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Guide and Walkthrough by shoecream

Version: 0.36 | Updated: 08/30/2003

           .                                 MM
        MMMMMM                               MM
       ME    MA                              MM
     MM     NM                               Mu  MM  MM
    8M    MMM                            MM. M. AMM  MM
     AMM                  MMM    MMMMM NM  MMM  MM  MM
       AMM   M   MMM    MM  M@  MM  MM M@  MMM  MM  MM
         MM  MM MM MM  MM  MM  MMMMMM  M  ;MMM  MMM.3M
  ;       M  MMMb  M3  MM8b   MM       M  M MM X MMWMM
 MM     MMM  MMA  MM  MM   MM  MMMMM3  MMM  MMM     M    MMM
oM    MMMb   MMMMMM   `MMMM                        MM    ZMM
AM  MMM.    MM.                                   MM     3M
 3MMR       MM                                           MM            MM
           ZMM                                           MM   :MMME   MMMM
           @M         bMMM                   7MMMM  MM:  M8  MM   M3 MM  M
           MM       MMM  MM         M   MM MMMMMMZ M  MM MM  MMMMMM  M   MM
           MM      M2   MMM   MMM   MM MMH MM  M  MM  MM MM MM     MM   MMM
                  M@         MM MM.MMMMMM     Mu  M .MMM MM @MM MMM3 MMMM
                 MM   MMMM7 M   M   MM 8M    MZ   MMM RM MM   M2Z
                EM   M  MM MM  uM   Mo MM   MM  M        M3
                MM      MM MM  MM   M  MMM MM uM
               ZMM     MM   MMMu    M     MMMMM
                MMM bMMM                 MMMM               in
                  MMM                     M8        Los Gatos Bandidos

                    Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos (SNES)
                             FAQ/Walkthrough: 75%
                    by shoecream - shoecreamll at gmail.com
                            Version 0.36 | 8/30/03

Copyright (c) Jonathan Chang 2003.

Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license,
visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ or send a letter to
Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California,
94041, USA.

You are free:
  * to Share - to copy, distribute, and transmit the work
  * to Remix - to adapt the work
  * to make commerical use of the work

Under the following conditions:
  * Attribution - You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the
    author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you
    or your use of the work).
  * Share Alike - If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may
    distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to
    this one.

With the understanding that:
  * Waiver - Any of the above conditions can be waived if you get permission
    from the copyright holder.
  * Public Domain - Where the work or any of its elements is in the public
    domain under applicable law, that status is in no way affected by the
  * Other rights - In no way are any of the following rights affected by the
    * Your fair dealing or fair use rights, or other applicable copyright
      exceptions and limitations;
    * The author's moral rights;
    * Rights other persons may have either in the work itself or in how the
      work is used, such as publicity or privacy rights.

Notice - For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the
license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web
page: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

                                 Table of Contents

How To Play (or, The Basics)
  What the In-Game Screen Looks Like
  Items throughout the Game
  Sleepy Rock
    Part 1
    Part 2
  Surely Wood
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
  Boss Battle
  Fiesta City
    Part 1
    Part 2
  Ancient Keep
    Part 1
    Part 2

Welcome to my FAQ for the Sunsoft game, Speedy Gonzales in Los Gatos Bandidos.

A major section is preceded and followed by a row of equal signs. A minor
section is preceded and followed by a row of dashes. I've written the
walkthrough in a list format. An example follows.

- Do this first.
- Then do this.
* Oh look, a secret area!
@ Here is a note from me. Read it or ignore it at your peril.
- Rescue the mouse!

- Notice the paragraph break above.
- This will help you navigate the guide.
- And here the level ends.

What's in this version (0.36):
- Added an introduction
- Added a bit at the bottom
- Added part one of Snowy Cabins

                            How to Play (or, The Basics)
If you're using type A controls (which is what I use, and, if you've played
other games like Super Mario Brothers, it is the control setup that will feel
the most familiar to you), then this is what the keys will be:

*Y: Kick*
Kick is your only attack. Press Y to use it. Pressing Y while moving will not
make you go any faster. 

*B: Jump*
Jumping is what really makes up this game. To jump higher, hold down the

*A: Use*
This key is to use items that you might find on the ground.

*X: Not used*

*Start: Pause*
The game pauses, and time does not pass, nor does anything else.

*Select: Not used.*

*L: Shift the view left.*

*R: Shift the view right.*

DPad: Left and right move your character. Up and down makes him look up or down
      (thus shifting the view).

                       What the In-Game Screen Looks Like
This is my drawing of what the game looks like in-game. Everything is labeled
and explained below.

                       | 03X1UP    0000000     'O' 4:00|
                       | lives      score        time  |
                       |      _                        |
                       | 000X(_) <-- cheese            |
                       |                               |
                       |Full heart                     |
                       |  |                            |
                       | \ /                           |
                       | _ _   _ _                     |
                       ||###| | V | <-- Empty heart    |
                       | \#/   \ /                     |
                       |  V     V                      |
                       `-Heart meter-------------------'
How many lives you have. If you have zero lives and you die, you have to use a
continue to keep playing.

How many points you have. 

How much time you have left. You can use a clock to add 30 seconds to this

How much cheese you have. If you get 100 pieces of cheese, you get an extra 
life at the end of the level.

*Heart meter*
This represents your life. You can add to the max by collecting a shiny heart,
or refill an empty one by getting a beating heart. Maximum hearts you can have
is five. If this goes to zero, you die. Some things (such as spikes) will
automatically kill you, regardless of how many hearts you have.

                             Items throughout the Game
Looks like a little spinning cracker. The more you collect, the more points you
get at the end of the round. Every 100 you collect you will receive an extra 
life at the end of the level.

Looks like a beating heart. It'll refill one of your empty hearts.

*Shiny Heart*:
Looks like a heart, only it doesn't beat and looks shiny. It'll add a heart to
your heart meter. If you have max meter (5 hearts) I'll simply refill one of

*Trapped Mouse*
Looks like a mouse...in a cage. Touch it to set it free.
They'll also act like save points, so if you die, you'll come back to the last
mouse that you freed.

*Running Shoe*
It looks like a shoe. It'll make Speedy run at max speed (spinning legs)

It adds 30 seconds to the countdown (that means you have 30 more seconds to
complete the level).

This section walks you through the game (who would've guessed?)

                                     Sleepy Rock

Jumper: Mousetrap
Delay Time: None


Kicks Speedy in the direction that the sole is in; makes him run at max speed.

Sprays occasionally; if Speedy is in the spray he gets hurt.

Enemies: Bat: 1 hit, Brown Blob: 1 hit

                                 *     Part 1     *

- Cross a bridge until you reach a wall
* Secret area: on the first platform there, jump towards the cliff face (near
* the lone cheese chunk) and you'll enter a secret cave with a 1-up.
- Jump onto the next 3 platforms there
- Jump onto the mousetrap and into the next area
- Run over a bridge, down a slope, but when the jump comes, don't jump
- Drop down
- Get kicked by the boot and run to the left
- Jump over the pit and get the first mouse.

- Get kicked by another boot
- Run back
- Jump onto the mousetrap and get a shiny heart
- Run up the slope to get the second mouse
- Run back down, jump up the mousetrap and onto a moving platform
- Get the shoe
- Jump over the pit
- Run forward (across a bridge)
- Drop down
- Run to the left for the third mouse

- Go through the tunnel
- Fall down through another tunnel
- Run forward (again) to get the fourth mouse.

- Run down the slope
- Jump into the bottom tunnel
- Dispose of the bats while running forward
- Avoid the geysers
- Jump over the pit while kicking away a bat
- Run up the "stairs"
- Get the fifth mouse

- Jump down while getting a shiny heart
- Run through the short tunnel
- Jump onto the platform
- Jump onto the other platform, DON'T WAIT
- Jump to the next area
- Run forward
- Drop down, get the clock
- Run through the tunnel
- Jump onto the mousetrap to the top tunnel
- Run forward and collect the heart at the end of the tunnel (if you need it)
- Jump onto the two platforms
- Stop at the landing, then jump onto the next set of platforms
- Jump up the two falling platforms
- Run through the tunnel
- Jump up, then down and get the sixth mouse

- Run forward
- Jump over the pit
- Run forward
- Jump over another pit
- Get the heart below (if you need it)
- Jump down from the two floating platforms
- At the end of the slope, drop down, THEN HOLD RIGHT.
- Jump over the two pits there
- At the third pit, get as much speed and hold jump
- Jump quickly to the falling platform, then to the stationary one.
- Don't jump to the falling platform, instead, jump to the stationary one
- Jump up then to the left
- Run to the left, jump up and run to the right for the seventh mouse

***ALTERNATE (for the seventh mouse)***

Instead of having to jump down onto the "hidden" platform...

- Fall down
- Go into the tunnel
- Get kicked by the boot and get as much speed as possible
- Jump off the ramp
- Land on the floating platform
- Jump to the next platform
- Jump up to the stationary one
- Complete it from there


- Fall down and get the eighth mouse
- Run to the right

                                ******Part 2******


- Jump onto the mousetrap if you want some more cheese
- Run to the right, jump over the pit
- Jump up onto the falling platform
- Run to the left, jump onto the mousetrap
- Get hit by the boot
- Jump over the pits
- Get the first mouse

- Fall down
- Run to the left into the tunnel
- Save the second mouse

***ALTERNATE (for the second mouse)***

You may, if you wish, to fall down the first pit on this level to get this
mouse first. However, then you can't get the other mouse before this one. Not
recommended if you want all the mice.


- Run to the right, over the bridge, and into the next tunnel
- Jump over the multiple pits with the spikes under them while at the same time
  trying not to get hit by the geysers
- Drop down and run into the tunnel at the end
- Rescue the third mouse and get the heart (if you need it)

- Run to the left and up onto the edge above
- Run and jump over the platforms to the left while avoiding the geysers and
  kicking the bats away
- Run to the left and jump onto the mousetrap onto the cliff above
- Get the fourth mouse there

- Collect the running shoe
- Run to the right, and, when a pit comes, jump onto the ledge
- Get the heart there in the cave (if you need it)
- Fall down and run through the tunnel to the left
- Save the fifth mouse on the ledge there in the cave

- Jump onto the mousetrap
* Secret area: run to the left, and wait for a platform to arrive. It will be
* moving very fast! Then, jump onto the two falling platforms at the end. Then
* jump onto another fast moving platform onto a secret ledge. Collect a clock
* and a 1-up there. There will be a boot near the clock so you can get back
* easily.
- Run across the falling bridged
- Run down the slope and get the sixth mouse

- When you reach the jump, do not jump! Simply fall down.
- Run to the left.
- Jump over the FIRST waterfall, then fall down the second
- You'll now be in a cave. Collect all the goodies there (and the 7th mouse)

- Run out the cave by moving to the right
- Jump onto the mousetrap, then onto the other one
- Get the clock on the right ledge (if you want to)
- Go to the left then jump onto the platform
- Jump onto the next area, then run to the right and get the eighth mouse

- Run to the right and go down the "stairs"
- Run through the tunnel
- Jump up onto the two falling platforms and up the stairs to get a heart and
  a clock (if you want to)
- Drop down; run through the geysers while timing it right
- Jump over the pit and land on the falling platform
- Jump to the next platform, jump down and get kicked by the boot

_____________________________________Surely Wood_______________________________

Jumper: Mushroom
Delay Time: Almost none


Makes Speedy slide down the rope to a different part of the level.

Traps Speedy (he loses one life)

Enemies: Crow (1 hit), Stone Dropper (1 hit)

                                  ******Part 1******


- Grab the running shoe and speed forward
* Secret area: You can, if you wish, to jump onto the branch on the second tree
* you see. Knock out the stone thrower, and jump to the next few branches back
* to the first tree. On the first tree there is a shiny heart and a normal one.
- Keep on running forward until you reach a yellow sign
- Jump at the pit, and STOP if you are not at full speed (spinning feet)
- Walk forward carefully to not get trapped by the cage
- Jump over the cage
- Rescue the first mouse

- Run down, you MUST be at full speed to make the last jump
- Jump as late as possible to jump over the pit
- Once you are on the other side, stop and jump to the lowest branch

***ALTERNATE (crossing the massive pit)***

Instead of getting to full speed, right at where the sign is, there will be a
large mushroom. Jump on that mushroom, and land on the tree above you. Climb up
it, and then go through the cabin and jump to the next tree. You will now be
able to continue.


- Jump up onto the stick-attached-to-a-pulley apparatus and slide down
- Jump up and get the running shoe
- Run forward, and as soon as you see the log, jump on top of it
- Rescue the second mouse

- Run down the hill, and jump before the hill ends onto a moving platform
- Jump across to the next part of the level
- Run forward and jump onto the moving platform-attached-to-a-pulley
- Jump off when the ride ends, and go down the tree
- Run forward, and when you pass the cabin, jump on the tree and swat the crow
- Go to the next branch and save the third mouse
* Secret area: Jump onto the branch with the stone dropper, and jump onto
* the cabin. Drop down to the first roof and grab a 1 up.

- Run forward, and when you pass the next cabin, slow down near the down slope
- Wait for the cage to drop, then go forward
- Wait for the next one to drop too, the move forward
- Grab the next mouse near the yellow sign

- Use the mushroom near the pit to jump onto the gnawed tree
- Jump from that stump to the next tree
- Jump onto the other branch and then save the fifth mouse

- Run back and leap the three pits
- Run forward and get the sixth mouse and leave

                                  ******Part 2******


- Jump onto the first tree for a clock if you want to
- Grab the shoe, run right, and jump the big pit (at full speed, 'course)
- Jump onto the mushroom for a heart
- Run above or through the log, doesn't matter (take the top if you need a
- Jump the pit
- Jump the next
- Jump onto the mushroom, save the first mouse there

- Jump up onto the stick-attached-to-a-pulley apparatus and slide down (jump off
  right before it ends to get a 1UP and a shiny heart)
- Run past the cabin and jump onto the tree with the mushroom
- If you want to, jump to the left from the tree and you can get some cheese
- Jump to the right (off the tree) and onto the next mushroom
- use that to go on top of the roof, and then drop down to the first level of
  the roof to get the second mouse

- Get max speed going down the hill
- Jump off the ramp
- Into the log, out, off the second ramp
- Land
- Run forward for the third mouse
@ Note: if you happen to look up here, you'll see a pulley and some rope. Read 
  the next note for more info.

- Jump over the next pit
- Past the cabin, then FALL down the pit with the question mark in cheese
- Go left and rescue the fourth mouse

- Build up as much speed as possible running down the slope there
- Jump over the two pits
- Run past the mushroom after that to get the fifth mouse

- Jump up the mushroom and run right to get the sixth mouse

@ Note: Before, there was some odd pulley and rope. Here, if you run down the
  two hills and run to the left, you can go up a ramp and back to the area you
  were in before. Jump up the ramp about 1 Speedy Gonzales space away from the
  ramp before you jump to time it right. Land on one of the platforms there
  (still going at max speed) and jump again. Jump over the question mark pit,
  and past the cabin. At the top of the hill, you can jump, and you can ALMOST
  make it to the tree that is attached to the weird pulley, but you won't make
  it. I've tried this. It seems that the purpose of the pulley changed and no
  one removed it, or it was used to indicate that there was something PAST the
  large pit so people don't stay away.

- Jump up onto the stick-attached-to-a-pulley device and slide down (jump off
  early to get the seventh mouse on top of the tree there)

- Build up speed and jump over the pits near the yellow sign
- Run past the log, get the eighth mouse, and exit

                                  ******Part 3******


- Run forward and kick away a crow
- Jump over that there pit
- Run through the cabin and jump onto that ledge there
- Run past the stone droppers and jump onto a branch via a mushroom
- Jump over the next few branches (on top of a stump there's a clock) until you
  reach a fork
- Take the down path onto the roof of the cabin
- Run and jump off the left edge of the roof onto a branch
- Jump to the next few branches until you reach a "ladder" like tree
- Climb up the ladder, and at the top get a shiny heart, a heart, and a clock
- Take the pulley and jump off around the middle (alternatively, jump off at
  the end and jump off the ledge onto the trunk to get the first mouse)

***ALTERNATE (saving the first mouse)***

Instead of taking the down path at the fork, you could take the top path using
the mushroom, then running to the left and jumping onto the trunk.


- Run to the right and over a few branches until you reach solid ground
- Run through the cabin and down the hill
- Over the pit and to the second mouse

- Over another pit and take the stick-rope thing down
- Jump off before it ends for a 1up
- Run to the right and onto a tree via a mushroom (watch out for the rocks)
- Get a clock, then jump up for the third mouse

- Fall in the direction of the arrow and run down hill (do not get max speed)
- Run over the variously spaced pits and into another part of the level
- Run down and get the heart (if you are at less than full health)
- Take the mushroom up, save the fourth mouse, and exit the level to meet the

                                ******Boss Battle******

Boss: Mr. Angry Dog-Like Animal Who Drops Acorns

Firstly, you'll start on a tree stump. Jump up and get the shiny heart as
quickly as possible. Then, drop down to the lowest branch, look up, and wait
for the boss to drop down. He'll jump twice and some acorns will fall, then
will jump to either the left or the right side (it's random). Dodge the acorns,
and jump to the other side (if he's on the other side), or drop down to ground
level and wait for him. He'll spin down the two branches, then jump twice
again, stirring some acorns. Dodge the acorns, jump and kick. Watch out for the
recoil on the kick: if acorns are still falling, then you'll probably be
knocked right back into them! He'll jump up, and disappear into the canopy
above. Use this time to reposition yourself, get some hearts if you need them,
etc. Leaves will fall down when he enters the canopy. When the last leaf
touches the "keep out" sign, he'll fall down and repeat.

Fight conservatively, and you'll win. It might take a life or two to beat him.

- The...batteries? in the bottom right corner is the boss's health meter.
- Dying will respawn the hearts, but not the shiny heart.
- You can't hurt the boss while he's spinning, jumping, or being dizzy.

                                     Fiesta City


Jumper: None


Makes Speedy slide down the rope to a different part of the level.

Enemies: Jackhammer Dog (3 hits)

                                  ******Part 1******

- Jump over the two pits and onto the moving steel plate
- Jump onto the wooden raft thing and onto a construction
- Jump to the next part and onto a steel plate
- Wait and jump to the next plate
- Jump onto the wooden platform and to the next construction, then the next
- Run over, get the first mouse, jump onto the green platform, then the red

- Fall down where the arrows tell you to and get the second mouse to the right

- Jump to the next roof
- Jump onto the fast moving platform, then the next, then onto a stable one
- Jump onto the fast moving platform, then the next, then onto a stable one
- Take out the dog

***ALTERNATE (playing jump the platforms)***

You COULD simply fall down on the gap between the two rooftops, then head to
the right and jump over the next few pits, and onto some falling platforms,
then down a pulley, then onto a vertical platform to get to the same place.


- Jump onto the next few platforms (with other ones hindering you)
- Grab onto the stick-pulley device and jump off right when you see the phone
  pole to grab to another pulley. Repeat until you save the third mouse.

- Jump to the right
- Run over the next few pits, and ignore that platform for now
- Jump over the mass of steel at the building and head right
- Run and jump over a few platforms and take out a few dogs (who strangly are
  the same size as you are) and save the fourth mouse.

- Run back and jump onto that platform that you ignored earlier
- Jump onto the rooftop
- Keep going to the right and taking out dogs until you save the fifth mouse
  and leave the level.

                                  ******Part 2******


- Run down the hill and destroy that dog
- Jump over the various falling platforms onto the vertical one
- Jump down, run forwards, and take out that other dog
- Jump onto the platform and jump off at the last possible moment onto the
  construction there
- Go onto the next few platforms
- Then onto the falling one
- Slide down the rope (jump off early if you want the clock and shiny heart)
- Jump onto the next rope
- Get the shoe and run until you can't run anymore (first mouse is on the way)

- Jump onto the platform there, then onto the pillar, then to the next pillar
- Then to the next pillar and onto the moving platform
- Jump ship onto the next platform, then to the falling platform, and finally
  run off and save the second mouse

- Jump up on the stairs (get the clock, and the two hearts on the top)
- Hop onto the vertical platform there (it's easier if you try from the second
  stair from the top)
- At the top, run left and onto the roofs
- Take out the dog there and then jump onto the next and take out that dog
- Follow the trail of cheese and destroy the dog there
- Walk to the edge, then just fall down (trust me)
* Secret area: there will be a platform there, and you'll get a 1 up.
- Jump back up, take out the dog, and save the third mouse

- Jump up the "stairs", then onto the construction 
- Get the fourth mouse and jump onto the moving platform

- At the top, make a leap of faith and land on another moving platform
- Hop to the falling platform and then to the stationary one
- Hop to the next few, and run to the right until you hit a wall
- Drop down, run to the right some more to a falling platform
- Jump to the stationary construction
- Then to the next for the fifth mouse

- Jump off and get the goodies (clock and some cheese)
- Run down the slopes, collecting goodies as you go (there will be enemies)
- On the way there should be the sixth and final mouse

- Run to the right and slide down
- Exit

                                    Ancient Keep

                                  ******Part 1******


Jumper: None

Tabasco sauce: Makes Speedy breathe fire
Cauldron: When lit, forms rising clouds that can be used to reach other areas
Swinging pole: Allows Speedy to swing from one pole to another
Spiked Wooden Block: kills Speedy instantly

Enemies: Bat (1 hit), Spiked log (invincible), Crossbow-Toting Cat (1 hit), 
Lance-Toting Cat (invincible)

- Run forwards and over the bubbling pit of acid
- Go through the first open door you see (press Up)
- Go down the slope and fall down
- Run right and rescue the first mouse (and a shiny heart)
- Exit this room

- Go right and jump over the pit (in the direction of the arrow)
- Go up the ledge
- Over the bubbling pit of acid
- Up the next ledge--your way back should be blocked (don't worry)
- Drink the bottle of Tabasco (by pressing A)
- Jump over the next pit and free the second mouse

- Jump down to the lower level (twice), then jump over the pit that appears
- Start a fire in the cauldron by pressing A
- Jump onto a cloud
- As you reach the cliff, jump to the LEFT as hard as you can
- Go through the door
- Free the third mouse (those tricky bastards...)

- Go back through the door and back onto a cloud
- Jump onto the ledge on the RIGHT this time
- Get the clock, then jump over the platforms to the right
- Run forward, and then grab onto the swinging thing
- Press Jump when Speedy is on the right side
- Hold back during the jump (that is, stop on this platform--don't go to the
  next swinger)
- Go to the left edge and fall down (trust me)
- Rescue the fourth mouse!

- Take the platform back up
@ ARRRG This might be the most confusing and frustrating part in this level.
  I've drawn a map of the swinging poles for your convenience.

_______                             #       #        __________B
       `._#   #              #      |       |        |
          |   |       #      |      |       |        |
          |   #       |      |      #       #        |__________
          |   |       |      #      |       |                  |
          |   |       #      |      |       |             C    |
          |   #       |      |      #       #        __________|
          |   |       #      |      |       |        |
       ___|   |       |      #      |       |        |
      |       #       |      |      |       #        |_________
      | A     |       #      |      #       |
      |___    |       |      |      |       |            D
         |    _       _      _      _       |      ____________

A - Secret area! Has a beating heart and a clock.
B - Where you need to go
C - Useless, you can get to where it leads through B
D - Same as above

- Go to B.
- Go through the door there
- Release the fifth mouse at the edge

- Jump across to the opposing ledge
- Fall down according to the arrow
- Dodge the spiked log
- Go up the three platforms
- Watch for bats and rolling logs across these hills
- Go through the door near the bookshelf
- Jump across the pit with the swinging-pole device
- Jump to the next platform, then to the cliff
- Uncage the sixth mouse

- Drop down
- Go back through the door
- Jump across the platforms until you reach a door
- Go through it
- Release the seventh mouse

- Hop on the platform

@ Note: This part is tricky. You don't want to jump off at the very top to get 
to the next platform, because you'll hit the ceiling and lose all momentum and 
die a horrible, boiling death in the bubbling acid pools. Okay, maybe there 
aren't acid pools in this *particular* section of the level, but you should 
still follow my instructions. Onwards!

- After the fifth platform, there will be solid ground, so just jump down
- Jump over the bubbling pit of acid on the right and onto a higher platform
- Then jump onto the next platform
- Avoid the two bats as you run right
- Free the eighth mouse

- Go back to solid ground
- Take the platform all the way up
- Jump onto the falling platform
- Then jump onto to the other rising platform
- Spring onto the ledge
- Run down (jump over the rolling log)
- Rescue the ninth mouse

- End the level

                                  ******Part 2******


* Secret area: A platform will come down. Jump onto it to get a 2UP *
- Run forward and jump over that first pit
- Jump again over the spiked log that's gonna be coming your way
- Jump onto the falling platform, then to the other side of the pit
- Do the same with the next pit
- Run forward to release the first mouse

- Two ways to go from here (doesn't matter which)

- First: Go through the door
- Grab the shoe and blaze past the squishy things
- Run up and down hills, until you reach a large one
- Jump over the spiked log, then over the acid pit
- Release the second mouse


- Second: Jump up from the mousetrap
- Run forward from the cliff
- OBLITERATE the two crossbow wielding cats (rats?)
- Run up and down hills until you see a line of cheese
- Jump according to the cheese
- Fall down from the left side of the platform you land on
- Release the second mouse

- Run forward and jump onto the mousetrap
- Then, jump onto another mousetrap on the outcropping you land on
- Free the third mouse! (near a 'scary' looking tree)

- Jump over the various pits in this part of the stage
- Go through the door
@ Note: Yes, there is a purpose for those little raised bumps on the floor: it's
  for the spiked logs to move around in.
- Go forward and through the door that is surrounded by empty shelves
- Watch out for the spiked log
- Rescue the fourth mouse

- Use the swing thing at the edge of the cliff to swing to the other side
- Grab the one up
- Go through the door
- Run forward onto the levitating platform
- Jump onto the falling platform when you reach the top
- Jump onto the cliff
- Use the swing thing to propel yourself to the right
- Run past the large spiked wooden blocks that squish you
- Run forward to the bridge... and cross it
- Free the fifth mouse as you run up the hill

- Fall down the pit at the top, and hold left as you fall
- Uncage the sixth mouse (and get a one up while you're at it)

- Go through the wall, and run past the platform back to solid land
- Fly over the spiked log and under the spiked block
- Go through the door
- Rescue the seventh mouse there

- Watch out for the lance-toting cats, spiked logs, and spiked blocks
- Run past all these hazards and exit the level

                                     Snowy Cabins

Jumper: Large Belching Polar Bear

Special Items:
Exclamation Mark Sign: Lets you pass through a certain part of a level.

Gun-Toting Seal: 1 hit, Angry Cat Snowman: 2 hits

                                  ******Part 1******


- Run forward and onto a hill
- Wait for a lift to arrive between two trees
- Jump upon the lift
- Jump then to the platform that is revealed to you, and take down the seals
- Run leftwards and onto a falling platform, then jump towards the arrow
- Collect a shiny heart and your first mouse

- Fall back down the cliff and run back up to the hill
- Run down the hill and take out all the seals you see there: beware the holes
  in the ice!
- There will be a beating heart waiting for you at the end
- Run forward, and jump onto the polar bear's belly
- After being bounced up a mile or so, go to the left and onto a cliff
- Take out the Angry Cat Snowman and dodge the rolling snowball
- Run left across a bridge and dispose of the attacking seals
- Release the second mouse at the end!

- Run back down to the right of your platform
- Jump back down next to the polar bear
- Run right and release the third mouse

- Continue running right and smash the Angry Cat snowman.
- There will be another Cat snowman waiting for you near the end of this section
- Jump across the hole, and onto a friendly polar bear's stomach
- First go to the left, and into the cabin there
- Collect the clock over the fireplace and evict the two seals here
- Spin the red mark sign, and free the fourth mouse

- Run back to the right
- Jump over the various falling platforms onto a cliff with a clock on it
- Run right over the ice, watching out for holes and the odd seal
- Jump onto the moving platform at the end, and jump to the next patch
- Take out the seal there
- Jump to the right and keep on jumping right! You should go into an alcove
- Liberate the fifth mouse here

- Jump onto the moving platform and onto higher ground
- Ignore the arrow pointing away, it's just there to confuse you
- Dodge the instant-kill slammer and move out
- Run over the various bridges, taking out the seals
- Let the sixth mouse go and run down the huge hill there

- At the bottom watch out for the Angry Snowman
* Secret area: Wait where the Angry Snowman was for a platform. Take the
  platform up and run right over the top of the cabin to collect a 2UP. If
  you're careful, you can also jump off the side here and get the seventh mouse
  without any marauding seals blocking your way.
- Go into the cabin here
- Work your way to the top of the cabin, and remove the seal waiting for you
- Jump to the right, then go down
- Release the seventh mouse and exit the level

                                  ******Part 2******



I appreciate all questions, comments, suggestions, and concerns. Please direct
them to shoecreamll at gmail.com.

Many years ago, a developer for this game sent me the previously-unknown cheat
code  slash easter egg that I submitted to the corresponding GameFAQs cheat
page. I never saved the message or wrote down that developer's name, and it
has long since been deleted from my old email account. If you are that
developer, please email me so I know who you are and can properly credit you.

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