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Introducing Super Bases Loaded 3: License to Steal, the most realistic and fun installment in the Jaleco baseball series.

Play a full season with your favorite major league player. Through the Major League Baseball Players Association, you'll now have 700 major league baseball players to choose from. And, with the tracking of tons of statistical data from STATS INC., one of the most respected sports statistics companies, you'll know just how your players perform over an entire season or during one game.
- Get right into the thick of baseball action with a realism of game play yet to be seen on Super NES.
- MLBPA License provides 700 actual Major League players.
- STATS Inc. license for incredible realism.
- Battery backup for full 162 game season.
- "Television camera" puts the player in the thick of the action.
- Detailed animations of certain Major League players.

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