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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kushana

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    SNES Shadowrun Walkthrough & FAQ
    May 7, 2003
    Version 1.12
    Welcome to the unofficial Shadowrun walkthrough. This information is intended to
    guide people who either are stuck in Shadowrun, or who have rented it for two 
    days and need to get through it lickety-split.
    [WARNING] This file is essentially an ordered list of spoilers. I take no 
    responsibility for ruining your fun. 
    If you need/want to get in touch with me about this FAQ, contact me through
    my GameFAQs account. The email will get to me.
    What's new?
    From most recent back to when I started keeping track:
        * Added a resources section
        * Preston Smith sent me a PDF version
        * NJH sent me an ASCII map of regions 1 & 2
    I am thankful to the following people for providing answers to my questions and 
    for contributing to the content of this FAQ: 
        Jason Box
        Scott Robert Sadusky
        Wendy Silk
        Preston Smith
    First, we have a list of regions and associated sub-regions. These are all the
    places that I talk about in the walkthrough. If you don't know what is where, 
    it's up to you to find out. 
    City Region 1 - Tenth Street station
    park & water fountains 
    dark alley 
    Glutman's building 
    businessman's building 
    your apt. building 
    other apt. building 
    subway station 
    cemetery & crypts 
    the Cage
    City Region 2 - Oldtown station
    subway station 
    street doc 
    gun shop 
    shaman shop
    City Region 3 - Daley station
    subway station 
    street doc building 
    cemetery + sewers 
    Wastelands bar 
    Rust Stiletto hideout 
    Jagged Nails bar
    R3 Docks
    Matrix Systems 
    Dog warehouse 
    octopus warehouse 
    boat launch 
    boatman & boat
    R3 Dark Blade Club
    gun shop 
    R3 Bremerton
    forward (left) 
    aft (right) 
    extra-dimensional zone
    R3 Volcano
    Sub-levels 0-4 
    Drake room
    R3 Aneki Building
    Floors 1-5
    This walkthough is not technically as bare-bones as it could be. I have left in
    some instructions that are not vitally necessary, but will advance the story 
    line, especially near the beginning.
    Anything encased in angle brackets <> is optional. Usually it means extra story
    context, though it is not necessary to progress in the script. 
    Here we go! 
    A. Stuck in this end of town
    1. R1 Morgue
    <Examine slab (Armitage J.)>
    <Examine torn paper (Warehouse No. 5)>
    Get scalpel
    Open fridge door
    Get slap patch 
    2. Exit R1 morgue, meet punk
    Learn Hitmen
    Learn Firearms
    3. Follow punk to R1 dark alley
    Get and use Beretta
    Kill orc assassin
    Get and use leather jacket
    4. Go to alley end, meet Dog's acolyte
    Learn Dog
    5. R1 park gate
    Open gate
    Get dog collar
    6. Go to room with murdered man (R1 other apt.)
    Examine seems familiar...
    Examine and get door key (6)
    <Examine memo (story plot)>
    7. Go to your own apartment (R1 your apt. bdlg.)
    Use door key
    Listen to videophone message (threat)
    Open filing cabinet (nuyen)
    Get & use shades
    Examine ripped note (Sassie's p.n.)
    Have a nap
    8. R1 Cage
    Talk to bouncer
    Learn tickets
    9. R1 bar
    Talk to busy man
    Learn heal & street doc
    Talk to bartender
    Ask about hitmen
    Learn shadowrunner
    Learn firearms (if you haven't already)
    Learn hiring & deckers
    Move away, come back
    Talk to bartender
    Learn datajack
    Get iced tea
    10. Go to tired patron (R1 bar)
    Give iced tea
    Talk about tickets
    Learn Grinder, Maria, & Lone Star
    11. Go to businessman (R1 businessman's office bdlg.)
    Learn shadowrunner (if you haven't already)
    Ask about shadowrunners
    Learn hiring
    Ask about hiring
    Learn negotiation
    Talk about Lone Star
    Buy & use badge
    <Ask about firearms, buy grenades>
    12. Empty office in R1 Glutman's bdlg.
    Get paperweight
    13. R1 morgue
    Talk about Grinder
    Open filing cabinets
    Get credstick & tickets
    14. R1 cemetery
    Shoot ghouls
    Use scalpel on crypt doors
    Examine coffin lids
    Use slap patch on Indian shaman
    Learn shaman
    Get & learn magic fetish
    Shoot more ghouls outside crypts
    Get ghoul bone
    15. R1 Cage
    Use credstick on videophone, call Sassie
    Learn calls
    Ask about calls
    Get Glutman's phone number
    Call Gutman
    Talk to secretary
    Learn Cage
    Give tickets to bouncer
    Talk to punk in corner
    Learn ghouls
    Find Glutman
    B. Oh, so this is the rest of the city. I guess I should get some
    1. R2 caryards
    Talk to people
    Learn caryards, matrix, Drake, King
    <Buy slap patches from kid after asking about 'Heal' >
    2. R2 arena
    The lineup of opponents is: Gang Member, Heavy Dude, Heavy Dude, Mage, Mage, 
    Street Samurai, Ferocious Orc, Gang Leader, Troll Decker, (Replicating) Mage. 
    IMHO, the Gang Leader is the most difficult, since he moves around a lot causing
    to you lose your gun tracking. 
    There are two paths to take here. One involves getting negotiation 
    and buying your way out, and the other involves killing the King. 
        Variation 1 (Recommended)
        Win all the arena fights up to and including Ferocious Orc
        Save game
        Challenge King
        If you lose, go get more stamina
    You will win ¥3000 for killing the King, plus save yourself the ¥2000 you would 
    have paid him to get out. This should allow you to buy mesh armour and a shotgun
    almost right away. You cannot fight the King once you've paid him off. 
    A FAQ respondent has told me that the grenades you can buy from the businessman 
    (A11) make killing the King a lot easier. 
        Variation 2
        Talk to arena owner
        Ask about negotiation
        Pay him ¥1000 for negotiation skill 1
        Once you have negotiation 3 pay King ¥2000 to get out
    Purchasing negotiation is worthwhile at any rate. 
    4. R2 shaman shop
    Learn talisman
    Get his phone number
    Buy stake (if you've got the cash. It will prevent you needing to come back 
    while you've got a sidekick)
    5. R2 street doc
    (You need ¥2000 before starting this sequence)
    Ask about datajack
    Learn examination
    Ask about examination
    Learn cortex bomb
    Ask about Street Doc
    Learn about Dr. Maplethorpe
    6. R3 subway station
    Kill gang members
    Learn Rust Stilettos
    Get iron key
    Encounter Dog acolyte #2
    7. R3 street doc (cross the highway, run along sidewalk)
    Talk about cortex bomb
    Get it removed (¥2000)
    Learn head computer & matrix systems
    Buy Leadership 1 skillsoft (¥3000)
    <Ask about heal, buy slap patches>
    8. R1 Glutman's office
    Get cyberdeck
    Break into computer (¥1000)
    9. R3 Wastelands
    Kill orc
    Talk to bartender, learn ice
    <Hire a combat shadowrunner. Hopefully you have Leader 6. There is some debate 
    as to whether Anders, Norbert, or Frogtongue is the best bet.>
    10. Deal with Rust Stilettos (RS)
    Kill RS outside R3 hideout
    Use iron key to open door
    Kill RS inside, get crowbar
    Kill final RS
    Get password
    <Heightened reflexes now available from Dr. Maplethorpe>
    11. R3 Jagged Nails
    Talk to Kitsune
    Ask about Dog
    Get enchanted leaves
    <Hire Kitsune. If you hire Kitsune, she won't ever abandon you, though she might
    die. I would recommend hiring Kitsune and keeping her alive if you want an extra
    challenge. >
    12. R3 docks - boat launch
    Talk to boat owner
    Learn docks & mermaids
    13. R3 docks - Matrix Systems
    Break into computer (¥2000)
    14. R3 docks - Dog warehouse
    Get Heal spell
    Learn Rat
    15. R3 cemetery + sewers
    Kill all rats
    Kill Rat shaman
    Learn Jester Spirit
    16. R3 docks - Dog warehouse
    Get powerball spell
    Ask about Jester Spirit (background info)
    17. R3 Jagged Nails
    Ask Kitsune about Jester Spirit
    Learn Dark Blade
    Ask about Dark Blade
    Learn vampire
    Ask Bartender about vampire
    Learn strobes
    Ask about strobes
    Ask other bartender about strobes
    Get strobes
    Use videophone, call shaman
    Ask shaman about Dark Blade
    Get Dark Blade phone number
    Use videophone, call Dark Blade
    Ask about magic fetish
    18. R3 Dark Blade Club
    <Talk to doorman>
    <Ask about magic fetish>
    Talk to vladimir, ask about Jester Spirit
    Give magic fetish to vladimir
    Learn Nirwanda, Bremerton
    Search upstairs, kill everyone
    <One of the street samurai has a mesh jacket - there may be something wrong with
    Break into computers (¥10 000 + data file)
    Get bronze key from bookshelf
    Open bronze gate
    <To get through the crypts you probably need help. The idea is that the extra 
    body confuses the ghouls, so anyone will do.>
    Go through crypts
    Kill all the ghouls in vladimir's room
    Use strobe
    Use stake
    Ask Vladimir about Jester Spirit
    Learn Nirwanda, Bremerton
    Use stake
    Ask Vladimir about Jester Spirit
    Learn Laughlyn
    Use stake (¥5000)
    <Dermal armour available from Dr. Maplethorpe>
    19. R2 shaman shop
    Get black bottle (¥6000)
    Get blue & black potion bottles (¥3000)
    20. R1 park
    Use potion bottles on water fountain
    21. R3 docks-octopus warehouse
    Kill it (¥2000)
    Get ink in black bottle
    22. R3 wastelands
    Talk to bartender, learn ice (if you haven't already)
    Talk to ice man (left corner)
    Ask about ice
    Buy ton for ¥100
    Ask about docks (for delivery)
    23. R3 docks
    Get mermaid scales (down on boat launch)
    24. R3 docks - Dog warehouse
    Get freeze spell
    25. R3 docks - boat launch
    Kill orc
    Get explosives
    Ask boatman about Bremerton
    Pay ¥1000
    Get in boat
    C. What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
       (Don't let him near the oil tanker)
    1. R3 Bremerton
    Run to end, kill everyone
    Get dog tags
    Use crowbar on door
    Kill toxic pools
    Hit switch
    2. Go forward (left)
    Kill everyone
    Get safe key
    Use safe key on safe
    Get detonator (makes time bomb)
    3. Go down (down)
    Kill poison ooze
    Use potion bottles on toxic water
    Descend stairs
    Throw second switch (airlock door closes)
    Go back; throw first switch (water gate opens)
    Unthrow switches
    Go down
    Use time bomb on safe (stand back)
    Get green bottle
    4. R3 docks - Dog warehouse
    Get summon spirit and invisibility spells
    <Now is a good time to save the game>
    5. R3 Bremerton - go aft (right)
    Use green bottle on toxic wastes
    Throw first switch (door opens)
    Throw farthest switch (mines in next room will detonate upon entry)
    6. Extra-dimensional zone
    <Kill naga>
    Shoot at bubble piles to quiet them
    7. Confront Jester Spirit
    <Cast invisibility; I'm not sure this has any effect>
    Take damage and heal and shoot at him until he taunts you
    Talk to Jester
    <Ask about Nirwanda>
    Ask about Laughlyn
    Ask about Drake
    Learn volcano
    Get Jester Spirit
    <Assault Rifle and Partial Bodysuit available at Dark Blade gun shop>
    D. Drake Towers
    By this point you should have all the spells except armour. Also you should have
    dermal armour, mesh jacket, ruger pistol, and heightened reflexes. If you don't,
    things are going to be pretty tough.
    On each floor, step off, and immediately cast invisibility. Shoot everyone, and 
    grab their money. Run your action glove over the scene to locate all the 
    computers. You will find locks on the elevator, data files giving you more story
    line, and nuyen. 
    At one point you will find Drake's phone number. Calling him is interesting, 
    though not necessary. 
    1. First floor
    1 computer - elevator lock
    2. Second floor
    2 computers - elevator lock, data file + ¥8000
    3. Third floor
    3 computers - data file, elevator lock, trash data only
    4. Fourth floor
    2 computers - data file, elevator lock
    5. Fifth floor
    2 computers - level 6 node + elevator lock, 2 data files + ¥10 000
    6. Sixth Floor
    1 computer - elevator lock
    7. Roof
    Destroy sentry guns
    Talk to helicopter pilot
    Ask about volcano
    E. Volcano
    The volcano is, in my opinion, the most difficult part of the whole adventure. 
    My guess is that by now you should also have an assault rifle.
    The computers here contain a lot of money, and you have to crack all of them to
    find out what they have. It is worth taking notes to remember which ones are 
    useful, and which ones aren't. There are also special routes to take that avoid
    most of the troll decker sentries. 
    One thing you might find useful is a notation for getting through the computers
    in case you die and have to do it again. I use a notation where I note how many
    ICs I ran into in a certain computer. It is totally dependent on the route you 
    take, so my notes won't help you much. For example, one of the computers is 
    notated 1-2-2-1L/1-1L-2. The numbers indicate numbers of ICs, L indicates that 
    the last square is an IC, and the / means lots of movement. 
    1. Sub-level 0
    Nowhere to go but down
    2. Sub-level 1
    2 computers of note - program, elevator lock. Apparently if you kill everyone 
    and then screw with some computer you can get the alarm to shut up. Unverified.
    3. Sub-level 2
    1 computer of note - elevator lock
    4. Sub-level 3
    5 computers of note - data file + ¥, data file, ¥, data file + ¥, elevator lock
    5. Sub-level 4 - max security
    Run left instead of going through the doors
    Kill 3 nagas
    Enter room at the end
    Kill naga
    <The last three steps can be repeated many times for bags o' karma>
    Get serpent scale
    6. Leave volcano
    Go back up
    Ask helicopter pilot about Drake
    7. R3 docks - Dog warehouse
    Learn Armour spell
    Get it up to level 6
    8. R3 volcano
    Go down to sub-level 4
    9. Catwalks
    Use invisibility to avoid damage
    Kill troll deckers
    Kill scientists
    10. Drake room
    Cast armour immediately (deflects falling freezes)
    Get in range of Drake
    Use Jester Spirit (It blows bubbles. Drake is immobilized during this, though 
    you are not.)
    Use freeze to avoid getting killed
    Use shooting or powerball to kill Drake
    11. Computer room
    Talk to scientist
    Ask about head computer
    Get Aneki password
    <Assault Cannon and Full Bodysuit available at Dark Blade gun shop>
    F. Aneki Building
    By the time you're here you should have (at least) the assault rifle, and 
    partial bodysuit+dermal armour. As you enter each area, cast invisibility on any
    allies you have, then just slug it out with the baddies.
    1. First floor
    1 computer - elevator lock
    Note: You can't get to the basement, and you can't do anything with the computer
    at the top of the screen.
    2. Second floor
    2 computers - datafile + level 3 node, elevator lock
    3. Third floor
    2 computers - ¥10 000 + ¥12 500 + data file, elevator lock
    4. Fourth floor
    2 computers - ¥25 000, elevator lock
    5. Fifth floor
    2 computers - ¥50 000 + ¥20 000 + ¥15 000, AI computer 
    You're finished! Stick it out through the credits - there's more stuff 
    afterwards. It doesn't make much sense, though. 
    My Comments
    Try to upgrade your weapons as little as possible, because you lose money every
    time. Try for Beretta, Ruger/Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Assault Cannon. IMHO, the 
    Uzi sucks, but the shotgun's nice. I have > 1 report that the Uzi works much 
    better in conjunction with heightened reflexes.
    Try for Leather Jacket, Mesh Jacket, Dermal Armour, Partial, then Full.
    About 11-13 should do you. It help extend the usefulness of your weapon, which 
    may be becoming underpowered.
    You will need level 6.
    Negotiation (obtained from arena owner)
    For all the hype you get at the beginning of the game, negotiation is pretty 
    lame. Hiring is cheaper with negotiation skill but I think hiring is over-rated,
    Leadership (skillsoft purchased from street doc 2)
    Much more money-conscious than negotiation. If you have level 6, Norbert will 
    help you kill all the Rust Stilettos, kill all the rats and the Rat Shaman, and
    clear out the main floor of the Dark Blade HQ on one contract. If you're slick, 
    you can even get him to escort you through the Dark Blade crypts.
    If you hire Kitsune, Leadership is irrelevant. 
    Requires three items from Dog's followers: one of the Earth, one of a creature, 
    and one of a man. (enchanted leaves, magic fetish, and dog collar) Heal is good,
    because it represents the most bang for your magic buck. That is, you can do way
    more damage by shooting and using heal lots than you can by casting powerballs. 
    Get level 6.
    Requires two items that have not rested in the Earth. (Paperweight & ghoul bone)
    I don't find it that useful. When making this file, I didn't use powerball at 
    all. One person has reported that it works well against Drake.
    Summon Spirit
    Requires two items of Dog's pack (Dog tags & Dog collar) I don't find this 
    useful either. Kitsune's summon spirit is nice when facing Vladimir's ghouls. 
    Requires the residue of two sea creatures. (octopus ink and mermaid scales) I 
    never found freeze that useful. This is because SR tends to throw a lot of 
    enemies at you, in which case invisibility or armour is more useful. It works 
    well on Drake.
    Requires water from a clean and unclean source. (Water fountain and Toxic Water)
    Requires the scales of a warm and cold blooded creature. (Naga & mermaid scales)
    I'm not sold on armour - invisibility works better against everything except 
    Drake, and Freeze works better there. 
    About 12-14. It should be this high to make the best use of your heal 6 spell. 
    The more the merrier. You'll need at least 12. 
    Other stuff
    With the exception of hiring a thug as soon as you get to region 3, I found 
    hiring unnecessary. As soon as you get any good, their principal role is drawing
    fire while you run through the screen. This is especially true in the Dark Blade
    crypts and the volcano. Hirelings taken to the Jester Spirit or to Drake will 
    either die or suck off so many magic points you will die. 
    If you take Kitsune with you to the Rat Shaman, she will stick with you for the 
    rest of the adventure. Keeping her alive is challenging because she can only 
    wear a leather jacket and only has 50 HP. 
    Karma is farmable by killing bad guys. In region: 
        1: Use the office next to your apartment or the graveyard 
        2: Use the caryards dead end 
        3: Use:
            - The docks 
            - The Bremerton deck 
            - Vladimir's crypts. When you first go down, go up against the 
            far end of the coffin on your right and the ghouls will be 
            unable to reach you (mostly).
            - The gold naga in the volcano. Kill the naga once then run
            into the room at the end. Exit the room, and kill it again. Yo! 
            6 karma! Repeat. Don't pick up the serpent scale until you're
    Kill people in the zones designed for getting karma and loot their bodies. 
    Ghouls have no money.
    The computers in Glutman's office, Matrix Systems, the Dark Blade club, Drake 
    Tower, the volcano, and Aneki towers have money accounts. 
    Compete in the arena 
    Kill the Rat Shaman, the octopus, or Vladimir 
    Once you have finished the Bremerton, every time you go through the Jester's 
    dimensional portal, Vladimir re-appears. Kill him again for another ¥5000. 
    Sell your old stuff 
    Open questions
    Q: I did what you said, and the <desired item> did not appear at <location>! 
    e.g. Dermal Armour at Dr. Maplethorpe's office.
    A: It is unclear at this time what all the triggers are for these items. It is 
    probably a combination of several things, including adventure triggers (which I 
    have noted) and character development.
    Q: When (if at all) is Shadowrun II coming out?
    A: Probably never for the SNES. A Shadowrun video game that is truer to the RPG 
    exists for the Sega Genesis. 
    Game Genie Codes
    4DBE-4DA4 Computer & Firearms skills to lvl 2 
    D7BE-4DA4 Computer & Firearms skills to lvl 3 
    D0BE-4DA4 Computer & Firearms skills to lvl 4 
    D9BE-4DA4 Computer & Firearms skills to lvl 5 
    D1BE-4DA4 Computer & Firearms skills to lvl 6 
    6DAE-4FA7 + FFAE-44D7 Everything is free! 
    CEEF-4DDD Don't subtract karma for skill/spells/attributes, but you must 
              have enough to advance 
    CE6D-47A4 Don't subtract karma for shooting people who mean you no harm 
              (ignore message saying you lose karma) 
    8E69-3DA4 Don't subtract spell points 
    D4BC-4404 Strength & charisma start at 2 
    D0BC-4404 Strength & charisma start at 4 
    D9BC-4404 Strength & charisma start at 5 
    D1BC-4404 Strength & charisma start at 6 
    These are some basic ones, there are ones for increasing life but if your 
    stamina goes over 250 the game freezes. Also if you have 250 the game freezes 
    (slows down to impossibility in the Matrix only). 

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