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THE PLACE. A solar system layered with clusters of worlds so perilous, nothing but top speed and intense coordination can transport you from sphere to sphere! While spinning through multiple dangers, objects, and aliens, you must gather the jewels, fuel, and bonus levels needed to win your way to more difficult and complex worlds.

THE TIME. In such places, minutes become seconds and seconds slip by - you're always on the verge of time running out. Since fuel supplies deplete quickly and must constantly be replenished, only bold, expert explorers beam themselves into such lethal arenas - but the payoffs are big!

THE CHALLENGE. You may get safely from place to place by using lifts or ramps, and by collecting jewels and energy crystals. But danger lurks in every corner, and keeping yourself from the jaws of destruction is an incredible challenge.

*30 treacherous worlds to explore
*15 increasingly difficult levels in each world
*Stunning graphics and sound
*A variety of dangerous enemies and hazards
*Mapping mode reveals terrain ahead
*4 different perspectives provide a 360° view of each level
*Password access to each level

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