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Reviewed: 05/12/10

This game is just way too long for its own good!

When I was a kid the SNES was my favorite system and I easily got hours of enjoyment out of it daily basis. How can you not have fun with the likes of the Mario, Donkey Kong, Mega Man and Metroid games? Even Street Fighter and many of the RPGs were awesome and the memories never end. Now days I cant say the same thing; there is just too much shovelware released for the console and in my opinion about 30% of the games are good and the rest are worthless; Skuljagger is no exception.

What is it with game developers? Are there actually programmers that set out to make a bad game? Skuljagger: Revolt Of The Westicans may just give value to that question. Now the game isn’t truly awful but it definitely has no saving features; every last part of it is mediocre at best. Once again we start with an overly simple plot. You play as one of the Westicans, the name of the people inhabiting the island, who sets out across a 21 stage quest to rid the island from the pirate Skuljagger and his hordes of minions. It’s a minimal story to be sure and it’s probably not too far off to call it borrowed from Peter Pan but for this type of game it gets the job done.

This game is comprised of seven worlds with three stages for each followed by a boss stage at the end of each world. The game is actually pretty difficult as well; some of the stages are very hard to get through and have you making wild jumps and guessing where enemies are going to pop up at. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that you can only take one hit before you die. Now you can collect gems for extra lives and if you have gems then they will give you an extra hit. There are red and green gems and if you are hit the red gems disappear first then the green gems so if you have some of both of them then you can actually take three hits before you die. The only problem is that you don’t really ever get a chance to build up enough gems to get any extra lives other than on that rare occasion.

Bubble gum acts as power-ups in this game; how original huh. Even despite the lack of originality it does add some colorful fun to the game. There are several different colors to collect and each color (or flavor) has a different effect. They do everything from forming invincibility shields (grape); the watermelon has you fly around the screen for several seconds on screen killing every enemy and the cherry allows you to jump higher the longer you hold the button down. There are bonus stages to be found too; they are quite tricky to find as they usually require you to duck down at a certain spot which will warp you into them but they are all invisible. The bosses in this game can be pretty brutal; many of them left me aggravated and frustrated and yelling at the screen that is until I realized that I needed to save some grape bubble gum and use it and simply run into the boss and let you’re invincibility kill him.

The animations and graphics are truly uninspired to say the least. Let me also just say that the graphics look like they were from an early Turbo Grafx 16 game; I’ve also seen some later Sega Master System games that looked just as good as this game so that should tell you about what this game looks like visually. There’s absolutely nothing worth mentioning that stands out about the visuals in this game at all.

The music has a very bubble gum rock sound to it and sounds pretty corny sounding. I guess you could say that they at least sound like they’re from a Super Nintendo system and not an 8 bit console but that’s still not saying much in the long run.
They had a few decent ideas for this game before they started programming it but they took all of the basic ideas and just threw it into a blender and hit frappe and gave up one great big mediocre and overly long game. Thankfully they gave this game a pretty easy password system because you’ll need it if you want to complete this longwinded game because it’s just too long. Honestly, don’t waste your time playing it; it’s hardly a terrible game by any means but there are plenty of good SNES platform games that are far more worth it to spend long hours with instead of this.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Skuljagger: Revolt of the Westicans (US, 10/31/92)

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