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FAQ by wayalla

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/28/2003

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SIM CITY - Super Nintendo (SNES)
An FAQ Written by Wayalla (Aaron Baker)
Contact: Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au
1.0, First version of the document (complete)

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1.                    TABLE OF CONTENTS


1.  Table of Contents
2.  Controls
3.  Menu Commands
4.  Game Modes
5.  Options
6.  Terms
7.  Rci Grpah
8.  Items and Tools
9.  Population Levels
10. Building 
11. City Problems
12. Gifts
13. Miscellaneous
14. Basic Guide Stuff

2.                     CONTROLS


* Select an icon
    Go to one of the side menus and press the B button to open it up.

* Place something on the map
    Choose an object and then place it on the map using B


* Move around the map
    Press and hold down and use the directional buttons to move around 
    the map.


* Move around the map
    Press and hold down and use the directional buttons to move around 
    the map.


* Get rid of the menus 
    Press this while on the map to make the menus dissapear. Press 
    again to return.


* Go to menu
    Press and the cursor will take you staright to the top menu


* Go to items
    Press and the cursor will take you straight to the top menu

3.                        MENU COMMANDS


* Select something 
    Highlight what you want to select and then press B


* Go Back to the last screen
    Press the X button to take you back (only available on some 

4.                      GAME MODES


Here you can learn the basics of Sim City by getting help from that guy. 
Click here if you are new to Sim City to learn some new skills and how 
to actually play the game. I used it when I first played the game, and 
it helped me out alot.


Create yor own new city, on your own map that you can pick from the map 
select screen that I will mention in just awhile. There are alot of maps 
to choose from. You get no help to start off with, so you are on your 


There are some scenarios set around the world and you have to do the 
certain objective each one says in the set amount of time (which is 
usally a long time.)


If you already have a save file on Sim City, then you can select this 
and load that previous city that you have made. You will use this very 
often, no doubt.

5.                      OPTIONS


Some of the options in the game have little icons that you may not 
understand. This will just explain them abit. THe options are the icon 
second from the left on the main map screen.


This is the little icon to the left most of the options. If you choose 
yes, then when you put a residential over a forest, it will 
automatically bulldoze the trees in the way. If you select no, then you 
will have to bulldoze them yourself.


This sybmol is the second one to the left. Auto budget means that if 
this is on, it will automatically do the budget for you, so that screen 
never shows the actual budget, it just takes/gives you money at the end 
of the year.


This is the one on the right. BGM is basically the music. Select on 
(light) and it will play the music. Select off, and then it wont play 
the music. 

6.                        TERMS

R -> Residential -> Hosuing Place

C -> Commercial -> Buisnesses

I -> Industrial -> Factories

7.                        THE RCI GRAPH


The RCI Grpah helps you determine what things you need to put into your 
city. It will have three things; Resdential Bar, Commerical Bar, and the 
Industrial bar.


Look in the top right hand corner on the top menu. It will be there, it 
is a little graph with lines either going up or going down and with the 
corresponding colours to what it is when placed on the map.


In case you are dumb:

R - Residential

C - Commercial

I - Industrial

 | | _
 | || |
| R C I |
      | |

(Sorry, I'm, not good at drawing things)


If the bar is above the middle section, that means there is a really big 
demand for that type of thing. Looking in the little graph I drawed 
above, that is showing that there is a big demand for residential, and 
also commercial, but commercial demand is not as big as residential.

If the bar is below the middle, then there is plenty of that type to go 
around, and there is no longer any demand for that sort of thing. So, 
try to put in the ones that are really high, otherwise if you put no 
residential in, there will be no one moving to your town. Use the graph 
to your advantage. In game, Dr Wright will tell you about it. Listen to 
what he will say about it. He basically says the same as I just listed 

8.                     ITEMS AND TOOLS


Of course, to even start your own city, you need to use all of the tools 
(items) you have to your advantage.ing roads will let people get to 
places, and houses will let people live in your city.

BULLDOZER        Sometimes you can make a mistake when you play, such
                 as put in something big but you accidently put it in
                 the wrong place. You can use the bulldozer to get rid     
                 of this thing. It only costs 1 dollar per bit you
                 bulldoze, but if you place something really big and
                 decide to bulldoze, then it will cost more because you
                 are bulldozing more land. 

                 The bulldozer is a handy thing to have, you would be 
                 nowhere without it, since mistakes in the game happen
                 all the time. It will be needed in some of those 
                 challenges also, and you might need to replace some 
                 things in the game as they get really old (like the 
                 nuclear powerplant.) 

                 Just don't accidently bulldoze something that you are 
                 not meant to. If you do, then you don't get all of the
                 money back for the thing you just bulldoze. In fact, 
                 it costs you money to buy another one of these things.
                 After bulldozing, there will be a mark on the ground. 
                 You can keep on bulldozing that and get the land back 
                 to what it normally looks like. 

                 I have notcied that on the houses with the white parts 
                 taking up parts of it that you can just delete them 
                 section, thus allowing you to build something better 
                 there. Deleting the costlines with the bulldozer is 
                 handy as well, because it can prevent some floods that
                 are coming your way.

POWERLINES       Whats a city without power? The answer to that 
                 question is "A Place where no one wants to live." Just 
                 think, would you want to live without no power, how 
                 bad would that be? So, you must give the people in            
                 your town some power. Give Power to the people! These 
                 powerlines are one bit long, and cost a measly 5 
                 dollars to build. You will be putting a fair amount of 
                 them in, but there are alot of ways you can cut back 
                 on using and spending money on these things.

                 You must connect at least one of your powerlines up to 
                 your power plant that you put in. Then from this 
                 powerline, you can make a chain link by putting in 
                 houses that touch this powerline, and then put in 
                 houses that touch that house so they can now have 
                 power. Just make easy chain reaction links like this 
                 to give the power to the people.

                 Sometimes you can accidently miss houses that haven't 
                 got power. Sometimes when you first place in a house, 
                 it will flash at you. This is because it has just been 
                 put in and is new. It means nothing at the start, but 
                 it will go on until you put in a powerline to it, and 
                 it is connected up to power some way, shape or form. 
                 Try putting a road to it as well. Powerlines can be 
                 put across roads and train tracks.

ROADS            Another real nessecity. Could you imagine no roads?
                 That would be disasterous. Roads are what people use 
                 to get around the city. Roads only cost a measly 10 
                 dollars, but you will be putting in a heck of a lot of
                 them to make your city grow. You will probably use 
                 more of these than any other thing in the game.

                 Just choose the spot where you want to place the road, 
                 and put it down. Just go along putting the roads next 
                 to thehouses / commercials / industrials. People never
                 walk around in this city, so it needs roads. If you 
                 don't build any roads, no one is going to visit your 
                 city, so they are a nessecity to have in your city.

                 The one bad thing about the roads is that they cost
                 some money to keep funded, and also they cause alot of
                 traffic, which people always complain about and it
                 causes alot of pollution

RESIDENTIAL      Of course, epeople need to actually live in your city,
                 thats why you need to put some of these things in. In 
                 case you are dumb, these are basically houses what 
                 people live in, like you and me. You will need to put 
                 alot of these zones in your city or whatever class 
                 your city is so that people will actually come to live

                 They come in the Upper 4 class and the Lower 3 class 
                 and all that sort of stuff like the comercials do. The
                 Residentials do not like going next to pollution 
                 infested parts, such as the Industrials and the 
                 Nuclear and the Coal Powerplants. Avoid putting the 
                 residentials next to those places, or no one will want 
                 to live there.

                 Always build some residentials next to the waterfront, 
                 prefferably right next to each other so that they can 
                 go up to the highest level, and then they will turn 
                 into a rooftop. The rooftop is where the two of the 
                 residnetials combine to make one big house with alot 
                 of people in it and it looks like a hotel type of 
                 thing. These are the biggest level that two 
                 residnetials can get up to, and being by the water is       
                 what helped them. Some residentails R-Tops can be 
                 found in the middle of the city, but only sometimes.

COMMERCIAL       Shops, shops, your city needs shops. Shops are places 
                 that you go into and by certain things such as: Food, 
                 Drinks, Clothes and all the other nessecities for life 
                 so that you don't die. Your town needs some of these 
                 as well. This is where some people in your town will 
                 work, so you may need alot of these.

                 The commercials really prfer anywhere, I have found 
                 at. They don't really take a shine to the waterfront,
                 because it is not a house, it's just a shop and they 
                 don't really care about the great view, whcih is the 
                 water out the front. Commercials can combine into a 
                 big C-Top, like the residentials can.

                 You can put the commercials next to the Industrial, 
                 and they still will grow. They grow faster than the 
                 residnetials if they were put there. So, if you need 
                 to, you can place these commercials next to the 
                 Industrials. When putting commercials into blcoks, put 
                 them next to the residnetials. This way the houses 
                 really don't have far to go to work.

INDUSTRIAL       This is where genuine things are made. Things made at 
                 these sort of places are things like: Plastics, Coal 
                 and things that create alot of pollution and Plastics 
                 and alot of metals. Your town needs some (actually 
                 alot) of these Industrials.

                 Industrials will be where some people in your town
                 work at. That is why you need to put some in, and also
                 to make your city advance up in the technology 
                 department. Industrials can go anywhere in the level
                 and will take over the section, growing very quickly, 
                 but the things around it wont like the Indsutrials 
                 being there. It's kind of like takes over everything.

                 Industrials should also be zoned for the full affect 
                 of them. But, make sure that you only put Indsutrails 
                 in the whole zone, otherwise the one thing or the the
                 two things in the same zone will make it look bad by 
                 not growing up, and they will just sit there. Try to 
                 avoid putting the Industrials near the hosuing 
                 sections, because of the massive amounts of pollution 
                 that they cause. 

                 If you create an Indsutrial zone, make sure at least 
                 the nearest residnetial sector is at least four little 
                 squares away, otherwise the pollution will get to 
                 these houses and they will all move out of the town 
                 because of the pollution that is surrounding them. 
                 When you do the 4 square thing, then place some trees 
                 in those 4 square sections, that is if nothing else is 
                 in those 4 squares.

RAILWAY          Railway isn't really a nessecity in the city, as you 
                 have roads. But, the mass transit system can help you
                 along the way with afew problems that may occur in 
                 your city. When using this, you will create railway 
                 lines around your city, and you also get afew rains to 
                 go on these track, because whats the railway tracks 
                 without a train?

                 The best thing about the Railway system is that it 
                 reduces all of the traffic in your city. Always plan 
                 your mass transit system at the beggining of making 
                 the town, because then you can plan where you want it 
                 to go, and then you can build things around it 
                 instead of the other way around which is usually the 
                 cause and then you can never get the railway line 
                 next to the road; so, plan it first. 

                 You can also make a whole new city just using the 
                 mass transit system. You do not have to always use 
                 roads. I have made a whole city full of train tracks 
                 and never even put in one road. It saves pollution 
                 from the traffic (because there will be no traffic) 
                 and solve the traffic dilema then.

                 The bad thing about the railway line is that it costs
                 twice as much as the roads. This costs $20 to put in, 
                 and as you know, the roads cost only $10. The train 
                 lines don't harm your city in any way at all, but 
                 they do harm yourself, the mayor. 

                 They cost alot of money to keep on going (look at the 
                 budget and you will see). Roads would cost alot less, 
                 but to lose yourself money and make yor town happy, 
                 then stick with the mass transit system.

PARKS (TREES)    No, these are not the parks that little children play 
                 in, they are actually trees as you can see in the 
                 brackets just above. They cost 5 dollars to put in one 
                 tree, and each tree takes up 1 little square on your 

                 Trees help the fight against pollution and disasters. 
                 When there are Industries near houses, but there are 
                 afew blank squares just between the two, then this is 
                 where you can put some trees to stop the pollution 
                 getting to all of your houses. Also, it helps to put 
                 trees next to the roads if you can, because once again 
                 this will stop alot of the pollution from the traffic 
                 if they are next to the problem, which is of course 
                 the traffic; Whcih causes the Polltion.

                 There are two types of trees; There is the normal 
                 kind, and then there is the bush type. You can put 
                 both of these types in, but they are rnadom when 
                 they do come. Both styles do not make any real 
                 difference in the game, so it really doesn't matter
                 about them.

                 Another good thing about the trees is that it can stop 
                 some of the disatsers. For example, placing some trees
                 next to fire can actually low the fire down so the 
                 fire crew can get there quickly or whatever. It also 
                 works with floods, the trees can stop the flooding.

FIRE DEPARTMENT  This sounds like a nessecity, but it really isn't 
                 until you actually need it. Fire departments are there 
                 to protect people if a fire occurs somewhere in the 
                 city. Fire dpearments cost the same as the polic 
                 statsion ($500).

                 You really do not need hardly any of thesse. If you do 
                 put alot in, then you are really just wasting your 
                 money. When a fire does occur, weather it be an 
                 earthquake or just a plane crash, then this is the 
                 time to finally put in a fire station. It may be good 
                 to put one or two in the city, but none to many. 
                 Bulldoze something near the fire if it is in the urban 
                 section and then put in the Fire Station. The closer 
                 the fire station is to the fire, the quicker it will 
                 be put out.

                 As I said, you really don't need too many fire 
                 stations. The reason being that the only fires that 
                 happen will come in a disatser section. Every year you 
                 have one of these fire stations in, it will cost you 
                 money to keep it going. SO, I guess it can be a waste
                 of many to put alot in for something that only happens
                 once every long time period.

POLICE DEP.      I had to abbreviate "Dpeartment" as it would run into 
                 this text section. The Police Department really is a 
                 nessecity for your town. You will need to put alot of 
                 these in for various reasons.

                 The Police Dpeartment costs the same amount of money
                 as the Fire Department, which is $500. So, they are 
                 the same amount as the Fire Station, and you will need
                 to use them in your town way more often than the Fire 

                 What you need to use the police dpeartment for is to 
                 restore some Law and Order to your town. You need to 
                 have set rules, and thats what the police are trying 
                 to make your city better by reducing the crime rate. 
                 If you put in Police Dpeartments, then the crime rate
                 will go done because you have some people in your city
                 who will arrest them.

                 You can check the crime rate in the map section so 
                 then you can decide where to put in your police 
                 departments. Put them in the areas with the high crime 
                 rate. I hard somewhere that the Industrials cause more 
                 crime, if that is true, then you should place them in 
                 the industrials section. Just make sure you do spread 
                 them out, because having alot of police departments  
                 can lead you broke at the end of year budger.

                 At the end of the year, you will need to pay 100 
                 dollars for every single police station you have in 
                 your city. This is why it is not good to have way too 
                 many in your city. Just keep them in certain areas, 
                 and then place some more in the places with the high 
                 crime rates.

POWER PLANTS     There are two types of Power Plants that you can put
                 in in the game. These two power plants are the Coal 
                 Power Plant, and the Nuclaear Power Plant. They are 
                 different in some different ways.

                 The Coal power plant is very cheaper than the nuclear 
                 power plant to put in. The Coal Power plant costs
                 $3000 to put in. The Nuclear power plant costs a big 
                 $5,000 to put in your city.

                 But, the Nuclear power plant gives out alot more power
                 to thwe people. It gives alot more power out than the 
                 Coal Power Plant. Both of the power plants cause some 
                 pollution, but the Coal power plant causes more than 
                 just about anything else in the gane. Put alot of 
                 trees around it to stop the smog spreading.

                 I always put in the Nuclear power plant. I just think 
                 that it is better than the Coal power plant. It 
                 doesn't really make any difference which one you put
                 into your city. 

STADIUM          The Stadium is a place where the people in your city 
                 go just for enjoyment, so it is not really a nessecity 
                 until people start wanting a stadium and then will 
                 leave if you don't give them one. You don't really get
                 to see the actual inside of the stadium, all you can 
                 see is little dots running up and down the stadium.

                 Later on in the game when you are a city, then the 
                 residents will start demanding the stadium. Listen to 
                 them, and put it in, otherwise you might have people 
                 that will leave your city. 

                 There is actually two types of stadiums that you can 
                 put in your city. There is the normal stadium, and 
                 then there is the domed stadium. If you want the  
                 normal stadium, then put it in during Summer, or 
                 spring. If you want the domed stadium, then put the
                 stadium in in the Winter time, and sometime the autum
                 time it makes it domed, but other times it doesn't.

                 A problem that the stadium will cause is massive 
                 amounts of traffic. Make sure that you put in massive 
                 mass transit system by it, to stop the traffic and 
                 also the pollution that will be a result of all the 
                 traffic going to the stadium. It's all pretty good if 
                 you have your whole town using the mass transit 
                 systems instead of the roads. If you have that, then 
                 there are no troubles with the trafic or the stadium.

SEAPORT          These, once again are not really a nessesity for your 
                 city/town/village. The popultation for those three 
                 will be very low, so they will not demand a seaport 
                 and the commercials will not be big enough as well to 
                 need to import and export.

                 Later on in the game, near when you are about to 
                 become a capital, then the commerce will come up 
                 saying that they need a seaport. So, that is when you 
                 can put it in. Just wait to they say you need to put 
                 it in, not before as you mgith need the money for 
                 somethng else then.

                 You can put the seaport anywhere in the city or 
                 whatever level it may be at, and there will always be 
                 a ship in the ocean for you. So, you do not need to 
                 put it next to the water at all.

                 Once you put the seaport in, thats all you will need 
                 to do with it. You do not need to pay any 100 dollar 
                 thing on it each year. After awhile, they might demand
                 another seaport, so thats when you give it to them. 
                 Seaports do look really cool next to the sea though, 
                 it just gives it that extra real looking feeling, but 
                 they don't have to be there.

AIRPORT          Once again, this is not really a nessecity until later 
                 on in the game. When you are just starting off, the 
                 twon will nto be big enough to require an aiport. So,
                 just wait to you get to a capital and then you can go
                 around placing one of these in your city.

                 The airports cost a very lot of money. In fact, they 
                 cost the most amount of money in the game to put in to 
                 your capital. It costs $10,000 to put in; Which is 
                 alot of money. But whenyou reach a capital, you should 
                 have alot more than that amount of money to spend.

                 The problem coming from the airport is that there will 
                 be some plane crashes. There is two ways to avoid 
                 these. The first one is to place the airport on it's 
                 own little island. I'm not sure how that works, but 
                 the instruction booklet says it, so I'm saying it. The 
                 other one is to place it in the corner of the land. If 
                 you do decide to put in more airports, then put them 
                 in the corner. You have four corner on the map, so you 
                 can place in 4.

9.                      POPULATION LEVELS

VILLAGE               0 - 2,000
TOWN                  2,000 - 10,000 
CITY                  10,000 - 50,000
CAPITAL               50,000 - 100,000
METROPLOIS            100,000 - 500,000
MEGALOPOLIS           500,000 +

In case you don't know, the above figures are how many people you need 
to get in your city before it becomes what it becomes.

10                     BUILDING YOUR TOWN

You will need to know where to place things in your city/town/village or 
whatever the heck it is. This section will describe the best ways to put 

- If you want people to live in your city, then the best way to go is 
  by doing blocks. Find a 9 X 9 sqaure, and then place whatever you 
  want around the outside of them so you levae a 3 X 3 in the middle. 
  Keep doing zones like this and put roads around them.

- Use train lines instead of the roads. This solves the traffic and 
  half of the pollution problems, and it seems to amekt he city grow 
  faster, so, if you want, use train tracks.

- Always place hosuing by the water. Don't waste the site with 
  commercials or the Industrial, houses on the shore will rise up 

- Put gifts next to places that need them. For example, a gift that 
  boosts residentail areas should be put in near residential places.

- People don't like living next to certain things. Industrials don't 
  like going next to residentials and vice versa, and residential don't 
  like going next to things like the power plants.

11.                        CITY PROBLEMS

Crime is when people are stealing from other people, or are just 
commiting bad things around the city. To stop the income of crime, you 
need to put police stations near zones so that they can catch the people 
around committing these crimes. You will need to put alot of police 
stations in, and they can cost some money. Check the map to see if all 
places on the map are covered by police protection. If they are not, 
then go around and place some police statsions in those area that have 
got none in them. Once you have placed police stations in all ofthese 
places, then the crime rate will usually go down.

There are two ways that the pollution in a city is caused. THe first one 
is traffic, and the second one is the Industrials and the Power Plant 
which are causing all of this pollution. Lets start with the  solution 
to the traffic. Traffic is caused when alot of people are driving cars 
on the road. So, you need to get people off of the road. The way to do 
this is to put transit sysytems around, but make sure 
that they are near the road. Always plan your mass transit system as you 
start the city. Or, here is another way: Don't even put in roads. Just 
put in all mass transit systems. it works as well, but may cost a 
little bit more money. And the Industrial pollution problem, well, here 
is the sollution: Zone them far away out. Not too far, but at least 4 
squares away from the houses. This way the pollution wont harm the 
houses as much. In those 4 or whatever squares, but some tress to stop 
the polution coming. If you did do zoning like I mentoned in the 
building your town section, then put trees in the spare square in the 
middle of the block.

This one really speaks for itself. Taxes are what people pay you at the 
end of the year for expenses so that they can actually live in your 
town. Everyone pays taxes, and there are no cheats or anything like 
that. Taxes can be a big problem, and if it is too high, people will 
leave your town. If the taxes in your town are the biggest problem on 
the voice list, then you better put it down. Citizens think 7% is a good 
enough tax rate, but if you want more people coming to your town, then 
you may want to lower it just abit. When you are a Village, Town and a 
City, this tax rate will be quite okay and people wont complain. But 
when you transform into a capital and metropolis, then you might 
want to lower that tax rate down abit to maybe 4% or something so more 
people will come into your city.

This can be a serious problem in your city, and also causes something 
else bad to happen to your city. If you are having trouble with traffic, 
then the soltuion is to put in some mass transit system by the roads. 
When you do this, the traffic will go away. Make sure that you plan the 
mass transit system before you start building all the things like 
houses, commercials and the Industrials. Place the mass transit then 
start bulding around it. Makesure that you place the transit by the 
roads. If you want no traffic hasstles at all, then why not make all of 
your city just mass transit? You will never have any problems with the 
traffic this way. The bad thing about traffic is the pollution. Try to 
put some trees around the roads that have alot of traffic near them.

12.                         GIFTS


In the game, it gives you gifts that you can use. Experiment by doing 
things like placing 6 Police departments, cmakinjg airports and just 
getting alot of people. Just mess around and find out the ways to get 

13.                  MISCELLANEOUS TIPS


• Always go to the Dr Wright for help. He will give you some tips on 
  how to improve your city and make it better.

• If a disatser happens to occur, if it is a fire, try putting some 
  trees around it to stop the flow.

• It can be fun to make a fake city, and then trash it. Try doing this 
  with one then totally destroy it.

14.                  BASIC GUIDE STUFF


This Document Copyright Aaron Baker 2003.
This Document Copyright Wayalla, (c) 2003.

It may be used for Personal and private use only, and can't be put in a 
magazine, put on a site that you need to pay money to access this FAQ or 
just generally sold. This guide is sole property of Aaron Baker. Only 
authorized websites can have this FAQ, but must not alter the copyright 
notice at all. This guide is available free of cost from sites, and I am 
taking time out of my busy life to write this, so be thankful that I am 
helping you. Do not rip off this guide in Part or Whole, that is illegal 
and the appropriate steps will be taken if necessary. I didn't write 
this guide so that someone could just come and rip it off. This guide 
can only be found at the sites that I have listed below:

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That's it, no one else, unless I decide otherwise. This must be stated 
specifically in the FAQ if I am allowing anyone else to use this guide. 
Anywhere else will have to e-mail me first. I have the right to deny 
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of the contents in this file, unless stated otherwise in the credits 
section at the end of the guide. Cheat Code Central is forbidden to use 
this guide. If any websites are using this guide without my permission, 
the appropriate steps will be taken to get the guide off the site.
                        _ _ _

The author of this document can be contacted via e-mail, which is: 
Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au! Most questions will be answered unless the 
question is answered in the guide, the title doesn't include the games 
title or something like that, and also no Spam and stupid e-mails. You 
are allowed to download this file onto your hard drive, that's the whole 
point of the FAQ really, to print it because I doubt many people have 
the console and computer in the same room and no one will want to stay 
at the computer playing the game. 


Feel free to contact me at Wayalla1(at)yahoo.com.au if you have any 
alternative tips, strategies or anything like that. Make sure you put 
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