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Reviewed: 11/22/10

Not perfect, but still a very fun game to play.

Star Fox (Starwing here in the UK) is a game I have very fond memories of. Soaring across the skies, gunning down enemy ships that fly my way, it was all you could want from a a game at that age. But has it stood the test of time? Does it hold ground as well as it did upon its release?

This game is FUN. Does a game need to be anything else? In today's gaming industry, many developers pack as many graphical effects and orchestral scores into games as they can, whilst forgetting the fact that games are made to be enjoyed. The premise of Star Fox is simple: You, Fox, and your team (Peppy, Falco and Slippy) must fly down each level without being shot down in the process. Shoot down enemy craft, avoid obstacles, and boost, brake, bomb and barrel roll your way through the game on either Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty, each with their own unique set of levels.

STORY: 5/10
There is a story, but it kind of takes a back seat to the "shoot everything in sight" part of the game. Andross has declared war on the Lylat system, and your team is dispatched to travel across space and destroy their base. Your team's dialogue is interesting enough to keep you going, but really, if there was more of a story there, would you care?

The Super FX chip renders polygonal images. In layman's terms, this game is in 3D. "Wow..." I hear you say. This was one of the first games to be made in such a way, and as such, the graphics were mindblowing at the time. However, it is not 1993 any more, and the graphics have aged. It's more fun to look at and play with 2D sprites on the SNES now than watch these massive triangles move around in a manner that can be confusing at times. However, they are not unwatchable, and don't detract from the gameplay.

MUSIC: 10/10
I LOVE the music to this game. I have the soundtrack on my computer, and I go into nostalgia mode when I hear Corneria's theme. Every level has fantastic background music, which is done in a synthesized techno style to fit with the space theme. And it fits well.

So although they don't do all that much except get in trouble and ask you to get the guy behind them, the characters are very likeable. And they would all become popular characters and all have major parts in later Star Fox games, even Slippy. And everyone hates Slippy. But they hate him in a loving way.

There is definitely replay value in this game, it has two names, "Medium" and "Hard". Each difficulty has a unique set of levels so you can't say you've properly finished the game until you've finished the three difficulties.

It was fun in 1993, and it's fun today. Although the graphics have dated, the game holds out very well, and with a soundtrack that sounds as fresh and exciting today as it did back then, you can't really argue with the classics sometimes. I would recommend this game to anybody who has played later Star Fox games, fans of rail shooters who want to experience one of the first, and gamers in general who can put graphics aside to enjoy the things that games are meant to be: enjoyable and fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Star Fox (US, 03/31/93)

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