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Game Script by HarkenSlash

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/12/06

Street Fighter II (Super Nintendo)
Game Script
Created 5/3/06
Last Updated: 7/12/06
Version 1.1
Written by: HarkenSlash

|                           Table of Contents                          	      |
|  1. Introductions                                                           |
|       1.1 Version History                                                   |
|  2. Game Text                                             	              |
|       2.1 Endings                                                           |
|       2.2 Win Quotes                                                        |
|       2.3 Profiles                                                          |
|       2.4 Game Credits                                                      |
|       2.5 Miscellaneous Text                                                |
|            2.51 Option Mode                                                 |
|            2.52 Rankings                                                    |
|  4. Special Thanks                                                          |
|  5. Contact Info                                                            |
|  6. Legal Information                                                       |
|                                                                             |

1. Introductions
1.1 Version History
July 12, 2006
Added Balrog's, Vega's, Sagat's, and M.Bison's Win Quotes

May 3, 2006

Version 1.0
Completed FAQ

2. Game Text
2.1 Endings

Ryu's Ending
As the award ceremony begins, the crowd can be heard whispering...
"Where is the champion?"
"Where is Ryu?"
Already seeking the next challenge, ceremony means nothing to him.
The fight is everything.

E. Honda's Ending
"So my students, now you see what rewards may be reaped if the mind and body are
in perfect harmony.
Do you think I will relax my discipline just because I have won?
No! I will still train very hard.
And I will still cook!"
As Honda eats and chats with his disciples, everyone is in harmony concentrating
only on food and friendship.

Blanka's Ending
"Jimmy...? Are you my long lost son, Jimmy?"
"Who are you? Why would I be your son? My name's Blanka."
"My son was lost in an airplane crash over Brazil
when he was only a little boy."
"Wait! That anklet...
I gave that to you on your birthday!"

Guile's Ending
"Hey Bison, remember me? Remember me and Charlie?"
"I remember, Guile. You're not the runt you were then. Go ahead... Get it over 
"Honey, stop!"
"Please dear, let him go. Destroying Bison won't bring Charlie back.
Please come home. Let's start over."
"But I deserted you!"
"Please Daddy! Mommy and I still love you."
"Amy? Is that my little Amy?"

Ken's Ending
"Oh Eliza, what are you doing here?"
"I came here to find you."
"So we can be together again."

Chun Li's Ending
"Father, your death is avenged.
Now that I have destroyed Bison,
His empire will surely collapse.
Finally, you can rest in peace..."
"And I can get back to being a young single girl."

Zangief's Ending
"Comrade Zangief, you have made your country proud
and show that our country's spirit can overcome all obstacles."
"Now it's time to celebrate in our appropriate fashion."
"Mr. Ex-president, you dance very well."
"Well, you know, it keeps me in shape!"

Dhalsim's Ending
"I can finally go home to my family. I've been gone so long."
3 Years later...
"Dad, What's that picture?"
"That's your dad in his past life."

If you on an Easy mode
Presented by Capcom
Why don't you try the harder difficulty level?

2.2 Win Quotes

Ryu's Win Quote
You must defeat my Dragon Punch to stand a chance!
You did quite well, but you need more training to defeat me!

E. Honda's Win Quote
It's natural for a sumo wrestler to become the world's strongest!
Can't you do better than that?

Blanka's Win Quote
Seeing you in action is a joke!
Now you realize the powers I possess!

Guile's Win Quote
Are you man enough to fight with me?
Go home and be a family man!

Ken's Win Quote
Get up!! It's too early for you to be defeated!
Attack me if you dare, I will crush you!

Chun Li's Win Quote
There is no chance for you to beat me! Challenge someone else!
I'm the strongest woman in the world!

Zangief's Win Quote
My strength is much greater than yours!
Next time we meet, I'm gonna break your arms!

Dhalsim's Win Quote
Now you've realized the inner mysteries of yoga!
I will meditate and then destroy you!!

Balrog's Win Quote
Get up you wimp!
Hey, What happened? I'm not through with you yet!

Vega's Win Quote
Handsome fighters never lose a battle!
Thank you for a gorgeous time!

Sagat's Win Quote
You are not a warrior, you're a beginner!
I am not satisfied until I have the world's strongest title again!

M. Bison's Win Quote
Get lost, you can't compare with my powers!
Anyone who opposes me will be destroyed!
2.3 Profiles

Ryu's Profile
Date of birth: 7-21-1964
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150lbs.
3-Size: B  44"
        W  31"
        H  33"
Blood Type: O

E. Honda's Profile
Date of birth: 11-3-1960
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 304 lbs.
3-Size: B  83"
        W  70"
        H  82"
Blood Type: A

Blanka's Profile
Date of birth: 2-12-1966
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 218lbs.
3-Size: B  77"
        W  47"
        H  67"
Blood Type: B

Guile's Profile
Date of birth: 12-23-1960
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 191lbs.
3-Size: B  49"
        W  32"
        H  35"
Blood Type: O

Ken's Profile
Date of birth: 2-14-1965
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 169lbs.
3-Size: B  44"
        W  32"
        H  33"
Blood Type: B

Chun Li's Profile
Date of birth: 3-1-1968
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Unknown
3-Size: B  34"
        W  22"
        H  35"
Blood Type: A

Zangief's Profile
Date of birth: 6-1-1956
Height: 7'
Weight: 256lbs.
3-Size: B  64"
        W  50"
        H  59"
Blood Type: A

Dhalsim's Profile
Date of birth: 11-22-1952
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 107lbs.
 He can change height and weight to some extent.
3-Size: B  42"
        W  18"
        H  25"
Blood Type: O

2.4 Game Credits

SNES Street FighterII Staff
Nin Nin

Software Design
Koji "Yoshilim" Yoshida
Seiji "Coco Azusa" Okada
Harunobu "Img" Imagawa
Yoshihiro "Macchan" Matsu
Kowichiro "Kow" Nakamura
Hisashi "Roy" Kuramoto

E. Honda      Guile

Sound Design
Yoshihiro "Oyabun" Sakaguchi
Youko "P(Music Sign)" Shimomura
Tatsuya "Anie" Nishimura
Isao "Oyaji" Abe

Object Design
Masao "Sakusan" Sakurai
Wild Cats
Hidetoshi "Arashi" Kai
Takashi "Mighty" Hama
Hironori "Fishman" Matsumura
Hayato "Drill" Kaji
Satoshi "Ukashisu" Ukai

Chun Li     Blanka

Scroll Design
Shizuto "Kix" Ukai
Ryutaro's Mama
Chieko Ryugo
Jun "Bunny" Takeuchi

Very Special Thanks
Hisashi "MX-5" Yamamoto
Street Fighter Arcade Staff

Dhalsim     Zangief

Special Thanks
Kiyomi "Kanekon" Kaneko
Masayuki "Imo" Akahori

Special Thanks
H. Hiroyuki
Yasuko Watanabe
Capcom All Staff
And You

Ryu      Ken


2.5 Miscellaneous Text
2.51 Option Mode
Option Mode
Difficulty  Easy     Hard
Time Limit  Yes      No
Config.     1Player  2Player
 CPS Fighter  Set      Set
   L. Punch    Y        Y
   M. Punch    X        X
   H. Punch    L        L
   L. Kick     B        B
   M. Kick     A        A
   H. Kick     R        R
Stereo      Stereo   Monaural
Music Test  10
S.E. Test   01

2.52 Rankings
1st	50000   NIN
2nd	45000   P (Music Sign)
3rd	40000   YLM
4th	35000   SAK
5th	30000   UKA

6. Special Thanks
- Capcom, for releasing this game
- GameFAQs, for having guides on games
- You, for taking the time to read this

7. Contact Info
My e-mail address is HarkenSlash@gmail.com if you ever need to contact me.

8. Legal Information
This FAQ is written by HarkenSlash and Copyright 2005 HarkenSlash. The only 
websites that have permission to use this FAQ are:


If you would like to host this guide on your website, please contact me first.

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