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Reviewed: 06/26/06

The Beginning of the Fox, Star Fox.

Let me just start off with saying Star Fox is one of my favourite franchises. Just this one is sadly, underrated. Why you ask? Star Fox 64 was a remake of the original and was better and the fans just forgot about the little Gem, Star Fox on the SNES. There isn't many games in the series, but it's a great one. The original Star Fox showed what the Super FX chip could do and made the graphics in Star Fox superb. Star Fox 64 blew me away and showed much more of what that Fox could really do. Star Fox Adventures showed us that a Star Fox game doesn't have to be a Flight Shooter game. It sadly was sort of underrated too, because people that the Fox should stick with his Arwing and Land Master Tank. The newest one in the franchise, Star Fox: Assault sadly wasn't great. It was handled by Namco, which did a swell job on Mario Superstar Baseball, but couldn't just handle the once Great Fox. So now that you know some history, would you like to see the review?

Story 8/10
There isn't really much of a story, but we know that the mad evil scientist/crazy ape is attacking Corneria. We know some stuff about James McCloud, Fox's father who sadly died in a battle against Andross the mad evil ape bad guy. Well the Star team, Star Fox is now run buy James McClouds son, Fox McCloud. He has his partners Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare. They talk and fight together in their arwings and are to defeat Andross once and for all!

Game Play 9/10
The Meat of the game is the Game Play. The game is your basic Flight Shooting game. You can do tons of moves to dodge the enemies attacks, and you fly in your arwing and take out the bad guys with your weapons. Your Teammates will help you, but sometimes you might have to help them! If you played Star Fox 64, and your expecting the Charge Shot and Lock on, your out of luck. There is no Charge Shot or Lock on, but the game is still as fun as ever!

Graphics 10/10
There isn't much to say about the graphics, except they are absolutely amazing! They what th Su[per FX Chip could do. If you don't know what the Super FX Chip is, it is the thing tht made the graphics just betters for some games, and in some cases, showed off 3-D Graphics. Now this game came out in 1993, and 3-D Graphics were big back then, but now are very common.

Sound 8/10
I'm not too crazy about the Sound, but it does fit the game very well. Since the game sometimes has a lot of different environments the music changes a lot so you won't get bored of the same tunes playing over and over.

Replayability 9/10
There is tons of Replayability in the game, but not enough to satisfy, the Hard-Core gamer. You go through quite a few different levels, and some of them are quite a challenge. The game kept me busy for awhile, and I'm sure you will get tons of play time through it too.

Overall 9/10
It's a good game. Definitely a good game to pick up if your a collector. It might be hard to find, because it's 13 years old now! Don't worry though, I see them sometimes at my local gaming stores. The game started off the Star Fox series and is definitely worth checking out to see what started the this awesome franchise. Well hope you enjoyed the Review and, Do A Barrel Roll!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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