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Reviewed: 02/08/08

Play as mayor and enjoy it.

Sim City is a game where you can build your very own city and be a leader. Thats right building your own city. Now the game is very easy to learn how to play but very hard to master because of the complexity of making a successful city as opposed to making a city that fails. The game itself has no story lines but it does have little back ground story lines for the the 6 scenarios that you can play in single player mode.

Game Play 10/10: This where the majority of the game focuses on. As the introduction implies, you can either pick a scenario or build your own city (complete with naming the city). As mayor you will have to first make places for housing, commerce and industries. People will automatically come so you don't have to make individual houses. The game also has you making roads and other essentials to a city. Also as mayor you will have to listen to what people are complaining about and think of ways on how to fix the problems of the city (for instance if pollution is an issue try making parks or some thing). People can also leave your city if they think you are doing a horrible job as mayor. And lastly, there are disasters that can happen to your city and you also must address those as well (like putting out fires and etc).

Music 7/10: Most of the music in the game are cheery tunes and the music also changes when you get to different population numbers (ie from being a city to a large city) Even if you fail the music doesn't sound all bad at all.

Length ?/10: Well since most of the time if you are building your own city there is no length tot he game since you could always destroy and remake a section of the city. As for the scenarios that also depends on how fast you want to finish it. So really, there is no length.

Replay value 7/10: The games replay value is that you can pick from 999 maps to build your city in or to complete the scenarios in different ways if you wanted to.

I would say that this game is is very much worth getting. Also it is easily obtainable now on the virtual console so getting the game should not be a problem.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: SimCity (US, 08/13/91)

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