• 99 Lives Passwords

    Enter these codes to have access to all levels of a map with 99 lives.

    T = Triangle shape
    O = Circle Shape
    X = X Shape
    - = None

    Final LevelOTOO OXT- XOXT TXTO
    World 1XTXT O-T- XOT- -T--

    Contributed By: DarkWobbuffetX.

    2    2

  • Last level code

    To go to the last level with the bonus stage completed, enter:

    Great Tower complete:

    0 T T 0
    T X T -
    X T 0 0
    T X T 0

    0 = Circular objects
    T = Triangular objects
    X = X-shaped objects

    Contributed By: Joe the Destroyer.

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  • Skip to the Final Stage with Extra Lives

    At the password option press start and match-up the colored squares and hit start to begin on the last stage with 30 lives.

    Contributed By: GeckoGamer.

    0    4


  • Caverns of Shirol shortcut

    In the second room after riding the gondola up and down the large hill covered in spikes, there is a ledge with a small red potion. Walk up to the corner, crouch, and you will continue walking under the hill. Go through the door, and ride the gondolas across to the other end. You will emerge on a ledge at the end of the third room, right before the boss

    Contributed By: HeadwoundHarry.

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  • Easy unlimited lives trick

    In the third "room" of the Lair of Kharyon stage, go with the water's flow clockwise until you reach the bottom part of the room. Once you do, swim up as far as you can, and the wall should stop you and push you upwards to a doorway. In the next room, swim all the way to the right, then swim upwards and grab the 1-UP.

    Now, leave the room via the door right next to the 1-UP and then head back through the door. The 1-UP reappears! You can do this trick until you have 99 Lives, and then return to the stage later in the game and do it again if needed!

    Contributed By: Dalton Of Zeal.

    2    1

  • Hidden bonus stages

    Once you've beaten the 'Gateway of Eternal Storms' level, go to the level's icon on the map and press up. You'll get another flight bonus stage, a password hut, and a difficult extra level.

    Contributed By: Dais.

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  • Temple Infernus Shortcut to boss

    In the first room, go to the right, taking out enemies along the way. In second room, do the same, but do NOT go to the next room. About halfway through the room, (after the first green moving block and fire pit) there will be a platform at the top with a magic restore potion. To get there, the easiest way is to jump on the second green block as it moves toward you, and then use that to jump up to the platform. When you get the potion, press and hold DOWN to crouch and then, while crouching, go to the right. You will crawl through the wall and into a secret part of the room. Going right will teleport you into a room with two enemies that crawl along the walls; you can either dodge them or kill them with magic. The only exit to the room is in the upper left corner. It will take you directly to the boss.

    NOTE: When you first enter the boss room, the health and magic bars will look like they have the max amount but are empty, and the lives and crystals will both be x99. When you first get hit or use magic, however, everything will change back to normal.

    Contributed By: danvondracula.

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