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Reviewed: 09/29/01 | Updated: 09/29/01

An incredible Super FX adventure from Nintendo

Ah good old StarFox, another great memory from the golden days of 16 bit video games. I remember first playing this game in 1993 shortly after it was released and needless to say I was very impressed. StarFox was the first video game to use 3D polygon shapes instead of 2D sprites. This innovation made possible by Nintendo's Super FX chip would eventually become a standard in the video game industry.

StarFox is a 3D flight simulation game in which you pilot an ARWING space fighter through many levels shooting down enemies. You play as Fox McCloud the leader of the StarFox team, who along with the rest of his team must defend their home world of Corneria and other planets in the Lylat star system from the army of the evil scientist Andross. The controls in StarFox are very responsive and this makes dangerous maneuvers easy to perform. You will have to use your flying skills to avoid danger and keep your team mates safe. The game excels in Gameplay and in this kind of game that's what it's all about.

The story behind the game is as follows. Fox McCloud and his team, which consists of Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad live on the planet Corneria. The people of Corneria lived in peace and harmony for many years but one day all of that would change. Doctor Andross a scientific genius who had lived on Corneria had been testing a new type of powerful engine based on hyper-spatial energy. But over time Andross became blinded by ambition and repeatedly conducted dangerous experiments on densely populated cities. Andross was banished from Corneria for his crimes and sent to the barren deserted planet Venom. After a while people began to forget about the menace of Andross and returned to normal, but at that very time Andross had been secretly turning Venom into a giant military base. Soon Andross declared war on Corneria. The Cornerian army leader, general Pepper called on Fox McClouds StarFox team to help the Cornerian army defeat Andross. Not a very deep story but in a game like StarFox the story usually isn't that important to the rest of the game. Still the story is better than most.

The music is great, it is well composed and suits the atmosphere of the game nicely. As I mentioned before this was the first 16 bit video game to have 3D graphics and despite looking extremely dated when compared to todays standard these graphics were incredible back then. One small flaw is a lack of color in many of the polygons but this is very minor and really doesn't take away very much from the play experience.

This game is enough fun to keep you playing for quite a while and since there are multiple path ways to finishing the game. The replay value is fairly high in StarFox.

Buy this game trust me it is a lot of fun and can probably be had pretty cheap now-a-days. This game is great and without it my collection of Super NES titles just wouldn't be complete. And if you like this game I also highly recommend trying it's stellar N64 sequel StarFox 64.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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