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FAQ/Walkthrough by shoecream

Version: 1.5b | Updated: 05/20/07

                            Super Battleship (SNES)
                     Version 1.5b, last updated 05/20/2007
                    by shoecream - shoecreamll at gmail.com
                          Walkthrough Completion: 100%

Copyright (c) Jonathan Chang 2003-2007.

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license,
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    this one.

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Notice - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the
license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web
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Table Of Contents:
I. Main menu
     A. Mission Select Screen

II. How to play
     B. Command screen
        1. Radar/Sonar
        2. Ship information
        3. Time bar
        4. Command buttons

III. Wait, how do you...
     A. Efficient ship destruction
     B. Depth charges
     C. Missiles
     D. Taking Over Harbors
     E. Taking Advantage of Enemy AI and Other Cheap Tricks

IV. Walkthrough

V. Appendices
   A. Hull Classification Symbols

VI. Closing
     A. Version history
     B. Thanks

                                  I. Main Menu
Super Battleship: Plays the game
Classic Battleship: Old school battleship
Enter secret code: Enters a secret code for Super Battleship

I'm assuming you want to play SUPER BATTLESHIP!!! You can play classic
battleship any day (the computer likes to cheat at that, maybe I just suck, I
don't know). Here's a FAQ for that and a walkthrough.

                           A. Mission Select Screen
White means a selected mission, yellow means an incomplete mission, and blue
means a completed mission. There are only two missions in the beginning. You
unlock new missions by completing all the missions in that level. There are
eight levels, and sixteen missions (that doesn't mean that there are two
missions per level - some have only 1 mission per level, others have 3.)

And, if you beat all the levels, you get a sense of pride and accomplishment.
That's right folks, nothing.

                               II. How to play:
At the middle of the screen is the ship screen. Here you can see your ships,
enemy ships, island, allied ships, etc. At the bottom is where you can issue

* A. Controls *
So you got the game off of eBay and you don't know what the controls are? Same
here. Anyway, the controls for this game are relatively simple.

D-Pad - Select a mission
Start - Start a mission.
Select - Back to Main Menu.

D-Pad - Move cursor
A - Select
B - Select
X - No effect
Y - Change Between Sonar/Radar
L - Show mission objectives
R - Shows map
Start - Pause
Select - Switch menus/Cancel

D-Pad - Aim
A - Fire
B - Fire
X - Change weapon
Y - Cancel
Start - Nothing
Select - Exit combat

* B. Command screen *

| 1. Radar/Sonar |
Your radar/sonar is located at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

   Capabilities of the Radar/Sonar

                Radar    Sonar
   See land     Yes       No
   See ships    Yes       No
   See mines    No        Yes
   See subs     No        Yes

As you can see, switching between radar and sonar frequently is to your

CONTROLS: Press Y to switch between radar and sonar.

   Yellow = Enemy
   Green  = Friend

   Yellow = Enemy
   Green  = Enemy

| 2. Ship information |

Bottom Center: Ship information
It'll tell you the captain of the ship, the ship's name, the heading, and the
current speed of the ship.

D. Sullivan (captain's name)
PT Hammer (name of the ship: PT means it's a Patrol boat)
Heading E (Facing east)
Speed   16 knots (How fast it's currently moving)

If you are in a harbor, the heading and speed information will not be shown.
Same if you're beached.
| 3. Time bar |
More bottom center: Time bar.
This shows you how much time you have left in your turn. Counts down.
| 4. Command buttons |
Bottom right: Picture of captain/command buttons
Command buttons:
  |Move  |Target|
  |Ship  |Weaps.|
  |Prior |Status|
  |Orders|Disp. |

The descriptions are below:


Brings up a nice little grid where you can select to move your ship (don't hit
your own ships, you'll lose both of them! Usually...) Press Select to get out of
"Move Ship" command.


 Main Guns is just that...main guns. Your little cannon things. They're good,
but you only have so much ammo.

Torpedoes are cool! But they're only good for when your enemy has their engines
taken out (better aiming) or for last ditch attempts to wipe off the last of
their ships.

Missiles are fun! They bring up a cool psuedo-3D environment where you'll see
your missile streak toward your target and sink it...evilly.

Depth charges are used to destroy mines and enemy subs. They're rather hard to
control, so you have to be an expert at them.
  CONTROLS: Press X to cycle between weapons.


Look at the info box. It says the speed. It'll go that far when you press this.


Shows you the current status of the ship. Brings you to the status screen.
Here's a friendly guide to help you in your comprehension of this screen.

Top right: Information

Information about your ship.

Class:    (what kind of boat it is)
Tonnage:  (basically how fast it moves, the higher the slower)
Caliber:  (how much damage it does)
Armor:    (This can go down if you take a hit to the hull)
          (ship's captain)


Middle: Damage assessment + Repairs
This is where you can see where your ship has been crapped up.
There is a list of icons which are the parts of the ship. From left to right:

Bow guns          B on a bullet
RADAR             Circle with a line and dots
Stern guns        S on a bullet
SONAR             Circle with a smaller circle
Engines           a propeller
Rudder Control    a steering wheel
Fire Control      two dots with a line


Below that is a little picture of your ship. Pink areas are damaged areas, and
orange areas are parts that you want your damage crew to repair.


It's sort of like your ship's HP. You can't bring this back up if it's gone


Below that is your ammo count. From left to right:

Main guns
Depth charges


Below that is the time bar. The time bar represents how much time you have left
before your turn is ended prematurely. It pauses when you are in this screen.

If you press select when you're at the command buttons, two new options appear:

  |Game  |Fleet |
  |Screen|Disp. |
  |      |      |
  |      |      |


Sends you back to the main menu


Shows you your fleet, allows you to see the status screens of your ships.

                            III. Wait, how do you...

Aye, all your little questions and answers about this game.

* A. Efficient ship destruction *
Destroy the guns first. When the guns stop firing, they're destroyed. You're at
an advantage over them because their guns are only in one place; yours are in
two. After that, take out the engines so the ship stops moving.

Use torpedoes now.

   CONTROLS: Press X to switch to torpedoes.
             Adjust the spread of the torpedoes by pressing Up or Down.

I recommend the spread where the torpedoes are closer together so there's little
to no chance of missing. Make sure that you've aimed your torpedoes correctly,
because you cannot correct its direction after you fire them.

If you run out of torpedoes, continue firing with main guns. Chances are, you're
attacking a very powerful ship with a much weaker ship, and your ship is so
battered from the battle that it'll be useless anyway. Chances also are that
your opponent initiated the battle, and therefore you won't be wasting your time

If the opposing ship obstinately refuses to sink (or maybe your aim is just
bad), simply exit combat.

  CONTROLS: Press Select to exit combat.

After exiting combat, wait for your turn. Then, ram your ship into the enemy
ship. Both will most likely sink. If not, the enemy is now softer than melted

* B. Depth charges *
To attack a submarine, you need to be pretty close to it. About one "square"
away from it is close enough. It doesn't matter if you're on top of it, nor does
it matter what direction your ship is facing.

CONTROLS: To change the depth of your depth charge, press Up or Down.

It is extremely difficult to correctly determine how deep you should drop your
charges. I'm assuming you're playing this from a ROM (I do, though I own the
game), and if you do, use a freeze-frame right before you attack the sub.

If you're using a cart, Robert Boyd (potato_sack_monk at yahoo.com) comments:

   "On an easy mission when you first encounter a submarine use a marker or a
   piece of tape for the waterline where your ship is sitting and that is the
   beginning place for your charges! Drop a depth charge and mark the place it
   explodes! You move the counter to a 100 feet then boom, move it another
   hundred feet down wait to see where it explodes then continue restart your
   game, and now you know the feet for every depth."

* C. Missiles *
Use the radar to locate your enemies. More likely than not your enemy is far
away (else they would have already attacked). After locating your enemy, fire on
them. Note that if you're firing from or to a PT boat, you'll miss before you
even get to aim.

So how do you aim missiles? Keep the missile centered; don't let it drift off to
the sides. When the missile is nearing its target, it begins to streak towards
the ground. You can still control the missile during this stage, so don’t
hesitate to make any last-second corrections. You should be able to hit any
enemy with ease with a bit of practice.

* D. Taking Over Harbors *
In some missions, harbors exist nearby. While it is easy to overlook harbors,
they harbor (pun) some hidden use. When you are in a harbor (when the ship
status box shows "In harbor") that you control, all your ammo will be restocked
at the end of the enemy turn. Note that you will not receive any ammo that was
not present at the beginning of the mission (that is, if you didn't start with 2
missiles, you won't have 2 missiles when you restock in the harbor).

To take over a harbor, destroy one of the buildings nearby. An even more
effective method is to destroy ALL buildings nearby so the enemy can't take the
harbor away when you're not looking.

* E. Taking Advantage of Enemy AI and Other Cheap Tricks *
Here is a list of odd things that enemies will ALWAYS do.

* Enemies move only at 8 knots.
* Enemies do excessive amounts of turning.
* Enemies take over nearby cities.
* Enemies will retreat their ships if they are badly damaged.
* Enemies (attempt to) attack you when in range.

Here's a cheap trick that'll make the enemy lose a full turn. If I haven't told
you already, there is a time bar at the bottom, and its color and length
determine whose turn it is and how much time they have left, respectively. If an
enemy attacks you during their turn, and you've completely disabled their ship
but you've run out of both main gun ammo and torpedo ammo, then a good thing to
do is to stall. Don't press select to exit the battle, but just wait for the
time bar to reach the end, so the red side loses a full turn =)

                                 V. Walkthrough

                                  | Level One |

* Stage 1: Sink the Excalibur! *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 20 rounds.

Background: Okay here you have Oak Harbor and Silcox Island flanking your
battleship (BB Invincible) and your light cruiser (CL Aguirre) pitted against an
enemy battleship (BB Excalibur). There are merchant ships continually coming out
of Oak Harbor every 2 turns, and the enemy will try to destroy them. Don't
attack them, they waste your time and are defenseless (unless you like that sort
of thing)

Just move forward, try not to get hit by other boats, and blow the crap out of
the enemy the way I told you earlier.

Or, fire a missile at the enemy battleship to finish in 3 rounds.

* Stage 2: Mosquito Boat Attack *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 15 rounds.

Background: You've moved north quite a bit, and behind your fleet of mosquito
boats are Sand Point and Neah Bay (or is it the other way around?). Your fleet
consists of 5 PT boats against 2 PT boats and 1 BC boat. The BC boat can take
out a PT boat rather easily, so be careful.

First, move your southern-most boats toward the BC boat. Move your middle boat
toward the BC also. Then, move your top boats toward the other PT boats. The
enemy always starts off by turning his boats in an ungodly fashion that you
cannot manage without extreme hacking capabilities. Then move your boats closer
to his. The enemy will usually start off by attacking one of your PT boats with
the BC boat. Watch it here, if you don't time your shots carefully, you can get
taken out REAL easily. Try to take out the engines and the guns. You'll usually
get sunk. Then, you can counter-attack with another of your boats and then sink
their boat with torpedoes. If you've still got some ships surviving, go into the
status screen and make repairs. Repair the guns first.

                                 | Level Two |
                                 |   C31D5   |

* Stage 3: Battle for Quemoy Island *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 15 rounds.

Background: The war has moved southeast a bit to Quemoy Island. You have a
battleship, 2 heavy cruisers, and three destroyers.

Try not to ram into your own ships in the beginning, move forward to the enemy
ships. Remember that at full speed it'll take 2 turns to slow down, so watch it.
Be sure not to beach your ships either, or they'll be screwed. Switch between
RADAR and SONAR frequently to check for both enemy ships and mines: they're
introduced in this mission. (There were mines behind your fleet in Mosquito
Attack, but that doesn't really matter)

Move one of your destroyers up to sink the enemy destroyer Andes. It should be
fairly easy, take out the guns first (they'll die in one well placed hit.) Keep
on moving forward and sinking their destroyers, and make sure to make repairs to
your own ships, especially if you got your guns/sonar taken out.

Once you've taken out all of the destroyers (if you're really skilled you can
take 'em all out without losing a ship) then the heavy cruisers will start
coming in. You can still take them out with destroyers. Just a) take out the
guns b) take out the engine c) fire a few more shots for good measure, then d)
shove a torpedo up their butt! If they're still not dead, you could probably
fire until ammo is gone. If they're STILL not dead, ram 'em! They can't shoot
you, and they can't move. Plus, your ship is worthless now that it has run out
of ammo.

NOTE: Watch your time! There are only 15 rounds to complete this mission!

* Stage 4: Convoy Escort *

OBJECTIVE: Escort merchant ship to Sand Point, or sink the enemy in 45 rounds.

Background: You start off in this mission a hell of a long way from Sand Point!
The merchant moves independently of your ships, so try not to get hit by it, and
vice versa. This stage is a pain in the ass, so to speak. Anyway, you start off
with 2 Destination Escorts (which have some pretty weak armor), and a cruiser to
pit against mines, subs, and the like.

One torpedo hit will take out the merchant ship.

All you got to do is to take out all the subs in the way. The patrol boats
aren't fast enough to catch up to the merchant. Be sure to slow down when you
get close to the harbor so you don't beach yourselves. Clear a path for the
merchant ship when you get close to the harbor.

* Stage 5: Convoy KL 17 *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 20 rounds.

Background: The war has moved to the front, near Monobo Island and the city of
Carmen. You start off with 2 light cruisers, 2 destroyers, and 1 heavy cruiser.
The enemy has a few destroyers and a battle cruiser.

As a bonus, this mission introduces...MISSILES!! All right! I think missiles are
really cool, to aim them check the FAQ. Anyway, move forward a bit. The enemy
likes to start off by turning in impossible directions that any ship cannot do.

Switch constantly between radar and sonar. Their ships are too far away for you
to see, and usually only are seen with radar. Sonar, because there are quite a
few mines.

A good strategy is to use your cruisers to engage the 4 northern ships (3 DE's
and 1 cruiser), with the Cheetah taking out two ships (cos it has missiles).
Then, use your southern destroyers to eliminate the three ships down south (2
DE's and one cruiser). If you're good you can take em out with only one ship. No
subs in this level.

                                  | Level Three |
                                  |    32fh42   |

* Stage 6: Raid on Mindino Airfield *

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the Mindino Airfield in 25 rounds.

Background: You start south and west of said airfield.

Try to avoid combat with your enemies, and particularly avoid the sub west of
the harbor. Simply steer your ships into the harbor and blast away at the
airfield. Once you've destroyed enough of the airfield, you'll win.

* Stage 7: Destroyer Action *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 15 rounds.

Background: Hot destroyer on destroyer action! You start of west of Quemoy
Island. You have to sink the enemy's ships in 15 rounds, and you have 1 light
cruiser and 4 destroyers. The enemy, on the other hand, controls a light cruiser
and six destroyers. The odds are not in your favor.

Well, you can easily take out all the destroyers. Take out the light cruisers
with your two missiles on board. You also have to destroy the sub just north of
where your cruiser starts. (If you turn sonar on and switch to missile
targeting, you can see it. As usual, watch for mines. You should be able to ace
this one, unlike the Mindino Airfield level.

After the first turn, you should be able to take out the light cruiser. After
that, head your cruiser toward that sub to take it out. It'll fire some
torpedoes at you in protest, but you can probably take 2 or 3 hits. Be sure to
steer your destroyers toward the sub in case you can't position yourself to fire
depth charges.

* Stage 8: Power Sweep *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 15 rounds.

Background: We start off south of Quemoy Island. The enemy is a bunch of
destroyers and cruisers. You get 2 missiles, one for each cruiser! How fun.

Keep moving your people forward. The destroyers get to your cruisers fastest, so
take them out. Eventually their guys will be in missile range. Fire the missiles
at them and watch them sink. Get one of your guys during all this and make him
head southeast. Pick off the sub there. Then you're done!

                               | Level Four |
                               |   7159BG   |
* Stage 9: Ambush *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 15 rounds.

While it may seem like this mission is impossible, it really isn't. It just
takes some thinking on your part. The first ship you have (the largest one,
armed with two missiles) you should use to immediately target the two largest
ships you spot (I recommend the ones south and east). Next, send the second ship
off to get the submarine lurking a little north and east. Hope that you get it
right, because you can only take about two hits until you go down.

After the sub and two ships are gone, the rest should go easy. I recommend
sending the large ship and the weaker ship (the one that attacked the sub) south
to destroy those PT boats, and the non weakened small ship go off to the west to
attack the PT boats there.

* Stage 10: Mayhem at Midnight *

OBJECTIVE: Defend Navato City for 15 rounds.

All right, this mission is rather easy. You start off with four destroyers, one
of them armed with two missiles. Use the one armed with two missiles to fire at
the battleships and destroyers to the east. Use radar targeting for all

After you've destroyed two to the west, send two ships over to destroy the two
more that remain. Send the other two to destroy the three or four cruisers
southwest of your starting spot. Switch frequently between radar (to see where
friend and foe are) and sonar (to see where mines are).

And, most thankfully of all, there are no subs in this level.

* Mission 11: Bee Swarm *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 10 rounds.

You start off with a fair amount of PT boats (6) and the enemy has much more
than you do. Two of yours are armed with two missiles each. The one you start
off with (Greenstone) you should use to fire at your northeasterly enemies. Be
warned though, that you can actually miss with missiles in PT boats.

Move your hardy boats forward. Next fleet, you should use the missiles to
destroy the cruiser and a PT boat. Move your men forward, watch out for mines,
and blow them out of the water.

Note that you will probably run out of time several times during this mission,
and time is of the essence. Also note that missiles on PT boats VS other PT
boats tend to miss.

                               | Level Five |
                               |  0007207   |

* Mission 12: Bodyguard *

OBJECTIVE: Escort Battle Cruiser Warrior to Neah Bay in 40 rounds.

Okay, you start off with a battle cruiser (of course), two destination escorts,
and a light cruiser. Send your north and south DEs to go after and distract the
two submarines northwest and southwest of your starting location. Then, just
move your three remaining ships away to distract the other four or five subs
blocking your way. Neah Bay is any one of those little inlets on the satellite;
it doesn't matter as long as you head in a general westerly direction.

* Mission 13: Rescue Mission *

Objective: Rescue agent on Boracay Island in 15 rounds.

Alright, you've got one destroyer and one...bigger ship. First off, send your
destroyer to go full steam ahead. Have your bigger ship move in for about a
round or two, then use its two missiles to destroy the two destroyers northwest
north of your starting position. Those will interfere with your mission. Next,
depth charge the sub (while still moving at 32 knots). Hope that you get the
depth right, because this is your only chance (your destroyer can only handle 2
torpedoes before it sinks). After blowing away the sub, continue going full
steam ahead toward the island. Watch out for the mines ringing it. Maneuver
between the mines. Once you've gotten past them, your agent gets rescued.

                                 | Level Six |
                                 |  BDFHGF4  |

* Mission 14: Jolly Roger *

OBJECTIVE: Sink 10 merchant ships in 30 rounds.

You'll start off with only one ship (battle cruiser). You should spend the first
few rounds moving on forward. Then, when you start encountering the mines, you
should begin heading southwest toward the harbor that the merchant ships are
coming from. When you're in the harbor (on the screen it'll say "In harbor")
destroy a building to take it over. It'll now re-supply you with ammo. THIS IS
CRUICIAL TO YOUR SURVIVAL!!! If you do not take over it, then you will run out
of ammo so fast that you wouldn't be able to get to round 5. It'll also restock
you with missiles, so, whenever possible, use missiles to destroy merchant ships
(since you can't possibly miss, if you're good at it.) Keep this up until you
destroy ten ships.

                                 | Level Seven |
                                 |   012745F   |

* Mission 15: Pitbulls and Sluggers *

OBJECTIVE: Sink the enemy fleet in 20 rounds.

You start off with three battleships (8 ammo each and four torpedoes each)
versus six battleships. This is a real test of your finely honed Super
Battleship skills. First, skillfully maneuver your ships into the northerly
harbor (Crossroads). All of them. Next, proceed to destroy every building on
Crossroads (so the enemy can't take it over). After that, proceed to commence
the destruction of every ship that starts getting near you. It'll take ALL of
your ammo to destroy each ship. Including the torpedoes. That's why you're in
this harbor. If a ship gets beached, don't worry. But if all three ships get
beached, then you'll lose. So don't get all of them beached. After all six enemy
ships are destroyed, continue on (it'll be a close call...I completed in 19

                                 | Level Eight |
                                 |   F2F406F8  |

* Mission 16: Total War *

OBJECTIVE: Conquer all cities in 70 rounds.

First off, all ships are extremely crucial. If you beach a ship, you're pretty
much screwed. Secondly, use the destroyers to conquer cities, and use the
battleships to back them up with missiles. Re-supply in harbors to get more
missiles, but BE ABSOLUTELY SURE TO NOT BEACH YOUR SHIPS!! Now that that's over
with, on with the walkthrough for the longest and hardest level in this game!

Send your three starting ships (BB and two DDs) northeast to take over Carmen.
Use the two missiles on the Battleship to destroy the two ships that are
blocking your way.

The southern ships: The BB should first go northwest to take out the two ships
over there. Then go north with the BB and take over Ping Ping. After that, move
southeast with it and take out the battleship that's moving toward Ping Ping.

The first DE should go northwest and take out Borocay, the second should head
northeast for Mindino City. The first one will have problems with a sub, more
likely than not. After the first takes out Borocay, head north to Quezon and
conquer that city too. The third one (the Rover) should be heading southwest to
take those two cities there. AVOID THE SUB AND THE BATTLESHIP, you cannot take
on both of them at the same time with only a destination escort.

At this time, the two northern DDs should be mighty busy. One of them (you pick)
should go very west to get the city there (###) and the other should go south
and conquer the city THERE (###). The Battleship should, again, be backing them
up. There will be an enemy battleship trying to take back the places you've
already conquered; take it out.

Okay, back to the southern ones. The Battleship should be still moving toward
the other enemy ship (and submarine) that's heading your way. The first DE (the
one that took out Borocay and Quezon) should be heading east to get Cagayan de
Oro. The second one should be holding in the Mindino harbor (the enemy
battleship will have reacted to the takeover and be moving toward it.)

Back to the northern ones. The one that's heading to the one in the far west
should be still heading there, the battleship should be heading toward the one
going towards Mindino harbor to take it out, and the other destroyer should be
heading to the city south of the one the first destroyer is heading to.

Southern ones. Continue to have your battleship pursue the one that is heading
north. Have the one that just conquered Cagayan de Oro to go southeast a bit to
conquer Mandaue City. Move the one from Mindino harbor west to take control of
some cities there.

Northern ones. Prior orders till you get to your destination cities. Conquer 'em
and then go south.

Southern ones. Prior orders...have the battleship take out the other battleship
and try to find the subs that are lurking about.

From now on, try to find subs, and prior orders for everyone else until you beat
the level.

Note: If you destroy all the ships and destroy all the subs, you WILL win this

***After you've beaten the level, celebrate and watch the ending and credits***

                                    V. Appendices

A. Hull Classification Symbols
BB - Battleship
BC - Battlecruiser
CA - Heavy (Armored) Cruiser
CL - Light Cruiser
DD - Destroyer
DE - Destroyer Escort
PT - Patrol

VI) Closing
I appreciate all questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns. Please direct
them to shoecreamll at gmail.com.

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