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FAQ/Walkthrough by Bozlifyme

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/19/08

Shadowrun (SNES) Guide
V 1.0
Author: Kyle Bartley (Xbox GT: Boz1ifyme)
Copyright 2008|Kyle Bartley. All rights reserved.


>>>>>[The Year Is 2053…

The World has changed, some say Awakened. A lull in the flow of 
mystical energies subsided, and magic returned to the world. Elves, 
dwarves, orks, and trolls assumed their true form, throwing off their 
human guise. Creatures of the wild changed, too, becoming things of 
myth and legend. Modern society fights on, despite the odds, in an 
effort to assimilate the ways of magic into a technological world.

The Decades that followed the Awakening were years of turmoil, panic, 
and chaos, as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse seemed to race across 
the Earth. Primitive cultures that had never lost touch with their 
mystical past began to use magic against the great nation that had 
suppressed them for so long. The vast, global telecommunications 
network collapsed under an assault by a mysterious computer virus. 
Nuclear missiles were launched, but failed to detonate. Dragons soared 
into the skies. Epidemics and famine ravaged the world’s populations. 
Clashes between the newly Awakened races and the rest of humanity 
became common. All central authority crumbled and the world began to 
spiral down into a black abyss.

But man and his kin are hearty animals. Out of the devastation and 
anarchy, order slowly reemerged. Cybertechnology eradicated the last 
vestiges of the computer virus and replaced the old telecommunications 
network with what became known as the Matrix. New nation-states of 
Amerindians, elves, orks, and dwarves were formed. Metroplexes, vast 
city-states, sprawled over the landscape. Central governments were 
replaced by Megacorporations that had become a law unto themselves. 
People who accepted their sovereignty were protected. The outcasts, 
dissidents, and rebels were exploited and abused, continuing a 
condition that had existed between the weak and the powerful since time 
began. (Shadowrun Sourcebook, Second Ed.)]<<<<<
					—Boz1ifyme <18:29:52/1-18-2008>



1.	Maps
2.	Walkthrough
a.	Part 1 - Morgue
b.	Part 2 – Caryard
c.	Part 3 - Bremerton
d.	Part 4 – Drake Tower
e.	Part 5 - Volcano
f.	Part 6 – Aneki Building
3.	Gameplay Tips
4.	Game Genie Codes
5.	Special Thanks
6.	FAQ
7.	Contact Info
8.	Personal Remarks About Shadowrun
9.	Legal

I.	Maps (Or Rather Links To Maps!!!)

Since this walkthrough will become very confusing if you slots don’t 
know what I am talking about, I decided to make a map of sorts to help 
make everything arctic. I tried to make maps using my keyboard but it’s 
too fraging hard so I’ll just make some in Photoshop. My loss, you’re 
gain. I will make a map for every section of the walkthrough and post 
them up on the site. To make it easier for everyone, here are the 

Part 1: COMING SOON!!!
Part 2: COMING SOON!!!
Part 3: COMING SOON!!!
Part 4: COMING SOON!!!
Part 5: COMING SOON!!!
Part 6: COMING SOON!!!

II.	Walkthrough

Part 1 – Morgue				PART 1 MAP COMING SOON!!!
1.	Examine the slab and find out that your name is Armitage J.
2.	Examine the Torn Paper that fall out and read “Warehouse No.5”
3.	Get the scalpel on the tray at the bottom of the screen.
4.	Open the fridge door and grab the slap patch.
a.	NOTE: Don’t use the slap patch if you’re low on health 
because you’ll need it later. If you use it on yourself 
you’ll have to restart the game.
5.	Exit the morgue and you’ll start talking to some punk.
6.	He’ll talk to you about some crap but the main things to learn 
are Hitmen and Firearms.
7.	Follow the punk down the street and into the alley and get and 
use the Beretta after the ork kills him. 
8.	Kill the ork fragger and get and use his leather jacket.
9.	Go to the end of the alley and you’ll meet the first Dog Acolyte. 
Learn about Dog.
10.	Leave the alley and go back to outside the morgue.
11.	Open the gate and let the dog out. He’ll bark and run off leaving 
a collar behind. Grab the collar.
12.	Go to the apartment building near the monorail tracks and enter 
the first room with the murdered man.
13.	Check out “seems familiar…” and grab the key the falls out of the 
guy’s pocket.
14.	Examine the memo and get a little back story.
15.	Go to your own apartment building (the one near the entrance to 
the mono rail) and use the door key on the second to last door on 
the right. 
16.	Listen to the threat on the Vidphone and get some more back 
17.	Open the filing cabinet and examine to get some Nuyen (¥).
18.	Grab and put on the shades on the night stand next to the bed.
19.	Check out the ripped note on your desk and get Sassie’s #.
20.	Catch some Zs, save, and use your Karma if you any.
21.	Go to The Cage on the other side of town and talk to the bouncer. 
Learn about tickets.
22.	Go to the Grim Reaper Club.
23.	Talk to the busy man and learn about Heal and street doc.
24.	Talk to the bartender and ask about hitmen. Learn about 
Shadowrunner, firearms, hiring, and deckers.
25.	Exit and talk to the bartender again. Learn about datajack.
26.	Grab your usual after the bartender throws it on the counter.
27.	Go to the tired guy in the left corner and give him the iced tea. 
Talk about tickets and learn about Grinder, Maria, and Lone Star.
28.	Go to the business man in the corner office building and ask 
about Shadowrunners. Learn about hiring. 
29.	Ask about hiring and learn about negotiation. 
30.	Talk about Lone Star. But and use the Badge
31.	You can also ask about firearms and buy grenades if you have the 
a.	NOTE: If you want some quick and easy Karma, go to the 
Cemetery and shoot up some ghouls. If you want some cash, 
use the office next to your apartment. Shoot up some 
fraggers until your health is low, and then go take a nap. 
Repeat and enjoy.
32.	Go to Glutman’s building and head into his office.
33.	Grab the Cyberdeck off his desk, if you haven’t already, and jack 
into Glutman’s computer. (Use)
34.	Here’s a link to a map of the IC and safe squares. MATRIX MAP
35.	Go to the other room in Glutman’s building and grab the 
(meteoric) paperweight off one of the desks.
36.	Go back to the morgue and talk to the guys who hid behind the 
door. Talk about Grinder and get listen to some mumbo jumbo. Open 
the filing cabinets and grab the tickets and credstick.
37.	Head over the cemetery and use the scalpel on the farthest right 
crypt door. Use the handy slap patch you’ve been savin on the 
Indian Shaman. Learn about shaman. Get and learn about the magic 
38.	Break into some of the other crypts if you want and examine the 
coffins to find some Nuyen.
39.	Shoot up some ghouls and pick up the ghoul bone when it’s 
40.	Go back to The Cage and use your credstick on the Vidphone.
41.	Call Sassie. WTF! That slot already got a new boyfriend. Learn 
about calls and get Glutman’s #.
42.	Call Glutman and talk to the secretary. Learn about The Cage.
43.	Give your tickets to the bouncer and wander around the club.
44.	Talk to the punk in the left corner and learn about Ghouls. 
45.	Walk around some more and talk to Glutman. Some fraggers 
blindfold you and lead you to…

Part 2 – Caryards				PART 2 MAP COMING SOON!!!
1.	Talk to everyone and learn about Caryard, Matrix, Drake, and 
2.	Talk to the yo-yo kid about Heal to but some slap patches.
3.	There are two ways to get out of the Caryard. One is to fight 
your way out and the other is to buy your way out.

Fight Your Way Out
1.	This is, in my opinion, the better way to get out because it 
forces you to train and upgrade all your skills and 
attributes. It makes the rest of the game a helllllll of a 
lot easier in the long run. And you get a ton of Nuyen.
a.	NOTE: Even if you decide to buy your way out, you may 
still want to pick up Negotiation because it will help 
you with hiring later.
2.	The line up of the Arena is: Gang Member, Heavy dude, Heavy 
Dude, Mage, Mage, Street Samurai, Ferocious Ork, Gang 
Leader, Troll Decker, and Replicating Mage.
3.	You only have to beat everything before the Gang Leader and 
then you can challenge the King. Use the grenades you bought 
earlier to make the fight easier. Everything past the 
Ferocious Ork is pretty hard but fun for a challenge and 
a.	NOTE: To get some easy cash and Karma, fight a drekload 
of guys in the dead end. Do this for the rest of your 
life and then upgrade all your skills and attributes.
	Buy Your Way Out
1.	Talk to the arena owner about negotiation. Pay him 1000¥ for 
Negotiation Skill 1.
2.	Get up to Negotiation Skill 3 and pay the King 2000¥ to get 
out of the Caryards.
a.	NOTE: Even if you buy your way out, you can still go 
back and fight some guys to score some easy Nuyen.
3.	Once you’re out of the Caryards, head down to the shaman 
shop at the end of the street. Talk to the guy and learn 
about talismans. Also get his #.
a.	Eventually you’ll have to 
4.	The gun shop is also right down here and I would recommend 
picking a new piece up. 
a.	NOTE: The only weapons worth getting are the Beretta, 
Ruger/Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Assault Cannon, and maybe 
the Uzi if you decide to get the Boosted Reflexes 
later. Pick up the one you have Nuyen for.
5.	Go to the street doc down the side alley and ask about your 
datajack. Learn about examination.
6.	Ask about examination (50¥) and get it done. Oops. What the 
frag do you mean “Oops!” Learn about cortex bomb.
7.	Ask about street doc and learn about Dr. Maplethorpe. You’ll 
need 2,000¥ to get the bomb taken out so make sure you have 
it by the time you get to him.
8.	Go to the mono rail station and head straight, not right. 
Jump in and watch the nifty cut scene.
9.	Kill the Rust Stilettos and get the Iron Key off the ork’s 
body. Meet the second Dog acolyte.
10.	Get to Maplethorpe’s place (across the highway and in the 
building down the sidewalk and near the farmer’s market 
11.	Talk to the secretary about your cortex bomb. Get it 
12.	Talk to Dr. Maplethorpe and learn about head computer and 
matrix systems.
13.	Buy Leadership 1 Skillsoft and boosted reflexes if you have 
the cash.
a.	NOTE: Boosted Reflexes aren’t necessary to beat the 
game, but I thought I hit people with my gun more often 
after I got them. But don’t take me for chip-truth 
chummers, I’m just talkin’.
14.	Head to the corner of town opposite the one your at and go 
into The Wastelands club.
15.	Kill the ork and walk down to the floor.
16.	Talk to the bartender and learn about IC.
17.	If you want, hire a Combat Shadowrunner. Pick from Anders, 
Norbert, or Frogtongue. I don’t know if any runners are 
better that the others but I always use Anders… But that’s 
just because he looks cool.
a.	NOTE: There’s another guy for sale, but he’s really 
weak. Hire him only if you want another guy to distract 
18.	Leave the club and head right to go to Rust Stiletto’s turf. 
Kill everyone and use the Iron Key on the door. Go inside.
19.	Kill everyone and grab the crowbar that one of them drops. 
Get the password.
a.	NOTE: Heightened Reflexes is available from Dr. 
Maplethorpe now. (Helps with accuracy.)
20.	Go to the Jagged Nails club and talk to Kitsune. (You’ll 
have to click on her while she’s up on the top floor, 
otherwise she’ll never come down.)
21.	Ask about Dog and get the Enchanted Leaves.
22.	Hire her if you want. She never abandons you but is a 
challenge to keep alive. She can only wear a leather jacket 
and only has 50 HP.
23.	Head over to the docks and go to the boat launch.
24.	Talk to the boat owner and learn about docks and mermaids.
25.	Go into the first warehouse and jack into the computer. The 
map of the matrix was the same for me as Glutman’s. Hers the 
link again if you don’t have it. MATRIX MAP COMING SOON!!!
26.	Go to the Dog Warehouse and get the Heal spell. Learn about 
27.	Go to the (Rat) cemetery and sewers. Kill all the rats and 
the Rat Shaman. Learn about the Jester Spirit.
28.	Head back to the Dog warehouse on the docks and get the 
Powerball spell.
a.	NOTE: You have two spells now. I would suggest using 
your Karma on the Heal spell and forget about the 
Powerball. Shooting is way more effective than casting 
the Powerball spell.
29.	Ask about the Jester Spirit and get some back story.
30.	Go back to the Jagged Nails club and ask Kitsune about the 
Jester Spirit (unless you hired her). Learn about Dark Blade 
and vampire.
31.	Talk to the Bartender about vampires and learn about 
32.	Ask both bartenders about strobes and get some.
33.	Use the Vidphone and call Dark Blade. Ask about magic 
34.	Go to the Dark Blade club and talk to the doorman about 
magic fetishes.
35.	Talk to Vladimir about the Jester Spirit and give him your 
magic fetish. Learn about Nirwanda and Bremerton.
36.	Search upstairs and kill everyone. One of the fraggers drops 
a mesh jacket but I think there’s something wrong with it. 
Put it on someone you hire if you want.
37.	Jack into all the computers. Here’s some links to the Matrix 
38.	Grab the Bronze Key off the bookshelf and use it to open the 
bronze gate.
a.	NOTE: I would hire someone before you go into the 
crypts. The extra body distracts the ghouls and makes 
it easier for you to walk through.
39.	Go through t the crypts until you get to Vladimir’s room.
40.	Kill all the ghouls in Vladimir’s room and use the strobe. 
Then use the stake.
41.	Ask Vladimir about the Jester Spirit. Learn about Nirwanda, 
Bremerton, and Laughlyn.
a.	NOTE: Dermal Armor become available from Dr. 
Maplethorpe now.
42.	Get out of the crypts and head back over to the Shaman Shop.
43.	Once there, get both the blue and black bottles.
44.	Go back to the Morgue and use potion bottles on the fountain 
that the Dog was near.
45.	Get back to the docks and enter the Octopus warehouse. Kill 
the octopus and put the ink in the black bottle.
46.	Go back into The Wastelands club and talk to the ice man in 
the left corner. Ask about ice and get a ton of it. Ask 
about the docks (delivery).
47.	Go to the Dog warehouse and get the Freeze spell.
a.	NOTE: The freeze spell is awesome towards the end of 
the game.
48.	Go down to the boat launch on the docks and grab the mermaid 
49.	Kill the ork and get explosives. Ask the boatman about 
Bremerton and pay 1000¥ to get in the boat.

Part 3 – Bremerton
1.	Run to the end and kill everyone. Get the Dog tags.
2.	Use your crowbar on the door, kill the toxic pools, and hit the 
3.	Continue on and kill everyone. Pick up the Safe Key and use it on 
the safe. Grab the detonator that’s inside. Yay!!! Time bomb!!!
4.	Go down and kill the poison ooze. Use potion bottles on the Toxic 
5.	Go down the stairs and throw the second switch.
6.	Go back and throw the first switch again.
7.	Now un-throw all switches.
8.	Go down and use the time bomb on the safe. Grab the green bottle.
9.	Go back to the Dog warehouse on the dock and get two new spells. 
Summon Spirit and the Invisibility spell.
a.	NOTE: Summon Spirit is decent but Invisibility is essential 
to beat the game (easily). 
10.	Go back to Bremerton and head right. Use the green bottle on the 
toxic waste.
11.	Throw the first switch and then the farthest switch.
12.	O, Boy!!! An extra dimensional zone!!!
13.	Kill the Naga and shoot at the bubble piles to shut ‘em up.
14.	Confront the Jester Spirit and then cast Invisibility.
15.	Take damage, heal yourself, and shoot at him until he taunts you.
16.	Talk to the Jester Spirit about Nirwanda, Laughlyn, and drake to 
learn about Volcano.
17.	Get the Jester Spirit.
a.	NOTE: Assault Rifle and Partial Bodysuit are now available 
at the gun shop.

Part 4 - Drake Towers
1.	For the next part, make sure you have ALL of the following. 
Otherwise you’ll have a tough time getting anything done.
a.	All the spells, except Armor.
b.	Dermal Armor, a Mesh Jacket, a Ruger Pistol, and Heightened 
2.	On each floor, cast Invisibility as soon as you step out of the 
elevator. Kill everyone.
3.	Look around until you’ve found and jacked into all the computers. 
They’ll have elevator lock codes, back story, and Nuyen.
4.	Here’s a list of all the things in the computers on each floor.
a.	F1: 1 computer – elevator lock
b.	F2: 2 computers – elevator lock, data, ¥.
c.	F3: 3 computers – elevator lock, data, trash.
d.	F4: 2 computers – elevator lock, data.
e.	F5: 2 computers – elevator lock, level 6 node, data, ¥.
f.	F6: 1 computer – elevator lock.
5.	Eventually you’ll find Drake’s #. Calling him is fun but does 
6.	Once you get to the roof, destroy all the sentry guns.
7.	Talk to the helicopter pilot and ask about volcano.

Part 5 – Volcano
1.	By now, you should make sure you have an assault rifle.
2.	The computers in this part have a lot of money but you won’t know 
which ones until you jack into them all. To be helpful here are 
some links to maps of the Matrix inside the computers.
3.	There’s also a bunch of Troll deckers strolling around but 
they’re on obvious routes. Kill em or memorize their routes.
4.	For the next part, do like you did for the Drake Tower and kill 
5.	Here’s another list of all the things on each floor.
a.	B0: Nothing. Keep going down.
b.	B1: 2 computers – elevator lock, program.
c.	B2: 1 computer – elevator lock.
d.	B3: 5 computers – elevator lock, data, ¥.
e.	B4: Max security.
6.	On B4 run to the left instead of going through the doors.
7.	Kill three Nagas and enter the room at the end.
8.	Kill that naga and exit.
a.	NOTE: you can repeat the Naga parts for a drekload of 
9.	Grab the Serpent Scale.
10.	Leave the volcano and ask the helicopter pilot about Drake.
11.	Go the Dog warehouse and learn the Armor spell. 
a.	NOTE: Before you do anything else major, get that spell up 
to 6 because it’s nice towards the end of the game.
12.	Go back to the volcano and head down to B4.
13.	Go through the doors and onto the catwalks. Cast invisibility and 
kill everyone.
14.	Go to Drakes room and cast Armor immediately.
15.	Get near Drake and cast Jester Spirit.
16.	Next, use Armor or Freeze to avoid dieing.
17.	Then simply shoot or use the Powerball on Drake until he dies.
18.	Go to the computer room and talk to the scientist. Ask about Head 
computer and get the Aneki building password.
a.	NOTE: Assault Cannon and Full Body Suit are now available 
at the gun shop. I would highly suggest picking them up.

Part 5 – Aneki Building
1.	By now, I would suggest having all the spells maxed, Assault 
Cannon, the Full Body Suit, and anything offered by Dr. 
2.	This next part is just like the Drake Building and the Volcano, 
so you should know the drill.
3.	Yet another list of computers.
a.	F1: 1 computer: elevator lock.
i.	Don’t worry about the basement or the computer at the 
top of the screen because they’re useless.
b.	F2: 2 computers – elevator lock, level 3 node, data.
c.	F3: 2 computers – elevator lock, data, ¥.
d.	F4: 2 computers – elevator lock, ¥.
e.	F5: 2 computers – AI computer, ¥.
4.	Guess What!!!!! You’re done!!! Yay!!!
5.	Read the credit and check out the stuff afterwards.

III.	Gameplay Tips

Try to buy as few guns as possible, because it wastes money. Try to buy 
only these guns, in this order: Beretta, Ruger or Shotgun, Assault 
Rifle, Assault Cannon. 

Get Leather Jacket, Mesh Jacket, Dermal Armor, Partial, and then Full.

Firearms Skill
Try to get 11-13. You’re weapon is probably starting to suck on weak 
enemies and Firearms Skill will help.

Computer Skill
Get Level 6.

Stamina Attribute
Try to get 12-14. You’re Level 6 Heal Spell is better with the more 
stamina you have.

Magic Attribute
Try to get at least 12 but the more you have, the better.

Negotiation Skill
Somewhat useful if you want to hire a lot, but I didn’t really like to 
hire unless I was going through densely enemy populated areas. So 
altogether it sucks and you shouldn’t worry about it.

Leadership Skill
Way better than getting Negotiation. If you’re at Level 6, you’re set 
and whoever you hire we’ll follow you into places they normally 

Kitsune, however, will follow you wherever you no matter what your 
Leadership is. But she kinda sucks so big whoop!

Heal Spell
Requirements: Dog Collar, Magic Fetish, and Enchanted Leaves.

Get Level 6 because Heal is more useful than slap patches and Powerball 
sucks compared to your gun.

Powerball Spell
Requirements: Paperweight and Ghoul Bone.

“It’s bad.” AVGN! Bible Games! LMAO!

Freeze Spell
Requirements: Octopus Ink and Mermaid Scales

Pretty useful for one-on-one fights but otherwise sucks. Invisibility 
is better.

Invisibility Spell
Requirements: Fountain Water and Toxic Water.

A must have.

Armour Spell
Requirements: Naga Scales and Mermaid Scales

Invisibility is better on everyone except Drake and in that case use 

Largely a waste of money, unless you want to use them as a distraction.

For easy Karma in Part 1, use the office next to your apartment. Shoot 
some enemies until your health is low, then go take a nap.

In Part 2, Use the dead end in the right corner of the Caryards. Do the 
same as before, shoot until you’re low on health, and then go take a 

In Part 3, use the docks, the Bremerton deck, Vladimir’s crypt, or the 
gold Naga in the volcano. With the naga, kill it, run into the room at 
the end, exit, and kill it again. Repeat and enjoy. Don’t pick up the 
scale until you’re done getting Karma.

Get money off the dead bodies from the place I said to get Karma.

All the computers in Glutman’s Office, the Dark Blade Club, Drake 
Tower, the Volcano, and the Aneki Building all have tons of money in 
their Matrix Systems.

After completing the Bremerton part, you can keep going through the 
Jester’s portal and Vladimir reappears. Keep killing him to get 5000¥.

Sell your old guns and armor.

IV.	Game Genie Codes

There’s a ton of codes but here are the good ones:

4DBE-4DA4	Computer and Firearms at Level 2
D7BE-4DA4	Computer and Firearms at Level 3.
D0BE-4DA4	Computer and Firearms at Level 4.
D9BE-4DA4	Computer and Firearms at Level 5.
D1BE-4DA4	Computer and Firearms at Level 6.

D4BC-4404	Strength and Charisma at Level 2.
D0BC-4404	Strength and Charisma at Level 4.
D9BC-4404	Strength and Charisma at Level 5.
D1BC-4404	Strength and Charisma at Level 6.

FFAE-44D7	Everything is free.

CEEF-4DDD	Don’t subtract Karma for Skills, Attributes, or Spells.

CE6D-47A4	Don’t subtract Karma for shooting non-enemies.

8E69-3DA4	Don’t subtract spell points.

V.	Special Thanks

Firstly, I want to thank anyone who is reading this, my first ever, 
Guide. I hope you enjoyed it and found what you were looking for.

I also want to thank:
	- FASA Corporation for creating the world of Shadowrun.
	- Beam Software for designing and developing the SNES game.
	- Nintendo for licensing the game.
	- and Data East for doing something for the game and I really 
have no idea what.

I want to thank Greg James and other FAQ writers for getting me started 
and showing me how it’s done.

Also thanks in advance to anyone who sends me feedback, suggestions, 
and errors!


Feel free to send me questions about the game, Shadowrun, or anything 
dealing with the world of Shadowrun and I’ll answer you as soon as 
possible. Once I get enough good ones I’ll put em on here for others to 
read. You can find my email and email guidelines in the next section.

VII.	Contact Info

Before you read any further,

Do NOT contact me with:

- Anything unrelated to Shadowrun. If you want to do that, IM me.
- Insults, rude comments, or spam.

DO contact me with:

- Questions about the game.
- Questions about the world of Shadowrun.
- Rumors, gossip, or cool websites dealing with Shadowrun and future 
	FASA endeavors.
- Information pertaining to anyone playing the Pen & Paper style of 
	Shadowrun, especially in Wisconsin.
 - Feedback, suggestions, errors.

If your information falls under the "Do NOT contact me" category and 
you email me, your message will be ignored and deleted. 

If your information falls under the "DO contact me" category feel free 
to email me at: Bozlifyme (at) AOL (dot) com

Or IM my SN: Bozlifyme

VIII.	My Thoughts On Shadowrun

Overall, I consider this game the best Shadowrun game made ever. 
Although it doesn’t quite embody all the aspects of the Shadowrun 
universe, I find it more fun than the SEGA game and the Xbox 360 game.
Unfortunately, all three games fail to capture the essence of what 
makes Shadowrun so fun because of one simple flaw. They ALL rely too 
much on shooting. This is easily seen in the Xbox 360 game, which is in 
my opinion, a complete and utter failure. The SEGA game comes close to 
completing a solid title, but once again, shooting is relied on WAY too 
much. The only way to truly make a Shadowrun game - is to make it as an 
RPG similar to Oblivion. There are simply too many facets too cover 
with a simple shooting game. If as much depth and planning was put into 
an RPG for Shadowrun as there was for Oblivion, I think I would shit my 
pants. As a matter of fact, I may try to contact FASA and Bethesda to 
see if I can get the ball rolling. If was able to get the right 
people involved and got a petition going from the fans, we may 
have a shot at getting this game made, even if it’s a slim 
chance. Contact me if you have questions, comments, or want to 
discuss my Shadowrun RPG Dream in more detail.

IX.	Legal

This Guide: Copyright 2008|Kyle Bartley. All rights reserved.

I don’t own anything related to Shadowrun, the Matrix, or anything 
related to FASA Corp, although I wish I did. I do, however, own this 
guide, and in that case…

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from 
me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and is a violation of copyright. All 
sources have been given proper acknowledgement.

If you want to use any of this information for public use just ask! I 
will most likely allow it!

Websites allowed to post my guide:

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