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Reviewed: 01/04/01 | Updated: 01/04/01

Now, you have a chance to be yourself while playing this nice game.

Here is a game that you'll play for a very long time. If you want to create and manage an entire city, this game is the perfect one for you if you have a Super Nintendo console. Since the very beginning of the Sim Series, almost everyone liked the fact that you can play as yourself, which means that the outcome of the game is dependent entirely on your judgement. Now, let's dig deeper in the game.

Gameplay/Controls (10 pts): Creating a nice layout of an entire metropolis is a hard task and at the same time, it's also fun and sometimes it gets serious. But, that's only roughly a minute aspect of the gameplay of Simcity. In this game, you don't just have the ability to create, you have the ability to manage the growth of the city, to control the lives of the citizens, to compete with other cities, and more. There are limitless possibilities to do in Sim City. Your Sims', the people of the Sim City, lives depends on your decisions and talents. You also get to enhance your creativity as you can try to mimic real-life cities. As a conclusion for the gameplay, it's very much enjoyable but it really requires a lot of time, effort, patience, and wits to create a booming city. For the controls, it's quite hard to move around using the control pad of the Super Nintendo. No to mention, it's quite difficult to place different objects.

Storyline (n/a): This game has no story whatsoever so I'll exclude it from the point system.

Graphics/Sounds (7 pts): It basically has the same graphics quality as it did in the PC version, all I can say is it is very colorful and very lively, just a like a real city. For the sounds, the songs are nice as well as the sound effects although there aren't many.

Replay Value (10 pts): Replaying this game is very tedious and time consuming but very much enjoyable. You change lots of aspects of the game like the placements of the water areas, the topography or the type of field where you'd put up your city, experiment on different events like the disasters and your bankruptcy, and the best thing is the urge to create a perfect city this will make you play the game again and again.

Now that we've seen what this game has to offer, I do suggest that you buy this game. This is a fun game where you get to be who you are and control everything. You'll enjoy every second of game and never regret having it in your precious games. I bet you won't stop playing once you start a city.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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