Review by fillup0

Reviewed: 05/17/07

Revolutionary and finely balenced. Perfection!

Star fox is just really fun to play. Because it is never annoying. Ever. If you lose, it feels fair. If you play super mario bros, sometimes you might land right on the goomba but still lose. Then the controller is thrown on the floor. If they made the super nintendo and only released this game, the controllers wouldn't have to be sturdy. Also for the time, this was a very revolutionary game that blew people away. Even today, it is one of the fun games you will play.

Graphics: 8/10

By todays standards, these graphics would be horrible and shoved in the corner. There are alot of wireframes here and polygons may actually be behind another but might appear in front. But this looked decent back in the day. Because of the super FX chip. Nothing special, but nothing bad either, you can look at it for a while without puking. But this was the first super FX game. So it looked great. Also everything casts a shadow. In better detail than some of the other games today which is simply and black circle on the ground below objects.

Sound: 7/10

The music rocks, everyone knows that, but your crew jsut talks gibberish. Apart from other times. Like before a level a voice will go "Good luck!". Also the blasting sounds are just dull. But the boosting sounds decent.

Gameplay: 10/10

How to perfect a game: Balence it. This game is just a blast to play. No matter what happens, nothing is annoying. This game makes you smile. I have a really bad temper, and I have never let this game annoy me. Because it can't. There is one flaw: The training. No matter what I do I can't stay in formation because you have to be REALLY quick. Ah well, atleast when you fail you get to juggle mini pyramids before you get to the gate flying stage again. Also the game is fast paced and your thumb is all over the controller. This isn't annoying, it is fun. It is an arcadey blast.

Controls: 9/10

There are two sets of button layouts, and you can choose to have them inverted or not. The control is also one of the reasons it is a blast to play.

Lifespan: 7/10

Three difficulty levels and each contain five stages. All unique. 2 Planets and three space stages in between.

Overall: 10/10

If you have an SNES and don't have star fox, what are you waiting for? A written invitation?

Super FX chip: This was one of the first games to use the super FX chip which allows not only 3D enviorments, but polygons too. Back in the day, the super FX chip was crazy. After this game, many others came out too, including vortex which allowed more freedom, but was fiddly and unenjoyable to play. Star fox remains the best game to use the super FX chip. There is an N64 version too, which is the same game with improved graphics. Also it made its way to the GC and DS, but none of these versions, apart form the N64 version will match this.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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