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FAQ/Walkthrough by JBennetch

Updated: 02/09/01

                    / ___|  _   _  _ __    ___  _ __
                    \___ \ | | | || '_ \  / _ \| '__|
                     ___) || |_| || |_) ||  __/| |
                    |____/  \__,_|| .__/  \___||_|
  ____                     _
 | __ )   ___   _ __ ___  | |__    ___  _ __  _ __ ___    __ _  _ __
 |  _ \  / _ \ | '_ ` _ \ | '_ \  / _ \| '__|| '_ ` _ \  / _` || '_ \
 | |_) || (_) || | | | | || |_) ||  __/| |   | | | | | || (_| || | | |
 |____/  \___/ |_| |_| |_||_.__/  \___||_|   |_| |_| |_| \__,_||_| |_|

                                 |___ \
                                   __) |
                                  / __/

Super Bomberman 2 FAQ/Walkthrough
On the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
By: Jeremy Bennetch

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Walkthrough
  3. Items
  4. FAQ’s

  5. Multiplayer
  6. Passwords

  7. Boss Strategies

  8. Hints and Tips

  9. Game Genie Codes, Glitches, etc.

  10. Legal Stuff/Credits


1. Introduction

Hello, I am Perfect Chaos/Pharaoh Walker. You may have seen me from
boards or on chat. I hope this guide will be useful to you. 

How to contact me for comments/questions/suggestions:

Email: bennetch@mediaone.net
AIM: Pharaoh Walker
ICQ: 74274606

NOTE: PLEASE read through the walkthrough/faq before asking a question.
I have had many people ask me questions from past walkthroughs/guides,
when they could have just looked at the walkthrough/guide to find the
answer. So, to save me trouble, just look yourself then ask if you can’t
find the answer to your question(s) . Thank you. Also, I will not 
state the obvious like: "Blow up this block, then blow the next, then 
blow up the enemy, etc." as it’d be boring as heck.

2. Walkthrough

World 1-1: 

No puzzle here at all. Just take your time blowing up blocks and enemies
to the goal. You must hit all switches and enemies to open up the goal. 

World 1-2:

Blow up the dynamite to blow away much of the blocks. The red plates
make your bombs have an unlimited flame distance, and stay clear from
the dynamite and your charged bombs for when they go off. Hit all the
switches and finish.

World 1-3

Not hard. Just follow around the path, but be cautious of the magnet
enemies, as they suck you toward them.

World 1-4

Extremely easy. If you are quick, you can place a bomb in the center
super bomb tile and literally blow up the whole level except the top. 

World 1-5

Another dynamite and magnet enemy filled level. Very simple, just follow
the path to get all the switches. 

World 1-6

This level is rich in stuff you can blow up, but yet again is very easy
to beat.

World 1-7

This is your first mini boss. Take your time trying to hit him, and hit
the blocks for plenty of items. A few hits and he’s down. Not too bad.

World 1-8

The boss is not too hard. Just stay at the bottom, and bomb him away.
Watch out for his bionic arm though. A dozen or so hits and he’s

World 2:

World 2-1

To get rid of the pits, bomb the blocks into them. Do not bomb the
furnace, unless you want the coils on the ground to keep being set on
fire which will hurt/kill you. 

World 2-2

No puzzle here. Just head right and hit all the switches and enemies
along the way.

World 2-3

Yet again, no puzzle. But watch out for those fire breathing enemies. 

World 2-4

A short and simple stage, but those bomb like enemies will go crazy
after you hit them, so you actually may want to bomb the furnace this

World 2-5

Head right, get the necessary switches and exit.

World 2-6

You want to hit the furnace now. Head right, and hit all the blocks.
Wait for your chance, then head up quickly and bomb all the blocks out
of the way of the exit.

World 2-7
Use your own bombs, or let him blow himself up. In any event, three hits
takes him down.

World 2-8

Now a challenge. Don’t drop your own bombs unless you are feeling lucky.
It isn’t so bad if you have many skaters. Watch out for shadows of
bombs, and get away from them! Eventually he will destroy himself.

World 3:

World 3-1   

The only way to kill the balls is to jump over to the right and hit the
switch. Now just go and hit all the other switches to finish the stage. 

World 3-2

Be sure to hit all switches. In the cannon, you will be launched to the
right. Time your jumps because if you mess up you’ll end up in the drink
and drown. To the right is more switches, which will open up the exit.

World 3-3

You can ride the tank after defeating the enemy, but I have no idea as
to how to fire it. Just head around the maze like level, to the exit at
the top.

World 3-4

Just hit all the switches. Nuff said.

World 3-5

Get on the boats and hit all the switches. Head right to the exit after
hitting all switches. 

World 3-6

Kill the transparent enemy, and jump around up and hit all switches,
then head to the exit. 

World 3-7

Not too difficult. 3 hits as usual.

World 3-8

HINT: If you have a glove, you can just toss bombs into a boss to hurt
it. If not, just bomb away and watch out for the stars. I have no clue
what the hearts do, they appear to not hurt you though.

World 4:

World 4-1

Just destroy all the blocks and enemies that come out to get to the

World 4-2

Head right onto the elevator, and don’t let the moving enemy like things
push you over the edge of the cliff. Onto the right are many switches
which you need to get to open up the exit.

World 4-3

Blow up all blocks, and ride elevators around the level to the exit.

World 4-4

Head right, and blow up everything. Head to the left, and do not blow up
the bridge as it will collapse if you do. There are 3 lives there. Now
head back for the goal.

World 4-5

Follow the path to the end. Simple.

World 4-6

This is very simple too, just head up after getting the switches to get
to the final area with lots of switches and blocks.

World 4-7

Not hard, just three hits does it as it always has.

World 4-8

Watch out for his massive bombs! Just drop bombs all over the place. 12
hits and he’s gone.

World 5: Final World

World 5-1

Bomb all the switches, and hit the switch in the center or so to make
the level bright. Now just head for the exit.

World 5-2

Pretty self-explanatory. Just head right, bombing blocks and enemies and
switches to eventually open up the exit, as you always do.

World 5-3

One word of advice: Watch out for invisible mines and cracking floor.
Just head very cautiously, and watch out for them as when you are one
space from a mine it will appear faintly. Head up, and carefully avoide
the mine and pit field here to the exit.

World 5-4

As usual, be careful of many mines as you go about beating this level.
No real puzzle here.

World 5-5

Bomb around the maze of blocks, and bomb them into the holes at the end.
Go up and to the left, and hit all the switches to get to the exit. 

World 5-6

This level shouldn’t pose much trouble. There are lots of mines,
however. Apparently you must have a glove powerup to finish, as far as I
can tell. It makes the level very easy anyway. At the end you apparently
have to throw a bomb up to destroy the floor to the exit.

World 5-7

Not too hard. As always, 3 hits takes him down.

World 5-8

Now this is hard. 16 hits and both arms are down. 12 more hits and the
main part is down. 6 hits on the large eyeball and you’ve won the game.
Take your time with hitting him, as you can easily get hit.

3. Items

Increases your bomb explosion size.

Increases your speed.

Increases how many bombs you can drop at a time.

Gives you 1,600 points.

Allows you to withstand one hit without dying.

Spike Bomb:
This bomb explosion cuts right through all blocks allowing you to blow
up many blocks at once.

Heart Bomb:
AKA trigger bomb from other bomberman games, in my opinion this is the
best. You can trigger them when you want them to explode. 

Bomb Walker:
Find yourself trapping yourself all the time with bombs? Well this item
is for you! You can walk through your bombs now!

Ice Cream Cone:
Gives you 3,200 extra points.

Allows you to grab and toss your bombs.

Allows you to kick your bombs.

Wall Walker:
Allows you to walk through bombable walls.

Tiny Bomberman:
This is a 1-up.

Spike Shoes: (apparently can only be gotten in the roulette, I may be
Slows you down (opposite of skaters) .

Jelly Bomb:
Can only be gotten in multiplayer. Makes your bombs bounce when they hit a wall (when kicked.)

4. Faq’s

Q: What do the magnets do in world 1?
A: If pointed toward bombs, bombs will get sucked towards them.

Q: What happens if I blow up the exit?
A: Enemies will come out, which you will have to destroy.

Q: How many hearts can you accumulate?
A: As far as I know, unlimited amount. If not, you can carry a lot and
be nearly immortal.

Q: Can I accumulate more than one type of bomb?
A: No, if you grab a normal bomb, spike bomb, or heart bomb, it will
change your bombs depending what it is.

Q: Am I in trouble if I blow up the furnace in world 2?
A: No, you just will have to dodge the flames. If the screen turns red,
that means they are about to go off.

Q: What is the maximum capacity of how many bombs/flames you can hold?
A: 9

Q: How many hits does a mini boss take?
A: 3

Q: How many hits does a boss take?
A: 12 (the final boss is not applicable here). The final boss takes 8
hits per arm, 12 hits after this, then 6 hits to kill the eyeball.

Q: What happens if I get killed by the boss?
A: You will have to fight the mini boss again before the main boss.

Q: I am getting hit by nothing as I rome around in the fifth world!
A: You are not getting hit by nothing. There are invisible mines
scattered everyone. Take your steps slowly.

5. Multiplayer

Single Match:
This is free for all battle mode.

Tag Match: 
Fight a battle two on two.


Com Level:
Difficulty of AI. 1-10 difficulty.

How many battles needed to win a match.

This is how much time you have for someone to win a battle.

After winning a match, that winner can play the roulette to have an item
for every battle of the next match.

Stage 1:
Nothing special here. Pick this if you want a basic fight.

Stage 2:
An ice filled stage with holes. If you are good, you can can make it so
the ai’s or humans blow up and soon as the land from a hole.

Stage 3:
You all start with kickers, and you can push other bombmen away. There
are also holes at the top which will take you to the other side.

Stage 4:
The ai’s are very stupid here. Place a bomb on or near the coils, and
they will burn up and anyone near will die.

Stage 5:
This level is not a good choice. Very hard to see where bombs are and
stuff, and there are coils which super power your bombs.

Stage 6:
This level has many instant teleporters, but besides that is pretty

Stage 7:
This level is pretty cool. In the center is a block, and the "!" stops
you for a few seconds. There are 1-5 circles you can go through.

"!" Basically means 0
1 = Very, very slow speed.
2 = Slow.
3 = Normal speed.
4 = Moderatly fast speed.
5 = Ultra fast.

Stage 8:
In this level, there is a conveyor belt. The map button will change the
direction of it. The "S" button changes between fast and slow.

Stage 9:
This level is normal except for arrows that kicked bombs will follow.

Stage 10:
Very fun level. In this level, bombermen can actually jump!

6. Passwords

Only use these if you are really, really stuck or want to have fun.
         Normal Password       Cheat Password
World 1:      4361                  1111
World 2:      6442                  5462
World 3:      3903                  6763
World 4:      9564                  8784
World 5:      7735                  6925

Sudden Death Mode: 


7. Boss Strategies:

World 1 boss:
Stay at the bottom, and stay between arms when he sits still, because he
will shoot out his arm. Take your time placing bombs.

World 2 boss:
Run around, and dodge the boss. When you see shadows of fireballs, get
as far away as you can! There will be explosions everywhere, and you
have to be pretty good to dodge them all. Eventually he will destroy

World 3 boss:
Pretty easy. Just dodge the large sun boss. I have no idea what the
hearts do, but try to dodge them all the same. She will sometimes fire
stars in many directions, but they are pretty easy to dodge. A dozen
hits and she’s down.

World 4 boss:
Easy enough. But stay away from those massive bombs as they have the
power of dynamite! Be quick to place your own bombs, and he will most
likely hurt himself more than you hurt him.

World 5 boss:
This is pretty hard. Stay at the bottom, and be quick about placing
bombs. Sometimes he will spit out ghost enemies which you can’t kill, so
just avoid them. The final eyeball boss is very easy, he just roams
around asking to be destroyed. 6 hits and you’ve finished the game!

8. Hints and Tips:

Blow up all the blocks! Who knows what you will find? Maybe a 1-up or
trigger bombs!

Bosses are very easy if you have the glove or detonators, you can just
toss a bomb into a boss to hurt it!

In multiplayer, try to trap your opponent between bombs, this is
especially a great way to defeat AI’s.

In an open multiplayer level, kick around bombs a lot! Ai’s especially
hate this! Ai’s also hate conveyor belts and the flame level, so use
this to your advantage.

If sudden death comes, try to lure your opponent into the block
conveyor! Play multiplayer with the password 5656, it makes it more
crazy and fun!

9. Game Genie Codes, Glitches, etc.

7E1C6C09 Start with 9 lives 
7E80E109 Start with 9 bombs 
7E80EF09 Start with 9 hearts 
7E800002 F1050432 Unlimited bombs for Player 1 
7E810002 F1050432 Unlimited bombs for Player 2 
7E820002 F1050432 Unlimited bombs for Player 3 
7E830002 F1050432 Unlimited bombs for Player 4 

No glitches known yet.

10. Legal Stuff/Credits

You may never copy/change my guide for your own purposes unless you ask.
99% of the time I will say yes, so there is no reason not to ask first.
Copying one’s faq/walkthrough is the deadliest sin at GameFAQ’s, and you
can get into terrible trouble if you do it so just ask before you post
this anywhere!

Thanks to Janus Operative:
For the ascii art.
This document is copyright (c), 2001 Jeremy Bennetch

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