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We need a PETA for rabites... 02/14/05 Black Rabite
Possibly the Remains of a Greater Game 04/24/17 buruburu1
While it has it's flaws this is one of the funnest games I've ever played. 07/20/09 Calamity
A brilliant but flawed experiment 10/15/07 gnrchild5
Gem Missile 09/16/10 horror_spooky
I really wanted to like this game . . . 05/11/07 cantgetin
But time flows like a river... and history repeats... 11/11/01 D-Boy
Another masterpiece from Square. 10/31/19 carlde21
Solid, but not an "elite Square game" 04/11/07 ClessAlvein05
Want to hear a Secret? 01/18/05 Hawk Eye
The secret's in my pants. 07/30/03 IAX
A review from someone who didn't play this game in their childhood. 07/30/09 jojoshabadoo
Yes, this game really is this good. NOT overrated. 10/07/02 KeIt Jade
Years later still a epic game 11/27/12 Kevingcat
Does this fan favorite still hold up, well over a decade later on Virtual Console? 02/05/09 LawnNinja
A great non-RPG Squaresoft game! And who's talking about The Bouncer? 05/25/01 Leetdude
Beauty of Mana 04/29/15 Lord-Spencer
Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing, now that's all I got. 01/30/03 Mariner
You ever see or play something you really enjoy but for the life of you, you can't fully explain why? 04/16/20 nld200xyz
And in the end, the game STILL doesn't tell you what the big secret is! I feel cheated... 02/09/02 NT220
Not quite up to Square's usual quality 07/19/07 PizzaDude371
An ancient legend long past its time. 09/21/17 Rango
The Wildest 16-Bit Threesome Ever 07/01/03 Rottenwood
I don't care what anyone else says. This is the best home console RPG ever made. 08/17/09 sega31098
A classic brought straight your Wii. 08/17/09 sega31098
For love of the game 03/05/03 Snow Dragon
A great game, but it hasn't aged very well 02/19/19 Storm Shadow
Despite the bugs, it is one of the most fun games on the Super Nintendo 10/10/08 The Vic Viper
Secret of Mana is, quite simply, the Best. Game. Ever. 07/29/04 tnote827
A solid and fun rpg 12/11/19 Varia_Ball
Secret of Mana's an outstanding classic, it's still the great game as 7 years ago! 03/19/01 Yakuza
In my opinion, the best Square game ever made 06/09/03 YusakuG
Santa Claus is in this game, how can anyone not love it? 06/26/09 Zylo the wolf

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Is that a mouse following me in this bland but still fun adventure of a game? 09/30/10 Asakane_Kotoro
Why Are All These Games So Secretive!?!?!?!?!? *Furtive Glance Over Shoulder* AHHH!!! 12/27/01 Bobo The Clown
Square's version of Zelda with 3 players. I love it! 05/22/00 Brak
A great game for the SNES! 04/08/01 Cactuar
The epitome of SNES games 11/08/01 chaos knight
The perfect game for us old-school rpg gamers! Too much fun 12/21/99 doomMeister
I could just sit here and cycle through the menus all day long... 02/11/00 fduboo
A game that takes RPGs to a new level 01/18/02 Gauntlet Man 99
One of the better RPGs 07/10/01 Goldenguy
Square's Groundbreaking Multi-Player RPG. Good, but not Great. 07/16/01 LOG
Multiplayer RPG? THANK YOU, SQUARESOFT!!! 12/21/99 Lord Kyros
Secret of Mana: The Greatest Game Ever 03/28/00 Mixtli
A fun and very apealling RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy 07/16/01 PContaminator
A REAL review by someone who does more than trash-talk 05/12/01 powermitch
Completerd Review to one of SquareSofts most popular games ever 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
This game is magic 03/27/00 Rikimaru13
Easily the best Action RPG on the system... maybe EVER!!!!! 08/10/18 snesKING
One of the greatest multiplayer action rpg's ever... 05/26/02 Snoop54
An engaging adventure with great graphics. 07/16/01 Spektre
Ah, for the days of the golden age of RPGs... 06/15/01 The Great Magus
This game is spiffy! 07/16/01 The Lone Duck
I love it! 12/27/99 Ultima Mayu
Music! Graphics! Sound! Gameplay! Plot! When your powers combine, I am Secret of Mana! 04/20/00 Vegita
"An instant RPG Classic for Nintendo" 07/23/08 Walkthroughs by Jack
It's very good, considering its age. 10/05/17 Zer0scope

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