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by BSulpher

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Strategy Guide by BSulpher

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 03/06/2015
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This section will look at the Scenarios available to you, and a quick list of things to do to make your scenario a success. Keep in mind that you are not given any gifts, so try to make due with the ones (if any) given to you in each scenario.

San Fransisco Earthquake (1906)

Duration5 years
GoalRecover from the big Earthquake of 1906, creating a bustling city.
MethodsThe Earthquake will not occur immediately, so you can put up some Fire Departments ahead of time to expand the woefully inadequate fire coverage. After the earthquake hits, try to bulldoze as much debris as possible so the fires can not spread out too much. Then you should restore power and roads/rails. Once you have done that, work on creating a bustling city to draw back many of the people you lost because of the turmoil.
Cheap MovesSet the game speed to sleeping to get all of your Fire Departments into place before you set the game speed back in motion. That way, you are already prepared for the impending disaster that is on its way.

Tokyo Monster Attack (1961)

Duration5 years
GoalRecover from the Big Bad Bowser attack, creating a bustling city.
MethodsYou start the scenario before Bowser takes his stroll, so set up a slightly better fire coverage ratio (you may want to increase police coverage as well due to high crime). After he comes, go to work on containing the damage, and then proceed to recover your losses before you move onto the expansion of Tokyo to finish the scenario with a larger amount of people than you started with!
Cheap MovesSet the game speed to sleeping to get all of your Fire Departments into place before you set the game speed back in motion. That way, you are already prepared for the impending disaster that is on its way.

Bern Traffic (1965)

Duration10 years
GoalRelieve the heavily congested roads of Bern and get a Metroplois to become the National Transportation Planner for all of Switzerland.
MethodsYou should work on creating a more effective rail system to take many cars off the road. Also, you should rid yourself of roads that are the heaviest in congestion on traffic. If you are a really good budgeter, you can replace ALL road with rail to create a completely non-congested road ratio!
Cheap MovesNo real way to do so here.

Detroit Crime (1972)

Duration10 years
GoalLower crime and revive the sagging Industrial economy.
MethodsYour first goal is to lower the ghastly crime rate by putting as many new Police Departments in the worst crime areas to expand your coverage. Next, once the crime has been lowered sufficiently, put Industry up where your population will not be polluted by it, but they will still have easy access to it. Once you have done that, work on lowering crime till it basically no longer exists, and expand your city to increase the population.
Cheap MovesNo real way to do so here.

Boston Nuclear Meltdown (2010)

Duration5 years
GoalIsolate the contaminated areas of the city, and rebuild in new areas to bring in new population.
MethodsThe disaster occurs right at the start, so bulldoze all of the areas affected by the Radioactive sections, isolate the fires, and then start to rebuild your city. Be sure to keep pollution and crime down as you work your way back up to a thriving city again, and bulldoze the extra Sea Ports as one is all you need (the extra ones cause unnecessary pollution for you).
Cheap Moves

You can hold the L Button before you enter the scenario, and then you go bulldoze the three Nuclear Power Plants as you continue to hold the L Button. After the third one is knocked over, let go of the L Button, and you will not have to deal with any radiation since there are NO Nuclear Power Plants left to meltdown in the first place. Patrick Jolicoeur has informed me that after that initial threat of meltdown it is perfectly safe to build new Nuclear Plants, as they will not meltdown... well no more likely than if you were playing any other map/scenario anyway!

Rio De Janeiro Coastal Flooding (2047)

Duration10 years
GoalBuild up the waterfront properties to prevent the rising sea level from flooding your city.
MethodsYou have many years to work with here, so you have lots of time to get the problems under control. The first set of floods are particularly brutal, so try your best to contain any fires that spring up as a result. After you get the floods under control, start expanding your shoreline properties to help prevent flooding (although this scenario will have floods happen multiple times). After a few years, floods will lessen, and you will have a quicker clean-up period. Expand your city once your shoreline is built up, and you will finish this scenario with flying colours!
Cheap MovesThis is another scenario where you can hold the L Button to delay the disaster from happening. This time though, your job is to build up the coast line so the flooding will be less than it would have been otherwise, but this will by no means cause NO flooding, so get ready for numerous rebuildings of the coastline (it will just take less effort than before).

After finishing off the first six scenarios, you gain access to two Bonus Scenarios! They are outlined below...

Las Vegas U.F.O. Attacks (2096)

Duration10 years
GoalRebuild the city after U.F.O. attacks to get it back to a thriving Metropolis.
MethodsThe U.F.O. attacks will not occur immediately, so fix up your fire coverage to assure that the U.F.O.'s damages will be lessened. This is the only scenario to contain gifts already in it (multiple Casinos, so build your commercial up around them). You will face multiple invasions from the sky in the ten years covered here, but the first is easily the longest (the ones following are about three attacks long each, as opposed to the near twenty of the first one). Just work on building your city up to a Metropolis (build around the outside of the map to lessen chances of subsequent attacks connecting with your buildings), and be sure to fix the woefully inadequate road system (supplement it with a better rail system than the current one that jets straight through the city).
Cheap MovesNo real way to do so.

Freeland (1999)

GoalBuild this water devoid land mass in the US Midwest to reach the population of 500,000 to become a Megalopolis.

You would think that having NO rivers, lakes, or oceans would be great, but you have no valuable waterfront property. On top of that, you can not get any gifts either! You will have to make it on pure building skills, and land development alone! Try to build slowly so you do not over saturate the marketplace with property, use the existing forest and parks to raise the value of the land, thus attracting better buildings (more people) to a small area. If done in the manner listed above, you will reach a Megalopolis easily!

NOTE: Reader "Zurd" has contributed his own method for defeating this scenario, and it goes as follows. Build every building possible on the land to cover it all, and then check the land value. You will see that there will be a kind of diamond shape in the center with medium value, which is the highest in the map. You have to build the residential building there so you can reach 500000 people. Thanks again to Zurd for this wonderful contribution.

Cheap MovesNo real way to do so.

NOTE: This scenario never gets a check once you achieve the goal, so give it as many shots as you like.

Once you have done this, you have completed this neat diversion from the main game. Only the most dedicated will have done this, so consider yourself a pro! Now, go back to the main game, and design the best city that you possibly can!

Exploits, Debugs, and Cheats

The following are ways to change how the game plays quite radically, so read on to see what you can do.

The Money Trick

This section is dedicated completely to the trick of making your city funds overflow with cash!

Step 1 - Spend all of your money.

Step 2 - Lower your taxes to 0%, and lower your coverage of your Police, Fire, and Transit to 0% as well.

Step 3 - When the annual income report appears, hold the L Button down, and Go With The Figures.

Step 4 - Still holding the L Button down, go into the Information Menu, and select TAX.

Step 5 - Still holding the L Button down, you should now increase Police, Fire, and Transit funds to 100%, and then Go With The Figures.

Step 6 - Upon exiting, release the L Button, and if you followed the steps correctly, you will now have $999,999 instead of $000,000!

Use this code for your first couple of cities to get a feel for the game, and then try to design a legitimate city to fully experience the richness of the game.

The Debug Menu

This section will outline how to access and use the Debug Menu.

There is is a fairly recently revealed Debug Menu in Simcity, one that may have accidentally been left in the finished product of Simcity. The following steps are how to access that Debug Menu:

Step 1 - While in a City, go to the Load/Save menu, and select End.

Step 2 - On the second controller, enter the following code:

LEFT - A - RIGHT - Y - UP - B - DOWN - X - SELECT - START - START - SELECT - R - R - L - L

Step 3 - The following options appear:

  • Sound Test - Gives all music and sounds in game, just by selecting the various entries.
  • No Disasters - Set to OFF as a default, turning this ON will disable nearly all disasters (seemingly Planes can still crash, and Nuclear Plants can still metldown).
  • Needless Money - Set to OFF as a default, turning this ON will make everything you do not cost even $1, no matter how much cash you have on hand.
  • Valve Max - Set to OFF as a default, turning this ON will make the RCI Meter will always remain at the highest point, meaning demand for more Zones will always be in play.
  • Water Reclaim - Set to OFF as a default, turning this ON will allow you to use the Bulldozer to turn land into water, and water into land.
  • Memory - Set to CLR as a default, turning this to SET will keep the Debug Menu available on this screen anytime you play, and any options you have turned ON will remain in effect. If you set it to CLR again and turn the game off, the Debug menu will go back to being disabled, meaning you will have to enter it again to use it.

Avoiding The Reload A City Exodus

When you reload a larger City (usually around the time you reach a Metropolis, or 100,000 people and above), the Power fails to load immediately, and Crime also runs rampant. Although there is no way to avoid the Crime issue outright, the Power issue can be mitigated almost entirely.

Step 1 - When you got save your City before you end your game, set your game Speed to Sleep.

Step 2 - Save your game.

Step 3 - Reload your game at a later time, and let the No Power electrical bolts disappear.

Step 4 - Turn the speed of gameplay back to your desired speed.

By doing this, you avoid the people leaving due to no power, which downsizes a lot of Zones. Crime is still an issue for about 6 months of gameplay, but any losses incurred should be undone when the Police coverage goes back to normal. It is suggested that bulldozing and rebuilding the Police Departments will get them back to peak efficiency in 3 months of game play, but this is not confirmed at present.

Infinite Gifts

Gifts for a City are limited, meaning you can only use these beauties to benefit your City in a finite way, right? Well, there IS a way to get extra Gifts, using them to help boost Land Values, or gain extra funding.

Step 1 - Save your main City (the one to get the extra Gifts for).

Step 2 - Load another City (new or saved), and do something to meet a Gift giving requirement that the City is eligible to receive.

Step 3 - Go into the Map or Graph (a screen where time passes), and let the game run for a few minutes (just to be sure).

Step 4 - Go to the Load menu, and load your main City. Remember to not go back into the main game mode, as the Gift will show up in your second City.

Step 5- The Gift will arrive in your main City when you load the game.

How this works is that the message for the new Gift is loaded into the game, it is just waiting for you to arrive at the main screen you play on to tell you. Since you met the requirement, the game loads the message and Gift, and since you first reached that screen on your main City, you end up with the extra Gift on that City.

Off-Map Glitching

This write up courtesy of FatRatKnight.

You can move the cursor off the map. Start with the cursor at the map edge. Move it one step away. Now, move the cursor toward the edge, and also tap A to fast-pan the screen as well while holding the direction. Your cursor should now be off the map edge. If not, try again till you succeed.

In the USA version, the only tools that work here are the 1x1 tools other than bulldoze. I suggest power line, as it's the cheapest. I also suggest going off the left edge of the map, as the bottom and right edges do not allow you to go deeper into the black zone, and the top edge is something I did not explore. Once the cursor is two tiles off the left edge, you can't move it to the right anymore, but the fast-pan can fix things.

You can put power lines in some of the dark spots around here. If you went off the left edge, it may place the power line in another spot on the main map. Whether you can, or hear the can't place buzz instead, depends on a different spot on the main map. This means you can place a power line in otherwise impossible spots, such as water or building edges. The advantage here is that it places dry power lines! This provides another way to erase water from your map.

The exact tile the game is actually checking is 256 tiles out of sync with where the power line is going. Since the map is 120 tiles wide, this translates to 2 tiles south and 16 tiles east of where the power line is going. If the power line would be placed close to the east edge (0-15 tiles), it's instead 3 tiles south and 104 tiles west. If that spot is open land, or a spot where auto-bulldoze will work, you place a dry power line. Otherwise, you hear a buzz.

If working in the dark is too hard for you, you can move the cursor deeper into the "dark," then fast-pan the screen far enough to the west until you come across a freaky shifted copy of the main map. The fast-pan puts the real cursor back on the real map, but thankfully, you can glitch the cursor again by moving it left and right until it snaps to the screen edge, back into the glitch zone. You'll know the cursor is glitched again when you can't move it to the right. Here, you actually can see what you're doing, and can identify the exact spot your power line will replace. Once done here, fast-pan the camera back to the main map you know to get back.

This is technically memory corruption. You can affect other stuff in the games memory, especially by glitching your way north. The effects here have not been explored.

Final Word

As is the usual, this walkthrough is copyright property of Brian P. Sulpher, 2014. The only website, group, person, etc. to have access to post it is www.gamefaqs.com. You must ask for permission before posting this, as doing so without consent is a violation of international copyright law.

If you liked it, hated it, have anything to add, then please E-mail me at briansulpher@hotmail.com.

Simcity is such a marvelous game, hopefully this FAQ makes it a bit more of an easy thing to understand, particularly the Game Mechanics.

Thanks to FatRatKnight, Gothic_Sara, ebmid2, and indiansfan4444 for contributions to this FAQ. If I missed anyone else from the GameFAQs board, please let me know!

A double thanks to FatRatKnight, he contributed images for the Game Mechanics section! Thanks man!