Review by Andrzej B

Reviewed: 07/21/04

Out of this Dimension

Back in 1993, the Super Nintendo was easily the finest system on the market. with all it's bells and whistles with some now classic games, we come along a game that may have been forgotten due a remake for the Nintendo 64 (Star Fox 64), but don't let that turn you off, remember, originals are what dreams are made of.

Now let's start out with the graphics in the game. This game was enhanced by special Super FX-Chip, a nice little device that allowed use to have a mild 3D effect for the Super Nintendo, which was used in high quality in this system, we have a nice shiny intro of you circling around the ships as they blast out of their base getting ready to counter-attack the enemy planet Venom! Exciting! Now a days, it may seem a bit flunky, but in 1993, these were the best graphics on any console game, and they ran smooth as butter.

The sound in the game is actually quite fun, from simple things such as the simple explosions and laser effects, to difference of ramming your ship into the ground, or getting slightly hit by a laser, to being blasted by some fire. Also, each of the characters make their own sounds blurps as they talk, and who knows? If you are good in the game, you might even get to hear some voice samples (a rare thing on old Super NES games). Not revolutionary, but a nice surprise and fun. Plus it's fun to hear General pepper say "Good Luck." before every mission.

People usually give Star Fox a low rating in story, but i don't see why. Sure it's got a sort of basic plot (Andross is invading the galaxy!) which isn't far from Star Wars which the game was influenced upon, but there's much more. From the mission briefs before every mission, or your wingmates messaging you in between messages (although, there could be more, as they often repeat what they say a bit too much). It's quite good, and each level is something new and fun, from the caves of Titania, the earth-like Fortuna, or the crazy dog fights in the Space Armada. This game is a blast!

This game is back and forth in the challenge department. Level 1 and Level 2 can be mastered in time, but Level 3 in the game, can even put the pluckiest space-shooter in threads. It's that hard. But doable. If you dig challenge, it's a thumbs up there, but after you finish level 3, you may not want to do it again, at least level 2 and level 1 are quite re-playable. On the Re-playability scale, it's there. Don't expect too many surprises the second way through, but there are a few secret levels to be found (and are definitely worth seeking out) as after you go through them, you'll want to call over your friends and see how crazy the programmers were when they created some bizarre psychedelic bonus levels.

Overall, Star Fox is one finest games for the Super Nintendo, and it's certainly worth your time to search for at a used Video Game store if you are a snes fan. Easily the best Space Simulator game for the Super NES. Period.
Rent or Buy? Can't really rent this anymore sadly, but if a friend offers you the game or you see it for sale anywhere, do yourself a favour and pick this up, it's a lovely game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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