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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 07/28/99 CooperTeam 3.4 99K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 07/03/96 CBlaney 1.3 6K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 05/01/96 DWells 1.0 65K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 09/06/08 Goh_Billy 5.0 150K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 05/30/97 Lusifer 1.05 68K
FAQ/Move List (ARC) 10/04/96 TOswald 1.7 56K

Character FAQs

Adon (PS) JCulbert 2.0 42K
Charlie (ARC) 03/19/99 Juraiprince 13K
Charlie (ARC) 09/06/97 SVijayasundaram 1 33K
Chun-Li (SAT) 04/29/98 Jxt 1.00 34K
Dan (ARC) Lord Hollow 18K
Dan (ARC) SDragon 0.1 65K
Dan (PC) IKlunk 1.0 58K
Dhalsim (ARC) 09/04/97 SVijayasundaram 1.31 99K
Gen (ARC) 04/17/96 GLeong 0.2 4K
Guy (ARC) 08/10/05 Genj 15K
M.Bison (ARC) 02/24/99 LRamirez 1.0 16K
Rolento (ARC) 04/18/96 ObiWein 1.02 7K
Rolento (PS) JCulbert 1.0 44K
Rose (PS) JCulbert 1.0 34K
Sagat (PS) JCulbert 1.0 59K
Sakura (ARC) ALo 1.0 25K
Sakura (ARC) 04/20/96 Angelblade 7K
Sakura (ARC) 08/15/00 AShapiro 1.1 23K
Sakura (ARC) LHubbard 5K
Zangief (ARC) JCulbert 2.4 149K
Zangief (ARC) 06/01/96 OFernando 1.0 20K

In-Depth FAQs

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