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Reviewed: 10/08/01 | Updated: 10/08/01

This game left an impression on me forever!

Wow! I really liked this game. One of the first polygon based games ever, it blew away the SNES into a whole new millenium of video game history. I thouroughly enjoyed this game, and I played it for hours when I first got it.

Because this game is an oldie,(but goodie!) I will review this game as if I was playing it back then, and no other games had come out.

Graphics 9/10

Yes, I know it's unfair to give a game 10/10 rating, and give the graphics a 9, but I have only one complaint, so don't kill me just for one thing!
The graphics themselves are quite unique for a SNES game, the first game with an FX chip, it apparantly made good use of its processing power, providing physics of flying and the all around excitement of star battles and terrain fighting. The only problem I can see, is sometimes the frame rate drops from time to time, if you take on too much action at one time.

Sound 10/10

Wow! You'd think a SNES game would have some tinny sounds. It doesn't. The music sounds ok, and often adds much excitement to levels. Personally, the level Space Armada is my favorite. Partially for gameplay (the level is like a star wars battle! It rocks!) but also for the sound, which makes you really get into the level.

Gameplay 10/10

Very unique, the play was the first of its kind, and hasn't been totally demolished by N64 and Playstation play. It still holds its own, in fact, Starfox 64 still uses the same kind of 3d scroll mode to fly through areas. But Starfox 64 added an all-range mode, which was beyond the grasp of the FX chip in SNES. The reply value of this game is great, in fact, I still play it. I'm a teenager, and have had the game since I was 6!

Overall rating 10/10

Besides the graphic flaw, I still give this game the best rating possible. It still ranks as one of the most unique and innovative games of all time (in my opinion). I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did. For every die-hard SNES fan out there, keep on playing! I hope this game never dies completely, and I'm pretty confident it won't. This game truly left an impression on me, and I hope it has touched you guys too.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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