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Reviewed: 09/20/01 | Updated: 09/20/01

The only FX game that didnt suck

Starfox is one of those Nintendo experiments that actually worked. Up until StarFox people thought that the Super Nintendo really couldn't do 3D games beyond Doom. Unfortunately StarFox was the only ''FX Game'' that didnt suck.

-The Story-
Evil Andross has invaded the galaxy and its up to the StarFox team to send him packing. On the way to Androsses Base, StarFox will have a choice of which path to take like Titania (desert world) or Katina and even to find some bonuses.

-The Gameplay-
As Fox McCloud you are the leader of the StarFox team and you control the experimental ''Arwing'' which is basically a supped up Fighter/Space Jet. You have to option of playing from the cockpit view or the behind the fighter view. You can do barrel roles and speed up or slow down with the air break. Control is really nice but when there are too many objects on the screen control is really slowed down to a crawl. Overall the game is fun to play.

-The Graphics-
Only a handful of games on the SNES have ever been ''3D'' and usually they were pretty awful. Starfox was the first time Nintendo got it right. This was the first game to use the special 3D chip the ''FX chip''. By today's standards the 3D graphics are beyond pathetic and if you have ever played StarFox64 you know what im talking about. It is really hard to play this now. But back then the graphics were cream of the crop.

I love the Intro where they show Andross invading Cornaria (the starting planet) and the part where they show the jets scrambling. Most of the music from Starfox is already a ''classic'' most players minds. I love the music from Cornaira the most though.

With atleast 3 different paths to take you definitely wont find everything the first time. There are also some hidden secrets that you need to fully explore. This game should take atleast a week to find everything if your good.

The Final Tally
Story : 8 (Evil overlord invades planet, good but a bit over used now a days)
Gameplay : 7 (Good for the most part, cockpit view is useless and too many objects makes control unresponsive)
Audio/Video : 10 (Music is great and I have several midi's from Starfox)
Replay : 8 (the basic concept if fun and will keep you coming back if you can stand the ancient graphics)
Final Score : 8

If you can find this game in a bargain bin its definitely worth a look. Otherwise StarFox64 is much better. Im still a little pissed that Japan didnt send StarFox2 over to the US.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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