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Reviewed: 11/05/00 | Updated: 01/18/02

Want a great simulation? Here's one.

Sim City is a cool game on a system overlooked by most people about being mayor. It has a bunch of nifty things like disasters, tons of buildings, a built in help option, and things that make it very realistic like people complaining about taxes.

Graphics: 8
The graphics make nice use of the Super Nintendo's capabilities, but the Zones or buildings are just squares with things on them that progress or um...not progress.

Play Control: 10
The controls are smooth and user friendly. They are so simple a 3 year old could use them. It's basically a point and click system.

Sound: 10
I wish I could give this an 11. The sound is superb. It's so nice and peaceful it makes me want to cry. Literally. You'll want to listen to the music just as much as you'll want to play if not more. The sound effects are cool too.

Replayability/Replay Value: 10
You'll want to never stop playing this game. It's Replay Value is unlimited. You can play for 1000 years (game time of course!) and still have things to do. If you fill up your entire city you can still try to get maximum money, get everyone to say your doing a good job by clicking th ''voice'' button and looking at the vote, tackle all the problems, get the maximum poplation, tackle all the problems like crime, pollution, housing costs, etc.

Game Design: 10
The Sim anything idea is cool, but this Simcity is the best of all them Sims except The Sims, Simcity 2000, and Simcity 3000. The different disasters are pretty neat especially the Bowser one.

Challenge: 10
Getting your city perfect, or even pretty good without codes is no easy task. People will nearly always comlain about things and disasters may strike at any time.

Overall: 10
Overall again I'd like to give it an 11. Almost everything down to the littlest features is perfect. In my opinion this game is better than a lot of Nintendo 64 and Playstaion games. It's rated ''E'' for ''Everyone'' so people of all ages can enjoy this great simulation. Who said there was anything wrong with good, clean, fun?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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