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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Lord Zero

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                        Shadowrun Perfect Guide
                              By Lord Zero
                               Version 1.1
    1.- File History.
    2.- Introduction.
    3.- History.
    4.- About this File.
    5.- Characters.
    6.- Manual.
    7.- Shadowruners.
    8.- Walkthrough.
    9.- Magic.
    10.- Item List.
    11.- Weapon and Armor List.
    12.- Skills.
    13.- Frequently Asked Questions.
    14.- Credits.
    15.- Legal Stuff.
    1.- File History.
    - 0.1 Start of the guide. Done until section 8. (31/03/2002, 22:03)
    - 1.0 File finished, and ready to send. (09/04/2002, 00:53)
    - 1.1 A few corrections added, thanks to TMola. (04/11/2004, 10:18)
    2.- Introduction.
    Shadowrun is a graphic adventure RPG released by the guys from Data East
    in 1993, based (Or so I remember) in a pen and paper RPG module back
    from 1989. A futuristic cyber punk adventure in Seattle, starring Jake
    Armitage (another funny name).
    The game is a mix between old-school RPG in the sense of how you develop
    your character, choosing his skills and advantages, and some adventure
    in the sense of how you actually work the game. It has even real-time
    combat. Is surprisingly deep and interesting for its time. The history
    line and its philosophy is also very impressive: pure cyber punk and
    no-future ideas, the very escence of this underground belief. You might
    pick up some similarities with the 1999 movie "The Matrix", with
    the movie "Strange Days" from 1995 (Though this movie isn't exactly as
    punk as the others). Also, the atmosphere is very much like the
    "Terminator" series, an icon of the cyber punk.
    Even so, there are dwarves, elves, and the such running around in a
    futuristic city, car cementeries, dragons, hi-tech weapons and, guess
    what, helicopters. We all know that in 2050 there won't be flying
    cars. Well. Most likely. So there are helicopters. And 80's jackets.
    I picked up this game and decided to write a guide for several reasons.
    I was startled when I found only four or five guides for a game this well-
    known. While correct, I think there is still room for another one. So I
    opened up the Wordpad, and began writing.
    3.- History.
    ...The year is 2050...
    And the megaplexes are monsters casting long shadows. When you become a
    shadowrunner that's where you live... in the cracks between the giant
    cooperate structures. The megacorps are powerful in a time when power
    means information... ...computer information flowing in the global network
    called the Matrix.
    Your name is Jake Armitage. For some reason, someone named Drake sent
    a gang of hitmen to take you out. But, on the verge of death, someone
    saves your life. Still, unconsciouss, the coroners take you to the
    morgue. Thinking you're dead.
    Some time later, you feel the air heavy. You open your eyes and
    everything's dark. You feel yourself inside a box, so you push yourself,
    and get out. Now, you are out to get the one who bothered you.
    4.- About this File.
    This guide is best view in 800x600. Yay. That's a good resolution if your
    computer isn't one of those with brain and wings. Like mine.
    I may translate this guide if I have time into spanish.
    But i doubt it. It needs time (which I lack), and wits (which I also
    lack). Sorry ^_^. f you want me to do so, then, so be it. Let me know.
    I want this guide to be the greatest guide ever written for this game.
    I'm greedy lately. But I want it to be it. So any information will be
    appreciated, as well as suggestions, corrections, insults, and the such
    to dskzero@yahoo.com. If you want, of course.
    Also, the game mentions a possible Shadowrun II. I've heard there is a
    PC port of this module, but I never heard of Datasoft or Wiz Works Co.
    about this game (or from FASA, Wiz Works or Data East again for that
    matters). While Data East was a well known developer once, I haven't
    heard much about them lately. So, don't question me about it. I don't
    really know. But any info would be great, from any of the issues
    Finally, this game is short, but is very challenging. Don't be
    discouraged, and be patient. Good luck!
    5.- Characters.
    Jake: (Armitage) The main character. Not much on the way of personality
    as he is the main guy. Has a girlfriend, Sassie, and his life before
    being shot is a mystery.
    Kitsune: A Half-Fox, Half-Woman, who acts every day and every night in
    the Jagged Nails night club, though the bartended says it's just a
    cover-up for her to look for works, for she is a Shadow Runner. She is
    the one who saves Jake at the start, and becomes very fond of him later
    in the game.
    Drake: A... someone, the one who sent the hitmen after you. He is,
    whoever, just a minion of a much more powerful person, who's looking
    to control the Matrix. His whereabouts are unknown, though he owns
    a gigantic tower in daley.
    Dog: A powerful entity who claims to control your destiny. He will
    help you on your vengance, while keeping you on the limits of
    humanity, watching over your behaviour.
    Glutman: Local mafia leader. Seems to owe Jake a favor, so he will
    send him far until things calm down. Lives in the Tenth Street,
    though stays on the Cage the whole game.
    Rust Stilletos: A band of thugs from daley. They are the ones who
    take on Jake at the start. You find some of them in the train
    station, and they will threat you, revealing their association with
    6.- Manual.
    Shadowrun is a simple game to play, but somewhat confusing.  The basic
    controls are:
    A: Shows the crosshair and takes out your gun. Point at something and
    press the button again to shoot.
    B: Shows the glove. Use this to examinate stuff, to pick up, and the
    such. You may need to get close to the object you are examinating (like
    the Nuyen thrown in the floor). If you use it on the Shadow Runner,
    it will show several orders (Magic, and Target, both self explanatory).
    X: Shows the grey hand. Use this to cast the spell you have currently
    Y: Opens the character menu.
    L: Opens doors when you point it with the glove.
    R: Pick up stuff when you point it with the glove.
    The Character Menu is pretty self explanatory. You can examinate, use
    and give stuff. You can also see your skills and cyber skills, as well
    your current status.
    Your character has several atributtes: BODY, which counts your HP.
    Every level of it are 10 hit points.  Goes up to 20.
    STRENGHT, which allows you to use better armors. The more strenght,
    the better armors you can use. Goes up to 6.
    CHARISMA, which allows you to hire more shadowrunners. For each two
    points, it allows you to carry an aditional mercenary. Goes up to 6.
    MAGIC, which counts your MP. Every level of it are 10 MP. Goes up to
    Controls in the Matrix are sort of different.
    A: Executes "Transfer.exe".
    Receives data from blocks or arrows. The arrows gives you
    "Phonebooks" (I am yet to find some use to it), and the blocks
    give you eventually information, nuyen from the owner's account,
    or activate something. You have a limited storage for information
    (no CDs or DVDs. More like 5 1/4 diskettes' capacity), which won't
    be problematic mostly, but sometimes can be an issue.
    B: Executes "Combat.exe".
    Either combats with angry ICs (IC are like units of capacity. In some
    blocks, there will be damaging ICs, which will take life away). For
    some reason, this program takes life from you, so don't go around
    pressing it like there is not tommorrow. It also destroys the blocks
    linked to the arrows if you have the password needed. (You will know it)
    (Most likely, I will tell you)
    X: Jacks out of the Matrix. Literally, you get the hell out of it.
    Y, L, R: Nothing!
    When you enter a dialog with an NPC, you will be treated to a different
    scene. It will show Jake and the person you are talking to. You can
    TALK, ASK ABOUT... and EXIT. Use talk to set the conversation. ASK
    ABOUT will show you several matters to talk about. Things the person
    mentions in BOLD letters are IMPORTANT, and will appear on the ASK ABOUT
    menu to be asked later. Take note of what people say. If they have
    nothing to say about something (or, probably, if you don't have enough
    charisma), they will say something stupid, or offensive. You will
    know when it happens. You don't need to talk to everybody, but it
    certainly helps, as talking will open most of the way for you.
    Battle in Shadowrun is complicated, Magic is very useful on it. Spells
    like Armor, Invisibility and Summon Spirit can change the tide of
    battle. While running around could be a good strategy as hitting a
    moving target is indeed much harder than an static one, is too much of
    a hassle to keep a routine of hit and run for battle.
    And, I repeat, be patient. The game will go on smooth if you do.
    7.- Shadow Runners.
    Shadow Runners are NPCs which can be hired for money at various places
    in the game. They are used most of the time to attract enemy fire, and
    for aditional firepower, but they have useful abilities which may come
    in handy sometimes. They are not essential in the game to beat it, but
    they can help, and their actions could be invaluable sometimes.
    There are three kinds of SR, DECKERS (the hackers), MERCS (the fighters),
    and the MAGES (duh).
    NOTE: The price I note is without Negociation skill. With max skill, it
    can lower up to 25% of the full price.
    |                                                                       |
    | DECKERS:                                                              |
    | Deckers are used to hack into computer systems. They are also good    |
    | fighters, but they are not really that useful as their computer       |
    | skill isn't exactly great, and you can ussually do their work.        |
    |                                                   |
    | HAMFIST (Race: Orc. Fee: 500)                     |
    | LOCATION: Grim Reaper Club.                       |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 3 Magic 0 Strenght 4 Charisma 4. |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 1 Armed Combat 1 Computer 3.      |
    | EQUIPMENT: T-250 Defiance Shotgun, Mesh Jacket.   |
    Hamfist is the first Shadow Runner available, at a very reasonable price.
    His weapon is amazing and will help you a lot in the start of the game,
    while he is inmediatly able to hack into Glutman's computer to get the
    money much earlier while you work in your stats.
    |                                                   |
    | JET BOY (Race: Human. Fee 1000)                   |
    | LOCATION: Wastelands.                             |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 3 Magic 0 Strenght 3 Charisma 1. |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 2 Armed Combat 1 Computer 3.      |
    | EQUIPMENT: Beretta Pistol, Mesh Jacket.           |
    Jet Boy is, honestly, the WORST Shadow Runner in the game. He has
    worse stats than Hamfist, appears much later in the game, and it's even
    more expensive. Don't waste your money on him.
    |                                                     |
    | STEELFLEET (Race: Elf. Fee 5000)                    |
    | LOCATION: Jagged Nails Club.                        |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 10 Magic 0 Strenght 4 Charisma 2.  |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 4 Computer 6.                       |
    | EQUIPMENT: Ruger Warhawk Heavy Pistol, Mesh Jacket. |
    Steelfleet is the best decker, hands down. For 5000 nuyen, he better
    is, nonetheless. He has good equipment, and is very resistant, while
    he has maximum Computer skill, and good firearms. Unfortunately, it's
    gonna be hard that you need a Decker by the moment, and for the
    fighting, the Mercs are much better.
    |                                                                       |
    | MERCENARIES:                                                          |
    | Mercs are the plain fighters of the group. They all pack good weapons |
    | tend to die easily, and their work is just to fight, not to help.     |
    | They might tend to leave you earlier than the others.                 |
    |                                                   |
    | ORIFICE (Race: Orc. Fee: 500)                     |
    | LOCATION: Sputnik Club.                           |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 4 Magic 0 Strenght 4 Charisma 1. |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 4 Armed Combat 1.                 |
    | EQUIPMENT: T-250 Defiance Shotgun, Mesh Jacket.   |
    Orifice is very much like Hamfist. There isn't much I can complain about
    him since is almost like him, but I think that there should be more for
    it, and by the time another Shadow Runner should do better.
    |                                                   |
    | NORBERT (Race: Dwarf. Fee: 2000)                  |
    | LOCATION: Wastelands.                             |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 6 Magic 0 Strenght 5 Charisma 2. |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 8.                                |
    | EQUIPMENT: Uzi III SMG, Mesh Jacket.              |
    Norbert is one of the best Shadow Runners for the money you invest. He
    has a very powerful weapon, and great Firearm skill, but he is easily
    killed due to his low HP and so-so armor and strenght. Still, he is
    a good choice.
    |                                                     |
    | ANDERS (Race: Human. Fee: 1000)                     |
    | LOCATION: Wastelands.                               |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 5 Magic 0 Strenght 5 Charisma 6.   |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 10 Unarmed Combat 6 Armed Combat 6. |
    | EQUIPMENT: Uzi III SMG, Mesh Jacket.                |
    Anders is a very useful Shadow Runner since he is cheap and powerful.
    Has the same equipment as Norbert, but is more vulnerable, combined
    with hellish skills. Again, he can be killed quite easily if you don't
    take care of him, and is very erratic on his way of leaving (He tends
    to leave earlier than any other character).
    |                                                     |
    | FROGTONGUE (Race: Orc. Fee: 1500)                   |
    | LOCATION: Wastelands.                               |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 7 Magic 0 Strenght 5 Charisma 1.   |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 8 Armed Combat 5.                   |
    | EQUIPMENT: HK 277 Assault Rifle, Bullet Proof Vest. |
    Frogtongue is quite possibly the best Shadow Runner there, since he
    is very resistant and powerful. Has the best weapon for a partner,
    and has good skills. Furthermore, has a top armor. He is my choice for
    help, since he will need very little protection.
    |                                                                       |
    | MAGES:                                                                |
    | Mages are the spells casting partners of the group. They are very weak|
    | but they can be really useful with their moves. They are also pretty  |
    | loyal, keeping their contract long and useful.                        |
    |                                                                    |
    | JANGADANCE (Race: Human. Fee: 1500)                                |
    | LOCATION: Grim Reaper Club.                                        |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 3 Magic 4 Strenght 3 Charisma 3.                  |
    | SKILLS: Firearm 1 Armed Combat 1 Leadership 1 Negociation 2.       |
    | EQUIPMENT: Fichetti Long Pistol, Mesh Jacket.                      |
    | SPELLS: Powerball 2 Heal 2 Armor 2.                                |
    |                                                                    |
    | DANCE WITH CLAMS (Race: Human. Fee: 2000)                          |
    | LOCATION: Sputnik Club.                                            |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 3 Magic 5 Strenght 4 Charisma 1.                  |
    | SKILLS: Leadership 3 Negociation 1.                                |
    | EQUIPMENT: None.                                                   |
    | SPELLS: Powerball 3 Heal 1 Invisibility 1 Armor 1 Summon Spirit 3. |
    Jangadance and Dance with Clams BOTH SUCK! I can't even begin to tell
    you how much. Only Jet Boy is worse. They are expensive, and their MP
    levels are lame. They are equally bad: Jangadance has crappy weapon,
    and pathetic spells, while Dance with Clams has no equipment at ALL.
    Don't hire them unless you desperately need to try magic soon.
    |                                                            |
    | KITSUNE (Race: Were-fox. Fee: 3000)                        |
    | LOCATION: Jagged Nails Club.                               |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 5 Magic 17 Strenght 1 Charisma 7.         |
    | SKILLS: None.                                              |
    | EQUIPMENT: None.                                           |
    | SPELLS: Powerball 4 Heal 6 Invisibility 2 Summon Spirit 5. |
    Kitsune is an special Shadow Runner in the terms that she can stay with
    you the whole game (if you keep her alive!). She is also an step up from
    the previous Mages, as she has plenty of MPs, and good spells with good
    levels. She is, however, the weakest Shadow Runner, but she can pay back
    with her spells, and her loyalty.
    |                                                     |
    | SPATTER (Race: Human. Fee: 2000)                    |
    | LOCATION: Jagged Nails Club.                        |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 6 Magic 8 Strenght 4 Charisma 1.   |
    | SKILLS: Firearms 4 Negociation 2.                   |
    | EQUIPMENT: Ruger Warhawk Heavy Pistol, Mesh Jacket. |
    | SPELLS: Powerball 5 Heal 3 Armor 4.                 |
    Spatter is a pretty good helper, since he has a good pistol with
    acceptable firearms level, and very good spells. However, he has a
    very bad downside which is that he will betray you at a certain part
    of the game. Just don't take him into Drake's building ^_^.
    |                                                                    |
    | AKIMI (Race: Human. Fee: 10000)                                    |
    | LOCATION: To hire her you need to get her phone number from one of |
    | Drake's building's computers. Then you need to call her and pick   |
    | her up at the daley Station.                                       |
    | ATTRIBUTES: Body 7 Magic 20 (!) Strenght 1 Charisma 6.             |
    | SKILLS: Leadership 4 Negociation 3.                                |
    | EQUIPMENT: None.                                                   |
    | SPELLS: Powerball 5 Heal 4 Invisibility 5 Armor 2 Summon Spirit 4  |
    | Freeze 3.                                                          |
    Akimi is the best mage you can hire, though she is damn expensive. She
    will lower her price to 8000 if you have max negociation. She has some
    powerful spells, and heaps of MPs to waste. Furthermore, she has good
    HP level. Really! She's my favorite Shadow Runner, if you have the
    skill to use Mages effectively, she's the sorceress you need.
    8.- Walkthrough.
    Words on CAPITALS are subjects to talk about. As simple as that. I'll
    mention items and the such which are mostly esential to continue and key
    parts of the history, but magic items will most likely forgotten. I didn't
    made that item list for nothing.
    The first part of the city of ShadowRun has several things: First, there
    is a club named the Grim Reaper. It's located, from the Morgue (where you
    start), one street down, then go up and you will see a "club" Sign.
    There is it. You can hire Hamfist and Jangadance (later), as well as
    get information. There is a Cementery nearby (an street up), which is
    optional, and on the same screen of the Cementery is a night club named
    "The Cage", where Maria Mercurial is currently playing... during the whole
    game. Loser.
    The objective here is to get to Glutman. But you need to do a certain
    number of things. He's on the Cage.
    When you start, you will come out of an slab. Look around, and examine the
    Slab. A paper will fall. Get it, is the Torn Paper. Look at the tables,
    and pick the things in one of them, is an Scalpel. Now, open the
    refrigerator, and get the Slap Patch (no beer!). Get out of the room,
    and the coroners will run away like the chickens they are. There is
    nothing else to do here, so get out of the building.
    As you leave, an strange guy will call you. He will mention HITMEN.
    Talk with him, and he will mention FIREARMS. Exit, and he will then
    leave. Follow him down, and you will end in a dark and scary alley (TM),
    where he will get shot. Hehe. Quickly, look at his dead body, and get
    the weapon there. Is the 9mm Beretta, a pea shooter but a weapon
    nonetheless. Now, the orc who killed your "friend" is now aiming at you,
    so equip your brand new water gun and shoot him down. Searching the
    body of the orc will net you your first armor as well, the Leather
    Jacket. Going to the left side of the dark and scary alley (TM) will
    have you meeting a Dog Acolyte, that is, a dog who talks. Now, you
    can go figuring out how much of a freak is this game. He will mention
    DOG. Anything else will result in a growl. You can now go to the
    city again.
    With your weapon, you can now start collecting karma and money. I
    strongly suggest you to have 40 HPs and Firearms 3 before you continue.
    The guys above roofs are the ones who carry more money, they are common
    nearby the train station, which is located in the NE corner of the city.
    Also, I suggest you getting 500 nuyen to hire Hamfist to help you improve
    your abilities, as well as cracking into Glutman's computer now. Oh,
    right, Glutman. He lives one street south of the Morgue, in a big grey
    building. One of the door has a woman behind a desk, she's his secretary.
    Now, there isn't much to be done, but you can get the Cyberdeck on the
    office (On the other desk), and using Hamfist's Cyberdeck right now,
    you can crack into Glutman's account and get 1000 Nuyen, netting you
    500 Nuyen, as well as a bodyguard. Hehe.
    Your next objective is to go to the building next to Glutman's. There
    are two rooms, one for "karma collect", and the other has an strange
    guy. He will mention SHADOWRUNNER, HIRING and NEGOTIATION. He will
    sells you grenades for 100 nuyen per grenade if you talk about FIREARMS.
    Go now to the building next to the Train station.  There is a room with
    a dead man. Examine the guy and you will find the Key. This is the key
    for your room. You can also read the memo to get confused. Directly
    behind this building is another one, that's where your room is. Is the
    room 6, There is another door which can be opened which has lots of
    In your room is a bed, a phone which you cannot use yet since you need
    a CREDSTICK (You can see a recorded message), and a bed! You can heal,
    use karma and save there. There is a ripped note around which has
    Sassie's phone number. There is also a sunglasses, which you will use.
    You look like an eighties' punk. Wait, you are one.
    Go back into the Grim Reaper. There, talk to the Bartender to get an
    Iced Tea*. Now, talk to the guy to the left. He will mention STREET DOC,
    HEAL... and nothing else. Now, talk to the manage who's sitting there
    in a table. He will mention TICKETS, MARIA, GRINDER and LONE STAR.
    Talking to the Bartender will give you DECKERS and DATAJACK. Now, get
    the hell out of there.
    (*Still no beer. DataEast managed to get away with murders and not with
    alcohol. I'm on a biiiiiiiiiiiinnngggeeeeee!)
    Go where you can buy grenades and ask about LONE STAR. He will sell you
    a badge. Use it. With it, go to the Morgue, and talk to the guy who's
    actually willing to listen to you. Ask about GRINDER to get the
    Credstick and the Tickets. Yay.
    Go to your room, and use the Credstick on the phone. Call Sassie, your
    ex. She will mention CALLS, and give you Glutman's phone number. The
    secretary will mention THE CAGE, and say that Glutman's there.
    Is a good idea to buy grenades now, and do the rest of the stuff you
    can do here now. You can get the magic fetish now, which is a good idea.
    As well as getting money in the crypts.
    Go to the Cage, and give the tickets to the small guy at the entrance.
    You can talk with everyone here, though you won't get much, and listen
    to Maria Mercurial's fascinating song:
    Bring your love back to me baaaaaby!
    I don't want to hear a 'maaaaaybe'
    Look. You must feel the same way too.
    I really enjoy cruising fast with you...
    So don't try to take me up in a run!!!
    Think of me, I'm just looking for fun...
    So there. Sounds like Britney Spears trying to sound mean. That is, a
    total trash. Forgive my industrial rocker heart, but it sucks. Both
    Maria and Britney.
    (The "Pyrotechnics" are sort of cool)
    Find Glutman who's on the couch to the left, and exit the conversation.
    He will carry you away to keep you safe.
    The old town has a Caryard which features the great colliseum, as well
    as a weapon shop, a magic shop, an street doc, and a girl who says nothing
    but treath you with calling her boyfriend.
    The objective, in reality, is to get out of the caryard. This is done
    fairly easy, either negotiate or kill the king. Admit it. Killing people
    is fun. Negotiate with them isn't. Still, if you are such a chicken, you
    can negotiate.
    Well, to the point. You will be on a... let's say is a bed. Go out,
    and you will be able to talk with some people. You will learn about
    DRAKE, THE MATRIX, CARYARDS and the KING. To the east is an small place
    where you can build up money and karma.
    To the north is the colliseum. Make sure you have at least 50 HP and
    firearms 4. The colliseum is sort of tough. It pits you to a one-on-one
    fight with an enemy. To get in, talk to the colliseum owner. Make sure
    to buy negotiation from him (ask about it). To get out, you need
    to pay 2000 to the king, or face him in battle (ask the owner about it
    to fight him).
    The Colliseum has 10 enemies. These are them, and these are the tactics
    I used (I found it fairly easy most of the time, though you might have
    problems. Just upgrade your firearms and body to get the victory.) You
    get loads of money and karma for these fights. Remember to save before
    each battle.
    Too easy. Just shoot him! It doesn't gets any simpler than this.
    Slightly more resistant. Still a loser.
    Even easier. I don't think he even gets to use magic.
    About the same as above.
    I find it effective (I think I read it somewhere) to get near him,
    and shoot. Follow him wherever he goes. It should be easy to take down,
    as his melee attack is much more tamer than his gun.
    This enemy, for some reason, if you go behind a barrel, then start
    shooting, he will retreat at some moment. It happens to get him stuck,
    and if you don't get near, he won't move or shoot, which is how I beat
    him, since he is sort of hard.
    Arguably the hardest battle, he will move around a lot causing you to
    really miss your shoots. By this time, is a good idea to kill the King,
    and buy the Shotgun or the Warhawk and the Mesh Wire armor, because this
    guy is really tough. Grenades are very effective, throw them quickly
    at the start. He IS beatable.
    This guy has little HP but his machine gun is a pain in the ass. Again.
    the grenades are very good, and he might be caught in the same fashion
    as the Ferocious Orc (Keep in mind it doesn't ALWAYS works!).
    I find it funny for people to name him "Replicating Mage". I thought
    he would copy your character or something worse. He is very easy (Or so
    I found him to be). He will create up to three copies of himself. The
    copies have about 10 HPs (I think!), and hit as hard as the mage, but
    they can't use magic. Just locate him and shoot him down, and use
    grenades. Don't mind the copies, just shoot the real one.
    The King is about as hard as the Ferocious Orc. Again, grenades will make
    short job of him as his weapon isn't an automatic (I think he carries a
    Shotgun). Kill him, I repeat, the extra money is very useful by now.
    Once you are out of the caryard, go to the weapon shops by the end of
    the street. On the way is the Sputnik club where I recommend you to do
    NOTHING! Buy the shotgun and the Mesh Wire Jacket. If you don't
    have enough money, buy the Warhawk and the Jacket. You need also an
    extra 500 nuyen. Don't forget to sell the beretta and the leather jacket.
    You can get the number for the shaman in the other shop, the magic one.
    Don't bother buying anything else.
    Go to the street nearby, and get into "Ed's Patch n' fix". Ask about
    DATAJACK, and he will mention EXAMINATION. Ask about it, and he will
    find a CORTEX BOMB, and he will give you a refund. He will recommend you
    going to Dr. Meeplethorpe to defuse it, or you will blow up within 30
    hours, which is about 4 minutes per hour... 4*30= 120. About two hours?
    I'm not really sure. You need 2000 nuyen. Yes. He will die if you don't
    do this. A simple explosion will happen.
    Go to the train station, and go to the left train. There you will reach
    When you reach Daley, two orcs will receive you. How friendly. Kill them,
    and you will learn RUST STILLETOS. Get the key they drop.
    Daley has two big towers, one being the... no. Wait. We will do the tour
    later. From the station, go out from the right entrance, and go north.
    Be careful crossing the streets: Cars are dangerous. They can damage for
    up to 12 HPs if they hit you. Don't go directly into the building
    in front of you or you will be in for a major shoot out. Instead, go
    right, then enter the next building. Talk to the girl there, and ask
    about CORTEX BOMB. Give her the 2000 nuyen you are supposed to have.
    Enter, and ask the doctor about the same CORTEX BOMB, and he will defuse
    it. Talk to him later, and he will mention CYBERWARE, HEAD COMPUTERS
    It might be a good idea to buy Skill software and maximize it to get
    out of the next part for the major part unharmed.
    Well, on to the tour. Daley has two big towers. The one I warned you
    to stay away from is Aneki's Towers, which we will visit much later
    in the game, more like in the end. The other one is Drake's Tower,
    which we will also visit later. There are two clubs: Jagged Nails (which
    you can't enter yet), and Wastelands, which is nearby the south entrance
    of the train station. It has a cementery (Small one, accesed going right
    at the central "park"), and anooother cementery, which is locked and is
    the hideout for the Dark Blades. It has an hotel which is nearby the
    Jagged Nails, which costs 50 nuyen to get a room. Finally, to the south
    of this place are the docks, which is where the Dog Spirit is.
    Your first mission here is to get rid of the Rust Stilletos, who are
    the ones who in first point tried to kill you. First, go to the club,
    and, if you have some good money (More like 5000 Nuyen), hire Norbert
    and Frogtongue. Frogtongue may be the one you miss, he's on the corner
    looking at the wall. If you don't have that kind of money, go for
    Sanders, and another if you can. By all means, while Frogtongue is
    by far the best fighter, Norbert will tend to stay longer with you.
    The Rust Stilletos Hideout is right to the north from Wastelands.
    This isn't hard to explain, kill everyone, open the door with the
    key the orcs left, enter, and kill everyone. Once you kill the first
    wave, another wave will come, and, finally go to the other room after
    collecting the money. Kill the guys again. Pick the Password. Then
    get the hell out.
    Now, make sure you have an empty space for a shadowrunner! Or you can
    as well forget about Kitsune (what a lost!). Go to the Jagged Nails
    club. Paying 50 nuyen they will let you pass. Inside, talk to the girl
    above. She will teleport to your level. Ask about DOG to get the enchanted
    leaves, and hire her if you like NOW, because after the Rat Shaman she
    will refuse being hired if you don't take her with you.
    Go to the Docks.
    The Docks have several doors. One of them (The farthest) has a
    shapeshifter which tranforms into a PURPLE OCTOPUS! PARODIUS!. Anyway,
    kill her, and the pool will be there for when you want to get it.
    Another door has a computer you can crack, and the other has circle.
    there you will find the Dog Spirit. Talk to him, and you will learn
    RAT, and you will be send to get him. You will most likely receive
    heal this time.
    The Rat Shaman hides in the cementery. Go there. You don't have to open
    any door (I was stuck here for that). Go inside into the sewers. Kill the
    rats here for good karma, until you reach the Rat Shaman, who's not
    really that hard. Hopefully you still have Norbert with you. After you
    kill him, the Jester Spirit will appear. The Avatar of Woe. Well. Not
    exactly. The Avatar of Woe is much cooler. Anyway. You will learn
    JESTER. He will announce that he will grant you power if you guess his
    name. Funny game. If you lose, he will kill you.
    After this, he will vanish, and, if you have Kitsune, she will manifest
    how sexy Jake is (¿?), and you will learn DARK BLADE, then VAMPIRES.
    She will stay with you until the end of the game if she survives,
    and if she dies, she will appear again to be hired. If not, she won't
    be available to be hired again.
    Go back with the Dog Spirit. Now, go to any phone, and call the Shaman
    from the magic shop. Ask about Dark Blade. Call Dark Blade now. Ask
    about Magic Fetish and they will let you in. Now, ask the bartender
    on the Jagged Nails (The upper one) about VAMPIRES and he will
    mention STROBES. Go to the other bartender and ask about them and
    say yes to get them. Now, you can go to the Dark Blade's hideout,
    but, first, go to the shaman shop to buy an Stake.
    In the Dark Blade Hideout, talk to the doorman and talk about the Magic
    Fetish. Follow his instructions, and talk to Vladimir. Ask about JESTER
    SPIRIT. Give him the Magic Fetish, and talk to him again. He will
    mention NIRWANDA y BREMERTON. He will dissapear to a nearby wall. Crack
    the computers, and get the key on the bookshelf on another room. And
    kill everyone.
    Using the bronze key, go to the kitchen, and go to the Bronze door
    nearby, and open it with the bronze key. Go down. This part might be
    also difficult due to the massive ammount of ghouls down there. A
    partner will be extremely useful here. At the end, you will find a largue
    room where Vladimir is. Use the Strobes, and then move to Vladimir.
    Use the stakes on him, and he will spit the real name of the Jester,
    LAUGHLYN.  Now, kill him. Use the stake again. You may need to use the
    stake twice before he's scared enough.
    Once you know the Jester's real name, you can go find him. He's on an
    stuck ship named Bremerton. BTW, right now, you can go to the Wastelands
    where a new guy is there. You can buy a ton of Ice from him, then make
    him send it to the Docks. I don't really know I know of its purpose,
    I believe it is for making the Mermaid Scales available, which might
    be why some people have trouble finding it. To know about the Ice you
    need to talk to the bartender here.
    On the docks, go to the lower part, there is a guy who owns a ship
    and can take you for 1000 nuyen- say yes, but don't forget to save,
    and to kill the orc and grab the explosives he leaves.
    Bremerton is a big ghost ship which is heavily populated. You need a
    crowbar which you probably picked in the Rust Stilettos hideout.
    If you didn't, go get it. Using it, the very last door you can reach is
    the one you can open with it. Go inside. You will find a dog here. If you
    kill it you will get the dog tags.
    Inside the ship, press the switch which is on the wall (looks like a light
    for me). Kill the toxic stuff, and continue. I think you have to go to
    the left (I'm almost sure), well the fact is that you have to continue
    going on the previous room but from above. You will eventually
    reach a room with an orc and a safe. Kill him to get the safe key, use
    on the safe to get the detonator, and make the time bomb. Now, go back,
    and go the other way. Once you hit a room with a different toxic
    waste (This is the one which leave the toxic water), go down, and you
    will see another switch. Don't press it. Go further, and press the
    switch. You will receive a message saying "Airlock closes". Go back
    and throw the first switch, you can now throw both switches, and
    continue. You will find the dead bodies of four orcs. These orcs
    are in fact impossible to kill by any normal means with any weapon,
    but now you can. Use the time bomb on the safe to get the green bootle.
    With it, go back, and now choose right. It might be a good idea
    to save now, if you don't mind the backtracking.
    Kill the oozes you find with the bootle, and press the first switch
    and the farthest. Continue thru the mines (don't touch them!), and
    you will reach a... hmmm... different place.
    This place is easy to get going. Eventually you will face a Naga
    who's terrific to see but easy to beat. The next room will present
    you the Jester Spirit. Shoot at him and heal until he says something
    else. Then, talk with him, and say his real name! LAUGHLYN!!!
    Talk about Drake once he falls to learn about VOLCANO. Now pick him
    up. Don't keep shooting thinking you will kill him, you only need
    to damage him until he taunts you.
    Now you're off to Drake's tower. Is on Daley. Is easy to spot: it
    says DRAKE on the entrance.
    Drake's Tower isn't particulary a maze. Is pretty straightforward:
    Each floor, find the computer, hack them, and go up. Enemies here are
    abundant, it might be a wise move to upgrade you weaponry right now.
    If you have it, invisibility is mighty powerful here, if not, go with
    Norbert and Frogtongue.
    The first and sixth floor have only one hack-able computer. Second,
    fourth and fifth have two, and the third has three computers, one
    of them actually has only trash data.
    Hack every computer, here you can find Akimi's phone number as well
    as lot of money and information. At the roof you will find two sentry
    guns. destroy it, and talk to the helicopter driver. He will offer
    to take you to Drake's Volcano. Poor devil. He's a coward.
    Arguably the hardest part of the game due to those darned Troll which
    are devastating against shadowrunners weaker than Sanders (Steelfleet
    could make the cut). The Volcano is also bigger than most parts in the
    Making it simple, each sub-floor has computers, and has a funny alarm.
    The first floors (first and I think second) can shut down the alarm
    killing everyone and hacking every computer, but if someone sees you,
    it goes off again. I don't think the difference between alarm and not
    alarm are fairly different, is just about the same.
    First floor has two computers, second has 1 computer, and third has
    5 (!) computers for lot of money. The fourth level has a room to the
    left, there you will eventually find the golden naga. To the other
    side you will see massive Trolls and Sentry guns: Cast invisibility
    yo get over it unharmed.
    The next room has a massive green dragon, that's Drake. Use the Jester
    Spirit, and shoot at him casting either armor or freeze and invisiblity.
    First time I faced him he was killed in a single Jester Spirit and a
    couple of Powerballs, but the second time on was a helluva grudge.
    Go into the nearby room once you kill him. There, talk to the guy,
    and ask about Head Computer. You will get Aneki's Password. Now, exit.
    About the sciencist, he's supposed to be your contact on Drake's
    HQ, but, for a reason, is kept there. If Drake knows about his connections,
    shouldn't he be killed? Well. Sorry then. I never was an efficient mafia
    godfather. I'm much suited to be a killer.
    (Aneki's a female name!)
    The roof is ON FIRE!
    Aneki's tower is very tough, but is very linear. Then again, just like
    in Drake's Tower, get the computers, and go up. Cast invisibility
    or armor on you and your allies, the enemies are quite a challenge,
    and Frogtongue and Norbert are recommended. Don't try taking Akimi
    unless you need the magic powers, she might die easily. Don't take
    Kitsune, though, she's quite a weakling for this. Any other shadowrunner
    (including Sanders), is much too vulnerable to play here. The other
    guy who's sort of useful is Steelfleet. Now, only if he managed to hit
    more often...
    On the first floor is a very strange computer in the top of the screen.
    You can´t do anything with it, but I think... is a glitch. Is too strange.
    Well, go up.
    First floor has two hack-able computers. Second has 2, third 2, fourth
    two, fifth two.
    The fifth floor has also the AI computer. Is mainly a big three-section
    computer. Once you destroy it, the game's over. After the credits, stay
    tuned, there is more nonsense. Also, Kitsune can survive the firing roof,
    though it doesn't really offers much more to the game.
    9.- Magic.
    Magic isn't exactly the thing you will use all the time in Shadowrun. If
    somewhat complicated to use them. You can equip a single spell to use it
    with X instantly, your character will raise his hand, and a little flame
    will appear from his palm.
    Using it with the Shadow Runners is more problematic. You will have to
    point the character, and choice Magic. Furthermore, there is an annoying
    pause between when you choose the command, and when you actually choose
    the spell. If you master it, they can be devastating, as some spells are
    certainly worth the problem.
    To get the spells, you will need to reach daley. In the docks, there is
    a door which opens without a key and has a circle formed with a rope.
    There, the Dog spirit will appear, and help you. Talk with him, then,
    if you have the nescesary items, he will grant you the spell.
    Spells go to level 6 increasing efficiency alike most skills. I think
    they go up in MP price also, though I haven't prove it yet. So far,
    this is Akimi's spells costs.
    The available spells are:
    |      |
    | HEAL |
    MP used: 8
    Items needed: Dog Collar, Magic Fetish, Enchanted Leaves.
    Uses: Heals! As simple as that. At level 6 it will heal you
    completely regardless of your HP level, which is, by itself, a
    great thing. It should be your main asset.
    |               |
    MP used: 16
    Items needed: Dog Tag, Dog Collar.
    Uses: Unleashes a dog spirit to deal massive damage at every enemy
    in the screen. A very powerful and useful spell, though its MP
    needed is very dangerous, as you are likely to run out at the least
    oportune moment.
    |              |
    MP used: 9
    Items Needed: Clean Water, Dirty Water.
    Uses: Turns the affected character invisible to enemies. This makes
    all enemies (Except Drake) oblivious to your characters. Even if you
    shoot them, they won't respond. It last for a good time, best used
    in escape tactics, though is one of the best spells.
    |           |
    MP used: 9
    Items needed: Paperweight, Ghoul Bone.
    Uses: Sort of like a grenade. Of course, grenades aren't that useful
    after the Caryard, so isn't this spell. It doesn't do as much damage
    as you could expect, so, really, there isn't much life for this thing.
    |        |
    | FREEZE |
    MP used: 7
    Items needed: Octopus Ink, Mermaid Ink.
    Uses: It stops an enemy for some seconds. Works pretty well on Drake,
    but it doesn't has anymore uses beyond that. You are welcome to try it
    |       |
    | ARMOR |
    MP used: 6
    Items Needed: Serpent Scales, Mermaid Scales.
    Uses: A good spell, could be the best if you got it before, but by
    the time, you will become very fond of Invisibility. Armor casts a
    shield around you protect you from all harm. Essential agaisnt Drake,
    and could be very useful against the Jester.
    10.- Item List.
    Complete item list. I separated them into three sections SLAP PATCH,
    - SLAP PATCH: Found in the morgue, sold by the kid in the Caryard and by
    the two doctors for 100 Nuyen. Recover about 10 HPs per use, that is,
    as far as I know, they are extremely useless, except for getting the
    Magic Fetish.
    |              |
    - Torn Paper: It mentions "Warehouse 5.". It's the direction to find the
    Dog Spirit. Found at the Morgue.
    - Match Box: It says "Wastelands Club". Self explanatory. You start with
    - Ice Tea: Used to "bribe" Grim Reaper's owner.
    - Ripped Note: Sassie's phone number, 702-826. Found in your aparment.
    - Password: It says "ANEKI001". The password to the computer at Aneki's
    building. Gave to you by the sciencist after you kill Drake. Also, there
    is another which you find in the Rust Stilletos' hideout which says
    "DRAKE001", which is the password to the computer at Drake's tower.
    - Door Key: Found in the room with the dead man. Opens the door to "your"
    - Bronze Key: Found in the bookshelf in the Dark Blade's hideout. Used
    to open the Bronze Door in the Dark Blade's hideout. How innovative.
    - Safe Key: Found in the Bremerton. Surprisingly, is used on the safe
    to get the green liquid in the same ship.
    - Iron Key: One of the orcs who welcome you at daley Station. Used to
    open the Rust Stilletos's hideout. And kill them all.
    - Jester Spirit: This item can be used once to damage all enemies in
    screen while pausing the action for you. Used against Drake.
    - Strobes: Drives Vladimir epileptic. Gave to you by the bartender at
    the Jagged Nails Club.
    - Stake: Used to kill Vladimir. Bought at the magic shop.
    - Black Bootle: Bought at the magic shop. Use it to get the Octopus Ink.
    - Blue and Black potion bootles: Used to get dirty water and clean
    - Green Bootle: Used to dissapear the toxic thingies on the ship. Found
    in the ship itself.
    - Explosives: Found on the orc's corpse when you're going to Bermenton.
    Used to make the time bomb when you get the detonator.
    - Detonator: Found on the safe opened by the safe key (not the blown up!).
    Completes the Time Bomb.
    - Time Bomb: Used to blow up the other safe to get the Green Bootle.
    - Broken Bootle: It says "Toxic Dissolver", though it has no use. I found
    it on the ship, but I forgot where.
    - Cyberdeck: Found in Glutman's office. Used to hack computers.
    - Credstick: Found in the morgue. Used to phone people at phones (duh).
    - Tickets: Give them to the bouncer at the Cage to let you in. Found in
    the morgue.
    - Scalpel: Used to open the doors of the crypts at the first cementary.
    |               |
    - Dog Collar: Left by the dog after you let it out at the fountain.
    - Dog Tags: Left by the dog in the ship after you... kill it. Ouch.
    - Naga Scales: Left by the gold Naga at Drake's Volcane.
    - Mermaid Scales: Found in the Docks. This item only appears after you
    buy the Ice and tell the guy to send it to the docks.
    - Clean Water: Use the potion bootles on the fountain.
    - Dirty Water: Use the potion bootles on the toxic thing on the ship.
    It's the only which will stay dead if you leave (you should notice it
    since it's quite different from the rest).
    - Powerweight: Found in Glutman's Building.
    - Ghoul Bone: Ghouls in the first cementary might drop it.
    - Enchanted Leaves: Kitsune gives it to you if you ask her about DOG.
    - Magic Fetish: Gave to you by the dying shaman in the first cementary.
    Use the Scalpel to open all the crypts 'till you find him, and use
    an Slap Patch to heal him. Also used to contact Vladimir.
    - Octopus Ink: I stumbled on this one completely by slopiness. Left
    by a shapeshifter on the docks on the farthest warehouse. Kill her,
    and use the black bootle to get the ink on the floor.
    11.- Weapon and Armor List.
    |         |
    | WEAPONS |
    Beretta 9mm Pistol:
    Cost:       You get it free (and you can't buy more), but it costs about
    1000 nuyen, based on how much you can get by selling it.
    Bought at:  Found on the dark alley in the Tenth Street, on the dead body.
    Comment:    Your first weapon, is pretty lame, but it's what you get.
    Colt American L36 Pistol:
    Cost:       500 nuyen.
    Bought at:  Old Town weapon shop.
    Comment:    Pathetic.
    Fichetti Pistol:
    Cost:       2000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Old Town weapon shop.
    Comment:    A good pistol, but not really the kind of weapon you
    should need by the moment.
    Aries Viper Long Range Pistol:
    Cost:       4000 Nuyen (Old Town shop), 3000 Nuyen (Dark Blade Shop).
    Bought at:  Old Town weapon shop, Dark Blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    A very good pistol, for the low budget shadow runner.
    Ruger Warhawk Heavy Pistol:
    Cost:       9000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Old Town weapon shop.
    Comment:    The best pistol, and a pretty good choice.
    Defiance T-250 Shotgun:
    Cost:       15000 Nuyen (Old Town shop), 12000 Nuyen (Dark Blade shop).
    Bought at:  Old Town Weapon Shop, Dark blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    The main weapon to be used the second third of the game.
    Fairly powerful, and it should be easy to obtain. Somewhat slow.
    Heckler Koch 277 Assault Rifle:
    Cost:       24000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    A powerful weapon, though is very expensive. Should be
    the weapon to buy after the shotgun.
    UZI III Submachine Gun:
    Cost:       30000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    People put this weapon down often as it isn't very
    impressive, but it's pretty accuratte (or so it seems!), and is about
    as effective as the H&K 277. Of course, is more expensive, but is up
    to you to choose.
    Enfield AS-7 Assault Cannon:
    Cost:       40000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    The best weapon of the game. Extremely powerful, though
    it's only available at the very end of the game.
    Burlitzers Finest Grenades:
    Cost:       100 Nuyen (Old Town shop), 80 Nuyen (Dark Blade shop).
    Bought at:  Old Town weapon shop, Dark Blade weapon shop.
    Comment:    Very useful in the arena, and all around, but after the
    Caryard they lose their usefulness.
    |        |
    | ARMORS |
    Leather Jacket:
    Cost:       Probably, 3000 Nuyen or so.
    Bought at:  Found on the Orc's dead body in the alley at the Tenth
    Comment:    Being the first armor, is pretty good. Until you get to the
    Arena. There, it sucks.
    Mesh Wire Jacket:
    Cost:       5000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Old Town Weapon Shop.
    Comment:    Better than the leather jacket, not by much.
    Fully Conceleable Jacket:
    Cost:       13000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade Weapon Shop.
    Comment:    A bit better than the Mesh Wire, but, then again, there
    is no big difference.
    Partial Body Suit:
    Cost:       20000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade Weapon Shop.
    Comment:    Now, this is much better! Still, it isn't particulary
    impressing, unless you already have the Dermal armor, in which case,
    the defense is doubled.
    Full Body Suit:
    Cost:       30000 Nuyen.
    Bought at:  Dark Blade Weapon Shop.
    Comment:    The best armor! Don't forget to buy it as soon as possible.
    Bullet Proof Vest:
    Cost:        N/A
    Bought at:   Unknown.
    Comment: This is the armor Frogtongue wears. I haven't found it yet. Any
    info would be appreciated.
    12.- Skills.
    The skills are mostly bought around, and enhance the player character.
    I will list them, where to find them, and how they affect the character.
    |          |
    | COMPUTER |
    Found at: You start with it.
    Cost:     N/A
    Comment:  This affects your ability to hack into computers. On level 3
    you should be able to hack most computers, but this should be one of the
    skills you shall upgrade as soon as possible.
    |          |
    | FIREARMS |
    Found at: You start with it.
    Cost:     N/A
    Comment:  This affects your ability with weapons. The more the better,
    it affects your firing speed, as well as your accuraccy.
    |             |
    Found at: The arena owner. Talk about negotiation.
    Cost:     1000 Nuyen.
    Comment: This affect the cost of the shadowrunners to hire. Very useful.
    |            |
    Found at: Second street doc.
    Cost:     3000 Nuyen.
    Comment:  This affects the time that the shadowrunners will stay with
    you. I suggest taking this one to the top quickly.
    |                     |
    Found at: Second street doc.
    Cost:     15000 Nuyen.
    Comment:  Is not clear what it does, but it seems it helps your
    accuraccy when shooting. It doesn't affects much more, at least
    |              |
    Found at: Second Street doc.
    Cost:     10000 Nuyen.
    Comment: This is, in fact, a new armor, and, so, the best thing you
    can do, as you will have two different armors. Get it as soon as
     ______________ ________________
    |              |                |
    Found at: Unknown.
    Cost:     N/A
    Comment:  These two abilities are held by two shadowrunners.
    Unfortunately, I haven't found them yet, and I suspect, as well as the
    Bulletproof vest, they are not available anywhere else.
    13.- Frequently Asked Questions.
    Q.- How do I get lots of money?
    A.- Using the well known "kill vladimir" trick. After you kill him once,
    and after you get the jester spirit, you can kill him again. He gives
    5000 nuyen per kill. To get him appear again, go thru the portal the
    jester makes.
    Q.- How do I get lots of Karma?
    A.- Killing the golden Naga, but don't get the scale. You can kill it
    as you please and each time it will unleash a lot of karma.
    Q.- What's Jake's profession before being shot?
    A.- He was a shadowrunner destined to get to the Sciencist on Drake's
    Volcano. He was shot down, and his death was camuflaged planting tickets
    to Maria Mercurial to deceive the police.
    Q.- And "Lone Star"?
    A.- They have nothing to do with Jake's death, or the rest of the game for
    those matters.
    Q.- Why Can't I hire Kitsune?
    A.- 'coz you need to get her before killing the rat shaman. IF you don't
    do so, she won't accept being hired.
    Q.- Where's Akimi's phone number?
    A.- On a computer in Drake's tower. In an information file.
    Q.- Where do I find "Armed Combat"? "Unarmed Combat"? Bulletproof Vest?
    A.- Very good question. Anybody knows?
    Q.- Why "DOG"?
    A.- "GOD" backward. I think this is a punk way of thinking, but, then
    again, I'm not into that thing.
    Q.- Why the hell does Kitsune survive the deckers?
    A.- I don't really know! She doesn't even appears after it!
    Q.- Is there any way to beat the four orcs in the water room in Bremerton?
    A.- Drown them. They are invincibles. And very, VERY annoying.
    Q.- Can I go to the basement in Akemi's building?
    A.- I doubt it.
    Q.- How can I kill the Jester Spirit?
    A.- I was stuck here for awhile. Just shoot until he taunts you. He's
    invincible, and does a lot of damage for every hit, so don't try
    to stand anymore time.
    14.- Credits.
    - To CjayC for hosting this guide on gamefaqs.com.
    - Data East, and FASA for making the game, which is the meal of this
    guide. No thanks for them for dissapearing.
    - Me, as ussual, for being that handsome guy I look in the mirror each
    morning, and being such a good guy.
    - TMola (tomasmola@hotmail.com), who translated the guy into spanish and
    added a few corrections. Thanks a lot.
    - My hands, because it would be quite a goal to do this without them.
    - Papa Roach. Why? 'coz I like them. I saw them alive in the Caracas
    Pop Festival 2002, and they were much better than KoRn, who played with
    them. Enjoy their music.
    - And you, for reading this and cursing my name.
    15.- Legal Stuff.
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