• Codes

    In-Game HintsPress R, L, and R at the island map at the beginning of each level

    Contributed By: Gamer7048.

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  • Level Passwords

    Chapter 2Cruel Man Cruel Bird
    Chapter 3Claw Is Mean Dock
    Chapter 4Big Wild Angry Fly
    Chapter 5Fly Home Lazy Sword

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  • 99 lives

    Lose all your lives except the final one (so it says Player x 1 at the top). Make sure you are holding 0 red and 0 green jewels. Get to the end of and level, but do not grab the giant blue gem. Wait until an enemy gets close and jump. Time your jump so that you collide with the enemy and the ending gem at the exact same time. Your lives will then say Player x 0 but you will perform the level ending pose. You will move onto the next level without dying. The next time you die, your lives will change from 0 to 99.

    This will only work if you are on your last life. This happes because the counter goes down the instant you collide with an enemy, but you are not called dead by the game until you fall through the floor. If your counter says 0 when you fall, you get game over, but if you are already on 0, it automatically starts the count at 99.

    Contributed By: Arguro.

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  • Fantasy Zone Locations

    Fantasy Zones are mostly used for grabbing many Green Jemeralds. By collecting 25, you'll get a 1-UP.

    =F.Z means Fantasy Zone=


    F.Z. I
    From the start, walk until you find a rock next to a coconut on the ground. By standing between them and tapping DOWN, you'll enter the first Fantasy Zone.

    F.Z. II
    Towards the end of 3-1, look for a cherry in the center of a statue. Stand beneath it, and tap UP six times to enter the second Fantasy Zone.

    F.Z. III
    In the Secret Area of Chapter III, find the Snapcherry Bubble Gum and use it to fly to several platforms above you. When you jump on the far right platform, you'll enter Fantasy Zone Three.


    F.Z. I
    From the Start, work your way right until you locate two white pillars. Stand on the barrel near the pillars, and shoot the right pillar with 7 Power Balls to enter the Zone.


    F.Z. I
    From the Start, go up the piers until you see a coconut on top of a barrel. Stand to the right of it, and tap UP twice to enter the Zone.

    Contributed By: Hsieh.

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  • Warp from 5-2 to 6-1

    In Chapter 5 Area 2, pick up the tenth coconut on the ground and press Up, Down, L, Down, L, R, and R to warp to a Fantasy Zone. Pick up the rock near the entrance to the Fantasy Zone to warp to Chapter 6 Area 1.

    Contributed By: Kahran042.

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