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Reviewed: 02/11/00 | Updated: 02/11/00

The rise and fall of a population...I like it!

-Graphics 9/10-

For a simulation building game, the graphics in this aren't half bad. It adds charts and new buildings depending on the class of your land property. The gaming grounds you can create, or more pick and create. Everything is well put together for an SNES game that is so old, probably one of the best looking games that you can find for the system.

-Sound 8/10-

Pretty decent. It uses good music and varies depending on how many people you have in your town. For every population change, a new music track comes up. The whistle of the trains, the planes taking off, and the horns of the boats leaving the harbor. It all comes together nicely in a straight forward music mixture.

-Gameplay 7/10-

Some may like it, other might not. It takes patience to play this game. It does move slow, and can get very very repetitive, so be prepared to spend alot of your time just looking at the screen. You also have to keep the population happy, by the zoning gauge. If the people want more commercial zones, build them commerical zones. If they want less residential zones, don't build anymore of those. And don't overtax your people...they tend to get mad and leave your town, causing your property value to change and drop.

-Interface 9/10-

The interface is button selected, and then button activated. Easy to read and understand, and easy to use, it puts games that use this type of point and click interface, such as Populous, to shame. You'll find yourself a little bored however using the interface, although you can control the disasters, there really isn't much else after you've used up your money.

-Overall 8/10-

It's a good Sim-game. It adds realisim, such as the people getting angry and complaining, to the disasters of fires burning down your town. It's quite the game,but again, you'll find yourself getting bored if you're not into the all knowning, all controling god-type games...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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