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    FAQ/Walkthrough by zeldadomer

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    *                 *
    * Shadowrun FAQ   *
    *    SNES version *
    *                 *
    by Mike Jenista 
    Version 1.00
    August, 2005
    Table of Contents
    I. What is Shadowrun?
    II. Controls
    III. Attributes, Skills, and Karma
    IV. Weapons, Armor, and Cyberware
    V. Items
    VI. Spells
    VII. Enemies and Bosses
    VIII. Shadowrunners
    IX. The Matrix
    X. Conversations
    XI. Shops and Clubs
    XII. A Crude Map
    XIII. Walkthrough
    XIV. Story Summary
    XV. Acknowledgements
    XVI. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    I. What is Shadowrun?
    Shadowrun is an RPG developed by the FASA Corporation in 1989, a time when TSR
    ruled on high with its Dungeons and Dragons game.  Shadowrun had the same basic
    game mechanics (dice, paper, pencils) but it was set in an entirely different
    world.  And what made it great was that the world it was set in was very well
    laid out, whereas D&D was so open-ended that only a good dungeon master could
    make the game worth playing.
    Data East developed video game versions of Shadowrun for both the SNES and 
    Sega Genesis.  The Genesis version has some advantages over the SNES game, 
    mainly the inclusion of 'random' shadowruns for extra cash, but also it has a
    better representation of the Matrix.
    The SNES title has better graphics, better sound, and just a teensy bit better
    level design (including the use of isometric view rather than the Genesis 
    overhead view).
    However, both games have kick-ass stories and recreate Shadowrun very well.
    Both are worth playing.
    So what the heck does "shadowrun" mean?  "Any movement, action, or series of
    such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasilegal" (from the
    Shadowrun game manual, by FASA Corporation).  Companies hire professionals of
    various talents to do their dirty work whether that means assassination, theft,
    or something more complicated.  This is how the powerful run the world, through
    the shadows.
    Also, the reason that companies were able to take over world order is that the
    underlying forces of magic (and their few remaining human allies, like Native
    Americans and voo-doo witch doctors) became upset with the global game of 
    nuclear chicken, and they unleashed magic again.  So after the governments 
    collapsed, the boldest companies hired private armies and mercenaries to protect
    themselves, and as elves and trolls and such came back into the world, new
    factions arose, all interacting through corporate means... or shadowruns...
    So that is the world in which this game is played.  Magic, technology, elves,
    guns, intrigue... it's all here!
    The particular setting for Shadowrun games is Seattle, since it has a good
    overlap of the main elements of the world, like Native American populations, 
    Asian communities, rock music, technology companies, and gangs.  Also, the guys
    who originally developed the RPG were probably from Seattle.
    There is a reference in the ending to a Shadowrun II, but I believe this is 
    a joke, like the bloopers reel at the end of Rush Hour 2 when Chris Tucker
    makes a joke about Rush Hour 3.  In any event, there was no Shadowrun II.
    II. Controls
    Directional Pad - Move Jake around
    Select - Check party status
    Start - Enter Jake's menu
    A - Draw and fire your weapon
    B - Activate hand icon (move the icon around; you know you can interact with
    	something when a little box appears telling you what it is.  Press B
    	again to bring up an interaction menu)
    X - Use selected spell (press once to activate spell icon (a zombie hand) and
    	press X again when you are over your target.  You know you have the
    	right target when a little box appears with the target's name)
    Y - Enter Jake's menu, and also select things in the menu
    L - Examine (press R or B to activate hand icon first)
    R - Activate hand icon AND acts as a shortcut to interact with items (so you can
    	press R twice to pick up items or open doors, for example)
    	Note: L and R also act as page-scrollers for your menus.  So if you
    	want to go through really fast, use L and R.
    III. Attributes, Skills, and Karma
    In Shadowrun, "Karma" is the term for what most gamers know as "experience."
    When you kill all the enemies you can see, you will get karma (unless there was
    only one or two guys; in this case, you will get partial karma, and when you 
    kill some more guys and get enough karma for a point, THEN the karma will be
    With karma points, you can increase your Attributes, Skills, and spell levels.
    To increase something from level X to level Y, you must have X karma points to
    spend on it, and you can only use karma points at a bed, which is also where
    you can save and heal for free.
    To max out all skills, attributes, and spells, you need 735 Karma.  I would max
    out everything that goes to 6, and get the other three areas above 10, if not
    to 15.
    Here are all of the attributes and skills:
    ** Body **  This is how much life Jake has.  If Jake has a body rating of X, 
    	then he has X*10 life, so a rating of 4 means he has 40 life, and so on.
    	The maximum body rating is 20.
    ** Strength **  Increased strength allows for better armor and weapons.  It has
    	a maximum of 6.
    ** Charisma **  The higher your charisma, the more runners you can hire at one
    	time (three at most).  Also, I think that if your charisma is not high
    	enough, some runners might refuse a run because of some other runner
    	already in your group.  I have not confirmed this, but it is a factor
    	in the Genesis version, and may be at work here as well.  It has a 
    	maximum of 6.
    ** Magic **  The magic rating is exactly like the body rating; X magic means
    	X*10 magic points for spells.  It also has a maximum of 20.
    ** Firearms **  Your damage and accuracy are increased with the firearm skill.
    	It has a maximum of 20.
    ** Computer **  When you fight IC's in the Matrix, this skill gives you better
    	chances of winning.  It has a max of 6, but it is not a priority, so
    	don't increase it first.
    ** Leadership **  You do not have this skill at first; you must get it from a
    	street doc.  When you get it, you can increase the length of time that
    	runners will stay with you.  It is a GREAT skill if you plan on using
    	lots of runners, as well as a great way to save money since you can
    	get more done with the same group of runners.  Max rating of 6.
    ** Negotiation **  This is also not a skill you start with; get it from the
    	Arena Owner.  Higher ratings lower the prices that runners ask for when
    	you hire them.  Some runners will still be quite expensive though.
    The runners you hire may also have the skills "Armed Combat" and "Unarmed
    Combat," but I am pretty sure you can not acquire these.
    IV. Weapons, Armor, and Cyberware
    You can buy weapons and armor from Vivyan's Gun Store and the Dark Blade Shop
    but your first gun and jacket are taken off of some dead guys.  
    Cyberware all comes from Doctor Maplethorpe's office.  
    Some things will not be available until later in the game, so check
    the empty gun cases to see what will be in stock later.  Also, the black 
    market dealer in the 10th Street area has grenades.
    To sell weapons and armor, give them to a store owner.
    Weapons: (V$ = Vivyan's store price, D$ = Dark Blade store price)
    ** Burlitzer's Finest Grenade (V100, D80)
    	This is a worthless weapon.  Rarely does big damage, if it does any
    	at all.
    ** Beretta Pistol (pick up from street punk) **
    	This is your first weapon, and it is not terrible at first.  Upgrade
    	soon though.
    ** Zip Gun (see walkthrough) **
    	This is kind of a secret weapon... and it kind of sucks... so don't
    	bother unless you feel like getting EVERYTHING.  Also, you can not sell
    	it since the gun store owners seem to think it's suspicious.  They don't
    	want the cops to bust them or something.
    ** Fichetti Security 500 Light Pistol (V2000) **
    	This gun is comparable to the Beretta, so it's not worth paying for,
    	as you get the Beretta for free.
    ** Colt America L36 Pistol (V300) **
    	This is a weak gun.  Don't buy it.
    ** Ares Viper Long Range Pistol (V4000, D3000) **
    	Against lightly armored enemies, this gun is not terrible, but it won't
    	get the job done.  However, it is not so bad against unarmored enemies.
    	I still wouldn't buy it though.
    ** Ruger Warhawk Heavy Pistol (B9000) **
    	This is the best pistol you can buy.  It will damage armored enemies
    	and is much better than any other pistol against unarmored enemies.
    	If you can't afford the T-250 but you NEED a better gun, this is it.
    ** Defiance T-250 Shotgun (V150000, D12000) **
    	You can and should buy this very early on (after your first few Arena
    	wins).  It is good enough to last you the entire game if you want, 
    	and when you first get it, the shotgun makes a huge difference.  It is
    	probably the best value in the whole game.
    ** Uzi III Sub-Machine Gun (D30000) **
    	This weapon doesn't always do damage like the shotgun, but it fires
    	continuously.  In the end, it comes out better than the shotgun, but
    	maybe not enough for the price.  The best runners have this or better,
    	so you can rely on them until you can afford better.
    ** Heckler Koch 277 Assault Rifle (D24000) **
    	This gun does a lot of damage, but not always.  It has the same rate of
    	fire as the shotgun.  I would say it's an okay buy, but I usually hold
    	out for the most powerful gun.
    ** Enfield AS-7 Assault Cannon (D40000) ** 
    	This is as powerful as it gets.  Buy it when you can.
    Armor: The number in parantheses is the armor rating, and I suspect it is also
    	the strength rating required to wear it.
    ** Leather Jacket (1) **
    	Pick this up off of the dead Orc in the beginning.  Don't sell it if 
    	you plan to pick up Kitsune, since it is the only armor she can wear.
    ** Mesh Jacket (2) (V5000) **
    	This will be suffecient for a long time, especially if you use runners
    	to keep the heat off of you.
    ** Bullet Proof Vest (3) **
    	You can't actually get this, despite the empty case for it in (store).
    	However, some runners have it, and I believe the armor rating is 3.
    ** Fully Concealable Jacket (4) (D13000) **
    	I imagine that this refers to armor that is hidden under an innocent
    	looking jacket, which would be useful in the actual RPG.  However, in
    	this game, it means nothing.  I would only buy this to give it to a 
    	runner, since most of them have mesh jackets and this would double their
    	armor for a mere 13,000 nuyen.
    ** Partial Body Suit (5) (D20000) **
    	This is something like what Marines wear today; lots of pieces attached
    	to various body parts.  Jake's appearance does not change when you get
    	this armor, though, which is kind of lame since I think he would look
    	great with some elbow pads.
    ** Full Body Suit (6) (D30000) **
    	If Lancelot had access to Kevlar, this is the armor he would make.
    	Tough stuff, and it makes you nearly invincible to most enemies... too
    	bad it's not available until late in the game.
    Cyberware: All cyberware comes from Doctor Maplethorpe's office.  All of it is
    	worth every nuyen.
    ** Skill Software (3000) **
    	This gives you the leadership skill.
    ** Boosted Reflexes (15,000) **
    	Your rate of fire will dramatically increase.  A necessity.
    ** Dermal Armor (6000) **
    	This is body armor that the doctor surgically implants under your skin,
    	and it permamently boosts your armor by two points.  This means that
    	with Dermal Armor and the Full Body Suit, Jake can have a maximum armor
    	rating of 8.
    V. Items
    I will describe here where each item is, and briefly describe what it is for.
    ** nuyen **
    	In Shadowrun, this Asian 'nuyen' unit of currency is the new world
    	standard.  Pick up rolls of nuyen off fallen enemies and steal it from
    	computer bank accounts - use it to buy stuff and hire runners.
    ** broken bottle **
    	In a safe on the Bremerton ship - examine it to figure out how to kill
    	the poison oozes later in the ship.
    ** bronze key **
    	On a bookshelf in the Dark Blade Club - opens the gate to Vladimir's 
    	underground lair.
    ** naga scales **
    	Kill the Gold Naga in the volcano - component for Armor spell.
    ** mermaid scales ** 
    	Found on docks after ice delivery - component for Armor and Freeze
    ** paperweight ** 
    	Pick it up from office next to Glutman's - component for Powerball
    ** tickets **
    	In Grinder's file at morgue - give to Troll Bouncer to get in The Cage.
    ** iced tea **
    	Talk to bartender at Grim Reaper Club - give it to the sad guy at the
    ** door key **
    	Pick up from familiar dead guy in old building - use it to open your
    ** iron key **
    	Kill the Rust Stiletto Orcs at Daley Station - opens the Rust Stiletto
    ** torn paper **
    	Examine the morgue slab you were on - it has a clue on it.
    ** scalpel **
    	On the sink in morgue - open the tombs in the cemetary.
    ** memo **
    	This is on the familiar dead guy's desk - read it to find out some hot
    ** lone star badge **
    	Buy it from the black market dealer in old office building - use it to
    	get access to morgue files.
    ** stake **
    	Buy it from Talisman Shop - kill Vladimir with it.
    ** strobes **
    	Get this from Jagged Nails waitress - use it to blind Vladimir.
    ** magic fetish **
    	Use a slap patch on the wounded shaman in the cemetary - Vladimir wants
    	this really bad.
    ** slap patch **
    	Open refrigerator in morgue or buy from the kid in Caryards - use them
    	to heal yourself (and use one on the shaman).
    ** dog collar **
    	Open the gate in the square to free the dog - use this to prove 
    	yourself to the Dog Spirit.  Also a component for the Summon Spirit 
    ** enchanted leaves **
    	Talk to Kitsune - use them to prove yourself to the Dog Spirit; they 
    	are also the component for the Heal spell.
    ** dog tag **
    	Kill the dog on the Bremerton ship - component for Summon Spirit spell.
    ** potion bottles **
    	Buy from the Talisman Shop - use them to bottle the invisibility 
    ** green bottle **
    	Blow open the safe in the belly of the Bremerton ship - use it to kill
    	the poison oozes.
    ** black bottle **
    	Buy from the Talisman Shop - bottle the octopus ink for the Freeze 
    ** explosives **
    	Kill the Orc after the ice delivery - combine with detonator to make
    	the timebomb.
    ** detonator ** 
    	This is in the first safe on the Bremerton ship - combine it with the
    	explosives to make the timebomb.
    ** timebomb **
    	Combine detonator and explosives - blow open the safe in the belly of
    	the Bremerton ship.
    ** jester spirit **
    	Defeat the Jester Spirit - use this against Drake.
    ** data files **
    	Steal these from computers (some will come in parts; you can not see the
    	file until all the parts are collected) - read them for information and
    	plot updates.
    ** cyberdeck **
    	Take this from Glutman's office - hack into computers with it (only 
    	those which activate a "computer" box when you move the hand icon over
    	them can be hacked).
    ** shades **
    	These are in your apartment - wear them for a new look and to disguise
    	yourself in the morgue.
    ** credstick **
    	Take this from Grinder's morgue file - use it on Video Phones to call
    	people (you will collect various phone numbers during the game).
    ** ghoul bone **
    	Take this off the first ghoul you kill - use it to prove yourself to 
    	the Dog Spirit.
    ** crowbar **
    	One of the Rust Stiletto Orcs drops it in the Hideout - use it to pry
    	open the door to the Bremerton ship.
    ** matchbox **
    	You have this already - examine it for info about Wastelands.
    ** ripped note **
    	This is in your apartment - it has Sassie's number on it.
    ** password **
    	The Rust Stilettos boss drops this - this allows you to access the
    	computer in the lobby of Drake Towers.
    ** safe key ** 
    	Kill the Orcs in front of the first safe in the Bremerton ship - open
    	the safe with it.
    VI. Spells
    H'oochin'ikwa will give you the Heal spell automatically, but you will need to
    collect spell components to get the others.  Each spell can be improved just
    like Skills and Attributes to a maximum level of 6, but each level increase
    also increases the magic points required to cast the spell.
    ** Powerball **
    	Components - paperweight
    	Cost - 5 + 1/increase
    	Effect - A little fireball.  Really, this spell sucks.
    ** Freeze **
    	Components - mermaid scales and octopus ink
    	Cost - 5 + 1/increase
    	Effect - Freezes enemies in a block of ice; you can still attack them
    	with your gun and the block of ice will flash before it disappears, so 
    	you can get ready for another spell or whatever.  This spell is really
    	great against Drake, but it is not as effective in general combat as
    	other spells.
    ** Invisibility **
    	Components - fountain water and toxic water (from toxic ooze)
    	Cost - 5 + 1/increase
    	Effect - Renders one target invisible, but NOT invulnerable.  Some 
    	bosses have attacks that they will use even without seeing you that may
    	still hit.  However, regular enemies will no longer see you and you can
    	shoot at them with impunity.  
    ** Heal **
    	Components - enchanted leaves
    	Cost - 5 + 1/increase
    	Effect - Heals any target.  This spell is your best friend.
    ** Summon Spirit **
    	Components - dog tag, dog collar
    	Cost - 10 + 2/increase
    	Effect - A vicious dog spirit appears and attacks all enemies once.
    	This spell is very good at its highest levels.
    ** Armor **
    	Components - naga scales and mermaid scales
    	Cost - 5 + 1/increase
    	Effect - Makes any target invincible.  However, since enemies will still
    	shoot at you, you will still get stunned as you run around.
    VII. Enemies
    Easy Enemies: Just start shooting these, no matter how many you see.  The
    	scientists are only worth karma if they are throwing grenades or firing
    	sentry guns.
    Heavy Dude
    Scary Ghoul
    Street Mage
    Large Orc
    Massive Orc
    Poison Ooze
    Citizens (these are worth zero karma and never drop nuyen, but you can kill them
    	just for fun)
    Medium Enemies: You will need a better weapon (shotgun at least) and armor to
    	take on these enemies, especially in groups.
    Ferocious Orc
    Cruel Man
    Gang Member
    Giant Rat
    Sentry Guns
    Hard Enemies: Either back-up runners or high-caliber weapons and spells are
    	needed to defeat these enemies without needing to heal every time.
    Gang Leader
    Troll Decker
    Samurai Warrior
    Gold Naga
    ** The King **
    	The King is the boss of the Caryards.  He won't let you out unless you
    	pay him, but you can fight him in the arena instead.  Build up a lot of
    	karma to increase your stats, then buy as many slap patches as you can
    	off of the kid.  You should be able to kill the King, which means you
    	can leave for free AND keep the winnings for killing him!
    ** Rat Shaman **
    	The Rat Shaman will use Freeze spells and the Powerball spell.  He is 
    	not too powerful in terms of damage, so just keep plugging away at him.
    	His death will reveal that he is under the influence of the Jester
    ** Vladimir **
    	After Vladimir takes the Magic Fetish, he will escape to his underground
    	lair.  Make sure you have both the stake and the strobe.  When you reach
    	his lair, kill the ghouls.  When Vladimir approaches, use the strobes
    	to blind him and he will stay in one place.  Use the stake on him to 
    	get him talking, and eventually kill him.
    ** Jester Spirit **
    	Do not try and fight the Jester Spirit.  Instead, run all the way up to
    	his little platform and shoot at him a few times until he says something
    	to you.  Then use the hand icon to talk to him.  Ask him about his name
    	(Laughlyn, which you learn from Vladimir), and you will defeat him.
    	Pick up the mask he leaves behind.
    ** Drake **
    	Drake is a huge dragon that wants you dead for a variety of reasons.
    	His lair is in the bottom of a volcano, and it is filled with falling
    	blocks that do lots of damage AND his fiery breath.  The best thing to
    	do is to Freeze Drake, then use the Jester Spirit on him to take down a
    	lot of his health (the Jester Spirit won't attack until he unfreezes,
    	so keep plugging away at Drake until the Jester Spirit is done and 
    	quickly refreeze the dragon).  Keep freezing Drake and shooting; you
    	can refreeze him even if a previous freeze spell hasn't worn off yet,
    	so this way you should be able to make sure he never gets to breathe
    	fire on you.
    	You will probably need at least the HK Assault Rifle, but if you have
    	some runners with you, the T250 shotgun will be okay.  Also, it is
    	imperative that you have at least 100 magic points, probably more, so
    	that you can get all the way through the fortress and have magic left
    	to fight Drake.
    The Arena: In the caryards, you can fight for money.  Here is a list of all the
    enemies you can fight and the order they come in (once they are all dead, you 
    can not fight any more).  
    	Gang Member - 300N, 3 Karma
    	Heavy Dude - 700N, 1 Karma
    	Heavy Dude (his brother) - 1000N, 3 Karma
    	Mage (good firearm rating!) - 2000N, 1 Karma
    	Mage (good gun and firearm rating) - 3000N, 2 Karma
    	Samurai - 4000N, 1 Karma
    	Ferocious Orc - 5000N, 4 Karma
    	Gang Leader - (high damage, low life) 6000N, 3 Karma
    	Troll Decker - (most dangerous enemy) 7000N, 3 Karma
    	Ultra Mage - 8000N, 5 Karma
    	The King - 3000N, 4 Karma
    	The first five enemies and the King are killable with the Beretta and
    	leather jacket.  But before you take on the samurai and others, you
    	will definitely need to get out of the Caryards, get the shotgun and
    	mesh jacket, and beef up your stats.
    	To fight the King, talk to the Arena owner and ask him about the King.
    	He will tell you your death will be very exciting and then set you up
    	with a fight against the King.  
    	Make sure to have the full six slap patches from the little kid.  Keep
    	shooting, but if the King runs off screen, take that opportunity to use
    	slap patches, THEN follow him.  You can kill him, so keep trying. It's
    	way better than paying to get out.
    	The Troll Decker is tough.  I usually get my body and firearm ratings
    	to seven or eight each, then get six slap patches, save and fight. 
    	Keep resetting until you kill him.  It'll be worth the time to not have
    	to backtrack here later.
    	The Ultra Mage clones himself all the time, but he is the only one 
    	moving around, so you can always tell where he is.  If the game slows
    	down a lot, shoot a couple clones (they die in one successful hit) and
    	then go after the Ultra Mage again.  He's not too powerful, so just
    	keep track of him to make this fight short.  You have to kill all of 
    	the clones after he's dead to win the fight, so search all over the
    	Arena for them.
    VIII. Shadowrunners
    Here is the deal with shadowrunners: mercs only.  The mages are too wimpy and
    the deckers offer no real advantage other than extra life points to go into 
    the matrix.  But the mercs add firepower to your own AND create multiple targets
    for your enemies.  The fact that Jake is a shaman, decker, AND bad-ass fighter
    makes it pretty easy to beat the game without ever hiring a runner at all, which
    is the biggest drawback to the game in terms of likeness to the original RPG.
    But, it can be fun to use the runners anyway, just to get a different
    experience when you play.  Also, you can challenge yourself by intentionally
    leaving your own skills undeveloped so that you HAVE to rely on runners.
    In order to use a runner's magic, activate the hand icon and select the mage.
    Then choose "cast spell" from the menu and proceed just like you would for your
    own spells.
    To use a decker, examine him and choose to "use" his cyberdeck on a computer.
    You will be taken to the Matrix just as if you hacked in yourself, except you
    have the decker's offensive power and health, not your own.
    If you give a runner better armor or weapons (they have to have the STRENGTH to
    use it, remember!), you must equip them first, and they will have that stuff
    if you hire them again.  If you want it back, just examine them and choose the
    "give" command for that item.
    Don't forget that if an enemy runs between you and your runners, you might
    accidentally shoot your own men!  Make sure the little box in the lower right
    has the name of your enemy and NOT the name of your runner.
    Here are the runners, along with their stats and my own review of their
    usefulness.  The cost in parantheses is the lowest you can negotiate their 
    ** Hamfist, Lonely Orc (Grim Reaper Club) **
    	Cost - 500 (300)
    	Body 3		Strength 4
    	Magic 0		Charisma 4
    	Weapon - Defiance T-250 Shotgun
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 1
    	Armed Combat 1
    	Computer 3
    	Hamfist is the first runner you can hire.  First, he is good to have
    	to take into the cemetary for karma, and second, he can hack into the
    	computer in Glutman's office right away (Jake won't be able to until he
    	gets his datajack looked at).  Overall, not too shabby a choice for the
    	very beginning, but once you get your own shotgun, never hire him
    ** Jangadance, Jamaican Jerk (Grim Reaper Club) **
    	Cost - 1500 (800)
    	Body 3		Strength 3
    	Magic 4		Charisma 3
    	Weapon - Fichetti Light Pistol
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (2)
    	Firearm 1
    	Leadership 1
    	Armed Combat 1
    	Negotiation 2
    	Powerball L2 (6 pts)
    	Heal L2 (6 pts)
    	Armor L1 (5 pts)
    	Jangadance is on the phone in the bar, and he won't talk to you until
    	sometime after the episode with Vladimir.  I say, leave him there.  By
    	the time he is ready to look for a run, you will be out of his league.	
    	His only good point is that he has the Armor spell and costs less than
    	a thousand, but it's the weakest version of Armor.  Not worth it.
    ** Orifice, Hideous-Faced Orc (Sputnik Club) **
    	Cost - 500 (300)
    	Body 4		Strength 4
    	Magic 0		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - Defiance T-250 Shotgun
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 4
    	Armed Combat 3
    	For the price, Orifice might be worth taking to the Rust Stilettos 
    	Hideout, but I would not bother with him after that since you'll be able
    	to afford the guys in the Wastelands.
    ** Dances with Clams, Native American Shaman (Sputnik Club) **
    	Cost - 2000 (1000)
    	Body 3		Strength 4
    	Magic 5		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - none
    	Armor - none
    	Leadership 3
    	Negotiation 1
    	Powerball L3 (7 pts)
    	Heal L1 (5 pts)
    	Armor L1 (5 pts)
    	Invisibility L5 (9 pts)
    	Armor L1 (5 pts)
    	Summon Spirit L3 (14 pts)
    	Ah, Dances with Clams.  He has excellent spells, notably his high level
    	invisibility and summon spirit, but since he only has 50 spell points
    	you will have to recharge often.  But if you have Heal, you can use 
    	that to keep him alive and use his invisibility twice to clear out
    	the Rust Stilettos Hideout (four times, two for each of you) and then
    	use Summon Spirit once on the final group.  He may also be useful in
    	the Rat Shaman's lair or even the Dark Blade Club, but by that point
    	your own magic will most likely be potent.  It's your own call here, 
    	since he is kind of pricey.
    ** Jetboy, Street Punk (Wastelands) **
    	Cost - 1000 (800)
    	Body 3		Strength 3
    	Magic 0		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - Beretta Pistol
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 2
    	Armed Combat 1
    	Computer 3
    	Jetboy is a waste of money, period.
    ** Anders, Mercenary (Wastelands) **
    	Cost - 1000 (800)
    	Body 5		Strength 5
    	Magic 0		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - Uzi III Sub-Machine Gun
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 10
    	Unarmed Combat 6
    	Armed Combat 6
    	Anders is a good runner, and cheap.  The obvious drawback is that his
    	Mesh Jacket has a 1 rating and he has only 50 life.  He can die pretty
    	fast if you don't heal him up.  Therefore, he is an excellent second
    	or third runner to hire because his 10 firearm rating makes him great
    	for rapid kills.  His major disadvantage is he doesn't stick around
    	for long.
    	I think I would like to see how Anders actually does in a melee fight
    	considering his combat skills, but apparently the runners never resort
    	to hand-to-hand fighting.
    	Anders also says he only works with the best runners, like Akimi and
    	Steelflight.  Yeah, right, buddy.  Keep dreaming.
    ** Frogtongue, Big Dumb Orc (Wastelands) **
    	Cost - 1500 (1000)
    	Body 7		Strength 5
    	Magic 0		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - HK 277 Assault Rifle
    	Armor - Bullet Proof Vest (3)
    	Firearm 8
    	Armed Combat 5
    	Frogtongue is the second-most hilarious runner to hire, because he is a
    	moron.  Talk to him for some fun!  Anyway, he is a great runner because
    	he has lots of health, a powerful weapon, and good armor.  Rivaled only
    	by Norbert for extreme firepower and butt-kicking.  He is also strong
    	enough to receive better armor, but his Bullet Proof Vest is pretty
    	good already.  Frogtongue sticks around for a good long time.
    ** Norbert, Crazy Dwarf (Wastelands) **
    	Cost - 2000 (1500)
    	Body 6		Strength 5
    	Magic 0		Charisma 2
    	Weapon - Uzi III Sub-Machine Gun
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 8
    	Norbert is the most hilarious runner to hire, because he talks crazy and
    	his running animation always cracks me up.  However, like Frogtongue, 
    	he also kicks butt.  On paper, Frogtongue looks superior, but
    	for some reason, Norbert is slightly more effective, and he stays 
    	around longer (because of his Charisma score?).  His Uzi is also very
    	effective.  Between Norbert and Frogtongue, you will have most of the
    	firepower you need all the way into the valcano, and even for the Aneki
    ** Spatter, Double-Crossing Mage (Jagged Nails) **
    	Cost - 2000 (1500)
    	Body 6		Strength 4
    	Magic 8		Charisma 1
    	Weapon - Warhawk Pistol
    	Armor - Mesh Jacket (1)
    	Firearm 4
    	Negotiation 2
    	Powerball L5 (9 pts)
    	Heal L3 (7 pts)
    	Armor L4 (8 pts)
    	Spatter would be cool to use if he wasn't a double-crossing jerk.  On
    	the third floor of Drake Towers, he will decide he doesn't really like
    	you and start throwing fireballs at you.  For his price, you can't use
    	him much earlier than this, so don't bother.  It really is a shame 
    	because he has a high rating for the Armor spell and good health.
    	I think you can take him into the Aneki building, but by that time, I
    	am so powerful myself that I don't even bother with runners.
    ** Steelflight, Super-Elf (Jagged Nails) **
    	Cost - 5000 (4000)
    	Body 10		Strength 4
    	Magic 0		Charisma 2
    	Weapon - Warhawk Pistol
    	Armor - Bullet Proof Vest (4)
    	Firearm 4
    	Computer 6
    	Steelflight is the only elf in the game, and he is awesome.  His huge
    	stock of hit points and high armor rating make him a survivor, but you
    	will have to give him a better gun to make him offensively useful, and
    	even then his low firearm rating is nothing to rave about.  However,
    	you don't have to babysit him with Heal spells and he is actually a 
    	great decker.  Sending him into the Matrix in both Drake Towers and 
    	the Volcano is probably just as good as sending yourself.  As a weapon,
    	he is not the best, but as a fun element of the game, he's great.
    	The only problem is that he costs so much money!
    ** Kitsune, Shape-Shifting Hot Mage Babe (Jagged Nails) **
    	Cost - 3000 (2400)
    	Body 5		Strength 1
    	Magic 17	Charisma 7
    	Weapon - none
    	Armor - none
    	Powerball L4 (8 pts)
    	Heal L6 (10 pts)
    	Invisibility L2 (6 pts)
    	Summon Spirit L5 (18 pts)
    	Kitsune... so much goodness and so much badness.  Because of her low
    	strength, she can not receive any armor other than the Leather Jacket
    	that you get early on, and her little fireballs are weak.  However,
    	she has a zillion magic points and powerful spells at her disposal,
    	which makes her quite good, actually.  
    	The deciding factor is the fact that she will stay with you forever if
    	you take her to fight the Rat Shaman (and she doesn't die, of course).
    	This means you pay for her once, and get all those extra spell points
    	to use!  Just make sure to keep her alive, which can slow you down some
    	toward the end of the game.  That is the big downside; if she dies, you
    	feel like you should start over and keep her alive... lots of time down
    	the drain.
    	Unfortunately, there is no special ending for finishing the game with
    	Kitsune as your permanent ally.
    ** Akimi, Super Secretive Mega-Mage (Call her, then meet at Daley Station) **
    	Cost - 10,000 (8000)
    	Body 7		Strength 1
    	Magic 20	Charisma 6
    	Weapon - none
    	Armor - none
    	Leadership 4
    	Negotiation 3
    	Powerball L5 (9 pts)
    	Heal L4 (8 pts)
    	Invisibility L5 (9 pts)
    	Armor L2 (6 pts)
    	Summon Spirit L4 (16 pts)
    	Freeze L3 (7 pts)
    	I will be upfront with you... because mages do not cast spells on their
    	own, and because the powerful ones have no armor, I do not like using
    	mages.  This is especially true for Akimi because she has every spell
    	at a good level, but you still have to stop and go through the whole
    	process of making her cast a spell.  You can cast spells faster with 
    	the X button!
    	Also, she costs way too much nuyen, AND by the time you can hire her 
    	(after downloading her number from Drake's computers in the Volcano)
    	you're already too powerful to care.
    	Oh yeah, and she thinks she's the greatest thing since dermal armor,
    	which I find annoying.  Don't hire her.
    IX. The Matrix
    The Matrix is pretty similar to the idea of the movie with the same name, except
    that it is not a prison, it is just another world where shadowrunners and 
    corporate bosses collide.  However, this game fails to really capture the feel
    of the Matrix... bummer...
    To get into the Matrix, use your cyberdeck on a computer.  Inside, you will have
    to deactivate security blocks, download info and account balances, and alter
    the programs for computerized equipment (elevators, basically).  But beware!
    There are Intrusion Countermeasures (IC's) everywhere!  When you step into a new
    block of the computer, your datajack will alert you as to how many IC's are in
    the eight squares around you.  They don't move, so it is possible to deduce
    where the IC's are (Minesweeper experts should find this easy).
    Here is the best advice for the Matrix: always head straight for the data stores
    and program nodes.  If you get an alert that there are IC's near you, tap B to
    fight.  If no IC is there, you will lose a tiny bit of health, but you can go
    ahead.  If there is one, you will win or lose the fight.  Just keep fighting.
    If you get close to death, press X to jack out, heal yourself, then jump back
    in (and use your knowledge of the system to avoid IC this time).  
    Or you can simply use my handy guide here to sidestep all the IC and avoid
    downloading useless information (which is a problem in the larger computers, 
    since you won't have enough room for the real stuff!).
    "Alter the program" means pressing A next to a program node.
    X = IC
    D = Datastore
    P = Program Node
    * = Security Block
    @ = Computer Entrance
    Glutman's Office Computer            Matrix Systems Office
    -------------------------            ---------------------
         |        |
         | X    XX|
         |    X   |
         |   X   D|                      Identical to Glutman's
     @---|  X  X X|
         |   X    |
         | X   X D|
         |        |
    Glutman's computer has               There is 2000 nuyen in this office
    1000 nuyen in it, and                computer.
    the Bad News datafile.
    Dark Blade Club                  
       (Left Computer)                 (Right Computer)
            ______                   _________
           |   X  |                 |  X D    |     
           |   XD |                 |  X  X XX|
     @-----|  X   |                 |X    X   |
        |  |     X|                 |  X   XX |
        |  |_X__X_|                 |X  XX  X |
        |                           |  X      |
      __|__                         |_________|
     |D    |                             |
     |X    |                             *
     | XXX |                       @------
     |X    |                             *
     |__D__|                             |
    Data File - Jester              |         |
                                    |XX      X|
                                    |    XX   |
                                    |  X   X X|
                                    |X X X    |
                                    |X     XX |
                                 Vladimir's right computer has 10,000 nuyen.  Yay!
                                 Just press B at the security node to destroy the
    			     security blocks.
    Drake Towers Lobby                
        |       X  |
        |  X  X X  |
        |  X       |
    @-*-|  X  X  XX|
        |  X     XP|
        |    X  XX |
    The Password (see items) allows
    you to get past the security
    block.  Alter the program to
    activate the elevator.
    Drake Towers 2nd Floor
       (northeast computer)                     (southeast computer)
             _________                      _________
            |  X X  X |                    |  DX  DX |
            | X  XX  D|                    |XX  XX   |
            |  X  X XX|                    |  X   DX |
     @-----*|    XX   |                    |  X XX   |
          | |  X   XX |                    |      X  |
          | | X  X X  |                    | XX      |
          | |__X_X____|                    |________X|
      ____|____                                 |   _______
     |X        |                                |  |       |
     |       X |                                |  |  XXXXX|
     |X X XXX  |                                |  |       |
     |       X |                                |*-|  X  X |
     |XX XXX XX|                                |  |  XX X |
     | X X  X  |                                @  |     XP|
     |D_D_D_D_D|                                   |_X__X__|
    There is 8000 nuyen in this            Go up first to deactivate the security
    computer, and part 1 of 4              block, then backtrack to the lower area
    data files.                            to alter the program and activate the
    Drake Towers 3rd Floor
       (west computer)                        (center computer)
                                         ________   _______
         @                              |   DXXD | |       |
         |                              |XX      | |X XX X |
         -*--*-----                     |   X XX | |   X XD|
     _____|__   __|____                 |  X     | |      X|
    |        | |      X|                |X X XX X| |X XX   |
    |XX      | |X     X|                |X     XX| |    X X|
    |    XX  | |     XD|                |  X     | |X___X__|
    |XX XX   | |   X X |                |__X____X|    |
    |   X  XX| |XXX    |                      |       |
    | X    X | |       |                      *       |
    |XDXX_XDX| |_D_X_X_|                      |*-------
                                              |       *
    The first security block goes             @    ___|__
    away immediately; go down and                 |     X|
    deactivate the second, then                   |X     |
    go to the other area for a data               |  X   |
    file (2 of 4).                                |X XX  |
                                                  |  X  X|
                                                  |XXX X |
    					The first security block goes away, so
    					go up and deactivate the second.  Go
    					right and up to deactivate the third
    					and then go change the program to open
    					the elevator.
    There is a third computer on the east side of the room that has nothing in it.
    It is identical to the west office computer on the 4th floor.
    Drake Towers 4th Floor
        (east corner)                       (west office)
    This is the same as the 2nd               _________
    floor southeast comptuer.                | X      X|
    Alter the program to activate            |D DXXX X |
    the elevator.                            | X XX X X|      ______
                                             | X       |     |    D |
                                             |    X   X|     |XX XX |
                                             |_X_______|     |      |
                                                    |        |   XX |
                                             @---------------|   X  |
                                                  __|______  |     X|
    For the west office, just go                 |        X| |X XXXX|
    in and grab all the data stores              |X   X  X | |___D__|
    to obtain a data file (3 of 4).              |         |
                                                 |X XXX XX |
                                                 |      X D|
    Drake Towers 5th Floor
       (center office)                            (northeast office)
     |   DXXD |  _______                        @
     |XX      | |       |                       |*---|*------|
     |   X XX | |X XX X |                       _____|__   __|____
     |  X     | |   X XD|                      |        | |      X|
     |X X XX X| |      X|                      |XX      | |X     X|
     |X     XX| |X XX   |                      |    XXX | |     XD|
     |  X     | |    X X|                      |XX XX   | |   X X |
     |__X____X| |X___X__|                      |   X  XX| |XXX    |
           |       |                           | X    X | |       |
           *       *1                          |XDXX_XDX| |_D_X_X_|
           |       *2                          You need to fight the IC in the left
           @    ___|__                         area to get to the data stores to
               |     X|                        get past the second security block.
               |X     |                        Download the two data stores in the
               |  X   |                        right area for two data files and
               |X XX  |                        10,000 nuyen (the completed, 4-part
               |  X  X|                        data file now appears).
               |XXX X |
    Press B to destroy the first two 
    security blocks, then use the data
    stores in the top left to open the
    "1" security block.  In the top right,
    use that data store to open the "2"
    security block, then fight the IC
    in the last area to alter the program
    and activate the elevator, as well as
    "deactivate the level 6 node."
    Drake Towers 6th Floor
              |       X  |		Simply jump into this computer, alter the
              |  X  X X  |		program, and activate the elevator.
              |  X       |		(the security block is gone because of the
       @--*---|  X  X  XX|		"deactivated level 6 node.")
              |  X     XP|
              |    X  XX |
    Volcano Fortress Sublevel 1
      (Lab 1b)                                   (Lab 1c)
    This is the same as the center           |   X  |
    office computer on the 5th               |X XX  |     ______
    Floor of Drake Towers.  You get          |    X |    |XX X  |
    a data file and open some doors.     @---|  X X |--| |    X |
                                             |    X |  | |  XXD |
                                             | X X  | *--|  XX  |
    					 |_X____| |  |  X  X|
                                                      |  |    XX|
    						  |  |_X____|
    Lab 1c                                         ___|___
    Navigate your way through the first	      |       |
    bit of the computer, then use the             |X     X|
    data store in the right area to               |  XXX  |
    open the security block.  Now go into	      | X   XX|
    the last area and alter the program to        |   X   |
    activate the elevator.                        | XXPX  |
    Volcano Fortress Sublevel 2
    Lab 2a: This is the same as the northeast computer on the 2nd Floor of Drake
    Towers.  It only has trash data, but I think that one of the data stores will
    destroy some security blocks in the next lab.
    Lab 2b: This is the same as the computer in Lab 1c.  Alter
    the program to activate the elevator.
    Volcano Fortress Sublevel 3
            (Lab 3d)
                                 ______      __2___
                                |   XX |    |      |
                                | DXXD |    |XXDXX |
                                | X    | 2  |  X X |
                                |   X  |-*--|    X |
                                |   X  |  | |  X   |
                                |XD  D |  | |  X X |
                                |X__X__|  | |______|
                      _____   _____     __|__
                     |  X  |-|    X|   |XX   |
                     |     | |  X  | 1 |  X  |
                     |  XXX| |  X  |--*|   X |      This is the most confusing
                     |X    | |X X  | | |   X |      computer so far.  Go up and
                     |____X| |___X_| | |X____|      into the four connected areas.
                      __|__   __|__  |              Navigate down to the left one
                     |     | |X    | |              and download the data to open
                     |X    | |    X| |              the "1" security block.  Now
                     |XX   | |X X X| |              head up to the top right area
                   1 | DX  | |  X  | |              and download that data store to
                     |_X___| |___X_| |              open the last area.  Download
                                   __|__            the four data stores for a data
                                  |   X |           file and 25,000 nuyen.
                                  | X   |
                                  |XXXX |
                                  |     |
               (Lab 3e)
    All of the computers in Lab 3e are copies of others.
    Bottom Computer: same as Dark Blade Left computer, contains a data file.
    Middle Computer: same as Dark Blade Right computer, contains 5,000 nuyen.
    Top Computer: same as Matrix Systems Office computer, contains a data file and
    	12,000 nuyen.
               (Lab 3f)
               ___|___   _______
              |X      | |X      |
              | X     | | XXD   |
              |   X X | |     X |
              |  XXX  | | X   X |             Navigate down to the lower right area
              |   X   | |  XX   |             and use the data store to blow up the
              | X XX  | |X      |  ______     "1" block.  Then go into the upper
              |X     X| |      X| |   X  |    right to blow up the "2" block.  Then
              |X______| |_______| | X    |    use the program node in the final 
                  |    1    |     |  XX  |    area to activate the elevator.
                  ---|*------*----|   XP |
                 ____|____   2    |   XX |
                |         |       | X    |
                |X     X  |       |_X__X_|
                |   XX  X |
                |       X |
                |   X X   |
                |X  X X   | 
    Aneki Corporation Lobby
         |       X  |         By saving you Pushkin, you get the password to
         |  X  X X  |         destroy the security block.  Use the program node
         |  X       |         to activate the elevator.
     @-*-|  X  X  XX|
         |  X     XP|
         |    X  XX |
    Aneki Corporation 2nd Floor
    The computer in the right room is identical to northeast computer on the 2nd
    	Floor of Drake Towers.  It has the PAYMENT datafile and also deactivates
    	the Level 3 Security Node.
                                   (left room)
              3                                    |      X|
             _____                                 |XX XX D| 5
            |XD   |                                |    X X|
            |  X  |                              |-|  X X  |
            |XX X |            ___ 4             | |_______|     ____
            |_____|           |X D|              |              |XXPX|
               |              |  X|           B  |              | X  |
             2 *              | X |         ----*-              |    |
               ------------|  |   |         |  |                |XXX |
           ____|_          |*-|___|         |  |                |  X |
          | XX   |         |3               |  |        5       |    |
          |X X X |         |                |  |-------|*-------|  X |
          |  XX X|         |                |       ___|        |____|
        2 |D    X|         |                |      |X   |
          |__X_X_|         |                |      | X  |
                           |                |      |XX X|
                           |                *      |    |
                           |              B |*-----|___X|
                           |                |  ____
                           |                | | XD | 1
                         1 *              4 * |   X|
        @-------------------------------------| XXX|
                                              |    |
    Aneki Corporation 3rd Floor
             (right room)                              (left room)
    This computer is the same as             |------------|-*----------|
    the one in Volcano Lab 3d.             __|__          | 1        __|__
    It has a ton of money and             |     |         |         |     |
    the ANTI-AI file.                     |     |         |         | X   |
                                          |X XX |         |         |X   X|
                                          |   X |         |         |  XX |
                                          | X   |         |         |   X |
                                          |_____|         |         |_____|
                                          ___|___         |         ___|___
    				     |       |        |        | X     |
                                         | D   D |        *        | X   X |
                                         | XX XX |        |        | PXXXP |
                                         | D   D |        |        |   X   |
                                         |   XXX |        |        |X  P X |
                                         |XD   DX| 1      @        |   X   |
                                         |    X  |                 |    X  |
                                         | D   D |                 | PPPPP |
                                         |_XXX___|                 |_X_X___|
    				     The security block will only go away when
    				     you use the 2nd floor computer on the right
    				     side.  Go to the left, but only download
    				     the datastore marked with a 1.  It will
    				     open the second secutiry block, and you can
    				     go into the right side of the computer.
    				     I am fairly certain that the middle program
    				     node is the one which activates the 
    				     elevator, but you should just use as many
    				     as you have space for then jack out.
    Aneki Corporation 4th Floor
          (left room)                                 (right room)
    The left room is the same as           |       |
    the Volcano Lab 1c.  It activates      |  DXX  | 2
    the elevator.                          |X   X  |
                                           |      X|
                                           | XX    |
                                           |  X X X|
                                           |X      |
    				           |             2
    				                1 |            ____|____
    					______    |           |         |
                                           | X    |   |           |         |
                                           |   XX |   |           |X DX XPX |
                                        @--|  X   |---|           |         |
                                           |  X   |   |           |  D XXPX |
                                           |____X_|   |           | X       |
                                                    __|__         |  D   P X|
                                                   |    X|        |   XXX   |
                                                   |     |        |X D   P  |
                                                   | XX  |        |         |
                                                 1 |  DXX|        |___X___X_|
    					Go through the first area, then down to
    					the datastore marked 1.  It open the
    					security block to the upper area.  There
    					you can use the datastore marked 2 to
    					open the security block marked 2.  Now
    					raid the datastores for 25,000 nuyen
    					(the program nodes probably do nothing
    					since this is the next to last floor).
    Aneki Corporation 5th Floor
        (right room)                              (left room, the AI Computer)
                    ______                              _______________
                   | X   D|                            |               |
                   |   X  |                            |               |
     @---*----*----|  X   |                            |      X X      |
        *    *     |  X  D|                            |     X X X     |
      __|__  |     |_X___D|                            |XX X XXPXX X XX|
     |     | |   ________                              |     X X X     |
     |     | *1 |XXX  X  |                             | X  X XXX X  X |
     |  XX | |  |     XX |                             |       X       |
     |X X  | |--|  XX    |                             |    X     X    |
     |D X  |    |   X XX |                             |__X____X____X__|
     |D__XD|    |X    XD |                           ____|___________|____
                |   X  XX|                          |     X         X     |
      1         | XXX    |                          |    XX  X   X  XX    |
                |________|                          |    XX    X    XX    |
                  __|_____                          | X       XPX       X |
                 |     XX |                         |          X          |
                 |        |                         |  X     X X X     X  |
                 |XX   X  |                         |      X       X      |
                 |   XXX  |                         |    X           X    |
                 | XXX    |                         |_____X___X_X___X_____|
                 |___D_XX_|                                    |
    I'll tell you right away, this
    computer is just filled with              Use the first program node, then   
    nuyen.  You should be able to		  the second.  Once you have used the
    navigate the computer pretty		  second node, just jack out and watch
    easily, and you will come out		  the ending!
    with 85,000 nuyen if you get
    all of the right datastores.
    X. Conversations
    Talking to people is one of the major ways to advance the plot in this game.
    In order to make sure that you do not miss anything, just talk to EVERYONE and
    ask them about EVERYTHING you can.  If you're stuck, talk to people you haven't
    talked to for a while to see if they know anything about your new topics.
    If you don't mind getting a little leg up, here is a full list of keywords.  In
    parantheses is a person who will tell you the keyword (there may be more than
    one) and what keyword you need to ask about to learn the new one.
    Akimi (Anders, SHADOWRUNNERS)
    Anders (Steelflight, SHADOWRUNNERS)
    Aneki (Pushkin, DRAKE)
    Bremerton (Vladimir, JESTER SPIRIT)
    Calls (Sassie, TALK)
    Caryards (Gang Member, TALK)
    Cortex Bomb (Ed the Doc, TALK)
    Cyberware (Dr. Maplethorpe, TALK)
    Dark Blade (Kitsune, JESTER SPIRIT)
    Datajack (Grim Reaper Bartender, DECKER)
    Decker (Grim Reaper Bartender, SHADOWRUNNERS)
    Docks (Longhorn Jack the Boat Driver, TALK)
    Dog (Dog in Shadows, TALK)
    Drake (Heavy Dude in Caryards, TALK)
    Examination (Ed the Doc, DATAJACK)
    Firearms (Street Punk, TALK)
    Ghouls (Heavy Dude in The Cage, TALK)
    Glutman (Sassie, CALLS)
    Grinder (Grim Reaper Club Patron, TICKETS)
    Head Computer (Dr. Maplethorpe, TALK)
    Heal (Grim Reaper Busy Man, TALK)
    Hiring (Grim Reaper Bartender, SHADOWRUNNERS)
    Hitman (Street Punk, TALK)
    Ice (Wastelands Club Owner, TALK)
    Jester Spirit (Jester Spirit, TALK)
    King (Gang Member, TALK)
    Kitsune (Jagged Nails Club Manager, TALK)
    Laughlyn (Vladimir, JESTER SPIRIT after using stake twice)
    Lone Star (Grim Reaper Club Patron, GRINDER)
    Magic Fetish (Chrome Cayote the Shaman, TALK after healing him)
    Maria (Grim Reaper Club Patron, TICKETS)
    Matrix Systems (Dr. Maplethorpe, TALK)
    Mermaids (Longhorn Jack the Boat Driver, BREMERTON)
    Negotiation (Businessman in Abandoned Office, HIRING)
    Nirwanda (Vladimir, JESTER SPIRIT)
    Nuyen (Street Scum in Caryards, KING)
    Raitsov (Jetboy, MATRIX SYSTEMS)
    Rat (H'oochin'ikwa, TALK)
    Rust Stilettos (Dying Orc at Daley Station, TALK)
    Shadowrunners (Grim Reaper Bartender, HITMAN)
    Shaman (Chrome Cayote the Shaman, TALK after healing him)
    Steelflight (Anders, SHADOWRUNNERS)
    Street Doc (Grim Reaper Busy Man, HEAL)
    Strobes (Jagged Nails Club Manager, VAMPIRES)
    Talismans (Talisman Store Owner, TALK)
    The Cage (Glutman's Secretary (over phone only?), GLUTMAN)
    The Matrix (Street Kid in Caryards, TALK)
    Tickets (Grim Reaper Club Patron, TALK after giving Iced Tea)
    Vampires (Kitsune, DARK BLADE)
    Volcano (Jester Spirit, DRAKE)
    XI. Clubs and Shops
    The following list describes which shops have what, their prices, and when new
    items become available, as well as a description of the clubs.  The clubs are
    probably the biggest advantage the SNES game has over the Genesis game, since
    they are much more detailed and club-like.  The music is also way better in the
    ** Talisman Shop **
    	Talk to the shaman who owns the store for some keywords, and make sure
    	to get his number.  The stuff he sells is good, especially the stake.
    	** Stake 2500 **
    	** Black Bottle 6000 **
    	** Potion Bottles 3000 **
    ** Vivyan's Gun Store **
    	The dwarf wants you to join him in lighting your hair on fire... what
    	a crazy dude.  He has higher prices than the Dark Blade Shop, but you
    	won't be able to get in there yet.  
    	** Colt America L36 Pistol 300 **
    	** Burlitzers Finest Grenade 100 **
    	** Ares Viper Long Range Pistol 4000 **
    	** Fichetti Security 500 Light Pistol 2000 **
    	** Ruger Warhawk Heavy Pistol 9000 **
    	** Defiance T-250 Shotgun 15000 **
    	** Mesh Jacket 5000 **
    ** Dark Blade Shop **
    	The owner tells you he will have stuff later, so check the empty cases.
    	Check back after defeating the Jester Spirit, after getting to the
    	Valcano, and after defeating Drake.
    	** Defiance T-250 Shotgun 12000 **
    	** Heckler Koch 277 Assault Rifle 24000 **
    	** Uzi III Sub-Machine Gun 30000 **
    	** Ares Viper Long Range Pistol 3000 **
    	** Enfield AS-7 Assault Cannon 40000 **
    	** Fully Concealable Jacket 13000 **
    	** Partial Body Suit 20000 **
    	** Full Body Suit 30000 **
    	** Burlitzers Finest Grenade 80 **
    	** Bullet Proof Vest (not actually available...) **
    ** Doctor Maplethorpe's Office **
    	Doctor Maplethorpe's Office is not for riff-raff, so his secretary will
    	not let you in unless you have the keyword CORTEX BOMB which indicates
    	that you have business.  After removing it, the new keyword for getting
    	past the secretary is CYBERWARE, which you learn from the Doc.  The 
    	Dermal Armor is not available until after you defeat the Jester.
    	** Remove Cortex Bomb 2000 **
    	** Skill Software 3000 **
    	** Boosted Reflexes 15,000 **
    	** Dermal Armor 6000 **
    ** Grim Reaper Club **
    	This is one of the first places you should go.  There are a lot of guys
    	you need to talk to, and you can also hire Hamfist here.  It is located
    	up the street from the Dark Alley and Glutman's Office.
    ** The Cage **
    	This is where you meet Glutman, AND it is where you get to see Maria
    	Mercurial playing her concert.  She is backed up by Gavan the Guitarist
    	and Johnny the Drummer, with an anonymous keyboardist keeping some
    	rhythm.  Watch Maria do her thing for a while.
    	There is also a 'heavy dude' in the corner who will tell you about
    	You won't need to come back here after meeting Glutman, but you can
    	anyway since this is the only place Maria Mercurial will play.
    ** Sputnik Club **
    	Like the Grim Reaper Club, this is just a tiny little bar.  The guys
    	in here have less to say, but Orifice and Dances with Clams are here if
    	you want them.  Try talking to the other jerks for some fun.
    ** Wastelands **
    	This place is gaurded by an Orc who wants you to stay out, so kill him.
    	Talk to everyone here and come back frequently (you'll come back anyway
    	since most of the good runners are here).  Look for Norbert, Frogtongue,
    	and Anders, but skip Jetboy, he sucks.
    	You'll see that Gavan the Guitarist has a much more regular gig here at
    	the Wastelands.  He and Johnny the Drummer are with their buddy, Larry
    	on Guitar.  They rock.
    ** Jagged Nails **
    	The Jagged Nails club keeps referencing some guy who came in and made
    	a big ruckus.  It was Vladimir, and he went "batty" (ha ha) on the
    	dance floor when the strobe lights got too much for him.  Ever since
    	then, it is been a shadowrunners-only club.  Hence, you must prove you
    	are a good runner.
    	You can not get in until you impress the bouncer by defeating the Rust
    	Stilettos, and even then it will cost you 50 nuyen to get inside this
    	upscale club every time.  You will need to come in frequently for info,
    	items, and possibly runners if you like Steelflight.  Spatter is here,
    	but you should ignore him.
    	Kitsune is on stage singing and dancing.... and shape-shifting.  When
    	she stops moving, use the hand icon to talk to her and she will teleport
    	over to talk to you.  I wouldn't try and make a pass at her, though, 
    	since it looks like Larry on Guitar already has dibs.
    XII. A Crude Map
    This is, as I say, a crude map.  It is designed only to show you the relation
    of the various areas, NOT to show you how big they are or any details.  Some
    areas are not mapped out here because they are not difficult to describe or
    they are simply too small to bother.
    *** Seattle ***
      ________        __________                _________
     |        |      |          |              |         |
     | 10th   |      |  Daley   |              | Volcano |
     | Street |-|  |-| Station  |--helicopter--|_________|
     |________| |  | |   and    |
                |  | | Downtown |
           rail |  | |__________|
                |  |          |
                |  | rail     | boat
              __|__|___    ___|_______
             |         |  |           |
             | Oldtown |  | Bremerton |
             |_________|  |___________|
    *** 10th Street ***
                          |          |
            ________      | cemetary |
           |        |     |__________|
           | Grim   |   _______|________     ______
           | Reaper |  |                |   |      |
           | Club   |  |  10th Street   |---| The  |
           |________|  |________________|   | Cage |
                  \      /                  |______|
                 |        |  ________
                 | 1   S  | |        |
                 | 0   t  |-| office |      ________
                 | t   r  | |________|     |        |     ________
       ________  | h   e  |  ___________   | morgue |    |        |
      |        | |     e  | |           |  |________|    | Jake's |
      | dark   |-|     t  |-| Glutman's |   __|______    |________|
      |  alley | |________| |___________|  |         |   ___|___
      |________|      |                    |  The    |  |       |
                      ---------------------|  Square |--| alley |
                                           |_________|  |____   |
                                              |  __________  |  |
                                              | |          | |  |
                                              | | building | |  |                O
                                              | |__________| |__|                l
                                              |  ____|_________|__   ______      d
                                              | |                 | |      |   T T
                                              |-|    10th Street  |-| rail |-> o o 
                                                |_________________| |______|     w
    *** Oldtown ***
     |          |
     | talisman |
      ____|_____   ______
     |          | |      |
     |  street  |-| gun  |    ______    _______
     |          | | shop |   |To    |  |To 10th|
     |__________| |______|   |_Daley|  |_Street|
      __|___      _________         |  |
     |      |    |         |       _|__|_
     |  s   |    | Street  |      |      |
     |  t   |    | Doc, Ed |      | rail |
     |  r   |    |_________|      |______|
     |  e   |  ______|_    ________  |
     |  e   | |        |  | Sputnik| |         ______
     |  t   |-|  alley |  |__Club__| |        |_save_|
     |______| |________|  ___|_______|_    ______|___   _______
         |               |             |  |          | |       |
         ----------------|    street   |--| Caryards |-| Arena |
                         |_____________|  |__________| |_______|
                                            |       |
                                            | fight |
                                            | area  |
    *** Downtown Daley ***
                               |            | 
                               | Wastelands |
                               |____________|        ___________
                                ____|___   _______  |           |
                               |        | |       | | Rust      |
                               | street |-| alley |-| Stilettos |
                               |________| |_______| |_____HQ____|
               ________         __|___   _________
              |        |       |      | | To      |
              | Jagged |       |  s   | |_Oldtown_|
              | Nails  |  _    |  t   |  ____|____
              |________| |h|   |  r   | |         |
               __|_____  |o|   |  e   |-|  Rail   |
              |        | |t|   |  e   | |  Plaza  |
              | street | |e|   |  t   | |_________|
              |________|-|l|   |______|         |
      _________      |      _____|_   __________|______   ________   _______
     |warehouse|     ------|       | |                 | |        | |       |
     |_________|           | cross | |     Market      |-| street |-| Aneki |
           _|_____   ____  | road  |-|     Square      | |________| | Corp. |
          |       | |    | |_______| |_________________|       |    |_______|
          | docks |-|Dog |  _|_   ______   ____|___  |  _____  |   _______________
          |_______| |____| |   | |Drake | |        | | | Rat | |  |               |
              _|_          | s |-|Towers| |cemetary|---|_Lair| |  | Doctor        |
             |   |         | t |  ________|--------| |______   |  | Maplethorpe's |
             | d |  ______ | r | |                 | |      |  |  | Office        |
             | o |-|Matrix|| e |-|     street      |-|street|  |  |_______________|
             | c | |System|| e | |_________________| |______|  |_____|__
             | k |  _____  | t |                        |      |        |
     ______  | s | |docks|-|___|                        |      | small  |
    |      |-|___|-|alley|                           ___|___   | market |
    |  To  |___                                     |       |  |________|     
    | Bremerton|                                    | Dark  |  _________
    |__________|                                    | Blade |-|         |
                                                    |_______| | mansion |
                                                          |   |_________|
                                                       |       | 
                                                       | Gun   |
                                                       | Store |
    *** Volcano Fortress ***
    T = Troll Decker
    S = Scientist
    C = Useable Computer
    G = Sentry Gun (manned by scientists - SHOOT THE SCIENTIST!)
    Ed = Elevator Down
    Eu = Elevator Up
     ** Sublevel 0 **                                 ** Sublevel 1 **
       __________                                   ______    ______
      |          |                                 |lab_1e|  |lab_1d|
      |   _______|--Ed                          __   __|___   ___|__ 
      |__|                                     |  |-|___T__|-|____  |
      __|______                                |  |               | |
     |         |                               |  |-Eu            |_|  ___
     | helipad |                               |  |  ______        |  |l  |
     |_________|                               |  |-|lab_1a|      | |-|a  |
                                               |  |__             | | |b C|
                                               |__   |            | |-|1  |
                                                  | T|------------| | |c__|
                                                  |__|            |_|
                                          ______   _|______________|_
                                         |lab 1b|-|___________T______|-Ed
                                         |__ C__|
     ** Sublevel 2 **                                 ** Sublevel 3 **
      ______   ______                             ______
     |lab 2a|-|__    |-Eu                        |lab_3a|
     |___C__|  __|   |                        _   ___|__
              |  ____|                    S| | |-| T    |-Eu
              |_|                        __| | | |______|
      ______   |_           ______   ______  | |  ___|__   _____________
     |lab 2b| |  |         |lab 3d|-|lab_3c| | | |lab_3b| |  _T_________|      _
     |___C__| |S_|         |      |  ___|____| |  ___|__  | |  ____   _|___   _G|
       _|_______|__        |__C___|-|__________|-|______|-| |-|lab |-|lab3f|-|  |-Ed
      |            |                              ______  | | |3e C| |__C__| |_ |
     -|_______T____|                                 G    | | |_C_C|   |       G|
     |_______                                             | |__________|
     |____  G|-Ed                                         |_____________|
        ** Sublevel 4 **
     ** Maximum Security **
      |   |-Eu
      |_  |
      __| |_____   ______   ______   _______
     | G    G   |-|_Naga_|-|_Naga_|-|Gold   |
     |  T  G    |                   |_Naga__|
      ____|_____                   __________
     |   T      |                 |Dr_Pushkin|
     |          |  __S__  __S__   ___|__________
     | T     T  |  ____________  |              |
     |__________|-|____________|-|        Drake |
    XIII. Walkthrough
    Shadowrun is a very non-linear game.  You can do things in many different
    orders, except for the beginning.  Therefore, although you will find tips on how
    to complete everything there is to do, you do not necessarily have to do them
    in the order I have detailed them.  I just like this order, personally.
    Also, much of the information in this walkthrough is already explained in the
    preceding sections, such as where to get an item or how to navigate the Matrix.
    Check those sections first.
    If you are interested, here is a short list of Shadowrun slang that you may not
    know and which gets used frequently in dialogue:
    geek: to kill
    drekhead: cross between "deckhead" (anyone with a datajack) and "drek" (a swear
    Mr. Johnson: a euphemism for one who hires Shadowrunners; it suggests anonymity
    Lone Star: a police force run by the Seattle council - it does not have a lot
    	of power, but any straight-walking citizens fear them
    breeder: what orcs and trolls call humans
    chummer: sarcastic word, like "pal" or "buddy" - Ex: Get lost, chummer.
    *** Getting Started ***
    Morgue: Examine the slab you were on to find TORN PAPER.  Grab the SCALPEL and
    	the SLAP PATCH in the fridge.  Leave (don't forget to talk to the door
    	to scare the morgue guys).
    Street: A guy comes up to you and starts a conversation.  You learn HITMEN, and
    	then FIREARM by talking to him.  Follow him when you stop talking.
    Dark Alley: Grab the Beretta off the dead guy, equip it, then kill the Orc.
    	Examine the Orc's body to find a Leather Jacket, and equip that.  Then
    	go into the deepest part of the alley to meet the dog.  Learn DOG.
    	Go back to the main square.
    Square: Let the dog out of the fountain area and pick up DOG COLLAR when he runs
    	away.  Now head down to the abandoned building in front of the railway
    Building: In the first room, there is a familiar guy who is too wounded to talk.
    	Examine him to find the DOOR KEY, then take the MEMO from his desk. Now
    	head to the apartment building behind this building.
    Jake's: The third door on the right (number 6) is Jake's apartment.  Open it
    	with the DOOR KEY, then go in.  Grab the SHADES and use them, grab the
    	RIPPED NOTE and examine it to find Sassie's number, then open your
    	filing cabinet for 20 nuyen.  Don't forget to view the mysterious 
    	message from someone named Drake...
    	Head down to Glutman's office building, which is the next door down
    	from the morgue.
    *                      *
    * build-up opportunity *
    *                      *
    The two doors on the right in Jake's apartment building lead to a small room
    	that contains two heavy dudes and two mages at max, sometimes only two
    	or three of those.  You can build up karma and nuyen by fighting them,
    	and your apartment is close by for healing and saving.
    Glutman's Office: In the first door, grab the PAPERWEIGHT.  In the second,
    	ignore the secretary and go into Glutman's office.  Grab the CYBERDECK.
    	You can't use it yet, not until your datajack gets looked at.  Go to the
    	Grim Reaper Club around the corner.
    Grim Reaper: Talk to the Busy Man to learn HEAL, then ask him about HEAL to 
    	learn STREET DOC.  Talk to the bartender, who gives you an iced tea
    	when you quit talking to him.  Talk to him again after you get the drink
    	and you can ask him about HITMEN to learn SHADOWRUNNERS.  Keep asking
    	him about everything (including new words he tells you) and you will
    	end up with DECKERS, DATAJACK, and HIRING.
    	Give the ICED TEA to the Club Patron.  He will talk to you now, and if
    	you select TALK, he tells you about TICKETS.  Ask about them to learn
    	MARIA and GRINDER, then ask about Grinder to learn LONE STAR.
    	Now head to the abandoned building between Glutman's and the Grim
    Office: Find the Businessman in the last room.  If you ask him about FIREARMS,
    	he will try to sell you grenades.  Ask him about LONE STAR and he will
    	sell you a Lone Star badge for 150 nuyen.  Select the badge to use it.
    	Head back to the morgue.
    Morgue: If you use the shades and the Lone Star badge, the morgue guys will not
    	recognize you as the guy they thought was dead AND they will let you
    	look at files because they think you are a cop.  So talk to the one who
    	will listen, and ask about GRINDER.  He will open the filing cabinets.
    	Examine them both to find the TICKETS in Grinder's file and a CREDSTICK
    	as well.  Go to the cemetary, which is beyond the Grim Reaper through
    	the barred gates.
    Cemetary: Head to the last mausoleum on the left where you will hear someone 
    	calling out for help.  Use the SCALPEL to open the mausoleum (or any
    	of them, if you want to look for nuyen) and go inside.  You will find
    	a dying man.  Use the SLAP PATCH (which you should not have used on
    	yourself!) to heal him.
    	He will tell you his name is Chrome Cayote, and he's a shaman.  You will
    	learn SHAMAN and he will give you the MAGIC FETISH (which you also learn
    	as a keyword).  Chrome Cayote called to you because he sensed that you
    	were also a shaman of the Dog Spirit.  He will disappear... I wish he
    	would stick around for hiring...  Chrome Cayote is such a cooler name
    	than Dances with Clams.
    	Make sure to kill ghouls until one drops a GHOUL BONE.  Pick it up and
    	head back to your apartment.
    Jake's: Use the CREDSTICK to call Sassie on your video phone.  She will start
    	complaining and tell you about CALLS.  Ask her about CALLS to learn
    	GLUTMAN and his number.  Call Glutman to talk to his secretary, who will
    	tell you about THE CAGE when you ask about him, and I believe it 
    	triggers his presence at The Cage.  Head to The Cage.
    *                      *
    * build-up opportunity *
    *                      *
    Build up 500 nuyen near your apartment, then go to the Grim Reaper and hire
    	Hamfist.  Take him to Glutman's office and hack into his computer to
    	steal 1000 nuyen.  Also, use Hamfist to build up karma at the Cemetary
    	or the room near your apartment.
    The Cage: Give the TICKETS to the Troll Bouncer, then go into the club.  Admire
    	the rather excellent efforts of Data East to create a SNES club scene,
    	especially the charming little tune that Maria Mercurial sings.
    	Talk to the Heavy Dude to learn GHOULS, then the Shady Character, which
    	is Glutman.  He will tell you that you are in big trouble and arrange
    	to hide you from Drake.
    *                  *
    * Optional Zip Gun *
    *                  *
    Before you go to Glutman, sell your Beretta to the Businessman you got the Lone
    	Star badge from.  When you go to Glutman now, he will give you a gun,
    	which is the Zip Gun.  When you get to the Caryards, you can equip it.
    	You can not sell the Zip Gun, though, so it's not like the Zip Gun nuyen
    	plus the Beretta nuyen will get a teeny bit closer to buying anything.
    	I don't really care to do this, since it means backtracking.
    	The Zip Gun is really only to make sure that Jake has a gun when he gets
    	to the Caryards.
    *** The Caryards, Beefing Up, and the Cortex Bomb ***
    Caryards: When you wake up, go ahead and save.  Go to the larger area and talk
    	to the people there for a variety of keywords:
    	Gang Member (girl): CARYARDS, KING
    	Heavy Dude (walking): DRAKE
    	Street Kid: MATRIX
    	Street Scum: NUYEN
    	Now go to the arena where the funny-talking guy runs a Thunderdome-esque
    	venue for death matches.  Fight the first five enemies (gang member,
    	two heavy dudes, and two mages) for nuyen and karma.  Make sure to save
    	between each match.  At this point, you should be spending all your
    	karma on your body and firearm ratings.  
    	If your firearm and body ratings are both 6 or higher, fight the King
    	by asking the arena guy about KING.  If you're not there yet, fight
    	the heavy dudes and mages in the lower area of the Caryards for more
    	karma.  You should be able to take out the King with six slap patches
    	and those stats.
    	If you don't want to fight the King, give him the money he wants to
    	get out.  You can still fight him later if you want.
    	Either way, once you're out, go to Vivyan's Gun Store.
    Vivyan's: Strange name for a dwarf, but he's just as strange as his name.  If
    	you have 15,000 nuyen (which you probably don't) buy the shotgun.  If
    	you have significantly less, buy the Mesh Jacket instead.  With one or
    	the other, you can proceed back to the Caryards for more fights.
    Caryards: The Samurai and Ferocious Orc fights should be winnable with your
    	recent purchases.  If you bought the Mesh Jacket before, you should 
    	now have enough or nearly enough cash to buy the shotgun.  If you are
    	just barely there, go to Daley Station early, kill the two Orcs, and
    	fight the various enemies here (which drop way more money than the guys
    	in the Caryards).  In particular, the "hitmen" on top of buildings are
    	easy kills that drop lots of money.
    	Now that you have enough money, but the shotgun or Mesh Jacket,
    	whichever you don't have.  Now you can fight the rest of the enemies
    	in the arena.
    	I would get my firearm and body ratings to 8 each and get six more
    	slap patches to fight the Troll Decker, but the mage is easy.
    	Now that you have a lot of nuyen, it's time to spend it all.  Buy the
    	Negotiation skill from the arena guy for 1000 (ask him about
    	NEGOTIATION), buy all the items from the Talisman shop, talk to the 
    	shop owner for TALISMAN and then ask about TALISMAN to get her number.
    	Now go Ed's Patch'n'Fix, which is in the alley on the way to Vivyan's
    	and the Talisman Shop.
    Ed's Patch'n'Fix: Ed has a lame sense of humor, but it actually makes it funny
    	for the game.  Ask him about DATAJACK and he'll mention EXAMINATION.
    	Ask him about that, and he will offer to examine your datajack for
    	500 nuyen.  He does the exam, but accidentally triggers a cortex bomb
    	in your head.  He'll tell you about CORTEX BOMB and refund your money.
    	If you ask him more stuff, he will tell you about another doctor, but
    	no new keywords.  Head to Daley Station and downtown.
    Daley Station: Kill the two Orcs if you haven't already.  You will learn RUST
    	STILETTOS and find the IRON KEY.  Proceed through the market square to
    	the right, across the big street and then down the sidewalk to the
    	office of Dr. Maplethorpe.
    Dr. Maplethorpe's Office: Ask the secretary about CORTEX BOMB, then pay her
    	2000 nuyen and she will set you up for the procedure.  The doc fixes
    	you up, then tells you about CYBERWARE and HEAD COMPUTER.  Ask him about
    	the HEAD COMPUTER and Dr. Maplethorpe mentions MATRIX SYSTEMS.  Hmmm...
    	Buy the Skill Software (leadership) for 3000 nuyen.  You probably don't
    	have enough money left for the Boosted Reflexes.  If you want to be able
    	to buy the Boosted Reflexes, skip buying the stuff in the Talisman Shop
    	and you will have the nuyen for the cyberware.  You will need to go back
    	and get the stake before long though, and the various bottles you can 
    	wait on as well.  It all depends on your preferences.
    	Save at the hotel and go to the Wastelands.
    *** The Rust Stilettos, H'oochin'ikwa and the Rat ***
    Wastelands: There is much information to be learned in here, but first you must
    	kill that Orc who tries to keep you out of the club.  He is probably
    	with the Rust Stilettos, but he offers no battle cry or death speech.
    	Now ask Jetboy about MATRIX SYSTEMS to learn RAITSOV, talk to the club
    	manager to learn ICE, talk to Anders to learn AKIMI and STEELFLIGHT
    	by asking about SHADOWRUNNERS, and talk to all the runners to learn
    	stuff about the Rust Stilettos and even Drake (but no new keywords).
    	You find out that the Rust Stilettos are nearby and stirring up trouble.
    	If you're tough, head into the alley outside of the club.  If you want
    	some insurance, hire Frogtongue or Norbert to accompany you.  I would
    	actually recommend Frogtongue since he has more health and you don't
    	have the heal spell yet.
    Rust Stiletto Hideout: Kill the guys in the alley who try to turn you away, then
    	use the iron key on the door to open it.  Inside, you can cut down on
    	the damage you take by running to the edge of the screen so that fewer
    	enemies are actually on the screen.  Kill everyone in sight, then the
    	two Orcs that appear from the back room.  Make sure to collect all of
    	the nuyen that gets dropped, and the CROWBAR.  If you and your runner
    	are low on health, go ahead and save back at the hotel and heal up.
    	In the back room, just start plugging away, concentrating on the medium
    	gunners first (they have lower armor, so you can reduce the number of
    	enemies much faster than if you tried to kill the strongest first).
    	Then take out the Gang Leader and work your way down to the last guy.
    	The gang leader will tell you about DRAKE if you didn't learn it in the
    	Caryards, which means that now you know this Drake guy really has it 
    	out for you.  Grab all the nuyen and the PASSWORD near where the leader
    	died.  Save at the hotel, use your karma, and go to the Jagged Nails.
    Jagged Nails: Talk to the Club Manager to learn KITSUNE, and for 100 nuyen he 
    	will give you the number for Dr. Maplethorpe if you ask about STREET 
    	DOC.  This is really worthless since calling the doctor only gets you
    	his secretary, and she never knows when cyberware has arrived.
    	Anyway, talk to Steelflight about SHADOWRUNNERS to learn about ANDERS,
    	then go over near the stage.  Use your hand icon to talk to Kitsune
    	when she reaches the lowest point of her walk, then she will teleport
    	over to talk to you.
    	She knows you already!  She tells you that she is also allied with the
    	Dog Spirit, who sent her to heal you when you were almost killed by the
    	Rust Stilettos (before you woke up in the morgue).  If you ask her about
    	DOG, she gives you Enchanted Leaves, which is the last item you need in
    	order to talk to the Dog Spirit.  Go to the docks now.
    Docks: First head down to talk to the boatman, Longhorn Jack so you can learn
    	the word DOCKS.  Then go into the first warehouse, which turns out to
    	be the humble offices of Matrix Systems, the makers of your head 
    	computer and cortex bomb.  Hack into their computer for 2000 nuyen and
    	a datafile that reveals more about your role in this whole story.
    	Now go to next area and go in the second door.  This is the lair of
    	H'oochin'ikwa, the Dog Spirit.  If you don't have the GHOUL BONE, the
    	DOG COLLAR, and the LEAVES, he will tell you to gather more items to 
    	prove yourself.  Otherwise, he will tell you that you have one more test
    	to show him that you are a dedicated Dog Shaman: kill the Rat Shaman.
    	Go to the Rat Shaman's lair, which is reached from the little alley at
    	the bottom of the big market square.
    	Also, you will get the Heal spell because you have the LEAVES, which 
    	are the only component, but you won't get anything else until after
    	killing the Rat Shaman.  A good idea would be to build up seven or eight
    	karma on the Docks, then upgrade both your Heal spell and your magic
    Rat Lair: The giant rats are very annoying.  They run on and off the screen and
    	shoot crap at you.  I would have your target near the edge of the screen
    	ready to zero in on the rats as they come near.  If you get too low on
    	life before reaching the end of the second tunnel (always bear right), 
    	use Heal or use the hotel.  
    	Enter the Rat Shaman's lair, kill the first two rats, then go for the
    	Shaman.  He will cast Freeze sometimes, especially if you bring a runner
    	so be wary.  Otherwise, he is wimpy.  When he dies, the Jester Spirit 
    	will rise from his body and talk to you.  You learn JESTER and he laughs
    	at you, daring you to find his real lair.  Kill the last two rats and
    	save before heading back to H'oochin'ikwa.
    	Also, if you take Kitsune to fight the Rat Shaman and she lives, she
    	will stay with you for the rest of the game.
    Docks: H'oochin'ikwa tells you all about your destiny and alludes to other
    	things, but will not tell you new keywords.  He will give you any spells
    	for which you have collected all the components, and he will also tell
    	you what components you need.  You should already have what you need
    	for POWERBALL.  Now you need to go back to the Jagged Nails Club.
    *** Dark Blade and the Jester Spirit ***
    Jagged Nailes: Ask Kitsune about JESTER to learn about DARK BLADE.  Dark Blade
    	is a club for vampires, and if you ask Kitsune about it, she will tell
    	you about VAMPIRES.  
    	Now ask the Club Manager about VAMPIRES and he will tell you about
    	STROBES and how they make vampires go blind.
    	If you ask the other Club Manager (the one who doesn't talk much) about
    	STROBES, she lets you have the STROBES item.
    	Now call the Talisman Shop owner and ask her about DARK BLADE.  She
    	gives you the number for the Dark Blade Club.  Call them, and ask the
    	guy who answers about MAGIC FETISH.  He thinks his boss will be
    	interested in buying it, and he opens the gates to the club.
    	If you do not have the STAKE, go to the Talisman Shop to buy it, then
    	go to the Dark Blade Club which is down from the market square through
    	the fancy gates.
    Dark Blade Club: You can proceed one of two ways.  If you want a little bit of
    	extra karma, run past the guy who is standing watch.  He'll attack you
    	and you can kill him.  Then go into the room on the left, where there 
    	will be computers and samurai warriors, and I think a mage.  Kill them
    	and hack the computers for a file on the Jester Spirit and 10,000
    	If you want to meet Vladimir right away, talk to the watchman instead.
    	Ask him about MAGIC FETISH and he will let you go without attacking.
    	When you go into the room on the left, a man is waiting.  Talk to him;
    	it's Vladimir.  He is really creepy and obviously a vampire.  He wants
    	the MAGIC FETISH in return for info about the Jester Spirit.  Give him
    	what he wants, then ask him about JESTER SPIRIT.  He tells you about
    	BREMERTON where Jester is hiding and NIRWANDA, the Jester's true name.
    	With this, you can control the Jester Spirit... or can you?
    	Vladimir runs away (through the wall!), so you can hack his computers
    	now.  Now clear out the room on the right and grab the BRONZE KEY off
    	the bookshelf.  Use it in the kitchen to open the bronze gate.  The 
    	next part you may want to have a runner or two to back you up for.
    	Go down into the crypt area.  There are ghouls here, but just run past
    	them onto the next screen.  Here, turn down and head to the edge of the
    	screen.  You will see a staircase going down.  This leads to Vladimir's
    	lair, while the crypt passage itself leads to a dead-end on the next
    	In Vladimir's Lair, you have to fight four ghouls who are very close to
    	you.  The best thing is to have two or more runners to blast them quick.
    	When they are dead, use the STROBE item when Vladimir approaches you.
    	He will go blind and stand in place, freaking out.  Use the STAKE on
    	him, and he will start talking.  
    	If you didn't meet him upstairs, you can still find out about BREMERTON
    	and NIRWANDA, but something is fishy.  Exit the conversation, use the
    	STAKE again, and when you ask about JESTER now, Vladimir confesses that
    	the Jester's TRUE true name is LAUGHLYN (there are context clues 
    	throughout the game warning you that Vladimir is a liar).  He begs you
    	to let him go, but if you use the STAKE one more time you can kill him
    	and take his 5000 nuyen and some karma.
    	From here, you can go to Longhorn Jack again at the docks and ask him
    	about BREMERTON to learn MERMAIDS, but this is not necessary.  He won't
    	drive to Bremerton until the mermaids leave the docks, and the mermaids
    	won't leave until the water gets cold.  You don't actually need to get
    	the keywords to accomplish this next part, but whatever.
    	Go to the Wastelands.
    Wastelands: There is a businessman in the corner now.  Talk to him about ICE 
    	and he will make a delivery for 100 nuyen.  Tell him you want it taken
    	to the DOCKS (which drives away the mermaids).  Go to the docks.
    *                      *
    * build-up opportunity *
    *                      *
    The best way to build up in this game is in the crypt full of ghouls in the 
    	Dark Blade Club.  What you can do is stand behind one of the coffins in
    	a certain spot (you can find it pretty easy) where the ghouls will not
    	be able to get at you.  They just run into the coffin.  Shoot away. 
    	The ghouls don't shoot at you, and they give karma pretty regularly.
    	There is a big danger though.  The ghouls can start spawning at a fast
    	rate, and if they do, they might stack up.  If they stack up really
    	far, the last one will be able to walk over the crypt all of a sudden
    	or around it and get at you.  The ghouls are quite deadly, so this is
    	a major caution.
    	If you want to make this process both FAST and SAFE, the best thing to
    	do is to hire Frogtongue, Norbert, and Anders.  Take them into the crypt
    	and they will tear ghouls to smithereens.  Because you are a large party
    	the ghouls may get at you easier, but you will have plenty of time to
    	heal anyone who gets hit.  If you have maxed out leadership, the runners
    	will stay for a long time (something like forty-ish minutes of real 
    	time assuming you stay in the crypt the whole time).  Anders will leave
    	first, but the other two will stay for a good while after that, and
    	they are strong enough to keep the strategy going.  In this way, you
    	can rack up anywhere between 70 and 100 karma easily, probably more if
    	you actually wait for the runners to leave before stopping.  
    Docks: Go to the little tiny dock that is below the door to H'oochin'ikwa's 
    	lair.  There will be some MERMAID SCALES there.  Go into the last
    	warehouse door and kill the Octopus (it is disguised as a woman).  Use
    	the BLACK BOTTLE (if you bought it at the Talisman Shop) to pick up the
    	ink.  With these two things, you can go to teh Dog Spirit to receive
    	the Freeze spell.
    	Now go to see Longhorn Jack.  Kill the Orc there, and then grab his
    	EXPLOSIVES.  Pay Jack 1000 nuyen for the boat, then take it to
    Bremerton: Go along the deck, killing the gang members along the way.  Go up
    	the stairs at the end and double back along the upper deck.  Kill the
    	dog, collect the DOG TAG, and use the CROWBAR on the door to open the
    Ship: Use the switch on the wall (the little white box) to open the door on the
    	lower level.  Shoot the oozes, then go down and through the door.  On
    	the next screen, take the path that goes to the left of the screen. 
    	You will go over the first room and then down many flights of stairs.
    	Kill the Orc in the room at the bottom of the stairs, take his SAFE KEY
    	and open the safe.  In it is a DETONATOR (which automatically combines
    	with the EXPLOSIVES to make a TIMEBOMB) and a BROKEN BOTTLE.  The bottle
    	used to contain a dissolving agent for toxic substances... hmm...
    	Go back up the stairs, and now take the path to the right.  Kill any
    	enemies in your way, and head down or straight through the little
    	crossway.  You will end up in a room with a grey ooze.  Kill it, then
    	use the POTION BOTTLES on the toxic water it leaves behind.  (Whenever
    	you want to, go back to the square in front of the morgue to bottle some
    	water from the fountain.  These are the two components for the
    	INVISIBILITY spell).  There is a path that leads down; take it.
    	Go down the first two sets of stairs.  On the third, there is a switch.
    	Press it to get a message about the Airlock closing.  Now go back up
    	and use the switch there to flood the compartment.  You will hear some
    	screams.  Press the switch again to flush the water, then go down, use
    	the original switch to open the Airlock, then go all the way down to
    	find several bodies (invincible Orcs who will make you very mad if you
    	ever try to actually fight them).  Use the TIMEBOMB on the safe, then
    	go out of the room.  I don't know if you die by staying in, but I 
    	wouldn't want to find out.  Take the GREEN BOTTLE.
    	Go back to the crosspath where you killed an Orc.  Go to the upper
    	path with two doors.  Take the FIRST door, the one that goes up and
    	left.  You will have to fight a gang member, but the other way is an
    	invincible ooze that stuns you.
    	Continue around until you get to a room with a long path and two oozes
    	at the end.  You can't shoot them, so use the GREEN BOTTLE to dissolve
    	them.  Go to the left and use the first switch to open the door to the
    	next room.  Use one of the switches at the end of the path; they will
    	deactivate some mines in the next room.
    	In the next room, you probably deactivated the mines, which means they
    	blow up right away instead of as you walk over them.  Walk into the 
    	portal at the end of the room.
    Jester's Lair: Kill the ghoul who spawns, then kill the Naga.  Go up and around
    	to the next area where you must run past a bunch of bubbly piles that
    	shoot crap at you like the rats in the Rat Shaman's lair.  In the last
    	room (which is big) you need to be careful.  The Jester Spirit is very
    	powerful and can damage you very badly.  You should dodge him while he
    	is juggling and throwing, but when he is out of magic balls, shoot at
    	him.  Eventually, he will say something to you, and at that point you
    	need to use the hand icon to start a conversation.
    	Ask him about LAUGHLYN to win the challenge he made back at the Rat
    	Shaman's lair (I have never bothered to find out what happens when you
    	ask him about NIRWANDA instead).  Now ask him about DRAKE to learn
    	about the VOLCANO where Drake keeps his lair.  From H'oochin'ikwa, you
    	know that Drake is a "serpent that walks like a man."  Serpent? Volcano?
    	Sounds like a dragon... bummer...
    	Anyway, the Jester will tell you that you can only call on his powers
    	once, so use wisely (use him on Drake).  After quitting the conversation
    	make sure to grab the little mask, then go through the portal that 
    	appears to warp to the docks.
    	At this point, the partial body suit is available in the Dark Blade
    	Gun Shop and the dermal armor is available at Maplethorpe's.  You may
    	want to upgrade your weapon to the Heckler Koch 277 Assault Rifle, if
    	you have enough money (you will after Drake Towers), but you won't 
    	actually need a better gun until you fight Drake.
    	You also have all the spell components now except the Naga Scales, so
    	you can get every spell except Armor from the Dog Spirit.
    	Go get what you want, build up at the crypt if you want to, save, and
    	go to Drake Towers.
    *** Drake Towers ***
    Drake Towers: In the lobby, hack into the computer on the desk.  You have the
    	PASSWORD from the Rust Stiletto boss, so the security block goes away.
    	Use the program node to activate the elevator.
    	From here, each floor is the same.  There are a bunch of guys, mostly
    	samurai warriors but a mage too.  When you kill them, you need to hunt
    	around the office for hackable computers.  One of them will activate
    	the elevator, the others will have nuyen, datafiles, and some even have
    	codes for other computers that you need to download.  
    	You can either go in to each floor, cast Invisibility and then kill
    	everyone at will, or you can hire runners and try to take them on like
    	a man.  If you try to fight them all straight up by yourself, you may
    	not take a lot of damage (especially with dermal armor and partial body
    	suit) but you will get stunned by bullets and take forever to kill 
    	all the guys.  I say, use magic or extra muscle.
    	If you have Kitsune with you, cast Invisibility on her instead, then
    	use her Summon Spirit spell to wreak havoc on the enemies.  Two times
    	should kill everyone.  The Invisibility spell on Kitsune is to protect
    	her in case a samurai just won't die.
    	On the roof, destroy the sentry guns, then talk to the helicopter pilot
    	about VOLCANO to make him take you there.
    *** The Volcano Fortress ***
    Fortress: Like Drake Towers, this consists of using computers to activate 
    	elevators to get to harder levels.  The floors are a lot bigger, so use
    	the map section and the Matrix section to navigate the area and hack
    	the computers.  
    	The Troll Deckers are not really that difficult to deal with unless you
    	have Kitsune with you.  I would bring another two runners to back her
    	up, and use her as the primary healer.
    	When you are ready to storm the last floor and kill Drake, make sure
    	you have a LOT of magic.  At least 15, but 20 goes farther.  If you are
    	bringing runners in with you, you should always run past all enemies
    	and only heal when someone is really low.  You need to conserve magic
    	for the lowest level.
    	When you get to the last floor (sublevel 4), you should take a moment
    	to prepare for a big fight.  The little area outside the elevator is
    	safe, so cast Invisibility on your whole party and then go into the
    	middle of all the enemies there to kill them all.  Now you can go right
    	to kill a bunch of Nagas and finally a Gold Naga (which drops the Naga
    	Scales, the last component for Armor), but I think the Trolls and guns
    	respawn if you do.
    	So I recommend going down (since Armor is kind of redundant).  There are
    	three trolls in this room; kill them.  The first one might catch you
    	by surprise, but you can probably kill him before he kills a runner
    	(if you are alone, he's easy).  Creep over to kill the next one before
    	moving far enough to see the third.  When they are all dead, go into
    	the corridor near the far right corner.
    	There are two scientists throwing grenades at you.  Kill them, then
    	completely heal up before going into Drake's room.
    	As I discussed in the Enemies section, using Freeze is the best idea.
    	If Drake ever breathes fire on you, pray that it doesn't do 20 damage
    	per flame.
    	Freeze and shoot, freeze and shoot.  You can refreeze before the last
    	one thaws, so that way Drake will never get another shot in.  Also, if
    	you use the Jester Spirit, it will wait until Drake thaws, then Drake
    	will stop attacking while the Jester abuses him.  When the Jester 
    	finishes, you better Freeze Drake again (you can shoot at Drake the	
    	entire time that the Jester is attacking).
    	Armor is also useable for this purpose (so that you don't take damage)
    	and I have heard that Powerball can do a lot of damage.  However, I
    	prefer to conserve my magic for more reliable spells than Powerball and
    	I hate going to get the Naga Scales.  Ergo, I use Freeze.
    	After Drake dies, he will turn to stone and the screen will go dark,
    	then come back (don't panic, it's not your SNES crashing!).  Go in the
    	door on the left to meet Dr. Pushkin.  Ask him about DRAKE to learn
    	that Drake was hired by the ANEKI corporation.  By this point, you
    	should know that Aneki has developed a powerful AI program that will
    	help him rule the Matrix and the entire world, but Matrix Systems has
    	an Anti-AI program that can kill it (that's what is in your head).
    	After you stop talking to Pushkin, he gives you the password to get in
    	to the Aneki Corporation (I think he is a mole within their company; 
    	that's how Raitsov found out about the AI program and that's why Pushkin
    	has all the info and passwords).  Go there, but buy the Assault Cannon
    	at the Dark Blade Gun Shop first, and the full body suit if you want it.
    *** The Aneki Corporation ***
    Aneki Corporation: This is just like Drake Towers, except now you have two parts
    	to each floor.  The nuyen you steal is mostly useless since this is the
    	last level and the only thing left to buy is the full body suit.  
    	The rooms to the right always have data files and nuyen in their 
    	computers, while the rooms on the left have the elevator programs in 
    	There are Orcs, Mages, and Samurai in all these rooms.  I would
    	use magic as a first attack, like Invisibility and Summon Spirit.
    	You can bring runners, too, but this means using lots more magic and
    	backtracking to recharge at the hotel.  Really they are not very hard.
    	On the 5th floor, the left room is the resting place of the AI Computer.
    	Use the Matrix section to get through it, download the program, and
    	initiate the end sequence.
    	The end is really good, enjoy it.  And ignore the reference to
    	Shadowrun II, that is just a joke like "Oh, I'm the bad guy and I'll be
    	back more times than Jacquio from Ninja Gaiden!"
    XIV. Story Summary
    It can be quite confusing while you are playing to actually piece together what
    happens in the storyline.  So here is a spoiler; DO NOT READ IT IF YOU DON'T 
    *** The Matrix War ***
    The Matrix holds all the bank accounts, security codes, and important
    information that matters to the powerful world players in the Shadowrun setting.
    Hence, if a company could control the entire Matrix, they would pretty much run
    the entire world.  To do so would probably mean hiring an army of the best
    deckers available, but how would one control them?  How could you trust them?
    But the Aneki corporation found a way around this problem.  They designed the
    ultimate decker, one that lives inside the Matrix itself and has the mental 
    capacity of thousands of mortals as well as more speed than any normal decker
    could ever hope for: the Artificial Intelligence Program.  With this program,
    Aneki and his corporate pals would be the masters of Earth.
    But another cyber-company has picked up on their game.  Matrix Systems, run by
    a man named Raitsov, has developed a special program that can kill the AI
    program.  However, Raitsov is just a computer programmer, and his company does
    not have the kind of money Aneki has.  So in order to actually get his program
    inside the Aneki Corp mainframe, he sets up a shadowrun.  A courier will bring
    the program to Dr. Pushkin, who I believe is like a double agent in the Aneki
    *** The Courier ***
    Who is this courier?  Well, up until a few days before this shadowrun, Jake 
    Armitage was just hanging out with his girlfriend Sassie and drinking delicious
    iced teas.  But when Raitsov approached him with this deal, Jake decided it was
    time to go into the Shadowrun business.
    So Jake got fitted with a head computer that would hold the Anti-AI program, 
    and presumably Raitsov installed it.  Unbeknownst to Jake, Raitsov also put a
    cortex bomb in his head in order to destroy any evidence of the program should
    Jake fail to deliver it to Pushkin or fall into Aneki's hands.
    *** What Went Wrong ***
    But Raitsov is a fool.  He hired a single courier and also in some way hired
    the humble services of Glutman (Glutman is possibly the middle man.  Raitsov
    goes to Glutman looking for a runner, Glutman knows a guy who might work out -
    Jake).  In any event, if that is all Raitsov can afford, Aneki will be able to
    buy a whole army of goons.  And he does.  When Aneki finds out about Matrix
    Systems' move to destroy his company's plan, he hires Drake the Dragon for
    10,000,000 nuyen.  He wants Drake to get the program, kill the courier, and
    wipe Matrix Systems off the face of Seattle.  He also offers to bring Drake
    within his company, since having a powerful dragon gangster on your side is
    always a good thing.  Drake just has to prove himself in this run.
    But Drake lives inside a volcano and doesn't much like leaving his fortress.
    So he figures he can easily hire out another group to do the work for him, at
    a fraction of the price he will get from Aneki.  As long as he doesn't tell the
    gang how important this shadowrun is, he can keep the price pretty low and 
    pocket the difference.  
    So Drake hires the dumbest gang he can find, The Rust Stilettos, and promises 
    to provide them with enough weapons to dominate the downtown area where they
    hang out.  All they have to do is kill this one guy and ruin another guy's 
    office down at the docks.  So the Rust Stilettos take the run, they go down to
    the docks, and clean out Matrix Systems.  But Jake and Raitsov are already on
    their way.  So they track them down in the 10th Street slums and kill both Jake
    and Raitsov.  The only mistake they make is that they do not know they are 
    supposed to get the courier's head back to Drake for program analysis!  The
    program was gone from the Matrix Systems office, but the Rust Stilettos gang
    didn't know that was what they were looking for.
    Well, it doesn't really matter because Jake is dead anyway, right?
    *** The Unsuspecting Shaman ***
    As it turns out, Jake is a Shaman.  He is fundamentally connected to the Earth
    and its spirit.  His kindred spirit is H'oochin'ikwa, the Dog Spirit.  Dog is a
    loyal and good spirit, which is probably why Jake agreed to take a shadowrun
    that had altruistic tones.
    So when Jake gets hit by the Rust Stilettos and is lying in the street about to
    die, Dog sends another of his servants to help Jake: Kitsune.  She makes it 
    there just in time to heal his wounds before the morgue guys find Jake and take
    him away.  The morgue guys leave him for dead, but then Jake wakes up, feeling
    XV. Acknowledgements
    Thanks to FASA Corporation for their wonderful game, and Data East for their
    development to the SNES.
    Also, thanks to Jimbo who got me into role-playing in the first place.
    Finally, thanks to my wife for tolerating my SNES habit; I can't kick this one!
    XVI. Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    Copyright 2005, Mike Jenista
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission.  Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders. 

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