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FAQ/Walkthrough by willythemailboy

Updated: 03/07/07

                               SUPER BATTLESHIP

                                 SNES Version

Copyright 2007 - Staley, Willythemailboy.  Any site that wishes to host any of
my guides is free to do so, provided you contact me prior to posting the
guide(s), as I like to know where they're being used.

I cannot guarantee any site other than GameFAQs will always have the most
current form of my guides, so if there's ever any doubt, always check GameFAQs.
If you find an outdated form of any of my guides on any site, please contact
me, and I will contact the site to get it updated.

If you have a suggestion, comment, complaint, request, or if you just want some
help, please let me know.


|                          =========================                          |
|                         |        Contents         |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

1.00 Getting Started and Controls

   1.10 Guide Information

   1.20 Game Controls

   1.30 Ship Controls

      1.31 Move Ship
      1.32 Target Weapons
      1.33 Prior Orders
      1.34 Status Display
      1.35 Game Screen
      1.36 Fleet Display

   1.40 Battle Controls

      1.41 Guns
      1.42 Torpedoes
      1.43 Depth Charges

   1.50 Ship Abbreviations and Information

   1.60 Tricks, Exploits, and Random Useful Information

2.00 Missions

   2.01 Sink the Excalibur
   2.02 Mosquito Boat Attack
   2.03 Battle for Quemoy Island
   2.04 Convoy Escort
   2.05 Convoy KL 17
   2.06 Raid on Mindino Airfield
   2.07 Destroyer Action
   2.08 Power Sweep
   2.09 Ambush
   2.10 Mayhem at Midnight
   2.11 Bee Swarm
   2.12 Bodyguard
   2.13 Rescue Mission
   2.14 Jolly Roger
   2.15 Pitbulls and Sluggers
   2.16 Total War
   2.17 Level Codes

3.00 Classic Battleship

4.00 Credits

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|                         |      Game Controls      |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

1.00 Getting Started and Controls

   1.10 Guide Information

This guide is designed for easy searching.  Enter an entire heading into a
Control+F search to go to that section.  For example, enter

3.00 Classic Battleship

to go to that section of the walkthrough. Only major sections have full
headers, so you won't be able to Control+F to find other things as easily.

   1.20 Game Controls

The main menu of the game gives you the choice of playing Super Battleship,
Classic Battleship (which isn't the classic board game, but similar) and Enter
Secret Code. New missions are unlocked as missions are beaten, and the secret
code allows players to skip to the section of the game they haven't beaten yet.
Secret codes will be listed at the end of the last mission needed to unlock
them, and in a separate section at the end of the guide.

Once you select Super Battleship, or enter a secret code, you will go to the
mission select screen. Note that any mission can be played over, even after it
is beaten. Missions in yellow need to be beaten to unlock the next code, while
missions in blue have already been beaten.

General Button Functions

A - Select currently highlighted icon, fire

B - Exit menu, fire

L - Display current mission objectives and turn limit

R - View satellite image of the entire game area

X - Switch weapons, both in tactical map and battle screen

Y - Toggle between radar and sonar display

Start  - Pause

Select - Cancel, escape from battle screen

   1.30 Ship Controls

The screen is divided into four main sections. The largest part is the tactical
map, which shows the ship you are currently in control of, and it's immediate
surroundings. The center part of the bottom gives the ship's commander, the
ship class and name, the current heading, and the current speed. The bottom
line is a description of the icon currently highlighted in the left box, and
the circle on the right is your radar and sonar display.

The four icons in the left box are Move Ship, Target Weapons, Prior Orders, and
Status Display. Pressing Select will bring up two more icons, Game Screen and
Fleet Display. There is also a blue bar at the bottom of the screen, which
displays the time limit on your turn. If this bar runs out, your turn will end
even if you are in a battle or still have ships to move, so keep an eye on it.

      1.31 Move Ship

Move ship does exactly that. Selecting this icon will bring up a display of
boxes into which you can move your ship. Be aware that the boxes represent
where the BOW (front end) of your ship will stop moving, and the arrow in the
box is  the direction which your ship will be heading. In confined spaces or
near other ships, you must be aware of where your entire ship is at any given
time, else you will end up ramming another ship or running aground.

The movement options available will vary with ship class, heading, current
speed, and ship damage. Generally, smaller ships are faster and more
maneuverable than larger ships, and don't need to worry as much about where the
tail end of there ship is going. The current speed and heading determine where
you will stop moving. Be aware that ships generally take several turns to slow
down or turn, so don't enter confined spaces at full speed.

Damage to your ship can affect your movement. If your engines are damaged, your
speed will be dropped to zero, and you will need to build up speed again once
your engines have been repaired. Rudder damage will make your ship unable to
turn, but your speed will be unaffected.

      1.32 Target Weapons

Target Weapons gives you a target icon on the tactical map, to be used to start
a battle. Each weapon is different in how it is targeted and controlled.
Targeting your guns is the easiest. If the target is a ship, you will enter the
battle screen. A land target will simply result in your ship taking a shot at
the selected building. Shots at land rarely if ever miss. Shots at ships have a
percent chance at entering battle with the target ship, conveniently displayed
next tot he target icon, or missing and wasting one shell from your ammo
supply. Close targets are easier to hit than far ones. It is generally to your
advantage to allow the enemy to start ship-to-ship battles.

Targeting missiles is similar to targeting guns. Shots at land will be exactly
the same as guns, but missiles have longer range. You also have fewer of them,
when you have any at all. When targeted at a ship, the percent accuracy
displayed with the target icon is irrelevant. Firing at a ship instead takes
you to a landscape screen with a missile flying over it. Push left and right on
the d-pad to maintain a generally straight course until the enemy ship appears,
then steer the missile into the enemy ship.

After a few shots to get used tot he controls, it is almost impossible to miss
with a missile. Another important factor is that missiles are always one hit
kills, so use them against the enemy's heaviest ships to conserve ammo and
limit damage to your own ships. Also note that missiles cannot effectively
target enemy PT boats, so any missile shot at them will miss without even going
to the flying missile animation. Don't waste the turn or ammunition trying.

Targeting torpedoes is also similar to guns, at least on the tactical map.
Targeting an enemy ship will enter the battle screen, and torpedoes don't have
the same chance to fail as guns do. The down side to using torpedoes is that
during the battle, you don't have the option to switch to using guns, but if
guns are used to start the battle you can switch to torpedoes if you have any.
If an enemy attacks you, you will always enter the battle with guns and have
the option to switch. Targeting a torpedo on a land target simply results in a
lost torpedo.

Depth charges don't give you a target icon, it is simply based on proximity to
your ship. Generally, you must be within one or two squares of the target to
engage with depth charges. Using depth charges without a target near enough
wastes a charge.

      1.33 Prior Orders

This is basically a time saver, as selecting this icon sends your ship on the
current course and speed from the previous turn. Useful if you are crossing a
large empty area or are beached and can't move, but not recommended if land or
other ships are nearby.

      1.34 Status Display

This gives all sorts of information on the active ship, such as name, class,
commander, gun size, armor thickness, current hull strength, ammo supplies
remaining for all weapons, and damage control assignment. Damage control is the
only part of this you are ever likely to use. Incoming enemy fire can damage
eight areas of your ship. Bow and stern gun damage will cut your firing rate in
half, and if both are damaged you will be unable to use your guns at all. Radar
or sonar damage will make these systems inoperable. Engine damage will
immobilize your ship, and rudder damage will prevent your ship from turning.
Fire control damage will reduce your chances of hitting an enemy ship with your
main guns on the tactical map, but does not affect your accuracy on the battle
screen. Hull damage doesn't disable any part of your ship, but it does more
hull damage than a hit to another part of your ship. The damage done by enemy
fire (and yours) depends on the class of the ship firing.

During each turn, you can select one area of a damaged ship to have your crew
repair. This component will then be usable at the beginning of your next turn.
Hull damage cannot be repaired, and when your hull strength reaches zero the
ship will sink.

      1.35 Game Screen

Selecting this will exit out of the current mission and return to the mission
select screen. Use this if you make an unrecoverable error and need to start
over. Be careful, because there is no "Are you sure..." warning, and you could
exit a game by accident if not careful.

      1.36 Fleet Display

This will give you access to an overview of all ships you started the mission
with, and their current status (sunk, aground, or still active). You can also
access the status display of each ship, which allows you to order another
ship's crew to repair damage. This can be useful if you have a ship initiate a
battle, then use the fleet display to start repairing damage before the damaged
ship's next turn, but that situation should rarely come up.

   1.40 Battle Controls

In the battle screen, you get a first-person viewpoint from your ship at the
enemy, which stays at a fixed range and passes you either right to left or left
to right. If a battle lasts long enough, they will do a complete circle around
you. Destroying the enemy's engines will make them stop moving relative to your
point of view, greatly simplifying torpedo use.

      1.41 Guns

If you start the battle with guns, or the enemy attacks you, you will start
with your guns selected. The d-pad moves the target cursor in the direction you
push, and A fires. If you hold A the guns will fire again as rapidly as they
can reload. Be aware that your shells take time to get to the enemy ship, so
you must slightly lead your target. This does not mean you must lead the ship
itself, as the ship is larger than the lead distance.

You can do selective damage to the enemy ship, depending where you hit it.
Unlike your ships, the enemy ships only have stern guns, so one hit by any ship
can destroy their ability to return fire. you can see where the enemy guns are
when they fire, so hit this part of their ship until they stop firing. This
should always be your first priority in a battle. The only exception to this is
when firing on an enemy PT boat with a PT, DE, or DD. For some reason, these
ships are unable to destroy the guns of enemy PT boats.

Hitting the top parts of the enemy ships will destroy radar and fire control,
while the bow and stern will destroy sonar and rudder. hitting the middle of an
enemy ship near the waterline will destroy the engines, generally the second
priority target in a battle. Once a ship is immobile and can't fire back, use
torpedoes if available to sink the ship.

      1.42 Torpedoes

Torpedoes do more damage than shells from anything including a battleship, so
they're the best way to go to sink larger ships. However, it is easy to waste
torpedoes by overkilling a ship. Use only as many as necessary, then finish 
guns if you must.

Targeting torpedoes is somewhat different than guns. Instead of a gun sticking
up from the bottom of the screen, you get the front part of the torpedo. Right
and left on the d-pad will still rotate your point of view, but up and down
will move how close the torpedoes are to each other. This reflects how much the
torpedoes will spread after launch. Spread the torpedoes as little as possible
on an immobile target, or if you are very confident of your aim. Only use
torpedoes on a moving target if you absolutely must, such as if you are out of 
gun ammo or both guns have been hit. You are better off using select to exit 
the battle, repair your guns, and finish the ship next time. Just be aware how 
close you are to the turn limit.

      1.42 Depth Charges

Depth charges use an entirely different battle screen than guns or torpedoes.
Your ship starts at the top right of the screen, and the enemy sub starts at a
random depth on the left. The sub can't fire back, but you only get one pass If
the enemy sup survives the charges you drop, the battle ends.

Dropping charges takes an ability to judge depth and speed. The sub can be as
far as 160 feet down, or as low as 30, and has two or three speeds to choose
from. The speed of your ship can be decreased by holding right on the d-pad, or
increased by holding left. Generally the best way to drop charges is to spread
the depth from below to above the depth of the sub, and dropping them so
they'll reach that depth at the same time the sub gets there. If you must, use
tape to label the various depths on the side of your TV, that way you only need
to worry about the timing of the drop. With practice, you can drop one or two
charges and sink the sub.

Depth charges can also be used to clear mines. The battle screen is the same as
with a sub, but the mines are a stationary target. You must destroy two of the
three mines to clear the mine from the tactical map. Just be careful not to run
into the mines getting into firing position.

   1.50 Ship Abbreviations and Information

Just seeing the name and class of a ship will tell you quite a bit about it's
capabilities. There are seven playable classes of ships in the game, and the
enemy can use submarines in addition to all of these.

Class              Abbreviation
-----              ------------

Patrol Boat        PT (from Patrol, Torpedo)

Destroyer Escort   DE

Destroyer          DD

Light Cruiser      CL

Heavy Cruiser      CA (from Cruiser, Armored)

Battle Cruiser     BC

Battleship         BB

Each class has different speed, armor, gun, and ammunition capabilities. Given
how the battles work, the only real limitation on ships is ammunition. If a
ship has enough ammo, even a PT could easily sink a battleship - as long as the
first shot disabled the enemy guns.

                   PT  |  DE  |  DD  |  CL  |  CA  |  BC  |  BB
Hull Strength      8   |  16  |  32  |  40* |  48  |  96* |  112*
Damage Per Shell   2   |  3   |  5   |  6   |  8   |  10  |  14
Max Shells         #   |  32  |  #   |  30  |  #   |  32  |  32
Speed              40  |  32  |  32  |  24  |  24  |  24  |  24

* indicates that this value is subject to change from mission to mission.

# indicates that no ship of this class ever has full ammunition for guns

No ship ever gets maximum capacity of torpedoes, missiles, or depth charges. I
don't know why they put higher capacities for these munitions than is ever
achieved, but they did.

   1.60 Tricks, Exploits, and Random Useful Information

Most if not all of these are mentioned elsewhere, but I put them all together
here for convenience.

- Missiles cannot hit PT boats, so don't even try. It's a waste of ammunition
  and a turn.

- Depth charges can be used to clear mine. You never NEED to clear mines this 
  way, but it is sometimes helpful.

- A ship in a friendly harbor will restock its entire ammunition supply. It
  will NOT, however, repair hull damage.

- You cannot damage the guns of an enemy PT with a PT, DE or DD.

- If you are fast, you can get two, sometimes three shots at an enemy ship
  before their second shell hits you. This is especially valuable in PT-on-PT
  battles, where they can sink you in three shots but you cannot destroy their
  guns. They will hit you once (or not, if you're really lucky), but you can
  escape the battle before their second shell hits.

- Unfriendly shore batteries can and will shoot at you.

- A really cheap yet effective way to screw the computer is to let an enemy
  ship start a gun battle, then disable its guns and let the enemy turn time
  run out. Especially effective when the enemy has subs, as they will not get
  to shoot at you while you get close enough to kill them.

|                          =========================                          |
|                         |        Missions         |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

   2.01 Sink the Excalibur

This mission is simple, sink the enemy ship. Either of your ships can do this
easily, so the biggest danger is of having your ships collide. Have the
battleship lag behind the cruiser, then follow it northeast once you have room.
Don't bother trying to attack the enemy ship, just run straight at it until it
fires at you. Once it does, target its guns, then pound it until it sinks.

   2.02 Mosquito Boat Attack

Run your ships to converge in the area between the enemy ships. Be careful not
to run into your own ships or enemy ships, but get into position and wait for
them to attack. No one ship can kill the enemy battle cruiser, but each can
easily disable it enough for another to finish off. You will most likely lose
the first ship the BC fires at, as the two enemy PT boats will also target it.
Make sure not to run the ship entirely out of ammo, but do as much damage to
the BC as you can.

After it's been shot up, run a PT up to the BC and finish it off. It will
either try to shoot you before it's guns are fixed or you can shoot it
yourself. The PTs are actually a bigger threat, as you cannot disable their
guns, and they can survive longer than you can in a one-on-one battle. Take a
couple shots at them, then escape the battle. Two or three battles like this
will sink the PTs without your ships taking too much damage.

Of course, since nothing you do in any battle affects the ships you have in the
next, you could just ram the PTs to kill them fast, losing one of your ships
for each of theirs.

--- Secret Code C31D5 ---

   2.03 Battle for Quemoy Island

This is another battle where collision and running aground is almost a bigger
threat than the enemy. Even with ammo constraints, it's possible for the
destroyers to finish the mission by themselves.

Send Agguire and Conqueror northeast a turn, then east to battle the ships up
there. Send the BB and CAs east behind Warrior, with a premium on safe
maneuvering over speed. You have plenty of time on this mission. Just keep
moving east until the enemy attacks you, and don't worry when they take the
city - you don't need it to win.

If something goes wrong, the battleship and cruisers can clean up anything that

   2.04 Convoy Escort

There are two ways to play this mission - escort the merchant ship to harbor,
or destroy the enemy fleet, including subs. Destroying the fleet is faster, but
not necessarily easier.

To make harbor, move all your ships in front of the merchant ship, ignoring the
two PT boats behind the merchant. Since enemy ships are limited to 8 knots,
they can't possibly catch the merchant. The only threats are the two submarines
between you and the harbor. having all three ships in close proximity (but not
touching each other, to allow maneuvering room) will get at least one or two
ships to the submarines together, even if the subs torpedo one ship's engines.
You may lose a DE if it gets hit twice, but even two ships can run up on the
second sub. Once the second sub is gone, the merchant can make its way to
harbor without further trouble, but you have to watch the next 25 turns of
nothing happening.

If you choose to take out the fleet, do much the same thing. Concentrate your
fleet to take out the subs, then turn around and run back at the PT boats. This
will end the mission much faster than letting the merchant make its way to

   2.05 Convoy KL 17

Turn the Greenstone northeast while running the Cheetah and Vigilant east and
the Eagle and Zealous southeast. Turn east with the Greenstone as soon as the
first ship is destroyed, and take the northern three ships with the cruisers
and the southern three with the destroyers. Nothing really complicated, and the
Cheetah has a pair of missiles to make it go faster.

--- Secret Code 32FH42 ---

   2.06 Raid on Mindino Airfield

Again, there are two ways to beat this mission. The first is to simply rip up
the airfield using the Conqueror. The second is to destroy the enemy fleet.

By far the easier method is to destroy the airfield. Turn the Conqueror and
Tiger northwest to take out the three ships there. Be sure to sink them with
the Tiger, as you will need at least 8 shots with the Conqueror to destroy the
airfield. The other three ships you have are irrelevant in this mission, all
you need are these two ships.

To destroy the enemy fleet, you need perfect coordination and a great deal of
luck. There are two submarines, and you only have three ships capable of
attacking them. One is due south of the destroyers and east of the Eagle, the
third ship with depth charges. Turn the destroyers south and run the Eagle east
to converge on this sub. Hopefully you will only take one or two torpedo hits
doing this, but if a ship takes engine damage you're in trouble. The second sub
is north of where the destroyers start, near where the enemy PT boat starts.

Turn the Tiger northwest to take out the three enemy ships there. It will
barely have enough ammo to sink them all, so the third may need to be rammed.
If possible leave the first one encountered for last, it is survivable to ram
(barely) and the most easily picked up by another ship if necessary.

Run the Conqueror east, then northeast to just south of the mines once clear of
the Tiger. You should have enough ammo to sink all four ships on this side. If
you destroy the entire fleet, you do not need to hit the airfield at all.

   2.07 Destroyer Action

This is not at all difficult, if you know there is a sub north and slightly
west of where the Rover starts. Turn Vandal and Raven northwest to go after the
sub, and clear the surface vessels with the other three ships. Rover has a pair
of missiles to make it easier.

   2.08 Power Sweep

Again, not difficult if you know where the enemy sub is. It's due south of
their east most ship. Just sail Seawolf and Dorado east until you find it on
sonar. Be careful of mines, they are everywhere. If this wasn't easy enough,
the Tiger has missiles.

--- Secret Code 7159BG ---

   2.09 Ambush

Turn Zodiac south, and slow Warrior down until Glaive can catch up to take out
the sub due east of them. After that, it's pretty standard. Use Zodiac's
missiles to take out the destroyers to the south and southeast. Do not attempt
to rocket the PT boats, it won't work.

   2.10 Mayhem at Midnight

Send Africa and Volga east, and Misty and Ganges southwest. Be sure to use
Africa's missiles on the BC in the back, you don't have all that much main gun
ammo. Switch between radar and sonar often, because visual range is minimal and
there are mines.

   2.11 Bee Swarm

The entire trick to this mission is hit and run. Let the enemy attack you, get
a couple shots off, then escape before they can hit you a second time (or a
first, if you get lucky). You should only ever initiate a battle once, when
launching a missile from Greenstone at the enemy DE. Again, do not try to use a
missile on an enemy PT boat.

Begin by moving Greenstone around the island to the west, and the other two
ships around to the east. Run the three western ships due east until they make
contact with the enemy's western force. Continue the hit and run until the
enemy runs out of ships. You many need to run a ship from the western group to
the eastern enemies, because that battle is two on four for a while, until the
Greenstone gets around the island.

It is entirely possible to do everything correctly and still lose this mission.
If you take gun damage, you will not be able to get three shots off for each of
their hits. Also, their shots do more damage than yours, so they must miss a
certain number of times for this to be winnable.

On the tenth turn, ram any ships that are still alive. A PT boat has such low
accuracy that you cannot guarantee getting into a battle even if you are
touching the target.

--- Secret Code 0007207 ---

   2.12 Bodyguard

Ignore the two enemy DEs near your fleet, they can't catch you. Instead,
consolidate your escorts to defend against submarines, the only real threat on
this mission.

Turn the fleet southwest until you're even with the sub almost due south of
where Rover starts. It will take some good maneuvering to get your ships there
in good order, but try to get your fleet assembled before anyone enters torpedo
range. You will still most likely lose Rover, as subs tend to start at the
bottom of your ship list and work up, and DEs can only survive one hit.

Once you get past the first sub, run due west into two more subs almost
touching one another. This requires a bit of luck, because if all of their
torpedoes hit while you're approaching the subs, only the Vigilant will
survive, and one of the subs will not be destroyed. This doesn't happen very 
often, but if it does you'll most likely need to start over.

After those two subs, there is another one southwest of your position.
Sometimes it will be far enough south to run past, but other times you must
turn into it and sink it. Once you are past this sub, you just need to run into
the harbor. The mission doesn't end as soon as you get in, you must get past
the island and into the bay. There isn't many spare turns in this mission, so
don't delay in the open water.

   2.13 Rescue Mission

This is another mission with no spare turns. Run Cheetah and Wasp due north,
until you can see all three ships west of you on Cheetah's radar. Missile the
two destroyers closest to your course, not the cruiser farther west. You cannot
afford the Wasp to take damage engaging either destroyer, and the cruiser is
out of range.

Once you have taken out the destroyers, run the Cheetah at the cruiser. Align
the Wasp with the submarine in its way, so you can hit it with minimum delay. 
If you are very lucky, you can attack the sub while taking only one torpedo. If
you aren't quite in range, the CL may attack the Cheetah, allowing you to
disable its guns and run the enemy's time out for the turn before the sub gets
to fire on the second turn. It's pretty cheap, but it works.

Align the Wasp to pass between the mines, then run in at full speed. The
mission ends as soon as you are through the mines. There is generally five
turns left on the time limit, but you need to rush to get between the other
destroyers before they can get in your way.

--- Secret Code BDFHGF4 ---

   2.14 Jolly Roger

This is probably the most profanity-inspiring mission in the entire game. It
would be simple, if you had enough ammunition. As it is, you must carefully
conserve ammo, because you must risk shots at the merchants. Let the enemy
ships start a battle if they want, but don't start anything yourself.

Run due east until you are past the mines and almost even with the line of
merchants. Missile the CA Warspite as soon as you can identify it, and sink the
Wasp, Seawolf, and Apache when they start a battle. The Cheetah will generally
get stuck blocking the merchant line, and a submarine will get stuck on the far
side of the line. Turn southeast before you get to the line of merchants, and
do not sink the Cheetah if it starts a battle.

Spend all of your ammo sinking merchants, but don't sink the one keeping the
Cheetah locked in place, as that also keeps the sub away from you. If you run
out of ammo, you can ram merchants and only lose 10 hull strength per merchant.

--- Secret Code 012745F ---

   2.15 Pitbulls and Sluggers

Again, a simple mission if you had enough ammo. As it is, each ship has exactly
enough shells and torpedoes to sink one enemy ship. The exception is Baku,
which has an extra shell. That's the only clue given on how to beat the

**Note: In this mission, you must initiate battles with other ships. Your ships
        are much less likely to miss than in other missions, but if you do miss
        you will need to start over.

Run the Baku east into range of the eastern group of enemy ships, then destroy
one of them. Make sure you save the last shell to take the city. Start turning
to run west as soon as you clear the mine. Move the Kiwi east with the Baku,
but run straight at the enemy. Sink the first ship that attacks you, then ram
the last one.

Turn the Onyx north, with the aim of getting into harbor. Sink the Tiger when
you get close enough, then turn northeast into the harbor. Make sure you slow
down when you enter the harbor, or you risk running aground while turning.

Don't shoot the shore battery to take the city until Onyx is in the harbor, as
an enemy ship will most likely take the city back after a turn or two. Once
Onyx has rearmed, run both Baku and Onyx toward the two remaining ships. Use
the Baku to ram the Cheetah, then finish the Jaguar with the Onyx. Wait until
round 20 to take the shot at the Jaguar, as your odds of hitting it will
increase as you get closer to it.

This mission will take several attempts to get the timing of each course change
and shot perfect. Even if you do everything correctly, taking engine or rudder
damage at a critical point can still cause failure.

--- Secret Code F2F406F8 ---

   2.16 Total War

The only challenges in this mission are sending your ships to the correct
cities in the correct order, and not running aground while doing it. There are
only six enemy surface ships, and you have seven ships to deal with them, two
of them armed with missiles. Use the satellite often, to be more aware of where
your ships are and where they should be going.

Send the Carthage east until you must turn southeast to avoid land. Use
missiles to sink the two enemy ships as soon as you get in range. When you turn
southeast, make sure to continue far enough south to miss the second island.
Continue east until you get close enough to sink the third enemy ship. Don't
forget to take Monobo on your way past.

Turn Tiger southeast, and depth charge the mine to that Carthage doesn't have
to detour around it. Head southeast until you see the small island north of the
larger island, then turn south until you can take Quezon. Once this is done,
the Tiger is surplus, so you may want to turn east in case you accidentally
beach another ship.

Turn Cheetah northeast, and continue until in range to take Carmen. Slow down
and wait, if necessary, then take the city after Carthage has destroyed the two
enemy ships nearby. Once you take Carmen, turn east and run full speed to
Roldan City. Be careful not to run aground, as the Cheetah is one ship that you
can't afford to beach. No other ship can reach Roldan City in under 70 turns.

Run the Africa southeast until you can missile the enemy ship, then turn back
northwest. Continue until you can missile one of remaining enemy ships, then
close to gun range with the other. Once the enemy ships are gone, take Ping

Send the Yugumo north, then northeast around Boracay. Make sure to pass east of
the island after taking the city to avoid the submarine to the northwest. Pass
close to the west coast of the land mass and take Mandave on your way past.
Continue north and take Cagayan De Oro.

Turn Vigilant northeast, then east. Run close to the coast, and take Mindino
City when you get close enough. Continue east all the way over to the outer
coast, then turn north along the coast until you can take Camiguin. Look
carefully, this city doesn't show up well on the satellite view, and it's only
a handful of buildings without a harbor. Once you take Camiguin, continue north
along the coast until you can turn into the harbor and take Ampela.

Turn the Rover southeast, parallel to the Africa. Continue southeast after the
Africa sinks the enemy ship. Turn east after the enemy ship is destroyed. You
can take Ilocana by shooting one of the shore batteries, then turn south along
the coast. Take Baguyos when you arrive at the harbor. If the Rover runs
aground, no other ship can come far enough south to take these two cities, so
be careful.

It is possible to finish this mission in under 50 turns, assuming no ships run
aground. It is not necessary to sink either the northeast or southeast enemy
ship, but it is recommended. It will make the enemy turns go faster, anyway.

   2.17 Level Codes

Level 2   C31D5
Level 3   32FH42
Level 4   7159BG
Level 5   0007207
Level 6   BDFHGF4
Level 7   012745F
Level 8   F2F406F8

|                          =========================                          |
|                         |    Classic Battleship   |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

3.00 Classic Battleship

There is no guaranteed way to beat the computer in this version of classic
battleship. The computer will place its ships in completely random locations,
and the PT boat with only one target makes your job harder.

To start, use the B button to turn your ships horizontal, and place them at
least one space in from the right side. When the computer gets a hit, it will
fire above, below, right, then finally left of that location. Thus placing your
ships horizontal can force the computer to take up to three additional shots to
destroy your ship. Also, space your ships at least two spaces apart in each
direction, to allow room for these misses.

Start firing in a checkerboard pattern, hitting every other square until you
cover the entire map. This way, you will find four of the enemy ships, and have
even odds of finding the PT. If not, start filling in the spots you skipped,
and hope you get lucky before the computer does.

|                          =========================                          |
|                         |         Credits         |                         |
|                          =========================                          |

4.00 Credits

Thanks to Deuce ex Defcon for formatting and editing assistance, and for
letting me use a slightly modified version of his legal disclaimer.

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