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Reviewed: 07/26/05

All ships check in!!

Welcome to a futuristic world where you play as some of the best star fighters in the galaxy. In Star Fox, the Lylat solar system is under attack. You, as Fox McCloud and your team of star fighters must jump into your Arwings and protect your home from a ruthless alien invasion. During your mission to save the Lylat system you'll come across a multitude of alien fighters, tanks, laser and bomb turrets, and battleships, luckily you have the support of your friends Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lambardi to help you on your mission. If you're skilled enough you might even be able to make it to the alien's home planet, defeat their leader, and be a hero back home. Star Fox uses the Super FX chip, which creates amazing 3D effects and environments that have never been seen on the SNES before. Star Fox was released in 1993, and from the moment it was released, it was an instant classic loved by many.

Graphics - (9/10)
The graphics in Star Fox are very unique. It was one of the first games to use the Super FX microchip, so the graphics are amazing. It was also the first SNES game at that time to have 3D effects of that magnitude. Everything except the ground and the background, is rendered in 3D using polygons. This includes alien ships, obstacles (whether they be bricks, buildings, rocks, vines, or giant flowers), and even your Arwings are rendered in 3D. This game features a 3rd person view behind your Arwing as well as a special first person view on some of the levels. As mentioned earlier most everything is rendered in polygons, but back then that was quite an accomplishment and polygons were the best to real as you could get.

Sound - (10/10)
These days sound in video games are made from actual music, back then though that wasn't possible. Rating the sound is kind of hard being a gamer these days. However looking back, the music in Star Fox is very good for its time. It uses spacey, almost techno sounding music. It fits the game perfectly though. Every level has the appropriate music to match the environment. As for the sound effects however, there really isn't much to work with. Some simple laser sounds, the engine from your Arwing, and you crashing into things is all there really was. Although for what little sound effects there are in Star Fox they're not bad.

Game Play - (9/10)
The game play in Star Fox was quite unique when it was first released. It is a 3rd person space shooter and it really pioneered a new type of game play for future games. In Star Fox you control your Arwing and navigate through different planets, asteroid fields, black holes, and space sectors through-out the Lylat system. Each level with its own unique boss and environment. During your mission your faced with helping your team if they get ambushed by enemy ships. They'll also help you as well by offering advice and taking out some enemy ships for you. The game play is quite unique and it ushered in a new type of game play that we see in games today.

Replay Value - (9/10)
The replay value is very high I would say. The game gives you three routes you can take to get to the alien home world each route with different planets along the way and each varying in difficulty. Not only is it going to take you a while to clear the three routes but you'll want to go back and try to get a 100% score on each planet. I found myself playing this game many times just simply because I wanted to get good at it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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