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Reviewed: 03/06/02 | Updated: 05/26/03

One amazing game for its time

This is the very first game that had a Super FX chip. There are only 2 other games that I know if that had it, Stunt Race FX and Doom. The graphs in this game were jaw dropping back in it's time but now it is like playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 for PS1, or the graphs skip and are very choppy.

Graphics: 10/10
This is where the game shines. The game is filled with many polygons. There are times thought that the action slows down when there is a lot of animation. But looking at the detail of things such as the slot machine ending this game is filled with tons of rememberable objects.

Music: 9/10
The beginning tune is very catchy and the world map music is awesome. The stage music is good, but not great. You can't complain much about the music.

Sound effects: 8/10
Nice crashing and gun sounds, but the voices of the characters gets annoying. Slippy's squeaky voice and Falco's deep low voice seem odd. Once you adapt to it though it is better than just seeing text on the screen.

Story: 9/10
Story, what story? Oh well it's better than just saving the princess or saving the planet, you save the galaxy from Andross! At least it is different.

Gameplay: 10/10
Fantastic gameplay. This was very unique gameplay at it's time. It even features secrets like the black hole which has been bugging me for over 5 years until I finally found the answer in an old addition of Nintendo Power. The bosses are fantastic and original. You can even fly into other ships and go through caves and buildings. The gameplay is outstanding. There are 3 different paths to choose from ranging in different difficulty to make things difficult until you arrive at Andross.

Challenge: 10/10
This diffidently is not an easy game. Even the easiest path is difficult. You'll be spending a lot of time tring to beat this game, that is if you don't use codes.

Overall: 10/10 (Not an average)
It's games like this that set the standard for future games to build on. This game was originally going to have a sequel called ''Star Fox 2'' but was never finished. Many people were disappointed in it but were relieved to see that Star Fox 64 was one of the first release games that featured elements that was intended to be in Star Fox 2. Keep a lookout for Star Fox Adventures for GameCube that is coming out soon. It may not contain many flying scenes like this game has but it will contain an amazing story line and vivid graphics. Another plus about that game is it will be made by Nintendo and Rare, the wonderful folks that brought you Goldeneye and Conker.

Rent or buy: Buy
I don't know of many many rental places that still have SNES games, but this is diffidently one you want to get if you have a SNES.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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