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Reviewed: 08/19/01 | Updated: 08/19/01

This game took flight sims to a whole new level!

This game was the first to use the SUPER FX chip that gave this game crisp 3D polygonal graphics that were a step above the rest of the games, and revolutionized SNES graphics up a step.

The hero, Fox McCloud, is the leader of a squadron of space freedom fighters flying the super high tech ARWING, a new state-of-the-art fighter that can even fly through space. Comes equipped with a single hyper blaster and nova bombs, which have a massive blast radius, and can be self detonated as well.

It all starts when General Pepper exiles Andross from Corneria to the barren planet Venom. In revenge, Andross attacks Corneria with a huge military fleet, he then plans to also conquer the cosmos. You must fly to Venom and take out the military base he has there, and destroy him once and for all.

You, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy all advance together on your quest to rid the Lylat System of this hostile military and to bring peace to the cosmos.

Fly the arwing through several planets and areas of space with dangers everywhere. You have to keep a lookout for your teammates, avoid danger, and defeat as many enemies as you can, and take out the stage bosses, to crush Andross's military squadron. If you don't think you are cut out for a combat mission yet, try Training mode and practice.

The graphics are crisp smooth 3D polygons, that make 3D graphics that were never before seen in SNES games. The worlds look awesome along with the gameplay! Framerate was fast and smooth, as the world speeds by you. GREAT job!

You have 4 presets, 2 of them use airplane controls, and standard up/down controls. These are actually pretty good, considering it can be hard to use one set of controls. After getting used to reverse controls, I couldn't use my old setting well, but I used airplane controls and did well after that, so if you get accustomed to a new set of controls in a different game, you can use the other sets to play instead of getting used to the controls again.

The voices from the teammates DO NOT sound like voices at all, and it always sounds like Falco says ''Wing damaged'' everytime he speaks. The music is AWESOME though, It rocks! The other sounds go great with each other, the firing of a blaster, the release and detonation of a Nova Bomb. Kudos for the music here!

Not too many control problems, no glitches, but the gamegenie will not work for this game at all, so get used to regular play. Anyone can play this game.

Replay Value-8
3 different courses, one difficulty mode, that doesn't sound like much replay value, but this game has lasting appeal to make up for that.

Buy? Borrow? Rent? Burn?
I say buy this game. Definitely a well developed game by Nintendo.

General Pepper doesn't know the meaning of the word! There are no saves!

Player info
One player only

Game info
Flight Sim
1 difficulty level
3 courses

Company Info
Made By Nintendo

Easy, to medium, to really tricky.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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