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Reviewed: 01/08/02 | Updated: 01/08/02

Polygons make their first move to a console. It's a pretty good shooter, too.

StarFox for the Super NES is a classic. It was the first console game to use polygons. While it may look hokey today, it actually is a fun game, and would prove to be a good addition to you SNES game library, that is, if you can even find it now. But it's successor, StarFox 64, and newer shooters have surpassed it. Can it still hold up to newer shooters today? Read the review to find out.

Plot: A force is attacking the planet of Corneria, and the entire Lylat System. It's up to the StarFox team to clear it all out, and head for Venom to see what's going on.

Graphics: 6
First polygonal console game. It made for some amazing visuals for its time, but now, they seem hokey. There's not too much in the way of a color pallete, and detail can be pretty bad sometimes, but it shows through in a couple of areas. The framerate is pretty consistant, but it occansionally has hiccups. The N64 version runs a lot better, though.

Sound: 8
The soundtrack is pretty good, with fast beats that adds to the action. The sound effects aren't as good, but they manage to get through without too much of a bad rating. Some things sound pretty good, but other things, such as the ''voices'', are annoying.

Control: 9
The control is done very well. It's very responsive, which is good thing(duh!), as some of the enemies come in swarms, and the last thing you need is sluggish and unresponsive control. All you do is shoot, shoot a bomb, brake, use a boost to speed up, and you use the L and R buttons to turn the Airwing to move left and right quickly.

Gameplay: 8
The game is a lot of fun, but sometimes its simple design can hamper it. It's also really tough, so expect to be playing it for a while to beat all three routes. The first person shooting mode is a better viewpoint, as it's easier to manuever and over all more fun.

Overall: 8
It's a lot of fun, but it can be pretty hard. The graphics were excellent for their time, but now, they don't hold up as well. At least you can tell what things are. The sound is good, especially the music. The control is tight, and the gameplay rocks. Good luck finding it, though. If you have access to the N64 game, you're better off getting it. It has the levels of the SNES game, and runs better.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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