, remote bombs, and the glove.

1111: Level 1
5462: Level 2
6763: Level 3	
8784: Level 4
6925: Level 5 

Legal Information:

This FAQ is owned by Bword (Goldbman). If you would
like permission to post this on your website email me
at goldb_man@yahoo.com. I will very likely give you
permission as long as you e-mail me and give me full

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