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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 09/05/13 KeyBlade999 Final 265K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/02/18 BSulpher 1.1 149K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/06/01 Cabus 1.0 74K
FAQ/Walkthrough 11/08/04 Demus 2.0 236K
Walkthrough Glaive .001a 37K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/19/03 cnick 0.51 26K
FAQ/Walkthrough NWalker 10K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/03/06 Terrafire 0.1 159K
Hints and Tips Anonymous 4K

In-Depth FAQs

Boss FAQ 05/20/09 threetimes 1.15 45K
Item List 10/11/02 Fallen Wings 1.2 7K
Stats Chart 08/17/04 flamingspinach 1.0 9K

Maps and Charts

Castle of King Magridd: Castle Basement B2F Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 76K
Castle of King Magridd: Castle Basement B3F Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 96K
Castle of King Magridd: Left Tower Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 95K
Castle of King Magridd: Right Tower Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 115K
Castle of King Magridd: Torture Chamber Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 77K
Dr. Leo's Laboratory: Basement B1F Map (PNG) 08/27/13 KeyBlade999 68K
Dr. Leo's Laboratory: Basement B2F Map (PNG) 08/27/13 KeyBlade999 82K
Dr. Leo's Laboratory: Power Plant Map (PNG) 08/29/13 KeyBlade999 75K
Dr. Leo's Laboratory: Town Model 1 Map (PNG) 08/28/13 KeyBlade999 110K
Dr. Leo's Laboratory: Town Model 2 Map (PNG) 08/29/13 KeyBlade999 110K
Leo's Painting (PNG) 12/06/07 snesmaster1 1.0 340K
Lostside Dungeon Exterior Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 133K
Lostside Fire Shrine Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 246K
Lostside Light Shrine Map (PNG) 08/21/13 KeyBlade999 147K
Mountain of Souls: A Passage to Lune Map (PNG) 08/26/13 KeyBlade999 88K
Mountain of Souls: An Ice Hill Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 92K
Mountain of Souls: Aurora's Ridge Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 70K
Mountain of Souls: Ice Field of Laynole Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 163K
Mountain of Souls: North Slope Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 88K
Mountain of Souls: Top of Snow Mountain Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 80K
Mountain of Souls: Underground Lake Map (PNG) 08/27/13 KeyBlade999 147K
St. Elles: Blester Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 122K
St. Elles: Durean Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 129K
St. Elles: Ghost Ship Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 77K
St. Elles: Seabed North Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 199K
St. Elles: Seabed South Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 200K
St. Elles: Shore Reef of Rockbird Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 102K
St. Elles: Southerta Map (PNG) 08/20/13 KeyBlade999 126K
The World of Evil: Dazzling Space Map (PNG) 09/05/13 KeyBlade999 107K
The World of Evil: First Area Map (PNG) 09/04/13 KeyBlade999 131K
The World of Evil: Second Area Map (PNG) 09/04/13 KeyBlade999 80K
Underground Castle, East Map (PNG) 12/03/07 snesmaster1 1.0 267K
Underground Castle, West (PNG) 12/02/07 snesmaster1 1.0 111K
Water Shrine (PNG) 01/12/08 snesmaster1 1.0 120K
World Map (PNG) 09/03/13 KeyBlade999 53K

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