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FAQ/Move List by PStroffolino

Updated: 01/28/95

   ___________________________  ____________ _______________    _  _
  / __/_  __/ _ | __/ __/_  _/ / __/ / __/ // /_  __/ __/ _ |  / // /
 (__ ) / / /   / _// _/  / /  / _// / / / _  / / / / _//   /  / // /
/___/ /_/ /_/\_>__/___/ /_/  /_/ /_/___/_//_/ /_/ /___/_/\_> /_//_/
  _____  _    _  _____   ______  _____  
 / ____|| |  | ||  __ \ |  ____||  __ \ 
| (___  | |  | || |__) || |__   | |__) |
 \___ \ | |  | ||  ___/ |  __|  |  _  /  THE NEW CHALLENGERS
 ____) || |__| || |     | |____ | | \ \ 
|_____/  \____/ |_|     |______||_|  \_\
   __ ____ ______________    ____________ ____________  ______
  / // / // / _  / __/ _ |  / __/ / __/ // /_  __/ /  \/ / __/
 / _  /__  / ___/ _//   /  / _// / / / _  / / / / / /\  / / /
/_//_/____/_/  /___/_/\_> /_/ /_/___/_//_/ /_/ /_/_/ /_/___/
 ___ _ _ ___ _  _ ___ _ ___ _ _   ___ __  _ ___ _ ___ _ _
|  _| | | . | \/ | . | |   | \ | | __|  \| |   | |   | \ |
| |_|   |   |    |  _| | | |   | | _|| | | || || | | |   |
|___|_|_|_|_|_||_|_| |_|___|_\_| |___|__/|_||_||_|___|_\_|
  __ _            _         
 / _| |__._ __ __(_)____
| / | / _  / _/ _| /  _/
| \_| |(_| \_ \_ | | |_
 \__|_\__;_(__(__|_\___\  _____
 ___ ___ _ ___ ___       / ____| ___ ___ _ ___ ___ _ ___
| __|   | | __| __|      | |  __| __|   | | __| __| | __|
|__ | | | | __|__ |      | |__\ | __| | | | __|__ | |__ |
|___|_|___|___|___|      \_____/|___|_|___|___|___|_|___|


StreetFighter2 FAQ
Version 1/28/94

--kept and maintained by ps1o@andrew.cmu.edu (Phil Stroffolino).

The SF2 archive maintainer is a00563@giant.rsoft.bc.ca (Dave Kirsch)
If you upload anything into /pub/sf2/upload, please send Dave some mail
telling him about it.
  Host:       altair.krl.caltech.edu
  IP Addr:
  Directory:  /pub/sf2

FTP site is provided courtesy of brown@reed.edu (C. Titus Brown)

If you have any additions, corrections, suggestions, comments or gripes,
please email ps1o@andrew.cmu


This is the Street Fighter 2 FAQ listing.  This is where the common
knowledge, basic information, and trivia about the game SF2 is kept.
It is meant to accquaint the new user with the game and answer some common
questions that they may have, as well as to compile other interesting
information that may be later brought up.

This FAQ is divided into four sections for your convenience:

(1) general character information (moves & such)
(2) version independent questions & answers (trivia & tactics)
(3) version specific information (home systems & arcade)
(4) FTP information and net etiquette/guidelines



*                                                                           *
*                       T H E   C H A R A C T E R S                         *
*                                                                           *

NOTATION: Kick:  any kick button (Short, Forward, Roundhouse)
          Punch: any punch button (Jab, Strong, Fierce)

          --O represents a joystick held to the right.  The "O" is
          supposed to resemble the knob of a joystick.

          O-- [2 charge] --O and Punch:
          means to hold the joystick back (left) for approximately two game
          seconds, then move the joystick forward (right) and press any punch
          button.  I usually press the attack button at the same moment the
          joystick makes contact with the opposite side when executing a
          "charge" move.
NOTE:     Unless stated otherwise, any move description for CE applies to HF,
          and any move description for HF can be assumed to hold for Super

          Move descriptions are for characters facing right.  Joysticks
          movements for moves are reversed (mirror image) when a character
          faces left.

Ryu, Japan; Ken, USA: Shotokan Karate

"Ryu" means vigorous or abundant (as in successful).  It's different from
the Ryu in Shou Ryu Ken, which means dragon.

"Ken" means fist or punch.  A lot of people say that Ken means sword but
that's written differently.

   FIREBALL "Ha Dou Ken" [Wave Motion Punch/Fist]

   |  \   --O  and Punch
   O   O

   FLAMEBALL (Super, Ryu only)

   O--  /  |  \  --O  and Punch
       O   O   O

    Opponent burns

   HURRICANE KICK "Tatsu Maki Sen Puu Kyaku" [Tornado Whirlwind Legs]

   |  /  O--  and Kick
   O O

    Knocks down after 1 hit (CE, Ryu only)
    Faster (CE, Ken only)
    Can be done in the air (HF)
    Hits on the way up (Super, Ken only)

   DRAGON PUNCH "Shou Ryu Ken" [Rising Dragon Punch/Fist]

   --O  |  \  and Punch
        O   O

    Fierce can hit twice (except Super Ryu)
    Wide arc (CE, Ken only)
    Super Ken can hit 2 times with Strong
    Super Ken can hit 3 times with Fierce
    Super Ryu knocks down in one hit

   Throws: Strong, Fierce, Forward, and Roundhouse

   Double Hit: Close Standing Roundhouse

Chun Li, China: Wushu

Chun = Spring, Li = Beautiful

Chun Li wins: "Yatta!"
[This is similar to alright!  Literally, it's "[I] did it!"]

   SPINNING BIRD KICK "Supiningu Baado Kikku"

   | [2 charge] O  and Kick
   O            |

    Can be done in the air (HF)
    Hits on the way up (HF)
    Knocks down on the way up (Super)

   FIREBALL (HF only) "Yap!"

   O--  /  |  and Punch
       O   O

   FIREBALL (Super) "Ki Kou Ken" [Spirit Attack Punch/Fist]

   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch (Super)

   LIGHTNING LEG "Yap Yap Yap!": rapidly press Kick
    Multiple hits

   HEEL STOMP: down and Forward while in the air
    Bounces away

   FLIPPING NECK BREAKER (CE): close, towards/away + Roundhouse
    Knocks down

   FLIP AWAY KICK (CE): close, towards/away + Forward
    Knocks down
    Hits twice (Super)    

   Throws: Strong and Fierce

   Air Throws: Strong and Fierce

   Chun Li can bounce off the walls

Edmond Honda, Japan: Sumo

"Honda" is a common Japanese name, which happens to translate literally to
"origin in the fields"

   SUMO TORPEDO/HEADBUTT "Dos Koi" [Sumo saying with no real meaning]
   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch

    Jab can hit twice

   (1 kan is about 3 kg)

   | [3 charge] O  and Kick (HF)
   O            |

    Can hit twice
    2 charge on Super

    Honda can move (CE)

   BODY SPLASH: down (Super) and Forward while flying

   Grabs: Fierce and Roundhouse

   Throw: Strong

   Double Hits: close, standing Forward and Roundhouse, ducking Forward

Blanka, Brazil: Capoeira


   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch


   | [3 charge] O  and Kick
   O            |

    2 charge on Super


   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Kick

    Can hit twice


   DOUBLE HEAD BUTT: close, towards/away + Strong

   DOUBLE KNEE: close, towards/away + Forward

   Grab: Fierce

   Double Hit: close standing Fierce (classic only)

Zangief, USSR: Sambo

   5/8 circle with joystick and Punch
    direction of spin determines which side opponent lands on

   far, 5/8 circle with joystick and Kick

   close, 5/8 circle with joystick and Kick

    Z can move (CE)

    Z can move
    Z can't be swept (HF only)

   BODY SPLASH: down (HF) and Fierce while flying

   FLYING KNEE: down and Short while flying

   STOMACH CRUNCH:  up and Fierce while jumping

   Grabs (previous to Super):
    Strong/Fierce, standing/crouching at a distance

   Grabs (Super):
    Ducking Strong/Fierce, Standing Fierce/Roundhouse

   Throws (previous to Super):
    Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse
    also ducking Strong/Fierce

   Throws (Super): Strong, Forward

   Air Throws (Super): Fierce, Roundhouse

   Double Hit: close standing Roundhouse

Guile, USA: Special Forces

   SONIC BOOM "Sonic Boom"

   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch


   | [2 charge] O  and Kick
   O            |

    Knocks down (except 1st part of CE, HF Roundhouse Flash Kick)
    Roundhouse can hit twice (CE, HF only)

   SIDE SWIPE/INVERTED FLIP KICK: towards/away and Roundhouse

   KNEE THRUST: towards/away and Forward

   Throws: Strong, Fierce

   Air Throws: Strong, Fierce, Forward, Roundhouse

   Double Sweep: ducking Roundhouse

Dhalsim, India: Kabaddi

   YOGA FIREBALL "Yoga Fire"

   |  \  --O  and Punch
   O   O

   YOGA FLAME "Yoga Flame"

   O--  /  |  \  --O  and Punch
       O   O   O


   --O  |  \  and all Kick or Punch
        O   O

   O--  |  /  and all Kick or Punch
        O O 

   FOOT DRILL/DRILL KICK: down and Roundhouse while at apex of jump
    any time in air (CE)
    faster drill (CE only)

   YOGA MUMMY/HEAD SPEAR: down and Fierce while at apex of jump
    any time in air (CE)

   Grab: Strong

   Throw: Fierce

   Double Hit: close standing Fierce

   Slides: crouching kicks except close Forward, and close short on Classic

Balrog, USA: Boxing

He is named M. Bison ["Mike Tyson"] in Japan.  Capcom decided to avoid
possible legal troubles with the name and likeness of the boxer in releases
outside of Japan.

BTW, a Balrog is a powerful monster from Tolkien's Middle Earth novels.


   O-- [1+ charge] --O  and Punch

    2 charge, hits ducking opponents (HF)
    Jab knocks down (Super)


   O-- [1+ charge] --O  and Kick

    2 charge on Super

   TURN AROUND PUNCH: hold all punch or all kick [1+ charge] release
    Longer charge = Greater damage (HF)
    Punch and kick TAPs have separate charges


   | [2 charge] O  and Punch (Super)
   O            |

   Grab: Strong, Fierce

Vega, Spain: Savate/Bullfighting

He is named "Balrog" in Japan.


   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch

    up to 6 hits (HF)

   Back twice rapidly, no buttons (CE only)
   All Punch  (HF)
   SINGLE BACKFLIP (Super): all Kick


   | [2 charge] O  and Punch
   O            |


   | [2 charge] O  or  O  and Kick
   O             \    /

    4-6 charge in Super unless attacking

   SCREAMING EAGLE: [Wall Spring] and Punch
    Knocks down (Super)

   AIR DROP: [Wall Spring] close, towards/away and Punch

   Throws: Strong, Fierce

   Air Throw: Strong, Fierce

   Slide: ducking Roundhouse

   Vega can bounce off the walls like Chun Li

Sagat, Thailand: Muay Thai

The huge scar on Sagat's chest is from Ryu's Dragon Punch in the original
Street Fighter.


   |  \  --O  and Punch
   O   O


   |  \  --O  and Kick
   O   O

   TIGER KNEE/CRUSH "Tiger Knee"

   |  O  and Kick
   O /

    Hits twice

   TIGER UPPERCUT "Tiger Uppercut"

   --O  |  \  and Punch
        O   O

   Throw: Strong, Fierce

   Double hit: standing Kicks

M. Bison, Thailand: Ler Drit

He is named "Vega" in Japan.  "Ler Drit" is fictional.


   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch

    Multiple hits against blocking opponents


   O-- [2 charge] --O  and Kick

    3 Charge (HF only)
    Knocks down (Super)


   | [2 charge] O  and Kick
   O            |


   | [2 charge] O  and Punch
   O            |

   Throw: Strong and Fierce

   Slide: ducking Roundhouse

Thunder Hawk, Mexico: Indian Style Wrestling


    --O  |  \  and Punch
         O   O

     Hits twice

    CONDOR DIVE: [jump, and before you reach the apex] all Punch

    MEXICAN TYPHOON: 5/8 circle and Punch

    ELBOW DROP: down + Strong while flying

    Grab: Fierce and Roundhouse

    Throw: Strong

    Double Hit: standing/crouching close Fierce

    Double Sweep: crouching Roundhouse

Fei Long, Hong Kong: Kung Fu

"Fei Long" means "Flying Dragon"


    O--  |  /  and Kick
         O O

     Hits twice


    |  \  --O  and Punch
    O   O

     Repeat for three hit combo

    Rushing Double Kick: towards and Roundhouse

    Standing Double Kick: towards/away and Forward

    Throws: Strong, Fierce, Forward, Roundhouse

    Double Hit: close standing Roundhouse

DeeJay, Jamaica: Western Style KickBoxing

    MAX OUT "Max Out"

    O-- [2 charge] --O  and Punch


    O-- [2 charge] --O  and Kick

     Hits twice


    | [2 charge] O  and Punch
    O            |

     Rapidly press punch for multiple hits

    Throw: Strong, Fierce, Forward, Roundhouse

    Double Hit: close standing Fierce

    Slide: ducking roundhouse

Cammy, England: Special Forces

    THRUST KICK "Thrust Kick" [Cannon Spike in Japan]

    --O  |  \  and Kick
         O   O

     Knocks down

    CANNON DRILL "Cannon Drill" [Arrow Spiral in Japan]

    |  \  --O  and Kick
    O   O

     Knocks down
     Roundhouse can hit twice


    O--  /  --O  and Punch

     Knocks down
     Double hit

    Throw: Forward, Roundhouse, Strong, Fierce

    Air Throw: Roundhouse, Fierce


Many thanks to kt12+@andrew.cmu.edu for translations and patience...

*                                                                          *
*  T R I V I A,  T A C T I C S,  &  G E N E R A L   I N F O R M A T I O N  *
*                                                                          *

01.  What is the correct pronounciation of "Ryu"?
02.  What are the different types of dizzies?
03.  In a magazine, I saw that you could fight Sheng Long?  Is this true?
04.  I see the word combo (combination) used all the time.  What is it?
05.  What is meant by buffering a move?
06.  Many people talk about "ticking".  What are they talking about?
07.  What is considered "cheap"?
08.  What is the "Touch of Death (TOD)" combo?
09.  Can I prevent the opponent from attacking as they get up?
10.  What is Capcom's address?
11.  What kinds of memorabilia exist?


01.  What is the correct pronounciation of "Ryu"?

kt12@andrew.cmu.edu explains:

First of all, "Ryu" is not pronounced "roo" or "rai yoo." If you want
to hear the correct pronounciation, listen closely when Ken or Ryu do
their dragon punches. The second syllable is pronounced the same way
Ryu's name is pronounced. The initial sound is not a "r" or an "l" but
a combination of an "r" and a "y." That's why it's spelled that way. ^_^
If you still care enough to pronounce this correctly, the first thing
you need to do is learn how the Japanese "r" is pronounced. The Japanese
"r" is said with a tap, like the English "d" or "t." Try saying "roo."
Think about what you do with your tongue: you curl up the sides and tip
and suspend it in the middle of your mouth. Now try saying "roo" again
with your tongue the same way, except this time, lightly press it
against the roof of your mouth and flick it off as you sound the "r," as
you would when you're making the English "t" sound. Now do the same
thing, except instead of trying to say "roo," say "yoo." This is how
"Ryu" is pronounced
This is hard to explain in writing and you really have to hear it to
know what I'm talking about, but this is the best way I can think of to
explain it.


02.  What are the different kinds of dizzies?

cw21219@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu comments:

When a character gets dizzy, either stars or birds appear above his head.  
Generally, the bird dizziness lasts a bit longer than the star dizziness...  
It's a good way to judge whether you have enough time to run in and land a
combo.  Of course I always try to regardless :)

On Super there are four kinds of dizzy animations:

inkblot@leland.stanford.edu informs:

These are grim-reapers, not skulls.  As far as I know, they have nothing to
do with killing your opponent.  The only difference between the symbols
floating above your head is how difficult it is to 'RECOVER' (to coin a CPU
phrase).  Incidentially, here's the list in order of ascending difficulty.
Angels - Stars - Birdies - Grim Reapers.


03.  In a magazine, I saw that you could fight Sheng Long.  Is this true?

No, this is pure bull, and the magazine that originally published this
trick did so intentionally, as an April Fool's Joke.  A LOT of people fell
for this one. :)  There are even other magazines that went so far as to
doctor up a picture that made it look like Sheng Long actually existed.


04.  I see the word combo (combination) used all the time.  What is it?

A combination (combo) is a series of moves that, under most conditions, is
un-blockable after the first move connects.  Please note that I said _most_
conditions.  There is always some crack-pot situation where nearly every
combo fails, and lots of 'combos' don't work if your opponent's not in the
corner.  Nevertheless, this is a general (if loose) definition.
The simplest combo is 'jab + jab + jabjabjabjab.'  It fits the definition,
but that is not type of combo that this guide will concern itself with. 
Rather, this guide is concerned with the BIG combos, the combos that involve
special moves and that maximize the penalty for your opponent's mistakes.

Combos almost always follow pattern below...


The jumping attack + ground attack isn't too impressive, even the computer
can pull them off.  What defines something as a combo is what comes after
the second hit.  So let's go through step by step, and look at the execution
of a combo:

FIRST HIT: Jumping attack

The way combos work is that you're hitting your opponent with a new blow
before they can recover from the first one.  So, the first thing you want
to make sure of is that your jumping attack hit's your opponent _late_. 
That way, you have time to hit the ground and start your next move before 
they recover from the first blow.  Think of it as aiming for your opponent's
chest or stomach instead of his head.  If the 2nd blow of your combos is
getting blocked, you're probably hitting too high.


What happens next in dependent on what type of combo you're doing.  If you
are 2nd hit is a jab or short, you have no problems.  Hit the jab/short, 
then do your special attack (3rd hit) as quickly as you can.  End of combo.

BUT, if you're playing the right character, and you want to do a bit of 
extra damage, you're going to have to buffer the special attack.


By: T. Cannon           Feel free to repost, so long as this document is not
copyright 1993          altered in any way.  Send comments, suggestions, and
                        corrections to inkblot@leland.stanford.edu


05.  What is meant by buffering a move?

A 'buffered' move is a move executed _while_ the move before it (always a
'normal' hit) is still going on.  When you finish the special technique, the
animation of the normal attack is cut short, and the special attack 
immediately begins.  Because of this, the two blows happen one right after 
the other with very little pause.  This is why combos work.  There are two 
ways to buffer a move. The 'press-press' technique and the 'press-release' 
technique.  I'll use the fierce + fierce dragon punch combo to illustrate 
each technique:


Press-press buffering is identical to executing a jab + special move combo.
It requires two presses of the button(s).  Do execute this type of buffer-
ing, press your 'normal' attack button, then do a special technique _right_ 
after the press.  Pretend like you never hit the first button.  If you're 
fast, you'll get the combo.  An example is:

FIERCE + --O   |   \   + FIERCE
               O    O

Note that the motion of the stick isn't started until after the first button
press. If the first button is pressed after the --O , you'll get a throw
instead of a combo.  Also note that only certain attacks can be used as the
lead in of a buffered attack.  A roundhouse at the front end of this combo
just wouldn't work.  In each character guide, I've noted which moves are
'bufferable' in the COMBINATIONS section.


Press fiece and hold it down.  Go ahead.  Got it held?  Good.  Now do the
stick motion for a DP, and RELEASE the button at the end.  If you time it
correctly, you get a DP.  The computer registers every PRESS and RELEASE of
a button as a 'press.'  So, it's possible to do a combo like the one 
mentioned above (the triple DP) with just one press of the fierce button.
Here's how it goes...

--O   |  press fierce  \   release fierce
      O                 O

Note that this gives you a crouched fierce + DP combo, where as we got a
_standing_ fierce + DP combo using the press-press method.  With practice,
you can change that press-release to a 'tap.' When you get this good, you
can do triple DPs with one tap of the button, just like a normal DP (only
the tap is timed differently)  IMHO, this is where the confusion on the
triple DP arises.  People can get 3 hits with one tap, so they assume
that they're doing only one move, when in fact they are executing two.

The only real disadvantage to this is that you can only use it with combos
that require the same button for both attacks.  This method would not work
for a crouched strong + flash-kick combo.


So what do you do if you want a fierce + jab DP?  You could use the press-
press method, but I think you'll find the press-release to be easier with
practice.  So, an option here is to use a 'hold-press' method.  In this
technique, you press the first button, HOLD it down, then press the second
button.  An example is shown below.

  --O    |  press and hold fierce  \    press jab
         O                          O

Because you never released the fierce button, only one 'press' was 
registered.  If you just tried to press the fierce, the release may trigger
a fierce DP instead of a jab DP.  Even if you prefer the press-press
method, I recommend using this for crouched DP combos.  The press-press 
alternative is....

  /   press fierce  --O  |  \     press jab
 O                       O   O

The hold-press method may sound complex, but if you can press-release, you
can hold-press very easily.  The first button press (the 'hold') is timed
exactly the same way as the 'press' in press-release.  The only difference
is that you hold the button down, and hit another button immediately 
afterwards.  A good way to get the second press is to think of it as
drumming your fingers.  It can be that fast.  Note that the hold-press 
technique can also be used for an easy jab + TU combo.  Also, there's no
reason to use the hold-press method if you're first button press isn't
related to the special technique.  Consider the combo below.

  |   press forward    \        --O  press fierce
  O                     O

This with give you a crouched forward + fireball combo, even if you use the
press-press.  The reason is that there's no way the release of the forward
button can be associated with the joystick motion.  |  \   --O  + forward 
isn't a special move, so the computer ignores       O   O
the release.


By: T. Cannon           Feel free to repost, so long as this document is not
copyright 1993          altered in any way.  Send comments, suggestions, and
                        corrections to inkblot@leland.stanford.edu


06.  Many people talk about "ticking".  What are they talking about?

inkblot@leland.stanford.edu authenticates:

Back in the early days of Classic, back before combos, back before Guile 
was overpowering, back when even the best couldn't DP consistently (we're 
talking about nearly _right_ after the game was released), there was a 
rather large SF2 tournament in Iceland Bowl, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Guile won the tournament, and here's how:  He'd sit in defensive crouch 
till he could knock you down with a flash-kick.  Once he did, it was jab-
jab throw.  You'd block the jabs, thinking you were safe, but would be 
thrown anyway.  This was the first time anyone had seen anything like this, 
so countering was all but impossible.  So, this Guile player, using only one
technique, breezed through _many_ (over 6) rounds of the tournament and won 

After the Guile's victory, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Because the technique was _literally_ inescapable at the time, the players
decided that it had to be some sort of over-sight on Capcom's part.  They
gave it a name, a tick.  Why tick?  'Cause that's the sound of the repeated
jabs right before you get thrown.  *tick tick HUUURRG!*  Once they'd named
it, it was immediately banned.  The house rules all over the city (not just
this arcade) suddenly became....

I. Tick your opponent and he gets a free hit (throw at first which later
   developed into combo) on you

II. Tick to win a round and you forfiet the next round.

So, the original, formal definition of a 'tick' is throwing someone _right_
after they've blocked one of your attacks.  If you did this to a player in
Albuquerque, NM (even now), he'd be expecting to get a free hit on you.
ANYTHING else you do... fireball traps... sac-throwing... even magic 
throwing (on Classic) is _not_ a tick under the original definition, so in
Albuquerque, it's O.K.

caine@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu interjects:

In a subsequent mail message, I found out that the jumping in attack in
which you make the opponent block then throw is a tick under this defini-
tion.  Just see the preceeding paragraph.  It says "throwing someone _right_
after they've blocked one of your attacks."


07.  What is considered "cheap"?

This is actually a tough one to answer.  Most people say something is
cheap is they can't seem to stop something that kills them.  Of course this
varies from place to place.  You would want to ask many local players what
they think.  Most things considered "cheap" are playing styles.  You might
constantly electrocute your opponent w/ Blanka, but he should have blocked.
Of you may grab the opponent w/ Honda, then pummel them with a HHS.  People
may not like this, and you might be called cheap for doing so.  One last
thing that may be considered cheap is jumping attacks then throwing.  This
is not uncounterable, but it may be difficult to see.  Here are some 
examples of play styles that may be called "cheap":

	Fireball Traps			Cheesing them w/ Bison
        Grabbing then HHS w/ Honda	Electricity then bite w/ Blanka
	Zangief's SPD (not!)		Doing FB-DP all the time
  	Playing keep away		Jumping all the time
	Picking Vega or Bison (!)	Chun Li's flipping neck breaker

	More or less anything that people might find difficult or nearly
	impossible to defeat.  It might be annoying, but cries of cheap
 	might be heard instead.  It might all be related to your skill level
	in the game as well, or how inventive you are.

Most people say that "ticking" is cheap.  (See the question.)  This is so
because it is *easy* to execute and *impossible* to counter.  Now, for some 
master players, this is not so since it is part of how they play against
each other (I play this way).  To the average player though, such things as
jumping a lot, making the opponent block all the time, waiting in the corner
after seriously damaging the opponent, etc. might be considered cheap.  It's 
kind of a broad definition, depending on who you ask.  Just for the record,
I don't think that anything is cheap.  As your skills improve, your defini-
tion of cheap may or may not change.  It depends on how you play, where and 
who you play against.  For all those concerned: this might be an opinion of
what cheap is.  Most importantly, it may be biased by where I play and who
I play against.  Ask who you play!


08.  What is the "Touch of Death (TOD)" combo?

In the original meaning of the word, it is a combo done with Ken that goes
like this:  You get the combo on them once, and they are dizzy, you do the
combo while they are dizzy, and then that is it, they are KO'd.  Its name
came about because after the first "touch" the victim is doomed.  It is a
Pretty effective combo, and you'll see why...  It consists of three attacks,
hitting usually three times, but occasionally four times, and it involves
the three most powerful attacks that Ken possesses.  This is it:

1. Jump towards the opponent, hitting with late roundhouse/fierce attack.

2. As soon as you land, immediately follow-up with a standing fierce.  Do
   this along with pressing towards the opponent at the same instant.  You
   should not throw them; you normally have to take a step to do so.

3. Then buffer a Fierce Dragon Punch into the Fierce.  It may hit once, so
   a Jab or Strong DP may be substituted.  Four hits can connect if Fierce 
   is used vs. the taller opponents and Dhalsim.  If you use a neck kick for
   the flying attack, you should not have problems getting four hits on most
   characters.  And the neck kick version can be used to bewilder the poor
   guy who is on the receiving end of this.  It can be easily countered by
   many characters, but if they fail to block at the right time, they will 
   be at a huge disadvantage afterwards.

   (Note: the standing Fierce needn't be used.  You can easily switch this
   over to a crouching Fierce simply by going towards then down just as you
   are about to land, then quickly hit Fierce, then move to the diagonal and
   hit Fierce for the DP.)

The timing on this move is perhaps a bit confusing.  The hits go like this:
smack-smack-smack--smack (the 4th hit sometimes).  The button presses aren't
too different.  I go like this: press---press-press.  There has to be a 
longer delay cuz you have to hit and then land.  Yes, the rest of the DP 
motion has to be crammed into the small space, but if you have done the DP 
hundreds of times, this shouldn't take long to learn.  If you encounter 
problems, try to first learn a FB combo.  If you can do flying attack into
standing fierce/FB combo, just put a triple-DP combo in instead of the 
press-press FB.  Read the buffering section, and then this will be a bit 
clearer.  You have to see someone's hands perform the motion to really 
understand how it goes.  Anyways, I hope that this is clearer than mud to 
most of you...

Ryu has a Touch of Death similar to Ken's: the first attack is a neck kick,
followed through with a Standing Fierce and Jab Dragon Punch.

Now, with Super SF2 out, there appear to be a number of characters with
combos that are very similar in effect to Ken's Touch of Death.  Some seem
to work only if done at the beginning of the round, when dizzies are easiest.
Others are inconsistant, or leave the opponent with a sliver of health.
The criterion for a TOD combo is that, given the opponent has a full life
bar, the first combo dizzies no less than, say 75% (subject to change)
of the time, and a follow-up combo exists that will KO the opponent.


09.  Can I prevent the opponent from attacking as they are getting up?

Yes, a properly timed attack will prevent the opponent from being able to
launch an attack or even throw as they get up.  If the defender tries to do
anything, even the coveted Dragon Punch, they will get hit by the timed
attack and risk eating a nasty combo.

Needless to say, the timing and spacing to prevent "wake up DPs" and such
is *very* critical.

The timed attack can be a jump in or a ground-based strike.  Projectiles
will not normally work in this situation, since they flicker in and out
of existance rapidly.  This is easily observed with Ken and Ryu's
Fireballs and Dhalsim's Yoga flame.  Likewise, wild short kicking, Honda's
100-hands, and Blanka's electricity are often counterable.

In addition, one can perform ground based combination attacks that that are
not normally true combos.  For example, Fei Long can lash out with a late
hitting ducking fierce, and follow up with another for a sure hit if the
first one lands.  Under normal circumstances, the opponent has finished
reeling by the time the second ducking fierce lashes out, and can block,
but with a timed (late) attack on an opponent that is getting up, the
victim (assuming the blow hits, of course) does not begin reeling until
just before Fei Long's fist retracts.  These types of ground based combos
also work on Dhalsim after a teleport.  These combos tend to have a lot of
dizzying potential as well.  You may see them refered to as "meaty" combos
on the net.


10.  What is Capcom's address?

1-4-12 Otedori
Chuo-Ku, Osaka 540

President: Kenzo Tsujimoto.


Capcom USA
3303 Scott Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA  95054

fax:   (408)496-5720
phone: (408)727-0400


11.  What kinds of memorablia exist?

As far as I know, there was an extensive marketing program involving the
characters of the game.  Much of the material has been licensed, but I am
unaware of just how much stuff is actually out there.

Among the things I know to exist are: t-shirts, coins, a movie, action
figures, comic books, plush dolls, posters, and numerable other items such
as keychains, etc.

The figures are made by Hasbro (G.I. Joe).  They bear a striking resemblance
to some of the G.I. Joe figures, and have weapons.  There are playsets 
like a vehicle and a fortress (I think).  Just imagine SF2 characters living
with the Joes.

inkblot, wanderer, and asw @leland.stanford.edu collaborate:

   Written and Directed by:  Steven de Souze ("Die Hard", "Die Hard2",
       "Commando", "Running Man", co-writer of "48 Hours").

   Produced by:  the Edward R. Pressman Film Corp. ("Reveral of
       Fortune", "Wall Street", "Hoffa", "Bad Lieutenant", "Conan
       the Barbarian", "Homicide", "Talk Radio", "Plenty", "Blue
       Steel", "To Sleep With Anger", "True Stroies", "Badlands",
       "Das Boot", "The Phantom of Paradise", and others totaling 35).

   Expected Release:    July, 1994

   Approximate Budget:  $25,000,000

I didn't learn much new information about the movie, I'm afraid. The script
is in its final stages, and there hasn't been any casting yet.  In any
case, they do _not_ plan to cast any known faces (no Arnold as Zangeif,
etc. =).   The film will be executive produced by "Galaxy Films partner
Sasha Harari who, after a successful career in the high technology and
computer industry, moved into the film business and produced Oliver Stone's
'The Doors'."  The Capcom representative was adament that the film was
being directed at an adult audience (they _know_ the kids will go see it,
so why direct it at them?).  Ryu, Ken, Guile and Chun Li will, of course,
be major characters.  Originally, Blanka had been written out of the script
(oh no!), but the Capcom people pushed hard enough and now he's in.  Cammy,
T-Hawk, and possibly Fei Long will be in there, but Dee Jay definitely

Personal Opinion:  To tell the truth, I'm not sure about this one.  de
Souza has some major action/thriller titles under his belt ("Die Hard",
"Running Man"), and Pressman has a few great titles ("Hoffa" "WallStreet"),
but he's also got at least one lemon ("Blue Steel").  I've never heard of
Harari, so I don't know what to expect there....  I think it's either going
to be very good, or very very bad.  I wouldn't be so worried if the script
was finished and the casting done.  If they started tomorrow, they would
only have about 9 1/2 months till their expected release date. (ponder).


*                                                                          *
*         A R C A D E   S P E C I F I C   I N F O R M A T I O N            *
*                                                                          *

01.  I've heard that there is a way to find out many times a character has
     been played on a particular machine.  How is this done?
02.  I've seen a game where you could do every special move in the air.
     What kind of machine is this?
03.  When will SF3 be released?
04.  What are the different types of endings?
05.  What are the differences in the versions of the game?
06.  How can I get the secret color on Super SF2?
07.  What is this Zangief Magic throw I've been hearing about?


01.  I've heard that there is a way to find out many times a character has
     been played on a particular machine.  How is this done?

The code is as follows, on 2P controller:

Up-Up, Down-Down, Left-Right, Left-Right, Strong, Jab.

It can be put in on the Classic and Champion Edition machines.  It may work
on some of the Hyper Machines, but most likely not.  This is what the 
numbers on the screen mean (on Classic, numbers 13-16 don't appear):

wiwiriya@mailbox.syr.edu provides:

0001 0002 0003 0004
0005 0006 0007 0008 0009 0010 0011 0012 0013 0014 0015 0016

0001 - No idea, probably some sort of "experience points" for 1P side.
0002 - The no. of tokens/quarters put in in the left-hand slot. 
       => It's not the first player.  I tried inserting into the right-hand 
          slot and pressing 1P button.  The number showed up in 004.
0003 - Same as 0001, but for 2nd player.
0004 - Same as 0002, but for right-hand slot.
0005 - No. of times Ryu has been used.
0006 - No. of times Honda has been used.
0007 - No. of times Blanka has been used
0008 - No. of times Guile has been used.
0009 - No. of times Ken has been used.
0010 - No. of times Chun Li has been used.
0011 - No. of times Zangief has been used.
0012 - No. of times Dhalsim has been used.
0013 - No. of times M.Bison (US version) has been used.
0014 - No. of times Sagat has been used.
0015 - No. of times Balrog (US version) has been used.
0016 - No. of times Vega (US version) has been used.

caine@uiuc.edu adds:

It turns out that this an operator adjustable feature, and that will explain
any machines on which this does not work.  As a matter of fact, I have tried
this on several HF machines without success.  I wonder if it was taken out
when the HF chips were put in?


02.  I've seen a game where you could do every special move in the air.
     What kind of machine is this?

It is an illegal "accelerated" version.  They are mainly responsible for the 
creation of HF.  They are not as balanced, or as playable as the official 
one.  The are notoriously unpopular.  There are many added features in these 
games, this includes, but is not limited to: all special moves can be done
in the air, sinusoidal fireballs, wider-arc Dragon Punch, Fireballs for 
other characters and extra Fireballs, no charge times, and lots of other 

These machines might go under the name Accelerator, Accelerator II,
Quicken, or whatever.  If it is not a Classic, CE, HF, or Super, then it
is a hack.


03.  When will SF3 be released?

No official word on this.  Probably a good sign that SF3 is on its way is
when a home version of SF2 Super is announced.  Don't hold your breath.

inkblot, wanderer, and asw @leland.stanford.edu inform:

At this time, no one is actively working on SFIII.  She said that they'd be
crazy not to make one, given the success of SFII, though.  In case you're
curious, the next game to be released by Capcom will be "Dungeons and
Dragons: Tower of Doom", which has a TSR license.  (She was a Capcom rep.)


04.  What are the different types of endings?

  a. If you finish the game, you get to see your character's ending.

  b. If you finish the game on one quarter, without challenges, you see the 
     characters fight as credits roll by.

  c. Finish without challenges, or losing a round, it's the same as b, but 
     you also see mugshots of the programmers. 

  Better endings for each character, plus boss endings.  Same as for Classic 
  except that if you do (c), it shows the characters attack some of the 
  various inanimate objects such as barrels and oil cans, etc.  Endings for 
  the bosses are rather generic with a diamond formation with the champion
  at the top, and scrolling text rolling by.  The endings for the bosses 
  go a little like this:

  Balrog rises out of the ghetto, an inspiration to young children.
  Vega is insane, and wants to kill all the ugly people.
  Sagat chats - comes across as a more intense Ryu.
  Bison thanks you for helping him achieve world domination.

  Same as for Champion Edition.  The last shot is a platform showing the 

    Win with Bison: #1 Bison, #2 Sagat, #3 Vega
    Win with Sagat: #1 Sagat, #2 Bison, #3 Vega
    Win with <xxx>: #1 <xxx>, #2 Bison, #3 Sagat

  Ryu does show up on the platform (sellout!), like his ending says he 
  shouldn't.  I thought that the fight was all...

  The endings in this game are better done in a way, at least for the boss
  characters.  They each have new text, and also personalized illustrations.

  Ryu: some better animation in the trees.

  ChunLi: "choose your own" ending: become detective or single young girl.
    The graphics for each is identical except that Chun's outfit in the
    pictures is different, as is the text.

  Zangief, Ken, Blanka: UNCHANGED.

  FeiLong: gets a movie offer from a director that wants to capture his
    "4-hit redizzy combo" (which does not exist) on film, but declines,
    saying he wants to improve his skills even more; homage to the Lees.

  T.Hawk: gets back the land that Bison took away.

  Cammy: her mission is complete, and Bison reveals that she has lost
    part of her memory, and the she was once in love with him.  But, her
    friends tell her not to believe him, and then she leaves with friends.

  DeeJay: his music is important to him; becomes a big music star.

  Balrog: earns the number one title, retires wealthy with two gorgeous
    women sitting on his lap.

  Vega: goes back to his mansion, and admires himself.

  Sagat: broods over Ryu.

  Bison: achieves his evil goals - the world burns.
  He also refers to "the Ancient One" -- a hint about SF3..?


05.  What are the differences in the versions of the game?

SF2: CLASSIC   Early 1991   $3500 new

  There are 4 versions of the original game, the differences are below:

  Version 1 and 2: Guile's bugs, no Dhalsim bugs, Ryu/Ken can destroy
    the car with roundhouse only.

  Version 3: Guile's and Dhalsim's bugs, no char vs. char.

  Version 4: No Guile bugs, Dhalsim's bugs though, char vs. char.

  This is the least balanced of the versions; Guile and Dhalsim were the 
  most dominant.  This game is quite slow, the Dragon Punch did not have 
  the knockdown capability among other things.

SF2: CHAMPION EDITION   Early 1992   $4000 new

  One version of this game.  It sports character vs. character, as well as
  the ability to play the boss characters.  Many graphical changes, as well
  as changes to the characters.  Each fighter has an additional uniform
  color.  The game is quite a bit (about 50%) faster than the Classic.
  The endings for the characters were revised with better graphics, and
  the bosses got generic endings...

TURBO SF2: HYPER FIGHTING   Winter 1992   $500 upgrade

  This version gives each character a new uniform color along with the 
  Classic colors.  Most characters are changed significantly enough so 
  that the game is a bit difficult to catch on to.  Many new moves were
  added, most notable is the ability to do some moves in the air, and the
  new vertical attacks.  This game is 10%-25% faster than CE, depending on
  the prototype.  Some are slower, some faster.  There is an appended 
  ending for each character.

SUPER SF2   Fall 1993    $??? replacement kit   $???? new

  Here, four new characters are added.  The speed has been reduced to 
  slightly faster than CE.  Each character now has 8 uniform colors,
  the 3 from previous editions, plus 5 new ones.  There are obviously
  4 new backgrounds, some of the existing ones were modified for the
  better, and the sound has been changed to the Q-Sound system.  Some
  of the characters have new moves, and there have been some touch ups
  on existing moves, and variations on others.

  There is at least one other version of SF2 Super.  It has been observed
  that on certain (newer) machines, Zangief's "magic" throw no longer works.
  Also, on a local machine, you can start a one player game on the P2 side.


06.  How can I get the secret color on Super SF2?

Hold down the button you use to select your character for 3 seconds or so,
and you can get what is called the "super" secret color.  You can't use the
1P or 2P start buttons to get the secret color.

Just in case you didn't know, this is how the choices of colors are set up:

Jab		Strong		Fierce		Hold button for 3 secs.
Classic		Champion	Hyper/Turbo	Super Secret

Short		Forward		Roundhouse	1P/2P Button
Super #1	Super #2	Super #3	Super #4

maestas@cs.arizona.edu and caine@uiuc.edu compiled:

And here is a complete listing of the colors that are available for all the
characters for each of the above listed items:

  Color definitions (just so you know what I mean on some of these):

    Chartreuse.. a light yellow-green color, like those green firetrucks.
    Sandstone... an orange-brown color
    Magenta..... red-violet
    Beige....... yellow-brown
    Tan......... slightly yellowish brown (but more like tanned skin)
    Fuchsia..... hot pink-violet
    Olive....... Army drab green color, a greyish green
    Teal........ Blue-green
    Aqua........ slightly greenish blue

     This is a list that was compiled by myself and caine@uxa.cso.uiuc.edu.
All of the colors listed are basically arbitrary.  Some colors have fancy
names others are just plain.  However, if you have any conflicts, e-mail me
and I will look into the situation.  Sorry about some of the designations, I
work in a frame shop and we've got a zillion colors of mats to choose from.

 Legend: Ja- Jab     St-Strong     Fi-Fierce       P#-Player #
         Sh- Short   Fo-Forward    Ro-Roundhouse   Su-Super (hold 3 sec.)
         Lt-Light    Dk-Dark       Br- Bright      P - Pale

        RYU                 (Gi, headband)
         Ja - White, Red                   Sh - Orange, Blue 
         St - Grey, Purple                 Fo - Lt Blue, Red
         Fi - Lt Blue, White               Ro - Lt Green, Chartreuse
         P# - Brown, Dk Brown              Su - Forest Green, Red 

        KEN                 (Gi)
         Ja - Red                          Sh - Br Green
         St - Dk Grey                      Fo - Teal
         Fi - Indigo                       Ro - Lt Olive
         P# - Yellow                       Su - Bronze

        E. HONDA            (Face paint, Trunks)
         Ja - Red, Blue & Lt Blue          Sh - Lt Purple, Green & Lt Green
         St - Blue, Red & Lt Red           Fo - Teal, Dk & Lt Sandstone
         Fi - Green, Orange & Lt Orange    Ro - Red, Dk & Lt Grey
         P# - Lt Blue, Dk & Lt Grey        Su - Orange-Red, Dk Yellow &

        CHUN LI             (Outfit, Trim)
         Ja - Blue, Gold                   Sh - Dk Grey, Bronze
         St - Red, Bronze                  Fo - Br Yellow, Bronze
         Fi - Grey, Gold                   Ro - Dk Green, Bronze
         P# - Lt Purple, Gold              Su - Mint Green, Bronze 

        BLANKA              (Skin, Hair)
         Ja - Yellow, Orange               Sh - Grey, Dk Magenta
         St - Blue, Yellow                 Fo - Dk Yellow, Green
         Fi - Yellow, Blue                 Ro - Flesh, Green
         P# - Teal, Green                  Su - Beige, Dk Pink

        ZANGIEF             (Trunks, Bracelets)
         Ja - Red, Gold                    Sh - Lt Grey, Gold
         St - Dk Green, Lt Green           Fo - Bright Yellow, Peach
         Fi - Baby Blue, Gold              Ro - Green, Gold
         P# - Bright Blue, Gold            Su - Black, Gold

        GUILE               (Fatigues, Hair)
         Ja - Green/Brown/White, Blonde    Sh - Red/Tan/White, Blonde
         St - Tan/Brown/White, Blonde      Fo - Dk Blue/Pink/White, Grey
         Fi - Blue/Red/White, Blonde       Ro - Dk Yellow/Tan/White, Dk Pink
         P# - Grey/Tan/Lt Beige, Blonde    Su - Blue-violet/Brown/Beige, 
                                                Dk Orange

        DHALSIM             (Skin, Paint, Trunks)
         Ja - Tan, Red, Beige               Sh - Sunburn, ?
         St - Greyish Purple, Red, Orange   Fo - Red-brown, Lt grey-blue, 
                                                 Dk Beige
         Fi - Brown, Blue, Grey             Ro - Mint Green, Bronze
         P# - Greyish Blue, Lt Pink, Tan    Su - Lt Grey, Lt Blue, Lt Purple

        BALROG              (Shirt, Gloves)
         Ja - Lt Blue, Red                  Sh - Lt Green, Red
         St - Gold, Orange                  Fo - Red, Dk Teal
         Fi - Orange, Red                   Ro - Lt Purple, Red
         P# - Dk Bronze, Red                Su - Dk Grey, Red

        VEGA                (Tights, Sash)
         Ja - Violet-Blue/Yellow, Red       Sh - Red/Tan, Black
         St - Green/Yellow, Yellow          Fo - Purple/P Yellow, Orange
         Fi - Black/Yellow, Br Green        Ro - Blue/P Yellow, Purple
         P# - P Blue/White/P Red, Black     Su - Dk Yellow/Yellow, Blue

        SAGAT               (Trunks, Trunk Stripe)
         Ja - Blue, Red                     Sh - Purple, White 
         St - Red, Green                    Fo - Olive, Orange
         Fi - Lt Beige, Red                 Ro - Blue-Grey, Lt Blue
         P# - Dk Grey, Lt Grey              Su - Yellow, Black 

        M. BISON            (Outfit, Padding)
         Ja - Red, Grey                     Sh - Grey-Blue, Red
         St - Green, Orange                 Fo - Dk Tan, Dk Grey
         Fi - Grey, Red                     Ro - Purple, Green
         P# - Dk Grey, Lt Grey              Su - Bronze, Bronze

        CAMMY               (Outfit, Beret/Gloves)
         Ja - Olive, Red                    Sh - Lt Grey-Blue, Orange-Red
         St - Platinum, Fuchsia             Fo - Blue, Red
         Fi - Hot Pink, Fuchsia             Ro - Grey, Red
         P# - Purple, Fuchsia               Su - Bluish Grey, Fuchsia

        DEE JAY             (Pants, MAXIMUM Stripe)
         Ja - Orange, Dk Orange             Sh - Lt Green, Dk Green
         St - Blue, Dk Blue                 Fo - Lt Purple, Dk Purple
         Fi - Green, Dk Green               Ro - Lt Olive, Dk Olive
         P# - Grey, Black                   Su - Lt Purple, Dk Purple

        FEI LONG            (Pants)
         Ja - Dk Grey                       Sh - Aqua
         St - Purple                        Fo - Reddish Brown
         Fi - Olive                         Ro - Lt Grey
         P# - Brown                         Su - Red

        T. HAWK             (Outfit)
         Ja - Lt Blue                       Sh - Lt Magenta
         St - Off White                     Fo - Pink
         Fi - Mint Green                    Ro - Grey
         P# - Beige                         Su - Brown


07.  What is this Zangief Magic throw I've been hearing about?

Zangief can, under certain conditions, grab an opponent from outrageous
distances with a Double German Suplex, a move that normally requires
you to be fairly close.

In case you are curious, Matthew A Wallace (mwallace@ucscb.UCSC.EDU) wrote:
  I talked with one of the game's designers, and the glitch is
  unintentional. They did find out about it before the game shipped,
  but it was not put in on purpose.

So far as is known, Z's "magic" throw requires using Forward kick when
executing the move, and it only works in the following conditions:

1) at the start of a round
2) when Zangief gets up after being knocked down
3) after blocking anything
4) after being hit

In general, the bug does not work if the opponent is in the air, although at
least one exception has been noted - a T. Hawk player was magic thrown on the
rebound from a Condor Dive that hit low.

The timing is tricky - you need to execute the move at a precise time that 
varies with each condition.  When blocking a fireball, for instance, I've 
found it necessary to wait a moment after blocking before attempting the

The Zangief "Magic Throw" bug has apparently been corrected on the newest
versions of SSF2.

*                                                                          *
*    H O M E   V E R S I O N   S P E C I F I C   I N F O R M A T I O N     *
*                                                                          *

01.  When will Super SF2 come out?
02.  What are the different types of endings?
03.  What are the differences in the versions of the game?
04.  What are the codes for the SNES SF2 versions?
05.  Where can I find Game Genie codes for the SNES?
06.  What is SF2IBM?
07.  Is there a legal version of SF2 available for PC's?


01.  When will Super SF2 come out?

There has been no official word, but it seems likely that there will be a 
version for the SNES and Sega Genesis sometime in the future.


02.  What are the different types of endings?

  Level 0-2: Why don't you try the harder difficulty level?
  Level 3-5: Personalized ending for your character
  Level 6-7: Credits scroll across the screen as characters battle.
  Level 7: Beat the game without changing characters, a special showing the 
           original eight warriors.
  Level 7: Don't use any continues, same as above, but all 12.
  Level 7: Don't lose a round, same as above.  Pushing start will make Chun 
           Li's sound of "Ya Tai."

  Level 0-2: Why don't you try the harder difficulty level?
  Level 3-7: Well, you get the ending for your character.  On level 6 and 7,
	     you get a picture of a promotional poster or something.
	     Plus the same ending as in the HF arcade game.

  If you disable the special moves using the code for a 1P game only, and 
  beat the game on level 3, you will get to see the appropriate poster.  And
  if a 2nd player joins in, you get you special moves back for that fight.
  I only played this on the default and the hardest level.  The default was
  incredibly easy, and the endings are like for the arcade HF.  The hardest 
  level is quite difficult, and it is easy to see how much the computer 
  cheats on everything (Sagat even throws you!).  There is a digital picture 
  at the end no matter how you finish, but I was unable to beat it without 
  having to continue at least once.

  Level 0-4: Why don't you try the harder difficulty level?
  Level 5-7: The ending for your character.  On level 7, at the end you see
	     a picture of Chun Li doing a standing forward kick.

  This game is very much a translation of SNES: Turbo.  The computer play
  is like the SNES.  If you have played the SNES version, you have basically
  played this version.

  No information available.


03.  What are the differences in the versions of the game?

SNES: CLASSIC   Summer 1992   $50-70 game
  This is very similar to the Classic version.  You can play char vs. 
  char with a special code.  Bosses are also available with a third party
  device.  Most of the game is like Classic, but there are missing frames
  of animation, a few missing moves, a lot less blood that the arcade, and
  the sound is not nearly as well done.  The characters are smaller in
  relation to the screen, and there may *slight* play differences as well.  

SNES: TURBO   Summer 1993  $60-80 game
  Very similar to the arcade with a few easy to pick up tricks and what not.
  It is faster than the arcade on the normal setting, but everything comes
  off as normal.  The bonus stages are like the old SNES version.  Plus 
  there is other stuff like on the SNES, and a way to get the game to go
  extremely fast...  There is a Normal mode, which plays like CE in some
  ways, and HF in others.  The Normal mode utilizes the Disable Special
  Moves option that is available through a code.  11 speeds are available
  through the use of a code as well.

  All in all, this is the SNES: Turbo version for the Genesis.  The coded
  options listed above are built in to the game without codes.  There is
  a group battle mode which is useless.  The sound of the game is redone
  slightly, and in some cases sounds better, even though the quality is
  lesser.  The voices are hoarse sounding, and the sound FX for hitting
  the opponent are all nearly the same.  This game is a decent translation
  of the arcade game, and plays closer to the arcade than the SNES by the
  way it feels.  This doesn't have the extra sound FX that SNES does,
  but there are voices for Balrog's TAP and the continue countdown, unlike
  the SNES.  The "skyscraper" introduction from the arcade versions previous
  to Super is also included, but made more politically correct.

TURBO DUO: CHAMPION EDITION   Fall 1993   $65-80 game
  Not much info from me here.  It has been highly regarded as a good trans-
  lation of the game though, except for the sound.


04.  What are the codes for the SNES SF2 versions?

The Code (and will hereafter be referred to as the "Code") in question is 
shown below, and must be done with a fair amount of speed at the specified 
times, on the correct controller:

Direction Down, Button R, Direction Up, Button L, Button Y, Button B.

The Sound (referred to as the "Sound") sounds like this:

It is identical to the sound when you pick a character from the selection

On SNES Classic, the only applicable time to use it is when the CAPCOM
logo appears.  Using the 1P controller, put the Code in then, just as 
the CAPCOM logo fades you should finish, and hear the Sound.

This will give you Player vs. Player.  Using the ABLRXY buttons will give
you the original Classic color, and Start will give you the Champion 
Edition color for that character.  If you are going to fight Player vs.
Player, then each player will get the color that the first person didn't

The rest of the instances apply to SNES Turbo.  They are done at different 
times, and on different controllers.

For 10-star Turbo speed, you can begin to put in the Code from 2P controller
as the screen with the distant "Street Fighter 2" appears, and as late as
when the word "TURBO" scrolls right to left.  You need to finish the Code
before the whole title screen appears.  If you do this correctly, you will
hear the Sound.

Like said above in the 10-star Turbo section, this is the way to use the
Code to disable Special Moves.

There are 2 ways to disable Special Moves.  One way is to disable all 
Special Moves for the Player in a 1P match.  Do it at the same time as 
shown for the 10-star Turbo speed mode.  I don't know about the Special 
Moves for the 2P side if he decides to join in, but I would guess that he 
is the same boat as you: no Special Moves.

The other way is in the vs. battle, i.e. a two player game.  On the screen
after you have selected your characters, you will see the stage select 
screen.  On the 2P controller, input the Code.  I'm not sure if you will
hear the sound, but you will know for sure when you hit Start on the 2P
controller.  This will bring up the Special Moves screen, and will enable
you to disable any or all of the Special Moves for the characters.  To
do this before each battle, after you have correctly inputted the Code,
you will only need to hit Start on the 2P controller at the stage select 
screen.  If you disable the moves that are specific only to Turbo mode, 
you can play a Normal game with the Turbo colors at more speeds.

The move disable code is the only difference between the Turbo and Normal
modes.  Otherwise, they are the same, except for the speed and the colors.
These are unlike the more numerous changes that were made between the 
Champion Edition (Normal) and the Hyper Fighting (Turbo) arcade games.

The Sega Genesis SF2:SCE allows these options to be selected without codes.


05.  Where can I find Game Genie codes for the SNES?

  They are too numerous to list here, but there is one very complete and
excellent file at the ftp site.  It is called codes.game-genie, it is 
avaiable at the ftp site.  This file is updated as new codes are discover-
ed by the writers, so any new versions will be there.  If you are looking
for Game Action Replay codes, look for the file called codes.action-replay.

See question #4 in part 3 of the FAQ for the list of files available at the
FTP site.  They are in the /pub/local/sf2/other/codes.* file names.


06.  What is SF2IBM?

It is an illegal version of the game for the PC.  It can be found at various
FTP sites.  The newest version of the game is 1.96.  There are a number of
patches available for the original, and they aren't necessary to play the
game, but they surely make it more fun.

You can find more information at the FTP site, in the FAQ for SF2IBM.


07.  Is there a legal version of SF2 available for PC's?

It can be found in software stores and is considerably cheaper than any of
the versions for dedicated game systems; however, it is not generally
considered a very good translation of the arcade version.  Buyer beware.


*                                                                          *
*                    F T P   S I T E  &  T H E   N E T                     *
*                                                                          *

01.  Where or how can I get more information about SF2?
02.  How can I separate SF2 rumors from truths on the Net?
03.  I want to post about SF2 on the Net, is there any etiquette that I 
     should observe?
04.  I see all these abbreviations used, what do they mean?
05.  What about move lists/FAQs for other video games?


01.  Where or how can I get more information about SF2?

If you need something about SF2, chances are that it can be found at the
FTP site, as listed in Part 1: General Information, in the listed directory.
If not, poke around a little, and if nothing turns up, mail me at

FTP site is:
  Host:       altair.krl.caltech.edu
  IP Addr:
  Directory:  /pub/sf2
SF2FAQ				The Street Figher II FAQ
SF2INDEX			SF2 FTP Site Index (this file)
guides/				Strategy for each World Warrior
misc/				Misc stuff, interesting things
other/				Moves list, combos, throwing, etc.
prose/				Fiction involving the World Warriors
xtra/				Other game's FAQs, moves, etc.
pictures/			GIF and JPG images of the World Warriors
balrog.champ.mmsf		Balrog by MMSF
balrog.champ.pjs		Stroffolino Balrog
balrog.champ.strachman		CE Balrog guide
balrog.hyper.3fist.euming	Sheng Shou Fang for Balrog
balrog.hyper.combos.euming	Ming's Balrog combos
balrog.hyper.hints.pjs		Trouble going from CE->HF w/ Balrog?
balrog.super.review.rpm		How is Balrog on Super?
balrog.super.trap.rpm		Trap characters in the corner
blanka.champ.mmsf		Blanka by MMSF
blanka.champ.vs-cpu.etp		Beat the computer with Blanka
blanka.class.ff			Feather Falcon's Classic guide
cammy.super.notes.rpm		Cammy, the new Super Street Fighter
chunli.champ.mmsf		ChunLi by MMSF
chunli.champ.rjr		Another Chunny guide
chunli.champ.vs-ken-ryu.nishina	Beat Ken and Ryu with ChunLi
chunli.class.ff			Feather Falcon's Classic guide
chunli.super.notes.inkblot	Notes about Chun Li in SSF2
chunli.super.review.rpm		Play ChunLi on SSF2
deejay.super.review.rpm		Overview of DeeJay for SSF2
dhalsim.champ.bodom		The complete Dhalsim guide
dhalsim.champ.mmsf		Dhalsim by MMSF
dhalsim.class.ff		Feather Falcon's Classic guide
dhalsim.super.review.ww		Review of Stretch for Super
ehonda.champ.maestas		Terminator's CE Honda
ehonda.champ.mmsf		E.Honda by MMSF
ehonda.class.ff			Feather Falcon's Classic guide
feilong.super.fmlin		Guide for the new addition in Super
guile.champ.mmsf		Guile by MMSF
guile.champ.pattern.cywang	Play pattern Guile on CE
guile.champ.trapped.euming	Getting Fireball trapped/escaping
guile.class.ff			Feather Falcon's Classic guide
guile.class.vs-ken.larsen	Beat Ken and Ryu on Classic
guile.hyper.mmsf		HF Guile by MMSF
guile.super.vs-ken-ryu.scho	Tips and tactics for defeating Ken and Ryu
ken.hyper.wkbk.inkblot		Learn to play Ken on CE and HF
ken.champ.mmsf			Ken by MMSF
ken.hyper.caine			Completist's Ken guide
ken.hyper.krazy.euming		Play Krazy Ken on Hyper
mbison.champ.mmsf		M.Bison by MMSF
mbison.hyper.vs-cpu.stiltman	Beat the CPU with Bison on HF
mbison.super.notes.stiltman	Notes about Super Bison
mbison.super.review.rpm 	Psycho Bison on SSF2
mbison.super.stiltman		A guide for the Super mayhem master
ryu.champ.mmsf			Ryu by MMSF
ryu.class.ff			Feather Falcon's Classic guide
sagat.hyper.wkbk.inkblot	T.Cannon tells you how to learn Sagat
sagat.champ.inkblot		T.Cannon tells you how to win with Sagat
sagat.champ.mmsf		Sagat by MMSF
sagat.super.review.rpm		Changes for the former champ
thawk.super.review.rpm		The big man for SSF2
vega.champ.ff			Feather Falcon's CE guide
vega.champ.mmsf			Vega by MMSF
vega.super.review.rpm		Vega?  On Super?
vega.super.vs-cpu.balee		Beat the SSF2 CPU with Vega
zangief.champ.mmsf		Zangief by MMSF
zangief.champ.vs-guile.ff	Beat Guile with Zangief
zangief.champ.vs-ken.ff		Beat Ken with Zangief
zangief.class.ff		Feather Falcon's Classic guide
zangief.hyper.hogue		HF Zangers by Jowfus
zangief.super.hogue		Super Zangief guide
dhalsim.teleport		Where does the teleport put you?
faq.header			Header for the old FAQ
faq.sinister-stairs		Really old version of the FAQ
help.ftp-mail			Help with FTP-Mail
help.how-to-ftp			Help with FTPing files
laughs.mmsf			MMSF comedy; a response
laughs.stupid-moves		Some moves you never knew existed
misc.article.sf.boyz		News article about SF2
misc.bg-signs			The BG signs on the levels say
misc.char.info			History for the characters
misc.char.quotes		Quotes for the Warriors
misc.char.super.info		Info on the new characters
misc.music-cd			A music CD for SF2 exists
misc.newbie.do-dont		What to do and not do when you start
misc.pinball.rules		The pinball game, how to win
misc.sounds.snes		The SNES sounds listing
misc.tourn-rules		Make up your own tournament
ryu.belt			Ryu's belt close-up
sagat.muay-thai			Interesting fact about Muay-Thai
sf2ibm.faq			FAQ for SF2IBM
sf2ibm.ftp-sites		Where to get SF2IBM
sf2ibm.info			Info about SF2IBM
sf2ibm.sprite-data		Sprite data for SF2IBM
strategy.4-chars.lee		Win with 4 of the characters
strategy.general.falcon		General overview by Feather Falcon
super.sf2			The hottest new SF2 version
beginners.guide			Tips to make yourself good fast
bugs.classic			Classic bugs
bugs.magic-throw		Guile's Classic Magic Throw
codes.action-replay		Codes for the GAP
codes.genie.classic		Codes for SNES Classic
codes.genie.ocf			Some more codes for the SNES
codes.genie.turbo		Turbo codes for the SNES
combos-buffer.wkbk.cannon	Learn combos and buffering with T. Cannon
combos-ticks.ff			Feather Falcon's combos and ticking guide
combos.euming			Some dizziness combos to try
combos.nishina			More general combos
combos.prock			Beginner to expert combos
combos.strachman		Another combo listing
combos.super.rpm		Some truly Super combos
cpu-behavior			Behavior patterns for the computer
dizziness			An idea about how dizzies work
landing-zone			Is there a zone where you land?
moves.champ.sinister		CE moves list
moves.hyper.axl			Axl's large move listing
moves.hyper.caine		Special moves for HF in text
moves.hyper.graph		Graphical special moves for HF
moves.super.caine		Addendum for the HF moves list
moves.super.mkruse		Super SF2 moves and updates
moves.super.nishina		More SSF2 moves and updates
throws.art-of			Art of Throwing
throws.counter			Counter Throwing
throws.speed			The old throw speed debate
addiction.cox.Z   		Are you an SF2 addict?
advice.cox.Z      		Guile/Chun Li/Vega/Ryu/Bison offer advice
balrog.cox.Z      		Balrog's beginnings
balrog.pjs.Z      		Another Balrog story
blanka.cox.Z      		Tales of the mutant man
chunli.cox.Z      		Chun's early days
dhalsim.cox.Z     		"Concentration"
guile.cox.Z       		"Before" "Debts Unpaid" "Before III"
ken-ryu.cox.Z     		"A Lesson To Remember"
mbison.cox.Z      		"The Seed Of Evil"
ryu.muwab.Z       		Ryu's first story
vega.cox.Z        		"The Drive For Perfection"
ArtOfFighting.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Art of Fighting move list
ArtOfFighting.tips.Z		Galen Komatsu's tips on Art of Fighting
FatalFury.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Fatal Fury move list
FatalFury.tips.Z		Tips on Fatal Fury
FatalFury2.moves.Z		Ken Alexander's Fatal Fury 2 move list
FightersHistory.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Fighters History move list
KnuckleHeads.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Knuckleheads move list
KnuckleHeads.tips.Z		Bethany Cox's Knuckleheads strategy guide
MartialChampion.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Martial Champion move list
MortalKombat.faq.Z		Lei Wang's Mortal Kombat FAQ
MortalKombat.text.Z		Jim Leonard's listing of text from SNES MK
MortalKombat2.faq.Z		Mortal Kombat ][ FAQ
NBAJam.faq.Z			Randolph S. Vance's "How to WIN at NBA JAM!"
RGVA.faq.Z			Jonathan Deitch's rec.games.video.arcade FAQ
SamuraiShodown.faq.Z		Ewan Ng's Samurai Showdown FAQ (move list)
SegaCD.tips.Z			Bob Rusbasan's SegaCD Easter Egg list
SegaGenesis.tips.Z		Bob Rusbasan's Sega Genesis Easter Egg list
TaoTaido.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's Tao Tadio move list
Terminator2.faq.Z		Randolph S. Vance's "How to WIN at Terminator2"
TimeKillers.moves.Z		Time Killers move list
ToonKombat.faq.humor.Z		Toon Kombat FAQ (Mortal Kombat spoof)
WorldHeroes.moves.Z		Eric Garcia's World Heroes move list
WorldHeroes2.moves.Z		Galen Komatsu's World Heroes 2 move list
/pub/sf2/pictures/gif and /pub/sf2/pictures/jpg:
blanka.gif			Blanka (from the SNES SF2 manual)
cammy2.gif			Cammy (hand drawn greyscale)
cammy3.gif			Cammy (scanned from magazine)
cehonda.gif			E. Honda (chinese drawing)
cguile.gif			Guile (chinese drawing)
chunli.gif			Chun Li (from the SNES SF2 manual)
chunli01.gif			Cuun Li (chinese drawing)
cken.gif			Ken (chinese drawing)
cryu.gif			Ryu (chinese drawing)
dhalsim.gif			Dhalsim (from the SNES SF2 manual)
ehonda.gif			E. Honda (from the SNES SF2 manual)
guile.gif			Guile (from the SNES SF2 manual)
hzangief.gif			Zangief (handdrawn)
ken.gif				Ken (from the SNES SF2 manual)
kensnap.gif			Ken (scanned snapshot)
ken_chun.gif			Ken and Chun Li (handdrawn)
ryu.gif				Ryu (from the SNES SF2 manual)
ryusnap.gif			Ryu (scanned snapshot)
ryu_ken.gif			Ryu and Ken (Cross the Time?)
sf2cover.gif			Scan of the SNES SF2 cover picture
zangief.gif			Zangief (from the SNES SF2 manual)


02.  How can I separate SF2 rumors from truths on the Net?

sinister.stairs@um.cc.umich.edu writes:

The newsgroups tend to get a lot of traffic, and are suspect to lots of
garbage postings.  Keep your eye out for these key phrases, and any other
suspicious sounding statements.  Read follow-up postings to confirm your
beliefs and clear things up.

  "A friend of mine", "A friend of a friend", "My brother's friend", etc.
  "credible", "reliable", etc. to describe the above.  "I didn't see it 
  myself, but", "I wasn't there but", "I wasn't really paying attention, 
  but", "Out of the corner of my eye", etc.  "secret move", "secret screen", 
  "secret character", etc.  "secret"

Generally, the less people reporting something *and* the less details
given, the greater the chance it's bullsh*t.  Likewise, the more people 
agreeing on something *and* giving specifics, the more credible.  But you 
should always question whatever you read, *especially* when reading 

and caine@uiuc.edu adds:

Watch out for flames.  The good portion of debatable material about the
game has been depleted.  Be aware that you may be flamed for a seemingly
harmless comment.  Take it in stride, and ignore it.


03.  I want to post about SF2 on the Net, is there any etiquette that I 
     should observe?

sinister.stairs@um.cc.umich.edu says:

Please post to alt.games.sf2 (the SF2 newsgroup) if your site carries it in 
order to keep bandwidth down.

If you post to rec.games.video.arcade, please put "SF2" or "Street Fighter 
2" or something thereof in your subject header.  As hard as it may be to 
believe, there really *are* people who do not want to have anything to do 
with Street Fighter 2.  Please respect that, so they can kill SF2 posts.  
(And likewise, SF2 fans could mark *only* SF2 posts.)

If you've heard a neat, unconfirmed trick, don't pass it off as truth.  
Let everyone know that this *is* a rumor.  Otherwise, you'll find people 
quick to flame, and you probably deserve each and every flame that comes 
your way.  ;-)

caine@uiuc.edu adds:

READ THIS!  Since there are now 6 versions of the game, it makes sense to 
include an inkling of which game you speak of.  So include HF, CE, Classic, 
SNES, SNES Turbo, or Genesis in your subject header.  Without this (unless 
what you are talking about is obvious) you may get misleading information.  
In other words, it is correct, but for the wrong game.

And likewise, don't post stuff about other games.  We have had long running
threads that are cross-posts.  So, if you cross-post, or if you are follow-
ing-up to a post, check if it is cross-posted.  If your material doesn't
relate, delete the appropriate newsgroups.

If you are interested in the home video games systems or arcade games in
general, you may not be aware that there are newsgroups for them.  They are
in the "rec.games.video.*" heirarchy.


04.  I see all these abbreviations used, what do they mean?

Here are the most common abbreviations used when talking about a certain
character's moves and whatnot.  When the abbreviations are used, the
character in question is usual mentioned.

	DP=Dragon Punch			HK=Hurricane Kick
	FB=Fireball			TU=Tiger Uppercut
	TK=Tiger Knee			WK=Whirlwind Kick
	LL=Lightning Leg		HHS=Hundred Hand Slap
	TAP=Turn Around Punch		RC=Rolling Claw
	SB=Sonic Boom			RK/FK=Razor Kick/Flash Kick
	SPD=Spinning Pile Driver	SL=Spinning Lariat
	SSL=Super Spinning Lariat	SF2=Street Fighter 2
	CE=Champion Edition		HF=Hyper Fighting
	TOD=Touch of Death		SNES=Super Nintendo
	SG=Sega Genesis			SF2T=SNES Turbo version
	SSF2=Super SF2			DRS=Double Rolling Sobot
	RP=Rushing Punch		FL=Flaming Leg
	TB=Tomahawk Buster		MT=Mexican Typhoon
	BH=Buffalo Headbutt		MGU=Machine Gun Upper

Here are some common abbreviations used when making comments about some-
thing.  They are used for short phrases, etc.

        BTW    by the way
        FYI    for your information
        IMO    in my opinion
        agsf2  alt.games.sf2
        rgva   rec.games.video.arcade
        IMHO   in my honest/humble opinion
        FTP    file transfer protocol 
        ROTFL  rolling on the floor, laughing

I'm sure that there are others, and I don't know all of them, but if you
see one you don't know, try to match it with the context of the rest of 
text, and guess at it's meaning.


05.  What about move lists/FAQs for other video games?

See the question #1 in Part 3.  Keep in mind, though, that none of the
material shown in that section of the file index is by me.  All the files
about other games are written and compiled by other people.



special thanks to Caine Schneider & Mike McCool

Without Caine, originator and organizer of most of the above,
this glorious document would not exist...

Phil Stroffolino  ps1o@andrew.cmu.edu


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