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Reviewed: 10/11/02 | Updated: 10/11/02

This game catches the gaming spirit and style of the past years

This game came out a long time ago, but even now, i still recognize that this is probebly one of the best games i have ever played. I've already played Starfox Adventures , Starfox 64 and others of the such that were supposed to be much more advanced, and after much thought, I've decided that i will have to acclaim my old collection once again, over the new. It accurately catches the gaming style of the 1996's, and in my mind, will remain as one the most memorable for many decades to come. Of course, the reason is that every year, the games have a different taste. There will probably be only game that catches my tongue for one entire year.

Gameplay: 10/10
In this game, you fly in an arwing and utilize the choice of two weapons. One of them is a laser that can be upgraded during the levels, with the final upgrade being plasma balls. These upgrades are very rare. The other is a ''nova'' bomb that also comes rarly. There are 3 different courses you can take, from easy to difficult. The difficult one will require much skills, and is really exactly what it says. Each course has around 7 levels and each course takes around 10 minutes and includes a boss. The boss is unique in every level, and is the best part of the game. In fact, even now i have every boss memorized because it is so unique. Only when you play this game can you realize the uniqueness that comes with it.

Graphics 10/10
This is one of the rare S-nes games that is highly 3-D but contains lots of polygons. The bosses look amazingly real, and the graphics contain depth. Of course the graphics are still not nearly as good as the ones on generation 4 systems (Cube, PS2, etc), but for a SNES, the graphics are just amazing.

I can still imagine the sound effects and music. It is well made in this time period, but nothing to marvel at. I would have to say that it creates a feeling of nostalgia.

I truly loved this game. The bosses were just so well done, and the controls were simply amazingly. In fact, this game has been my touchstone for all flying games. I can never forget the fun that i had for so long. In fact, i even used screwdrivers to open windows of the room containing the games that my parents locked. (LOL) I had to play this truly unique game for so long. The difficulty is about just right. The easy, medium, difficult choices is just at the right spot. Some of the bosses were enormous and you had to go into a huge polygonal object (actually, a huge airship, it doesnt look as bad a polygons) to fight. For all bosses, you had to attack at a specific area, in many cases, esposing more areas that are vulnerable. Others involved dinosaurs, and supercomputers that were vulnerable at a small area of their body. The last levels are all on the same planet, but they are totally different.

If still have an SNES, and this game becomes available (its been long since when these games were no longer sold in stores), dont hesitate about buying.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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