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Reviewed: 03/11/03 | Updated: 03/11/03

The game that started it all.

Review of SimCity:

This game started the Sim series of games. Just think, without this game you wouldn't have the Sims, the other SimCitys, SimCopter(a personal favorite). Alright, that’s it for the history lesson now I'll tell you what makes this game a pretty good game to play.

First off SimCity has some pretty decent game play. When you start building your city you are given a certain amount of money, more on that later, and you choose the map you want to begin building. There are 1,000 maps for you to choose from ranging from lands with rivers and its tributaries to islands connected to nothing. The game has a nice interface for you to work with. On the left side of your screen displays all the buildings you can build or can't build which will be darkened. It also displays the money you have.
On the top of the screen is the interface that will take you to your budget screen, map screen, and line graph screen. The map screen will display where your police and fire stations cover and where your crime is if you hit the appropriate button. There is a lot more you can do on this screen but those two were just an example. On the line graph screen you can see the levels of crime and other things.

Now we get to the fun stuff, building your city. The interface makes this a simply task. You just choose the building you want, put the square “aimer” thing where you want to build it and hit B and, BOOM, its there. As you can see there not much to building. There is a lot to building the right buildings in the right places. For example you wouldn’t want to build a casino right next a school and residential areas for it would attract a lot of crime. It can take days to learn the proper building procedure to build the right buildings but its fun while your learning.

The graphics on the game I thought were so, so but what can expect out of a Super Nintendo. The artwork for some of the building was pretty darn good though. The cars on the road look like little black specks. The graphics on this game are not one of its finer points.

The sound is also so, so. The little tune that plays in the background will change for every level your city moves up but can become incredibly annoying. I found myself turning down the volume and listening to CDs when it became too much. The sound effects are nothing special. The explosions when you demolish buildings, or when your buildings get demolished by a natural disaster, sound real enough. The sound on this game can help and harm this game.

The replay ability for this game is enormous. With three different difficulty levels and a thousand maps, this game could keep you occupied for years.

SimCity is truly one of the finer games for the SNES. It makes you think but also have fun while doing it. Though the sound and graphics are nothing to brag about it is still a good game with lots of replay ability. This is a definite buy for the avid Sim series fan or someone who just wants a good game to play.

Overall Score- 8 out of 10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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