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Reviewed: 04/08/00 | Updated: 04/08/00

Better than the DOS version, but don't expect miracles

An interesting thing happens to games as they get older, you tend to remember them quite fondly, but when you get around to playing them again, you realize that the game isn't what it once was. Such a game is the original SimCity. It was a great game at the time, and still can be fun today, but with the latest version of that game out, SimCity 3000, it begins to show its age.

I liked the SNES version more than the old ''Classic'' DOS version. Perhaps it's the better graphics, or the improved gameplay. What the SNES version adds is a better tutorial system, more objects to place in your city (my favorite is the MEGA Police and Fire stations), and better general graphics.

In SimCity you are the mayor of a city, either one you create yourself, or a prebuilt scenario city. Most of the time, you'll start from scratch and build a new city from nothing. You start with a completely flat piece of land, with some water usually running through it. The first thing's you have to decide are where you want to build, and how you want to build it. You start with a Power Plant (only 2 types in this game, SimCity 2000 and 3000 have more), and then build a city. Unlike in SC2K and SC3K you don't ''zone'' areas, you build them in 3x3 squares at a time. So if there is a 2x2 area, you can't build anything on it but parks. Furthermore, you have to provide police and fire coverage (hospitals aren't added until the sequel) or no one will want to live in your city.

The challenge in the game is, of course, keeping the city growing and balanced, while maintaining a balanced budget. You have to set taxes such that people will want to live there, but also so that you can afford to pay for the city's upkeep, and growth. This is somewhat easy to do, since you only have to worry about a couple variables, the sequels are much more complicated (which is somehow better) games.

Graphically this game is dated, but servicable. The graphics neither add to nor detract from the game, they're just there.

The sounds in the SNES SimCity are a bit better than its DOS counterpart, but not a great bit better.

SimCity can be a fun game, but there just isn't as much to do in it as there is in its sequels. Plus it tends to get old fast as there isn't that much variety in the game.

Oh well.

I gave SimCity a 7 because it is a classic game, but it has been overshadowed by its better sequels.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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