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Reviewed: 07/18/00 | Updated: 07/18/00

Who ever thought over sized polygons can't be fun?

The game that inspired the very popular StarFox 64 is still a hit, after all this time. The original fighter flight simulator StarFox, released all the way back on Febuary 21, 1993, is still a hit after all this time. This game has never failed to give players the thrill of flight, and the adrenaline that fighter pilots feel when in combat situations.

The gameplay is quite spectacular. Players fly a futurisitic fighter aircraft called the ''Arwing''. This aircraft is capable of all movements that could be done by any aircraft such as movement. In addition to that, the Arwing could shoot lasers and launch nova bombs. In the game, there are three different routes you can take to the last planet, Venom. Each with their own difficulty and locations. Each also has their own unique challenges. After each location, the player is required to fight a boss. Bosses in this game are usually hard, you have to have a killer instinct, a keen eye and a responsive reaction time to take out these bosses. The overall challenge is quite high. In fact, video game rookies can just stay clear of this game because you won't get very far here. The controlls are very good. There are four preset controller functions. All of the buttons are used, but no real button mashing is required. However, be prepared to press your shoot button over and over again, so a moderatly strong thumb is required.

The graphics is where this game really excels. Whoever thought oversized polygons can be a nice touch to the graphics? In fact, almost the entire game is oversized polygons. But despite that, the graphics are some of the nicer ones I have seen on the SNES. Because of the lack of details, it allowed for the levels to expand, making each level longer. Besides, the graphics didn't bother me at all, and I've never met anyone who actually cared about the oversized polygons.

The audio is yet another place where this game excels. The soundtrack is still one of the best video game soundtracks ever. From the melodious title screen to the evil song heard on Venom, the game's music displays the proper emotions and might even be something you would listen to outside of the game.

The fun factor is somewat above average. Although for the most part it was fun, as you progress, you will find that the later levels are more or less the same thing as the earlier ones. With the exception of the boss at the end of the level, the layout is very similar, just shoot enemies, advance to boss, advance ot next level. That's it. But the overall game was fairly fun. The replay value is quite high because of the three different courses and the different planets they take you to. There is much to be explored. Also, there are some hidden secrets in the game just waiting to be discovered.

Overall, this game was pretty good. It's definatley worthy of a rent. But it may not be worthy of a buy for all players.

Fun Factor:7
Replay Value:9

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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